Actual Spacey news! I admit it. I swiped it off of Facebook and then checked the artist’s website. A new portrait of Kevin by Jonathan Yeo is going to be unveiled at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC next month.

Jonathan Yeo

Jonathan Yeo painted the portrait of Kevin as Richard III that you may remember.

Richard III – Jonathan Yeo

I changed the page URL for the News page in case you had saved it before. Now it says news in the address instead of blogging-kevin-spacey, in case you had bookmarked it. I’ll have to be aware of the page URLs when I make new pages so that they won’t be switched around once they have been published.

From what I can tell, I have 39 pages of News Archives to re-format and move to this platform. This is going to take longer than I thought. There is no telling how many photos there are.

One of the pages I’ll be moving is the Spacey Gazette headlines page. Remember these old Spacey Gazette headlines? I used to enjoy making those with my old Picture It! program.

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