I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to the premium plan which is why I’ll be able to add video and audio. I’m also supposed to have more control over color changes that don’t fit the theme so I am still trying to get the comments boxes to be white while the site background is red so I’ll be able to put comments sections on some of the other pages. Right now I think the comments are only enabled on the About Driving Mr. Spacey! page.

You can read the comments there now if you left click and drag your mouse across the comment. This highlights the text making it darker.

You can also email questions or comments to the new Comments email address.


Back when the polls worked the following audio would play when the confirmation page would come up after a person voted in the Spacey Hair poll. It annoyed some people but made *me* laugh.


Speaking of making me laugh, when we watched the commentary edition of Swimming With Sharks years ago in the chat room, we commented on how Kevin would often not say much but would laugh at his own scenes. I’ve been laughing at my own polls. I forgot how much fun they were even if people said I was making Kevin appear to be not very bright. I don’t think they quite got it. I also noticed that some of the polls are so old they use terminology that a younger fan might not get at all. Like with the Kevin and a computer poll.

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