The site was larger than I ever imagined it was. So far I have condensed about 90 pages into around 80 and put them into the new format. In order to move the pictures I’ve had to find the individual photos in the files of the old program, save them to my computer, add the files to this format and then there they are. To move the text involves a lot of copy and past and re-formatting of pages. I’ve been saving those as documents in case I ever need to start over again. This morning I moved the all the documents and photos I have used so far onto a flash drive to clear the space on my computer and do you know how many files that has turned out to be? Drum roll please…. 494!

And I haven’t even started on the very extensive movie and theater sections yet! It even boggles the mind of this much younger, cigarette smoking Kevin Spacey.

How many files did she say?


I’ve been in bed the past few days with a bad cold and today am drugged up on store brand fake daytime cold medicine so if I get anything done and it looks weird, that is why.

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