I’ve been working on the 2002 News pages here and there. There are so many old links that it is taking a while. This morning while doing a quick perusal of the May-September news to see how many links there are to deal with, I came across a small tidbit that I wanted to mention. A bit of ‘backstory” for you: Years and years and years ago, fans were talking about autographed photos and the like and I had found a color LAC glossy that would have been perfect for my scrapbook. I even left a space for it in the scrapbook and mailed it to Kevin at the address that was current at that time for that kind of thing, in a photo mailer envelope with a return photo mailer envelope stamped with extra postage in case the postal rates went up and asked if he could autograph it and return it to me. Then I decided to forget about it in case it took a long time to get back to me.

Several months later that same picture turned up autographed and on sale on ebay. I had never, ever seen that picture autographed and on ebay before then and what struck me as an amazing coincidence was that the seller was showing as based in Hollywood and had nothing else for sale. I have long believed someone who worked at the WMA at the time took my autographed photo and sold it instead of mailing it back to me.

So anyway, I mentioned on the 2002 news that I had been waiting for three years for the picture to show up in my mailbox and it was no longer looking promising. I am still waiting only now it’s been another 14 years!

This was the picture. I thought the white shirt would be a great place for an autograph.


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