Other than some photos…

I have finally finished adding all of the main news pages to this new format! That means all three sections of 2002 are now there to read. I had to get rid of a lot of links altogether because news and magazine sites didn’t archive that far back and some large fan sites for other performers no longer exist, at least using the addresses they did then.

I hadn’t realized what a difficult year 2002 was for me. My cat Miss Marple was very sick off and on, and we finally had to have her put down and then later that same year my cat PJ also had to be put down. They both lived to be very old and I still miss them today. My job at the time was an ordeal nearly every day but fortunately I am long gone from there and my mother had to have some surgeries.. not a good year at all.

So if I come off as crabby in my writing that year, that is why.

I also wanted to address something that was mentioned several times in the 2002 news. Fans who had been around back then will remember the postcard mailing thing. I don’t remember why we did it. I only remember it started on one of the fan groups that used to exist at the time and had something to do with The Shipping News. I think. I can’t swear to that. But we decided to send postcards to Kevin and I think the head of Miramax showing our support of something. I can’t find the site page file that explained it so who knows. Anyway, another fan found the addresses for Miramax and Triggerstreet and we mailed these cards and then Kevin’s assistant at the time who we all know now from his current position at Triggerstreet sent me a message through the feedback form telling me in what at the time struck me as a snarky tone but I had the flu and a very sick cat so it may not have been (but probably was) to stop the cards. That Triggestreet was a business and any cards sent to Kevin would be thrown out.

This upset me quite a bit at the time. I won’t go into that part of it. Let’s just say I was not a happy camper and may have posted something on the news page that I then thought better of and deleted! I had a hair-trigger typing finger back then.

So we put a stop to the cards and one of the cards I had mailed out actually came back to me instead of being thrown out. By them anyway. I think I threw it out myself instead of saving it because…

For whatever reason we sent those cards, I mentioned Kevin’s bald spot as one of the things I liked. And when I opened the mailbox, the mailman had put the card with the message facing up, on top of the pile of mail! Soooo embarrassing. I must have filled that one out late at night which tends to get me into trouble. Today I laugh about it. Sort of.

I’ll get to all the rest of the news from the various movies and theatre stuff as I add those sections. Still quite a bit to go!

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