Tonight I have added a lot of Shipping News news, photos, reviews and Life of David Gale news. So far, the David Gale news page has had the most links that had to be removed entirely because they no longer work and I was tired of typing that in every time. I also came across several things I had forgotten about or flat out do not remember having read, much less put on the site. There were some unusual things too. Such as this from the David Gale News page dated March 21, 2002:

The Year That Was Interesting article at has been pointed my way. Jeffrey Wells has written an article about the best movies of 2002, as if it were already 2003, and gives his predictions for nominees for the Oscars next year. He predicts that next year he will be saying this about David Gale:

Ranking second was Alan Parker’s The Life of David Gale (Universal), a miscarriage-of-justice film that ranks alongside Call Northside 777 (’48) and Missing (’82). I realize others aren’t quite as admiring, but that’s what makes a ball game. Kevin Spacey finally landed a post-American Beauty role that made profound use of his talents. Kate Winslet and Laura Linney matched him in every respect. ∼

He then predicts David Gale to be a contender for Best Picture and Kevin as a Best Actor nominee.

You can tell he hadn’t seen the movie yet, can’t you?

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