Seven, or Se7en as the fans liked to spell it, had been in the theaters years before I started the site and I had NOTHING for it. Until the fun and mysterious email campaign to get you to watch Monday Night Football to see a commercial about the DVD release launch.

I have added them to the brand new 2 page Se7en section. Page one briefly explains the emails and the emails that I personally received are on page 2. Some fans said their emails were either received in a different order than mine were received in or were different emails altogether.

The email campaign seemed fun and a little bit creepy in the year 2000. It just seems weird and a lot creepy in 2016. You received them in your regular email as if they were real.

Frankly, after a few of the alarming emails and IMs I have had with a few unusual Spacey fans in the past, I don’t think an email campaign like that would be a good idea today.



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