I added Pay It Forward to the movies section.

This was the movie that was in the theaters when I started the site all those years ago. There isn’t much there but I’m sure some will find it odd. I have been asked why the site sections aren’t cohesive in what they contain ( I think that really means it isn’t an encyclopedia of all things professionally Spacey) and some things like the American Beauty section are “weird” and what does the bear have to do with anything and the old polls make no sense. Or was that nonsense? I don’t recall. But here’s the thing…

The site is all about me, not Kevin Spacey actually. And there was a lot of fan interaction to make the site what it was (you are missing a lot if you don’t read fan reviews and look at the photos in the theater section) and odd, weird and nonsensical is a badge of honor.  Truly, it is.

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