Kevin received a very brief mention.

My father receives AAA World magazine (Mid-Atlantic region) and in this month’s issue there was an article about what to do in Abingdon, Virginia and one of the things is to take in a show at the Barter Theatre and it mentions that Gregory Peck, Ernest Borgnine and Kevin Spacey have all appeared there.

I wonder what Kevin would say about that now? This was what he said about it in 1989:

“Yeah, it was kind of as ugly as that, yeah, yeah. It got uglier, in fact. And then my first manager, Biff Warren laid a pretty serious foundation about understanding longevity. He sent me off to do regional theater. The first thing I did was a production of The Mousetrap at the Barter Theater in Virginia. Kinda humbling, huh? In the dead of winter. Drive through snow to do a play that’s been running for 120 years in London. It was a rich and new experience. We brought many new levels to that extraordinarily in-depth production. Then, as if that wasn’t humbling enough, I went to the Kennedy Center and understudied Brad Davis, in a play with Kathleen Turner that Tony Richardson directed. Well, any thought that I ever had of a film career was right out the window. I thought this was it. I was going to end up with Phoenix Rep directing productions of Mr. Roberts.”

The full interview w/picture can be found at  BOMB magazine.

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