Kevin Spacey is not affiliated with this web site.

I highly doubt he spends his free time reading anything on this web site. It is purely fan owned and operated. By me. So when you call him names in the comments section, he is not reading that. I am. And it is bad enough knowing that I am probably going to be ending this site soon and all my years of work are going to go poof and like that, be gone, because of someone else’s actions. But I don’t want to read the name calling. So any comment that includes that will be deleted. If you really feel the need to express yourself in that way, please feel free to say it to me in an email. You don’t have to post it for all the world to see. Or more specifically for the 4 people per day who still wander by. We all know what has been in the news for the past 10 months. Frankly, if you have a problem with the existence of my site, perhaps you shouldn’t be looking at it.

And if you think I shouldn’t be “promoting him” with my rare news posts, perhaps you’d prefer to see what I am going to be crocheting once the kit arrives in the mail. It’s the Scheepjes CAL (that stands for crochet along) 2017. Yes, yes, I know it’s almost 2019 but I’m a yarn rebel and I got a discount on the kit.

The 2017 Scheepjes CAL was a 14 week CAL called Hygge which is pronounced hooga and I am going to be doing the special limited edition Hygge called Danish Mermaid. It is technically a rectangular shawl but I plan to turn it into a wall hanging.


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