After Christmas

The site will be reverting back to a “free” design rather than the paid premium design it is now. I’m not sure what the site will look like or what will still be working afterwards. I still haven’t been able to make up my mind which way to go as far as wrapping it up in the new year or waiting a bit longer to decide but don’t want to pay for it to just sit here not being seen very much.

**There should not be any noticeable changes until January 26.

3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Screw Uncle Bob’s post. You can keep up this website as much as long as you wish.

    The haters in the social media era kill me. I’d love to know how he found this site, and why do these social justice warriors find it necessary to dictate who and what should be discussed in public. Its a light form of fascism but they don’t understand or know it.

    Artists throughout time have been complex. Kevin is no different. If we listened to people like Bob, then we’d never know who Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci were. We can never morally police any aspect of life. And unlike fascism, we have a CHOICE in a democracy of who we consume & celebrate and who we won’t. That’s up to the individual, not the Bobs of the world.

    I’m still glad to see this site still going and visit it from time to time. Also, unbeknownst to Bob, there are a number of social media groups that still support Kevin & his work.

    Forge on Spacey Cadet, forge on!

  2. Delete the site. It’s a celebration to a perverted footnote in history. Nobody will celebrate him in 20 years. Why are you now?

    I appreciate you put a whole lot of effort into this. It’s not a comment against you as a person. You made a good thing that got corrupted through no fault of your own. Let him go, you’re better than that surely.

    In the meantime, wishing you all the best for Christmas and New Year.

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