Once upon a time …

…. when fan sites and chat rooms were fairly common things, Spacey fans used to do regular chats. First at Spaceyland, and then here. There would be a very popular Tuesday night chat and then a Saturday movie chat in which we’d synchronize our video tapes, or DVDs if we were very lucky to have a movie on DVD, and would chat while watching the movie. Today we’d all probably start streaming from Netflix at the same time.

Depending on the movie, there would either be little chatting because the movie was so good (The Usual Suspects) or a lot of chatting because it wasn’t (take your pick) or caused a heated argument (HurlyBurly – one time, never used for movie chat again) or extreme discomfort (Henry & June – not easy to watch and chat about with strangers, only used once as well) and we also gathered to chat while watching awards shows which was a lot of fun. On a rare occasion someone calling themselves Kevin Spacey or his PA would come by and say little and once someone asking questions like a reporter came by but it was never dull. Sadly, the rise of social media, trolls and the demise of some chat room services did in the DMS chats. We did them for years and so far attempts to find free rooms that everyone can access has proven to be difficult but maybe someday we can find a room and try again.

This list of chat abbreviations was posted so that anyone stopping by for the first time could kind of follow along until they got the hang of it. Of course, everyone was free not to use the abbreviations but when you had many people typing about a lot of things, the abbreviations made things easier for slow typists such as myself. Today we’d probably have to add something like GFG for “I can’t see, I need to go find my glasses” or HTTP for “Have to go take my pills”.

Goats = Men Who Stare at Goats

ITW = Inherit The Wind

KB = Kevie Bear

DMS = Driving Mr. Spacey!

BAT  = Brooks Atkinson Theater

Moon = A Moon For the Misbegotten

Mooned =  Been to see A Moon For The Misbegotten

OV = Old Vic Theatre

TPS = The Philadelphia Story

NA = National Anthems

R2 = Richard II

SR or Superman = Superman Returns

BTS or Darin = Beyond The Sea

ATTK = A Time To Kill

MGGE = Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

TSN = The Shipping News

PIF = Pay It Forward

TBK , BK, Big Kahuna or Kahuna = The Big Kahuna


WMA = William Morris Agency

TLODG or LODG or David Gale = The Life of David Gale

SPSBS = old Yahoo fan group – Society to Protect the Spacey Bald Spot. Funny and embarrassing story there, let me tell you!

TUSOL or USOL or US of Leland or just plain Leland = The United States of Leland

I see = I wasn’t really paying attention but didn’t want anyone to know. Can also be seen as ahhh, really? or I didn’t know that. Can be used as a stalling tactic while you think of something more witty to say.

PA = Personal Assistant

DB, Dana or Brunetti = Kevin’s PA (see above) at the time.

Joanne, Joanne H or JH = Kevin’s manager

Stacey, Stacy = Kevin’s press rep (PR) at the time

Mini/Minnie = Kevin’s little black dog

Legacy = Kevin’s previous dog or Legacy fan group on E-groups/Yahoo

KSML = Kevin Spacey Mailing List old email fan group

Spaceyland = old Spacey fan site

TUS = The Usual Suspects

AA = Albino Alligator, not Alcoholics Anonymous

TMOMP or MOMP = The Murder of Mary Phagan. Can also be seen as simply Mary Phagan depending on tiredness and speed of typist.

AB = American Beauty

LAC = L.A. Confidential

KS or Kev or Kevin or just “he” as in “What’s he doing now?” = Kevin Spacey. Can occasionally be read as stud muffin. That would indicate chatter had been drinking.

ABL/ Bug’s Life/ Buggy = A Bug’s Life

CA = Consenting Adults

*$%#!!!! = Someone was either booted off the chat or AOL and had to restart their computer.

qwertyuiop[] = Cat laying on keyboard demanding attention.

BRB = Be right back. Can mean chatter needs to get a snack, put the dog outside, put the laundry in the dryer, had a better offer and will be back later.

LOL = Laughing out loud

ROTFL = Rolling on the floor laughing

ROTFLMAO = I was caught off guard and my soda is spurting out my nose.

IM = Instant message. Such as an AOL instant message.

PC = private chat as well as politically correct or postcards. The second definition rarely shows up at the chat.

DD = Doomsday Gun. Used to stand for Dianne Dryer (or however the press spells her name now).

HH = Helen Hunt

RC = Russell Crowe

Wiseguy = Wiseguy

? = huh?

?? = WHAT??

GGR or GGGR = Glengarry Glen Ross. The extra G tends to show up when people make Glengarry two words.

HB = Hurly Burly. Because of how the word is fully capitalized in some places and in others the “H” and “B” are capitalized but the letters form one word or two words, we simply use HB instead of just “H” since if we used just the “H”, people would be using the ?.

TIC or Iceman = The Iceman Cometh.

TN or negotiator = The Negotiator.

Nice tie, Kev = That is a very nice tie you’re wearing, Mr. Spacey. Did you pick it out yourself or did someone at Armani’s pick it out for you?

Great socks! = Same as above only about his socks.

Equalizer = The Equalizer. I’ve never seen this called TE.

R&K = Live! with Regis and Kelly unless talk is of Kevin’s earliest appearance and the “K” stands for Kathie Lee.

TD =Tony Danza

JP = Jane Pauley

Leno, Letterman and Conan instead of their show titles. **Now it would be Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and whoever

Ellen = Ellen Degeneres

Charlie Rose = Charlie Rose

The View = The View

EW = Entertainment Weekly

AH = Access Hollywood

ET = Entertainment Tonight

ODC = Ordinary Decent Criminal

I blame the director (This isn’t an abbreviation, however is used when Kevin is in a movie which seems inferior to his previous ventures and we don’t want him to feel bad or responsible.)

LFR = Looking For Richard

SWS = Swimming With Sharks

The Ref = The Ref

Iron Will = Iron Will (No one ever mentions this movie enough for it to be called IW, although a few people have used it resulting in others using the ? after the original chatter types in IW.)

That movie with Fred Savage = When You Remember Me.

LDJIN or Long Days Journey = Long Day’s Journey Into Night

SNE, HNE or HNE, SNE = See No Evil, Hear No Evil. This movie is so awful, people can’t remember what comes first. Seeing or Hearing.

Heartburn = Heartburn (If this was abbreviated, it would probably be called HB which would cause confusion with HurlyBurly. See above.)

H&J = Henry and June (Is often paired with the words “What was he thinking?”)

RG = Rocket Gibralter

Se7en = Seven

BS = Bald Spot, of course.