Driving Mr. Spacey! is a long-running Kevin Spacey fan site.

MotherI started it in 2000 as a lark and it has mostly been a lot of fun and some strange times and great people. It is also the residence of Kevin Spacey’s number two fan, KevieBear.

The site in its original format is no more and I started over with this new format due to technical difficulties beyond my control.

I have been adding things from the old site when time permits but I still have a ways to go and have been bouncing all over the place with updates which is why some (er, many?) things are still unfinished.

 Burning Fan Site Questions Both Old and New

Are you Kevin Spacey?

No, I am not Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey has his own official web site. This site is completely fan owned and operated. By me.

Why didn’t Kevin answer my fan letters?

I don’t know.

Where can I write to Kevin Spacey?

I don’t know anymore. When he was artistic director at the Old Vic, people would write to him there but I don’t know where he wants his fan mail sent now.

When is Kevin’s birthday?

July 26. Coincidentally the same day as KevieBear’s.

Why did everyone (way back in 1999) joke about the trash dumpster at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre? 

When Kevin was performing in The Iceman Cometh on Broadway years ago, the fans who had been to the theater relayed the information that he always started signing autographs to the right of the stage door, which was where the theater’s dumpster was located.

When I attended the play with my sister, my mother and a friend walked down from our hotel before the play was over and one of the security people told them they’d have the best chance of getting autographs from the actors if they stood on the other side of the barriers. When my mother said she was told the best place was the near the dumpster, the security guy said, “Oh, you want Kevin’s autograph.” The last time I was in NYC, the dumpster (or one very similar to it!) was still on the sidewalk next to the theater’s door. Always a good photo op for fans who didn’t make it to the play in 1999.

Who is Bobby Darin?

Kevin had long discussed his plans to film a motion picture about the life of crooner/actor Bobby Darin. But if you’re not of a certain age, you may not know who he is. Who better to describe him than his own devoted fans? There is a page on the bobbydarin.net fan site specially made for Kevin Spacey fans that contains what information a newbie would need to know. Thanks to Linda and Jimmy Scalia!


Where is Kevin’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Kevin’s star is at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, between Highland Avenue and Orange Drive in front of the Kodak Theater.  It is on the same side of the street as Mann’s Chinese Theatre.

Do you know that some of your graphics look very old school?

Yes, I do know that. The site started as lessons in FrontPage web design and adding gifs was one of the lessons and when  transferred everything to this more modern format I decided to keep them for fun.

Thank you for stopping by.



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