Best Supporting Actor!


“Well, whoever Keyser Soze is, I can tell you he’s going to get gloriously drunk tonight. That’s a question that I’m often asked: Who is Keyzer Soze? And I’ve always been sort of cryptic in my answer, but tonight I’m going to tell you who Keyzer Soze is for me.  The person who pulls the strings, the person who manipulates, who hovers over us, who gives us life and breath. For me Keyser Soze is Bryan Singer, the director of this film. And I thank him for his friendship, and for giving me an extraordinary part and for making me a better actor than I ever thought I could be. I have dreamed of a moment like this my whole life. I thank my manager Joanne, my agent Brian Gersh, and on a personal note, to my mother. I’m so proud you can be here tonight. Thank you so much for driving me to those acting classes on Ventura Boulevard when I was 16. I told you they would payoff, and here’s the pudding! Thank you!”

Presenting at the 1997 Oscars