The gushy reviews first, followed by my review at the end which was not:

American Beauty by Donna

God! It’s one of THE BEST film that I’ve ever seen,EVER! And Mr. Spacey is one of THE GREATEST actor in the world,EVER! You’re bloody fantastic, Sir!

American Beauty by sunny girl

It’s the best movie Kevin ever did! I love it, it’s my favorite movie!!!

American Beauty by Stacy

I think this has been his most brilliant movie. He was just excellent in this flick.  I have seen this movie at least 50 times…just fantastic.

American Beauty by milano

I thought it was stunning.  It is one of my all time favorites.  I enjoy watching most anything with Kevin Spacey in it but this film is beautifully directed.  I identified with the characters very easily even though I am nothing like them.  Watching Spacey tear through his world like a suburbanite Travis Bickle (Taxidriver)is one of the most amusing things I have ever seen.  I won’t go into the plot since many people on the site probably already have and if you haven’t seen this amazing film yet you should.  The rest of the cast does a really good job but it is obvious why Spacey and others won awards galore for this film.  It is an instant classic and most Spacey fans will absolutely love how studly he looks in this movie. It is the best of his amazing work.  I give it five out of five stars, two thumbs up! and whatever other good thing I can think of!

American Beauty by Viola

It was a really good movie. When I saw that movie, I really started to like Kevin Spacey… he’s so cute! *kiss*

American Beauty by spaceyfan

This movie is overrated.  Yes, it got the Oscar for best picture and best actor (well deserved, Mr. Spacey), but what’s the big deal?  Look closer, as the movie beckons you to do…look closer…look closer, and you’ll eventually see a dark hole of…..nothing.  I don’t mean to give this movie a bad review, it’s just that Oscars are 100% political.  AB is a good film, with a good cast.  But the boy next door is basically a voyeur, no matter how it is justified.  Annette Benning is very funny, Kevin is also very funny.  I was surprised at the amount of humor.  AB has you laughing for the first 2 hours, then crying for the last 2 minutes.  For all spacey fans, this is a must-see. But only for the sake of Kevin and Annette. What a hilarious yet broken and torn couple.

American Beauty by shazza
it was great and i think they should make more movies like it. also keep up the good work kevin.

American Beauty by Aurora
I believe that the Oscar awarded to Kevin Spacey was well deserved. The quality of acting put into the movie was absolutely amazing. Of course, this is not surprising because he has done very well in other movies, plays, etc… Anyway, I just wanted to say that I admire what work Kevin Spacey has done, and am happy to report that he is my favorite actor. Apart from that, he is so very handsome!

American Beauty by willie


American Beauty by Tiffany

AWESOME!!!  The first movie of Kev’s that I really took a great deal of notice to him.  After that I rented a lot of his older movies and have seen all his movies since AB.  He is the sexiest man alive, and people magazine should clue into that!!

American Beauty by Margie

Ok.  I have NOT seen American Beauty.  I have, however, read the script and watched and read as much media as I could get my hands on.  Anyway, so one day I decided to read the script because I wasn’t going to see the movie..long story involving my parents and the word INAPPROPRIATE…and I did.  I have to say, I have only cried twice during two movies that I have ever seen in my whole life, Titanic (that scene where the mother tucks her kids into bed when the water is rising..sobathon!!!) and American Beauty (and I have seen a LOT of movies!)  BAck to American Beauty.  I read the script, and I found that I couldn’t stop reading!  So I read it and finally got to the end.  And I just sat there at my computer screen crying!!  I couldn’t stop.  I cried for fifteen minutes.  And then I lay down and cried some more.  I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF I HAD SEEN THE MOVIE!  So, I have to say, that this movie moved me, the way movies are supposed to.  And from all of the movie clips and trailers, well, I think that Kevin deserved the Oscar. And I think the movie did, too..or at least the screenplay!  5 stars for anything having to do with American Beauty that I have laid eyes on!!

American Beauty by Pollos Versinchi

The film “American Beauty” is one of the greatest complimations in the history of cimematic world. Not sense “Citizen Kane” has there been a film that changed the way people make movies. In one the greatest directorial debut since Mike Nichol’s “Who’s Afraid of Viginia Wolfe”, and the best screenplay since Mario Puzo’s and Coppola’s “The Godfather”, Sam Mendes and Alan Ball took us into the unknown, without even leaving Robin Hood Trail. The film featuring Kevin Spacey, who in the opion of many, Jesus reincarcerated as an actor, as a troubled man who is fed up with life. Need I say more? There’s not much to say about it, but that it was the greatest film of the ’90s, except for “Schindler’s List,” and “The Usual Suspects,” and the only film that can even be compared to superbity of “American Beauty” is Spielberg’s “A.I. Artificial Intellegence.” I have seen “American Beauty” more times than anyone on earth. It is a film that makes you laugh for two hours, and then you have to cry and wail for the last two minutes. If you have yet to see it, what the hell are you waiting for?!

American Beauty by Dude  

The credits began to roll and it took me almost ten minutes to recover from the shock of the amazing feature i had just witnessed and the amazing acting of Kevin Spacey.  His portrayal of Lester Burnam was amazing and he will be to me forever Lester–that is until he becomes another amazing character and totally convinces his audiences.<>
american? beauty by daren wise

ok hi my name is daren wise and yes… im like every one ells falled for the charm of this……. i dont know??????mmmm….?????????????….?? gggggggggg  oooooooooooooooo ddddddddddd!!!! (god) ok befor you read this i want you to know that every word is true and im serious about what im saying(i dont mean that i really think that kevin is god well i do but you know what i mean… right?) and im not anut case or something like thet. after all we r u-mens and everybody can have his or her opinion right. ok about the movie, this is may have come to you as a suprise but im a smoker, yes i do smoke sigarettes (lucky strike-thets a way to die)but not only you see i smoke weed(for all of you who stoped reading as i said befor i am serious i truely am so just keep reading if you whant to read my opinion about american beautyok?) my opinion:(here i go) i dont remember right now the name of the man who worte american beauty, so right now im gonna call him jhon ok? i dont know if jhon is smoking weed i dont know if he ment it to end up like this what ever he did to me it came out as a “stoned movie”(movie for people who smoke weed, or a movie for you to see while your stoned)i saw a-b 11 times by now and every time i see it again ive reveald something new(did any one notice that like about 99% of gods(k.s)movies you have to see couple of time befor you fainely got it) and i dont mean like..oh what a small table, what i mean is when your stoned and you see a-b you discover something new about life and im serious the movie changed my life even my friend said that the movie changed hes life like totallyand he isnt like a big spaceys fan like he was supriesd when i told him about my ks tattoo(yes i do have a cool tattoo of him (no not on my s))hes like a fan who would go to a movie of ks in the cinema but wont rent one i do it for him any way what was i saying?..oh the first time i saw a-b i wasnt stoned or something and i was so amaized by the movie i said it was the best movie ever and all of thet and then therwas one time that ive smoked befor i saw the movie dont remember when but i did smoke any way suddenly i saw the movie stoned and it realy changed my all vision about the movie dont get me worng like i dont meab for you to go right now take couple of hit and see the movie or any other movie im just telling you my opinion you know? you know what i thought about something for the ones of you who didnt take what ive just said serious i maybe said allredy but i realy want you to know that i was and im serious. the point: my point is not go out smoke and see the movie no my point is: if you are a smoker and you liked the movie american beauty when you saw it befor all im saying is your gonna like it better this time after you smoke its make you see life and the movie un a difrent way. p.s if your not a smoker you probebly wont understant all of it (this was serious too)
American Beauty by Drew 

What else do I have to say about one of the most-praised movies in recent years? I thought that this movie was compelling.  I mean, Kevin made Lester Burnham into a real person, instead of just a character. This movie was brilliant and unforgettable.  Also it was completely unpredictable, which is rare in movies these days.  The rest of the cast was great, too.

American Beauty by Simplilo

Oh, man…what a film… I have loved it from the first time I saw it, and have a copy of my very own.  I am sorry if others don’t understand or cannot appreciate everything that contributed to making this film a masterpiece.  The writing, cinematography, the interesting characters portrayed perfectly by the entire cast, besides the beautiful score – that I also own, that moved me so when first hearing it.  Alan Ball achieved what I believe “thinking” adults want in a story – that of being humorous, real, gripping and ultimately, moving.  Spacey was so memorable and effective as “Lester”. Even though the character was doing “something wrong”, it was just the catalyst for him to begin changing his life and was really touching as a confused, but sensitive man, who begins to regain his confidence. I continue to pass the word along to others who have missed it, yet I understand if they have, they may be of the group of moviegoers who will not appreciate it. (Just some “trivia” – it hit me that there are several scenes done “in cars” in the film and executed so well!) – If you are a big fan like me, seeing it several times, you will pick up on “subtleties”.  My boyfriend and I would sit afterward and discuss other things we noticed.

American Beauty Review by Pam 

I just love this movie.. even if some people don’t like the subject matter. Yes Kevin is creepy as Lester Burnham when he lusts over young Angela. But what is more creepy is Ricky’s Dad as a repress gay man… I think that is worst then a man lusting over a young woman… But hey that’s me.

American Beauty Review by Whitney 

I thought it was the neatest movie…all I could keep saying while I was watching was “beautiful…beautiful.”

I really wanted to thank Kevin Spacey for giving me that little piece of my reality…I knew what he meant with every word … and I agree with everything the movie had to say about life, and people and the way they let them get out of control, and forget what really is life, and life is beautiful..and if people can’t see that, then they’re just wasting thier time on this precious earth.

American Beauty review by Janis American Beauty**** – the most jaw dropping flick of all times. I watched the movie and laughed, gasped, cried, ran the gamut of emotions. Every single actor was incredible with special mention for Chris Cooper as Wes Bentley’s character’s father, he was awesome, Allison Janney was perfect as an abused wife. The younger actors were great. Annette Benning was really scary, she was way too into her role. And Kevin was superb, sexy, pumped up and handled really delicate scenes with panache. Have to see.

American Beauty review  by Liss (short version)


American Beauty review by Liss (Long PMS version. Wait til you see the HurlyBurly review!)

I was going to be anonymous, but you’d figure it out anyway.

I know what the message was supposed to be, but I don’t see it at all. First of all, I found the music to be very grating. I felt that the “mood” lighting was distracting and that the way the light would shine on whatever they wanted you to look at seemed almost patronizing. Or a shadow would take your eye the other way. That type of lighting should draw your attention without you realizing you’re doing it. That was reminiscent of Murder She Wrote when they’d do an extreme close up of the clue in case you couldn’t figure it out for yourself. As if the director felt we wouldn’t be able to follow what was going on if he didn’t direct our eyes at every moment. The red all over the place was very tiresome (not like all the red you see *here*!). I felt like every scene was a stage set rather than having a feeling of being real people in real rooms. The whole movie seemed very sterile and emotionless for the most part. And not because the characters were supposed to be that way. Except for anger, most of the emotion seemed contrived.

I thought there were several timing problems that a more experienced director would have corrected.

I felt at times during the movie like I was watching a movie shot by someone who discovered their video camera had extra buttons they didn’t know it had and they wanted to keep using them over and over.

The next several paragraphs contain things that bothered me mainly due to the way the movie has been portrayed by the people who made the film and what they (well, Kevin really) have said these things meant.

I didn’t like the way Ricky was treated as the way a person should be. He was a very troubled young man with big problems, but that was really dismissed. I didn’t like the way the women were treated in the movie. They were bitches, tramps, or nearly comatose and unable to deal with their problems. Except for the daughter who while supposedly having all of the foresight, was the dumbest person by the end of the movie. I didn’t like the way Lester blamed everyone else for all of his problems but we were constantly told how he was the one who had clarity. It was his boss’s fault his job was crap, his wife’s fault his marriage was dead, his daughter’s fault they had no relationship and so on throughout the movie. I’d like to think that his big epiphany at the end was that maybe *he* was to blame for a lot of his problems. That can be a powerful, life altering experience. I thought the entire “beauty in death” message was a false one. Lester was still clueless at the moment he died. His family was falling apart around him, his daughter was running away with a drug dealer and as long as he was happy when he got his brains blown out, that’s ok? I’d be happy too if all I ever thought about was how *I* felt. What would have happened if he hadn’t died? The same problems were there. But he didn’t even know they existed. Would he have wanted everyone else to suddenly live the way he remembered they were 10 years ago? Or would he have realized it was time to start acting like an adult and *do* something to fix these problems? I did not like the light way they treated drug abuse and mental illness as something to be taken lightly. I know it’s “just a movie”, but even marijuana can lead to serious problems and no one seemed to care that it was illegal, if nothing else. It was all a big joke. I know it was supposed to be Lester going back to the carefree drug days of youth he thought he had and the pot was supposed to reflect youth, but kids drink and do “hard” drugs too. And they did 20 years ago as well. Would it have been funny if Lester was sitting around drinking all day or snorting coke all day? What if Lester had enjoyed using heroin in college? I see no difference. Lester was a very childish person. I saw nothing about him that was great. Even if it was Kevin Spacey playing him.

Strangely, when I saw it the first time, I kept thinking this would be a great Tom Hanks movie. Then when Tom Hanks said he’d have liked to have done it, I wondered why they didn’t ask him.

I’m sorry they felt the need to have the colonel be the stereotypical homophobic movie marine.

One scene that I found very sad and moving, I was surprised when no one else seemed to see it the way I did. The scene with Ricky and Jane and the plastic bag video. I thought that was probably the best acted scene in the movie. When I was watching it for the first time, when Ricky is talking about the bag and they do the close up and he’s staring at it and becoming very entranced by it, and Jane holds his hand, to me it showed how very disturbed Ricky still was and how he needed someone and Jane saw this in him and that’s why she’s reaching out to him.

I was surprised when no one else saw that. Even Kevin would talk about how the scene showed the beauty behind things you wouldn’t notice, like a plastic bag in the wind, but I kept thinking that this was a false message too. Stop looking at the bag and notice the tormented boy sitting in the room crying for help!  IalsothoughtKevinoveracted. On the positive side, I thought Annette Bening was wonderful as a woman who feels she has to hold everything together while coming apart herself, just so everything looks good to other people. A common problem many women, as well as some men, have these days. I also marvel at Alison Janney. Especially when I see her now. To be almost comatose when she herself is very vivacious must have been tough. It’s too bad that this movie showed the women in such a negative light.

I thought the young actors were great. And of course, I always enjoy seeing Kevin nude in a movie. I saw this movie when it first came out last year (1999). Then I saw it again before it left the theater, thinking that maybe I had just been having a bad day the first time, and I was amazed to find myself checking my watch to see how much longer I had to sit there. I was bored.  I rented it when it first came out on VHS thinking that maybe in my own home with no distractions it would be better. Nope. I watched it as a Saturday night movie chat at Spaceyland. That was fun since there was so much typing going on, I really didn’t have to watch the movie. Until I was booted from the chat and had to restart the computer and by the time I got back on the chat, I’d had time to watch some of the movie and boy I get mad every time I think of the sofa scene. I always want to tell Carolyn to go outside and scratch that car of Lester’s with that beer bottle and then we’ll see how he feels about it just being “things honey.”! Why are Lester’s toys OK, but his wife’s are not? Because hers cost more? And that makes them bad?

I notice that Lester never suggests that they sell their beautiful home in a nice neighborhood and move to a one room apartment to relive their early marriage and the love they experienced then.

This to me just proves that Lester’s entire “new” way of living was just a way to get back at his wife. Not a way to improve his life.

I haven’t seen it since the chat. I haven’t even seen the new DVD. This movie just doesn’t do anything for me. But that upsets people for some reason. Sorry, I’d rather be forced to sit through Hurly Burly again.

I *do* have an incredible scrapbook for AB though. It’s not really about AB, it’s about the things Kevin did while the movie was out and the awards circuit he was on. Very nice.

I give AB 2 stars out of 5 and though it pains me deeply, Kevin 2 stars out of 5.