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Beyond The Sea by kc_lady_op

Before I watched ‘Beyond the Sea’, I hadn’t given much thought  to Kevin Spacey or Bobby Darin, but I’ve always loved that type of music.  I’m 32 so I tend to think of ‘Beyond the Sea’ as a Harry Connick Jr. tune.  (Sorry, folks.  Never again, I promise!)  I picked up the DVD at the local library on a whim (poor girl’s entertatinment) and popped it around 9:30 PM last Monday night.  I usually get annoyed with movie stars that think they can sing, so thought I’d just watch for just a little while and get to bed at a decent hour.  It was incredible.  I’ve never seen anything like it and probably never will again.  Visually it was gorgeous.  The story had such depth and rich detail, and it was told in such a clever way, I watched the entire thing then started it over so I could watch again with the director’s commentary.  (something I rarely take the time to do)  I was up until about 2AM!  The man certainly has ‘chops’ for singing.  I was floored.  The dancing was quite a surprise.  The press hinted that he was obnoxious to cast himself in the lead, but seriously, I don’t think there is anyone else who COULD have played such a role.  At least no one who cared about it as much as he seemed to.  I had no idea Kevin Spacey was such a scary genius!  It makes me tired to even imagine what it must be like to be so talented.  I anxiously await his next big visionary project.  I don’t think this one got the recognition it deserves.  I watched ‘Million Dollar Baby’ the following evening.  It was a good film too of course, but I’m a little baffled as to why it got so many Oscars.  Maybe I just don’t ‘get’ boxing. Like I said, I’m kind of a neophyte to Kevin Spacey lore.  I apologize if I’m stating what is obvious to his longtime fans.  I just got such a kick out of this film, I thought I’d post a little something to share with you all. January 9, 2006 ~

Beyond The Sea by Ron

I thought Kevin Spacey was fantastic in “Beyond the Sea”. I had no idea he could sing that well.. in fact, I think that’s the first time I’ve heard him sing. I’m not so sure the movie deserved an Oscar but he sure did. January 6, 2006


Beyond The Sea by Judy

I was/am a big fan of Bobby Darin and of Kevin Spacey. The movie is a wonderful tribute to an entertainer whose life was over long before it should have been.  Kevin Spacey produced, directed, acted and sang in this fantastic movie and soundtrack.  As a result I have sought and gotten much more memorabilia of Bobby Darin’s (I have a record from the 60’s with some of his hits).  Kevin has brought Bobby to the forefront again with a renewed interest and fond memories I’m sure for many of us. Thank you so much.

January 2, 2006


Beyond The Sea by walleyballdog

Kevin did an amazing job of playing singer Bobby Darin.  I did not know he could sing, but that was just the tip of the iceberg here!  Absolutely awesome, just shows how talented the man really is!

October 8, 2005

Beyond The Sea by veronica

it was a really good movie and i enjoyed it and watched twice and i just want to let m r spacey know that bobby darrin didnt write mack the knife it was louis armstrong in 1948

October 9, 2005


Beyond The Sea by aom

I have read the reviews of others concerning this sublime movie. When young people describe their appreciation and respect for the talents of Mr. Darin and Mr. Spacey, you know an impact has been made. I too, grew up in a musical household. The Big Bands, Sinatra, Martin, Davis, Darin and many more were daily pleasures. The resurgence in shooting films of these legendary performers is not surprising. They took the time to hone their craft, just as proper time was given to the development of this film. I have enjoyed Mr. Spacey in his numerous undertakings. “Pay It Forward” has a very distinctive message that can not be overlooked. Although he may have had musical performances for his background, it is a new discovery for this fan. I absolutely laud the care, time and respect that is apparent in “Beyond the Sea”. Sadly, I was completely unaware of Mr. Spacey’s concert tours. I desperately hope that he pursues other films of this nature. All I can say is, “More, please.”

October 3, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Blondie

LOVED this movie! Did not know what to expect but I was confident with Kevin playing the lead that in would be a quality film. I admit the opening did throw me some, but as it went along I became totally drawn in. What a great story his life made. The way it was put together was pure genius. By the last 15 minutes, I was sobbing into a hanky. I cannot even remember the last time I cried in a movie! I have always loved Bobby Darin and it was so obvious to me that Kevin’s number one objective was to honor him and his life. I was completely unaware of Kevin’s former experience with musicals so his talent in that area was a delightful surprise. What more can this guy possibly pull out of his hat to amaze us? He is the real deal – just as Bobby Darin was. Thanks, Kevin.

August 27, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Mary-Jo

This was the most outstanding movie I have seen in a long while, being a once teen from the 50’s I can appreciate the flavor of Kevin Spacey playing Bobby Darin.  Thank you Kevin for bringing Bobby Darin back to life! He was undoubtedly one of the great entertainers of life and Kevin Spacey shined with talent and exceptional entertainment, even though know one could ever really be Bobby Darin you came awfully close Kevin!  You were brilliant, colorful, warm and exciting as he.  I cannot stop watching this movie, it is captivating.

August 26, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Shkspr

Kevin Spacey had been one of my all-time favs male actor.  I finally got to view Beyond the Sea on DVD.   I purchased the DVD maybe a month ago, forgot I had it.  I have a professional Educator Theatre background, and have always appreciated Mr. Spacey work, projects, and integrity.  I was blown away.  I loved the film.  I consider is a tribute to Bobby Darin.  All I can say is BRAVO and absolutely marvelous.  The treatment, the layers of the film.  I took in so many elements of the film that it took successive viewing to get more out of it.  Mr. Spacey succeeded on every level.  Messages on metaphorical levels abound.  What can I say – it was the great of the greatest.  How can a person have so much talent?   Kevin is the one to follow.  I can’t imagine ever being disappointed.

August 11, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Florida Tim

I thought this was one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. It is not but once or twice a year that I watch a movie that not only entertains me but educates and moves me at the same time. Thank you for making such a wonderful film that I am sure will continue to do the same for others for generations to come.

August 5, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Romance&Dance

Oh my God, what’s not to say?  This movie is by far the best I’ve seen in years, better than anything I expected. I had no idea Kevin could sing so beautifully.  I’ve always loved Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee and BTS was so eloquently portrayed.  The talent in this movie was awesome.  We have watched the DVD over and over plus we saw it in the theater.  We also purchased the soundtrack CD and we just love it.  We can’t wait until our ballroom dancing is good enough to dance to it.  Thank you Kevin, Dodd and everyone who made this movie possible.  It’s truly a joy to watch in an era where lots of movies are made that simply not worth seeing again.  Sure, wish I could have caught the concert in Las Vegas this past Dec’04.  Please go out on tour again in ’06!!!!!! *On July 26th, I wish you a very happy birthday.  Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

July 24, 2005


Beyond The Sea by BJL

Dear Mr. Spacey, My Husband and I really enjoyed your protral of Bobby Darin  in the movie “Beyond the Sea”.  We cannot believe that the movie didn’t get more press.  We always enjoyed you as an actor, but until this movie, did not realize what wide range of acting you are capable of proforming.  We absolutely thought the singing was fantastic.  You are really a super actor.  Thank you!!!

July 17, 2005


Beyond The Sea by bandt79

I couldn’t wait for this movie to come out and saw it the first weekend it played in my hometown.   I was only 22 when Darin died in 1973 – but I always liked his music and felt that I could relate to him. I was only 6 years old when I had rheumatic fever caused by strept throat – I had to stay in bed for a year.  I have to tell you that I became extremely emotional at the point of the movie when Bobby’s mother is told he will only live to be 15 years old.  I remember going to the doctor every two weeks to have blood drawn and my mother crying when she was told that Open Heart Surgery may be necessary – in the 1950’s that was no joke.   Fortunately, without the surgery I recovered. Kevin Spacey has always been one of my favorite actors.   Mr. Spacey did such a fantastic job that I had to remember it was him portraying Darin and not Darin himself.  He really did his homework to portray Darin the way he did. Jamie Foxx was given the Oscar for his performance of Ray Charles – but all he did was act – he never sang the songs – Sooo Big Deal.   I truly believe that if the Ray Charles movie had not come out before Beyond the Sea – Kevin Spacey would have walked away with the Oscar that he so deserved. I have the DVD and have watched it several times – it gets better and better.   I am going out to buy the CD. Thanks Mr. Spacey for a really fantastic movie.

June 28, 2005


Beyond The Sea by TB

Mr. Spacey, You are one of the most multi talented actors I have seen. Your CD is incredible as well as the movie. Thank you!

June 27, 2005


Beyond the Sea by spacecat

Well, I just finished watching “Beyond the Sea”.  I never knew much about Bobby Darin but I knew his songs.  I was mesmerized watching Kevin sing and dance.  I have to say I thought his dance moves and the way he sang made Kevin look very hot! Great movie! thanks

June 26, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Barbara Petty

I just rented the movie beyond the sea.  i wanted to watch it at the movies but never saw it released.  I really enjoyed it. Boy does he ever have a wonderful voice (kevin).  I have always been a fan of bobby darin so of course I would wanted to see it. I think he did a great job.  Hope he wins an award.  I have not always been a fan of Mr spacey but I really liked him in Pay it forward so I watch him in everything now.  I know he will always be great actor and has a long career ahead of him. just thought you would like to know what I thought of the movie.

June 21, 2005


beyond the sea by #1 fan

In Beyond The Sea, Kevin Spacey plays Bobby Darin one of the best singers in the world. It’s one of his best movies yet. I was surprised to hear how well he could sing. His voice blew me away. I have watched this movie at least seven times and I have had it for six days. I have ten of his movies but I will be getting four more if I can afford them. Whenever I get money I go and try to find one of his movies. I am fifteen and a half years old and have enjoyed his movies for years. The first movie I ever saw with him in it was The Negotiator. That was about a few years ago and have enjoyed his movies ever since. I will continue to watch his movies as long as he keeps making them. Beyond The Sea and Pay It Forward are among his best movies. I hope he keeps making movies.

June 14, 2005


Beyond The Sea By Kevin’s Other

“Beyond the Sea” was one of the most entertaining movies’ I have seen in a very long time….Kevin Spacey was superb as an actor, singer, dancer (cannot believe how smooth he moved, as if he were dancing all of his life), producer. What a talent Kevin Spacey is!  The actors’ guild must be blinded by really good talent not to have nominated him for best actor, best producer, best everything.  I have never written about a movie I have seen before, but felt driven to write to Kevin about all of his talents and to let him know how much I enjoyed this movie. The script and music was magnificent! I only wish we could see more of this kind of movie, rather than all the movies out there depicting hostility and killing. Kuddos to Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 13, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Mitty

As a Bobby Darin fan from long long ago, watching Beyond The Sea was a real treat.  I think Kevin Spacey did an excellent job with the singing and directing which I am sure was not easy but he made it look easy.  He also looked like he was enjoying it all, the singing and the dancing.  I hope Mr. Spacey will do more musicals as just himself.  My daughter bought me the DVD as a gift and I must confess I have watched it three times. June 13, 2005


Beyond The Sea By Bernie

Not only am I a big fan of Kevin Spacey, but I was always a big fan of Bobby Darin and his music, and this is the first time I felt I had to write and comment on a film.  The first time I saw Kevin in a movie I said to my husband, there’s something about him that reminds me of Bobby Darin.  Years later I read Kevin was anxious to do a film about Bobby and I was beginning to think it would never take place.  Well let me tell you it was well worth the wait.  I just can’t praise Kevin’s performance enough – he was unbelievable.  He did a wonderful job directing the film and I loved how the story was told with young Bobby and mature Bobby interacting.  I thought I would be disappointed in hearing Bobby’s music sung by someone else, no way – Kevin has a marvelous voice nailed every number.  I just can’t get over the job he did and I had to write and say it. Thanks to Kevin, Bobby Darin will not be the “forgotten one”.  I can’t praise Kevin’s performance enough.

June 9, 2005


Beyond The Sea  by Cynthia, Manchester

I did have some reservations about this film but generally I found it both intriguing and enjoyable. The “dancing in the street” sequence at the beginning was too contrived. It reminded me of “Oliver” or “Mary Poppins” and so set the wrong tone. However, having got past that I felt the later dance sequences fitted in well with the slightly surreal atmosphere. The idea of having Bobby as a child was excellent and added a subtle touching dimension without being mawkish. The camera work was noticeably subtle – when Bobby’s mother dies he stands beside the coffin but as we see his face crumple with emotion the coffin lid rises blocking our view and the next thing we see is him as a child by the coffin. We saw many aspects of Bobby’s life  run through at break-neck pace and interspersed with hectic song and dance which gave a fine impression of his desperate need to perform to forget about death. I was particularly interested in the later part of the film where there is a noticeable slowing down of tempo. The scene in the caravan was strangely evocative  – the way the camera slowly panned along the photos from his past and restlessly moved to the open sea suggesting that he was beginning to consider his life, a thing he hardly dare stop to do because of the ever present threat of death. The powerful chorus of coloured women moving down the stairs as he sings his anti-war song was an impressive way of showing he was beginning to be where he wanted to be in his singing and in his political commitments. This is an uneven film but it has some very interesting aspects. Kevin Spacey has said somewhere that he likes to do new things and “live on the edge” and I think that, having acknowledged that he wasn’t doing a “conventional biography” in this film, he could have pushed it that bit further into the “off-beat” with advantage. The bright colours, use of camera work and images to symbolize feelings and the very curious atmosphere throughout which remained with me after I’d seen it (evocation of the 60’s plus Kevin’s sorrowful feelings about Darin’s death) would have suited a more “way out” exploration of Darin.

So much for a serious review – the film is also a life enhancing experience –  I  wore myself out applauding the beautifully sung anti-war song and dancing round the living room!!”

May 17, 2005


Beyond The Sea (UK DVD) by Isis

Due to various circumstances I didn’t see BTS when it was in the cinemas, so I’ve had to be very patient these past months! Finally the DVD arrived & I sat down to watch it on Friday night, & I loved it. It’s a  old-fashioned musical with a great performance from the all-singing, all-dancing Mr. S! My parents listened to the same music as Kevin’s, so I’m very familiar with Bobby Darin & Kevin does a fantastic job with those wonderful songs – I’m still listening to the CD now! The sets & the design are excellent – watch KS’s commentary on the movie in the special features section & you’ll be amazed at how they achieved the look of the film. That commentary is just as interesting as the film so don’t ignore it.  It brings home how hard the entire cast & crew worked & they should be proud.  A DVD to watch over & over again.

April 25, 2005

Beyond The Sea by Maddie

I saw the movie almost 2 months ago…It was great although I had to see it in German…My mother was enthused, too….My favorite scene is the one there Kevin sings “Simple song of freedom”….He was so good….I was at the (Germany-)premire of BTS and(and thats more important than my opinion on the movie)Kevin said “Hello!” to me…That was the gorgeoust day in my life….. I just want to tell that….Oh and he was so sweet with that cap….Looked French…. Oh and I saw a part of the set in Babelsberg…*lol* Yes, I was there…

April 6, 2005


Beyond The Sea by lourdes

Mr. Spacey did an excellent job of capturing the highlights of Bobby Darin.  The only thing I knew about Bobby Darin, before the movie, was that he was married to Sandra Dee.  I enjoyed the CD from the movie so much that I was curious enough to check out Bobby Darin, himself.  Mr. Spacey hit the mark.  He is not Bobby Darin, as he himself admits, but he really portrayed the genius of Darin.  It is interesting to compare the performances of these two stars and you come out appreciating each one even more!  This is a whole new side of Kevin Spacey.  I saw him in “The Iceman Cometh” in New York in 1999 and experienced Mr. Spacey’s charisma.  In “Beyond the Sea” you get to experience a more intimate side of Mr. Spacey: he makes fun of his baldness, he sings and dances up a storm, the close-ups are mesmerizing, the sarcasm is flying, the fight for perfection is powerful, the love for a live audience is real and the impressions are hysterical.  It a fascinating movie that tells the story about Bobby Darin but it also tells you about Kevin Spacey.  Thank you Mr. Spacey for introducing me to Bobby Darin and his music and continuing to entertain the world with great work! March 13, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Golightly

I loved Kevin in Beyond the Sea and want him to know that his work was magnificent. I know what this role meant to him and it deserved more critical acclaim. His singing and dancing were superb and the way in which the story was told was incredibly creative. I especially loved the ending which could have been depressing but instead was upbeat and left one with a smile. He definitely needs to know that he achieved his goal of bringing Bobby Darin back to the world.

March 13, 2005


beyond the sea by trivoli

I just want to say how much I loved BEYOND THE SEA.  I thought this movie was so creative the way Kevin portrayed Bobby’s life.  This film brought back so many memories of my youth and how much I loved Mr. Darin’s music. I hope it will be released again in theatres. It deserves to be seen by all the people that loved him who are over 45.

March 8, 2005


Beyond The Sea by  A new Kevin Spacey Fan

The show was excellent.  Saw it twice!! Didn’t know Mr.Spacey was so talented. My 25 year old daughter also saw it with me.  Have always been a Bobby Darin fan. I received The Beyond the Sea Sound Track for my 51st birthday.

March 1, 2005


Beyond the Sea by greatful

I can’t get enough of this film. My third viewing was this evening. I work a ton of hours, so it is rare that I see a movie, yet some how I have managed this thrice and each time I find a new turn. It is magical, motivating and warms the spirit. I felt joyous the first time I saw it. The second time I cried a lot and tonight I just wanted more. Bobby Darin was great, but Kevin Spacey is out of this world!!!

February 21, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Cathy in Houston

As a person old enough to remember Bobby Darin, I would like to say – FANTASTIC!!!  It’s so disappointing that it did not do as well as those movies that have been given “Academy Award-winning” kudos.  I say NUTS to the critics!  Mr. Spacey’s portrayal was so dead-on, I felt I was watching Bobby Darin on that screen.  I purchased the CD right away, and can’t wait for the DVD to come out.  By the way, when will that be? Before “Beyond”, I admired Mr. Spacey’s body of work, but my respect has skyrocketed since seeing Beyond the Sea.  It was a standup-at-the-end clapping and cheering “Bravo” right there in the movie theater kind of experience.  And there have only been a handful of movies that have made me do that. Thank you, Kevin Spacey.

February 13, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Jeffrey J. Lyons

Finding this movie playing in New Hampshire was a task in itself but once I did I was thoroughly entertained. Bobby Darin’s life story is one of the more fascinating stories in entertainment history. This movie captures the energy and showmanship of Bobby Darin, the times in which they occurred, and his inimitable music. Everyone knows the songs and Kevin Spacey’s vocals were spot on. The choreography was fabulous, especially during the wonderful courtship sequence between Bobby & Sandra Dee (Kate Bosworth), to the music of “Beyond the Sea.” The dancing in street reminded me of the 1980’s musical “Absolute Beginners.” There was also an element of surrealism when Bobby Darin as a young boy would pop up from time to time to remind Spacey’s Darin about what got him to where he was.  I found that to be very effective. Darin’s drive and his chivalry were portrayed well in this film. And the movie didn’t end with his death per se. You left the theater realizing that Bobby Darin lives on in our memories and in his music.

February 7, 2005


Beyond The Sea/Pay It Forward by Natasha

Beyond the Sea was awesome! I am so proud that Kevin followed his heart and his mom’s heart and finally brought this to the big screen. I can’t wait for this to come out on DVD so I can watch it all the time! Until then, I will continue to watch my favorite Kevin movie, Pay It Forward. This is such a beautiful movie and I hate that all the critics say he made bad decisions on this film. Whatever!!!! They can think what they want, but this is one of my all-time favorite movies! And, can I just say that I donated money to the American Heart Foundation and I donated in Kevin’s name! So his name is on a heart at the bank I go to every single day for my job! I love Kevin Spacey!!!!

January 26, 2005




January 25, 2005


Beyond The Sea by hg

I thought the movi was great – I was impressed by Mr Spacey’s performance – I thought the movie gave a good insight into the life of Bobby Darin and the influencing incidents and people in his life – great entertainment – the band of Mr Wilson’s was outstanding – hopefully if Mr Spacey and the band make a tour there will be a stop in the midwst – disappointed that he was not mentioned in the Golden Globe awards.

January 17, 2005


Beyond the Sea by Dee from North Wales PA

I am 67 and my husband is 70 and we just saw Beyond the Sea.  Kevin Spacey was just great!!!!!!!  We love Bobby Darin and were there during his heyday loving every minute when we saw him and listened and danced to his records. Watching Kevin singing and dancing and bringing Bobby back to us was such a joy!  We couldn’t talk when we left the theater.  What a great performance and the singing was wonderful!  Thank you , Mr. Spacey for this super movie. It was a long time coming to give Bobby such a great tribute.

January 8, 2005


Beyond The Sea by vivian

After seeing Kevin’s performance at Bimbo’s in SF, I was convinced that there wasn’t a thing he couldn’t do in his chosen profession once he set his mind to it. Beyond the Sea did exactly what Kevin set out to do. For some strange reason those who gave the film a thumbs down either didn’t know or didn’t understand what he hoped to accomplish, even though Kevin made all that very clear to those who paid attention. He wanted to remind people of what a great talent Bobby was and that he is worth remembering. He also wanted to create something other than your standard biopic. He wanted to concentrate on the music ,the romance and the essence of the era that Bobby grew up in and began his road to fame. He did it all and more .

I grew up during the 40’s & 50’s. It was time after the war was over, prosperity swept the nation, parents told their children if they studied hard, worked hard they would successful, respected and could be anything they wanted to be. Women and children could be out at night without fear of being molested. Good girls did not have sex before marriage and only good girls get husbands. Our leaders were all honest, the newspaper printed only the truth and anyone could grow up to be President in this land of freedom and equality. It was before Vietnam, the fight for equal rights for all, the Pill,  AIDs and the realization that most of what our parents told us about how the world worked wasn’t true for women, minorities and gay people.

I loved the fantasy song and dance sequences. It brought me back to those years when my friends & I would get together to share our movie magazines and giggle over the latest gossip about fantasy crushes. I had my whole life ahead of me and things I hoped to accomplish. I had tears in my eyes when I left the theater. I eaves dropped on conversations of people who had seen the movie with me. They, too, loved the movie & Kevin’s performance. I can understand now why Sandra Dee  said she wouldn’t change a frame.

I remembered when Bobby died, he barely rated a 2 inch column in the newspaper. I was stunned. After all he accomplished, how could he be dismissed with such tiny blurb on the 10th page? So thank you ,Kevin Spacey for not giving up on this movie, for taking the road less traveled by concentrating on the music and the romance and for recreating the essence of those years. Most of all, thanks for bringing Bobby back to us. I can’t wait to see this movie again & the stage production.

January 8, 2005


Beyond The Sea by JennyR.

I went with my husband to Beyond The Sea soon after it was released in the UK. We really enjoyed it. Others I know who’ve seen it, gave it the thumbs up too. At last a film for grown ups! Kevin’s performance is extraordinary. I think he may have created a cult film. You need to watch it more than once, so much to take in. Can’t wait for the DVD. All of the cast deliver good performances. I especially liked John Goodman. Although there were times when I was more concerned about him collapsing than Bobby! Big guy. The dance scenes are great. Who knew! The amazing all singing, all dancing Kevin. The locations work incredibly well. That was Berlin! Lulworth Cove in Dorset as California was a real surprise too. Ahh, the magic of the movies. Some very powerful scenes. I won’t go into detail as I hate to spoil it for those who haven’t or can’t see it as yet. Suffice to say that we were both tearful at times. Yes, hubby too! We danced out of the theatre, down the steps! Trust me, this movie has that effect on you. On the down side, I didn’t like Sandra Dee comforting Bobby in the hospital as they were divorced by then and he had remarried. Still, I guess the director wanted to make a love story. I guess a little dramatic licence is allowed. Also, I’m still not sure about the false nose, sometimes I found myself watching it instead! I guess I like Kevin to look like Kevin. A very inspiring film, I went home and dusted off my tap shoes! I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Spacey!

January 6, 2005


Beyond The Sea by GG

It’s been a long, long time since I have seen a talent such as Kevin Spacey’s. He is truly phenomenal. I am astounded at myself as I have never written a fan letter. I am 74 years old and have seen a lot of “stars” in my time and some very talented ones. Kevin Spacey is very impressive. Beyond the Sea was very well done. One critic in Houston panned the movie. Said it was “thin.” I’m no professional critic, but I don’t believe that for a minute. You definitely understood where Bobby/Kevin was coming from and what made him tick. I definitely will own this movie when it is released on DVD. Would love to meet this very talented man and tell him face to face what I think although I’m sure he’s heard it many times before. GG

January 5, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Linda Vallone

I have been a fan of Mr.Darin’s for a long time and I love this beautiful film BEYOND THE SEA! It’s a tribute to Mr.Darin who we lost way too soon it breaks my heart but, with this movie l hope people will see what a TALENT BOBBY was! After seeing this movie they will check out the real BOBBY and appreciate what a special human being and GIFTED GENIUS TALENT he was! THANK YOU KEVIN SPACEY and Bobby’s family for giving us this film! Sammy Davis Jr. another multi talented genius did not want to follow Bobby on stage. THAT SAYS IT ALL!

January 1, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Betsy

I just saw Beyond the Sea yesterday afternoon in Peoria, IL.  Fortunately we must have been one of the luckier cities although it was only at one theater here. I thought the movie was fantastic and that Kevin did a magnificent job of presenting the story. I know I’ll have to go back again.  I noticed others have commented that there was just so much to take in and that was definitely what I experienced.  I left the show drained as I felt like I had lived through Bobby Darin’s life. I’ve read several places where he mentions the connection with his mother and her love for Bobby Darin’s music.  I so wish that his mother were still alive to see what her son has accomplished!!

January 1, 2005


Beyond The Sea by Kathryn Horsley (UK)

Beyond The Sea – saw the film yesterday afternoon in Leamington Spa, England.  Unfortunately it didn’t come to Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire as it was distributed to an Apollo cinema.  I was surprised at how good it was believe it or not and Kevin’s singing was absolutely superb.  I thought the film within a film worked well and it all came together.  Loved the song/dance sequences and thought it really was a superb tribute.  The whole of the audience stayed until the last credits rolled, as there was an update on the screen of some of the characters.  I went out and bought the soundtrack today.  If only he would do a concert in the U.K. as well….

December 6, 2004


Beyond The Sea by calkid

Saw “Beyond the Sea” yesterday.  We loved it.  Kevin was great.  The audience must of liked it to, they all applauded when it was over!  You could really tell he was having a good time making this movie, that it meant alot to him. Going to see it again today. When they say limited release they mean it…in WA state it is only playing in 4 theaters!

December 31, 2004


Beyond the Sea by Jackie (New York)

I finally got to see Beyond the sea at one of the 3 (Yes only 3) theaters in NYC it was playing at.  It was wonderful.  It was fun and lively.  It made you want to get up and dance.  It motivated me to want to go out and make all my dreams come true.  Spacey performance was breath taking.  I hope it gets  recognized more.

December 31, 2004


Beyond The Sea by Kevie’s Girl

I enjoyed this film (Beyond The Sea).  Alot of people that will see this film will come to see of Kevin Spacey can really sing like Bobby Darin, The answer is YES!  This film was done in a very caring and sensitive style.  You can tell it was a joy for Kevin to make.  My favorite part of the film is the dedication at the ending credits.  My 2nd favorite part is the dance number at the end of the film.  It is wonderful as a fan to say that the world will now know what we know as fans, that Kevin can sing and dance, as well as his extraodinary acting.  Go expecting the best and you won’t be disappointed.  Signed,  Kevie’s Girl

December 31, 2004


Beyond The Sea by Melanya

I am sooo happy right now. I have been waiting for months for this movie. True I don’t now much about Bobby Darin but I went to see it a Spacey fanatic and was definetly not dissapointed. I had to go through hell and high water to find a theatre that had it last night but it was well worth it to expierence my favorite actor of all time sing, dance, romance, produce, direct, and act act act. It’s very true that there is something terribly wrong with most of the critics opinions of this film (some of the reviews range from average to great). These critics really need see the same film I saw and re-write their reviews. Spacey cleverly addresses the elephant(s) in the room within the first fifteen minutes (eg. his age-“problem”-if you could call it that and the non-linear structure). BTS is a film within a film with Bobby Darin directing a picture about himself and when watching it you have to wonder whether or not KS went beyond the call of duty and directed this movie in character. Although I don’t know much about Bobby Darin it feels as if he directed it but maybe that’s just KS’s amazing acting abilities. I see all KS’s movies-just for his performances sometimes but I was wowed by this film on a whole. Who cares if it’s an unusual structure it’s not any less-easy to understand as some people are saying and it makes for a less formulaic picture. After the first type of introduction into the film we are swept into the film within the film or “Bobby’s World” which chronicles his (at-first) fairy-tale like romance with Sandra Dee (Kate Bosworth does a good job but I don’t have much to compare it to), his struggle with finding his identity but I won’t go into that part-it would spoil a surprise and his interesting career. It is interspersed with great dance and song sequences but it makes sense (unlike most musicals) that they are breaking into song because it is BD’s movie that we are watching at this point. KS is amazing singing BD’s songs and he has chosen the right ones to move the story along. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and so did the rest of the (disappointingly small for an opening night) audience-Spacey fans or not. To put it shortly KS definitely should win the GG and if it’s not too much to ask another oscar.

December 30, 2004


Beyond The Sea by Jacqueline

Saw BTS last night. The film is superb, can’t wait to see it again as there is so much to take in on the first viewing. Kevin is amazing as is the boy who plays young Bobby. The final dance scene is fab. If there is any justice he will get his third Oscar – thoroughly deserving.

November 29, 2004


Beyond The Sea by Bobbyfan

I was able to catch one of the first sneak previews of the new Bobby Darin biopic “Beyond the Sea”.  I’ve been a Darin fan since 1974, when I was 4 years old, so the idea of this film finally getting made has been very exciting! It was obviously a massive labor of love to get this movie made, there is so much attention to detail!  It all went by so fast, there is a lot I’ve missed, but I’ll do my best to recap. First of all, Kevin Spacey was mind blowing in his singing and dancing performances.  There are dance scenes that go WAY beyond what I expected, I had no idea Kevin could dance like that!  He holds his own with a cast of very athletic performers.  Vocally, he had just the right edge to his voice, something Darin fans know all too well. Kate Bosworth was wonderfully cast as Sandra Dee.  The relationship between Bobby and Sandra always seemed over the top, and so the chemistry between Kate and Kevin, whether courting or fighting, seemed just about right.  I really felt like Kevin was completely absorbed by the role, it was very powerful to see.  There will probably be some changes before the final product comes out, but I hope they don’t cut too much of the song and dance, because I feel that really made the movie.

October 4, 2004