News updates for Beyond The Sea


June 18, 2006

Been a while since I posted any Beyond The Sea news! Due to the Australian theatrical release of the film, we now have a magazine interview/article from a publication that is available in Australia and New Zealand. FILMINK.

The 3 page article can be found here.

December 8, 2005

48th Annual Grammy’s Nominations List

For recordings released during the Eligibility Year October 1, 2004 through September 30, 2005. Note: More or less than 5 nominations in a category is the result of ties.


Field 22 – Film/TV/Visual Media

Category 80

Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media (Award to the Artist(s) and/or Producer(s) of a majority of the tracks on the album, or to the individual(s) actively responsible for the concept and musical direction and for the selection of artists, songs and producers, as applicable.)

Beyond The Sea Kevin Spacey [ATCO/Rhino]

Napoleon Dynamite (Various Artists) [Lakeshore Records/Fox Music]

No Direction Home: The Soundtrack – Bootleg Series, Vol. 7 (Bob Dylan) [Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings]

Ray (Ray Charles) [Atlantic/Rhino/WMG Soundtracks]

Six Feet Under Volume 2 – Everything Ends (Various Artists) [Astralwerks / EMI]


October 17, 2005

I’ve retired the various BTS related polls. If you stumble across one of the links in older news, you can ignore it. The results of the polls can still be found through the Spacey Polls main page.

August 5, 2005

I have added a few Japanese ads to the BTS Memorabilia page. Big thanks to Marie and her friends.

July 20, 2005

If you somehow missed BTS in the theaters and haven’t had a chance to buy or rent it, the movie has now come to Pay Per View.

June 23, 2005

Spacey fan Donna brought the comic strip below to my attention through a friend of hers. Does anyone know what comic strip this is?


Spacey fan Jen tells me that according to Billboard for the week of June 24th, TOP 10 DVD SALES, number 9 was Beyond The Sea.

June 15, 2005

Future marketing tip .. while the cover of the US version of the DVD was very slick and glamorous, when I was trying to find the DVD at Target, the dark brown and gold cover blended in with all the other dark video covers surrounding it which made it hard to find.

June 9, 2005

I’ve added a new fan review to the BTS fan reviews page.

I saw more TV commercials for the DVD in one evening last night than I ever saw for the movie itself. BTW – I’m working on a new DVD related poll. Coming soon to a Spacey poll page near you.

Alert Spacey fan Anna noticed this at the official BTS web site: We regret that there are two features noted on the menu insert that are not available due to unforeseen events. They are “Remembering Bobby” and “Authentic Archival Footage”. The feature notes on the outside of the package are correct. We apologize for any confusion that has created.  Now that they’ve addressed that, perhaps they’d like to say something about the fact that some online sales places such as and Wal-Mart as well as a few newspaper reviews I’m aware of, have been advertising additional musical performances which are not on the DVD. If you’re in the store you can read the back of the DVD, but when someone buys it online all they can do is go by the description given to them.

June 7, 2005

I bought the DVD this morning. I describe it on the main site News page.

June 6, 2005

There is going to be a Beyond The Sea movie chat on Saturday night, June 11, at 9pm EST in the DMS chat room. Bring your own DVD. Click on the invitation above.

June 3, 2005

Now that the DVD comes out on Tuesday of next week, DVD reviews are starting to appear here and there. Here’s one:

Entertainment Weekly. June 10,2005 issue. Renée Zellweger and Russell Crowe on the cover.

DVD & Video. Pages 86 & 87, picture of Kevin as Bobby Darin.

Beyond The Sea Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth PG-13, 118 mins., 2004 (Lions Gate) Recent Release

He sings! He dances! He produces, writes, and directs! Oscar winner Spacey nursed this baby for more than five years and created…a problem child. Sea is a choppy film, in which the fantasy-reality combo sometimes works – like in an impromptu musical sequence about Bobby Darin’s courtship of Sandra Dee (Bosworth) – but at other times falls flat (like when he confronts his child-actor alter ego).

EXTRAS A basic making-of-doc (prosthetic nose alert!) and a dry commentary track with Spacey and producer Andy Paterson explaining why they strayed from the standard biography style. In an effort to justify the fictional plot of Darin directing his own biopic, Spacey says he likes film-within-a-film biographies like  8 1/2 and All That Jazz. His pet project is a celebration of Darin, not a brutally honest portrait. Sure we’re all for artistic interpretation, but would some live footage of the real crooner be too much to ask for? B- Charles Curtis (EW)


* Me here.. why is there no mention of the advertised exclusive bonus musical performances by Kevin Spacey that are supposed to be on the DVD?

The small ad on the official BTS web site lists commentaries, interviews with cast and crew, making of featurette and trailers. But when you click on it, it takes you to which says Director Commentary, Making of “featurette” and the previously mentioned Exclusive Bonus Musical performances by Kevin Spacey. 

Are the extras supposed to be a surprise or something? Like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates?

May 6, 2005

The site has an exclusive interview with Roger Kellaway, who we all recall was Kevin’s musical director on the BTS concert tour. He has some things to say about Kevin and the tour near the end of the interview. Thanks to Carla.


April 24, 2005 is showing new Beyond The Sea DVD (US) info today. Instead of the Darin stuff and the interview with Bobby Darin’s manager, they list “exclusive bonus musical performances by Kevin Spacey.” I don’t know if that means the Darin things aren’t going to be in the DVD or not.

April 16, 2005

The UK DVD cover of the film is different from the US version. So are the DVDs themselves. Conflicting reports on any extras for that version. Most reports indicate no extras for the UK DVD but one fan reports seeing a web site that says there is going to be an audio commentary and “making of” featurette. Guess we’ll know in a few days when fans buy their DVDs. Picture at right is of the UK DVD. Thanks to Sue.

April 12, 2005

I’ve added some pictures from the House of Blues, Chicago concert to the BTS concert photos page. Big thanks to Spacey/Darin fans Barb and Carla.

March 29, 2005

Kevin’s looking very young on the new BTS DVD cover! Big thanks to Jim.

March 26, 2005

I’ve added some BTS DVD info to my main site News page.

March 22, 2005

Spacey fan Minny tells me that the critics in Rome are enjoying Beyond The Sea and it has been called a little jewel, a big little film, it has wonderful acting and it’s a wonderful and fine film.

March 21, 2005

I’ll be adding some lovely pictures from the Miami concert to the photos page this evening thanks to Spacey/Darin fan Carla’s generous friend Darin fan Susan.

The Motion Picture & Television Fund received $321 in donations which were sent in memory of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee from fans of Kevin Spacey’s Beyond The Sea. The funds were raised by Spacey fan Lizzie.

March 20, 2005 

Darin fan George tells me that there is a Scholarship for the Performing Arts honoring Sandra Dee being put together that will benefit students from Sandra Dee’s hometown of Bayonne, New Jersey. More information coming later. ~ I’ve added a few pictures taken by Spacey fan Jackie at the concert at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City to the fan pics page.  ~ And this was a good suggestion from an anonymous fan: “I wanted to suggest that BEYOND THE SEA be rereleased.  Now that the oscars are over I think it would do better and people who didn’t get to see it a chance.  I  know a lot of people who didn’t know where it was playing because it didn’t get enough publicity.  I know its going to be on DVD,  but there’s nothing like seeing  it at a movie theatre.”

March 16, 2005 

Some Darin fans have started a petition trying to get a Lifetime Achievement Award for Bobby Darin from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. If any Spacey fans are also Darin fans, please feel free to add your name to the petition. Thanks to Carla for the link:

*Update, April 8, 2006 – The petition with over 660 signatures, was mailed to NARAS and the petition is now officially closed.

March 3, 2005 

Here’s a link to another review of Beyond The Sea from Las Vegas Weekly. How many critics have used descriptions such as surreal-schizoid razzmatazz, head-scratchingly strange and sporadically breathtaking all in the same review? Not many, that’s for sure. The accompanying cartoon is great too. Thanks to Diane for the following BTS items.

Bio-Logical  Kevin Spacey splish-splashes all over Bobby Darin in 2004’s final biopic, Beyond the Sea. But who truly deserves big-screen scrutiny in the Insta-Fame Age? By Steve Bornfeld.


And there was this:

Taking Ownership of the Oscars We don’t need the Academy’s stinkin’ categories

We at the Weekly like to envision ourselves as being at the vanguard of Las Vegas media, leaning out into the wind as our city sails into the future, kings of our world. At least, that’s how we used to see ourselves until that DiCaprio kid ruined it for everybody. But we still cling to our rebel status, and in that vein, we present our annual idiosyncratic take on everyone’s favorite movie awards.


Best Achievement in Creepy Mimicry/Channeling the Dead

Portraying Bobby Darin in the often chaotic biopic, Beyond the Sea, Kevin Spacey sometimes resembled his own character’s father. That’s icky to the max. But his vocal stylings—he sang every tune—were so eerily on target as to cause Roger Ebert to remark that the actor’s versions of Darin classics like “Mack the Knife,” “Artificial Flowers” and the title tune might be superior to the late dynamo’s. Condemn the entire enterprise as a vanity project if you like—Spacey starred, directed and produced, ending up with a movie that felt both insubstantial and bloated—but call the soundtrack a tour de force unequaled by any other actor to date. ~ Steve Bornfeld



February 26, 2005

Beyond The Sea is currently in a limited release in Japan where fans there tell me it is receiving more good reviews than bad, will be shown at the Iceland International Film Festival in April, and the Faces of Love Film Festival in Moscow will open with the film on March 8. If you could just see it someplace in this neck of the woods!

Thanks to Izzy, Kotomi, Hildur and HC.

Izzy has a Japanese fan site called Spaceyphile. There’s a funny Spacey drawing on the main page.

February 23, 2005

Actor Kevin Spacey said he was grateful to Sandra Dee for her guidance while he made the movie “Beyond the Sea.” Spacey plays Bobby Darin in the movie, plus he wrote and directed it. Dee, who was married to Darin in the 1960s, died Sunday of kidney disease. The couple divorced in 1967 after seven years of marriage. “All of us who worked on ‘Beyond the Sea’ were honored that she had the chance to see the film and was so generous in her praise,” Spacey said of Dee in a statement. “She felt we had honored her and her relationship with Bobby Darin.” Dee, who starred in the 1959 classic teen romance movie, “Gidget,” also starred in three films with Darin: “Come September” (1961), “If a Man Answers” (1962) and “That Funny Feeling” (1965).

In “Beyond the Sea,” Dee was played by “Blue Crush” star Kate Bosworth. Spacey said he will “personally forever be grateful to her spirit and guidance in the making of the picture.” No information has been released yet about Dee’s funeral. ~

Tonight’s Larry King will be a tribute to Sandra Dee. Guests will include James Darren (Moondoggie in Gidget) and Debbie Reynolds (the original Tammy). Thanks to Darin/Dee fan George and HC.

February 20, 2005

I’ve just read that Sandra Dee has passed away at age 63. I’m very sorry to read that. I remember watching her movies when I was a little girl and thinking she was so sophisticated and so beautiful. The Sandra Dee fans who have emailed me over the past several months since Beyond The Sea came out have my sympathy and her family has my condolences.

February 15, 2005

You can find some pictures of Kevin performing after the Beyond The Sea premiere at the Berlin Film Festival here:

Thanks to S.

February 8, 2005

There’s a nice little article about Beyond The Sea being in small theaters right now, although once again a writer just had to mention Kevin’s great, advanced age, and he felt Kevin’s big song at the end was a bad choice, but let me tell you as a Spacey fan, it felt great to leave the theater feeling energized by a big song and dance and I thought it was clever to have Kevin singing one last time as the first set of credits rolled. It kept people in their seats looking at the screen for a few more minutes. However else the movie is seen by critics, it was a great movie for Spacey fans. Close-ups and singing .. great stuff.

Daily Nebraskan – Glimmer of Hope in ‘sea’ of winter releases

February 7, 2005

I’m still hearing from fans that Beyond The Sea is popping up in theaters here and there, so keep checking those movie listings. I guess they had a small number of copies and are having to send them around the country one at a time!

February 5, 2005

Awww.. This was in an obituary in the Bucks County Courier Times on the website. It was about a man named Norman C. Lufkin, Sr. and the quote was by his daughter, Lois Katz.

“Dad was a fun-loving man who was always having great times with the family,” she said. “He had a true zest for life. He loved music, and Rod Stewart was his favorite. Just this past Christmas, I bought him a DVD, ‘Rod Stewart in Concert,’ and he just told me a week ago how much he liked it. He also loved Bobby Darrin’s music, and on New Year’s weekend we went to see the Kevin Spacey movie, ‘Beyond the Sea,’ which was about Darrin, and he really enjoyed that.”

Katz said her father wasn’t the kind to sit through a movie, but he did for this one, and “loved” the music. After seeing the film, she went out and bought him the soundtrack.


Here are a few news bits for Spacey fans and fans of Kevin’s who are now fans of Bobby Darin’s as well:

Roger Kellaway, pianist for Darin/Spacey tour, was featured in the March 2005 Issue of DownBeat magazine (pages 13-14).  He stated that there may be another tour later this year!  There are two nice pictures of Kevin, close up while on the stage and a candid picture with Kelway. The article goes on to talk about Kellaway’s CD on IPO Recordings, “I WAS THERE:  Roger Kellaway Plays the Bobby Darin Songbook”.

Barnes & Nobles website states that the video/dvd Beyond the Song (the PBS video of Bobby’s life story that first aired mid-1990’s) will be available for purchase February 22nd, 2005.

Thanks to Monica.

February 1, 2005’s VHS/DVD Release Calendar says that Beyond The Sea will be released on home video on May 1. Big thanks to Vivian.

The UK release date is April 18. Thanks to Eloise for the reminder.

January 28, 2005

There’s an article in the new Entertainment Weekly (February 4, 2005) in which they ask Steve Blauner to give his opinion of various musical biopics. Kevin had a brief mention near the beginning and at the end.

If you’re looking for a guide, they don’t come much more qualified than Steve Blauner. He was the manager played by John Goodman in Beyond the Sea, but more than being Bobby Darin’s aide de pop, Blauner went on to co-found the company behind such seminal films as Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, and The Last Picture Show. He had been trying to make a movie about Darin since 1988, to no avail and with much frustration. When Kevin Spacey approached him a few years ago about cooperating, Blauner, now 71, enlisted Bobby’s son, Dodd Darin, and went so far as to dust off the singer’s original arrangements that were in a warehouse outside of Los Angeles. And he has no regrets. “People who knew nothing about Bobby Darin now know at least a little about him.”

And this:

“Generally speaking,” says Blauner, “actors who play singers should not do their own singing. They can act like singers – they usually share the same tortured need to entertain – but the voice is too hard to replicate. That’s why Jamie Foxx is so good in Ray. He’s the vessel through which we hear the genius of Ray Charles.”

So Spacey, who failed to get a nomination, should not have sung Darin’s songs? “There’s only one Frank Sinatra, there’s only one Billie Holiday, there’s only one Bobby Darin. But I will say this for Kevin, and for this I will always be grateful: He’s keeping the song alive.”

I’ll say this much. Kevin’s own fans are thrilled he sang in the film because if he hadn’t, there would have been no Kevin Spacey CD and no Kevin Spacey concert tour! He sure gave his fans what they wanted. Thank you Kevin.

January 25, 2005

I’ve added the Jan/Feb 2005 Player magazine article w/pictures and the February 2005 Best Life article w/pictures to the articles section.

This was on Best Life’s web site:

Blake Little

“The most amazing thing about Kevin Spacey is his spontaneity,” says Blake Little, who photographed the actor for “Kevin Spacey Scares Himself” (page 52). “He can change his look dramatically with just a subtle shift in lighting or wardrobe.” To help Spacey become Bobby Darin, whom he plays so convincingly in the recent film Beyond the Sea, Little built a replica 1960s TV set and dressed him in vintage threads. Spacey joins Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Renée Zellweger in Little’s portfolio.


No Academy Awards are looming in the distance for Beyond The Sea. The nominations were announced this morning and no mention of Kevin , the film or anything related to it. Oh well.

On the bright side, some fans are reporting that the movie is finally showing closer to their homes, so it’s slowly making the rounds. Keep checking your local listings.

January 19, 2005

The cufflinks and tie pin that Kevin wore to the Golden Globes the other night are being auctioned off on eBay. Proceeds are going to UNICEF’s Tsunami Relief Fund. They would make a nice BTS memento for anyone with the money! Links are on the main News page.

January 16, 2005

I’ve added some pictures of the Stardust marquee to the BTS concert photos page. Thanks to Spacey fan Kaye.

January 9, 2005

Beyond The Sea will be at the Berlin Film Festival next month.

This in the Boston Globe today:

Letters and Commentary
Stage Time
January 9, 2005

A case for Spacey
Wesley Morris’s review of “Beyond the Sea” is beyond comprehension (” ‘Sea’ minus: Kevin Spacey’s vanity is on display in his boilerplate biopic of crooner Bobby Darin,” Living/Arts, Dec. 29). What I saw was a project so near and dear to Spacey that, among other labors of love, he had to leave US soil to get funding. The script underwent several rewrites, the movie took more than 17 years to get made, and Spacey was the fifth actor to be considered for the lead. Hardly vanity “on display.” If having the gifts to co-write, coproduce, codirect, and actually sing his own songs is considered vanity and not talent, then I guess Spacey is vain. No doubt he’s had his share of flops, but give credit where credit is due.

Here’s an unusual recommendation for the BTS soundtrack:

Film Soundtracks Fly
by Mike Ross, Edmonton Sun
Kevin Spacey
3 1/2 out of 5
Yes, another movie star thinks he can sing. And yes, we should rightly be hard on him. But hey, if Jackie Chan can do his own stunts, why can’t we let Kevin Spacey get away with braying his lungs out on a schmaltz-o-rific collection of Bobby Darin hits for the upcoming bio-pic? He’s got no tone, but the actor is at least convincing as a lounge lizard no worse than, say, Bobby Curtola. Sounds like he’s having fun, too, which should count for a lot. A swell orchestra puts it over the top.

January 7, 2005

The Beyond The Sea web site says the film is now playing everywhere. I’ve seen the commercial for the movie on TV several times over the past two days which made me think it was probably about to go “wide” as they say, but it doesn’t seem to be playing in any more theaters near me than it had been on the day it opened.

January 5, 2005

Here’s an odd look at Kevin’s portrayal of Bobby Darin. The article starts out chronicling the use of prosthetics by actors and turns into an article about how bad Kevin was as a choice for Bobby Darin. When I first read it on Sunday, I noticed right off that the writer made a mistake by saying Kevin didn’t wear a prosthetic nose in the film. They have now made a correction. Registration is required.

Washington Post – Sunday Arts – January 2, 2005
Good Guise & Bad Guise, Playing Key Biopic Roles by Stephen Hunter

January 2, 2005

If you missed it on the main news page and the calendar page, Kevin will be on the Tony Danza Show tomorrow. Check your listings, the show is syndicated.

There’s a transcript of the interview with Kevin, Dodd Darin and Steve Blauner on the CNN web site.

Go to, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Transcripts, then put in the date of December 31, 2004, scroll down to the link for “Remembering Bobby Darin & New Biopic.”

December 30, 2004

Larry King, Sunday night. *Showed it on Friday night.

I’ve added a new concert poll. If you tried it last night before 7pm EST, it wasn’t working but now seems to be fine.

Question for anyone who bought the Creative Screenwriting with Kevin on the cover. On page 76, they have a BTS related page in which they have a scene from the film. Is that only on page 76 or was there another page? I’d dismantled the magazine to make it easier to scan and then later noticed the other page but only have a page 76. *Thanks to Kaye and HC for getting back to me.

December 29, 2004

There were a lot of reviews for the movie today and I haven’t had a chance to put everything together but the reviews have been mixed.

I saw the film this afternoon and it was a very enjoyable 2 hours. There weren’t very many people in the theater but everyone seemed to be into the film, including the guy sitting at the end of my row who was quietly singing along to the slow songs. He even clapped once the film ended. Er, that wasn’t you, was it, Kevin?

The women who left in front of me were saying it was very good and that it had been a good choice for a film to see today.

Here’s a review from the Detroit Free press that was sent to me by a fan. Thanks to Ilona:

Kevin Spacey realizes his dream

And there’s this about a Q&A Kevin did in Dallas recently. Scroll down and click on Kevin Spacey. Thanks to Mark:

December 27, 2004

Kevin and BTS on TV Land – There’s a lot of confusion about what is supposed to be on TV tomorrow night and when it’s supposed to be on. First of all, scratch the TNT listing from your list. We’re only talking about TV Land.

They are supposed to be showing “something” tomorrow night. Different people have reported seeing commercials for whatever it is being on at either 10pm or 11pm so I’m going to take a guess and say this is due to differing time zones.

There is nothing on TV Land’s schedule other than their regular programming so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think there’s going to be some kind of new promo on TV Land at 11pm EST (adjust time for your time zone) for the film’s limited release the following day on. I could well be wrong. Thanks to Darin’s Linda and HC.

I noticed yesterday that if you go to the BTS web site, there’s a holiday greeting pop-up that appears. I don’t know how long it will be there. They also have a link for where you will be able to  find theaters that are hopefully in your area. The film is to be released into “selected cities” on Wednesday. You can also try for theater information.

I posted a few new pictures in the BTS section. One of them is on the Memorabilia page. It’s an enlarged scan of a small, silver Taj Mahal charm my mother gave me for my charm bracelet. It’s not technically an official piece of BTS memorabilia, but it’s a reminder of *our* trip to see Kevin in concert at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. It’s pretty cute so I scanned it and put it on the memorabilia page and I thought other AC concert goers might get a kick out of it
The other is an ad for AARP using the cover of Kevin’s issue that contained an article he’d written about Beyond The Sea. That’s on the photos page and I think the fact that Kevin’s being used with the text will give Spacey fans a laugh.

With any luck, the page for fan concert photos will be ready to go by the end of the week and I’ll finally have a chance to work on adding all of the pro reviews and other articles about the film and concerts to the BTS section. Those will likely be finished by the time Edison comes out at the rate I’m going.

December 24, 2004

Spacey TV –  Kevin and Kate Bosworth to be interviewed on tonight’s Entertainment Tonight, there’s a repeat of Kevin’s Inside the Actors Studio on Sunday morning at 11am for 1 hour on BRAVO, coinciding with a repeat of the AMC Sunday Morning Shootout in which Kevin made some outrageous claim that he was going to go on tour singing Darin songs to advertise the film.  Kevin, Dodd Darin and Peter Cincotti are supposed to be seen on Larry King on Monday night on CNN. If I missed anything it’s on the main calendar page.

December 22, 2004

At various times during the day on Sunday, AMC will be showing Kevin on Sunday Morning Shootout, a film with Bobby Darin (Captain Newman, M.D.) and two of Sandra Dee’s “Tammy” films (Tammy tell Me True and Tammy and the Doctor).

December 17, 2004

There’s a full page b/w ad for Beyond The Sea in today’s New York Times. There’s also a review of the film complete with a large photo. I was surprised to see Sandra Dee referred to as a bimbo in the review. I’ll post the review later.

There’s a promo for Kevin’s interview (it was pre-taped) on the Jane Pauley Show on Monday, on her show’s web site.

I just read on one of the Spacey fan forums that Kevin removed Bridge Over Troubled Water from his concert at Foxwoods in Connecticut the other night. He’s also quoted as saying that they were going to sing Can’t Take My Eyes Off You even though it’s been called cheesy. I hope he’s not letting the professional critics get to him. Kevin’s fans have been enjoying those songs and my own mother loved Bridge Over Troubled Water. She was asking me if he was going to record another album using the songs that he sang in concert but weren’t on the soundtrack.

After Christmas, my next poll will ask fans which concert they attended. I’m going to bet that the Atlantic City concert pulled in the most online fans.

December 15, 2004

I’m slowly catching up on the photos and scans. I’ve added the pictures from the CD’s insert to the Soundtrack page. Once the excitement of the concert tour has slowed down, I’ll add some reviews of the film and some pro reviews of the concerts. I’m working on a page of photos taken by fans at some of the concerts.

Not sure where this one came from – Kevin Spacey: Folks wondering why the Oscar-winning actor spent so much time and money to get the movie Beyond the Sea to the big screen can find out why by watching his interview on The Jane Pauley Show Monday, December 20. At one point during his conversation with Pauley he says, “I have always felt that Bobby Darin is one of the best nightclub entertainers, possibly one of the greatest showmen that we ever had.” I can almost see the tan on Wayne Newton go pale over that comment. Spacey spent over a decade trying to get the movie made because his late mother was a huge Darin fan. She was convinced that her little boy would be perfect in the role, and she was right. Spacey, who is a natural mimic, does his own singing in the film and shines on every number. Oscar voters will remember that. ~

Thanks, George.

December 14, 2004

Last night on The Daily Show, Kevin mentioned that his concert in Las Vegas was the end of his Beyond The Sea concert tour. So unless he decides to do a concert or two once he returns to England, I guess that’s gonna be it. He also mentioned that he’s been enjoying being able to interact with his audiences during the concerts, which is something he can’t do when he’s doing a play.

Due to being sick a few weeks ago, the surge in site mail due to the concerts, the holidays and planning several family birthdays in the middle of all of that .. I’m backed up on everything BTS related again.

December 13, 2004

Congratulations to Kevin for his nomination for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards.

I’ve added more fan and pro concert reviews to the Concerts reviews page. Thanks to Pam and Ken.

I have a huge request for anyone at the Atlantic City concert the other night. Are there any fans who like to keep lists? Like say, a list of the songs Kevin actually sang that night and in what order they were sung? I wanted to put that in my scrapbook but I don’t have a clue as to what came at what point other than what he started with and what he ended with. This is why we needed some kind of program!

December 12, 2004

I have added my review of the Atlantic City concert to the BTS section, along with a few pictures. I’ll be adding some other items to the memorabilia page in the next few days, as well as some pictures of the party at the Waldorf the other night.

December 10, 2004

I’ve added ticket information for the Miami and the Las Vegas 12/27 dates to the concert schedule page.

December 7, 2004

I have added a link for CD and concert reviews to the BTS Reviews page.

December 5, 2004

Add the Wednesday version of 60 Minutes to the TV schedule for the coming week.

VCReporterSpaceyIshYou can find a short interview with the Ventura County Reporter. The Boston concert is sold out, BTW. Thanks to Jim P.

So far there seem to be no online reviews of the Ventura concert, but Spacey fan reports say it was incredible. Tonight is the concert at Bimbo’s in San Francisco, Monday night is the Wiltern LG in Los Angeles, then Kevin heads east for more concerts, TV appearances and the premiere and party in New York City. Be sure to check the Calendar page for more information.

Don’t forget he’s on The Tonight Show tomorrow night. I predict he’ll have someplace else to go so won’t be able to stay for the whole show! Some fans may try to get tickets for the show in the morning but a word of warning .. you’ll be competing with Clay Aiken fans!

December 2, 2004

There’s a sweepstakes to win a trip to NYC for the star-studded premiere and party on December 8 at It’s open to US residents, 18 years and older. Seems like it’s a bit close, but the sweepstakes seems to still be open.

Thanks to anonymous.

November 30, 2004

The BTS soundtrack has another review.

USA Today Pop/rock

Beyond the Sea (* * * ½) The best interpretive singers are musical actors, so it should surprise no one that on this soundtrack to his upcoming Bobby Darin biopic, Kevin Spacey channels Darin’s crooning with more intuition than most modern pop stars likely could summon. What may surprise some is Spacey’s vocal ability. His supple baritone easily traverses the different styles that Darin embraced, from the loungy bounce of his Mack the Knife to the lush balladry of Once Upon a Time and folky tenderness of If I Were a Carpenter. Producer Phil Ramone’s own pop expertise ensures that the arrangements shimmer and swing. – Elysa Gardner


This came to me in an email this morning:

<I just returned from a screening, at the Director’s Guild, of “Beyond the Sea.”  I was with legendary celebrity psychic Kenny Kingston, who has been psychic to Marilyn Monroe, Flip Wilson, Greta Garbo, U.S. Presidents, Hugh Jackman, Whoopi Goldberg and many others.  He saw the spirit of Bobby Darin actually embody Kevin Spacey during the film, and Mr. Spacey BECAME Darin.  And then we had the lovely treat of having Kevin Spacey speak to us for about 45 minutes — he was wonderful!  And again, Kenny Kingston saw Bobby Darin, this time onstage with Kevin.  He says Darin is very pleased with the performance, and even if the film doesn’t always get the critical acclaim it might deserve (a prediction), it’s a huge achievement on Spacey’s behalf.>

November 29, 2004

The Atlantic City and Chicago concerts are sold out.

November 28, 2004

Many of the film reviews from the UK have been very good. I just haven’t had a chance to post any of them. Entertainment Weekly gave the soundtrack a good review too, but I haven’t had a chance to post that either! Maybe tomorrow. I’ve been trying to catch up on site email and poll responses and feedbacks while there’s a slight lull in concert excitement.

November 25, 2004

You can catch an interview with Kevin on Scotland Today, a Scottish TV show. In the interview Kevin is asked if he feels the weight of the expectations of Bobby Darin’s longtime fans. I asked that question (I don’t live in Scotland, BTW).

You can read it or watch the video. Thanks to John.

November 23, 2004

From the Museum of Television & Radio

Beginning December 3rd in both the Los Angeles and New York locations, the Museum has scheduled a screening series entitled Spacey Presents Darin: Television Appearances of Bobby Darin selected by Kevin Spacey.

It is just that. The New York Times – Kevin Spacey’s Battle for Bobby Darin

Mr. Spacey has selected his favorite Bobby Darin television performances from the Museum’s archive of over 120,000 programs. In fact, Mr. Spacey appeared at a special member’s only preview of the screening series in LA on Nov. 12th. The screening package, which runs approximately 75min, features Bobby Darin in skits and performances both on his own and with show business greats including Jimmy Durante, Judy Garland, Bob Hope, Stevie Wonder and more.

It is a terrific introduction to Mr. Darin’s work.

In California: 465 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills CA (310) 786-1000 December 3, 2004 – January 13, 2005 Wednesdays to Sundays at 3:00pm (75 minutes)

In New York City: 25 West 52 Street, New York, New York (212) 621-6800 December 3, 2004 – January 13, 2005 Tuesdays to Sundays at 2:00pm, Thursdays at 6:30pm (75 Minutes)

November 21, 2004

For any fans who have tickets for the upcoming concerts .. don’t forget to turn off your cell phone before the show starts!

I’m so backed up on the Spacey/BTS news that I’m just going to give links and will put these following items onThe Hollywood Reporter – Spacey could see nomination waves for ‘Sea’ the site after Thanksgiving. Big thanks to George!

The New York Times – Kevin Spacey’s Battle for Bobby Darin

The Hollywood Reporter – Spacey could see nomination waves for ‘Sea’

November 18, 2004

A new date has been added to the concert schedule. The tickets are on sale now. And the tickets for the NYC concert can be purchased starting today. I don’t know if there’s a way to buy them online but you can buy them in person at the box office or by phone. Directions to the box office and the phone number on the concert schedule page. Thanks to Kari for the heads up on the NYC tickets!

According to the Barnes & Noble web site, Kevin’s Beyond The Sea soundtrack CD signing in NYC on Tuesday has been changed from 6pm to 12pm. That may mean a much larger crowd! Thanks to Sherry at Legacy for alerting everyone to the change.

November 16, 2004

I’ve added 2 new article/interviews to the Interviews page. One is Venice magazine. I have added most of the Creative Screenwriting article but it still needs the last page, some pictures and a finished page ending but the rest is still readable. The links to both are on the Interviews page. A big thanks to Joanne for scanning the Venice article and pictures. *I fixed the link to page 2 of the Venice article! If you already read the first part, you can find part two here if you don’t want to start over. I added the rest of the Creative Screenwriting interview as well.

And thanks to Jimmy, Linda and George for their help with various things this week. I really appreciate it!

November 16, 2004

They’ve added a date in Ventura, California on December 3rd and the tickets are already on sale. Info on the concert schedule page.

November 15, 2004

Who’s near Chicago? We have another concert date. The info links can be found on the concert schedule page.

Tickets on sale to General Public: Sat, 11/20/04 10:00 AM Internet Presale Info – Presale: Start: Wed, 11/17/04 10:00 AM End: Fri, 11/19/04 10:00 PM

And one near Boston. No exact details other than the date so far.

BigSur1The San Francisco concert is sold out but there still appear to be tickets available for the LA concert the following day. No official word yet on other concert dates or venues.

Is it just me or does this look like Jim Williams playing the guitar?

November 14, 2004

I’ve added a new article to the BTS articles section (thanks to Vivienne) and a new interview to the BTS interviews section (thanks to Cathie). The first is from The Telegraph and the second is from The Daily Telegraph, or maybe it’s the other way around.

One of these days I’ll change the BTS section “poster” to the official BTS poster but I have grown attached to the one I made and haven’t been able to bring myself to make the switch. Maybe next week.

November 12, 2004

There’s a new concert date! San Francisco on December 5 at 8pm, Bimbo’s 365 Club. They have an age limit of 21. Tickets go on sale November 14 at 10am. The links are on the concert dates page. Big thanks to Vivian!

November 11, 2004

I read today that Kevin plans to do 8 or 9 more concerts after the LA concert, rather than the 12 or 13 that were originally mentioned. That’s just not enough. From the looks of the concert poll, it’s going to take more like 30 or 40. And that’s just to start.

November 10, 2004

You can hear short clips from the soundtrack at the official website now.

A couple of new things. First, what appears to be a concert date in LA! Then there are pictures from a screening Q&A and some comments about the film after a screening.

From the website for the Wiltern LG in Los Angeles – KEVIN SPACEY in a very special live performance – singing the classic hits of BOBBY DARIN to celebrate the release of the new movie – BEYOND THE SEA

Link below has a link for Clear Channel Entertainment and a link for the venue. At the venue, go to the event schedule and click on Kevin Spacey. Concert

Pictures from a screening

And from David Poland’s The Hot Button:

November 10 –

Sitting in a third screening of Beyond The Sea last night, I was knocked out by the love expressed for the film by the audience. It wasn’t a festival audience at a movie-star hungry screening, which would be a somewhat unkind, but accurate, representation of the crowd in Toronto. (The same can be said for the most intense comedy screening I’ve ever been in – for Sideways, in Toronto. Never trust a festival screening.) This was a room filled with SAG, BFCA, WGA and Academy members who are solicited all season long. And at least 70% of the audience that arrived to watch the film stood on their feet and cheered the arrival of Kevin Spacey into that theater.

Now, I have to tell you. I don’t ever expect to turn the corner on this film myself. I love musicals and I love 50s music, but I am simply not susceptible to looking past the flaws of the film because I am so happy that someone made a film that celebrates things I love and represents the remarkable commitment of one man to making his vision come true against all odds. Call me jaded, but story structure matters to me and though he surely can sing and dance, Spacey is too old for the role and many of the nuances are lost.

But I still have to humbly respect the effort and the result and the passion of the audiences. One particularly jaded Academy member who has attended most of our screenings – excellent movies all – stayed for the Q&A for the first time and even though he had reservations about the film, he was taken with it, there was no doubt. And the audience was, much to my shock, loaded with younger people who stayed through the Q&A and really cheered for Spacey, who was incredibly self-effacing and charming in his chat with the BFCA’s Jeannie Wolf, until he headed out the door.

And, Jesus, to think of how I adored and paid close attention to Kevin Spacey throughout his television career and how thrilled I was to see him succeed and be part of everyone’s world thanks to his film work.

My point being, you don’t have to like something to show it respect and honor the fact that others like (or love) it. And you don’t have to love everything equally to appreciate a lifetime of work.


Thanks to Joanne and Kotomi.

November 9, 2004

The release dates for the film have changed again.  December 17 in LA/NYC December 29 – Limited wide release.

November 5, 2004

This is one of the BTS/Spacey mentions from the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. Page 84. The other is on the main site news page.

Behind The Scenes 

EWlpsTurning Bobby Darin album covers into Kevin Spacey-as-Bobby Darin covers was key for production designer Andrew Laws, who used the LPs to visually recap the rise and fall of the “Mack the Knife” crooner in the Spacey-directed biopic. After choosing covers that represented Darin’s evolution from teen idol to folk singer, Spacey matched poses during the two formal shoots. A graphic designer then went to work – in some cases aging the 45-year-old Spacey down to his 20s. Re-creating If I Were A Carpenter‘s black-and-white portrait proved the most difficult, says Laws, but cornering Spacey for the campy Love Swings was the most fun. “Every time we brought it up, Kevin thought we were kidding. We were chasing him around for two weeks with a hat and a pipe.” (Dec 10)

Spacey rating says that the film’s rating is PG-13. Thanks to Kotomi.

November 2, 2004

Variety Celeb supports join forces in the final hour by Army Archerd

KEVIN SPACEY WINGS IN from London Wednesday for the bow of his “Beyond the Sea” at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome launching the AFI Fest. Lions Gate will open the film Dec. 10 in N.Y., Dec. 17 in L.A. I’m told the pic’s been trimmed a bit since Daily Variety’s Todd McCarthy reviewed it at the Toronto Film Fest Sept. 10. We saw it shortly thereafter and loved it. Spacey’s done a remarkable job of directing (more so, creating) a moving, dramatic musical film, and of re-creating the likeness — visually and vocally — of someone I knew and admired. I wondered how Darin’s son, Dodd, reacted to the biopic of his father. “I really liked it,” Dodd told me. “Granted, I disagreed that Kevin should sing the songs, (but) I think he did a wonderful job. Obviously, I thought he should have used my dad’s voice. But it’s very compelling, I’m very proud of it. It’s a wonderful tribute” to the immortality of Bobby’s work. As of this writing, Sandra Dee, Dodd’s mother and Bobby’s wife, has not seen the film, but Dodd said he’s getting a “special screening for her.” Steve Blauner, who was Darin’s manager (and is portrayed excellently by John Goodman  in the film) and also disagreed with Spacey singing Darin, was also pleased with the film. “This is Bobby’s immortality. Bobby won’t lose any fans from it and maybe he’ll get some new ones. People will also remember the times as well because of it.” A soundtrack of Spacey singing Darin will be released Nov. 23 while also out is “Aces, Back to Back,” a CD/DVD of Darin performing … Further, in Monday’s mail was a copy of “Roman Candle: The Life of Bobby Darin” (Rodale Books) written with the cooperation of the Darin estate including Blauner who gave it complete cooperation — and a rave. As does Spacey, who notes Darin said “It’s not true you live only once. You can live a lot of times, if you know how.” And with this book plus another upcoming bio, the DVD and “Beyond The Sea,” it looks like Bobby Darin will have lived — “a lot of times.”

ka_smNovember 1, 2004

The picture at the right is the poster shown at Lions Gate’s web site. There’s an awards ad out now too. The awards ads are starting to appear in trade magazines and papers such as Variety.

October 30, 2004

The official Beyond The Sea web site has added a few new things.

According to the Barnes & Noble website, Kevin will indeed be signing copies of the BTS CD in New York. The address of the store is 6th @ 22nd, 675 6th Avenue. You can find directions for the store by using their store locator. You can search by author (Kevin Spacey) or by event (November 23 – Kevin Spacey). Link Thanks to Joanne.

October 29, 2004

An anonymous feedback tells me that Kevin is going to be signing copies of his Beyond The Sea soundtrack at the Barnes & Noble in Chelsea (that’s NYC) on November 23 at 6pm. I’m trying to find out more.

USAToday102804October 28, 2004

There’s an article in today’s issue of USA Today that includes several paragraphs about Kevin and Beyond The Sea. This picture is in the newspaper.

October 27, 2004

I added a mini-poll to the BTS concert schedule page.

Kevin is scheduled to be on the November 6th Parkinson show (UK show) as part of his PR for the UK release of the film. He’s supposed to sing 2 songs from the film. Thanks to Sue and Josie.

October 26, 2004

While all information points to a late December (practically January) release of Beyond The Sea in the US, so far it still appears that the UK release is November 26. Why would that be?  From the BBC’s web site: Movies Coming Soon – Film Diary 2004 November

Friday 26th November – Beyond The Sea Kevin Spacey directs himself in this biopic of 50s crooner Bobby Darin.

Link. Thanks to Polly.

And from


KEVIN SPACEY has teamed up with BOBBY DARIN’s son DODD and former manager STEVE BLAUMER to record a tribute to the MACK THE KNIFE crooner.

The actor plays Darin in upcoming biopic BEYOND THE SEA and decided to cover 18 of his hero’s most famous tracks, backed by a 73-piece orchestra.

Spacey called in Darin’s son and manager as consultants on the album. They provided all of Bobby’s original arrangements.

October 24, 2004

Lions Gate Films is showing a Beyond The Sea photo on their main page now.

October 22, 2004

From Yahoo News 

Spacey Makes Splash with Bobby Darin Film, Music (Variety, Saturday October 23)  NEW YORK (Billboard) – The weight of the Bobby Darin biopic “Beyond the Sea” rests greatly on Kevin Spacey’s shoulders. Not only did the Academy Award-winning actor direct, star and co-produce the movie, he also had the challenge of singing Darin’s songs in the film and on the soundtrack. The “Beyond the Sea” soundtrack will be released Nov. 23 via Warner Strategic Marketing. The movie, distributed by Lions Gate Films, opens Dec. 10 in New York, Dec. 17 in Los Angeles and Dec. 29 in the rest of the United States. The 18 songs on the soundtrack include “Mack the Knife,” “Dream Lover,” “Splish Splash,” “Hello Young Lovers,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Simple Song of Freedom” and the title track.

“I honor Bobby’s talent, but I tried not to do a slavish imitation. I might have been the vehicle, but Bobby was the driver,” Spacey told Billboard. “I always believed the most important element of this movie would be the music. The songs that were selected were organic to the storytelling and moved the story forward. “Spacey will perform the soundtrack’s songs on a multiple-city tour. The tour’s dates and locations are to be announced. Spacey plays Grammy Award-winning entertainer Darin, who died in 1973 at the age of 37 after having open-heart surgery. The film tells the story of Darin’s difficult childhood, suffering from the life-threatening rheumatic fever that permanently damaged his heart, to his ups and downs in show business as a multifaceted entertainer.

The film also chronicles Darin’s success in a variety of musical styles, including pop, rock, country, gospel and folk. Spacey says that this diversity is one of the biggest reasons why he is a passionate fan of Darin. He credited Phil Ramone, who produced the music for the film and the soundtrack album, and the movie’s musical director/composer, John Wilson, for giving him a valuable education in recording and performing music. Ramone told Billboard that Spacey insisted on recording the songs with a live band, just the way Darin would.

“Kevin has a determination, charm and work ethic that very few people have,” Ramone said. “He even took guitar, drum and piano lessons because of this film. It takes most singers about 15 years to find their voices, but Kevin learned very quickly.”


October 21, 2004

Amazon US is now using the soundtrack cover photo that the UK Amazon site was using, so I guess it’s official. If you never checked out the soundtrack page, the photo above is the picture being used. Looks like an old record cover, doesn’t it? Thanks again to Marina.

October 20, 2004

The official BTS website is confusing today. They’ve added the trailer, but now the date for being in theaters is back to saying November instead of December.

October 19, 2004

The polls aren’t working today. With any luck, we’ll be back in the poll business tomorrow. The feedback form isn’t working either, so if anyone needs to get in touch with me, you’ll need to email me. The link is on the entrance page to the site. They seem to be working now. Hope it stays that way!

October 15, 2004

I’ve added a picture to the soundtrack page. It was found at Amazon’s UK sales site. Thanks to Marina!

New Beyond The Spacey Sea soundtrack poll.

October 14, 2004

I’ve added some information about the soundtrack to the BTS Soundtrack page. Thanks to anonymous tipster.

October 13, 2004

From today’s New York Post – Page Six column

Writer Disowns Darin Movie

October 13, 2004 — DIRECTOR James Toback was still listed yesterday on the Internet Movie Database as one of the writers of “Beyond the Sea” — even though he told PAGE SIX he doesn’t want his name on the picture. Toback has written or co-written 13 movies, including “The Pick-Up Artist,” “Bugsy,” and ones he also directed such as “Two Girls and a Guy” and his current, critically acclaimed “When Will I Be Loved.” But after reading the final script of “Beyond the Sea,” he didn’t want any credit for the month he spent in 1996 working with director Barry Levinson on a screenplay about Bobby Darin, the singer who seemed ready to assume the status Frank Sinatra enjoyed when he was cut down by heart disease in his 30s. “I was a Bobby Darin fanatic and Warner Bros. was willing to pay me an astronomical fee, $150,000 a week,” said Toback, who moved into Levinson’s house to finish the script in four weeks. “It was a miracle of collaboration. We were about to proceed.” They envisioned Johnny Depp in the lead role, although they had no intention of having him sing. Unlike Kevin Spacey, who has the lead in “Beyond the Sea,” Depp would have lip-synced Darin’s distinctive voice. But then it was discovered that the rights to Darin’s life story were already owned by Arthur Friedman, whom Toback described as “an exhibitor from Connecticut . . . Warner Bros. owned the music, but Friedman owned the story.” When Toback recently read the final script, “I felt I can’t have my name on a movie with this dialogue. It’s almost unheard of for a writer not to fight for credit, but I don’t want someone 300 years from now thinking, ‘Toback wrote that line.’ ” But Spacey’s publicist, Staci Wolfe, said, “When Kevin first purchased the rights from Warner Bros., he got all he scripts. There were about seven different writers that had worked on it. But when the final script was submitted to the Writers Guild, there wasn’t enough of Toback’s material for him to even be eligible for a writer’s credit.” Wolfe asserts, “There’s no way for him to ask for his name to be taken off because he was never on.” The Writers Guild of America has yet to determine who will get credit for writing the movie, which Lions Gate is releasing in December with Kate Bosworth playing the love of Darin’s life, Sandra Dee.

Thanks to bardgirl.

October 11, 2004

It won’t be in stores for more than a month but has already slashed the price of the soundtrack. It’s now going for $15 plus shipping. The release date for the soundtrack has also been changed to November 23.

October 10, 2004

Kevin Spacey visits Nuneaton!

By Sam Webb

Hollywood megastar Kevin Spacey is used to wandering down the red carpet in Cannes and rubbing shoulders with the world’s most glamorous people.

But yesterday the Oscar-winning actor amazed local people when he made a surprise visit to Nuneaton, dropping in at the Odeon cinema to promote his latest film, Beyond the Sea.

The American Beauty star was at the Bermuda Park venue to present an exclusive screening of the movie, a biopic of crooner Bobby Darin, for national and regional press.

The singer, famous for songs such as Dream Lover, Mack the Knife, Splish Splash and Beyond the Sea, died aged 37 of a heart condition that dogged him his whole life.

The down-to-earth Oscar winner said: “This is a film I’ve been dreaming about for more than 10 years . . . and to see it up there on the screen is just thrilling.

“My real hope is to put the spotlight on Bobby, who has really been forgotten because he died so young.”

Mr. Spacey is currently the artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre – and recently admitted he’s reluctant to return to Hollywood because he’d miss the thrill of performing in front of a live audience.

England is familiar territory for Mr. Spacey as he had visited many times before moving here and enjoys the English way of life.

And he had a message for local film fans. He said: “When the movie opens, come down and check it out. I’ve tried to make a film that celebrates a life that made people feel better about their own life through his work and I hope the people of Nuneaton come along and tap their feet.”

October 6, 2004

Want to ask Kevin a question? From Scotland Today:

Question a movie star with Scotland Today

Have you ever watched an interview and thought – “if only I had the chance to ask the questions”?

Now you can – to Hollywood film star Kevin Spacey.

This week our movie man Grant Lauchlan will be interviewing the actor about his new film Beyond the Sea, in which he plays the role of legendary crooner Bobby Darin. If you fancy getting your question to him – then you can send it to us by email . Think of what you would like to ask him and send it off to to get to us by Friday October the eighth.

Thanks to Sonja Marie at Legacy.

October 5, 2004

Hmmm, is announcing that the release dates for Beyond The Sea have changed again.

Most Recent Release Date Changes and Additions Beyond the Sea (Lions Gate): Spacey-directed biopic of crooner Bobby Darin moves once again, from November 24 New York City and Los Angeles, to December 10 New York City exclusive, December 17 Los Angeles and December 29 expansion.

Thanks to Kotomi.

I just noticed that the BTS web page has changed their In Theaters November 2004 to In Theaters December 2004, so I guess must be right.

October 4, 2004 

The soundtrack CD will be available on November 16th. You can pre-order it from and probably other places as well.

Thanks to Sonja at Legacy. And another thanks to Sonja at Legacy for the URL for the Amazon UK link.

There is a review of the film on the new Fan Reviews page. It was written by someone who saw the film at a test screening.

September 24, 2004

There’s a screen capture from Friday night’s ET segment on Beyond the Sea on the BTS Photos page. Did anyone notice that the CD with bonus DVD set they mentioned during that segment was the same one I posted about 10 days ago? Bobby Darin – Aces Back to Back! is the title and there’s a small picture of Kevin as Bobby Darin shown during the Darin photo montage during the Mack The Knife number on the DVD. Gotta get our Spacey fix anywhere we can! Thanks again to Jimmy.

Beyond The Sea got a very brief mention in the new Entertainment Weekly. An article about the film at the TIFF includes this picture of Kevin (this has been enlarged), as well as two pictures of Kate Bosworth, one a full page photo. Like it would have killed them to give Kevin a full page? EW, Oct 1 issue. Kevin on page 32.

Beyond The Sea will have it’s US screen debut when it opens the AFI Fest 2004 with a gala screening on November 4 at ArcLight Hollywood’s Cinerama Dome. Passes go on sale October 15. I had a brief tingle of excitement when I saw the letters AFI. I had visions of the festival being at the big AFI theater in Maryland. Darn!

Thanks to Vivienne.

Thursday, November 4 — ArcLight Hollywood’s Cinerama Dome AFI FEST 2004 presented by Audi kicks off with the U.S. Premiere of Kevin Spacey’s BEYOND THE SEA.

“I can’t think of a better launch for BEYOND THE SEA than to open AFI’s film festival in November,” says Spacey. “All of us involved in the making of the film are so pleased to bring Bobby Darin’s story to such a well respected and attended event. We are delighted to be given such a honored slot as to open the festival. We thank AFI for having asked us.”

BEYOND THE SEA is directed by Academy Award(R) winner Kevin Spacey and stars Kate Bosworth, John Goodman, Bob Hoskins and Brenda Blethyn. This inspiring and uplifting film is a rags to riches story of popular crooner Bobby Darin. Told through his own eyes, the film recounts Darin’s life, from the threatening childhood illness that gave him a life expectancy of 15 years of age and damaged his heart forever, to his rise in the music and film industry. By the end of his short career, he had more hits in more genres than any other music artist except Elvis Presley and Ray Charles (Lions Gate Films). The Opening Night Film and Gala are presented by Audi of America, with support from the Hollywood Sign Trust.

September 23, 2004

TIFFWPostThis is the picture that was in Washington Post a week or so ago. My scanner suddenly won’t scan newsprint so I had to copy the picture on to a “regular” sheet of paper and then scan it. The picture in the paper was a bit clearer.

I added a link for the USA Today article to the BTS Articles page. The picture that was in the paper is on that page as well. or you can just go here.

September 22, 2004

According to some reports, Kevin may be seen on Entertainment Tonight this evening. I’m not sure why. His play in London? His Darin film? Something else?

He may also make an appearance on Friday night during their “Retail Pick of the Week” segment which will be featuring Bobby Darin so try to catch the show both nights.

Thanks to Anne, Carla, George, Jimmy and  .. and .. whoever you are, I’ve forgotten your name. A big thanks to you anyway!

September 20, 2004

We’re back to a November 24 release in LA and NY, with an expansion on December 17. 

I added a few snips to the Mini Reviews page.

The trailer has been added to the Lions Gate Films page for Beyond The Sea.

Plus, it can be found on as well as Yahoo movies. Thanks to K-PAX and anonymous.

There has already been a lot of talk about how Beyond The Sea and Ray compare. The following article compares them both to Kinsey.

Once again, Oscar season brings forth films about the famous By Duane Dudek Journal Sentinel film critic Posted Sept. 19, 2004 –

Film biographies are fraught with peril.

Yet they remain popular with both audiences and actors who wish to show a different side of themselves. And they are particularly common at the end of the year when Hollywood introduces its Oscar-caliber films.

But by any measure, three such films during one period is a multiple-personality traffic jam.

In “Kinsey,” directed by Bill Condon, Liam Neeson plays sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. In “Ray,” directed by Taylor Hackford, Jamie Foxx steps into the shoes of the late Ray Charles. And Kevin Spacey not only directed “Beyond the Sea,” but he also plays the singer Bobby Darin and does a credible job on the vocals.

All three films are due in theaters this fall – “Ray” set for release Oct. 29, and “Kinsey” and “Beyond the Sea” tentatively due in theaters in November. The films are creatively different in the way they handle the high and low points in the characters’ lives. But each is the same in the sense that they grapple with certain immutable genre conventions. Here’s a look at how they stack up in that area.

Upbringing –

“Ray”: Son of a sharecropper  “Beyond the Sea”: Overprotected by maternal figure  “Kinsey”: Cruel and judgmental father

Psychological – 

“Ray”: Watched younger brother drown as a child.  “Beyond the Sea”: Knows he will die young.  “Kinsey”: Intimacy issues

Drug of choice – 

“Ray”: Heroin  “Beyond the Sea”: Tobacco  “Kinsey”: Barbiturates

Did you know he was . . . ?

“Ray”: Keeping two families  “Beyond The Sea”: Balding  “Kinsey”: Bisexual

Awkward metaphor  –

“Ray”: Haunted by mother’s ghost  “Beyond the Sea”: Guided through film by 10-year-old self  “Kinsey”: Study of Gall wasps inspires survey of human intimacy.

Famous work  –

“Ray”: “Hit the Road Jack”  “Beyond the Sea”: “Mack the Knife”  “Kinsey”: “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male”

If you liked this movie, see . . .

“Ray”: “Ali”  “Beyond the Sea”: “All That Jazz”  “Kinsey”: “Deep Throat”


“Ray”: “Don’t let no one make you a cripple.”  “Beyond the Sea”: “Memories are like moonbeams; we do with them what we want.”  “Kinsey”: “The crime of all is the crime of none.”

September 17, 2004

The moderator of the BTS forum at Lions Gate posted that the NY/LA release date is November 11. Now for the longest time, we’ve been told either Thanksgiving or the day before was the release date. So I guess it’s opening earlier than expected, except for the wide release which is still December 17. Opens in London on November 26.

There is a great color picture of Kevin and Kate Bosworth in today’s USA Today (Kevin appropriately front and center) but my evil scanner is refusing to cooperate. The photo accompanies an article on Kevin, a smaller article about Kate Bosworth and a mention in an article about film festivals and Oscars. There is also a picture from the film. The “picnic” photo which is on the BTS photos page. I’ll try to scan the photo again later when I add the articles.

USA Today, September 17, 2004. Page E11. Thanks, Joanne.

September 14, 2004

For Spacey fans who also enjoy Bobby Darin, from the Philadelphia Daily News, is a review for a new Bobby Darin CD.

<snip> FINGER POPPIN’ TIME: With a film biography of Bobby Darin on the way (starring Kevin Spacey), the timing is very good for “Bobby Darin – “Aces Back to Back” (Hyena). The combination DVD/CD package shows his swinging disposition and dexterous (chameleon-like) vocal diversity, in concert performances of songs “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” “If I Were a Carpenter,” “All the Way” and his signature song “Mack the Knife.” The bonus DVD adds documentary footage and visualizes eight performances from his TV show duplicated on the CD.  B <snip>ance to listen to this CD and watch the DVD and I would definitely recommend it. I especially enjoyed the stripped down version of Dream Lover, the live performance of If I Were A Carpenter and his renditions of songs known by other artists such as Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Alone Again, Naturally.

The DVD was a lot of fun too. Annoying age comment alert! I was struck by the fact that Kevin doesn’t look much older than Bobby Darin did.

More information about Bobby Darin – Aces Back to Back can be found on the Jimmy Scalia web site. Big thanks to Jimmy.

I’ve added an article from the Globe and Mail and The San Francisco Chronicle to the BTS Articles page. I have a few more interviews to add later, thanks to George and to Sonja at Legacy in advance.

September 13, 2004 


Scan-Spacey2This picture was in the Ottawa Citizen, the local paper for Ottawa, Ontario, Canada yesterday. It was accompanied by the header above and the following text:

Actress Kate Bosworth and actor and director Kevin Spacey arrive for the gala screening of Beyond The Sea – a biopic of Bobby Darin – at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday. Mr. Spacey, 45, wears the many hats of director, producer, actor, singer, and dancer to portray the legendary crooner who died at the age of 37 after open heart surgery to repair damage caused by a childhood bout of rheumatic fever. ‘It’s very exciting, very nerve wracking,’ said Mr. Spacey of the screams that greeted his arrival at the glittering event. ‘I’m thrilled that we’re finally getting the chance to show this movie and share it.’ On screen, Mr. Spacey performs several of  Darin’s hits, including Splish Splash and Mack The Knife and he said he hopes the film ‘will give Bobby Darin the recognition that he was denied because he died so young.’ ~

Big thanks to SR for scanning that for us.

You know, I’m sure that Kevin and Lions Gate are hoping the film attracts a young audience who have never heard of Bobby Darin and likely wouldn’t know he was an actual person. I guess no one is concerned that revealing his death before the movie comes out might give away a dramatic, surprise ending.

I’ve added 2 new pages to the BTS Reviews section. One is for short (but good) reviews that are too small for their own separate pages. There is a review from Dark Horizons there this morning. And one is for reviews that are “mixed” and there is a  review from the Chicago Tribune on that page today. Thanks to Dream Lover and Chris.

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Has anyone else noticed that there have been 3 excellent reviews for the film so far which means BTS hasn’t even been released to the theaters and it already has 3 more good reviews than the Life of David Gale ever had?

September 12, 2004

There’s a rumor going around that the film might open earlier than expected. Possibly the middle or end of next month. That would be exciting, wouldn’t it? That’s better than the December 17 date that the Washington Post mentioned in their Fall Arts Preview today. We shall see.

So far, I’ve only heard great things from people who saw the film last night and this morning..

There are many thumbnail Spacey photos from last night’s premiere at the TIFF, as well as a party and some other pictures of Kevin, Kate Bosworth and Bob Hoskins at Wire Image.

Message to Lions Gate .. Are you going to do those pre-release screenings that fans look forward to? Even if you can’t make it to a screening, the free passes are a great souvenir. A drawing for a BTS poster? That’s how I got my Big Kahuna poster. Wasn’t that a Lions Gate film? Which brings me to this .. I was looking around at the Open Water site and they’re selling themed t-shirts and caps and posters. Will there be an online Beyond The Sea shop??

September 11, 2004

From Reuters –

Kevin Spacey’s Darin Biopic Hits Toronto Festival

By Jeffrey Hodgson

TORONTO (Reuters) – Late music legend Bobby Darin took center stage at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday with the world premiere of “Beyond the Sea,” Kevin Spacey’s impassioned biopic of the “Mack the Knife” singer.

Spacey spent more than a decade pursuing the role before deciding to produce, direct and co-write the film himself.

The two-time Oscar-winning actor said he felt compelled to tell the story of Darin, who became one of the biggest musical acts of the 1950s and ’60s before a premature death in 1973 at age 37.

“I think he’s been the forgotten one. Of all those Rat Pack guys and the revivals that have happened over the last 10 years of that kind of music … Bobby Darin isn’t as known and revered because I think he died too young,” Spacey told Reuters before a gala screening in Toronto.

“I hope this movie finally brings the attention and revival to his whole catalog, and to who he was as an entertainer, that I just think is long overdue.”

“Beyond the Sea” tracks Darin’s life from his impoverished upbringing in New York. The singer suffered from childhood rheumatic fever that damaged his heart and left doctors convinced he’d never live to adulthood.

The experience made Darin fiercely ambitious. Determined to become a legend before the age of 25, he initially found fame with hits like “Splish Splash” and “Dream Lover.”

After moving to movies, he met and married fellow teen idol Sandra Dee, a tempestuous relationship that ended in divorce.

Spacey said he grew up loving Darin’s music, but the idea of a film took hold after he learned the details of his “unbelievable” story.

He tried without success to get involved with earlier Darin projects that never got off the ground. When he secured the film rights for himself he didn’t plan to direct. Failed attempts to hire a director convinced him otherwise.


“I realized that I was either going to make this movie this year or I was never going to make this movie. And when I was faced with that choice, I decided I’ll take the risk,” Spacey said.

“Even though it’s the first time I’ve officially directed myself, trust me, I’ve directed myself.”

Spacey’s choice was made all the riskier with his decision to sing his own songs and include large dance production numbers in the movie.

The actor, who won Oscars  for “The Usual Suspects” and “American Beauty,” admits to being nervous about how audiences will respond to the picture. He said it was way too soon to speculate about whether “Beyond the Sea” would be an award contender.

Spacey said he was encouraged by a screening of the film for Darin’s son Dodd and former manager Steve Blauner, portrayed in the move by John Goodman.

“They’re the two biggest critics I could have faced. And they are overjoyed at this movie … as far as I’m concerned, that’s all I need,” he said.

Yahoo news has a picture of Kevin arriving at the premiere.

~ We have our first review of Beyond The Sea from the TIFF and thankfully, it’s a good one!