This and That

Danny DeVito Chat

I had the chance to ask Danny DeVito a question during a Yahoo! live chat. This is how it went to the best of my memory.

Question: “You have worked with Kevin Spacey before. How was it different this time around?”

Answer: “It’s give and take. What goes around comes around. Next year Jersey (Danny’s production company) is going to make an epic about the phone book and he’s gonna star in it.”

Danny also told of how he was asked to be in the movie at the last minute. Kevin told him the part had been written just for him. Kevin later admitted he lied, that the original actor had backed out.

Danny said the next time he read a script calling for a conniving, lying bastard, he’d call Kevin.

Random Spacey Sighting

From In Style magazine: Close encounters of the Sundance kind.

“At the party last night, I was like, ‘Oh, man, there’s Christopher Walken, Kevin Spacey and Jonathan Demme — and they’re just talking.’ ”  Donal Logue, The Tao of Steve


Few people know this but KevieBear has the same sweater and hat combo Kevin is wearing in the photo above. In fact, this photo was the first time anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance between them.

This was another of the collages I used to enjoy making. I must have used it for something but don’t know what.