Fan Reviews

OldVicOutdoorsWallCloaca by maria from Edinburgh scotland

went to see cloaca with my husband on friday 3rd of december, and we both loved it. All the actors were fabulous, story at times very funny, especially the now famous dance scene, and also sad with an unexpected ending. The theatre is really lovely. I was four rows from the front, in the middle and felt like i was in there sitting room. Great to see real furniture too. We will definately go back next summer for The Philadelphia story.

December 8, 2004


Cloaca by Jenny R.

Can’t really add much more to the other crits that have appeared. Went to see Cloaca last thursday 7 october with a couple of mates. Neither of them afflicted with Kevinitis! Although, Pam did admit to lusting after Neil Pearson for years! A very funny and moving play, well acted by a good ensemble cast. There were 2 curtain calls the night I was there. The music plays a big part, very funny dance scene. Great sound system. The set’s good too, made me want to go home and redecorate the front room! No one else has mentioned Ingeborga Dapkunaite’s performance as Woman. So, I will. She is beautiful, funny and sexy in an, uhm,  unthreatening way to other women. Lets just say that she’s not voluptuous! Don’t want to spoil the play before others see it, so won’t go in to detail. Well cast. Whilst enjoying our icecreams during the interval, yummy! I asked the woman beside me if she liked it, Cloaca, not the snack. She was with her husband, both regular theatre goers. They told me they were enjoying it very much, and couldn’t understand the critics reactions at all. She thought it was, “Much better than that shit at The Royal Court.” Don’t know what is on there, but apparently the critics love it. “They just have it in for Kevin Spacey, jealous probably.” She didnt seem to be a Kevin FANatic, and her opinion sounded unbiased. Maybe she’s right. I mean apart from being handsome, sexy, funny, intelligent, a talented actor, singer, dancer and impressionist, he’s an all-round good egg too! Or, perhaps, most of the critics are 40 something males and they are smarting a little bit, from some of the home truths told during Cloaca! Go figure. I’ll close by saying that The Old Vic is a very beautiful theatre, and has been a special place to me and my friends over time. If you can, go see Cloaca and also enjoy this lovely old building. The Pit Bar in particular is a great place for pre or post drinks/dinner. (I sound like I’m on the payroll!) Which is where I enjoyed my 2 free glasses of wine with the voucher that came with my Friends of the Old Vic Newsletter. Cheers!

October 13, 2004


Cloaca by Sue Young

In addition to the existing glowing reviews I would add that Cloaca is a Very Good play, and expertly staged and acted. Funny and poignant in turns, always engaging.  Dare I say a thoroughly NICE experience, both the play and the theatre. It is an intriguing tale, and the end comes too soon. Thank you Mr. Spacey.

October 11, 2004


Cloaca Q&A by Ann H

A very enjoyable hour at the Old Vic on Tuesday night – a bit like sitting at home but with some rather special house-guests for the evening.  Kevin Spacey and cast responded to mainly sensible questions from the Daily Telegraph’s Art Editor and from the audience.  Some of the questioners spent perhaps a little too long in sharing their personal appreciation of Kevin Spacey’s support of the London theatre but I think that’s probably understandable as there is a very definite buzz about the Old Vic now.  Mr. Spacey was totally at ease and seemed to relish the chance to talk about the play, the art of directing and his plans for the theatre.  He confirmed that there would be more Q&A events for future plays and indicated that he is well into discussing/planning for Seasons 3 and beyond!  On the matter of the difference between audience and critic responses to Cloaca both Kevin and cast were very positive and confident in their commitment to and belief in the play.  Kevin clearly expected to take the rough with smooth in taking on this very large and public commitment to the Old Vic and firmly stated that there was no rewriting going on behind the scenes. A really good evening – thanks to all concerned.

October 7, 2004


Cloaca by Ros

Was I at the same play reviewed by the critics?  I found it extremely funny, moving and exhilarating. It made me laugh, cry and wonder, and one of the best evenings I have had in the theatre for a long time. The performances were terrific. I found Stephen Tomkinson’s Pieter touching, Hugh Bonneville’s Jan too much like real politicians and Adrian Lucas’ Tom very heart-breaking but the real surprise was Neal Pearson’s Marteen, particularly in the last scene. Having watched him play such superficial characters on  television I never knew he had it in him. Well done, Mr. Spacey in getting an in-depth and exciting portrayal out of Mr. Pearson.

Go, before it closes.

October 5, 2004


Cloaca By Ann H.

Cloaca’s excellent cast were individually believable in their parts –  no mean feat given the balance they had to strike between outright comedy and the play’s serious themes.  The actors seemed to gel extremely well and were well-cast.  As a woman it was refreshing to see a play from the male perspective: I identified less with theatre-director Martin or art-acquirer Pieter (who I think had a secret eye on the money all along ..) and more so with Jan and manic-depressive Tom. the politician, Jan, could have been one of a number of my City work colleagues with their dismissive attitudes to their families until placed in a vulnerable position themselves. Three of the friends knew little/cared less (?) about Tom’s nervous breakdown until confronted with him face to face.  When faced with  friends’ dislike/hostile response to his actions, Martin’s answer was to offer and go and buy more beers… Miscellaneous thoughts: it was very refreshing to see a stage set with real scenery for once – as opposed to the odd cardboard box; the musical interludes were great and the Madness dance was brilliant. Worth an Olivier award all by itself – great theatre.  Without any prior knowledge of the play before last Saturday I couldn’t say where Kevin Spacey’s director’s touch was most evident but the overall effect for me was both a thought-provoking and very enjoyable evening.   Without giving the game away for future play-goers, I would have thought the ending would have had more impact if it had ended one short scene earlier…but the director may disagree.

September 28, 2004


Cloaca  by Carole from England

What a great evening out!  The play is at times side-splittingly funny, yet at others, extremely poignant.   The cast were excellent  –  especially Adrian Lukis, but true to say he had the best character to get his teeth into.   The relationship between the four males was convincing in its longevity  –  it is really credible that these guys have known each other for 20 years.  Set design and direction were excellent (well done Kev!).  Two criticisms  –  at times some of the acting was a little ‘ham’ (but also at times was extremely intimate) but this is a particular problem with British theatre.  Also was a little disappointed with the ending.  Because of the constant scene changes achieved by blackout and music, the end wasn’t obvious.  All in all though, fab!!!

September 26, 2004


Cloaca by Vivienne

Cloaca is about four forty-something friends who have known each other since university and have grown apart a little of late.  They tend to meet in twos and this is the first time they have got together for a while and it’s obvious things have happened in their lives that the others are not aware of.  It’s a fairly wordy play, but very amusing.  I personally think it could have done with a little judicious pruning in the first act.

Hugh Bonneville and Adrian Lukis were the stars, although Stephen Tompkinson was a beautifully underplayed gay man, perfectly believable and not the slightest bit camp, which was refreshing. The rest of the characters were also nicely drawn and my only reservation about the play is the very abrupt ending which seemed completely out of character.

September 23, 2004