Kevin Spacey
Kevin Kline
Rebecca Miller
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Forest Whitaker
E.G. Marshall
Directed by Alan Pakula

The dramatic story of a moron named Richard (brilliantly played by Kevin Kline) and his innocent, lovely wife Priscilla (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) who have the misfortune of ending up with a manipulating psycho named Eddy (guess who?) living next door with his own lovely wife Kay (Rebecca Miller) which leads to murder, mayhem and much more stupidity on Richard’s part, as well as another spacey ending.

Fan Reviews which may contain SPOILERS:

Fan Review by
fearless fan site owner

Ah .. Kevin at his slimy, smarmy, insincere best. I enjoy this movie in spite of some major flaws. Kevin (Spacey, that is) hams it up as usual, the plot is thin and it proves that men are stupid, which I’m sure wasn’t what it was supposed to do. I’m actually looking forward to this one coming out on DVD. The best part is that since it falls between birthday and Christmas, I probably won’t have to pay for it myself, but I will if I have to.

Consenting Adults 
By Janine

It’s Kevin VS Kevin (Kline) in “Consenting Adults”, which I saw on cable recently. I keep seeing a quote in ads for Kline’s new movie, “Life as a House”, which compares it to “American Beauty”. Ha! Nothing could compare to “Beauty”. (I haven’t seen “Life as a House”.) In addition to this Kevin coincidence, I might add that there is a Christmas scene in this movie. Mr. Spacey sings carols with a bunch of other people who were apparently hired by his character, the diabolical Eddie Otis. Spacey is dressed in the cheesiest red Christmas outfit I’ve ever seen in my life. He even has a Santa hat that Santa himself would feel sheepish about wearing. I love that he can wear this dorky get-up and sing “12 Days of Christmas” with a straight face! Yeah, y’all, the man is brilliant. This movie came out in 1992. I think Mr. Spacey was especially interested in doing the film because excellent veteran actor E.G. Marshall has a small part in it (small? I mean puny). I was ConsentingAdults2also delighted to see Forest Whitaker, who plays an insurance investigator trying to help the hapless Mr. Kline, who plays Richard. The film also features Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio who has curly hair I’ve always envied, and Rebecca Miller, who plays Spacey’s oddball wife (who can really sing the blues, always assuming that her voice was not dubbed). The plot hinges on this: Eddie suggests that he and Robert do a wife swapping — while both wives are too sleepy to know which fella is having sex with her. (It couldn’t work in real life. See, Kline has a mustache in the film and Spacey doesn’t. If you were used to no mustache and were smooched by a guy who has one, trust me, you’d suspect something.) To sum up, Spacey is blond, and he ends up dead in an extremely undignified position. I bet he had a sore neck after that scene was shot. The music in this film sounds like a cat playing the xylophone, and I’d give this film a mere two stars.

Consenting Adults and The Ref 
by Tyrone

My name is Tyrone and i am a Kevin spacey fan. 2 movies of him where there is a Christmas scene, is 1, The Ref. It takes place at Christmas. He is very good as is his wife(in the show). I’d give it about an 8 out of 10. The second is Consenting Adults. There is a humorous scene with him in a Santa Clause getup singing Christmas carols with a bunch of people dressed in 19th century dress. He is very gripping in this picture. I would give it 81/2 to 9 out of 10.

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