July 24, 2003

Entertainment Weekly’s DVD review on the Reviews page. Issue #720, dated July 25, 2003. Tobey Maquire on the cover. Page 59, tiny photo of Kevin as David Gale in prison.

July 21, 2003

Another DVD review. At least this reviewer says that Kevin and Laura Linney give great performances. From The Times-Picayune:

Thanks again, Borislava.

July 17, 2003

Our first review of the DVD and it ain’t good. One thing struck me as funny. Right underneath the recommendation that you not buy the DVD, there’s an ad telling you that you can buy it by clicking on a link.:

Thanks, Borislava.

July 15, 2003

The movie is being released on a limited basis to theaters in Japan this month. Thanks, Kotomi.

June 5, 2003

I’ve added an Australian review of the movie to the reviews page. Thanks to Tina in Sydney.

May 24, 2003

There’s a new article about Kevin to be found here:

And the cover art for the DVD release of the movie can be found here (I can’t get it to let me save the picture). **Link no longer works

May 21, 2003

David Gale is slowly traveling the world. It will be opening in Australia tomorrow. Or is my tomorrow already happening in Australia? Better make that May 22 to avoid confusion. There’s a small teaser article about Kevin at You have to buy the magazine to get the full article, can you believe that?

And there’s a review of the film itself. More of the usual comments, I’m afraid.

And then a review at (Australia). Click on New Films at left of page to bring up a listing of reviewed films:

They give the movie one of it’s best ratings so far, although it’s recommendation leaves a bit to be desired. But let’s blame the director for that.

Any Good? – “A well-made meditation on capital punishment that scores plenty of points before squandering them on a hugely unsatisfying finale.”

Thanks to Kim.

May 17, 2003

Now the movie is getting bad reviews in New Zealand.

Thanks, Borislava.

May 10, 2003

There’s an article about the death penalty and movies at the following link. David Gale and the US death penalty is part of the article.

The director’s cut By John Anderson

Thanks, Borislava.

May 7, 2003

The movie comes to Region 1 DVD on July 22, 2003. 

Anamorphic (letterbox) Widescreen or Full Screen. – English, French and Spanish DD5.1 Audio tracks – English, French and Spanish subtitles – Audio commentary by director Alan Parker – Deleted scenes with optional commentary – “The Making Of David Gale” featurette – “The Music Of David Gale” featurette – “Death In Texas” featurette – Poster concepts – Theatrical trailer – DVD-ROM features US Retail is $26.98 each. Cover Artwork:

Thanks, Jaye

March 25, 2003 

Snippet from a  recent Vanity Fair article: “After dying at home and in Mexico, “The Life of David Gale” gave Universal/UIP some hope in the U.K., despite a mauling from local critics. Topliner Kevin Spacey lost points with the Brits by not attending the preem; some surmised he was reluctant to travel for security reasons, while others suspect he was miffed about the panning in the U.S. and the U.K. The death-row saga didn’t resonate in Germany or Holland.”

(Turns out his mother was very ill.)

March 17, 2003

Deadly tale of execution. A new review of the film can be found at The Telegraph UK.

You may have to register at the site to access the review, which is just as well, because it’s another bad review. Thanks, Vivienne.

There is also a link to an interview with Alan Parker on that page. Has anyone seen the movie poster in the UK? The movie is being marketed differently in the US and the UK. This in the article about the director:

It (the poster) will be marketed differently in various countries. Parker shows me two posters, propped up against a wall. The one for America carries the tag line: “The crime is clear. The truth is not.” The one for Europe reads: “A life without principle is no life at all.”


Oh my.

>After corpsing in the U.S. and Mexico, “The Life of David Gale” showed more promise in Britain, grossing an estimated $1.2 million on 341. Audiences are responding well, but the critics have hammered Alan Parker’s film, UIP chairman Stewart Till told Daily Variety, noting he’s never seen such a disparity in reactions.

The death penalty saga appears condemned to obscurity in Germany, picking up roughly $550,000 on 236. In Holland, the Kevin Spacey starrer brought in a reasonable $300,000 on 49.<

March 12, 2003

As fans in the UK may have noticed, Kevin was not on the Parkinson show, the film review show from last night and was not at the Old Vic fundraiser screening of the movie a few nights ago. He apparently cancelled his planned trip to London for personal reasons. The film opens in the UK on Friday. Hopefully the reviews there will be kinder! I’ll start adding some of the US reviews next week. So many of the reviews had spoilers in them that I wasn’t wanting to read them myself since I hadn’t seen the movie.

March 3, 2003

The picture of Kevin’s eyes which is at the top of the page, is the picture on the back of the soundtrack CD. I’ve also added a few pictures to the David Gale photos page which were in the CD insert. Top of that page.

I’ve added some TV spots on UK television to the site calendar page. Thanks to Vivienne.

February 28, 2003

I added a few new reviews to the Reviews page. The Family Filmgoer from the Washington Post and a review from the Daily Trojan. Later, I’ll add the review from a San Diego paper which gave the film a better review. I’m not sure but I think the Daily Trojan compares Kevin’s acting to William Shatner’s!

Thanks to Borislava for the Daily Trojan link.

So many of the film’s spoilers are being used in reviews that you might want to wait until you see the film before you read the reviews.

February 23, 2003

In the interest of getting stuff posted, I’ve added some partial reviews of the movie and included the links to the actual interviews. Always remember there may be plot SPOILERS in any review. I’ve also mixed in some fan reviews. Reviews page.

February 21, 2003

Quick note .. small review in the TODAY section of the Baltimore Sun.  No picture with review.  Review in the Washington Post. I’ll post the full reviews later when I have others and more information. Warning about the Washington Post review .. Rita Kempley has an annoying habit of telling you the entire movie, almost scene by scene, in her reviews. If you don’t want to know everything but the end of the movie, you might want to skip that review. It’s not pleasant reading for fans anyway.

Washington Post: **Too bad. The link no longer works.

Baltimore Sun: This one is also outdated and no longer works.

February 20, 2003

For Immediate Release




Soundtrack Features First Ever Score Composed By

Alex Parker & Jake Parker Sons of Director Alan Parker Available February 11, 2003 On Decca/UMG Soundtracks


( January 30, 2003 New York , NY )  — The Life of David Gale, a taut suspense thriller starring two-time Academy Award®-winner Kevin Spacey and Oscar®-nominees Kate Winslet and Laura Linney is a moving story about a man awaiting his fate on Death Row.  Directed by Alan Parker (The Commitments, Angela’s Ashes) the film was a family affair for the Parkers.  The modern, rhythm driven score is the first from his sons, Alex & Jake Parker, and was released by Decca/UMG on February 11.


Alex & Jake Parker were exposed to the film world at an early age, assisting their father on several projects, gaining hands-on experience while developing their craft.  More recently, they collaborated on the theme for the film, Come See the Paradise.  Inspired by their different musical backgrounds, (Jake is classically trained while Alex has more of a contemporary background.) the Parker brothers have developed a unique and versatile sound of their own.  With The Life of David Gale, they combine raucous beats with lush orchestration and haunting melodies, maintaining the tension and suspense of the film.  True to their individual styles, Alex’s contemporary multi-tracks are fused with Jake’s classical themes on “Another Bleeding Heart,” the first cue from the film.  Track by track, the music strikes a chord.  With each passing song, the audience is acutely aware that a man’s life is hanging in the air and inching closer to death.  As an added bonus, this enhanced CD includes the international movie trailer as well as web links related to the movie.


In Charles Randolph’s original screenplay, David Gale (Spacey) is a man who has tried hard to live by his principles but in a bizarre twist of fate, this devoted father, popular professor and respected death penalty opponent finds himself on Death Row for the rape and murder of fellow activist Constance Harraway (Linney).  With only three days before his scheduled execution, Gale agrees to give reporter Elizabeth (Bitsey) Bloom (Winslet) the exclusive interview she’s been chasing.  But Bitsey soon realizes that this assignment is more than she bargained for, and that a man’s life is in her hands.  Putting her own safety in jeopardy, she frantically races to piece together the shocking events surrounding Constance ’s death, before it’s too late.


Universal Pictures’ and Intermedia Films’ The Life of David Gale is a Saturn Films/Dirty Hands production, which Alan Parker produced with Nicolas Cage, and opens on February 21 in theaters everywhere. ~


For more information:

February 19, 2003

Something for UK fans There’s to be a premiere screening of the movie in aid of the Old Vic Theatre Trust (like last year’s for Shipping News, I guess), and Kevin is expected to attend. March 9 at the Empire Leicester Square. More info as I get it.

*Tickets for the premiere are £45 from Premiere Office, Act IV, Old Vic, The Cut, London SE1 8NB. (Thanks, Kate).

Here’s a laugh from one of Kevin’s Texas fans. She’s a nun (an extra) in the death watch scene in David Gale. She attended a sneak of the movie yesterday: Just an FYI for all the out-of-state movie goers. When Bitsy Bloom says that she’ll take a taxi to the prison, everyone at the Austin preview laughed. Austin is almost 4 hours from Huntsville. That’s a pretty pricey cab fair for a journalist that’s staying at a flea bag motel. Beth B also says: The audience seemed pretty receptive to the film.

Thanks, Beth.

903345New Pics at – Special Screening Life of David Gale and Press Conference for David Gale. Also some new photos at Yahoo.

Kate Winslet site owners It’s a good thing the Kate Winslet site owners are on the ball. While I’ve been shoveling and shoveling snow, they’ve been posting transcripts and clips and screen captures of the Charlie Rose interview.

Transcript of Charlie Rose show – Thanks to Ruth ( **Her site doesn’t appear to exist anymore.

Transcript, a few Spacey screen caps and some video clips – Thanks to Marla (  **This site also appears to have gone away.

Kate Winslet is scheduled for Today and Regis & Kelly today, and I can only hope Kevin makes it back to NYC for *his* shows.

February 18, 2003


Seattle Post Intelligencer – The Return of Kevin Spacey

February 17, 2003

Kevin keeps saying he’s not giving out his opinion on the death penalty, but I think that anyone who reads his interviews can tell very well what his stance is.

Another TV show Hot Tickets will be reviewing the movie on the weekend. Check your local listings for times and channels. Thanks, Marilyn.

February 14, 2003

Charlie Rose Kevin, Kate Winslet, Laura Linney and Alan Parker are currently scheduled for Monday night. Thanks to Jeanne at Legacy again. PBS.

February 12, 2003

Live! with Regis and Kelly Looks as if Kevin will be on Live! after he does Today, just like last year. Thursday the 20th. Thanks to Jeanne at Legacy.

February 11, 2003

Toronto Star Sex Queries Anger Star by Richard Ouzounian has been posted on the new David Gale Articles page. Thanks, Borislava.

Premiere I’ve added the new review from Premiere magazine to the David Gale Reviews page. The picture in the magazine is the same as on the Reviews page. Link above. Ouch! There’s also a very short interview with Laura Linney on page 26.

Reader’s Digest Small cover photo and article about the movie in the March issue (US version). Never thought I’d see Kevin on the cover of the Reader’s Digest. I guess we’re lucky he wasn’t in an article called “I am Kevin’s Spleen.” (Thanks to Kenzie at the Former Automat Members Club and Josie at Legacy.).

More TV  Beginning Friday, February 21, E! Entertainment Television’s half-hour Behind the Scenes will cover The Life of David Gale.  There appears to be a number of showings. (Thanks to Stacey at the KSML!)

February 9, 2003

First the good news It seems that the show Kevin and Kate Winslet will be seen on tomorrow morning is the nationally televised CBS news show which precedes their morning show. Thanks again Bonnie.

More good news You can add Entertainers to your Spacey TV viewing schedule. The weekend of the 22/23. You’ll have to check your local listing since the show comes on at strange times. If you’re in the Washington, DC viewing area you can catch it on WUSA Channel 9 at 3:05am on the 22nd and at 3:35am on the 23rd. Baltimore area viewers can catch it on WJZ Channel 13 at 3:35am on the 23rd.  Other guests include Jennifer Garner, David Alan Grier, Kurt Russell, Drew Barrymore and Derek Luke.  Thanks, Lynne

The bad news Er, I’ve been told that Premiere magazine has reviewed The Life of David Gale and under their system of awarding stars, has given the movie an amazing 0 stars. That’s as in zero. I haven’t read the review so don’t know the full reasoning behind that yet. I’ll try to find out. Um .. thanks, Margie?

February 7, 2003

TV dates  Thanks to Bonnie who looked up a lot of stuff, there are several new TV appearances listed for the month. Calendar page.

I’m trying to find out if the Channel 2 (CBS) in New York City news show is the same one that runs nationally. If not, Monday morning Kate Winslet and Kevin are to be on TV in New York during the Channel 2 news show  which is on between 5 and 7am. If it’s the CBS Morning News which is shown nationally, the times are the same, but it will be on everywhere.

German TV  The German channel Pro7 will be showing a special on the Berlinale film festival on Sunday.

For our German speaking friends: Die ProSieben-Magazine am Sonntag, 9. Februar 2003 Mnchen (ots) – “CinemaxX TV” – das Kinomagazin Sonntag, 9. Februar 2003, um 10.55 Uhr Moderation: Susann Atwell Berlinale-Spezial – Mit Bildern von der Eröffnung und Ausschnitten aus folgenden Filmen: “Solaris” (Darsteller u.a.: George Clooney) “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” (Darsteller u.a.: Julia Roberts) “25th Hour” (Darsteller u.a.: Edward Norton) “Life of David Gale” (Darsteller u.a.: Kevin Spacey)

And for our English speaking friends: CinemaxX TV – Sunday, February 9, 2003, at 10:55am, moderated by Susanna Atwell. Berlin Film Festival Special – Images from the beginning of the Berlinale Film Festival and extracts from the following films, “Solaris”, “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, “25th Hour”, and “The Life of David Gale”.

Entertainment Weekly February 14 issue, page 33. One photo.

Spring Movie Preview

Starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet, Laura Linney, Gabriel Mann, Matt Graven. Written by Charles Randolph. Directed by Alan Parker.

DavidGaleEWFeb14SPACEY FOLLOWS UP HIS IS-HE-OR-ISN’T-HE-AN-ALIEN drama, K-PAX, with an is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-murderer thriller, playing an anti-capital punishment crusader who ends up on death row. Winslet is the journalist who becomes determined to free him. “I think the nature of [the script], its political heart, [made it] not something people readily make,” director Parker says, adding that it was “a real page-turner.” Spacey too was less intrigued by the script’s issues than by the pacing: “I have no dog in this fight about the death penalty,” he says. “It’s not about a pro-con issue. It’s a great part in a great thriller.” Although Parker was aiming for an Oscar-qualifying run in December, the film was bumped to spring when the holiday market was deemed too crowded. “Commercially it [made] sense,” he says of the delay. “As as filmmaker, you say, ‘It would have been nice if it came out earlier, but you can’t knock [the studio] for their enthusiasm.’ ” We’re just enthusiastic about Spacey’s assurance that, unlike K-PAX, “at the end you’ll find out everything.”  THE LOWDOWN Okay, so it’s not an Oscar movie, but we hear the twisty ending is a doozy. (Feb. 21)

The actual photo in the magazine is very small.

Entertainment Weekly Part 2 Remember those free screening passes many of us signed up for at the Entertainment Weekly site? They’re going out now. I got one in the mail today. The screening is the evening before the movie is being released.

Berlinale Film Festival Photos at Yahoo! Thanks to Margie and to Ruth at for that news and to Margie for telling me that has some new thumbnails.

Stolen from the KSML – THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE will be a featured gala screening at the upcoming Dublin Film Festival….. The inaugural Dublin International Film Festival (March 6-13) Some preliminary programme details include a Gala screening of Alan Parker’s The Life of David Gale , straight from its Berlin world premiere and introduced by the director with actor Laura Linney in attendance. Parker will take part in a public interview following the screening. There will also be directors’ home-town outings for Damien O’Donnell’s Heartlands, Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s The Heart Of Me and Jim Sheridan’s In America – each of whom will introduce their films.

No mention of Kevin appearing.

February 4, 2003

The official David Gale site has been updated. You need Flash 6.0 which can be downloaded there. E-cards (the e-card didn’t work for me when I tried to retrieve the sample card I sent to myself), wallpaper, screensavers, soundtrack selections, cast info and a bit more. Can anyone tell me what those little tiny buttons near the top are supposed to be? The ones you click on to get to the other pages. They turn from black to red.

The URL has changed too. The new one is (Thanks to Jaye for the new link and new photos):

February 1, 2003

IMDB You can find some reviews of the movie written by people who saw some of the screenings and Q&As at the IMDB. There are SPOILERS in a few of them, so don’t read them if you’re still hoping to be surprised. Thanks, Marilyn.

January 30, 2003

Alan Parker tribute (UK) There will be a screening of The Life of David Gale at a tribute to Alan Parker on March 10. Kevin won’t be there, but Alan Parker will be there to talk about the film (thanks, Jaye):

Special Preview: The Life of David Gale + Interview with Alan Parker at The National Film Theatre London. Monday 10 March, 6:30pm NFT1 As the highlight of the NFTs tribute to Alan Parker, we are very pleased to be able to preview what is certainly one of his finest films to date. With terrific performances and a sharply written script, Parker is ready at an advantage, but his nimble, pacey direction strikes an expert balance between dealing with important issues concerning crime and punishment, and providing suspenseful, adult entertainment. We are delighted, therefore, to welcome Alan to the NFT stage after the screening to discuss the film and his career. Tickets: £12.00, concs: £9.00 Postal bookings processed from: Wednesday 12 February 2003.

January 27, 2003 shows a paperback version of The Life of David Gale being available for purchase on January 28, 2003. Kevin on the cover. shows the book in stock and ready for shipment now. They call it The Life of David Gale: Movie Tie In Edition.

January 26, 2003

Another article about a screening and Q&A in Boston

“Spacey Dazzles Hub Fans With Controversial Film” By Tenley Woodman

While in town to promote his latest film, “The Life of David Gale,” two-time Academy Award winning actor, Kevin Spacey, entertained questions from nearly 650 audience members last night at the Loews Boston Common cinema. Eager fans asked everything from what his favorite Christmas present was to Spacey’s stance on the death penalty, which is the topic of the upcoming film.”I didn’t do the moive (*yes, that’s what it says – someone on this paper types like me!) because I had a stance on the death penalty,” said Spacey, who plays David Gale, a man opposed to capital punishment who ultimately finds himself on death row for allegedly murdering a fellow activist. “I thought it was a good thriller.” “It’s such an uncomfortable subject for us,” he continued. “People have a stance, but they don’t know all the facts.”

Spacey commented on the timeliness of the film, referring to the recent decision by Illinois outgoing Gov. George Ryan to clear death row in his state just before he left office. “I hope it creates debate,” said Spacey about the film’s polarizing subject matter. As the questioning turned to lighter fare, the audience asked the enigmatic star about his movies and career choices. “A lot of my career has been based on other actors signed to do parts that chose not to do them,” said Spacey, who added that George Clooney was slated to play David Gale, and that John Travolta was the original actor penned for “The Shipping News.” “I am so grateful to these guys,’ said Spacey with a chuckle. As for what he does get to choose, Spacey said he uses two criteria. “Would this film have a reasonable shot at being fun to watch a second time?” said the admitted film buff. “Do I think I’ll have a good time with the people involved? I have no intent in working with people that are jerks,” said Spacey.

Spacey also commented on the tendency to play the complex and elusive characters that have become his trademark, such as Verbal Kint in “The Usual Suspects.” “I love films that make an audience work,” said Spacey, attributing that passion to his work in theatre. The Tony Award winning stage actor brought the night to a close with a prophetic statement. “I’m going to do more theatre in the next 10 years of my life than film,” said Spacey.

(Thanks, Donna)

January 24, 2003

Article about Kevin’s Q&A and screening at the University of Washington. Link at bottom of article has an eye-opening picture.

Spacey speaks to hopefuls in HUB
James Ramsay / The Daily by Brian Turner 01/24/2003

Two-time Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey came to the HUB last night to promote his upcoming movie The Life of David Gale. The movie doesn’t premiere until Feb. 21, but UW students got a sneak preview and a chance to talk with Spacey about philosophy, acting, and sex. A film that discusses social injustice and the weaknesses of the U.S. legal system, The Life of David Gale reaches out to the college demographic. “The film opens up an honest and healthy debate, and talks about really uncomfortable issues,” said Spacey.

He plays David Gale, a college professor and active abolitionist of the death penalty who is convicted of rape and murder and sentenced to death row. “I never want to tell people what they should take away from one of my films, but I hope that as a drama, the movie presents facts surrounding the issue that are usually overlooked,” said Spacey. To an audience largely filled with drama students and aspiring actors, Spacey also gave advice and related anecdotes about his past experiences. “During an audition, open up your chest and show them you have heart,” urged Spacey. “Don’t give up, and don’t listen to negative people … they should just go away.”

The night was not all seriousness, however. Spacey, enigmatic and dry-witted, was not afraid to let his mouth run wild. When asked what kept him going in the acting profession, he replied: “the sex.” One student asked Spacey to sign an excuse for missing class to see his movie, while others simply wanted hugs and kisses. Speaking to college campuses around the nation, Spacey’s visit to the UW is part of a 12-city promotional tour. His next stop is in San Francisco. Spacey said he enjoyed his visit to Chicago. Because of the release of all death row inmates in Illinois, The Life of David Gale is particularly controversial there. “People have approached me with very personal stories,” said Spacey. “They appreciate issues the movie discusses.” In 1999, Kevin Spacey won an Oscar for Best Actor in American Beauty. He also won Best Supporting Actor in The Usual Suspects.

Thanks, Borislava

January 22, 2003

The new quote on the Map page came from Merry, who attended the David Gale Q&A. There are a few more which I’ll share later.

January 20, 2003

A fan named Merry attended advance screenings of The Life of David Gale at Loews Boston Common and Northeastern University last week. She attended the Q&As that were held. Here’s her report to the fans:  

He was super down-to-earth at both. On Thursday (1/16), he did impressions of Christopher Walken and Jack Lemmon. On Friday, he tap danced and laid seductively on the stage, lifting his eyebrows suggestively when one admiring fan said she was having trouble talking to him because he was devastatingly handsome.  He gave out lots of hugs and was extremely candid and friendly. One guy asked him how he liked being “typecast” in roles where he’s “an older man who gets to make out with hot young chicks” – and Kevin replied, “Well, it’s not like I go looking for it.  I mean…I do go looking for it, but not in screenplays.”

Her own review of the film, plus photos, is here: Review

Thanks, Merry.

Really, Kevin! I think you’re a little too old to be looking for young chicks. Hot or otherwise. In fact, I think I hear your knees popping from here.

January 17, 2003

Entertainment Weekly, 2003 Forecast Double Issue. The bad news is, the only place you can find David Gale mentioned as a Winter release is on page 29, where the movie is mentioned as being released on February 21. No picture, no description other than to say Kate Winslet tries to save Kevin Spacey from death row. The sorta slightly better news is that on page 90, there’s a picture of the poster, as part of a full page ad for one of those special screening passes things. You know the kind, if you live in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, LA, NY, Philadelphia, San Francisco, or Washington, DC, you could win passes to an advanced screening of the film.

January 16, 2003

Pictures on the news site. Link below the article.

The Daily Pennsylvanian

Spacey gives down-to-earth talk The popular event was overbooked and many students could not get in to see the famous actor. By Beth Pollack and Courtney Schneider January 16, 2003

Digging through the garbage, waiting out in the freezing cold and running onto the stage to recite dirty limericks were all probably not in the script for the Social Planning and Events Committee’s evening with Kevin Spacey last night, but somehow, all of these things worked their way into the festivities.

By 6:30 p.m., masses of students were already braving the cold in front of Zellerbach Theatre, waiting in line for the 7 p.m. screening of Spacey’s latest film The Life of David Gale. However, due to overbooking, many disgruntled ticket holders were turned away five minutes before showtime without a glimpse of Spacey.

College senior Jacob Dickstein was enraged by the miscalculation.

“I find it woefully disappointing that the University oversold tickets and tons of students had to wait in the cold without a chance of ever getting in,” he said.

Others echoed this sentiment.

Some students who did make it through the doors were a little wary of Spacey’s actual appearance at the event.

But sure enough he was there, sweatshirt-clad and all, for an evening with Penn. This was confirmed by Screenwriting Professor Marc Lapadula whose announcement elicited cheering from the crowd.

Students then previewed the film and immediately after, Spacey took the stage to a standing ovation and calls of, “Love you, Kevin!”

“Kevin,” as he repeatedly encouraged students to call him, then opened the floor for questions. People inquired about everything from script details and political issues that the film raised to the meaning of life, and if there were any roles open in Hollywood for fat ladies. One question even prompted Spacey to admit that he could really go for a Bud.

With a chuckle, he quickly added, “I meant the beer — now I’m in trouble.”

The Life of David Gale centered around the controversial issue of the death penalty. When questioned about his own position on the topic, Spacey responded, “I have come away from this issue grappling with it and am somewhat reluctant to take a side on it.”

His reasoning for his ambivalence was that although in the film his character is enmeshed in the issues of the death penalty, he could not put himself in the shoes of those on death row.

Spacey also discussed the early days of his career and tried to explain his rise to fame. He grew up surrounded by the arts and fell in love with both theater and film. He attended The Julliard School of Drama for two years with other stars such as Val Kilmer.

“It’s great to see everyone grown up now and into their careers,” he said with a laugh.

He attributed his success largely to being lucky. “I found first-time screenwriters — I was willing to take a chance on them and they on me.”

He also was not shy to admit, “A lot of my career has been based on actors walking out of films.” This was true for his current role as well, which was originally intended for George Clooney.

Some students weren’t scared to take on Spacey with whatever issues were on their mind. One student got up and asked Spacey if he remembered her from a previous meeting and then proceeded to hand him pictures of herself with Spacey in front of the crowd.

La Salle University junior Britney Barber demanded that Spacey tell her what was behind a scene that included dirty limericks. She whipped out a dirty limerick book of her own and then ran on stage to have him read one of her favorites.

Barber later described her onstage encounter as “destined to happen.”

When asked why so many La Salle students were present at a Penn event, La Salle junior Justin Leo explained that famous film critic Bill Wine, who is a professor at La Salle, got his hands on dozens of tickets and passed them out to his film students.

When the event ended, many students remained in the auditorium to speak to Spacey one-on-one and ask for autographs while another group of students rushed outside to rifle through the garbage to reclaim their tickets as souvenirs.

Most students reacted positively to both the film and the conversation with Spacey.

Thirty-one-year-old Jerome Horsey felt somewhat differently about the film. “You have to have a pretty vivid imagination to add that twist at the end,” he said in an ominous tone. “In fact, you almost have to be sick yourself.”

Although Spacey has experienced a great deal of success throughout his career, he assured the audience that he has not grown complacent.

“I’ve only been making movies for seven years,” Spacey said. “There’s a huge part of me that I haven’t even gotten started. The things that drive me are the things that scare me.”

Thanks, Borislava.

You know, I think Kevin needs to make a stop off at the Math department at one of these universities. If he’d only been making movies for seven years, that would mean he never made The Ref, Glengarry Glen Ross, Consenting Adults, Working Girl, Rocket Gibralter, Heartburn, Dad, Henry & June, See No Evil .. er, maybe he means making movies as in being in good movies. But that doesn’t explain the first few on the list. Maybe he meant to say he’s only been making movies for seventeen years.

January 15, 2003

Q&A Remember the post from last week about Kevin doing a Q&A in Boston? Here’s more:

Kevin Spacey will be the BMOC at Northeastern University Friday when he drops by to “open up a dialogue” about the death penalty after a sneak preview of his new flick, “The Life of David Gale.” The flick stars Spacey as a doctor who opposes the death penalty and then finds himself on Death Row. The actor requested “a university audience” for the preview, we’re told, to get students to discuss the issues in the film.

Thanks, Donna

January 14, 2003

David Gale poster sighting! A fan reports that she has seen the David Gale poster displayed in a poster case at an art house-type theater in Virginia. It’s also being auctioned of on eBay so it must be out there somewhere. Plus, another fan tells me that there’s a full page add which looks like the poster, in the new February issue of Vanity Fair. Thank you, Spacey fans.

January 11, 2003

Ain’t It Cool News Kevin apparently attended a screening and Q&A in Atlanta. Ain’t It Cool News has a new review from the screening and it ain’t pretty. Laura Linney attended the screening and Q&A with him. Even the Q&A got a bad review! *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT*!! The second paragraph gives away part of the twist ending. Shame on the reviewer!! 

If knowing that won’t bother you, the review is here:

Thank you, mystery tipster #3.

January 10, 2003

Screening and Q&A I’m hearing that there will be a screening of TLODG followed by a Q&A at Northeastern University in Boston. For students only! That’s all the information I have so far. No date or time. Thanks, Lester.

I’ve also been reading about other people hearing of sneak peeks. Plus, I was told there are a few new pictures at the David Gale page on Yahoo. I haven’t had a chance to check them out yet. Thanks anonymous tipster.

December 26, 2002

The movie will be shown at the Berlin Film Festival on February 7, 2003. Thanks for the info, Marla.

December 13, 2002


Berlin is ‘Chi’ Town  By Adam Dawtrey

LONDON — The 53rd Berlin Intl. Film Festival is set for an all-singing, all-dancing opening night, with “Chicago” confirmed as the curtain-raiser on Feb. 6. The Miramax musical, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger, will screen out of competition. Fest will include a strong lineup of Hollywood fare, including the world premiere of Alan Parker’s “The Life of David Gale,” Stephen Daldry’s “The Hours,” George Clooney’s “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” and Spike Jonze’s “Adaptation.” Other pics expected to unspool in the Berlinale selection include Michael Winterbottom’s “In Our World” and Thomas Vinterberg’s “It’s All About Love.” Fest will also feature a retrospective of Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu’s work, including “Tokyo Monogatari” (Tokyo Story), to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth. Ozu, one of Japan’s cinematic giants, died in 1963. Other works by and about the filmmaker will be featured in the Berlinale’s sections and an extensive
retrospective will follow in the city before travelling to other fests, including Hong Kong and New York.

December 8, 2002

The official David Gale web site now has wallpaper. Look under downloads.

Thanks, Jaye.

November 25, 2002

The early reviews are pouring in! Ok, there’s just this one from Ain’t It Cool News. Not a very good one, I’m afraid. Thanks to Ruth at

November 21, 2002

One of the Spacey fans mentioned to me she’d seen a David Gale poster on the web somewhere. I looked around and finally found it on a few Kate Winslet sites (links to sites are under the photo).  I emailed one of the sites, Admiring Kate, and was told that a Dutch fan (a Kate Winslet fan) found it on another site.

Thanks, Marla.

November 16, 2002

Here’s a new place to catch the trailer. Thanks Marla.

**Link no longer works.

November 12, 2002

Several fans have reported seeing the trailer showing with the Eminem movie 8 Mile. One fan predicts Oscars for both Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet, based on the trailer alone. We shall see, Lester.

October 25, 2002

The trailer! From the KSML, one of the fans saw the David Gale trailer before Punch-Drunk Love and The Truth About Charlie. No word on how it looked yet.

The official David Gale site has changed the release date to February 2003.

October 23, 2002

Kevin said during an interview last Friday that the movie will be opening in February. I guess this means the date of Feb. 21, is the date we’re going with now.

Spacey fan Gloria tells me that she’s been reading in her local papers that David Gale is a listed movie at a coming film exhibition in Italy.

September 26, 2002

There hasn’t been a firm release date for David Gale yet, but I’ve read that it might be opening in L.A. and N.Y.C. in late December to make it eligible for awards contention next year. Then it would have a limited release in January. Now is giving February 21, 2003 as the wide release date for North America. This is gonna be a long wait if that’s true. (Thanks Jaye.)

September 16, 2002

Las Vegas Mercury – Thursday, September 12, 2002
Cover story: Promises, promises by Bob Grimm

“Kevin Spacey has been embarrassing himself, family members and small rodents with his film selections lately. He departs from sap like Pay It Forward, The Shipping News and K-Pax for the dark drama The Life of David Gale, in which he plays a death row inmate. This looks to be a return to more serious, challenging roles for a great actor.” (Thanks, Kim and Barrie)

Copyright © Las Vegas Mercury, 2001 – 2002

Hey! I liked K-PAX!

September 8, 2002

Washington Post Arts section, page G16 (This taken from an article about the upcoming movie season):

Fall Movie Forecast: Summery
By Ann Hornaday

.. And as usual, Thanksgiving and Christmas form the end points of their own, very crowded, movie season, with studios releasing many of their strongest pictures then, the better to gain purchase in the memories of Oscar voters. “The Hours,” “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,” “The Life of David Gale,” “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” and “Chicago” all open between Nov. 22 and the end of the year. ..

David Gale is also listed in their main December movies list , but is marked with the dreaded TBA, release date to be announced.

September 4, 2002

Rumor has it that David Gale’s doing the limited release in December followed by a wide release in January. We went down that path last year, Spacey fans. Hope it leads to a different place than before.

September 3, 2002

Ok, I’m completely behind on my David Gale news, such as early reviews of the movie and such so I’ll just say that so far, Kevin has been declared competent in the role, the movie is getting decent reviews with test audiences and the female actors are getting rave reviews. There’s been more buzzzzzing about possible Oscars next year. No firm date for theatrical release yet. I’m anxiously awaiting a poster sighting.

August 19, 2002

Entertainment Weekly Fall Double Issue ’02, Fall movie preview, December releases, page 102. Half page with picture (Kevin and Laura Linney. First picture we saw).

The Life of David Gale

Starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet, Laura Linney, Gabriel Mann, Matt Craven
Written by Charles Randolph
Directed by Alan Parker
The Pitch:  “A thriller set against the politics of the death penalty in Texas.”  -Parker

Director Parker (Midnight Express, Mississippi Burning) is no stranger to political issues. After tarnishing Turkish prisons and painting an incendiary portrait of the civil rights movement, he turns to the heated capital-punishment debate for his latest film, in which an anti-death penalty Texas professor (Spacey) is convicted of raping and murdering a fellow activist (Linney) and ends up on death row himself.  Winslet costars as a Pulitzer-hungry reporter investigating the case. “It’s not a one-sided view,” says the 58-year-old Parker. “Hopefully the film will inspire  conversation.”

Spacey’s take on the lead will doubtless be watched closely by two other A-listers:  Nicolas Cage (a producer on the movie) was rumored to be interested, as was George Clooney. “We had a couple of meetings,” says Parker of Clooney.  “Frankly, it was soon pretty evident that he was interested in making a different type of film, so we moved on.” The production, which cost a reported $50 million, was shot outside actual prisons in Texas and endured a tornado from which cast and crew took cover in a walk-in fridge.  Parker also found time to pick up some Lone Star flavor. “I did eat more red meat there than I had in my entire life,” he recalls. The state’s former First Family, however, remained elusive. “Curiously, [the Bushes] didn’t turn up to the open call,” he says. “Though I did eat in the restaurant where [the twins] got busted.”

The Lowdown  A provocative death-row movie with an all-star cast and noted director.  Could be another “Dead Man Walking”.  (Or another “True Crime”.) ~

Big thanks to Stacey at the KSML for posting that.

It’s Never Too Early For Oscar Buzz – Same issue of EW, page 104, no picture.

Conventional wisdom says the later the month, the greater the number of potential Academy Award contenders. Here’s how the fall could fill out the ballot.

Skip to December: The stars of The Life of David Gale (Kevin Spacey, Laura Linney, Kate Winslet) boast six nominations amongst them.

August 11, 2002

David Gale is now going to be released in December 2002, rather than the rumored October 2002.

The official web site can be found here:

Thanks, Bonnie.

There’s a new picture on the photographs page thanks to Deborah and Robin.

June 21, 2002

The new picture (above) is thanks to the KSML’s Carole’s European friend.

April 10, 2002

Can you hear the Oscar buzz already?? The movie won’t be out for what, 6 or 7 months or more and there’s more buzz for Oscar nominations for Kevin, the director Alan Parker, and the movie itself! Pay It Forward had a lot of buzzzzzzz if I remember right! And The Shipping News was buzzzzing before the first day on the set. More speculation (thanks Margie) can be found here:

March 21, 2002

The Year That Was Interesting article at has been pointed my way. Jeffrey Wells has written an article about the best movies of 2002, as if it were already 2003, and gives his predictions for nominees for the Oscars next year. He predicts that next year he will be saying this about David Gale:

Ranking second was Alan Parker’s The Life of David Gale (Universal), a miscarriage-of-justice film that ranks alongside Call Northside 777 (’48) and Missing (’82). (I realize others aren’t quite as admiring, but that’s what makes a ball game.) Kevin Spacey finally landed a post-American Beauty role that made profound use of his talents. Kate Winslet and Laura Linney matched him in every respect.

He then predicts David Gale to be a contender for Best Picture and Kevin as a Best Actor nominee.

Thanks for the URL TUSfan. It’ll be interesting to see if he was far off on those choices.

March 19, 2002

There’s a picture of Kevin as David Gale (the picture of him with his hand on his hip) on page 34 of the new April 2002 Movieline magazine. Michelle Pfeiffer on the cover. The picture accompanies the usual Oscar prediction that accompanies all of Kevin’s movies now.

March 5, 2002

According to Spanish newspapers, Alan Parker will film some scenes of “David Gale” in Spain. The “El mundo” web site reports that Parker will spend three days filming a flashback scene in Barcelona, in the Gran Teatro del Liceo, in which a character named Dusty (actor Matt Craven ) goes to the opera. Apparently, Parker made some changes in the script to include the scenes that happen in Barcelona because he is a fan of the city. They did not mention if Spacey or Winslet will go to Spain and appear in those scenes. (Thanks TUSfan)

February 25, 2002


“The Life of David Gale” – A Script Review by ‘Honest Abe’   (Mixed, Minor Spoilers)

Kevin Spacey stars as David Gale, a hard core anti death penalty advocate who finds himself behind bars and a few days shy of execution himself for the rape and murder of his partner, Constance. With 3 days to go, he grants an interview to Bitsey Bloom (Kate Winslet, I believe) and her intern/assistant Zach to try to “clear the air” on a few things. We are thusly subjected to an in-depth look at David’s life as a university professor to his disgrace from a charge of raping a student (which was dismissed but the stigma cost him his family) to how he wound up on death row. Over the 3 days, Bitsey becomes convinced of David’s innocence and sets out to prove it. I’ll admit, up to this point I was getting quite bored and I figured since I’m almost 70 pages into this, I might as well stick it out to the end. The set-up is veeeeerrrrryyyy long and booooorrrrring. I understand why it’s this way but …*yawn..if you get the idea. I’m sure it will be another stellar performance by Spacey and a nice departure for Winslet. No corsets needed here, honey. There is a shadowy figure spotted early on that practically screams “villain” and so I thought this to be a basic formula death row pic. blah blah blah. Well, I was VERY surprised by the wrap up and the final scene proved to be quite a surprise. I sure as hell didn’t see THAT coming. It’s the kind of ending that will leave you stunned and yet wanting to talk about it. I’m not talking about a Sixth Sense (he’s dead, Jim) kind of ending but definitely something to look forward to. Bottom line: matinee. The set is long-winded but the payoff is nice.

Thanks TUSfan.

February 7, 2002

David Gale wrapped in mid-January.

January 19, 2002

Entertainment Weekly January 25 – February 1 issue, page 32

Movie Forecast

The Life of David Gale: Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet heat up a real-life crime story Well, the cast ain’t bad: Two Oscar nominees (Kate Winslet and Laura Linney) and one two-time winner (Kevin Spacey) star in this political thriller. Spacey plays Gale, a University of Texas professor and advocate of abolishing the death penalty. When a fellow activist (Linney) is murdered, Gale is falsely convicted of the crime.  Winslet’s the reporter trying to get Gale’s story. Despite the trio’s pedigree, director Alan Parker (Angela’s Ashes) reports his stars were surprisingly unstarlike. “I’m grateful for actors who are around, as opposed to forever [in] their trailers,” he says.  “It sounds cliché, but I’m quite outspoken about people when they’re badly behaved.” – Fall release (Accompanied by a photo of Kate Winslet).

January 9, 2002

David Gale pics! Big thanks to Bonnie who found them for everyone to enjoy. There’s a thumbnail of this picture as well as one more on the new David Gale Pics page.

December 14, 2001

From Richard in Texas: Bertram, Texas. 35 miles Northwest of Austin. It was rainy and cold. But there he was… The local police were not so friendly so we were not allowed to approach him. Several movies have scenes that were shot at this location. Waiting patiently for the premier.

November 25, 2001

Kevin said in an interview in London this past week that he has finished filming David Gale. So where does he go now?

November 17, 2001

The Hollywood Reporter – Film Shorts Nov. 16, 2001

Leon Rippy (“The Patriot”) has been added to the cast of Universal Pictures’ “The Life of David Gale” for director Alan Parker. He’ll play Baxter Belyeu, an attorney to a professor (Kevin Spacey) on trial for allegedly murdering his colleague.

They’re still filming in Texas.

November 3, 2001

Another Spacey sighting! This time from sauls7:

Hi, I have seen Kevin Spacey filming 3 blocks away in my Austin neighborhood (Clarksville) for the past 2 days along with Laura Linney and Kate Winslet. He took time to talk to my baby and autograph the neighborhood kid’s t-shirts. He was very approachable as there were only a handful of us watching on and off all day long. He will be back here on 11/5 at 10th and Shelley Street. Good luck!

October 25, 2001

Spacey sighting! A Spacey fan tells me that Kevin’s back in Austin filming his new movie.

KS sighting on the UT Austin campus!

“You probably already know about this, but he was filming today at the University of Texas at Austin (where I’m a student), and he was signing autographs. I was about a foot away from him, waiting for mine, but then they had to break for lunch, so he just shook my  hand.  He seemed really nice, because he was so patient with all of the students who were surrounding him like a mob. Today they filmed scenes in one of the university’s big auditorium classrooms, and there were tons of extras who were going to be in the audience of the classroom. Then this Saturday, they will be filming in another university auditorium for yet  another classroom scene.”

– a fellow KS fan, October 25, 2001

October 14, 2001

Mann mans ‘Life’ role
Thesp joins Spacey, Winslet, Linney in Parker pic

By MICHAEL FLEMING NEW YORK — Gabriel Mann will co-star with Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet and Laura Linney in “The Life of David Gale,” the Alan Parker-directed drama for Universal and Intermedia.

Scripted by Charles Randolph, the Saturn/Dirty Hands co-production revolves around an opponent of capital punishment (Spacey) who winds up on death row after being convicted of murdering another death penalty activist. Mann will play an intern working with a reporter (Winslet) who is trying to stop the execution. Mann, best known for “High Art” and “Things Behind the Sun,” recently completed “Buffalo Soldiers” and “The Bourne Identity.” He just wrapped the Steve Gaghan-directed “Abandon.” Mann is repped by UTA and managers Michael McConnell and Rochelle Parker.

© 2001 Cahners Business Information © 2001 Variety, Inc.

October 8, 2001 –

Austin Business Journal Filming affects downtown traffic, parking

Some parking and traffic lanes in downtown Austin are being closed this week while cast and crew members continue production of the film “The Life of David Gale.”

Parking is being prohibited Oct. 8 in the 300 block of West 14th Street from 5 a.m.-3 p.m. and in the 1200 block of Colorado Street from 10 p.m.-2 a.m.

Crews will also work until Oct. 9 in the 1300 block of Trinity Street; the travel lane on the east side of the street will be closed. The 1300 block of San Jacinto Boulevard will have two traffic lanes and one parking lane on the west side of the street closed. Both areas will be closed between 5 p.m. Oct. 8 and 8 p.m. Oct. 9.

Parking and the two travel lanes on the north side of West Seventh Street between Colorado and Lavaca streets will be closed from 5 a.m.-3 p.m. Oct. 9.

Shooting of “The Life of David Gale” began Oct. 5 in Austin. Among the stars are Kevin Spacey, Laura Linney and Kate Winslet. Alan Parker is the director; Nicolas Cage is one of the producers.

In the movie, a professor and capital punishment foe, played by Spacey, is falsely convicted of murdering another activist, played by Linney, and is put on death row, according to Daily Variety. A journalist, played by Winslet, takes up the case.

Copyright 2001 American City Business Journals Inc

Spacey mention in US Weekly, October 15 issue, page 20, First Lady Laura Bush on the cover. No picture.

The Scene: Kevin Spacey having brunch at the Starlite restaurant in Austin, Texas, where Gwyneth Paltrow and boyfriend Luke Wilson shared a cozy dinner the night before.

September 28, 2001 – Kate Winslet has been quietly added to the cast of David Gale. No word on which role she’s taken. *She’s going to be the reporter. Nicole Kidman has decided to skip this and do a movie with George Clooney.

Swiped directly from a KS email list:

Friday, September 28, 2001

The mystery is over: Kate Winslet is the female lead in “The Life of David Gale,” the mega-budget Universal flick set to begin filming in Austin Oct. 9.

Winslet, a two-time Oscar nominee for “Titanic” and “Sense and Sensibility,” will play a newspaper reporter who sets out to prove the innocence of Kevin Spacey’s character, a University of Texas professor and death penalty opponent who ends up on death row himself.

Nicole Kidman was in talks for the role, but instead opted to stick with George Clooney, who was coincidentally the original choice for Spacey’s role. The pair are set to begin filming “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” any day now in Montreal.


Also joining the “David Gale” cast is Laura Linney, who was nominated for a best actress Oscar last year for “You Can Count on Me.”

At the helm of the $50 million-plus film is Alan Parker, twice Oscar nominated himself for “Mississippi Burning” and “Midnight Express.”

Spacey, who won Oscars for “American Beauty” and “The Usual Suspects,” claimed a third statue this month when he purchased at auction one given to composer George Stoll in 1945 for his work on “Anchors Aweigh.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, he’ll donate it back to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

September 27, 2001

Columnist Army Archerd reports that Kevin will be going to Texas at the end of next week. I sure hope Kevin isn’t going to be using a Texas drawl in this movie.

David Gale is supposed to start filming in Texas on October 9. They’re looking for extras too!

VarietyADIn case you missed it on the NEWS page and the K-PAX news page … Kevin has placed a full page ad in the August 27 – September 2 issue of Variety. Page 81. It reads: Congratulations to RON MEYER and STACEY SNIDER on becoming the Showmen of the Year! Thanks for letting me ride on your beam of light with both “K-PAX” and “The Life of David Gale”. You Are The Best, Kevin Spacey (Thanks to EyeJay for the scan.).

According to a site called Hollywood Casting News, filming of The Life of David Gale will be doing some location shooting in Austin, Texas once the filming starts in October. Kevin’s character is a Texas university professor. I don’t know when the location shooting is supposed to take place, if Kevin’s supposed to be there, or if the information is even up-to-date. They also report that along with Laura Linney and Nicole Kidman, efforts are being made to cast Nicolas Cage in a small role. *Mr. Showbiz also reports that this movie will be start shooting in Austin, Texas in October.

Looks the the official site will be since when I type that in, it takes me directly to the Warner Bros. website.

The movie will be released in Fall 2002.

I can’t wait to see Kevin debate the death penalty during the press tour for this movie.

Fake press interview by Comedy Central’s Jiminy Glick, Hollywood reporter extraordinaire (written by me to fill in space on this page):

Jiminy Glick, fearless Hollywood reporter: You’re David Gale, opponent of the death penalty, isn’t that right Kevin Spacey?

Kevin Spacey, fearless in the face of interviews: That’s right Jiminy.

JG: I loved you in Here’s Lucy.

KS: That was Gale Gordon.

JG: Did Lucille Ball support the death penalty, Mr. Gordon?

KS: I’m not Gale Gordon. I’m Kevin Spacey. Gale Gordon was an actor. I’m an actor portraying a character named David Gale. I’m Kevin Spacey. S-P-A-C-E-Y.

JG: Remember when The Ricardos and The Mertzes went to Hollywood? I used to work at the Brown Derby as a busboy, but that was a long time ago. Do you ever wear a derby, Kevin Spacey?

KS: Is the interview over yet? I have to walk my dogs.

August 17, 2001

Laura Linney in negotiations to co-star with Kevin.

July 16, 2001

The Hollywood

Spacey given death sentence in ‘David Gale’
By Zorianna Kit

LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) — Two-time Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey is in final negotiations to star in the title role of Universal Pictures/Intermedia Films’ “The Life of David Gale” for director Alan Parker. Production is slated to begin in mid-September with actor Nicolas Cage’s Intermedia-based Saturn Films producing.

The project reteams Spacey with Universal, which is distributing the actor’s upcoming feature “K-Pax,” in which he stars opposite Jeff Bridges for director Iain Softley.

“Gale,” written by Charles Randolph, is a drama about a professor (Spacey) who advocates the abolition of capital punishment. When he is falsely accused and convicted of murdering an activist, he finds himself on death row.

Saturn, headed by Norm Golightly, initially set “Gale” up as a pitch at Warner Bros. The project was then put in turnaround and acquired by Intermedia. Parker came aboard “Gale” last fall and the project was subsequently set up at Universal, where Parker and his Dirty Hands Prods. have a first-look label relationship via the PolyGram acquisition. Various high-profile actors had circled the project, including George Clooney, before Spacey decided to commit.

“Kevin is a rare actor with the ability to bring this complex character to life,” Golightly said. “We are proud to be working with him on ‘David Gale.’ ”

Ironically, Spacey’s production company, Trigger Street Prods., also has a production deal at Intermedia but will not be producing the film.

Spacey is repped by WMA, manager Joanne Horowitz and attorney Doug Stone. He won a best actor Oscar for his role in “American Beauty” and a supporting actor Oscar for his role in “The Usual Suspects.” He next stars in Miramax’s “The Shipping News.”