April 28, 2005

A few site details to mention. On May 1, I’ll be moving the older (meaning since January 7) Old Vic news to a new page that will link to this one. Plus, seeing how The Philadelphia Story is about to start, I thought it would be a good time to put together the TPS section. I’ll have that ready in a few days. In the meantime, you still have a chance to relive this news item from January 7, when we were anxiously awaiting any word on who Kevin’s TPS co-star would be.

< The female lead for The Philadelphia Story has finally been announced. As many London theatre columnists had predicted, Kevin and the director have decided to go with a big name Hollywood star in an effort to guarantee ticket sales. More in the new The Philadelphia Story section of the site. >

April 26, 2005

I’ve added three more stage door pictures from April 15. These are thanks to Jen.

I’ve also added some pictures from April 8 & April 9, to the review they went with on the fan reviews page. Scroll down to the second review. Thanks to the nameless one.

April 25, 2005

Spacey fan Marie sent me her stage door pics from the Old Vic. The picture above was taken in the afternoon on April 16. Her other pictures, taken from her video camera, are on the National Anthems photos page. They are from the evening of April 15 and the afternoon of April 16. Two different hats! Thanks to Marie and her friend. Link

I spent all day yesterday working on the latest adventure of KevieBear, which required National Anthems to have finished it’s run on Saturday night in order for the theatre to be dark last night and now I read there was a Labour Party rally held there. Could you let people know these things in advance next time? You’ve gone and messed up my story. And I was having trouble enough with it as it was. Sheesh.

Boy, I’m glad it was Val Kilmer who was quoted as saying British theatre-going audiences are smarter than American audiences partly because they read books, and not Kevin Spacey. I’d be fielding angry emails for days. Val also feels London theatre has higher standards. Didn’t Val Kilmer recently finish a production in Los Angeles where he was Moses in a musical version of The Ten Commandments? Kevin jokes that he didn’t want people using their phones during his plays and was raked over the coals. Wonder if his old school buddy will experience the same or if they’ll leave him alone because he complimented the UK theatre establishment?

April 24, 2005

National Anthems ended it’s run at the Old Vic last night. Now it’s on to The Philadelphia Story. Still no word on who will take Kevin’s place for the middle of the run.

Guess I’d better get started on the TPS section of the site, huh?

April 21, 2005

Is Kevin one of those tweens I always hear about? Last year he was too old and this year he’s too young. From The Independent –

Pandora by Guy Adams 20 April 2005


Kevin Spacey is at last backing a safe horse in a bid to kick-start his reign at the Old Vic. Arnold Wesker one of our greatest living playwrights, has sold him the rights to a new play.

“It’s called Groupie, and is planned for February,” Wesker tells me. “I showed the script to Sally Greene, who said you must show it to David Liddiment. He passed it to Kevin Spacey, who liked it very much.”

The play – about an elderly artist’s relationship with a female fan – is described as a “feelgood” piece. Sadly, for fans of the Hollywood star, Spacey is unlikely to be taking a hands-on role in its production.

“At the moment they are looking for a director,” adds Wesker. “We will cast it together. I asked Kevin if he would direct it, but he said he didn’t want to, and he’s too young to star in it himself.”


Thanks to Cathie and anonymous poster.


Message for DMS chat fans: The unusual fan who had been hanging around the Old Vic’s stage door last week, is still there and I’m told is going to try to get Kevin’s autograph this weekend. I’ll be sure to post everything about that on Monday. I hear his story is quite a shocker.

April 19, 2005

Kevin’s finally got a new hat. The proof is in these pictures  from Spacey fan Kudzu’s trip to the old Old Vic  –

There are supposed to be pictures of a new yellow hat floating around too.

April 12, 2005

One of the UK fans tells me she had difficulty getting seats for Kevin’s first part of The Philadelphia Story that goes through June 18, so if you were planning to go see the play while he’s there for his May 3 – June 18 portion of the play, you might want to get your tickets now. Sounds like people are snapping up tickets real fast. Thanks, Kathryn.

*Variety says that part of the run is already 75% sold out. Thanks to Lyn and HC.

I’ve heard that there is an unusual fan hanging around the Old Vic these days. I’ve heard he’s undercover doing a story about his favorite actor. I’m hoping to get a picture soon.

April 10, 2005

OldVic001stagedoor1Interesting tidbit: At the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, fans found the stage door by looking for the large trash dumpster by the building. At the Old Vic, fans find the stage door by looking for the lit globe that hangs over the door with the words “stage door” written on it.

April 5, 2005

Link to photo of picketers in front of the Old Vic. Thanks to Anonymous.

Canary Wharf cleaners stage protest in The Cut

Theatregoers in The Cut were met by protesters from the TWGU demonstrating against low wages for cleaners at Canary Wharf, home to Old Vic sponsor Morgan Stanley.


April 1, 2005 

I’ve moved this interview to the Old Vic Articles section –

FINANCIAL TIME (UK) Spacey Shakespeare Everything old is new again IN AN AMBITIOUS PLAN to keep the classics alive, Kevin Spacey announced today that next year’s Old Vic schedule will include two lesser known Shakespeare productions. In an exclusive interview with FT, he spoke with Al Leaus about his upcoming programme. Link

Thanks to HC.

March 31, 2005 

A bit of extra drama for tonight’s visitors to the Old Vic Theatre:

First from BBC News –

Theatre-goers at London’s Old Vic will be picketed by cleaners from Canary Wharf over a pay dispute.

The Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) claims that banking giant Morgan Stanley, based at Canary Wharf, offers no sick pay and no pension.

The firm helps sponsor the theatre and cleaners will hand leaflets to people arriving on Thursday to watch National Anthems, starring Kevin Spacey.

The bank declined to comment. Mr Spacey has been invited to meet the cleaners.

Workers, who earn £5.74-an-hour, are campaigning for a wage of £6.70-an-hour.

‘Fair play’

Paul Davies, T&G organiser, said: “Cleaners who earn under £6 an hour in Europe’s most expensive capital will be saying to theatre lovers ‘A good play? We just want fair play’.

“Morgan Stanley is, quite rightly, proud of the voluntary work its workers do and the donations it makes to help the poor of London.

“We just think they should do more for the poor who work in their own buildings.”

Hollywood star Mr. Spacey, the theatre’s artistic director, has been invited to meet the cleaners.



The Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) is gathering together the usual suspects to protest against low pay for Wharf cleaners outside the Morgan Stanley-sponsored Old Vic theatre.

Organisers at the T&G are leading cleaners in a demonstration outside the theatre in Waterloo tonight (March 31) in order to raise awareness over the poor pay and employment conditions of its members – and have written to Old Vic director Kevin Spacey in the hope he will back their cause.

“He has a reputation as something of a progressive activist in the States,” said T&G organiser Rhys McCarthy.

“We are hoping he will lend his support, as he is obviously a very high profile figure with friends in high places, such as Bill Clinton.”

Morgan Stanley – which made $4.5billion profit last year – sponsors the Old Vic to the tune of half a million pounds. The T&G said by bringing the issue to the attention of theatre-goers it hoped it would boost its hopes of winning the fight for better pay and conditions for the Wharf’s cleaners.

“How can Morgan Stanley claim they promote corporate social responsibility when they are chucking money at a theatre as their cleaners struggle to make any sort of decent living,” said Mr. McCarthy.

Contract firm ISS manages cleaners in Morgan Stanley’s Cabot Square offices, but the T&G says Morgan Stanley has the power to dictate rates of pay for the workers.

The T&G is campaigning for a £6.70 per hour wage for cleaners, plus more holiday and sick-pay entitlements.

March 26, 2005

I’ve added a new fan story to the National Anthems fan reviews page. Lucky Catherine managed to get Kevin’s autograph and shares her story with us. Thanks to Catherine.


Ticketmaster UK is showing all tickets for The Philadelphia Story through September 3 are on sale now. Don’t forget that Kevin will not be in the play for the shows in late June through early August and even though he’s scheduled to return to the Philadelphia Story starting with the August 8 show (according to an Old Vic newsletter), some fans have told me they have concerns that he’ll be stuck in Australia working on the Superman film and don’t know if they should plan their trips for early August. So, as I say to them, if this is a concern of yours, you would want to discuss this with the Old Vic instead of with me since I have nothing to do with Kevin Spacey, the Old Vic, or their ticket office.


Conflicting entertainment reports have said that DW Moffett will be either the reporter or the fiancé. I am going to predict he is the reporter since earlier reports said that someone else had been hired for the fiancé role.

March 23, 2005 

D.W. Moffett in the “Jimmy Stewart” role in The Philadelphia Story? Could be. Thanks, Cathie. Still no word on Kevin’s replacement for late June and now I’m hearing that Kevin’s not quite confirmed for a return in early August? They need to clear that up real fast if they’re already selling tickets to FOV’s.

March 21, 2005 

Hold on to your hats Spacey fans! This is indeed an exciting moment. An actual review of National Anthems that is positive in tone that wasn’t written by one of Kevin Spacey’s devoted theater-going followers! I knew this day would come in our lifetime.

I’ll add the review to the site later this evening but for now ..

Stage Review: Spacey stages ‘National Anthems,’ with Pittsburgh links, at Old Vic By Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Thanks to Kelly for sending this in my direction.

March 17, 2005 

Tickets for the TPS dates without Kevin Spacey (June 20- August 6) are available to the public now but still no word on who will be taking his place for that part of the play’s run. That announcement is to be made “in due course” according to the Old Vic web site.

March 16, 2005 

From The Times Online –

People with Andrew Pierce


Six plays in a day

Kevin Spacey’s Old Vic theatre is to audition for 50 aspiring writers, directors and actors to devise, produce and stage six ten-minute plays over 24 hours in June. Talking about the possibilities of the round-the-clock concept, Spacey said: “This is an exciting opportunity to create work for the Old Vic.”



New TPS cast additions according to Whatsonstage.com:

Julia McKenzie (Sweeney Todd, Fuddy Meers) as Margaret Lord Oliver Cotton (Brand, Life x 3) as Seth Lord Nicholas Le Prevost (My Fair Lady, Much Ado About Nothing, currently in Sheffield’s Insignificance) Richard Lintern (His Girl Friday) as Tracy’s fiancé George Kittredge Lauren Ward (Camelot, A Midsummer Night’s Dream) as photographer Liz Imbrie.  Damian Matthews as Sandy Lord Talulah Riley as Dinah Lord

No word on who will take Kevin’s place for five weeks starting in late June or who will be taking the other male lead role.

March 15, 2005 

The Philadelphia Story is going to be extended until September 3, with Kevin returning to his role as CK Dexter on August 8th. Still no word on who will be taking his place from the middle of June through July though. Thanks to Sue.

March 12, 2005 

I added a few scans of a National Anthems brochure that one of Kevin’s fans picked up at the Old Vic and then was nice enough to scan for us. I put them on the National Anthems photos page. Thanks to Marie.

I mentioned this early last month, but I’ve had some emails about it over the past week so I’m going to guess someone would like for me to mention it again:

Curzon Cinemas and The Old Vic present American Anthems – A Season of Films at The Old Vic.

To tie in with the British stage premiere of National Anthems, Curzon Cinemas and The Old Vic present a series of Sunday afternoon double-bills in the Theatre’s magnificent auditorium.

Sunday, March 13 – Paris, Texas and Memento. Sunday, March 20 – Raging Bull and Ali.

For more information click on the Films At The Old Vic link at http://www.oldvictheatre.com


No new cast info for The Philadelphia Story. Also no announcement on who will assume the role of CK Dexter when Kevin takes a break to film the Superman film.

March 3, 2005 

From Totally Jewish News – 

Weizmann Comp

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey is set to help boost the coffers of two pro-Israeli charities when he stars in a gala performance of The Philadelphia Story at the Old Vic.

Weizmann UK and the Tel Aviv University Trust have taken the whole theatre for the 9 May performance, and you can be there. To win a pair of tickets, email your answer to the following question to cohenj@totallyplc.com  by 4 March: When was Weizmann Institute’s UK arm established? Winners will be picked at random.


Old Vic repair to cost £13m Brian Logan Thursday March 3, 2005 The Guardian Kevin Spacey, be warned: the Old Vic Theatre is in “urgent” need of repair. That is the finding of Tim Ronalds, the architect who has been commissioned to investigate the South Bank venue. Ronalds, who masterminded the renovation of the Hackney Empire in east London, believes that £13m will be required to fix the Old Vic’s structural problems, which include a leaky roof and a misshapen auditorium.

Yesterday Sally Greene, Old Vic owner and CEO, recognised that “the work needs to be carried out” – but said the theatre will not be closing for refurbishment. “We’ve been assured that we don’t have to close the theatre in order to do it,” she said. “So we have no intention of stopping while the work is carried out.”

The Old Vic Theatre Trust is planning to apply to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a subsidy. “I am quite optimistic,” Greene said. “We don’t get subsidy, and we’re doing good work, so I think we’ll be recognised as a deserving case.”

The theatre’s roof was bombed in 1941 and the temporary asbestos roofing, installed after the Blitz, has never been replaced. “I don’t think anybody enjoys being rained on while they’re watching theatre,” Greene said.


I have an idea for a fundraiser. Raffle off a date with Kevin Spacey. Dinner, a movie and he has to pay.

February 18, 2005 

Jennifer Ehle, best known to American audiences as Elizabeth Bennett  in A&E’s Pride & Prejudice has been signed to be Kevin’s co-star in The Philadelphia Story.

This from whatsonstage.com:

After all the speculation about American screen actresses, it’s a Briton with a distinguished stage pedigree who will join Kevin Spacey in this spring’s much-anticipated revival of The Philadelphia Story at the Old Vic. Jennifer Ehle  will play spoilt heiress Tracy Lord in the revival of the classic Broadway comedy, which runs from 7 May to 23 July 2005 (previews from 3 May), the final production in Spacey’s inaugural season as Old Vic artistic director (See News, 22 Apr 2004).

Still no word on other cast members yet.

February 10, 2005 

PLAYBILL February 10, 2005 Academy Award Winner Kevin Spacey to Play Richard II at Old Vic by James Inverne A couple of days after its actor-manager made his onstage debut with the company, Kevin Spacey’s Old Vic troupe has announced one of the plays for its second season: Richard II. Spacey will play the title role, with Trevor Nunn directing. No other casting or creative team details are available yet, but the production will open some time in fall 2005. It will be Spacey’s first Shakespeare role in the U.K. He has previously played the Duke of Buckingham in Al Pacino’s “Looking for Richard” film (which featured substantial excerpts from Richard III). His first-ever acting role was as the messenger in one of the Henry VI plays at the 1981 New York Shakespeare Festival. Reviews have been mixed for the first Old Vic season to date. However, Spacey’s company acting debut in National Anthems has, according to the BBC, taken £1 million in advance bookings. And most commentators expect the next show, The Philadelphia Story, which also stars Spacey, to set the tills ringing. Trevor Nunn’s return to the Old Vic will be his first since he directed Hamlet immediately prior to the hand-over to Spacey’s regime. His most recent London work has included Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Woman In White and Acorn Antiques — The Musical.

Copyright © 2005 Playbill, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


WHATSONSTAGE.COM February 10, 2005 Spacey Confirms Role in Nunn Richard II at Old Vic by Terri Paddock Hollywood actor-turned-artistic director Kevin Spacey has come under fire this week for the programming choices in his Old Vic inaugural season to date, particularly the UK premieres of Dutch writer Maria Goos’ Cloaca and, this week, American Dennis McIntyre’s National Anthems, both of which received a mixed to poor critical reception. However, there’s a classical light at the end of the tunnel. Though exact dates have yet to be confirmed, the Old Vic announced today that Spacey will play the title role in a new production of Richard II, directed by Trevor Nunn, as part of this autumn’s new season. A former artistic director of both the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre, Nunn’s previous acclaimed Shakespeare productions include the Whatsonstage.com Award-winning Hamlet, which starred Ben Whishaw at the Old Vic last year just before Spacey’s tenure in charge began. A theatre spokesperson told Whatsonstage.com today that the production makes good on Spacey’s promise to return to the classics in his second season. At a press conference held last April, he said that, though his initial programming concentrated on new work – which he described as the “responsibility of a theatre company to seek out” – he was “mindful of the historic traditions of this theatre, classics will also take their place. In due course, I intend to tackle Shakespeare and some of the great roles that have made this theatre’s reputation such a remarkable one.” The classics would begin to be incorporated into the Old Vic programming “in our second, our third, our fourth and all the seasons beyond”, said Spacey last year. But before deciding which pieces from the canon, he was keen to hear which roles people would most like to see him play. In response to that invitation, Whatsonstage.com ran a Big Debate poll to help Spacey make up his mind. In the poll, Richard II – as well as Richard III, which was previously tipped – featured in the shortlist of ten Shakespearean roles that theatregoers would like to see the actor play. However, popularity-wise, it didn’t come close to the top three theatregoer-led casting choices for Spacey: Macbeth (which 98% of voters would pay to see), Iago in Othello (85%) and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing (85%). Spacey has performed Shakespeare in his native US. His first professional role was as the messenger in Henry VI at New York’s Shakespeare Festival in 1981. More recently, on screen, he played the Duke of Buckingham in Al Pacino’s 1996 film Looking for Richard. This will mark Spacey’s UK Shakespeare debut. The actor is currently appearing in National Anthems at the Old Vic, where he’ll also appear in the next production, a revival of Broadway comedy, The Philadelphia Story, directed by Jerry Zaks. Copyright 1997-2005 Whatsonstage, all rights reserved


I’ve added a few full National Anthems reviews to the Critic’s Reviews section, thanks to Vivienne and HC. I’ll be adding a few more later, along with a few small articles. But for now, I wanted to comment on the Daily Telegraph article I read this morning. Not the part about him doing Richard II next season, but the part that ended the article and said this:


Spacey also confirmed that he will miss part of The Philadelphia Story, which he is to star in this May. He has contracted to do 12 weeks in the revival but will take “a short break” to film his role as Lex Luthor in a Superman film.


A fan who phoned the Old Vic tells me that she was told that Kevin will be there through June 18 but not after that due to his film commitments. So if you have tickets it looks like you can breathe easier. I don’t know how long he’ll be doing his movie but I guess he’ll finish up the play’s run when he gets back? Big thanks to Sue. Plus, several fans with tickets told me they were assured when they bought their tickets that Kevin would be there.

February 7, 2005

The picture above shows Kevin with his new National Anthems facial hair. I don’t know what his hat is supposed to be for. Thanks to Kelly.

Here are some times and dates that may be of interest to Spacey fans:

Wednesday 9th February.  7:15pm.  Front Row.  Mark Lawson reports on Kevin Spacey’s return to the West End stage in Dennis McIntyre’s National Anthems at the Old Vic. Thanks to Eileen.

National Anthems will be reviewed on Newsnight Review on Friday on BBC2 at about 10.30 pm. Thanks to Vivienne.

And Kevin is going to be on the David Jensen radio show on Saturday 20th November (it is a morning show) On Capital Gold.  Capital Gold is available on the internet http://www.capitalgold.com/. Also, he is due on “Steve Wright in the afternoon” on BBC Radio 2 this month.  (Radio 2 is also available on the internet – the exact date will probably be announced shortly). Thanks to Joanna for the last two items.

February 2, 2005 

We have our first National Anthems fan review. Link above. Thanks to Terri.

February 1, 2005 

This is where I came in. The first time I ever clicked on a Spacey fan forum and a Spacey fan site message board, Kevin Spacey was in London doing the Iceman Cometh. How did those unknowing clicks end with me running a fan site almost 7 years later? He’d better be bringing these plays to Broadway next year is all I can say. Or perhaps he could try some place a bit further south than that.

I’ve just noticed something new on the Old Vic web site. It may have been there for months for all I know, but I just noticed it. Something called American Anthems. That looks interesting. Movies at the Old Vic. www.oldvictheatre.com

Kevin Spacey Takes to Old Vic Stage Feb. 1 with National Anthems

By James Inverne February 1, 2005

Kevin Spacey will venture onstage for the first time since he established his Old Vic Theatre Company when National Anthems begins previews Feb. 1. Mary Stuart Masterson and Steven Weber join Spacey in the cast of Dennis McIntyre’s play.National Anthems depicts a Detroit suburb in the late 1980’s, where a newly arrived couple are surprised by a visit from a mysterious neighbor. Spacey previously appeared in the play at the Long Wharf Theatre in Connecticut’s New Haven, when his co-stars were Tom Berenger and Mary McDonnell. Spacey reprises his old role of the neighbor, Ben Cook, in London.

Stuart Masterson makes her London stage debut as Leslie Reed. Her New York appearances have included Alice in Wonderland and the revival of Nine, for which she was nominated for a Tony and won a 2003 Theatre World Award. Her many movie credits include “Immediate Family” and “Fried Green Tomatoes.” Steven Weber played Leo Bloom in The Producers on Broadway and co-starred in the TV sitcom “Wings.”

Despite having opened the season by himself directing Cloaca, Spacey has relinquished the directorial reins to David Grindley. Another Grindley production, Journey’s End, is currently enjoying a long run in the West End (at the Duke of York’s Theatre). Designs for Anthems are by Jonathan Fensom, sound by Gregory Clarke and lighting by Jason Taylor.

Opening night is set for Feb. 8. The show is scheduled to run until April 23.

January 31, 2005 

Latest on the female lead for The Philadelphia Story is that they’re in talks with Debra Messing of Will & Grace fame. This according to Playbill:

Debra Messing in Talks to Co-Star in Spacey’s The Philadelphia Story

By James Inverne January 31, 2005

Who will partner Kevin Spacey in the Old Vic staging of The Philadelphia Story is the West End’s million-dollar question at the moment.Spacey himself has kept his options open, suggesting that he might just as happily go for an unknown as for a famous actress. Variety, however, says that Debra Messing “is reportedly in talks” to land the role played by Katherine Hepburn in the movie.

Messing is neither hugely famous in Britain nor an unknown. Her leading role as Grace Adler in the TV comedy “Will & Grace” has not made her a household name in the U.K. The series is not as popular as, say, “Friends” or “Frasier” in England, but Messing’s face will be familiar to many Brits.

Previous reports had pegged Laura Linney as the actress most likely to land the role, but Variety says that she is out of the race due to a scheduling conflict. If it is Messing who gets the part, she will be directed by Jerry Zaks, who, as previously reported, has already signed up to mount the May 3–July 23 run.

It’s the second show in which Spacey will act for his Old Vic company, and it rounds off a first season that has seen him as director (Cloaca), actor (National Anthems, which goes before the press on Feb. 8) and impresario (for Aladdin, starring Ian McKellen).

January 30, 2005

How fiendish! I was going to post a piece from Broadwayworld.com about a play called Groupie that is apparently going to be at the Old Vic for Kevin’s second season as Artistic Director, but when I tried to save the snip, I kept getting a “right-click disabled” message. However, they seem to have either forgotten or were unable to do the same thing with their printer friendly page. I wonder how they did that?

UK Roundup – Michael Crawford, Michael Ball, Darren Day and more! by Jake Brunger


Kevin Spacey’s second season at the Old Vic is starting to take shape. I attended a reading by Arnold Wesker of his one-woman monologue ‘Whatever Happened to Betty Lemon’ this week, and at the event he revealed that he is scheduled to be part of Kevin Spacey’s second season at the Old Vic Theatre in London. The play – Groupie – is a two-hander that has been running in Italy for three years, but was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 with Barbara Windsor and Timothy West. At present, it has never been performed on stage in Britain . Wesker jokingly hoped it would be ‘his pension’, but that plans were not yet rock solid. He was launching the Nottingham Playhouse’s new season, where a revival of his play Chicken Soup and Barley will take place. Let’s hope to see him back in London soon.


And this from the Literary Encyclopedia website:


In Groupie, written in 2001 and awaiting its 2005 production at the Old Vic before it is published, Wesker’s talent reaches its epitome as it blends recurrent themes into a chaste love story between two misfits. The play links his concern with words and their reception through an epistolary opening between the two characters, Mattie – a 61-year old image of Beatie Bryant – and Mark Gorman – Wesker’s self-portrait as a once famous painter. The initial pretext for their relationship is that they grew up in the same London neighbourhood. Their very different personalities soon clash but eventually mingle through a series of conflicts and reconciliations, she giving him hope and inspiration to work again; he offering her art and the courage to explore her self-denied femininity. In this moving vision of loneliness, ageing, prospects and happiness, Wesker’s concerns finally appear real rather than utopian.


January 25, 2005

The Old Vic has updated their site to show the cast of National Anthems on the home page.

January 24, 2005

I’ve added an October 2004 opinion piece from the Sunday Telegraph and the long article from November’s Telegraph Magazine to the Old Vic articles page.  Both have pictures or drawings.  Reading them brings a question to mind.

If a man were inclined to read about himself, what would bother him more: to be called strange, cold and moody, or to constantly have writers say he’s homely and plain? I don’t know how his fans feel about the first or second, but they generally find him to be quite a handsome man. I get that all the time in emails and feedback.

I’ve also moved the earlier Old Vic news to 2 new pages. You can access the first by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page and you can get to the next by clicking on the link at the bottom of that page. And while I was at it, I fixed the link to the Old Vic that was on the main Old Vic page.

Still no word on Kevin’s co-stars for The Philadelphia Story although rumor has them talking with Laura Linney. I realize the play doesn’t start for more than three months but some people might want to know who else would be in the play. It would give the fans of the other actors a chance to grab a few tickets before Kevin’s fans bought them all for one thing.

If it’s not too much to ask, maybe they could fill out the cast with people I don’t want to see. That would make me feel better about not being able to see the play. They didn’t do that with the cast of National Anthems but they have another chance with TPS (I’m gonna start using TPS because frankly, typing out the full title is a pain for a two finger typist.).

January 8, 2005

Tickets for The Philadelphia Story were supposed to go on sale today for Friends of the Old Vic and will be available to the general public on January 24th.

January 7, 2005

The female lead for The Philadelphia Story has finally been announced. As many London theatre columnists had predicted, Kevin and the director have decided to go with a big name Hollywood star in an effort to guarantee ticket sales. More in the new The Philadelphia Story section of the site.