December 8, 2002 

From the L.A. Times on November 28, 2002

Movie Producer Sues Universal
By James Bates

One of Hollywood’s biggest movie producers sued Universal Studios for fraud Wednesday, alleging that he was cheated out of money on the Kevin Spacey movie “K-Pax” because Universal botched the foreign distribution of the film. Lawrence Gordon, whose films include “Die Hard” and “Field of Dreams,” claimed in Los Angeles Superior Court that Universal’s decision to involve a German tax shelter in the financing of “K-Pax” meant that the movie had an incompetent foreign distributor, “insuring that ‘K-Pax’ would not be properly exploited in the international film market.” Gordon alleges that the decision cost him millions of dollars because his pay was tied to the film’s performance worldwide. A Universal spokeswoman said the studio does not comment on pending litigation.

German money once fueled many Hollywood projects, but began to dry up when the stock prices of German media firms fell and the German government soured on the tax breaks that made the deals attractive.

Thanks, Diane.

June 11, 2002

The Saturn Awards were held yesterday and Kevin was not the winner of his category. Tom Cruise won for Vanilla Sky. I’m sure Kevin didn’t want that old award anyway. There were no pictures of Kevin at the award show on Corbis, Yahoo or and no one has mentioned seeing him on any of the entertainment news shows.

May 17, 2002

Premiere magazine, new issue, Natalie Portman on the cover – Page 95:

K-PAX on VHS/DVD (** At your own risk) High-gloss talent can only take a cliche so far. Kevin Spacey plays a how-can-he-be-so-smart, affectless alien named Prot (rhymes with rote), and director Iain Softley (The Wings of the Dove) spends the rest of the movie pondering whether Prot has traveled to Earth on light beams (a movie metaphor!) or whether he’s just a plain old human wacko. Set in a New York mental ward filled with cuddly crazies and led by a sympathetic shrink (Jeff Bridges), K-PAX offers less insight into mental illness than the sweet 1966 cult movie “King of Hearts”, and it’s not nearly as amusing.  The best thing on the DVD is a collection of Bridges’s remarkable set photos, which have more of an otherworldly cast than anything in the movie. (by Howard Karren)

Picture of Kevin looking through the one-way glass with Jeff Bridges on the other side and the caption: PAX a wallop? Spacey and Bridges go mental.

Thanks to Stacey at the KSML

May 7, 2002

Good new for the European Spacey fans! K-PAX will be released on Region 2 DVD on November 26, 2002! That’s right, November. Thanks for the heads up Jaye.

May 3, 2002

Kevin and K-PAX were joked about on Will & Grace last night (9pm EST on NBC). I’ll let everyone know what it was about once I find out. We’ll have to watch for a rerun. Thanks Wendy. *Here’s a brief re-telling of the joke .. Will says Grace offers an opinion about everything. As an example he uses her meeting Kevin Spacey and telling Kevin to give her the $9 she spent to see K-PAX. To pay it forward.

April 16, 2002

K-PAX has opened in the UK at #5:

‘Another newcomer over the weekend was number five “K-Pax,” starring leading Hollywood misfit Kevin Spacey as a mental patient who claims to be from another planet.’

 April 13, 2002

K-PAX review:,4120,678775,00.html

Thanks to Jaye, Isobel and Catrin.

April 12, 2002

K-PAX opens in the UK today.  I put a new review in the K-PAX Reviews section.

The gala screening of the movie in London was a success.

April 6, 2002

There are still tickets to the K-PAX gala screening in London available for purchase. Wednesday, April 10. Information can be found by scrolling down to the March 23 and March 17 K-PAX news updates.

Change in times: Doors now open at 6.15pm, films starts 6.45pm. After the movie, Jeff Bridges will present 3 awards (MC Silver Star Awards) to 3 nurses for voluntarily dedicating their time to MediCinema. Meanwhile, Director Iain Softley will be reading out the special statement from Kevin.

March 23, 2002

K-PAX is now available for sale on DVD and priced for rental in the VHS format in North America! Rumor has it that someone in the cast interviews section uses the dreaded word “J*****Y”. I hope it wasn’t a spacey someone who did that!

There’s going to be a K-PAX movie chat on Saturday night. Stop by to chat even if you haven’t seen it.

March 23, 2002


March 17, 2002

Special Charity Gala Screening Of K-PAX – London, Wednesday April 10th, in aid of MediCinema.  MediCinema is a charity dedicated to building cinemas in UK hospitals to offer patients a way of escapism and relief from illness. Jeff Bridges is scheduled to attend and introduce the event, however Kevin is not scheduled to be there.  However, he will be writing a special statement to be read on that night. Tickets are £25.

The Gala Screening of K-PAX on April 10th will take place at: UGC Cinema, Haymarket. Doors open at 6pm, Screening starts at 7pm.

March 15, 2002

Kevin has received a Saturn Award nomination for Best Actor for his performance as prot in K-PAX. The Saturn Awards are sponsored by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films. (Thanks Maddie) The nominees for Best Actor are:

  • Tom Cruise “Vanilla Sky” (Paramount)
  • Johnny Depp “From Hell” (20th Century Fox)
  • Anthony Hopkins “Hannibal” (MGM)
  • Guy Pearce “Memento” (New Market)
  • Kevin Spacey “K-Pax” (Universal)
  • Billy Bob Thornton “The Man Who Wasn’t There” (USA)

February 27, 2002

Check out Jeff Bridge’s website for some photos he took of Kevin during the filming of K-PAX.

February 23, 2002

Entertainment Weekly March 1, 2002, page 48. K-PAX is listed as the #50 moneymaking movie of the past year with $50.3 million in domestic ticket sales. No foreign sales reported.

February 19, 2002

Now that K-PAX and The Shipping News are getting ready to open in various other places, there are some new articles and interviews. I added a new one to the K-PAX articles page even though it’s also about The Shipping News. First article on that page. Thanks Karen.

January 22, 2002

A Spacey fan has directed me to this radio interview from KISS FM in Boston. Scroll down the page until you find Kevin. I haven’t listened to it yet. Thanks Rachel!

January 15, 2002

A new K-PAX ad for Kevin on K-PAX photos page.

A&E Biography – Jeff Bridges is the subject, Kevin speaks. 8pm EST.

January 13, 2002

K-PAX arrives in Italy on January 25.

January 11, 2002

I added a scan of a K-PAX ad to the K-PAX pictures page.

January 5, 2002

K-PAX is opening in Spain next week.

January 2, 2002

A&E’s Biography is going to do a show on Jeff Bridges and Kevin is one of the people interviewed about Jeff. Dates and times are: Tuesday, January 15 – 8pm EST Wednesday, January 16 – 12am EST

December 31, 2001

K-PAX: Special Edition will be available on DVD on March 26, 2002. The DVD includes: Audio Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Featurette, Theatrical Trailer, DVD-ROM features. You can pre-order it now and get a small discount from several online places. About $21 plus shipping with the discount. Unfortunately, indicates the VHS will be released for rental rather than sales, since their price for the VHS is $107!

British theatrical release of K-PAX has apparently been moved from this week to several months down the road. I have no idea why.

December 27, 2001

K-PAX was #37 last week and was in less than 140 theaters. I don’t think it will be In Theaters Now! for much longer. Try to catch it if you can. It was worth seeing a second time. It should be ready for foreign release soon.

December 21, 2001

K-PAX ad from the new Variety, Dec.17-23, 2001 supplemental issue, is on the K-PAX photos page. Ad was too big for my scanner, but I got most of it anyway.

One of those magazines called Cine-something lists the K-PAX soundtrack as one of the best soundtracks of 2001 in their Best of 2001 issue. If you know which magazine I’m talking about, please drop me a line. I forgot all the pertinent info such as what it’s called and why the soundtrack was chosen by the time I got to the car.

December 18, 2001

K-PAX was #23 for the week so you’d better go see it now  because it won’t be in theaters much longer.

December 11, 2001

K-PAX is #18 this week.

December 8, 2001

Premiere, January 2002, pages 48 and 49. If You Ask Me by Libby Gelman-Waxner  King Strut Ben Stiller comforts jittery audiences with Zoolander, and Kevin Spacey means no harm to our planet, either.


Feeling strangely refreshed, I went to see K-Pax, even though the title sounded like some new, generic feminine hygiene product.  K-Pax is a lushly produced, inspirational movie, like Phenomenon, Field of Dreams, or anything where a movie star plays a rascally angel who gets returned to Earth to help us out, usually around Christmas time.  In K-Pax, Kevin Spacey plays a quasi-homeless man who gets put into a very deluxe, Marriott-style mental hospital because he claims to be an alien from another planet who travels on beams of light; he’s Tinkerbell with stubble and wraparound shades.  Kevin is a great actor, but playing an alleged alien means that he mostly just tilts his head in strange ways, as if he’s stiff from a long car trip through the galaxies.  Kevin’s kindly, rumpled shrink is played by the always heavenly Jeff Bridges; somehow, I think that just having Jeff as my therapist would  cure me instantly.  Jeff is estranged from his son, who’s away at Dartmouth, and since their spat is never really explained, it seemed like it rested on the son’s choice of Ivy League school.  Jeff keeps trying to analyze Kevin, who knows way too much about astrophysics, and he begins to suspect that Kevin might really be an alien.  Kevin, meanwhile, keeps busy by soothing the other mental patients on his ward, each of whom is assigned a major neurosis, although the primary symptoms of emotional disturbance in this film seem to be greasy bangs, thick eyeglasses, and extreme overacting.  Jeff’s diagnostic technique resembles that of James Lipton, the moistly appreciative host of Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio; I kept waiting for Jeff to ask his patients, “What’s your favorite sound?” Eventually, Jeff starts to unravel the mystery of Kevin, and I won’t reveal the provocative, explosive conclusion, mostly because I didn’t quite understand it.  It does, however, involve Jeff flying around the country to check up on Kevin’s background, as if he didn’t have a phone or fax.  The enigmatic truth about Kevin somehow inspires Jeff to reconcile with his college-boy son; the movie suggests that aliens might be like candy stripers or secret Santas, shipped to Earth to leave helpful truths under our pillows. K-Pax emphasizes the importance of family, which is the same message being stressed by so many celebrities lately, especially the ones with major prenuptial agreements and sex addictions.


Typed and snipped by Stacey at the KSML. I’ll try to add the rest of the non-Spacey parts of the column this week and move it to the K-PAX articles page. There’s a small caricature of Kevin that I’ll have to scan and post too.

December 6, 2001

K-PAX was #14 in the U.S. last week.

There is a “For Your Consideration” ad for Kevin and Jeff Bridges for Best Actor in the current issue of Hollywood Reporter. People are reporting seeing it on eBay.

November 26, 2001

K-PAX is out of the top 10 in the US.

November 25, 2001

There’s an interview with Kevin and director Iain Softley here.

November 23, 2001

K-PAX Gala – London, November 22, 2001. Kevin and Jeff Bridges attended.

This from one of the fans: Spacey gave a very brief interview to BBC London news this evening (22nd) at the final gala night of the Regus London Film Festival for the UK premiere of K-PAX at the Empire in Leicester Square. Unusual for Spacey fans in the UK who don’t usually see much tv coverage of him.  He was asked if he believed in aliens to which he replied yes.  In fact he joked with reporters present that they were aliens. He looked very dapper in dark suit and tie.  Jeff  Bridges was also interviewed and said it was great to work with Mr Spacey. After takes for K-PAX they would sit in each other’s trailers and listen to music and just hang out and talk.  He was also asked if he and Kevin would be partying in London after the premiere, to which he replied they certainly would. Wonder where they ended up? – Thank you Karen!

And swiped from the KSML, another fan reports that Kevin has said there may be a couple of sequels coming our way. Jeff Bridges has reportedly read the other 2 books in the series and feels they must do them. I agree. From the little bit I’ve read of prot in book 3, I don’t see how Kevin could pass up the opportunity for this role in a sequel! K-PAX is due to be released in Great Britain in March 2002!!

November 19, 2001

K-PAX is #7 in the US this week. That Harry Potter kid made all the money. And #7 in Canada as well.

November 16, 2001

Entertainment Weekly November 23, 2001 issue, page 18, tiny picture of Kevin as prot.

FLICKS & CLICKS EW Internet grades the websites of four major films – by Hugh Hart Website Grade B+, Movie Grade B-:  Skip the intro’s ethereal choir and visit Worlds Apart to operate a nifty virtual cassette recorder. Eavesdrop on “Recorded Sessions With Dr. Powell” by pressing the “Play” button and hear the shrink (Jeff Bridges) explain via 16 clinical observations, why his patient Prot (Kevin Spacey) is completely nuts. ~

As all of us Spacey fans know, the official site is at

November 13, 2001-

Kevin was a question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. What was Kevin’s character in K-PAX? Their answer: an alien. Thanks Debbie.

K-PAX is #5 in Canada. ~

November 12, 2001-

The numbers for North America are in and K-PAX is #6. I’ll add the final US and Canada figures once I have them. I was hoping to not see Shallow Hal so high in the totals (#2), but apparently while people keep saying that the events of the past few months have made people more kind and sensitive to their fellow Americans, the need to offend and laugh at larger women is too deeply ingrained to be wiped out that easily.

November 9, 2001-

If you ever read this page, Gene. Thank you very much. That was a very thoughtful gift.

November 8, 2001-

US Weekly, November 12 issue. Jennifer Aniston on the cover. Picture of Kevin at premiere, page 18: K-PAX Premiere – Planet Hollywood Kevin Spacey autographed everything from ticket stubs to an impressive fan-drawn portrait of himself at the premiere of his new drama K-PAX (see review, page 56) in the Westwood section of Los Angeles on October 22. “This movie is more profound to me than it was a year ago,” said Spacey, who plays a mental patient who may or may not be from another planet.  “It says a lot about family and our connections.  Not because we intended it that way; just because, for me, it feels that way.”  Meanwhile, Spacey’s co-star Jeff Bridges, who plays his psychiatrist, made his own connections.  “I love my wife and kids so much,” says the actor, who arrived with wife Susan Bridges and their daughter Jessica, 18.  “Taking them to see this [movie] is just a great excuse to open your heart up.”  –  Matthew Graham ~

November 6, 2001

K-PAX was #1 in Canada last week and this week is #3. Thanks for the link, Alex.

November 5, 2001

K-PAX is # 4 this week. Does that include Canada? Where is it falling in the Canadian theater figures?

November 3, 2001-

Entertainment Weekly, November 9 issue, airbrushed Britney Spears on the cover.

Page 11, tiny head shot of Kevin.


I a small article about scaled down star-studded events since the events of September 11, there is this about the K-PAX premiere:

>At the Oct. 22 premiere in L.A., Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges were the only major stars to speak to the press on the red carpet.<

Page 85, small picture from K-PAX.


Finding Earth audiences very much to its liking, K-PAX beamed into first place with star Kevin Spacey’s best live-action opening ever (17.2 million).

October 31, 2001-

Coming Friday: Poll #24 – Is prot alien or human?

Don’t forget Kevin’s on Letterman tonight!

October 30, 2001-

I finally had a chance to see the movie yesterday. It was wonderful. Kevin was great. As was Jeff Bridges. I wish they’d used Alfre Woodard more. The movie’s better points outweighed the small problems they had. Is everyone recognizing Clarke Peters? Kevin’s costar from the Broadway production of Iceman?

And are you staying for the last scene? There’s a short scene after the credits are run. Could mean something, might not.

October 28, 2001-

K-PAX is number 1 this weekend. If estimates hold when final data are issued Monday, “K-PAX” will rank as the third best October opener ever, squeaking past the 1998 cartoon “Antz” ($17.2 million). ~

October 27, 2001-

I added a few more fan reviews today. As well as a few more “professional” reviews. I also added the transcript of the K-PAX portion of Around Town, the round table-type arts discussion show on a local PBS station. There are so many reviews floating around from newspapers and news organizations that I’m only picking a few more at random to post. I added a second reviews page. There is a link on the reviews page to it. I also added a few new interviews to the Articles page. If anyone sees a duplicated review, please let me know. I can hardly remember what I’ve added today.

I noticed something unusual on the K-PAX ad in the paper yesterday and today. There are no critics quotes on the ad anywhere? Why not?

There is video of Kevin’s interview with Katie Couric on yesterday’s Today show at the NBC website. You just have to wait for the page to load, then click on Kevin’s face. You know how that works.

October 26, 2001-

Wall Street Journal This paper has a review of K-PAX in their print edition, but you have to be a subscriber to access the online version and I’m not. Guy didn’t seem to like it.

Entertainment Weekly November 2, 2001, David Letterman on the cover. Page 12, wiith a drawing of Kevin/prot barking at a dog. Jim Mullens’s Hot Sheet What the country is talking about this week …

#6. K-PAX The movie that asks the question “Is Kevin Spacey from outer space or just plain nuts?” Maybe he’s just a nut from outer space.  Then turn the page and find a tiny picture of prot eating a banana: Flashes – TREND OF TWO: PEEL POPPERS

What do Oscar winner Kevin Spacey and Jean-Claude Van Damme have in common? Seems they’re both appearing on screen eating a banana – gulp – skin and all. In the straight-video Replicant, Van Damme plays a clone unfamiliar with human food. (The un-apeeling scene appears in the outtakes section of the DVD.) “We didn’t have the budget to have a fake banana,” moans Van Damme, who actually ate the peel. Spacey, who plays a self-proclaimed alien in K-PAX, also avoided fake fruit. Although the taste left something to be desired – “It wasn’t a party,” he says – there was the bonus of a “potassium high.” Spacey laughs: “I was bouncing off the walls that day.” Even K-PAX costar Jeff Bridges got in on the act. “I went back to my trailer, looked around to make sure nobody was watching, and I tasted a banana peel, he confesses. “Wasn’t bad.” – Mari Cartel, EW

Then … turn to page 45 for a half-page color picture and the EW review by Lisa Schwarzbaum who some of you may remember as the reviewer of Pay It Forward who got all the letters to the editor about her review of *that* movie. She gives the movie a grade of  B-, then after you read that, turn to page 53 (no picture) for a small chart showing Kevin’s box office track record using his last 10 films. A Time To Kill was the biggest 3-day opener and Big Kahuna was the smallest (due to the tiny number of theaters it was in). This review is on the new K-PAX reviews page, just scroll down.

Today Kevin *is* on the Today show this morning. They just said he’d be on the next half hour, which means the second hour in the EST time zone.

The reviews are in! I have added the 3 Washington Post reviews to the K-PAX Reviews page. Pictures in the print edition: A new color picture on page C1 and a b/w picture on page C5, Style section. Old color picture, page 37 of the Weekend section. Page 39 has a slightly larger than 1/2 page b/w ad.

I haven’t seen the Baltimore paper yet so don’t know what picture they have, but they normally will have one. Same goes for the Washington Times. I have included the online reviews though.

I’ll add the comments from last night’s Around Town, a DC arts review TV show later. I took notes, but they’ll have a transcript posted later and I’d rather just copy and paste. The 5 critics had different opinions of the movie for various reasons.

I’ll also add more reviews as I see them. AS always, SPOILERS in most reviews.

October 25, 2001-

They should have called the E! Behind The Scenes special “E! talks to Kevin a lot.” Don’t forget to tape it.

Magazine alert! November issue of Star Log, a sci-fi magazine has a 4 page spread on the movie. Part is the movie, the rest is about the producer. Thanks Keyser’s friend. On the stands now.

October 24, 2001-

So, I decide to stop by the Jeff Bridges AOL chat tonight and see if I can get a question answered. I submitted several questions since you never really know what the moderators will pick and as always, I asked very serious Spacey questions, keeping in mind my vow to never embarrass the Spacey fan community and to always leave people with the impression that Kevin’s fans are quite intelligent and very deep thinkers.

I asked if there was going to be a K-PAX sequel since the book was part of a trilogy and I asked for his opinion of the possible controversy surrounding the film and to my surprise, while I was sitting here telling my sister that they only had a few minutes left and I didn’t know how many questions they were going through to pick out just a few,  .. to my surprise I turn back to the screen just in time to read these words:

AOL: Here is a great question from our audience member DrivingMrSpacey, believe it or not! Who is more adorable, you or your K-PAX co-star Kevin Spacey?

Thankfully, Jeff Bridges has a quick sense of humor. He said:

Well, I think that all depends on the outfit that either one of us is wearing. I right now am wearing a quite adorable teddy bear outfit. The hood of the outfit is down on my shoulder right now, but when I put the hood on I look very much like a koala bear. Kevin … God knows what he is wearing at this moment. LOL.

You just never know what they might pick! He also said that Kevin being involved in the movie was a big plus for him, Kevin is from outer space as indicated by his last name, Ebert and Roeper give K-PAX two thumbs up and he has a celebrity cookbook coming out in November in conjunction with his efforts to end hunger in America. The book will be available in supermarkets, the Unilever Best Foods website and the Hunger Free America website. .

Great guy.

Fan Reviews We now have fan reviews! Our first review is from Bonnie, who saw the movie at a press screening on Monday. But since she’s a big fan of Kevin’s, I’m putting her on the fan reviews page so she doesn’t get lost in all of the critics reviews coming up on Friday. Always beware of SPOILERS in reviews.

October 23, 2001-

More Premiere Pictures has many Spacey photos now. Be sure to look at the last pages, since some of the photos are near the end. I added a few tiny pics to my K-PAX Premiere page, along with a fan’s story of being at the premiere. Thanks, David.

K-PAX soundtrack Available starting today.

K-PAX premiere You can find pictures from the premiere at Yahoo News.

I’ll try to put those on a new premiere page tomorrow.

And there’s a new interview with Kevin from Dark Horizons that I swiped from the Spacey Forums at this morning. It’s on the K-PAX articles page.

Thanks Maddie.

If you went to the premiere to see Kevin and want to tell everyone what it was like, please drop me a line using the fan review forms or the webmaster addy.

Jeff Bridges chat According to the K-PAX site, Jeff Bridges is doing an AOL chat tomorrow night at 8pm EST.

October 22, 2001-

Reminder: Kevin will be on the Today show tomorrow. Don’t know which of the 3 hours he’ll be seen on or if it’s live or taped.

October 21, 2001-

Reminder: Premiere! Ok, Spacey fans with cameras. Here’s your big chance. Wish it was being simulcast on the web:

K-PAX World Premiere!

Mann Village Westwood, 961 Broxton, Westwood, CA 7:30 PM screening Monday, October 22  6 PM call-time for arrivals Guests: “K-PAX´´ cast members Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Mary McCormack, Ajay Naidu, Conchata Ferrell, Vincent Laresca, John Toles-Bey, Tracy Vilar, Kimberly Scott and Brian Howe, director Iain Softley, screenwriter Charles Leavitt and producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin. PLUS: Beau Bridges, Vin Diesel, Stephen Dorff, Michael Clarke Duncan, Martin Landau, Mike Myers, Haley Joel Osment, Rebecca Romijn Stamos, Winona Ryder, William Lee Scott, Jane Seymour, Will Smith, John Stamos and many others.

K-PAX VH-1 Cast Party I have watched this show before. They usually have the main members of the cast and the director sitting on a couch on a set talking about the movie, making the movie, music in the movie, and various other things. Tends to be very casual.  From 7-7:30pm EST, October 22. Check listings for repeats.

Hmmm K-PAX seems to be getting itself involved in some controversy. K-PAX Articles page.

October 20, 2001-

K-PAX TV review If you live in the viewing area of WETA, a Washington, DC based public television station, the arts review show called Around Town will be reviewing K-PAX on Thursday night at 8:30pm. The show repeats at 11:30am on Saturday. WETA TV 26. Check your cable listings for correct channel. On my cable system it’s shown on channel 33.

October 19, 2001-

Here’s a new *positive* review of K-PAX from the Coming Attractions site. (Thanks, Susan) **Too bad the page is no longer there.

I’m too tired tonight to put the link to the Rotten Tomatoes site that gave the bad reviews of the film.

October 18, 2001-

Special K-PAX screening

Museum of Tolerance at the Wiesenthal Center will hold a special screening Oct. 24 of “K-PAX” staring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges. Director Iain Softley (“Wings of the Dove”) will participate in a Q&A about the pic — which deals with both the issue of science vs. faith and tolerance overall.

K-PAX  Special Pre-Release Screening for MOT Members Only Wednesday, October 24 – 7:00pm Q&A with director Iain Softley following the screening.

Maximum 2 tickets per member. No charge. RSVP required.

October 17, 2001-

For all of you local LA fans:

Universal Pictures Celebrates World Premiere of K-PAX Monday, October 22 at Mann Village Westwood

WHAT: World Premiere of Universal Pictures’ K-PAX.  WHO: K-PAX cast members Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Mary McCormack, Peter Gerety, Saul Williams, David Patrick Kelly and Ajay  Naidu, director Iain Softley, screenwriter Charles Leavitt and producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin.   PLUS guests including Haley Joel Osment and many others. WHERE: Mann Village Westwood, 961 Broxton, Westwood, CA  WHEN: 7:30 PM screening Monday, October 22 6 PM call-time for arrivals K-PAX opens nationwide on Friday, October 26.

October 16, 2001-

E! online now has video of the interview last night. Check under Multimedia Gallery:

October 15, 2001-

Kevin on E! News Daily It’s a quiet and smiling Kevin in a suit tonight, Spacey fans. About 7 or 8 minutes into the show. I guess the bananas are going to be the focus of his interviews this year. Not only were they mentioned in this interview, here’s a new interview from Entertainment Tonight online:

Kevin’s Going Bananas! October 15, 2001

KEVIN SPACEY is charting new territory as he takes on an out-of-this-world character in ‘K-PAX.’ Find out how he primped, prepped, and popped lots of produce for the flick!

ET: First of all, I’m sorry we don’t have any produce here for you.

KEVIN SPACEY: I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping for a coconut!

ET: IAIAN (SOFTLEY, the director) said you had to go through an awful lot of produce for this role.

KEVIN: I did, I did. There was this scene in the film where Prot eats an entire banana. What I love about Iaian is that he actually shows me eating the entire banana. There’s not even a truncated moment, it shows the entire banana. They tried to make prop bananas, but they didn’t look real at all. So I said, “Oh, just go get me the real bananas.” And I had to eat a lot of them! It’s quite a potassium high!

ET: I read that in your research, you went to a mental institution. What did you see there that surprised you?

KEVIN: A lot of the psychiatrists we talked to were very helpful about the procedural stuff, because there’s always this funny notion people have about how mental illness is treated. We wanted it to be accurate. The psychiatrists on board were helpful in terms of how hypnosis is done, how medications are done, how patients are treated. In going to these places, the first question I asked was, “Are there any patients here who think they’re from outer space?” and the answer is, “Yeah, about 12 at the moment.” I met some of them and spoke to them. They’re absolutely convinced they’re from another planet. When you begin to break it down and ask specific questions, it gets a little vague…and then there’s charming things like tinfoil on hats for better reception and that sort of thing. What fascinated me about playing Prot is the job of the psychiatrist, and how he or she tries to push the patient to the limits of their delusions. Then you can show them it isn’t true. In Prot’s case, the evidence begins to stack up quite clearly that he really could be from this planet.

ET: When I think of you teaming up with JEFF BRIDGES I think, why hasn’t that happened before?

KEVIN: That’s kind of what we thought. We had such a good experience, I trusted him so much. We had a relationship where we could ask each other anything. Nothing was off-limits. We’d often play each other’s parts. If we got to a point in a scene where we weren’t quite confident with what we were doing, Jeff would say, “You read my part, I’ll read your part.” That’s a great, liberating thing to do.

ET: In today’s world, we could use people like Prot out there. You’re from New York. Does the city feel like it’s healing, or is it too early?

KEVIN: I think anyone who says it’s too early hasn’t been to New York. Right now in the streets of New York, people are more anxious then ever to get back to their lives…and to prove to the world and our country that the city is resolved to come back better and stronger than ever. There’s a feeling in that town as you walk through the streets…an extraordinary feeling of generosity. I don’t think I’ve felt quite this way since JOHN LENNON died. For weeks after his death, what you sensed in subways, cafes, Central Park — wherever it was you came across people, who would normally be minding their own business, looking down at their papers and not wanting to be engaged — you felt this real sense of people trying to engage each other. The only thing that has made this sadness bearable has been the way everyone has responded to it.

ET: And you feel fine because you’re flying back and forth, you feel secure, safe?

KEVIN: I think right now, the safest place to be is in an airplane. And that wasn’t always the case. I think that the measures we’re taking as a country, to be alert and aware, are important measures. But I also think that we can’t be defeated by terror, we can’t live in fear, we can live in caution, but we have to show the world that the best way to answer this is to come back even stronger.

Thanks for the tip Kaye.

(Kevin must be flying private jets. My aunt flew from Texas to Baltimore and said that while Baltimore security was heavy, there appeared to be nothing different on the Texas end. I’ll bet Kevin didn’t watch Oprah the other day either. They had this guy on reminding everyone that while passengers are being frisked, searched and treated like potential criminals, they’re not doing anything about securing grounds crews, x-raying baggage or x-raying mail put on the planes. Yep.)

October 14, 2001-

Kevin and/or K-PAX are supposed to make appearances on E! News Daily and Access Hollywood tomorrow, and there’s a rumor floating around that has Kevin on Letterman tomorrow night, but that has not been confirmed at all. * No Kevin on Letterman after all.

K-PAX soundtrack The soundtrack is supposed to be released some time next week, but I can’t recall the date. The info is supposed to be on the official website. Everyone knows the addy by now, don’t you?

October 12, 2001-

Entertainment Weekly October 19, 2001 issue, Enterprise on the cover. Page 22, small but familiar picture of Kevin and Jeff Bridges.


Since the Oct.2 John Lennon tribute, we know Kevin Spacey can sing. Seems the Oscar winner is also fluent in at least one foreign language: In K-PAX, Spacey speaks in a supposed alien tongue that he and speech coach Jessica Drake invented. “It’s somewhat based in Click languages and some African dialects,” says Spacey. “I asked Jessica to put together an 11- or 12- syllable word that I could say all at once.” He declines to translate. ” I can’t reveal that,” he says. “It’s better for the audience to come up with their own interpretation.” Filmgoers may find planet K-PAX’s language similar to the kooky chatter of Anne Heche’s alter ego Celestia. “I’ve always had a very strange bond with Anne Heche and I never knew why,” notes Spacey. “Now it all makes sense. We’re both from K-PAX!”

-William Keck for EW

Behind-The-Scenes with K-PAX on E! Thursday, October 25th, check local listing for times. E! often repeats shows.

K-PAX website

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10-12-01 Mogulsoft – Los Angeles is proud to announce the launch of our latest and most in depth effort to date.

The Official Web Site for the Universal Studios Picture “K-PAX” Starring Kevin Spacey  and Jeff Bridges. Directed by Iain Softley.

Thanks, Scott

Don’t forget Spacey and Jeff Bridges fans   … K-PAX will close out the London Film Festival next month.

<snip> Stars expected to attend include Martin Sheen – who will be talking about Apocalypse Now Redux, Bruce Willis who will be in town for the premiere of his movie Bandits and both Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey who will be here for the closing gala movie K-Pax. Empire Online will be covering the festival, which runs from 7-22 November 2001 in depth, talking to the stars, and covering all the gala premieres. So make sure you make us your bookmark for the Regus London Film Festival. <snip>

Entire article is on the new K-PAX articles page.

October 9, 2001-

K-PAX on VH-1 TV Guide and the VH-1 online schedule are both showing a special called K-PAX Cast Party on Monday, October 22 at 7pm EST. There is no other information or description. October 22 was the date given for the K-PAX Hollywood premiere so the special may have something to do with that. Or it might not. Check your listings for Monday in case Kevin will be there.

October 8, 2001-

Here’s a new review of K-PAX copied and pasted from another site. Thanks Alex. As always, SPOILERS. K-PAX review by Chuck Rock Ahoy-Hoy. I caught a screening of the new Kevin Spacey movie K-PAX in Westwood this week. All in all I thought it was pretty good, it’s hard not to like Spacey, because he really is that good. I did think the film fell short in my expectations. A lot of cliché lines and characters were used; much the same as in most films or stories that take place in a mental institution (i.e. Awakenings, Girl Interrupted).

The story follows Kevin Spacey’s character, Prot., who seams to be a pretty convincing being from the planet K-PAX. When they take him into the institution due to a misunderstanding in an airport he seams to be so sincere in his methods that everyone can’t help but believe him (Patients and Employees). When Dr. Mark Powell, played by Jeff Bridges, takes him in for analysis they discover that he can in fact see ultraviolet light, and knows of constellations and planets that were only in theory to the highest of Astrologists. At first he is thought to be some sort of idiot savant. As the story unfolds you begin to realize there’s much more to Prot. And so a hunt ensues to help Prot, and in the course of this he begins to help everyone else, including the professional and skeptic, Dr. Powell. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about it being an early Academy Award’s contender, but honestly I feel it comes up just short. One thing that was really outstanding was the sound track, a simplistic mix of moody piano and soft dance beats, which I, a student of rock music would normally dismiss, Really set the mood for this outsider and how he viewed the world. Certain important scenes have very strong, connected soundtracks, which I think strengthened the film a lot. The end of the film is quiet unexpected, and reveals a complex concept without a sure-fire answer, leaving it open to decipher for ourselves. All in all I enjoyed this film immensely, even though I don’t think it really brought anything new to the table, it was a solid film with a strong emotional story line and powerful lead. Check it out.

October 4, 2001-

K-PAX website The official K-PAX website has been fancied up a bit. It took a few minutes for the Flash to load. It reminds me of the American Beauty site in the way the pictures appear and disappear. And the music seems similar to me. There’s a chance to win a pair of sunglasses like the one Prot wears. There are e-cards, screensavers and wallpaper which are coming soon, cast bios, an image gallery, updates are promised, 2 trailers and a few other things I didn’t have the chance to look at.

Here’s a totally useless piece of Spacey trivia. K-PAX opens in the U.S. on the first anniversary of Driving Mr. Spacey!’s launch into space. I knew you’d be impressed by that.

October 2, 2001-

K-PAX commercial People have been seeing the commercial on TV since last night. My own mother reported seeing it this morning on TBS so maybe it will be seen tonight during the Lennon tribute Kevin will be hosting on TNT and the WB, as well as other Turner owned stations. Plus, I’ve seen the movie advertised on a banner on this morning.

October 1, 2001-

In Style magazine, October 2001, Heather Graham on the cover, page 312. No picture of Kevin. There’s a Jeff Bridges interview on page 311 and on the next page you can find this:

Kevin Spacey K-Pax was the first time we met. I was a big fan. Some actors just turn it on between ‘action’ and ‘cut’ and don’t enjoy getting to know the other actors and talking about the characters. We both enjoy the process. And he’s a great singer.

September 21, 2001-

Entertainment Weekly Win a chance to see a free advanced screening of K-PAX!

September 20, 2001- 

A Spacey fan has told me that she found the K-PAX poster at a store in California. Hollywood Book and Poster, 6562 Hollywood Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA. 90028 and the phone number is 1-323-465-8764 (that *is* long distance, folks). The poster was $24.50 and that price included shipping and handling. Thanks for the tip, Jen.

September 19, 2001

Movieline, October 2001 issue, page 74, familiar picture of Kevin and Jeff Bridges Oscar Bait – K-PAX (possible SPOILERS) The title may sound about as much like an Oscar contender as Dr. Dolittle 2, but the star is double Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, and his role – a mental patient who claims to be a visitor from another planet, and indeed displays otherworldly talents – is the stuff Best Actor dreams are made of. The strange but gentle “alien” Prot (rhymes with “boat”, we’re told) demonstrates an inexplicable knowledge of astronomy, possesses an extrahuman sense of sight and smell, and exhibits an impressive array of personality quirks that might just as well have been created to bring the Academy to attention. Too bad Spacey’s home planet doesn’t have a name that’s more dignified and mellifluous than K-PAX (which seems to simultaneously bring to mind thoughts of bad Jim Belushi movies and prescription drugs), but the supporting cast – much-Oscar-nominated Jeff Bridges as Spacey’s psychiatrist and one-time Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Alfre Woodard as Bridge’s boss – lends class enough. The screenplay for the film, which is adapted from the novel of the same name, is highly touted and the story is involving (Prot begins to enhance the sanity of his fellow nutcases far more effectively than modern psychiatry seems to be doing). The director Iain Softley, who last gave us the elegant, award-worthy The Wings of the Dove, is just the guy to keep this material safely away from ickiness, and Spacey will be out to avoid goo, too, after what happened to his Oscar bait last year, Pay It Forward.

September 17, 2001-

I added some new pictures to the K-PAX photos page.

September 15, 2001 –

The international premiere of K-PAX will close the 45th London Film Festival in November.

There is a full page ad for K-PAX in the September 24, 2001 issue of People magazine. Don’t know what the page number is yet. I’ll post the picture as soon as I get a copy and can scan it. * Page #102. Sadly, this is an issue called Sept.11, 2001: The Day That Shook America and has a cover photo of the World Trade Center on fire and United Airlines Flight 175 heading straight towards it. This entire issue is devoted to the horrible events of Tuesday morning.

September 11, 2001 –

Premiere October 2001 This doesn’t seem very important today, but there’s a picture of Kevin from K-PAX on page 95 of the new Premiere. Previews of new movies. Cameron Diaz on the cover. *I added the picture to the K-PAX photos page. The blue picture of Kevin (above) is now a link to the photos page.

Final Cut – Previews

K-PAX Sci-fi:, starring Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, and Alfre Woodard; directed by Iain Softley; Release date: October 5 (since changed to October 26) Universal

Spacey (American Beauty) takes to outer space (sort of) as Prot, a mental patient who says he’s from the distant planet of K-PAX. Although his doctor (Bridges) dismisses Prot’s alien status as multiple personality disorder, he can’t deny Prot’s healing effect on the other mental patients. But the real trouble begins when Prot announces plans to return to K-PAX – 7,000 light years away – and his fellow patients want to go along for the ride.

K-PAX premiere According to the Calendar of Events at, this is where and when the K-PAX Hollywood premiere will be held:

Monday, October 22 – at 6:30 p.m. at Mann’s Village Theatre 961 Broxton, in Westwood Village

Kevin is supposed to be filming a movie in October, which according to a few online sources will be filming in Texas, so hopefully he’ll have the day off to attend his big movie premiere.

September 9, 2001 –

The Washington Post, Sunday Arts section, page 13 (no picture)

A List of Fall Film Releases – October 26

“K-Pax” involves Kevin Spacey as a possible man from outer space, with Jeff Bridges as the earthbound shrink who tries to restore him to reality. But maybe he’s already in reality. Semi sci-fi.

September 2, 2001- 

Maxim Fashion Fall/Winter 2001/02, article with photos

Kevin Spacey Rewrites The Rules And Keeps His Cool I’ll be adding some new K-PAX photos to the photos page in the next day or so.

August 29,  2001-

Variety Kevin has placed a full page ad in the August 27 – September 2 issue of Variety. Page 81. Includes a picture of Kevin as prot.

August 27,  2001-

Cigar Aficionado – September issue, Jeff Bridges on the cover. There’s an article about Jeff Bridges in the latest issue of this magazine and there are a few mentions of K-PAX and Kevin. There’s a new Spacey/Bridges picture on page 79. The magazine isn’t on the newsstands in my area yet.

Kevin better get the Spacey PR ball rolling. This makes 2 magazine articles about Jeff Bridges and K-PAX out there. Before you know it, people will be thinking it’s a Jeff Bridges movie!

August 21,  2001 –

Ain’t-It-Cool-News There are a few reviews of a K-PAX sneak preview at Ain’t It Cool News. One of the reviews contains what could be major SPOILERS if you haven’t even read the book, so be warned. The people reviewing the movie didn’t like it, but the one person I know who saw one of the sneak peeks said that it was very good, even though she wouldn’t tell me anything else about it. Darn!

If a movie is seen by test audiences in advance of it’s release and changes are made to the final film based on what the test audiences liked or not, can the director really say the film was his own vision? Just something I’ve been pondering for a few years now.

August 18,  2001 –

Entertainment Weekly, Fall Movie Preview issue, August 24/31, 2001.

There’s a slightly larger than half-page picture of Kevin and Jeff Bridges (above photo) and a description of the movie on page 44. Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz on the cover.

August 16,  2001 –

Someone has now seen the K-PAX trailer shown before The Others, a great movie I saw on Monday without the K-PAX trailer. I jumped once, but didn’t scream as someone else did. Great movie moment.

August 12 -14,  2001

The official website has added the trailer in Quicktime and Windows media. I haven’t had any luck getting them to load this morning. An off time may be better. I’m hoping they’ll add another screensaver to the site since they removed the one I have on my computer.

The K-PAX trailer is in the theaters now. You might want to call your local theater and ask which movie they’re showing it with. So far all fans who have reported seeing it have said it’s with American Pie 2.

Oh, well. I guess there’s always the commercial on TV to look forward to.

August 11, 2001 –

Check out my K-PAX photos page for easier access to the trailer. Hope they all work. You might also want to check out the official web site again.

When is the poster going to be available and is Kevin going to be on it? I sure hope so!

August 10,  2001 –

K-PAX trailer! I had trouble getting it to load, but that’s nothing too unusual.

I found out late last night that K-PAX was supposed to be previewed on Entertainment Tonight last night. I haven’t had a chance to see if I managed to record anything on the late night showing, but this was on the ET website:

Calling ‘K-Pax’!

August 09, 2001

Acting sparks will fly this fall when multiple Oscar-winner KEVIN SPACEY teams up with multiple Oscar-nominee JEFF BRIDGES in the wild new fantasy-drama, ‘ K-Pax .’ Based on GENE BREWER’s 1995 novel, ‘K-Pax’ tells the story of a mysterious patient (Spacey) at a mental hospital who claims to have traveled across time and space from a distant planet called K-Pax. His emotionally rigid psychiatrist (Bridges) tries to figure out the best way to help him, believing he has multiple personality disorder. But the doctor soon realizes the profound impact this so-called “alien” is having on the mental state of the hospital’s other residents — and begins to doubt his own diagnosis. Most recently seen in ‘ Pay It Forward ‘ sharing the screen with HELEN HUNT and HALEY JOEL OSMENT, Spacey won the Academy award for Best Actor in 2000 for his performance in ‘ American Beauty .’ In 1996, he nabbed the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in ‘ The Usual Suspects .’ Jeff Bridges was up for the Best Supporting Actor trophy just last year for his stirring performance as the President of the United States in ‘The Contender.’ In the past, the Academy has recognized the son of LLOYD BRIDGES with nominations for ‘ Starman ,’ ‘ Thunderbolt and Lightfoot ‘ and ‘The Last Picture Show.’ Directed by ‘ Hackers ‘ helmer IAIN SOFTLEY and also starring ALFRE WOODARD and MARY McCORMACK, ‘K-Pax’ beams into theaters October 26.

August 9,  2001 –

Official K-PAX web site has been updated with new photos (such as the one above) and the site now says the movie is set for release on October 26th. I’ve added the Spacey photos to my K-PAX  photos page. Thanks for the tip, Susan.

Premiere text, possible SPOILERS: 

K-Pax Starring: Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, and Alfre Woodard; directed by Iain Softley (Universal, October 5)  Is he is or is he ain’t an alien? That’s the central question of K-PAX, a sci-fi film that blends elements of AWAKENINGS and STARMAN.  “There’s a real satisfaction in tracing little clues and being able to guess,” says director Softley (THE WINGS OF THE DOVE).  Based on Gene Brewer’s 1995 novel, the movie tells the story of Prot (Spacey), a mental patient who may or may not be from the distant planet K-Pax and who has a healing effect on other patients in his ward. The film itself had been stranded on a not-so-distant planet called Development Hell for five years: At one point, Will Smith was attached to star and produce, and Spacey was to play the doctor trying to uncover Prot’s mystery – a part that eventually went to the Starman himself, Bridges. Spacey, however, says he “really responded” to Prot.  “His story takes notions of insanity and psychiatry and flips them on their ears. Sometimes the person who is the most logical is the person whom we call insane.” Sweet Rewards:  When Bridges earned an Oscar nomination for his performance in THE CONTENDER, “we waited till the end of the day and we had a little party,” Softley says.  “Of course, our own little Academy Award winner led the celebrations.” Spacey says, “I wheeled out a big Oscar cake.”

Thanks for providing that magazine text, Stacey.

August 8,  2001 –

Premiere, September 2001 K-PAX is on page 66 of the Fall Preview section of this month’s Premiere. There is a  picture which is also on page 66, and I added it to the K-PAX  photos page. I’ll add the text later.

New release date Apparently Universal has delayed the release of K-PAX until the end of October because they want to spend more time promoting it than they could have with it starting October 5th.

Looks like K-PAX is going to be *my* birthday present, Donna! says the release date is now October 26, 2001. Thanks, Debbie.

August 7,  2001 –

Something new at the official K-PAX web site! Looks like they’re getting ready to start the site. In the past when I went to the addy, it sent me to Universal Studios and I had to wade through other stuff for a few brief seconds of K-PAX, but today, you get taken to the K-PAX site where you can register to be put on Universal’s mailing list, get a synopsis of the movie and … download a K-PAX screensaver! I haven’t had a chance to try that yet, so if anyone does, please let me know how it works. The screensaver and movie synopsis have their own K-Pax address, instead of a Universal Studios address.

If everyone else already knows about this, how did I miss it??

Different theater date?? I’m hearing a rumor that the release date has been pushed back. Has anyone else read this anywhere?

August 3,  2001 –

Also from Dark Horizons: The K-PAX trailer will be sent to theaters in the next few weeks. If anyone sees it, let us know.

August 1,  2001 –

From Dark Horizons:

Reshoots on the Kevin Spacey/ Jeff Bridges flick wrapped on Monday at Universal Studios.

July 27th 2001 –

Looks like the K-PAX trailer is not being shown with Jurassic Park 3 after all. No one has reported seeing it.

July 19th 2001 – K-Pax: Re-shoots begin tomorrow (Friday) on the Kevin Spacey/Jeff Bridges flick at Sony Studios for approximately one week.

July 16, 2001 –

So, when are we going to see another picture from the movie? Rumor has the trailer being shown at the beginning of Jurassic Park 3 this week. Shouldn’t the movie have some kind of mention in a magazine?

June 21, 2001 –    

I emailed Gene Brewer, the author of the K-PAX trilogy, asking him if he would be kind enough to share with us Spacey fans how it felt to have his book turned into a movie and how he felt about Kevin Spacey as prot. 

Here is his answer:

Dear Lisa,

Since K-PAX was my first published novel, I would’ve been happy to see ANYONE play prot.  Imagine what a thrill it was to learn that my creation would be brought to life on the screen by one of America’s finest actors.  And if that wasn’t enough, I was privileged to meet Mr. Spacey on the set both in New York and Los Angeles, and to watch him work.  Off camera I found him to be not only the strong, intelligent personality you might expect, but quite warm and generous as well.  And with a great sense of humor.  On camera he immediately became prot, consistently and convincingly in every scene.  The result was a very powerful performance which might well win him a third Oscar.  Jeff Bridges and all the other actors and crew were wonderful, too.  No question: it’s going to be a great film.  You can quote me on that.

Yrs truly, Gene

From the Gene Brewer website:


From Ain’t It Cool News SPOILERS!:

Desiree takes in Universal’s Big Hope For The Fall: K-PAX starring Kevin Spacey!!! Hey folks, Harry here… K-PAX is the film that UNIVERSAL Studios is pinning quite a bit of hope and excitement behind for the fall/holiday season. The execs and marketing people see it as a ‘quality blockbuster’ that is more than the typical studio fare and is intelligent science fiction with a difficult unconventional resolution that they will not be changing no matter what the reaction may be. And our first reaction, from the lovely Desiree is way positive. But then with Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges… what’d you expect? Here ya go and remember… ya got to wait till October 5th before seeing it… Hi. First of all, I have been a big fan of your site, especially Alexandra DuPont’s reviews in the past. Its good to know there are other girl geeks out there who love film as the next guy.  Anyway, by some act of a god I was able to see the first screening of K-Pax, starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges tonight in La Jolla. I have not heard one thing about this movie but I knew seeing Kevin Spacey’s name on the opening credits, it must be interesting. Kevin plays a psychiatry patient named Prot who says he is from the planet K-Pax. Jeff Bridges plays Dr. Powell, the doctor who is trying through out the film to debunk Prot’s story and prove that he is really human and from Earth. But that’s the thing. Prot is so good at explaining his story and describing where and what his planet is, he even has the world’s best astronomers left perplexed and astonished. There’s a great scene where Prot  s brought before them in an observatory and is asked to draw/map out K-Pax’s rotation in the solar system. He succeeds, mapping out this difficult, if not confusing, diagram complete with mathematical equations, leaving each doctor in awe of how this guy knew that. Prot is put under observation in the psych ward and its during this time he connects with each patient, even to the point of helping them more so than the good doctor can. This frustrates Dr. Powell as Prot has promised he will take one of them back with him when he returns to K-Pax, thus stirring up excitement and anxiousness amongst the patients. Its during Prot’s visit to the Powell’s house on the 4th of July when something happens, leading Powell to try alternative measures of getting to Prot’s  hypnosis. During these sessions, which Kevin Spacey does an excellent job of becoming different characters, we find out some of Prot’s past and that may have lead him to where he is today. Powell has to act quick as Prot has told everybody that the date of July 27th he will be returning to K-Pax. Now if I could compare this to any sort of movies in the past, it would have to be The Fisher King meets Usual Suspects. Yes, I know both starred the leads in this film, but that’s how I would describe this to friends. The Fisher King in part because Jeff Bridges’ character is along for the ride, there when revelations happen and the full tilt of the climax is upon us. And because one of the psych patients in the ward reminds me of Michael Jeter. Usual Suspects because Kevin Spacey once again leads us astray. And by astray, I don’t mean Verbal Kint/Kaiser Soze. I mean you think you believe and then you believe and then you think you believe and then you believe and then once again, you think you might believe. I appreciated the fact that many psychiatrists deal with this on a daily basis, but as Powell reveals, after talking five minutes with them, you can find holes in their stories. He isn’t able to do this with Prot at all. I liked this film. Yea, it was a little slow in some parts, but just when I was about to open my mouth to yawn, I would be frozen in mid opening because of a revelation or a possible weak spot in Prot’s story. Harry, this is a film I hope you see early. I would like to get your take on it. A definite discussion is much anticipated after this film opens.

Thanks for your time,
Desiree ~

The Dark Horizons site has a new page for K-Pax. And they’ve started a page for The Shipping News.

VARIETY – March 1, 2001 Daily Variety’s Front Page: March 1 Brits Bond For Big-Ticket Pix LONDON (Variety) – Rival British distribs FilmFour and Pathe have entered an unprecedented alliance to acquire big-budget movies, starting with Iain Softley’s psychological drama “K-Pax,´´ starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges, and produced by Intermedia.

New expected release date has been moved from October 2001 to December 2001.

Golden Globe Awards: January 22, 2001 – Kevin presented the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement to Al Pacino, still wearing his scruffy 3 day whiskers needed for filming the movie. Jeff Bridges, his co-star, said on the red carpet before the show started that they were still filming in Hollywood.

The back cover of the paperback says the movie rights were sold to the producer of Field Of Dreams.

Additions to the cast are Aaron Paul, Clarke Peters (he was in The Iceman Cometh on Broadway with Kevin) and Mary McCormack.

Update! Now filming in Hollywood. Kevin attended the VH1 My Music Awards and introduced U2. Filming is being done in NYC for 2 weeks and then Los Angeles, CA.

Based on the novel by Gene Brewer.

From the Gene Brewer website:

Post-production for K-PAX, directed by Iain Softley (HACKERS, THE WINGS OF THE DOVE) and starring two-time Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey and four-time Oscar-nominee Jeff Bridges, is underway. Executive producer is Lawrence Gordon (FIELD OF DREAMS, DIE HARD, 48 HOURS), and the screenplay is by Charles Leavitt (THE SUNCATCHER, THE MIGHTY).

Others in the cast include Alfre Woodard, Conchata Ferrell, Mary McCormack, Aaron Paul, Brian Howe, Peter Gerety, David Patrick Kelly, Saul Williams, Greg Lewis, Mary Mara, and Meira Moet. Director of photography is John Mathieson (GLADIATOR, HANNIBAL). The film will be edited by Craig McKay (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS).

K-PAX is scheduled for release by Universal Pictures on October 5, 2001. The official website is

A new paperback reprint of K-PAX, with Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges pictured on the cover, will be released in conjunction with the film version in the fall of 2001.

The paperback edition of ON A BEAM OF LIGHT will be published by St. Martin’s Press in early 2002.

The third and final book in the trilogy (THE WORLDS OF PROT) will appear later that year, and the corresponding paperback in 2003.