Bears in Space Part I

Friday, June 13, 2008 –

KevieBear is at new his part-time job as a message pad holder. A job he took after his plans to help Hillary Clinton become president and stalk… er, meet up with… Kevin Spacey again, met with failure. While he waits for the phone to ring, he ponders his future and wonders what he will do with his life now.

KevieBear: I can’t believe this. Just when I decide to help my country and more importantly, myself, fate once again steps in to crush my dreams. Why do these things happen to me? Is the entire universe against me? Is it some cosmic plot to play with my mind and emotions until I go stark, raving mad? I’m almost tempted to … excuse me. You’ll have to wait for the receptionist to come back. I’m very busy thinking.

A stranger has approached KevieBear’s desk.

Stranger: Hello. I don’t mean to bother you but my name is…

KevieBear: Can’t you see that I am contemplating my life here?

Stranger: But I just wanted to give you my card and say that …

KevieBear: You are starting to annoy me. Don’t make me call my mother and have her call the office manager to tell her to tell you to leave me alone.

Stranger: Please. Just take my card. I saw you sitting here and after watching you for a few minutes I realized that you would be just right for a job opening I have in my company. My name is …

KevieBear: Excuse me? I have a job. I’m doing it right now. It may not look like much but it’s very important. A vital cog in the wheel that keeps this company rolling along. I can’t just walk out on these people. They need me.

Stranger: Please, just think about it and if you decide to take a chance, call me or email me. You are just what I’ve been looking for. You’d be great at this job.

KevieBear: Yeah, yeah. Call or email. Got it. Give me the card.

KevieBear reads the card in hopes of getting the stranger to leave.

KevieBear: What kind of work do you do? I really don’t have time for a full time job since I’m in a holding pattern right now. I’m waiting for my big…


KevieBear: Does this say EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of a FILM COMPANY??

Stranger: Yes. Farragut Films. Maybe you’ve heard of us? Or been to our website? ? We’re a small local independent film company. I’m about to start filming a new episode in our Starship Farragut series. They’re based on the old Star Trek TV show.

KevieBear: Hmm. Well, I’ve never heard of you so let’s get back to me. You say that you saw me and immediately realized that I would be perfect for a particular job on your new MOVIE???

Stranger: Yes. It’s a small job but…

KevieBear starts to hyperventilate.

KevieBear: I… ILet me tell my boss I’m leaving.

Stranger: Great! Let me write the address on the back of my card. When you get there, tell Louie that John sent you. He’ll get you all set up. See you later!

The Stranger leaves. KevieBear calls his mother.

phone bear

KevieBear: Mom! You’ll never believe it! I’m going to be in a movie! A space movie! A famous Hollywood film producer offered me a job in his new big-budget studio film. Star Trek XV or something like that. They want me to be the star of the film! I guess Shatner was busy. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home. I have to get in touch with some guy named Louie. He’s supposed to set me up. I guess that means he’s going to get my trailer ready and hire the personal assistant for me. This is it, Mom. The big break we’ve been waiting for! It’s a one way trip to the stars! Where did you put my space suit??

KevieBear’s Mom Caffeine: Who is this?

Next Chapter: Bear In Space Part II