September 27, 2016

It’s me again. KevieBear. This font seems really large. You could even say yuge. So does the picture. But since my assistant would not help me, I have been forced to take my own pictures and add them to this site and as you all know, I don’t have thumbs or fingers.

The day after debate night.

Since red, white and blue are some of my signature colors, I decided to purchase some campaign buttons from the official sites of the presidential candidates but once I had purchased some Hillary Clinton buttons and was about to submit an online order for Donald Trump buttons my assistant caught me, er, I mean noticed me, using her credit card and confiscated it and hid it so I was not able to complete the purchase. Does anyone know how to decrease this font size?

I was going to wear my buttons when watching the debate last night but since I only had Hillary buttons, I just wore those. I also have a Hillary coaster! By the way, the reason I look so rough in the pictures is because one day when I was taking a nap my assistant threw some blankets on top of me and then a few weeks later claimed she hadn’t seen me laying there when she piled the blankets on me. All I can say is, it is a good thing I can hold my breath for long periods of time! But I wasn’t able to Facebook!!

Just Hillary 2016

So last night while watching the debate, I took notes so that I could share with my fans who do not get to see our election process up close, my deep thoughts and observations. I had planned to have my assistant transcribe the notes so I could post them on Facebook but let’s just say that didn’t work out and leave it at that. I felt it was easier to just take pictures of my notes and share them here as a slideshow but since I couldn’t figure out how to edit the photos, they are in a raw state. They were also taken in bad lighting on top of a Victorian Trading catalog. I will also admit that I left out some of my notes. They made no sense in the light of day. Something about trade agreements and taxes and third world airports and sniffles.

I hope this slideshow helps people to see how democracy and debates work in our wonderful country.

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