Meet  KevieBear.  Cub reporter for the Spacey Gazette.

When he’s not working on a story, he works at his “real” job. He’s almost an actor. This is his journey.

KevieBearCardKevieBear has been on many journeys. He has travelled the world, met up with some ladies in New York City and even met his idol, Kevin Spacey.

Through it all he has managed to remain humble and appreciative of all the little people who made him the star he is today.

If only his idol would stop trying to emulate him. It’s a burden at times.

This is his story:

Meet KevieBear KevieBear gets a new movie.

KevieBear’s Journey Continues  KevieBear recovers from an accident. Celebrates his birthday. Goes to a bar with his brother on St. Patrick’s Day.

KevieBear Goes to London (The Old Vic)  KevieBear wants an autograph from his favorite movie star.

KevieBear’s Journey To The Moon – KevieBear goes to New York to meet his idol. Told in 6 parts.

  • Part 2 – KevieBear gets a job
  • Part 3 – KevieBear goes to New York
  • Part 4 – KevieBear meets his idol
  • Part 5 – KevieBear gets stuck in NYC
  • Part 6 – KevieBear goes home

A KevieBear Christmas – KevieBear’s Christmas 2007

Conversations With KevieBear – KevieBear has a chat with his assistant

KevieBear Hearts Hillary  – KevieBear campaigns for Hillary Clinton.

KevieBear Goes Space-y  – KevieBear is offered a job in a movie! Sort of.  Told in 4 parts.

  • Part 2  KevieBear goes to the studio.
  • Part 3  KevieBear has bear trouble.
  • Part 4  KevieBearish credits.

KevieBear Writes Again – KevieBear wants to interview his idol for his book.

KevieBear’s Birthday Wishes – KevieBear wishes Kevin Spacey a Happy Birthday.

ROAR – KevieBear writes/directs/stars in daring street theater.

KevieBear Watches The Debates 2016 – KevieBear watches the first presidential debate.

KB Gallery – KevieBear’s photo gallery.

Letters to KevieBear – Kevin writes to KevieBear.


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