Kevin and me

As a child I was infatuated with The Archies, Bobby Sherman. As I grew older my tastes changed. Donny, Shaun, The Bay City Rollers … I loved them all.

About twenty years later I was watching a commercial for Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil. I thought “WOW! That John Cusack looks hot in a tux!” and I vowed to rent the movie as soon as it came out on home video. In the meantime, I watched other movies and I started paying more attention to another actor who I’d seen in many things over the years but just never paid too much attention to. I knew him by name, but he never really registered, if you know what I mean.

LAC1I rented a movie called L.A. Confidential. There was a face that didn’t seem too familiar but he was awfully cute. His name was Russell Crowe. There were other actors in the movie. In fact there was one mysterious man who seemed to be cut out of the picture quite often, due to the compression of the screen for the home video version of the movie. My curiosity was aroused, but nothing else was.

Some time later I rented MGGE.

I was sitting there watching the movie and eating my popcorn. I was thinking that John looked even better than he did in the commercial months before. Suddenly, without warning, a man walked on to the screen, and told John he had an eye for framing things. I was mesmerized.

MGGE1Later, after the party scene ended and there were just the two of them left, the handsome man wanted to talk to him about the book he was writing. Kelso got a look that could only be described as smoldering. I felt as if I’d been hit by a bolt of lightning.


It was … him. An actor I had seen many times before throughout the years, but for some reason had never really been aware of until now.

How was this possible? I rented L.A. Confidential again. There he was! Why had I been ogling that brutish Bud White when the oh-so-smooth Jack Vincennes was walking across the screen??

MEI soon found myself searching the Internet for information about this actor. I was very surprised to learn that I had seen him in many movies and television roles. There were pictures I had never seen before, and fan sites. So much information. They were many stories about the man. Some were very unusual. He was very mysterious. He was called the “enigma” and he was very exciting. And so handsome. He had something others lacked. He was going bald.

In a world of hair implants and plastic surgery, his scars and dimples and receding hairline were such a breath of fresh air. He had big feet and a pointy patch of hair on the top of his head. His hands are very large and he has distinctive thumbs. And the cutest little bald spot. Or he did. It disappeared one day and was never seen again.

But that’s way down the road.

I have spent several years searching the Internet, reading magazines, watching feature films in the theater, on VHS and DVD. I’ve taped old TV movies and new interviews on 60 Minutes, The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. As with most of his fans, I’ve memorized his bald spot so that I can pick him out of crowd shots on TV. I used to anyway. It’s hard to do now that he’s permanently removed his hairpiece from cold storage. I can recognize his hands in close-ups in movies. His many nervous habits are well known to all his fans. But, we don’t really know *him* the way we think we do. Most of the things we know have come from the Internet and stories he’s told of his own life, which never seem to really add up. But he says he was bad at Math, so maybe that explains it.

Join me on a journey through the Mis-Information Super Highway of Kevin’s life and career. The world wide web version, where facts are often paved with confusion!

**This page was written in the year 2000 so may be slightly out of date.