Fan Reviews


L.A. Confidential review by Liss

I can’t think of anything that is wrong with this movie, unless it’s that there could be more Kevin Spacey. The writing is great, the acting is wonderful, the music fits so well. When Wheel Of Fortune is playing as Bud White sits in the car … great moment.

Kevin as Jack Vincennes … this was the first movie that I saw of Kevin’s that had me sitting there watching every movement of his hands and every expression on his face. The way he was able to say so much without speaking any lines was amazing to see.

I give the movie and Kevin *****.

L.A. Confidential review by Anne Mott

This film was robbed at Oscar time due to the jaggernaut we know as Titanic. This film took a book that had too many characters and plots, and made it into a concise, brilliant film. All the actors rise to the occasion. This film is one of those that everyone should see. It has it all. There is crisp dialogue, intense drama, crackling action, and a few shocks along the way.

Kevin Spacey should by all rights have gotten his second nomination for this film. Even the soundtrack blends with the scenes and fills them out in a wonderful way. *****

L.A. Confidential review by Janis

LA Confidential – A great movie, dark, dirty, violent, sexy and a wild ride. The cast perfect, Kevin suave as Jack Vincennes, Russell Crowe a brute with a big heart as Bud White. Kim Bassinger was a revelation as Lynn Bracken a whore who looks like Veronica Lake but loves Bud with a softness and tenderness that’s hard to resist. She deserved the Oscar. Kevin went from smart ass to disillusionment eloquently. Has the best death scene ever. A must see.****