Official Kevin Spacey Links

As far as I am aware, Kevin has not posted on social media since last year but the following links to his Facebook and Twitter still work. Kevin posted to his Twitter and Facebook on December 24, 2019.

Kevin Spacey on Facebook

Kevin Spacey on Twitter

The Kevin Spacey Foundation  The link works but there’s nothing to see anymore.

Kevin Spacey Official Website  I don’t know if he still owns this. Nothing appears when trying to access it from my old computer but when using my e-reader an unusual picture of Kevin comes up with the word “contact” at the bottom but both pressing it and ignoring it turns into a blank, white screen. Might work for someone else.

Kevin Spacey’s YouTube channel This channel is still there but no videos have been added in quite a while. * There have been a few added.

The Kevin Spacey Foundation YouTube channel has been removed.


Chasing Spacey A Spacey fan blog *Currently offline

KevieBear on Facebook

I’ve had to remove the DMS contact links due to spamming.



“Sometimes the person who is the most logical is the person whom we call insane.”

– Kevin Spacey on prot, Premiere, September 2001