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Collage by Me 2004

September 10, 2004

There are some new pictures at the Lions Gate publicity page for Beyond The Sea. I’ve added the Spacey photos to the BTS photos page. There are other photos of Kate Bosworth and some of the other actors at the Lions Gate URL.

September 5, 2004

There have been many BTS synopsis’ online over the past week, in articles about the TIFF, but this is one of the very few that don’t mention Kevin’s great advanced age. From the Toronto Star Online:

Assassins, lovers, hookers and more

Geoff Pevere and Peter Howell, the Star’s movie critics, together with columnist Martin Knelman and freelancer Sid Adilman, have previewed 92 of the 328 films at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, which begins Thursday. Highly recommended films are marked with an arrow.

Beyond The Sea

Actor Kevin Spacey’s second film as director has been a long time coming since his 1996 debut with Albino Alligator, but he’s been busy. This Gala entry is a true labour of love, an idea he’s been talking about for years, in which Spacey plays 1950s pop crooner Bobby Darin, the man behind such finger-popping ditties as “Mack The Knife” and “Splish Splash.” Kate Bosworth, John Goodman, Bob Hoskins, Brenda Blethyn and Greta Scaachi provide dramatic support. Not previewed for the press. (Sept. 11, 6:30 p.m., RTH; Sept. 12, 9 a.m., Varsity.) PH

September 3, 2004

The BTS web site is online. There’s just one page so far and you can sign up for updates but that wasn’t there this morning when I checked the URL.

September 1, 2004

The following link is the page for the film at the Toronto International Film Festival.

**Link no longer works

Thanks to George.

I noticed that there are 9 executive producers and 4 producers listed in the credits. If the film is successful and wins a big award come Oscar night, I wonder who will accept? I remember reading that the Academy was tired of films having 20 producers who traipse on to the stage and would strictly limit the number of people allowed in the future because they claim everyone and his mother gets a producing credit nowadays.

August 31, 2004

A couple of new things to report. First, Beyond The Sea is listed as a film Coming to theaters soon at the Lions Gate site now.  They also have a new message board (requires registration to post) for the film. And there is a page for showing Beyond The Sea’s potential awards.

Are they going to use the “Kevin Spacey in a yellow suit dancing with Kate Bosworth as Sandra Dee” picture as their official BTS photo for posters and ads and stuff? Not what I would have chosen myself had anyone asked me, which they didn’t. Thanks a bunch to Kotomi.

Yahoo Movies has the trailer for the film. I couldn’t run it and I’ve read a few complaints about the sound and quality of the clip, but you can try it for yourself.

Thanks to anonymous tipster.

Now something for all those Spacey fans with thousands of photo files clogging their hard drives. Darin fan Jim has a special Spacey message for you (needs sound).

Click on ‘create’ to make your own talking picture. *Warning! Highly addictive activity! Thanks, Jim.

**Sadly the link no longer works.

August 27, 2004

Calgary Sun: Movie Guide

It’ll be a lavish gala by Bruce Kirkland Sun Media 

TORONTO — Kevin Spacey’s keenly anticipated Beyond Sea, a biopic of emotionally tortured singer Bobby Darin, will play as a Gala in the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival, the festival announced August 24.

Spacey, who directed, starred and actually sang Darin’s songs himself, is coming to the festival to support the film’s world premiere, along with co-stars Bob Hoskins, John Goodman and Kate Bosworth.

Spacey’s film chronicles Darin’s rise and fall as well as his personal traumas, including details of his marriage to singer Sandra Dee, who is played by Bosworth.

Beyond The Sea is one of 123 titles unveiled yesterday by fest co-director Noah Cowan. Combined with previous announcements, the additions mean the festival has 253 features and 75 shorts set for its 16 programs.

August 25, 2004

I’ve heard that if you go see ‘Open Water’ that you can catch the trailer for Beyond The Sea. Thanks to George.

August 24, 2004

The Toronto Star

Bobby Darin flick has Spacey back in town – Fought to get movie made and sing in it.  by Martin Knelman

Kevin Spacey is on his way to the Toronto International Film Festival for the world premiere of Beyond The Sea, the Star has learned. Spacey is both the star and director of the $25 million (U.S.) movie about the doomed singer and actor Bobby Darin.

The festival will announce today that it has snared the world premiere of Spacey’s movie, one of the most keenly awaited of the Hollywood fall releases.

The festival is putting it in a coveted first-Saturday gala slot on Sept. 11. And Spacey, who not only stars in the movie but also produced and directed it and had a hand in the script, is certain to be one of the highest-profile guests at this year’s festival.

In fact, Spacey will not only introduce the movie and lend glitter to the evening, he will also stay in town long enough to participate in an intimate Talent Lab industry workshop. In that program, a small group of talented young film professionals get to work with accomplished mentors, including Spacey.

For Spacey, the making of this movie has been an obsession for several years — and the film did not come together without a great deal of trouble and controversy. Spacey was a child in the 1960s when Darin made his mark as a singer, a movie actor and the husband of Sandra Dee. He discovered Darin through his parents’ record collection.

Darin, who had heart problems throughout his life after a childhood attack of rheumatic fever, died in 1973. And though much of the world may have forgotten who he was, Spacey never did. Finally in 2000, he was able to buy the film rights to the story.

One detail that sceptics keep mentioning is the question of Spacey’s age. At 45, is he too old to be persuasive as a pop icon who was 37 when he died, and closer to 25 when many of the key events portrayed in the movie took place?

Another problem: Are there enough people around who remember Bobby Darin and will care enough to make this a hit?

These doubts help explain why the financing for the movie seemed to fall apart just before shooting was to begin. Somehow, Spacey managed to get the picture refinanced through European backers, which is why it was shot in Germany.

And finally there is the matter of whose voice would be heard on the soundtrack, singing such songs as “Mack The Knife,” which is most closely associated with Darin.

Darin’s manager, Steve Blauner, is still on the scene protecting the interests of his deceased client. Darin’s son, Dodd Darin, and his former wife, Sandra Dee (played in the movie by Kate Bosworth), also have strong views on how the material should be treated.

At first Blauner was adamant that no singing voice except Darin’s could be used in the film. But eventually Blauner, who is portrayed on screen by John Goodman, relented and allowed Spacey to do the singing.

Because of his frailty, Darin had a pampered childhood. Knowing his time was limited, Darin set a goal of reaching the top in show business by age 25 — which he did. His rise began when, at age 22, he sang “Splish Splash” on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. The song sold more than a million copies.

One year later, Darin won a Grammy award for his version of “Mack The Knife,” which held the No. 1 spot on the charts for nine weeks. It is a song that has been recorded by many legendary performers — Lotte Lenya, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald — but Darin’s “Mack” is still the one most people remember.

Hollywood called, and Darin found himself acting opposite Sandra Dee in fluffy movies such as That Funny Feeling. When they married, she was only 18; he was an old guy of 24. Not surprisingly, it was a troubled relationship that ended in divorce in 1967.

Four years later Darin had the heart surgery that signalled the beginning of the end.

Another interesting fact about Darin’s life that makes for Hollywood drama: The woman who raised him was actually his sister.

Spacey, who recently took over as artistic director of London’s revered Old Vic Theatre, has not had a movie hit since winning the Academy Award five years ago for American Beauty.

He needs one now, and Lions Gate is betting that this will be the one.

Possibly the most striking sign of Spacey’s commitment to the role is that before the movie opens in theatres in late November, Spacey will go on the road for a 12-city concert tour. With the help of a 19-piece band, he will be belting out the songs that made Bobby Darin a pop legend.

No one could accuse Spacey of being afraid to take chances.

August 19, 2004 See Spacey Sing
Kevin goes on tour for Bobby Darin pic

You’ve seen The Prodigy at Brixton, Radiohead at Galstonbury and, while you’ve never admitted it to your friends, you also bought tickets to Gloria Estefan’s 1989 Cuts Both Ways tour, but now there’s another essential artist coming to a mosh pit near you. Kevin Spacey will be crooning live for our delectation in a 12-city tour of the US to coincide with the release of his biopic, Beyond The Sea.

The not exactly catchy ‘Evening Celebrating The Music Of Bobby Darin’ tour will hit small venues across the States in November, and will see Spacey pump out a selection of Darin’s greatest hits. Not excited? Well you should be, according to early word from the set of Beyond The Sea the man has quite a set of pipes on him.

There’s no word on whether the tour will reach these shores as yet but, given that Spacey’s currently a UK resident while he enjoys his tenure as head of the Old Vic, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him selling out the Astoria before long.

Variety: Spacey sings the praises of Darin
by Army Archerd

GOOD MORNING: Kevin Spacey will head out on a 12-city U.S. concertour, singing “An Evening Celebrating the Music of Bobby Darin.” Spacey, on the longhorn from London, was exuberant in his plans to hit the club and “small venue” circuit with a 19-piece band. Phil Ramone is musical producer in the show presented by Clear Channel. Of course, the tour will coincide with the release of Spacey’s Darin biopic, “Beyond the Sea.” He winged over from London editing last month to show it to an audience including Bobby’s son Dodd Darin and Bobby’s longtime manager Steve Blauner (played by John Goodman in the pic). They applauded. The Lions Gate pic gets its first viewing Sept. 11 at the Toronto Film Fest, and opens Nov. 24 in N.Y. and L.A., with expansions to follow Dec. 10 and 17. Spacey received “not one penny” as star and director of the $24 million pic; some of the $ are also Spacey’s. He’s in final mix in London while holding down leadership of the Old Vic — where he says he has been received “quite warmly.” He’s directing the English translation of Dutch playwright Maria Goos’ “Cloaca” to bow Sept. 28. And he next directs “National Anthem” and “The Philadelphia Story” in January.

August 17, 2004

According to, Beyond The Sea will be seen next month at the Toronto Film Festival. I’m having a bad allergy attack as I type this so I’m just going to post the link for now. **As often happens, this link no longer works.

Thanks to Legacy and Darin fan Jim P. for that piece of news.

You know, I was reading the thing and I know that Kevin sees nothing wrong with himself trying to portray a man who was in his 20’s at what many consider the height of Darin’s career, but surely the part about the story being told as a letter to Darin’s daughter is wrong. A slight mistake.

August 16, 2004

There is an article about Bobby Darin in the September issue of GQ magazine, UK edition. It includes a small picture of Kevin.

August 14, 2004

Odd if you’re waiting to get your AARP magazine in the mail, Julie Andrews is on the cover instead of Kevin. His article is not in the subscription issue either. It’s only available as the newsstand issue. I emailed AARP but it may take a few days to get an explanation. *I was told there are 3 magazines sent out according to members ages but who knows. The article is on the AARP site as well as this site. Link on the Darin Articles page.

Beyond The Sea is in Entertainment Weekly this week. Fall Movie Preview double issue. Picture of Kevin as Bobby Darin on page 13. And on page 68, large color picture with the following text:

Beyond The Sea
Starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, John Goodman, Brenda Blethyn, Bob Hoskins
Written By Credits not final
Directed By Kevin Spacey

As a child, Spacey crooned Bobby darin tunes into a hairbrush in this family’s living room. In 2000, he finally had the clout to buy the rights to the singer’s life story, including his rocky marriage to teen queen Sandra Dee (Bosworth) and his struggle with an eventually fatal heart condition. One of Spacey’s first hurdles: persuading Darin’s former manager, Steve Blauner, and son, Dodd, to let him record his own versions of “Mack the Knife”; and “Dream Lover” for the film. “The initial response from Blauner was ‘Over my dead body is anybody but Bobby going to sing in this movie,’ Spacey recalls. But when they began to reailize that this was not some ego thing to sing in a movie, but that I wanted to honor him, they really got behind it.”

To become the performer, Spacey (who at age 45 is eight years older than Darin lived to be) hired the makeup team from The Lord of the Rings. “Yeah, but don’t assume that I’ve got a different face on,” says Spacey. “I’ve got about seven wigs that I wear through the course of the film, but it’s not like I was in makeup for four hours trying to make myself look 22.”

Spacey, who also served as producer and may end up with a writing credit as well, had trouble raising cash from Stateside studios. “I would very often hear ‘It’s a great story, but who’s ever heard of Bobby Darin?’ And my argument would be ‘No one knew who Forrest Gump was.'” Eventually Spacey found European financing 9the film was shot in Germany), but his initial investors backed out within weeks of the start date. “I just remember him calling me all the time going ‘This is gonna happen, I will make this happen,” says Bosworth. “Kevin has a way of instilling this incredible belief.”

Spacey insists his cast and crew were stronger after the ordeal. “Nobody took other jobs, even when agents were saying ‘This movie isn’t happening, you should walk away from it,'” he says. “What I ended up feeling was that everybody took my dream and made it their own.”

What’s At Stake Since American Beauty, it’s been 5 years of flops for Spacey. This labor of love needs to remind us of how potent he can be. (Nov.24)

August 11, 2004

Advanced Financial Network

Orientrose 2 to fund completion of Trigger Productions film ‘Beyond the Sea’
LONDON (AFX) – Orientrose 2 PLC said it will provide 500,000 usd to Trigger Productions Inc to fund the post-production of the film ‘Beyond the Sea’, starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, John Goodman and Bob Hoskins. Orientrose also said it is reviewing opportunities to develop its interests in the US film production market. The money provided to Trigger will be repaid together with a premium of 50,000 stg out of the receipts from the film. In addition, Orientrose is entitled to 12 pct of Trigger’s share of the film’s profits. ‘Beyond the Sea’ will premier in the US and the UK this autumn.

GLOBE  August 16, 2004 issue. Page 47. There is a small article about Kevin and his mother and Beyond The Sea. Mostly a rehash of the AARP article. There’s a nice picture of Kevin and his mother as well as the one below. I think that was taken a few years ago at the Tribeca Film Festival at a screening event.


August 9, 2004

Premiere September 2004 issue, page 72. Color photo, smaller than shown below.



STARRING Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Bob Hoskins, John Goodman, and Brenda Blethyn; directed by Spacey (Lions Gate, November 24)

BTSPremiere904As a teenager, Spacey discovered Bobby Darin through a source many kids would revile: his parents record collection. Now after nurturing this reported $20 million project for years, he’s directing himself in a biopic of the crooner. “I was drawn to the dramatics of his life,” he says – which include contracting rheumatic fever as a child; singing the hits “Splish Splash,” “Mack the Knife,” and the title song; and dying at age 37 in 1973. Spacey, who previously directed 1997’s Albino Alligator and does all his own singing and dancing in this film, says he “would often hear, How many people really know who Bobby Darin is?’ And I would say, ‘What does it matter?'” Adds Bosworth, who plays Darin’s wife, actress Sandra Dee, “What interested me was how different they were from how they were perceived. She was thought of as this perfect golden girl, but there was so much tragedy in her life.”

REELING IN THE YEARS; Spacey, 45, has already encountered skepticism about whether he’s too old to portray a singer who was hugely successful at 23. “For me, it’s a very minor point,” says the two-time Oscar winner.

August 6, 2004

The picture above (blue squares) is being used on the film’s Japanese distributor’s site.*It’s now on the BTS photos page.

Thanks Kotomi.

I’ve added the photos from the AARP magazine interview to the article. Link below.

August 5, 2004

BTS fact – The film’s budget was $23 million.

August 3, 2004

AARP magazine I forgot to post that I put the AARP Magazine interview in the BTS Articles section. The magazine is not on the stands yet. The magazines have not been mailed out to subscribers yet either. Thanks to Spacey fan Kim for that info.

July 29, 2004

There was a quick mention of Kevin at the end of a news item about the release of a compilation of  rare Darin audio/video.

Rare Bobby Darin Audio/Video Comes to Light
by Barry A Jeckell

<snip> The set comes at a time of tremendous interest in Darin, who died of a heart ailment in 1973, aged 37. Last week, the Warner Strategic Marketing compilation “Beyond the Sea — The Very Best of Bobby Darin” entered the U.K. album chart at No. 26, the artist’s highest placing on the tally since “That’s All” reached No. 15 in 1960.

Kevin Spacey  will star as Darin in “Beyond the Sea: The Bobby Darin Story.” Produced and directed by Spacey, the Lions Gate Films feature is scheduled to open Nov. 26 in U.S. theaters.

July 26, 2004

I took this from the Legacy group:

JUL 13 2004

KEVIN SPACEY is to head off on a 12-date American tour singing BOBBY
DARIN hits to promote his upcoming biopic on the crooner, BEYOND THE SEA, in which he stars.

The OSCAR winner, who also directs the film about the MACK THE KNIFE
singer, hopes to win concert audiences over with his Darinesque vocals and
prompt them to see the movie. And studio bosses at LION’S GATE PRODUCTIONS are convinced that the tour, combined with a delay on the film’s release, will give Spacey a shot at winning another Oscar.

Lion’s Gate vice-president MICHAEL BURNS says, “We’ve seen most of it (the
film) and we think its an award contender, whether it be GOLDEN GLOBES or
Oscars. “We’ve had 17 award nominations in four years and we’re hoping this is one of our strong suits this year. “If we can really push and get the word out there and get Academy members and Golden Globes members and get people talking about this picture, we can take it to the next level. ~

Thanks to Sonja.

July 24, 2004

The pre-release press for Beyond The Sea is starting up now. Kevin is on the cover of, as well as having an article written by himself, in the September/October issue of AARP Magazine and Kevin/Beyond the Sea is a question in tomorrow’s Parade newspaper supplement. I’ll post the full AARP article later.

The Parade question is on the main site News page.

July 16, 2004

There’s some new information about the film at Lions Gate’s web site today.  It’s listed under Fact Sheet. It’s the cast info and a synopsis of the film. Official web site and trailer are still listed as Coming Soon.

July 11, 2004

The Sunday Morning Shootout can be viewed online. Thanks to Josie at Legacy. There were a few clips from the film shown during this episode. I’m gonna assume they’re online.

July 8, 2004

A reminder – Kevin will be on AMC’s Sunday Morning Shootout on Sunday, July 11 at 11am EST.

From Variety –

NEW YORK — “Sunday Morning Shootout,” AMC’s weekly inside look at the movie business, has lined up Kevin Spacey, Adrien Brody and Denzel Washington — all recent winners of the actor Oscar — to appear on the show this summer.

The show with Spacey, to run Sunday, includes Mike Burns, head of Lions Gate Entertainment, which will release “Beyond the Sea,” the Bobby Darin biopic Spacey directed and toplines.

Halfway to Oscar –  Films you might see crop up on the list of nominations
Commentary by Michael Ventre
MSNBC Contributor


Here is a look at some possible candidates for Best Picture of 2004 chosen mostly from upcoming releases. They were selected because they appear to have an Oscar pedigree, but remember, appearances can be highly deceiving, especially in the movie business. What reeks of prestige on the outside might be rotting on the inside, so tread carefully:


“Beyond the Sea”: Another anticipated music biopic, this one is about singer Bobby Darin and his relationship with Sandra Dee. It’s directed by Kevin Spacey, who stars as Darin. The major drawback to this trip down memory lane is hoping people forget the fact that Darin was 24 when he met the 16-year-old Dee, and they were married soon after. Spacey turns 45 this month and Kate Bosworth, who plays Dee, is 21. This is where makeup comes in. A big plus is that the script was co-written by Paul Attanasio, who received Oscar noms for “Quiz Show” and “Donnie Brasco.”TRACKS2004<snip>

Is it just me or do the pictures that TRACKS magazine used to show the resemblance between Kevin and Bobby Darin not quite hit the mark? Nope, it’s not just me.

 June 30, 2004

There are several news articles today reporting on Lions Gate’s finances for the past year (not good numbers) but this was at the bottom of a news item from Variety:


In addition to a possible best pic nomination for “Fahrenheit 9/11,” Feltheimer  (Lions Gate CEO Jon Feltheimer) is pinning his Oscar hopes on three films on Lions Gate’s fall slate: Billy Crudup /Claire Danes  starrer “Stage Beauty” (October), Kevin Spacey’s “Beyond the Sea” (Nov. 24) and “Fierce People,” starring Diane Lane (December).


And there was this from Reuters:


It looks for solid box office from August thriller “Open Water,” about stranded scuba divers surrounded by sharks, and will launch an Academy Award campaign for movies like upcoming “Beyond the Sea,” directed by and starring Kevin Spacey.


June 29, 2004

TRACKS magazine, August/September issue, page 100, Prince on the cover. Article about 6 new movies featuring a music artist.

Big Screen Sound Check

Title:  Beyond The Sea
Status:  Began shooting June 2004
Star:  Kevin Spacey
Director:  Kevin Spacey (Albino Alligator)
Best Case:  A film about a civil-rights activist, Oscar nominee and secret folkie and not just the slick “Mack The Knife” stereotype
Worst Case:  An indulgent ersatz-Rat Pack flick, Mr. Saturday Night without
the so-bad-they’re funny jokes
Reason For Optimism:  A Man who could hit with both “Splish Splash” and “If  I
Were A Carpenter,” Darin is the kind of clean-cut guy with hidden wild streak
Spacey was born to play.
Reason For Pessimism: At 44, Spacey is already seven years older than Darin
was when he died.

Big thanks to Lin and the other Darin/Dee fans for their BTS tips!

June 27, 2004

Boston Globe, Movies section: ‘Musical Biopics Strike a More Truthful Note’

…Less plausible is the idea of 44-year-old Kevin Spacey playing a 20-something Bobby Darin (opposite Kate Bosworth as Sandra Dee), but that’s the hurdle audiences will need to get past when “Beyond the Sea” comes out this fall. Spacey directs and stars in the film, turning in what producer Andy Paterson calls an “uncanny” impression of the pop singer.

“Kevin IS Bobby Darin, in terms of how he looks and sounds,” Paterson says
by phone. “When people hear his singing voice, they’re going to be astonished.”

Spacey’s biopic is another clear-eyed look back, without an agenda. “We haven’t shied away from any of the darker side, but nor do you now need to set out just to reveal the darker side,” Paterson says, recalling the ire of some classical music fans when he was a producer for the controversial “Hilary and Jackie.”

“Maybe in the Golden Age it was all gloss and fluff, then you go through a period in the ’80s and ’90s where you only want to reveal the darker side, and now I think we have the freedom to decide why we’re telling the story, and you can go either way or both. But I don’t think we’re any longer limited by those two movements.”

As for the ticklish topic of age, Paterson insists that Spacey isn’t suffering from the Roberto-Benigni-as-Pinocchio syndrome. He says “Beyond the Sea” has the more timeless and universal quality of a man looking back on his life, which somehow “very elegantly sidesteps the question of what age he is,” despite its roots in ’50s rock ‘n’ roll.

In any case, Spacey probably won’t be the oddest casting choice of the upcoming musical biopics. For starters, adding its own eulogy to the recent passing of Ray Charles, Taylor Hackford’s “Ray” will be released in October starring Jamie Foxx, a name not exactly synonymous with serious drama or musical prowess. Then there are the projects that will bring us Pink as Janis Joplin, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon as Johnny and June Carter Cash, and Alicia Keys as piano prodigy Philippa Schuyler (OK, not that odd, but she is an acting newbie).

Movie of the Day for Sunday, June 27, 2004 – Beyond The Sea

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting for me
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailin’

The smooth notes from that now classic standard issued from the golden pipes of one Bobby Darin. Born Walden Robert Cassotto, the singer/actor had a pampered childhood due to a severe rheumatic fever that scarred his heart. Technically, the over-protection was probably warranted. The boy’s family was told that he likely wouldn’t live past his late teens.

With this sad knowledge in hand, Darin became determined that he would leave his mark in show business both as singer and as actor by the age of 25. Thanks to a family that encouraged his musical talent, the young performer began writing songs and delivering demos to producers in his late teens. At the age of 22, he sang one of his famous tunes, “Splish Splash,” on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. Eventually, it would sell over a million records.

One year later, Darin was winning Grammy awards for what is probably his best-remembered song today — Mack the Knife. That song sat at the number one spot on the charts for nine weeks, with an additional 42 weeks in the top ten.

Another year down the line, and Darin had decided he wanted to conquer the world of movies. His debut role was in the film Come September, which was filmed in Rome, where he met 16-year-old megastar named Sandra Dee. The pair was engaged within two months, and she gave birth to their son Dodd one year later.

In 1964, Darin was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film Captain Newman, M.D. Though he didn’t win, he was now at the top of his career and recognized both as a legitimate musical and theatrical star. Just as he’d promised, he’d turned show business on its head.

Eventually, in 1967, Darin and Dee were divorced mainly due to the struggles they faced in careers that often kept them separated. Four years later, Darin had heart surgery that would presage difficult battles with health that would last him the remainder of his short life. He died in late 1973 after complications from an additional open-heart surgery. He was only 37.

For several years now, Darin has been a character of interest for the talented Kevin Spacey, who does a fairly dead-on imitation of the classic performer. After a few years in development hell, Spacey will finally direct, produce and take the lead role in Beyond the Sea, which will chronicle the romance and turbulent marriage between Darin and Dee along with other biographical elements. While Spacey could be seen as too old to portray a man who died at 37, he actually does bear a physical resemblance to the performer, who looked older than his years as a result of the illnesses ravaging his body.

Expect Spacey to treat the subject matter with a great deal of reverence, as he has assured both Dee and her son Dodd that he has nothing but the best intentions. While the film will focus on the period from the ’40s to the ’70s, Spacey has said that he will not tell his story in a linear fashion, nor will the film be a purely dramatic biopic. Either way, it sounds like serious Oscar bait. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Stolen directly from Legacy for your reading enjoyment. Thanks Sonja.

June 24, 2004

For Darin fans: Bobby Darin will be inducted into the Bronx Walk of Fame on Saturday, June 26 as part of the 34th Annual Bronx Week celebration.

Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony
Saturday, June 26, 11 am, E. 161 Street & Grand Concourse – Hollywood has nothing on the Bronx when Borough President Adolfo Carrion unveils street signs in honor of some of our most famous sons and daughters. 718.590.3522.

The first picture from Beyond The Sea to show up in print is the picture of Kevin and Kate Bosworth dancing (as Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee) which can be found on the BTS photos page. The picture is in today’s Boston Herald along with a snippet about Kate Bosworth (although I’m sure they’d have made the snippet about Kevin being the *real* sexiest man alive if they’d known it was going to get a mention on a Spacey fan site).

…Cohasset homegal-gone-Hollywood Kate Bosworth, shown here with Kevin
Spacey, plays Sandra Dee in ‘Beyond The Sea’, an upcoming Lions Gate Films
>lick about crooner Bobby Darin. The vintage Hollywood honeys had a
tumultuous relationship- which is soooooooo unlike Kate’s two-year love
affair with People’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive, Orlando Bloom!”

Thanks, George.

Kevin will be on AMC’s ‘Sunday Morning Shootout’ on July 11 at 11am EST. I don’t know what the topic will be but Beyond The Sea is likely to be talked about.

June 18, 2004

Pictures! The Lions Gate web site has some pictures from the movie now. You can find them in the Darin photos section of this site.

May 27, 2004

I just watched Entertainment Tonight. No Kevin, no Bobby Darin, no Beyond The Sea. Did I miss it or did they not show it? They showed a few scenes from a John Travolta movie that comes out in October and a promo for that lame-looking Stepford Wives remake, but that was all.

May 26, 2004

Universal is releasing on DVD in August, two movies that co-starred Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. If you aren’t familiar with them as an acting team, you might want to see their films to get an idea of what Kate Bosworth and Kevin are up against. The films are ‘If A Man Answers’ and ‘That Funny Feeling’. They used to show both of those on TV a lot when I was a pre-teen. Thanks for the info George.

All of the site page links for the Beyond The Sea section can be found at the Beyond The Sea entrance page not that there’s much there now.

May 25, 2004

Big News Entertainment Tonight is going to be showing a promo spot for Beyond The Sea on Thursday’s show! Thanks to Jimmy and George!

May 19, 2004

From Variety at the Cannes Film Festival 

‘Beyond’ goes Gaga Lions Gate controls U.S. release as rights sell o’seas

by Adam Dawtry

Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin biopic “Beyond the Sea” has been sold to Gaga in Japan and Pictorian Pictures in Germany.

Deals were struck by sales outfit Element X. Pic, which Spacey directed and stars in as ’60s singing legend Darin, is scheduled for a year-end U.S. release via Lions Gate.

German distribution will go via Solo Film. Element X also has sealed deals with Scanbox in Scandinavia, Cinema in South Korea, Lusomundo in Portugal, Audio Visual in Greece, Jaguar Films in the Middle East, PRA Films in Turkey and Airmovies for world airlines. Entertainment has the U.K. rights.

“Beyond the Sea” was co-produced by Andy Paterson and Jan Fantl. It co-stars Kate Bosworth, John Goodman, Bob Hoskins, Brenda Blethyn and Greta Scacchi.

May 11, 2004

Sure has been quiet around this section of the site lately. Confusion still reigns over the release date for the film. Now instead of October release dates, some sites are now showing Thanksgiving for NY and LA, wider distribution for December 10 and a wider release for January 10, 2005.

Thanks, Kotomi.

A question .. How is Kevin going to be able to do massive PR with local news interviews, showings w/Q&A’s at US colleges and universities for “the young people”, Charlie Rose, Letterman, Leno, The View, Regis & Kelly, The Daily Show, Ellen De Generes’ new talk show, Conan and so on when he’s in London directing one play and getting ready to act in another? We’d better not be cheated out of our media blitz!

Anyone know if Beyond The Sea will have their own official website? Or what the URL might be? is a business so that wouldn’t be able to be used. K-PAX had a great interactive site. Beyond The Sea will need one too.

April 18, 2004

The IMDB is showing an October 29 release date for the United Kingdom. Thanks, Kotomi.

April 5, 2004

While Kevin was being interviewed on Chicago’s Channel 7 about The United States of Leland, he mentioned that Beyond The Sea will be released in October.  Thanks to the Darin fans who keep the movie news up to date!

And since this is a Spacey fan site, the Spacey fans cannot be ignored. I stole the following URL directly from the Legacy. Photos of some costuming and makeup. Thanks to Anne.

**Link unfortunately no longer works. It was for a German site that had some photos with Kevin in them.

April 1, 2004

Is it true that before Kevin wanted to do the Darin film, Scott Baio, known to a generation of TV watchers as Chachi on Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi and as Charles in Charles in Charge had wanted to portray Bobby Darin? Has anyone else heard of that?

March 30, 2004

If anyone’s looking for the picture that had been on the Beyond The Sea entrance page, I’ve moved it to the Beyond The Sea Articles page. I put the old Articles page picture on the earlier movie news page and I put a new picture on the Beyond The Sea entrance page. Link is above. Once the film is in the theaters, that’s where the links for pictures, interviews and reviews will be found.

ShoWest I snipped this from an article I read on the Yahoo news page this morning:

ShoWest looks back to past with glimpse of future films Ruthe Stein, Chronicle Senior Movie Writer

The ShoWest audience got a first glimpse of another much-anticipated Christmas movie, “Beyond the Sea,” a biopic about Bobby Darin written, directed and starring Kevin Spacey. I feel somewhat proprietary about this project because I interviewed Darin twice and found him incredibly magnetic. The movie looks to be in good hands with Spacey, a talented impersonator who does all his own singing and sounds uncannily like Darin. The movie has lush musical numbers with impressive dancing, but doesn’t gloss over Darin’s heart problems. In one scene, he’s shown getting oxygen between his nightclub acts.

There were no close-ups of Spacey in the scenes we were shown. The actor is 44, seven years older than Darin was when he died. This could be a problem, especially since 21-year-old Kate Bosworth (“Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!”) has been cast as Sandra Dee, the love of Darin’s life. Oh, well, if special effects can create an animated cat and lifelike robots, how difficult can it be to shave a few years off Spacey?

March 14, 2004

Here’s a link for a Kate Bosworth fan site. This shows us more of the actress who will be Sandra Dee to Kevin’s Bobby Darin.

*Nope, that site is gone now.

March 10, 2004

Coming Soon is showing a new release date for the film. Thanksgiving for a limited release and Christmas for a wider release.

Thanks, Kotomi.

Shameless self-promotion time!

In the New York Daily News on Sunday, this Beyond The Sea news page was mentioned in an article about online information about Bobby Darin. The link for this page was in a section about the official Bobby Darin fan site .

OK, so technically speaking, Driving Mr. Spacey! is not Kevin’s web site and the picture at the top of the page is not Kevin as Bobby Darin (Spacey fans will recognize it as Kevin being Kevin Spacey in a very old issue of GQ magazine.) But it’s fun to see the page mentioned somewhere anyway.

The article is on the Beyond The Sea articles page. Thanks, George.

February 1, 2004

Spacey bits The first day of filming things went so well that Kevin couldn’t speak at the end of the day.

January 27, 2004

A snippet from the Army Archerd column in Variety: Kevin Spacey winds “Beyond the Sea,’ his Bobby Darin  biopic, bringing it in at $20 million!

January 22, 2004

I put a short interview on the main site news page.

January 20, 2004

One of Kevin’s fans reminds me that December 25 is the last day a movie can be theatrically released to be in contention for the 2005 Academy Awards. Interesting.

Thanks, Vivian.

January 19, 2004 is now showing a Christmas Eve 2004 release date in Los Angeles and New York.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange is showing a Christmas Day 2004 release date.

Thanks Kotomi.

Also from

Interviews: Kate Bosworth on Tad Hamilton!


Kate (Bosworth) next stars in Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin biopic Beyond the Sea. She plays Sandra Dee in the story on the tragic-heroic life of the late teen singing idol. “I actually didn’t watch so many of her movies, I watched a few,” she says about Dee’s films. “When I talked to Kevin about playing her and him playing Bobby Darin, he said, ‘we’re not imitating characters, we’re taking it and making it our own.’ So that’s the most important thing and I thought – I know her image, I’ve seen a few of her movies, I kind of know her spirit – so I took that and made it into a character and told the story with him, which is really neat.” What are her thoughts of playing someone who is still in people’s minds? “I was nervous to play somebody who basically you feel like you’re taking responsibility of portraying somebody’s life on screen forever. That can be a tall order, but [Kevin Spacey] has such a vision and he’s had this idea for about 12 years so he’s had quite a long time to think about it and he has it in his head and he’s just executed it brilliantly. It’s amazing to be in somebody’s hand where you feel 100 percent comfortable with what you’re doing.” She says the film is almost done, “I have about three weeks left. I think it’s about 3/4th’s done.”


Thanks, George.

January 16, 2004

ELLE, February 2004 issue, page 168. From the interview with Kate Bosworth (who is on the cover) titled American Beauty:


Today Bosworth leaves for London, where she will be fitted for the 51 costume changes for her next role, as Sandra Dee in Beyond the Sea, directed by and starring Kevin Spacey as Bobby Darin. Her first meeting with Spacey at a Los Angeles restaurant was an exercise in restraint. “The Usual Suspects is my favorite movie,” Bosworth says. “So the whole time I was like, holy s***, this is Keyser Soze, you know! He’d be talking about my life, and I’d want to go, ‘So, you know, like, Keyser….'”

Spacey apparently had his own “holy s***” moment when he set eyes on Bosworth. “I saw her across the room, and I actually thought I heard the theme from A Summer Place playing in my head,” he says. “Aside from her remarkably beautiful face, she had in her own personality so many qualities that were dead-on for Sandra Dee.”


And more, this time from MTV:

Kate Bosworth will follow her romantic comedy “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!,” in theaters January 23, with “Beyond the Sea,” a biopic about singer Bobby Darin directed by and starring Kevin Spacey. “It takes place in the ’50s and ’60s and ’70s,” the “Blue Crush” beauty explained. “I play a woman named Sandra Dee, who was one of the biggest movie stars of that time. So it’s very glamorous, all wigs and makeup and stuff.” And how’s the director doing? “Amazing,” Bosworth said. “He knows how to pinpoint every little emotion in someone he’s directing, and it’s really fulfilling.” …

January 13, 2004 says that the film is to be released in the “4th Quarter 2004”. It also says that Kevin is the director, screenwriter and star of the film. There is no official site or poster available. I guess Kevin hasn’t had the time to set those up yet.

Thanks, Kotomi

January 10, 2004

I’ve added a small article to the articles section. Thanks, darinfan.

January 8, 2004

I don’t know if this is accurate or not, but it’s all we’ve got:


Sixties icon SANDRA DEE’s ongoing health problems have cost her a role in a biopic about her late husband BOBBY DARIN.

The GIDGET star was set for a role in BEYOND THE SEA opposite KEVIN SPACEY, who is playing crooner Darin – but a heart attack has ruled her out of the project.

The actress, 61, has spent years fighting anorexia, alcoholism and kidney failure, but her latest crisis has put her career comeback on hold.

Dee is still recovering at home in Hollywood after suffering a heart attack in August (03), and her frail condition has forced her to give up a role and the chance to be a consultant on the set.

Caring Spacey has sent Dee, who wed Darin when she was just 18, a kind letter inviting her to come to the set when she’s feeling better.

Thanks to George.

December 6, 2003

Stolen from the Legacy: From yesterday’s Scurra column in the Mirror.

Over To Berlin, where Kevin Spacey is directing and starring in a movie based on the life of 60’s singer Bobby Darin. The idea was to recreate New York’s the Bronx, but as the set was being built two bazookas were found. Bomb experts had to be called in, delaying filming. Meanwhile, what started off as a biopic is fast turning into a musical. “Kevin has become obsessed with Darin,” I’m told. “One minute you’re having a sensible conversation with him and the next he bursts into song.”

Thanks to Josie.

Here’s a snippet from the November 29, 2003 Liz Smith column, The Daily Scoop: <snip> 20 year old singer, pianist Peter Cincotti is going to be a movie star. He is currently in Berlin filming his first speaking part in a movie, cast opposite Kevin Spacey in “Beyond the Sea”. This is Spacey’s labor of love, biopic on the late pop star Bobby Darin. Spacey plays Bobby Darin (and will do his own singing). Cincotti plays Darin’s friend and arranger. Peter says “I am getting lessons from one of the greatest actor’s in the world. I guess it’s working because my part keep getting bigger & bigger.” Directed by Spacey, “Beyond the Sea”, is set for a late 2004 release.


Thanks to Vivian.

November 25, 2003 has some great thumbnails from a press conference that was held in Germany on November 20th to advertise the filming of the Darin film. Go to and do a search for Kevin Spacey, newest pictures first.

Kevin is looking very well these days but he looks like Kate Bosworth’s proud dad. Or maybe I should say she looks like his beautiful young daughter. I wonder how they’re going to hide that in the film?

So, when is the movie going to have some press photos for fan sites to use, huh?

November 24, 2003

The film is going to be filmed entirely in Germany, through January 2004, and now has an expected release date of Spring 2005. There have been a few new articles about the production, but they’re in German.

October 29, 2003

From Guardian Unlimited by way of Screendaily and Yahoo news:

Kevin Spacey’s biopic of singer Bobby Darin has won €3.3m of funding from a German filmboard. Screendaily reports that the film, entitled Beyond the Sea after one of Darin’s biggest hits, will begin shooting on November 10th. Budgeted at around $22m, it stars Brenda Blethyn, Vanessa Redgrave, John Goodman and Bob Hoskins.

Thanks, Vivienne.

October 22, 2003

From Variety online: John Goodman departs Nov. 17 for Berlin to play Steve Blauner in Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin biopic. Goodman says he first met Spacey when he got out of Juilliard in 1981. He says Spacey just recorded Darin’s hit tunes in London this past week with Phil Ramone. Thanks to Beck at Legacy.

October 7, 2003

Spacey and Hoskins Amaze on Soundtrack

Actors Kevin Spacey and Bob Hoskins had musical onlookers impressed with their vocal stylings when they teamed up to record a song for a new soundtrack. In upcoming film Beyond The Sea, a biopic of 1950s singer Bobby Darin, Spacey plays the lead and takes directing duties. Cockney Mona Lisa actor Hoskins and the Hollywood star recently met up at London’s famous Abbey Road recording studios, which has played host to pop legends including The Beatles, to record a version of jazz standard “Mack The Knife” for the film’s soundtrack. A studio insider says, “The two of them were larking about all day. Kevin was in top form; he had the studio in stitches but he impressed everyone with his singing. He and Bob were constantly trying to top each other in the crooning stakes but they eventually got themselves in harmony and nailed a version they were both happy with.”

September 25, 2003

From The Honolulu Advertisor:

Showbiz New film to feature Oscar winner, local link by Wayne Harada

The Local Angle Jeffrey Meek, former star of the Hawaii filmed “Raven” series, has co-written (with Kevin Spacey) a film on the life of singer Bobby Darin. It’s likely to be entitled “Beyond the Sea”, and starts shooting next month in Los Angeles. “I wrote my draft of the script, and Kevin dug it, so we got together and wrote some more,” said Meek. Spacey is a quadruple threat on the project: Besides co-writing and producing, he’ll portray the singer and also will do his own singing, reviving such Darin signatures as “Dream Lover”, “Splish Splash” and “Mack the Knife”. “It’s been a dream of his to play this part for a long time,” said Meek of the Oscar winner. Kevin even signs his e-mails ‘BD'”.

The non-Spacey rest of the article is here   Thanks, Poppy.

I also read a comment on the theatrical release of David Gale on this site and it went like this: “The Life of David Gale” (Universal) is an anti-death-penalty thriller that’s somehow sanctimonious and stupid and yet still attracted a cast that included Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet and Laura Linney. Oh, dear.

September 12, 2003

From Empire Online:

Crooning Kevin Spacey sings at Abbey Road studios 11/09/2003

Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey has for some time fancied himself as a bit of a crooner – you may remember that he did some public warbling for a few benefit concerts following the 9/11 attacks. Now we hear that the actor has gone one step further for his latest film and has ‘laid down some tracks’, as they say in music industry parlance, at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

According to Spacey recorded the tracks for the soundtrack of his latest movie, Beyond The Sea – the story of 1950s singer Bobby Darin, best known for the classic song, Mack The Knife.

The film, which stars Bob Hoskins, John Goodman and Blue Crush surfer chick Kate Bosworth, will begin shooting in Europe this Autumn.

There’s a picture of Kevin at the news blurb link. Thanks, Lisa.

From the Hollywood Reporter:  

Sep. 11, 2003 Element X charts 4 titles By Stuart Kemp LONDON — Element X, a London-based international sales and distribution company headed by former FilmFour International executives Janine Gold and Natalie Brenner, announced its first slate of titles Wednesday. The new entity, set up with backing from British film financing house Visionview, has four titles on its sales roster. The fledgling sales house has taken up international sales duties on “Beyond the Sea,” the story of legendary performer Bobby Darin. Directed by and starring Kevin Spacey and developed by his company Trigger Street, the movie is produced by Spacey, Arthur Friedman and British producer Andy Paterson. Lions Gate has the title domestically, and Entertainment Films has U.K. rights. August 26, 2003

When the Darin special from the late 1970’s was being shown on PBS stations as part of their seasonal pledge drives a few weeks ago, the man hosting my local PBS station mentioned that he was looking forward to a movie that was being made about Bobby Darin but he never mentioned Kevin. But another fan tells me that when *her* local station showed the special, the host mentioned the movie being made by the great actor Kevin Spacey and said that the film was to be out in April of 2004.

Thanks, Dawn.

August 18, 2003

More cast added to the film ..

Just for Variety by Army Archerd Wed., Aug. 13, 2003

With Kevin Spacey readying the Oct. 6 start of the Bobby Darin biopic, “Beyond the Sea” in Berlin, Darin’s son Dodd, 41, is embarking on a filmmaking career with partner Daniel Arthur Simon. First feature is “The Mild One” penned by Simon. Dodd is also making his pro racing debut in the Star Mazda Series next year. The cast of “Beyond the Sea” includes Spacey as Bobby, Kate Bosworth as Sandra Dee, John Goodman as Steve Blauner, Bob Hoskins, Vanessa Redgrave, Kathy Moriarty and Peter Cincotti …

August 12, 2003

There’s this ..

MPD & MGM Won’t Go Beyond the Sea Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin biopic Beyond the Sea is facing problems before the first scene is even shot. The film’s original backers — Mark Damon’s MDP Worldwide and MGM — have dropped out, with distribution now likely to be handled by Lions Gate Films, at least in the U.S. It’s scheduled to begin production on October 6. Spacey will direct and star as Darin, with Kate Bosworth portraying Sandra Dee. MDP on Monday said that the withdrawal is due to Spacey’s need to complete the film with the availability of the cast and production personnel by the end of 2003, which conflicted with MDP’s current production schedule. MDP has of late been concentrating on more commercial projects.

Thanks, anonymous.

And this was the original article from Variety  ..

Posted: Mon., Aug. 11, 2003 MDP, MGM bail on ‘Sea’ Lions Gate likely to handle U.S. distrib’n for Spacey pic By DANA HARRIS, CATHY DUNKLEY HOLLYWOOD — Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin biopic “Beyond the Sea” is facing problems before the first scene is even shot. Pic’s original backers — Mark Damon’s MDP Worldwide and MGM — have dropped out, with distribution now likely to be handled by Lions Gate Films, at least in the U.S. Jim Reeve and Steve Robbins’ U.K.-based tax financier, Visionview, appears poised to act as Lions Gate’s equity partner. Pic is skedded to begin production Oct. 6. Spacey will direct and star as Darin, with Kate Bosworth portraying Sandra Dee. Spacey, Andy Patterson and Arthur Friedman produce. Phil Ramone will serve as music producer. MDP’s Mark Damon and Joanne Horowitz still plan to serve as exec producers. According to a statement released by MDP Monday, “The withdrawal is due to Spacey’s need to complete the film with the availability of the cast and production personnel by the end of 2003, which conflicted with MDP’s current production schedule.” Spacey said: “I am enormously grateful to MDP’s faith in getting the film this far. I am very pleased that the film is going forward on schedule and will continue to be thankful to MDP for making a decision that is clearly in the best interest of the film.” MDP has of late been concentrating on more obviously commercial fare.~

And this from the Hollywood Reporter …

Aug. 12, 2003 Sked conflicts sink MDP’s role in Spacey’s ‘Sea’ By Chris Gardner MDP Worldwide and Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Prods. are parting ways on Spacey’s longtime pet project, the Bobby Darin biopic “Beyond the Sea.” According to a joint announcement, MDP has withdrawn from the film due to Spacey’s need to complete the film with the availability of the cast and production personnel by the end of 2003, which conflicted with MDP’s current production schedule. The film is due to start shooting Oct. 6 with new partner VisionView and domestic distribution by Lions Gate Films. “We regret that this scheduling conflict has caused us to withdraw our involvement in ‘Beyond the Sea,’ ” MDP chairman and CEO Mark Damon said. “But we are as devoted as Kevin to getting the picture made, and if that means we have to step aside, then we will.” Said Spacey: “I am enormously grateful to MDP’s faith in getting the film this far. I am very pleased that the film is going forward on schedule and will continue to be thankful to MDP for making a decision that is clearly in the best interest of the film.” The scheduling conflicts refer to two MDP productions: “The Upside of Anger,” to be directed by Mike Binder and star Joan Allen, Kevin Costner, Erika Christensen, Alicia Witt, Keri Russell and Evan Rachel Wood, and “Havoc,” to be directed by Barbara Kopple. “Anger” is scheduled to start Aug. 26 in the United Kingdom, while “Havoc” is due to begin in mid-September in Los Angeles. Spacey is directing and toplining “Sea,” based on the life of the legendary Darin, with Kate Bosworth set to star as Sandra Dee. Spacey, Andy Patterson and Arthur E. Friedman are producing, with Damon and Joanne Horowitz taking executive producer credits.