Blasts From The Past

On this page, you will find other Spacey mentions in magazines, newspapers and on the web. Some items are to be found in my own Kevin Spacey scrapbooks. Some aren’t. Some are true, some are just gossip.

Here we go …

#58 –  Online celeb sighting of Kevin dated 4-16-2003:

Kevin Spacey. Last night. Bel Air Bar & Grill eating dinner 2 tables away. He was with 5 other people and they laughed all night. Cute, cute smile-doncha’ love how someone’s face lights up with they smile/laugh???

#57 – In the 1998 version of Dr. Dolittle while Eddie Murphy is walking through the dog pound, looking for the dog, Lucky. All the dogs are saying funny lines, and there’s one dog that looks at Dolittle and whispers (in Kevin Spacey’s voice) “I am Keyser Soze.” Thanks to Christopher Robin.

#56 – Honest Abe – Disney movie  According to Film Unlimited – January 22, 2001

Russell Crowe and Kevin Spacey are both competing for the same role in a new Disney comedy drama, according to Ananova. Honest Abe follows the fortunes of a nice guy whose principles and beliefs are questioned when he is elected to run for state Governor. It is rumoured that the £30m (£20.48m) film will be in the style of Frank Capra’s 1939 classic Mr Smith Goes to Washington. Sources close to Capra-fan Crowe claim that he has been looking for just such a script with a ‘lighter touch” after his rough and ready role in Gladiator. The smart money, however, is on double Oscar winner Spacey, soon to be seen in Pay it Forward, as Disney executives believe he is “more suitable.”

#55 – So, Kevin, who runs the Ivy?

It always makes Spy cringe to hear Hollywood stars waxing lyrical about England -but at least they tend to get their facts right. In a recent interview in Conde Nast Traveler, London – based Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey raves about English food. “It’s been so long and so vigorously maligned,” he says, “that it still comes as a surprise to many that London boasts more top French chefs than Paris does. At the high end is Gordon Ramsay at both Claridges and the Ivy.”

All very charming, I’m sure, were it not for two minor details. Ramsay was born in Scotland and raised in England, and he has absolutely nothing to do with the Ivy, which is run by a rival, Mark Hix. By the time the article was reprinted in a Kensington-based tabloid, sub-editors had “corrected” Spacey’s quote to spare him a lashing from Ramsay’s notoriously harsh tongue.

Benevolent journalists? Just another reason to lurve London – isn’t it, Kev?

– Daily Express

#54 – It is still raining superstars over Reykjavik 101 

Kevin Spacey had chocolate cake at Solon.

Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey entered the resteraunt Coffee Solon at Bankastræti yesterday (Wednesday, August 25) and had a seat. “He ordered tea, chocolate cake and a coke”, says the waiter at Solon who tried to serve this famous guest to the best of his abilities. “He just sat here, looked out the window and enjoyed his cake.” It is not clear what the purpose of Kevin Spacey´s visit is here in this country but according to information from the Leif Ericsson airport the actor comes here often. Rumor has it that Spacey is to play a part in Baltasar Kormakur´s movie, Little Trip to Heaven, we were not able to reach the director to confirm this. Baltasar´s movie already has many big names in it, there can hardly be room for more.  Kevin Spacey is one of the most respected actors of our time and he received the Oscar for his role in American Beauty. He also performed magnificently in the pictures L. A. Confidential, K-Pax, The Usual Suspects and Seven.  Currently Spacey is working on his newest project, the director David J. Burke´s Edison. Spacey plays a reporter that finds himself in a tough situation. Kevin Spacey is unmarried.

–  August 26, 2004, newspaper item from Iceland, posted at Legacy by Hildur.

#53Spacey rumors – That wild and crazy couple, Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt, were recently spotted at Kane, one of L.A.’s funkiest hot spots, slugging back tequila shots, licking the salt off each other’s neck. Please, please – I just report these things. And I know that others are reporting Spacey and Hunt have already “broken up.” – Liz Smith, January 24, 2001

#52Anecdotes – There are some Spacey anecdotes at the following address. Some bits are accurate, some could use some work. Thanks to Borislava.

Curses. The web site appears to no longer exist. Who knows what he said now?

#51Battersea Dog Home Puppy Love – Why Ginger Spice and Kevin Spacey are going out of their way for a London pound

Along with the obligatory stops at Westminster Abbey Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, hundreds of London tourists each day are going out of their way and paying 50 pence (about 85 cents) to visit an unassuming four-story South London animal shelter known as the Dogs’ Home Battersea. Actors Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons recently stopped by and adopted pups. (The home won’t reveal what kinds, but it does claim that the celebs were subjected to the same rigorous interview process all prospective owners face.) And last November, singer George Michael brought his pal Geri Halliwell, who left with an auburn Shih Tzu. Her fine furry friend even accompanied Halliwell to the South Bank Awards, a ceremony for British entertainers and writers, in January. “This is my new band mate, Harry,” the former Spice Girl told the crowd as she held up her pup while presenting an award.

USWeeklyMay1999The Dogs’ Home Battersea – which houses about 600 dogs and 100 cats at any one time- has been around for 127 years and has always been popular with the pet-obsessed Brits. Last year, more than 70,000 people visited and the home raises about 4 million pounds ($6.4 million) a year in private donations. (The royal family has been a supporter since the 1880s.) But the number of visitors has doubled since December, when Halliwell visited and a documentary series about the home was broadcast by the BBC. The daily afternoon show which concluded in February, offered an inside look at the home’s operations from workers’ rescuing dogs to happy-ending adoption stories – as well as training, grooming and care-taking tips. Within days of the premiere, the home was flooded with calls and visits from hopeful owners, and it has since shown up as a site on a number of tourist maps.

“The response has been just phenomenal,” says Nichola Vickers, a staff manager at the home, which never puts an adoptable animal to sleep.

The success prompted the BBC to relaunch the series on March 24 and give it a prime-time slot. The managers of the home hope the program will continue to pull would-be pet owners off the tourist-beaten path. Halliwell certainly sounds like a satisfied customer. Her Battersea Shih Tzu, she has said, “is more reliable than any man.”

– Deborah Goldstein for US Weekly, May 1999


#50 – Another odd one  According to a gossip item from an Italian radio station, translated from Italian into English, Kevin Spacey had an Italian fiancé when he won the Oscar for American Beauty. The item stated that in spite of his declarations of love to the mysterious Dianne, Kevin was engaged to a model named Angela Melillo who he was reported to have met in 1997 during a vacation in Rome. Ms. Melillo was alleged to have told the press that the gay tendencies of the actor were inventions of the mass media.

#49 – 1995 The Year That Was – Kevin Spacey

1995TheYearThatWasThanks to Kevin Spacey, we’re more careful. We think twice when talking to that long-winded guy with a limp. We ask our boss whether he wants Sweet ‘n Low in his coffee. Because whether he was playing a talkative con man in The Usual Suspects, an abusive Hollywood suit in Swimming With Sharks, or a sin-obsessed psycho in Seven, Spacey scared the hell out of us this year. He slipped into our nightmares with a sly stroke, playing each of his villains with a civilized face and wrapping their viciousness in velvet.

– Page 94, 1995 Year-End Special. (Entertainment Weekly? US? People? Must be one of those. I only have the clipping.) Large version of picture at left.

#48 – the dish –  Star-tested delectable to try at home Kevin Spacey, Asian Flavored Pork Chop

Decked out with Day-Glo orange chairs, bright green and orange tabletops and a chocolate-brown lacquered floor, Canteen, a subterranean bistro in the heart of InStyleNov2000Manhattan’s Soho district manages to out-mod even Austin Powers. And while the kitschy decor (inspired, says it’s designer, by a 1970 Lamborghini) is the essence of wink-wink chic, the comfort-food-with-a-flourish served here is downright down-home. Take the Niman Ranch pork chops Kevin Spacey tucked into on a recent visit here. Served with a side of buttermilk mashed potatoes and topped with a Chinese black bean sauce, this savory dish proves Canteen’s talent for turning out American beauties of the culinary sort. (142 Mercer St., New York City; 212-431-7676) – Amy E. Goodman from In Style

Asian Flavored Pork Chop (Serves 1)

1 tbsp black bean sauce w/ garlic
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp fennel seeds
1 pork chop (about 8 oz.)
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat oven to 450° F. In a small bowl combine bean sauce, sesame oil and fennel seeds. Season both sides of the chop with salt and pepper. Spread the bean mixture evenly on both sides. Place in an ovenproof skillet. Bake 10 minutes, turning once, until cooked through. To serve, slice pork away from the bone and drizzle any pan juices over the chop.

– In Style, November 2000. Page 558. Pictures of pork chop, restaurant and Kevin Spacey (photo above).

#47 – Kevin’s Space Travel

zappykevFORGET KEVIN SPACEY, it’s Kevin The Teenager.

The actor gets on his scooter for a quick whiz round the West End.

Far from looking like one of Hollywood’s biggest names, Spacey stuck his brown cap on back to front and kept his head down as he scooted along.

But a word of warning Kevin — those white jeans are enough to make the traffic screech to a halt.

-The Sun (UK)

Thanks, Olderfatbrother. BTW

#46 – Remarks at a National Leadership PAC Reception in New York City

And I want to say a special word of thanks to Kevin Spacey. You know, getting to be friends with Kevin has been one of the best perks of being President. [Laughter] Franklin Roosevelt used to say that the President had to be America’s best actor. Well, I’m the second-best actor in America. Kevin Spacey is the best actor in America, and I’m glad to be here with him.

– President Bill Clinton, October 5, 2000

#45 – Remarks at the Democratic National Committee Saxophone Club Presidential


“I thank Bruce Hornsby and his wonderful band for keeping us pumped up and playing so brilliantly. I thank Stevie Wonder for so brilliantly taking us back across the years and bringing us back today again. He was magnificent, lets give his a hand. [Applause] And thank you, Kevin Spacey, for being here and showing your versatility, your patience, your talent. You know, from “The Usual Suspects” to “Seven” to “A Time To kill” to “Johnny Carson” to killing time creatively -[laughter]- this man has a brilliant past and a more brilliant future. I am honored that he was here tonight. We ought to give him a Purple Heart for how much time he had to stand up.

You know, I felt sorry for Kevin up here. It reminded me of some of the licks that I have taken in this campaign. And one day when I was kind of feeling sorry for myself, somebody reminded me of something Mark Twain said and I wish I could have whispered to Kevin. The fella said, “You know, you ought to consider yourself like the dog Mark Twain talked about. He said every dog needs a few fleas; it keeps him from worrying too much about being a dog.” [Laughter]

And so no matter whatever happens to Kevin in his performing life, he’ll always remember it will never be as bad as when he had to stand in Constitution Hall and make up jokes for 20 minutes during acts. You were great. Thank you, and God bless you.”


– President Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Committee Saxophone Club Presidential Victory Concert after Kevin Spacey had to improvise 20 minutes of stand-up comedy. November 4, 1996.

#44 – Remarks at the Presidential Unity Fund Reception in New York City


And there’s another terrific actor here who has come to a number of our events in the last few weeks. And I want to thank him for his support and say that I look forward for decades more of stellar performances. Mr. Kevin Spacey is here. Thank you, Kevin, for coming.


– President Bill Clinton, October 20, 1996

#44, #45, #46 excerpts from speeches found at the Weekly Compilation Of Presidential Documents website.

Thanks to Bonnie.

#43 – Hollywood Reporter, ad in March 2, 1999 issue 

Dear Neil (Simon), Congratulations!

You are and remain the best playwright I have ever worked with.  I’m still waiting for our sequel.

Whatever “moxie” I have, I got from you.

With great admiration, Kevin Spacey

#42 – The Onion 

“Area Man No Longer Playing Up Resemblance To Kevin Spacey FLAGSTAFF, AZ – Put off by such films as The Life Of David Gale, The Shipping News, and K-PAX, local insurance salesman Brian Vandervelt, 37, is no longer playing up his resemblance to Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey. “From the time of Glengarry Glen Ross up through American Beauty, I was loving all the Spacey comparisons,” Vandervelt told reporters Tuesday. “But after four years of smug, self-righteous crap like Pay It Forward, it’s a different story.” Until Spacey stops playing repellently soulful saviors of humanity, Vandervelt said he will play up his resemblance to a young Bob Newhart.”

Thanks to Amy and Viv

#41 – Creative role for Spacey at Old Vic Rebecca Allison Tuesday February 04 2003 The Guardian

The Old Vic is today due to announce a major coup by securing the close involvement of the Hollywood star Kevin Spacey in the theatre’s management. The actor, who is already on the board of trustees, is understood to have agreed to spearhead the theatre’s artistic and commercial endeavours.  The 43-year-old Spacey, who won Ocars for The Usual Suspects in 1995 and American Beauty in 1999, once described the theatre as “a place born for actors to play and for the hearts and minds of theatregoers to be challenged and enthralled”.  He has been deeply involved in fundraising since he first performed at the Old Vic in Eugene O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh in 1998.  Despite playing host to some of the most celebrated actors, including Laurence Olivier, Sybil Thorndike and Vivien Leigh, the theatre’s rich history has been overshadowed for some time by its lack of funds and desperate need for refurbishment.  While the 180-year-old theatre does retain a great deal of its old charm, it is often said that the roof fails to retain any water when it rains.  Spacey will be in the limelight tomorrow night alongside the chairman of the Old Vic Trusts, Sir Elton John, as they co-host a gala evening to help pay for roof repairs.  Sting, Courtney Love, Sinead O’Connor, Sharleen Spiteri, Elvis Costello, Daniel Beding field and Lulu are all understood to be performing.  The Old Vic was founded as the Royal Coburg theatre under the patronage of the Prince of Saxe-Coburg, and was initially bankrolled by a wealthy Soho merchant named Joseph Glossop.  Since then it has been associated with every British actor of note – Olivier, John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Michael Redgrave, Albert Finney, Joan Plowright and many others – and the Vic holds a special place in the hearts of theatre-going Londoners and Hollywood thespians alike.

Copyright Guardian Newspapers Limited

Thanks, Borislava.

#40 – Cindy Adams column – The New York Post, January 22, 2003

“NOW, Park City, Utah, where Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman were being chased on the street by fans. ” Thanks, Viv.

#39 – Cherie’s Defender – The Sunday Telegraph, December 15, 2002

Of all the Christmas parties in all of the world, Kevin Spacey last week had to walk into the same one as Adam Boulton, Sky Television’s convivial political editor.

As fellow guests Sir Elton John, Peter Mandelson and Gillian Anderson enjoyed the festivities at the theatre-owner Sally Greene’s spectacular annual gathering, Spacey and Boulton became involved in a somewhat un-seasonal contretempts.

Spacey told Boulton how beastly he thought the British media were being to Cherie Blair, whom he got to know during the Labour Party conference at Blackpool, which he attended with his friend Bill Clinton.

DTKevin2Boulton listened courteously to the actor’s robust opinions. Although he was squiring Anji Hunter, Tony Blair’s former right-hand woman, who also attended the party, Boulton still took a commendably independent line on the issue. He said that while Cherie was indeed an admirable woman, he didn’t feel she had been entirely honest with the press over the extent of her dealings with the convicted conman Peter Foster.

At this, Spacey exploded. “So she lied?” he declared. “We all lie. We all lie all the time. Big deal!”

Maybe it was the time Spacey spent in the company of Clinton – a man known for his own exotic approach to the truth – that made him come out with this extraordinary remark… or maybe he lost his temper when he remembered it was Boulton who had speculated on his sexuality live on television during the Labour conferences. Boulton thought he was off the air when a female anchor mentioned how attractive she thought Spacey was. Boulton jokingly explained why he didn’t believe her chances with the actor were all that great.

Thanks, Vivienne and Bob

#38 – The Brains Trust – October 2, 2002 (Political satire)


IBlueKevinn a tear-filled ceremony at Blackpool, Bill Clinton has formally married the entire Labour party conference. President Clinton – controversially wearing white – swept majestically down the aisle with Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey on his arm. Spacey, who had agreed to give the ex-president away dabbed tears from his eyes, telling reporters “I always cry at weddings”. The Conference Hall had been bedecked with bunting, papier-mache busts of President Clinton and half a hundredweight of confetti and to the strains of a specially-installed pipe organ playing “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”, every single delegate swore to love, honour and obey the President for ever and ever, so forgive them Tony. As the entire National Executive Committee of the party swooned and giggled, the General Secretary David Triesman – dressed from head to toe in purple chiffon and waiting patiently at the conference podium – announced that Clinton and Labour’s mutual affection had reached such a level of intensity that, for the sake of the party, the legal formalities had to be complied with before an orgiastic and Baccanalian love-fest ensued.

Speaking to the Brains Trust, Mr Clinton said that this had been a whirlwind romance with the conference over the last few days, and with the entire Labour movement united in love and affection “it was time I made an honest party of them.” Presiding over the hasty ceremony was The Right Reverend Kevin Spacey who solemnly asked the assembled company if there was any one here present who knew of any just cause why these 6,129 people should not be joined in matrimony, following which he pronounced them “husband and conference”. The wedding party, weeping profusely, retired to the parochial splendour of the local McDonald’s where Mr Clinton ordered “Big Macs for everyone” and laboriously worked his way around the restaurant attempting to fulfill the Reverend’s instruction to “kiss the bride”.

The best man’s speech, given by Clinton’s close friend Kevin Spacey, made mention of Hillary Clinton, but as Mr Spacey pointed out “She is more than used to sharing this marriage and another six thousand people isn’t going to make much of a difference.” At the conclusion of the festivities, bridesmaid Kevin Spacey tossed a bouquet in the air, which he managed to catch himself, leaving the happy six thousand to begin their new life together in a state of drunken rapture. The honeymoon has not yet been announced, but party planners are looking for a location which can comfortably accomodate hundreds of top-level politicians, three thousand party delegates, thousands of visitors, one very charismatic ex-President and, of course, Kevin Spacey. Blackpool has not yet been ruled out. Reports that the Conservative Party “cannot get a bunk-up to save its life” and has applied for a spot on Cilla Black’s Blind Date have been very strongly denied. “Delano”

Thanks, D.

#37 –  Chicago, the movie Entertainment Tonight is announcing Kevin has signed to appear in a new film verison of the musical Chicago with Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta Jones. July 24, 2001 – Entertainment Tonight.

#36 – Winston war bunker opens its doors By David Millward (Filed: 26/12/2002)

A subterranean suite of rooms used by Winston Churchill and his closest wartime advisers is to be opened to the public next year.

After decades serving as, among other things, Treasury storerooms and a hall used by its aikido club, the network of offices under King Charles Street, between Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament, is being restored as part of a £7 million refurbishment.

They will form an extension to the existing Cabinet War Rooms and are due to be unveiled in the spring. Greatest interest is likely to centre on the bedroom provided for Mrs Churchill with an underground dining room and kitchen for the Prime Minister and his wife. Other attractions include a hall used by the Chiefs of Staff and a corridor of sparsely-furnished billets.

At first glance they look like prison cells but their inhabitants included two of Churchill’s parliamentary private secretaries, Sir George Harvie-Watt and Brendan Bracken, who later became Minister of Information.

The “Churchill Suite” will receive its first visitors next spring. A museum dedicated to the wartime leader, who was named by BBC viewers as the greatest Briton last month, is planned for January 2005.

The rooms already attract 290,000 visitors a year, 40 per cent of them American. Such is that country’s fascination with Churchill that two US presidents – Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr – have been along with a host of film actors, including Meg Ryan, Dan Ackroyd and Kevin Spacey.

The Treasury will receive an increased rent from the Cabinet War Rooms, Phil Reed, the museum’s director, explained.

However, the attraction has benefited from the prudence of Gordon Brown and his predecessors, who appear to have been reluctant to throw any furniture away. “It has ensured that the furniture is as tatty as it was during the war,” Mr Reed said. “The Treasury auctioned off the good stuff, but the rest remained.”

The storerooms have provided a treasure trove of metallic green filing cabinets, standard issue tables and rows of coat-hooks.

But the highlight is a wooden correspondence rack complete with pigeon holes for, among others, the King and the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

This had somehow left Whitehall and surfaced in an office in Brixton. Yesterday, covered in about an inch of dust, it was waiting to be returned to its original location.

The rooms are being restored with the aid of pictures taken of the nerve centre during or after the war. However, the biggest challenge has been to find a Jackson stove for the kitchen. Tony Benn offered an old oven which had been in his family for decades, but this proved to be of the wrong design.

It is known that 115 cabinet meetings were held in the deepest bowels of Whitehall and probably twice as many of the Defence Committee in the maze 10 feet underneath Whitehall.

How often Sir Winston and his wife used the sleeping accommodation remains unclear, Mr Reed said.

He added: “It was a lot safer place to be than the normal air-raid shelters, but Churchill didn’t like being underground.”

Thanks to Vivienne and Bob.

#35 – LA Times – December 22, 2002 But can he dance?

“I want to talk to you as a singer,” Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey told the crowd gathered to honor Phil Ramone, the legendary recording industry producer-engineer, at the Mancini Musicale at UCLA’s Royce Hall. “Phil and I have been working for the past year on my preparation to play Bobby Darin in a film,” he said. And then, head cocked and fingers snapping, he broke into an a cappella version of “I Found a New Baby” a la the ’50s pop idol. “Without Dr. Phil — the real Dr. Phil — I wouldn’t have had the guts to do that,” Spacey said at the August fund-raiser.

– Los Angeles Times

#34 – Daily Variety, The Mentor Issue – In an often cutthroat biz, helping others can make a huge difference. –  December 3, 2002

#33 – Spacey makes case for Iraq-nophobia

Kevin Spacey believes America’s troops can oust Saddam Hussein in less than two weeks. But he thinks the country’s military brilliance is being misused for political ends.

“We have a job in Afghanistan we haven’t finished,” the two-time Oscar winner told the New York Daily News Monday night at a party to launch, a website that gives undiscovered screenwriters the chance to pitch him scripts.

“We have [fewer] troops in Afghanistan at this moment than we had in Kosovo,” said Spacey, who worked on Jimmy Carter’s 1976 presidential campaign and wrote speeches for Illinois congressman John Anderson’s 1980 presidential campaign. “There’s a clear victory in Iraq in about 11 days. I think the [U.S. armed forces] can pull it off. And president Bush knows it.”

But, cautioned Spacey, “if we did what [Bush] is talking about doing, we’d go down a road from which we would start a chain reaction around the world. I live in the hope that it won’t happen.”

– The Miami Herald, November 12, 2002

Thanks, Barrie.


Bridget Fonda with her boy-of-the-moment Dwight Yoakam, plus Vince Vaughn and Kevin Spacey (he’s everywhere these days) disembarking the same Delta flight from Sundance. They were the only people getting off the flight not talking on their cell phones — agents, take note. (Their limo drivers did hold up signs with fake names, however–hey, a star’s gotta be a star.)

– Los Angeles Magazine, April 2000 issue.

#31 – Wine and Stars are a Perfect Pairing At Beringer Vineyards; Kevin Spacey and Denzel Washington Voted Top Cabernet Companions.

ST. HELENA, Calif.–(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)–March 24, 2000

Visitors to Beringer Vineyards in California’s Napa Valley have voted Kevin Spacey — “a true American beauty,” said one fan — the Oscar(R)-nominated actor with whom they would most like to share both Beringer’s 1998 Napa Valley Chardonnay and 1996 Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. The two wines were selected to be served exclusively at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ gala Governors Ball following the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, March 26. More than 1,600 guests will enjoy the two critically acclaimed Beringer wines with an eclectic menu created by Wolfgang Puck.

Asked to pair the wines with stars rather than with Puck’s truffle-studded risotto, voters in an informal poll at the winery showed considerable wine-gender bias. Spacey, who received 25 percent of the votes cast, was favored as a sipping partner significantly more often for the Cabernet than the Chardonnay. The next most popular actor, with 20 percent of the votes, was Denzel Washington. Again, Cabernet Sauvignon was the clear wine of choice–“earthy, with a deep core,” said one voter of the wine–to enjoy with the powerful star of “The Hurricane.”

The top female actor in the survey, which guests completed after sampling the two selected wines in the winery’s historic Rhine House tasting room, was Meryl Streep. She received 19 percent of the votes, with a two-to-one bias toward Chardonnay as the sip to share: “multi-dimensional, layered…butter with a glint of sparkle,” wrote one voter. Annette Bening was the second-most-often-named female actor, with 14 percent of the votes, and Chardonnay was again the clear choice of her fans.

The voters were predominantly female–70 percent versus 30 percent male–and the female voters were significantly more likely than their male counterparts to identify the Beringer Cabernet with the male actors (76 percent, versus 26 percent for female actors). However, the overall vote was evenly split between the two classic wines, with 50 percent each of the total of 266 votes cast. Write-in candidates included Brad Pitt, Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis and Tim Robbins: “I’d like to drink these wines with them all,” said one voter.

Beringer Vineyards is the only winery to have had both a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay named by Wine Spectator magazine as its top wine of the year (1986 Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon in 1990, and 1994 Private Reserve Chardonnay in 1996). The St. Helena winery, the oldest continuously operating winery in Napa Valley, receives over 250,000 visitors a year. Its California White Zinfandel is the most frequently purchased wine in the United States.

COPYRIGHT 2000 Business Wire
COPYRIGHT 2000 Gale Group


Kevin Spacey – Aged 43, award-winning American movie star who made conference call.

Isn’t that the fellow from American Beauty?
Indeed, and many other critically acclaimed Hollywood titles currently on the shelves of your local Blockbuster.

So what’s he doing over here?
Having a lovely time in Blackpool at the Labour Party Conference, of course.

 Pull the other one.
No, seriously. Spacey is travelling with his friend Bill Clinton. Pausing only for dinner with Prince Andrew in Mayfair, they headed north for Clinton’s speech to the party. As hard as many delegates tried, Spacey was the only genuine double-Oscar winner to grace the Winter Gardens this week.

 What’s his take on the reformation of party funding?
I’m not sure he expressed one.

What about NHS death-rate lists?
Nothing on the record.

What about the crisis in A-level marking?
His contribution to the debate was minimal. But he did do some impressions.

At a reception with the Prime Minister and Cherie Blair, Spacey stepped up to the mike and gave the room his best Bill Clinton. He also does a very good Jimmy Stewart and a terrific Robin Williams.

 Yes, but can he do Denis Healey?
Not sure.

 Alan Milburn?
Maybe at a push.

How much do we know of Spacey’s life off-screen?
We know that as a boy, he burnt down his sisters treehouse. And that he later won a leadership award at Northridge Military Academy. But he was expelled for throwing a tyre at a classmate and decided to become an actor.

Anything else?
That’s about it. he is, quite deliberately, a very enigmatic and private person: “The less you know about me,” he once said, “the easier it is to convince you that I am that character on screen.”

Isn’t that what John Major used to say?
I can’t possibly comment.

– From a London paper (not sure which one) October 6, 2002

Thanks, Vivienne (and Bob!)

#29 – These items just keep getting stranger … 

Is no man safe from the Appleton sisters?

Ah, the Appletons. Their mother must be so proud. Not content with bringing their overabundant singing talent to the world, they’ve now written a book, endearingly titled, Together, about the men in their lives. This has allowed for headlines such as “The truth about Liam Gallagher and Robbie Williams”. No matter that kiss ‘n’ tells are usually the preserve of the anonymous and hard-up – spilling the beans on your husband, well, why not? Noel Gallagher once joked about Posh that Beckham must come home from being jeered at on the pitch and say, “What’s that silly cow said about me this time?” Now Liam can murmur soulfully, “What has my misguided beloved Nicole written?”

The really odd bit, however, concerns a certain actor and Nicole’s sister, Natalie (I know it’s hard to tell them apart, but Nat’s the one with the mean eyes and really petulant mouth). Kevin Spacey, apparently, is a huge fan, and indeed, got so demanding of her time and attention that Nat’s boyfriend of the time, Jamie Theakston, became jealous. She and Spacey were “just friends” but even so, they had to meet in secret, and on one particularly dramatic occasion, squealing tyres were involved. Natalie notes that the whole thing was like something out of a movie, though she doesn’t mention what kind of movie. The one it sounds like is Honest, that unforgettable screen experience she helped create with Dave Stewart.

And yet, even taking into account Spacey’s recent penchant for starring in diabolical films himself (The Shipping News, Pay It Forward), it’s still hard to picture him in this tacky scenario. At the very least because, as Nat so astutely points out, “no one has seen Kevin with a woman”. In fact, Spacey has endless trouble from journalists who can’t believe that he’s 100 percent heterosexual.

Spacey is scrupulous (pedantic, even) when it comes to those newspaper inches. They must have “concern for the facts”. Yet, obviously, that bit in Together got the all clear. Presumably his publicity people decided these revelations didn’t violate his privacy and were actually the sort of positive mentions he deserved. But what could be more damaging to his reputation than the charge that he likes Natalie Appleton, whether as an artist or a woman?

Please, Kevin. Say it ain’t true. Or better yet, sue.

– The Independent, Dress-down Friday: Can I tune in to real live people?
Charlotte O’Sullivan, 27 September 2002 (now found in their archives, for a fee)

(Thanks, Vivienne) – The original article claims Kevin even had to climb out a window to avoid being caught by the boyfriend.

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