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The Negotiator opens while Kevin is appearing in The Iceman Cometh in London. Press reports at the time say that he flew from London to Los Angeles and then back to London during a day off from the theatre just to attend the premiere.

NegotiatorPaperSamuel L. Jackson, left, and Kevin Spacey, right, stars of the new film The Negotiator pose with Jackson’s wife LaTanya Richardson as they arrive for the world premiere of the film in the Westwood section of Los Angeles. The  Negotiator opens nationally on Wednesday.

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MOVIES This month, we asked directors and actors to review their own movies. No wonder they all got 3 1/2 to 4 stars.

THE NEGOTIATOR (Warner Bros.) **** It was very gratifying directing The Negotiator. James DeMonaco and Kevin Fox wrote a smart and original script that really draws the audience in, and strong performances from the entire cast – lead by Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey – add up to a movie experience that rewards the viewer. Danny Roman (Jackson), Chicago’s best hostage negotiator, is framed by his own police department for murder and embezzlement. To clear his name, he takes fellow officers hostage and demands an outside negotiator (Spacey) to prove his innocence. What follows is a chess game of bluffing that leads to a final showdown definitely worth seeing!

F. Gary Gray, director, “The Negotiator”

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Fan Reviews:

The Negotiator by mandy

First time I saw him in this film and I like it, he is very cool in there..;)

The Negotiator by Mrs. Spacey

The Negotaitor, I Give This Movie A Seven. The Three Points It Missed Was Kevin Was Not In It Enough. Plus He Should Have Taken a Shower During Some Point In The Movie. I Mean Man!But He Was Very Convincing It Also Helped For Him To Be So Sexy. That Gun Wow I Nearly Died When I Saw Him In That. Samuel L. Jakson Did A Great Job I Love His Voice.But It Is Very Hard For Me To Evan Understand Whats Going On When Kevin Is On Screen. But This Movie Is Very Good There Is A Good Plot And Nice Pace.I Would Rob A Bank If He Arrested Me!!! In That Vest Yummy!!!:)Well Bye.Mrs.Spacey;)

The Negotiator  by Anonymous

The first time I saw this movie just a few weeks ago..I thought…oh my god…who is this beautiful sexy man in that ski top…(blue really is his colour)..and it was Kevin Spacey..funny I’ve never noticed him before and now I am a fan. The movie was fantastic too….suspense, action with a twist in the end….just the way I like it….and of course Kevin made it all the more exciting. One of the best movies I have seen for quite some time.

The Negotiator From Natalie: I love the movie because you get so angry and i love men when they are angry especially you kevin cos i’ve got the hots for you and cannot describe my inner feelings towards you because they are too powerful. The Nagociator is my fav film because you are in it and look so sexy and if you look like that everyday…. well…. something might happen like i could fall even more in love with you even though you are older than me. goodbye my dearest kevin and i hope we meet somewhere.  HOT LOVE ,  Natalie