December 31, 2000 – Here’s some good news on the awards front Spacey fans! Kevin has made’s Second Annual Reader’s Choice Awards, and it wasn’t for strangest couple or worst movie of the year!

10) The TV show or movie you’d most like to see remade:  The winner is … “Gilligan’s Island”: Oft nominated and much mulled over, with everyone from Robert Downey Jr. to Kevin Spacey in the title role.

Personally, I see Kevin as Darren in Bewitched. The first Darren. Guess it’s those suits he wears. I may have to use that as a poll question soon.

OK, Where is Kevin? I’m sitting here with my big bean bag bug Hopper and my mini Zappy scooter thing and there is nothing newsworthy to report.

Kevin, give us a just little something Spacey to hold us until K-PAX comes out next. Something good like a release date for an ODC DVD. With loads of extras. Or maybe

Looking For Richard on DVD.

Mike Myers I just have to say this again. I read in one of the Hollywood trade magazines that Mike Myers is probably going to be the next Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series of movies. This gives me chills!

Washington Post Tomorrow the newspaper releases their annual list of what’s in and what’s out. Last year Kevin was riding high with American Beauty and was named as being “IN” and I’m afraid that this year we’re going to see his name and the word “OUT” next to it because of the critically bashed PIF.

December 30, 2000

Please don’t drink and drive tomorrow night, and be careful of other drivers who may not have been as vigilant. In fact, why not stay home and stay off the roads. You can watch a few Spacey movies. Have a Spacey marathon.

Spacey chat tonight. Come to the Spacey chat at Spaceyland and talk about Kevin. Around 9pm EST.

Good News! I was watching part of E! News’ year end round up and when they did the section on the year’s worst movies, PIF wasn’t one of the ones mentioned! That’s the first year end wrap up I’ve seen so far that hasn’t said that.

Wanna see something a little scary? My big Spacey face Christmas present can be found HERE.

Spacey News None again today.

Lots of poll responses though. Kevin’s fans sure love polls and surveys.

December 29, 2000

No Spacey News Today

New! Spacey Poll – Kev needs M&Ms in a snowstorm.

Spacey Guest Book – Since my web host wiped out my guest book last week, I decided to add a picture to the page. I’m starting all over on the guest book, so please stop by and add your comments about Kevin or the site if you’d like to.

December 28, 2000

Jason Robards – Appreciation There was another article in the Washington Post this morning about Jason Robards. There’s a picture of Mr. Robards in the print edition of the paper and under the picture it says : Jason Robards won an Oscar for his 1976 performance as Washington Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee in “All The President’s Men.”

I’ve added the entire article to my Jason Robards page.

No Spacey News Today Just rumors and gossip! According to the Liz Smith gossip column, Kevin kept Helen Hunt waiting for him for nearly an hour on Christmas Eve and didn’t offer so much as an apology. Another column suggests Kevin stood her up at the premiere of her Mel Gibson movie.

What kind of press is *that*? Why aren’t Kevin’s PR people doing something to counter-act this kind of stuff? Did he lose them at the store? All he has to do is go to customer service and tell them he’s lost his people and they’ll page them for him.

With no movie coming out until late next year, Kevin needs to have people reading things about him that don’t turn them off.

Now that I’ve said that, how pathetic is it that someone can’t go out to have a cup of coffee without someone else reporting on it to the world?

December 27, 2000

Jason Robards I was going to put together a page on Jason Robards when I did my The Iceman Cometh section of Kevin’s theatre roles, but here’s what I’ve thrown together this morning. My very inadequate attempt at a tribute of sorts.

Jason Robards: The Iceman Cometh **page coming soon

December 26, 2000

Kevin must be hiding out somewhere. No news or sightings.

Pay It Forward is going to be released in Sweden in February.

People magazine names Pay It Forward one of the worst movies of the year. The only way to save Kevin’s career at this point is to quickly release Ordinary Decent Criminal into the US and Canadian theaters, quickly followed by the DVD with tons of extras. Something along the lines of the “The Matrix” set. Movie, interactive CD soundtrack, poster, lobby card set, postcards, online giveaways, Kevin doing the audio commentary with lots of funny stories about filming the movie, maybe a Michael Lynch action figure. If they can do that with Keanu Reeves, they can do it with Kevin Spacey.

Did I tell everyone that my sister who wishes to remain anonymous won a beautiful picture of Kevin and Dianne Dryer attending last year’s BAFTAs on eBay and gave it to me for Christmas? Nothing like a photo of Kevin wearing a tux!

Final results in Christmas poll

After Christmas Gift Return Poll NEW!

December 24 – 25, 2000

Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year!

Please don’t drink and drive.

December 23, 2000

Apparently there is a gremlin on the loose on my Santa poll page or maybe Santa already took the list to use or maybe my web host company is trying to drive me absolutely INSANE today but for whatever reason my Santa poll is missing from my site!

First, the confirmation page disappeared this evening and now the whole poll is gone! It only had one day left on it. I’m going to try to reload it one more time. Wish me luck!

No Spacey news again today.

Can people with Netscape read the banner under the newspaper? My book says it will flash but not scroll. So if it’s not scrolling, can you see the entire message?

I think I need to start a new page.

I’m going to start it after the holidays. Site updates and general ramblings and leave this page for Spacey news only.

When there *is* something to report I don’t have time for other stuff, but with everything so quiet I have nothing else to do.

Does anyone know how to fix my hit counter? It had almost 900 hits when the web host company decided to change things and it wiped out the whole thing and started again at 0. I went back and reset the counter to start at 900 and it won’t do that. I’ve even deleted the counter and put in a new one starting at the higher number and nothing! I was so close to 1000.

December 22, 2000

My web hosting company has been upgrading their servers and that has messed with my site a bit. I think the polls are working now. A few pages have lost their theme. No red background and no bullets and lines, and they may not be readable on a white background. The hit counter has been wiped out. I reset it to start at the last readout 3 days ago, that should start working soon.

I’m sorry to say that the guest book has once again been erased, but this time I’m innocent! I didn’t do it. I’d left another message thanking LDavis, Pam, devin and a mystery poster for their words of encouragement and that’s gone too. So … Thanks again!

If you run into any problems, I’d appreciate it if you’d drop me a line. Thanks!

December 21, 2000

No Golden Globes nomination for Kevin for PIF.

December 20, 2000

Golden Globe nominations due tomorrow morning. E! will probably show them live, as well as the networks.

December 19, 2000

Monday Night Football was something I couldn’t watch, even for Kevin, but fortunately Kevin *does* have a few fans who watched it. According to devin, web mistress of Tour de Spacey, John Doe’s message last night during the game was a commercial for the new DVD release which I believe was scheduled for today.

Spacey Birthday Greetings for a very special person:

Happy Birthday to you. 

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear Suzannewhowishestoremainanonymous …

Happy Birthday to yoooouuuuu!

December 18, 2000

I finally added a picture to the Upcoming Projects page. It has nothing to do with any upcoming projects, but I like it.

Remember the Pink Panther movie Kevin was rumored to be signing up for earlier in the year? I read in the Hollywood Reporter that Mike Myers is going to do it instead. As much as I didn’t want to see Kevin try to take the place of the late, great Peter Sellers, I’d rather see Kevin than Mike Myers in the role!

Voters at Blockbuster see Kevin as a possible George Bailey if there was ever a remake of It’s A Wonderful Life. Nicholas Cage was the first choice. I could see Kevin as a great George Bailey.

December 17, 2000

OK, I got another email from John Doe today. This time he tells me to watch Monday Night Football tomorrow night, of all things. Says everything will become clear and it’s gonna be big. Think there’s going be a big commercial for the new DVD or something?

Los Angeles Film Critics Association Nothing to report for Kevin or The Big Kahuna or Pay It Forward.

Golden Globes nominations are announced on Thursday, December 21.

December 16, 2000 

Oscar ads are starting to show up in the movie industry magazines. Be sure to check out The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

Those Se7en emails just keep on coming. I’ve had to add another page.

December 15, 2000

Entertainment Weekly December 22-29, 2000 Not a good issue for Kevin. He’s mentioned in an article about scooters, Bill Clinton’s White House video, and … I’m just the messenger, not the writer:

Worst Over Acting Award -EW gives the entire cast of Pay It Forward a special ensemble award.

Fifty Notable Movies of 2000 – Only one movie had a worse ranking than PIF. That was the epic Battlefield Earth.

EW critic Lisa Schwarzbaum says Pay It Forward is one of the worst movies of 2000. She says:

The year’s worst feel-good movie belittled the decency of the very folks it claims ought to be “inspired.” How else to explain the preachy story, the sticky script, the crayoned-in performances (Helen Hunt! Take a breath!), or the sadistic ending – an all-time low in stooping for tears. This was one time Hollywood gambled on audience stupidity and lost.

(Sounds like she really, really didn’t like it.)

Let’s move on to the AB DVD release:

The AB DVD release is called one of the 5 worst DVD releases of the year. EW says:

Best Picture? You bet. The disc, however, feels like a cheat. “I love these things,” says the director Sam Mendes of DVDs as he starts off the audio commentary. There’s quite a bit of talk, in fact, about the many deleted scenes and the drastically changed ending. Perhaps it could have occurred to somebody that we might like to see them. (Emphasis placed by the EW writer.)

There’s still the Se7en DVD:

“From The Desk OF Jeffrey Dahmer” Promo Item Award:

For the release of their new Seven DVD, New Line sent us a cardboard box with blond hair sticking out of the lid. Charming. (Guess they wouldn’t appreciate the emails!)

December 14, 2000

“Traffic” named best of year by New York Critics Circle Dec. 14, 2000 | NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Film Critics Circle named “Traffic,” Steven Soderbergh’s indictment of the war on drugs, the best movie of 2000.  The 35-member group on Wednesday also gave Soderbergh best director honors for “Traffic” and “Erin Brockovich.”  Tom Hanks was named best actor for “Cast Away,” and Laura Linney won the best actress award for “You Can Count on Me.”  “Traffic’s” Benicio del Toro received the best supporting actor honor, and Marcia Gay Harden won best supporting actress for “Pollock.”  Founded in 1935, the New York Film Critics Circle is composed of critics from the city’s daily and weekly publications. The group will present its awards on Jan. 14.

I’ve been having problems with the Spacey polls pages tonight which I think are related to the web host company, so if you vote and the confirmation page doesn’t pop up, it’s not working. Try again later.

Kevin’s Life Story: Part 4 or is it 5? I’m working on the next stop in Kevin’s life story. As we all know, in the last chapter, Kevin finally became Spacey and went to Juilliard and left Juilliard and got a job in an actual play. This next part is tricky since he doesn’t talk much about his early days in the theatre. The lost 1980s, remember?

Kevin Spacey’s publicist must be on vacation or something since the only thing I have to report is another bit of diva behavior rumored to have been committed by someone who probably wishes to remain anonymous but for the sake of my story will be referred to as “Kevin“. This came from some gossip column or something:

A man who has an office in the same building as “Kevin” says that people who visit “Kevin” have been using *his* reserved parking space and when he’s asked them to move, has been met with rude and obnoxious behavior and when he spoke to “Kevin” about the problem, received more of the same from “Kevin“.

Some days I long for the not-so-distant-past when Kevin Spacey was known as “Kevin who?” and he wasn’t in the gossip columns.

December 12, 2000

Kevin’s Christmas Poll: So far, the new battery for his Zappy is beating out the gift certificate for the free chest hair fluffings. Maybe Santa will bring him both since everyone thinks he’s a combination of naughty AND nice.

Driving Mr. Spacey SITE UPDATES: 

I have added a new stop on the Spacey Time Machine. A trip to the Lucille Lortel Theatre for COBB.

I’ve added to the Lost In Yonkers page and have added a Tony Awards page for that year. You can take the limo to that page from the Lost In Yonkers page. There’s a very nice picture of Kevin from the PLAYBILL for the Tony Awards show.

I added some new pictures to the PHOTOGRAPHS page.

Plus there is a new email on the Se7en emails Page 3.

STOP CANCER – What Women Want premiere Kevin is scheduled to appear tomorrow night.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000, 7:00pm (arrivals begin at 6:00 p.m.)  Mann Village Theater (Corner of Broxton & Weyburn)

December 9, 2000 

Best Dressed Nominee on E! Kevin was nominated for the Golden Hanger Best Dressed Man Award on E!, but lost to Michael Clarke Duncan.

Useless trivia cluttering my brain since I was a teen: Today is Donny Osmond’s birthday.

A bit of gossipy stuff on a cold morning:

Parade (newspaper insert) for December 10, 2000. First question on first page about Helen Hunt and her mother’s burn-victims charity. Picture of HH and Mel Gibson.

Question: I hear Helen Hunt works with a charity for disfigured people. Was she inspired by Kevin Spacey’s burn-victim role in Pay It Forward? The answer says it was a coincidence and tells of HH’s mom Jane starting the Healing Hands Project. So what does that have to do with Kevin, you ask? The last sentence is this:

Incidentally, Jane Hunt tells us Helen never brought Spacey home with her, so we discount those recent romance rumors.

Don’t forget the LA Film Critics Award announcement, the E! Golden Hanger Awards and the GQ Awards on FOX tv. All today.

December 8, 2000

Entertainment Weekly Dec. 15, 2000 issue, Tom Hanks on the cover. There are a few small pictures of Kevin in this issue.

Things to watch for tomorrow:

The Los Angeles Film Critics Awards are announced.

GQ Men of the Year Awards on FOX from 8-10pm EST. Kevin gives award to Michael J. Fox.

Golden Hanger Awards on E! from 3-4:30pm EST: Joan and Melissa Rivers hand out awards to celebrity fashion winners. Kevin has won this award in the past. Maybe he’ll be seen on the show again this year. He was at just about every awards show there was this past year. Gotta be footage of the guy in a tux *somewhere*!

December 7, 2000

Singing Spacey Clouseau? From Dec.7, 2000:

Just For Variety by Army Archerd

..The father-son Edwards team is also moving in on the B’way-bound musical version of “The Pink Panther” — again with Mancini music, this time teamed with Leslie Bricusse. Blake says son Geoffrey “is (even?) a helluva lot funnier than I.” Of course the inevitable question of who to follow Peter Sellers as the (singing) inspector Clouseau. Blake says he wouldn’t approach anyone until the book and music are completed (by year’s end). But if Kevin Spacey found the libretto in his Christmas stocking, I wouldn’t be surprised …

Yesterday Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin discussed the Spacey produced play  Cobb, on the Live With Regis show. Ms. Ripa had seen the play and hadn’t known Ty Cobb was a real person. Today, that conversation was used for the trivia question.

What actor portrayed Ty Cobb in the 1994 movie? Answer: Tommy Lee Jones

December 6, 2000

National Board of Review Awards (Thank you Smokey!)

Quills Is Number One, As National Board of Review Kicks Off the Awards Season Best Actor is Javier Bardem, while Julia Roberts is top among actresses, as the pre-Oscar competition heats up. by Michael Cieply Wednesday, December 06, 2000 04:49 p.m.

The National Board of Review named Quills the Best Film of 2000, kicking off the awards season.

The New York-based board traditionally awards the first in a series of pre-Oscar prizes that tend to shape and predict the Academy Awards race.

Javier Bardem was named Best Actor for his work in Before Night Falls, while Julia Roberts was Best Actress for Erin Brockovich. Director Steven Soderbergh also received an award for Brockovich.

Best Supporting Actor was Joaquin Phoenix, who was cited for his work in Gladiator, Quills and The Yards.

Best Supporting Actress was Lupe Ontiveros, for Chuck and Buck.

Ted Tally was awarded the board’s Best Screenplay prize for All the Pretty Horses, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was named Best Foreign Film, rounding out the major categories.

The Board’s list of the ten best films included:

  1. Quills 2. Traffic 3. Croupier 4. You Can Count on Me 5. Billy Elliot 6. Before Night Falls 7. Gladiator 8. Wonder Boys 9. Sunshine 10. Dancer in the Dark

Cobb mentioned on Live with Regis Daytime actress Kelly Ripa, co-hosting today with Regis Philbin, said she had attended a great OFF-Broadway play last night. She said it was Cobb. She said it was the Kevin Spacey produced play, that it was at the Lucille Lortel Theatre and she briefly told how Kevin had seen it and then put up the money to keep the play running. She also laughed at herself when she told everyone that hadn’t known Ty Cobb, the character in the play, was a real person! She also said that she knows one of the actors in the play, Michael Sabatino. She explained that the play was about 3 Ty Cobbs at  different times of life.

December 5, 2000

The National Board of Review awards are announced tomorrow.

Premiere Year End Special Issue January 2001 Kevin everywhere!

#1 – Page 22 SHOTS IN THE DARK: The Spacey Fallacy Half page article about actors such as Kevin making mistakes in choosing roles in movies. Picture of Kevin from PIF.

#2 – Page 40-41 IF YOU ASK ME: Moral Fixation by Libby Gelman Waxner The day I’ve waited for! Libby Gelman Waxner, my favorite writer in Premiere, takes on a Spacey movie. Unfortunately, Pay It Forward didn’t fare too well compared to the other movie she saw .. QUILLS. There’s a cartoon drawing of Kevin.

#3 – Page 42-44 THE BIZ Hollywood Strike Fever by Michael Fleming Article about the SAG strike. Kevin is part of the article. There’s a nice head shot of him on page 44 with comments by Kevin. I’ll try to put some quotes in later this evening.

**Kevin, I beg you .. could you at least *try* not to say F***? Please?

PIF Premiere1#4 – Pages 60-69 Great drawing of Kevin sitting on an EGG?? in a chicken coop on page 60 as part of a section called Chicken Run. Seems to be about movies laying eggs, if you get my meaning. Keanu Reeves, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and John Travolta are the other actors in the coop.

From The Hollywood Reporter Online:

Actors bob for Golden Apples The Hollywood Women’s Press Club announced its nominees Monday for the 60th annual Golden Apple Awards to be presented Sunday at the Beverly Hilton. Nominated for male star of the year are Russell Crowe, Cuba Gooding Jr., Will Smith, Kevin Spacey and Bruce Willis. Female star of the year nominees are Joan Allen, Melanie Griffith, Helen Hunt, Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Pfeiffer. The star of the year nominations are based on “the most colorful personalities with the greatest news impact that enhanced Hollywood’s glamorous image,” the club said.

There’s a full story available for people who are premium site members, which I am not.

December 4, 2000

I have received another email from John Doe! This time he keeps calling me his doctor. Second email on second page of the Se7en page.

Pay It Forward was still in the top 20 last week. It was #16.

Entertainment Weekly December 8 issue, Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson on cover, page 75   The Ratings: week of Nov.13-18, 2000 Top 10 Pay Cable shows

  1. Movie: American Beauty HBO, Tuesday, 8pm 3.0 million viewers 2. Movie: American Beauty HBO, Sunday, 10:31 pm 2.5 million viewers

More than half of the AB viewers on Tuesday night stuck around for The Best Of G-String Divas, making it the #10 Pay Cable show of that week.

Also according to EW Saturday December 9, 8-10 pm (FOX, TV-PG)

GQ’s 2000 Men Of The Year Awards Kevin gives award to Michael J. Fox. Apparently, this is the only sighting of Kevin during the show.

Clint Eastwood was honored as one of this year’s Kennedy Center Honors honorees over the weekend in Washington, DC. There was a very long article about him in the ARTS section of the Washington Post yesterday morning. The only Spacey related snippet was about 5 sentences from the end of the entire article. It wasn’t much, but it was *something* anyway.

Too much of the recent work feels routine and unthought out, such as “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” and the lame “True Crime.” – Stephen Hunter

Kevin appeared at the KCH last year as one of the people who was there for Jason Robards. I’ll try to find my clippings from last year. There were several mentions of Kevin at the parties after the program was filmed. He was wearing a beautiful tux that had straight satin (I think) lapels that went all the way down the jacket. Must have been Armani.

Lots of action on the Spacey Polls last night I’ve added all the new votes that had been cast as of 9am EST today.

December 3, 2000

No Spacey news this morning!

Guess what I saw while shopping at Target this crazy Sunday morning? Mini-scooters in the toy section. They’re for pushing along the table or floor with your finger. They were about 4″ tall. They had silver Mini Razors and another company had a series that came in different colors. Red, blue and green. No yellow ones, I’m afraid. Only $5 or less.

December 2, 2000

For those who need to print out a calendar to mark down all of Kevin’s appearances and things, Tour de Spacey’s web mistress, devin has added a new calendar to her site. You can print it out and jot down important Spacey things.

Tour de Spacey

VH1 Music Awards Will be shown several times this weekend. Be sure to catch Kevin.

Kevin and his Zappy made an appearance on E! News Weekend last night. This will air several times this weekend as well. About 7 1/2 minutes into the show.

Entertainment Tonight (Monday, Dec.3rd) segment on Se7en, with deleted scenes.

December 1, 2000

December Movie of the Month: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil I decided to use that movie over all the others for the simple reason that I don’t have anything in my scrapbooks for “The Ref” which would have been the best choice for the December movie.

Kevin Spacey polls I’ve tallied the current results through about 2pm EST today. Looks like just about everyone thinks Kevin’s both naughty *and* nice. And is a mass of nervous habits.

VH1 My Music Awards  Kevin made a surprise appearance on the special last night, introducing U2 and starting the show. It should be on several times this weekend, so try to catch it. I missed it myself. I don’t recall him being mentioned on any commercials for the show.

Kevin’s hand drawing auction went for $610! Congratulations to the lucky winner.

November 30, 2000

With any luck I’ll have the December movie of the month ready to go by tomorrow morning.

The next Oscars are already being talked about. Here’s an article about the poor choice of movies this year:

Oscar field weak this year By David Germain

**link no longer works

Last night on the David Blaine special: Kevin made a *very* brief appearance. So brief it should have been illegal to have mentioned him as a guest in the TV Guide. However, those few seconds showed us Kevin looking great in a very nice sweater. At least I think it was a sweater, I was looking at the facial hair which was noticeable. I guess they filmed him while he was in NYC shooting K-PAX.

*Here’s a small fashion tip for all you men out there. A cap takes away from the sexy sweater look.

November 29, 2000

Don’t forget Kevin on the David Blaine TV special tonight on ABC at 10pm EST, and please let him be on early in the show so I don’t have to watch the whole thing!

SAG award nominations must be submitted today by 5pm(Pacific) by actors or their representatives with their permission.

The 7th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® can be seen LIVE, Sunday, March 11, 2001 on TNT.

Kevin’s in the Enquirer again. This time they imply he rests during the day! There are reports of a photo of Kevin sitting and doing NOTHING between scenes during the K-PAX shoot. I don’t buy these rags myself, but may have to check this out anyway.

Bond, James Bond … Rumors continue to swirl that Kevin will portray the villain in the next James Bond movie to be filmed in 2002. No word from Kevin himself though. I stole this off the KSML (Thanks to Ruth!):

” … the movie will begin shooting in early 2002 in Britain and Ireland. Provisionally entitled ‘Beyond the Ice’, it is expected to be the last outing for Pierce Brosnan as 007 and will feature Kevin Spacey as the “boo-hissable villain”!”

I received an email from the dreaded John Doe! Actually it was from John Doe to Detective Mills. Very creepy. For those who missed the first news flash:

** link no longer works

November 28, 2000:

Someone today was the 500th visitor to the site. Congratulations!

Cobb Reviewed by Victor Gluck, BACK STAGE November 17, 2000 issue, page 56 (back page) Article: Spacey Putting His Money Where His Heart Has Been

If you’re not an online NY Times subscriber, go here. But I have to tell you, there’s a cute picture of Kevin at the NY Times site that isn’t on mine.

This article is about his funding of the play Cobb and he mentions he is going to fund a scholarship at Julliard, in his own name. Personally, I think that sounds a bit much when people name things after themselves. Wouldn’t it be nicer if he honored his mother or a teacher or another actor who made the biggest impact on his own life, with a scholarship in *their* name? It also says that he gets requests for money from people. Some even ask him for money to put them through medical school. I think the next time I get the urge to write a fan letter I’m going to ask for money. That seems to get your letter read!

Dear Kevin, could I have $10,000 to go shopping in NYC?

Helen Hunt and The Backstreet Boys put in a few words for Spacey projects during their respective appearances on the Rosie O’Donnell show during the past week. Helen Hunt wants you to go see Cobb the next time you’re in NYC and one of The Backstreet Boys says Pay It Forward is a favorite movie of his and he thinks it’s a concept that could work.

November 27, 2000 – Evening edition: 

Access Hollywood offers up Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment as possible Oscar contenders this year. No mention of Pay It Forward or Helen Hunt.

Bad Kevin Ok, now the rumor is that Kevin *will* be in the new James Bond movie. Who keeps spreading these Internet rumors?

Kevin’s autographed hand drawing that is being auctioned on eBay by AOL and for Project Healing Hands, is now up to $510! I hope it goes for $1000.

November 27, 2000 – Morning Edition

There is no Spacey news this morning!

November 26,2000  Crime alert! Police need your help in the search for John Doe!

** Link no longer works but a PR campaign had people receiving emails from John Doe. The emails I received are in the Se7en section of the site.

Find the murderer John Doe on a new expanded collector’s edition DVD. I think we all know what he looks like by now don’t we? That bald spot took over his whole head. DVD is scheduled for release in December. * The management is not responsible for non-Seven related emails they may send you! Or if you haven’t heard from them in a few months.

Helping Hands update: Kevin’s hand is worth $431 this morning with 4 days left on the auction. Did you notice how he stayed in the lines with his coloring? His mom must be proud of her baby.  

November 22, 2000

Kevin Spacey *won’t* be Bond baddie: Recent Internet gossip suggesting that Kevin Spacey will be the villain in the next James Bond film has been denied by a spokesperson for the movie’s producers.

How do these rumors end up spreading around the Internet, anyway?

November 21, 2000

Kevin sells hand for charity! You know, this would make a lovely holiday gift for someone who doesn’t like to beg and it would go a long way towards easing the pain of never getting my LAC glossy back (sniff):

TV GUIDE confirms Kevin’s appearance on David Blaine TV special Wednesday night, November 29,2000 10pm EST on ABC.

Trigger Street Productions and Kevin Spacey produced a new film called Interstate 84. I don’t know if this is a movie that has already been released or will be released later.

Directed by Ross Partridge, Cast: John Littlefield, Megan Dodds, Clifton James, Harley Cross, Joel Garland, Kevin Dillon, John Doman

Look for more info later on my upcoming ‘Kevin the Producer’ page.

Iceman co-star on TV: Michael Emerson who was Willie Oban in the Broadway production of The Iceman Cometh  will be on ABC’s The Practice on Sunday night.  *Here’s my own personal Michael Emerson story: I waited until TIC ended and then wrote short letters to each of the actors whose agency addresses I had, telling them that I enjoyed them in the play. I received a very nice note from Michael Emerson thanking me for taking the time to see the play and to write to him. Very nice guy!

November 20, 2000:

Another Spacey film rumor? BOND ROLE FOR KEVIN OSCAR winner Kevin Spacey is to play the baddie in the latest James Bond film. Showbiz insiders are said to be delighted that Spacey – star of American Beauty and Usual Suspects – will be up against UK actor Pierce Brosnan in his fourth and last role as 007. Some scenes from Beyond The Ice – the 20th Bond film – will be shot on location in Britain and Ireland.

*Is it just me or does the word “baddie” sound like someone who gets his hand slapped by his mommy?

In Style  December 2000 issue Small picture of Kevin on page 280, chart with books made into movies: The Shipping News. And a small picture on page 366, article about a NYC health club/salon named Sport Club LA, which Kevin is said to be a member of.

USA Today online: Kevin on David Blaine ABC special next week on Nov.29th!

David Blaine: Frozen in Time, an ABC special that will air Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 10 p.m. ET

Pay It Forward drops out of Top Ten movie rankings for the past week.

November 19, 2000:

Kevin has NOT been mentioned in my local paper or any of the weekend entertainment news shows so far this morning!!  Maybe Kevin attended the big celebrity wedding in NYC yesterday. Does he know Michael Douglas?

Intrepid Spacey reporter here: After spending many days and nights deep in the Spacey Gazette archives, I’ve managed to unearth an incredible piece of information. Kevin and Helen Hunt … are from the same planet!

November 16, 2000:

K-PAX Film Schedule. There’s a report that there is possibly to be filming tonight (Thursday) and tomorrow night at Grand Central Station in NYC and possibly at The Hayden Planetarium on Sunday and Monday. They’re only filming about two weeks before moving to Los Angeles. I don’t know if Kevin is expected to be there.

Update: The Shipping News 

Director Lasse Hallstrom has brought in his “Chocolat” collaborator Robert Nelson Jacobs to do a rewrite of “The Shipping News,” the Hallstrom-directed Miramax adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Annie L. Proulx novel which will star Kevin Spacey and Julianne Moore.

November 15, 2000:

New addition to K-PAX? There’s an uncomfirmed report of an actor named Aaron Paul joining the K-PAX cast. I don’t know who this guy is.

The Wall Street Journal has an article by Tom King that blames Helen Hunt and someone who shall remain nameless for the problems Pay It Forward has. Some kind of diva behavior.

Tsk Tsk.

Kevin received an award from the Actor’s Fund on Monday night.

Kevin’s hand for sale!

You will be able to bid on a drawing of Kevin’s hand for charity soon.

Cobb Opening

Lee Blessing’s Cobb opened its run at the Lucille Lortel Theatre on November 8, 2000. The drama, based on slugger Ty Cobb’s life, first opened at the Melting Pot Theatre in late spring. While at the Melting Pot, the show hit a home-run with Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey, who decided to support the show financially. Now the Melting Pot (in a “special arrangement” with Spacey and Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions) is presenting Cobb in an open-ended run at the Lucille Lortel Theatre off-Broadway. was onhand at the theater and at Lot 61, where the cast celebrated at a World Series-class opening night party courtesy of GQ Magazine.

Entertainment Weekly, November 17, 2000 – Glenn Close on cover. Page 8, letters to the editor, full page of letters written about Pay It Forward review in EW several weeks ago. Magazine said staggering 73 letters were sent, many irate. Film critic’s response included. Read more on the In Theaters Now! Fun quotes page.

Pay It Forward # 7 for weekend of November 3-5, 2000.

From Yahoo! Daily News:

Thursday November 2 3:48 AM ET Woodard Psyched to Star in “K-Pax’ By Carl DiOrio HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Alfre Woodard has been cast as Jeff Bridges’ psychiatrist boss in Universal’s “K-Pax.” The picture also stars Kevin Spacey as a mysterious hospital patient who claims to be from a distant planet called K-Pax. His psychiatrist, portrayed by Bridges, tries to figure out how to help him and notices the alleged alien having remarkable effects on other patients. Iain Softley (”The Wings of the Dove”) directs from a script by Charles Leavitt (”The Mighty”). Woodard is next in theaters with Gurinder Chadha’s ensemble drama “What’s Cooking?” which opens in the top 20 markets Nov. 17. Cable’s Showtime has scheduled a Dec. 10 bow for “Holiday Heart,” in which she stars opposite Ving Rhames.

Kevin Spacey will be honored at this year’s Actor’s Fund gala in NY.

From Yahoo! – Actors’ Fund to Hold Plaza-ble Diversion Monday.

The theatrical community has long held the Actors’ Fund of America, the only national nonprofit group providing for the social welfare of all entertainment professionals in need, in a special place in its collective heart. Every now and then, the charitable organization likes to return the favor.

Fund supporters will pull out all the stops and dress up in their best bibs and tuckers-whatever those are-for a black tie gala called “Mr. Smith Goes to the Plaza,” this Mon. Nov. 13. As its title suggests, it will take place at the legendary Plaza Hotel on Central Park South and Fifth Ave. The eponymous “Mr. Smith” is Shubert Organization President Philip J. Smith, who will be presented with the Fund’s annual Medal of Honor. Kevin Spacey will receive the Artistic Achievement Award, and the Corporate Citizen Award will go to The Related Companies, L.P.

There is no more compelling evidence of the theatrical community’s universal esteem for the Actors’ Fund than the list of Producer Committee members for the gala: the 13-person roster includes James M. Nederlander, chairman of the Nederlander Producing Company of America, Jujamcyn Theatres President Rocco Landesman and Producing Director Paul Libin; and Shubert Organization Chairman Gerald Schoenfeld and Executive Vice President-CFO Robert E. Wankel. The list of heavy hitters continues with Jed Bernstein, president of the League of American Theatres and Producers, and Peter Schneider, president of the Walt Disney Studios. Bernadette Peters is the honorary chair.

Tickets begin at $750, and are available by calling (212) 245-6570.

The Shipping News – From The Chronicle-Herald Mail-Star Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada:

” A location scout and set designer for the upcoming Miramax feature The Shipping News took a swing through The Herald Building last week seeking locations for the movie here in Halifax. Charlie Harrington and Davic Gropman(The Cider House Rules, Chocolat)took various photos of the newsroom of The Herald and our presses. The Tattler has learned that the production office for the film will be set up in December with filming expected in March. Filming is expected to be 50/50 in Halifax and Newfoundland. The film will star Kevin Spacey as Quoyle and is being directed by Swedish director lasse Hallstrom (The Cider House Rules, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, My Life As A Dog). Hallstrom was in Halifax checking out the city last Thursday. The Shipping News is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by E. Annie Prouix. Writers Ronald Bass and Tom Epperson are adapting the novel to the screen. Stay tuned.”

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