April 30, 2001

Academy Awards Handbook 2001

I spotted this paperback in the arts/theater department of a local bookstore. What is noticeable about it is that Kevin’s face is the picture used on the spine and a slightly larger version of the same picture is on the cover. Nice grin and tux from last year’s awards. There’s a grainy b/w picture of Kevin as Lester on the page for last year’s show. That pic is nothing new. It was $6.99 US.

Spacey Sites:

Spaceyland I’m trying to track down a new magazine that has mentioned Spaceyland, but so far haven’t had any luck. I’ll keep trying.

Portraits of an Enigma One of the best sites for Spacey pictures is having problems with web hosts today, so if you want any pictures and sound files, you’d better get over there and get them while they’re there. Some of them have already disappeared and Geocities is going to devour the rest if they close down.

Has the Spacey world  fallen into some kind of alternative universe? Spacey sites and chat rooms are disappearing into thin air. It’s The Langoliers: Part 2.

April 29, 2001

The Shipping News

Rumor has it that shooting for The Shipping News moved north to St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada on April 25th. Thanks, HC. Are there any fans in Newfoundland? We need Spacey sightings! Where is he staying, how does he look, where does he shop, what does he buy, are his dogs with him, what are the local papers, are they online? Enquiring Spacey minds want to know! Guess it’s too late to send mail to Kevin’s hotel in Halifax. Guess I’d better change the Spacey Gazette headline. The TUS chat has been rescheduled for next week since NBCi was having problems with their chats last night.

April 28, 2001

Don’t forget, tonight’s movie for the movie and chat is The Usual Suspects. Get your tape or DVD and join us at the Spaceyland chat room at 9pm EST. Chat room was down. We’ll try TUS again next week if the chat room’s still there. If anyone knows of a reliable, easy to access chat service, please let me know. You can email me or use the feedback form. Thanks.

NEW! Hilton Guest Magazine interview from last year. Can be found in the American Beauty section. Thanks, Donna.

NEW POLL! Kevin’s .. er, I mean *The* Weakest Link.

WINNER! Kevin Spacey is the unanimous winner of the Best Kevin Not Nominated For Anything (U.S.), Awards Season 2001 poll. Congratulations Kevin, we knew you could do it! The final tally was 45 – 0. The trophy has been moved from the poll confirmation page to the Awards Watch 2001 page. That can be found on the Map page.

April 26, 2001

New York Times Editorial

April 26, 2001 The Iceman Cometh, With Students in His Wake

To the Editor:

In the April 20 “On Stage and Off” column, “The Iceman Cometh,” by Eugene O’Neill, is included among the Broadway productions that have charged $100 per ticket.

As a producer of “Iceman,” I would like to point out that while the length of the show and the number of cast members played a role, the single most compelling reason was to subsidize more than 100 student seats for every performance at $20 apiece.

More than 95 colleges, universities and acting programs were offered the chance to buy 125 student seats per performance. When the production extended its run, those student tickets increased in volume, but not in price, to 250 seats. One of the major reasons the production was able to afford such an arrangement was that the actors agreed to be paid Equity scale but also shared in the profits.

Perhaps it makes a better story to say Broadway producers are driven only by an interest in making profits, but I doubt that the more than 16,500 students who had the chance to see O’Neill’s classic play would agree.

Imagine if producers of most Broadway productions, no matter what their ticket prices, offered 100 reduced-price seats for every performance to students. The same excitement and thrill of the American theater enjoyed by those who can afford the $100 ticket would be extended to those who generally never get that opportunity.

New York, April 22, 2001

©The New York Times Company


My own question to Kevin that can be found nowhere but here on this fan site:

Mr. Spacey .. Kevin .. , what do you plan to do to make tickets affordable to people who are not students, and yet would like to experience “The same excitement and thrill of the American theater enjoyed by those who can afford the $100 ticket ..” but  who would “… generally never get that opportunity.”? The only reason I was able to attend The Iceman Cometh on Broadway was because someone else bought the tickets. The less expensive seats weren’t available for that night so orchestra was the only choice and I’m not a student anywhere so I couldn’t see the play for $20. I’ve talked to fans of yours over the past few years who wanted to see the play but the cost was too prohibitive, even for people who lived close enough to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre to go to the play and then return home, instead of having to pay for a hotel. So, what would you suggest for these people? Imagine if the producers of your play had set aside 100 reduced-price seats per performance to non-students who would have had no other way to see the play.

Just a thought.

April 25, 2001 

Kevin’s Crystal Ball poll

Driving Mr. Spacey! chat room A while back I set up a chat room at NBCi to replace the Spaceyland chat when Spaceyland closes. Now that NBCi has said *they* are shutting down, the Driving Mr. Spacey! room won’t be available either, but I put the link on the map page in case anyone wants to try it out while it’s there.

Missing Spacey? Why the silence from the local Halifax news people lately on the celeb sightings? Were the articles with pictures of the Shipping News sets some kind of bribe to make the local press leave them alone? We need our Spacey news!

Movie and a chat  What: The Usual Suspects When: Saturday night, April 28, 9pm EST  Where: Spaceyland chat room.

VARIETY April 24, 2001 “Inside Move: Spacey on union flap” Thesp, Dreyfuss working ‘quietly’ on discussions By Michael Fleming “There’s at least one individual who’s willing to dive into the tempestuous SAG-vs.-AFTRA controversy with the aim of working out a compromise. Kevin Spacey says he’s willing to co-chair a committee with Richard Dreyfuss “to allow for an open and honest discussion of the issues. These are delicate times and there has been enormous media attention, most of it half-truths,” he said, explaining why he and Dreyfuss have “tried to work quietly.” At issue are provisions making it possible for agencies to sell stakes in their companies or even to take ownership stakes in other entities. “The ATA negotiation is the most serious the guild has ever faced, and its outcome is potentially more dangerous for members than even a potential strike,” Spacey said. “The purpose here is to try to bring two sides together.” Spacey said he’ll spearhead the open forums effort while continuing to serve on SAG’s ad hoc subcommittee on legislative hearings. He disputed a published report that he had acrimoniously turned down an offer to head that subcommittee. “I still happily serve that committee, but I can’t be co-chairman of two committees at the same time; I wouldn’t have enough time to do both of them justice,” said Spacey, who took the open forums post last Friday. While Spacey doesn’t complete “The Shipping News” until June, he said he’s working with Dreyfuss to expediently organize the forums, which will be held in cities around the country. “I’ve made time, and will continue to make time, because these issues are important to me,” said Spacey.”

Copyright 2001, Cahners Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.
All rights reserved.

The Hollywood Reporter

Spacey rejects SAG panel post

Apr. 23, 2001 By David Robb Kevin Spacey has declined to accept the co-chairmanship of an ad hoc subcommittee created by SAG president William Daniels to organize the guild’s participation in upcoming legislative hearings on issues involving Hollywood’s talent agents.

Daniels told reporters at a press conference April 9 that he had named Spacey and Richard Dreyfuss to serve as co-chairs of the subcommittee. But in a strongly worded letter sent to the Screen Actors Guild board of directors last week, Spacey pointedly noted that he had not been asked, nor did he agree, to accept the post. Spacey also strongly objected to his name having been used at the press conference without his permission.

“At no time was I asked nor did I accept to become a co-chair of this committee, and I object to my name being released during last week’s press conference without my prior approval,” Spacey wrote.

Spacey took part in a committee meeting Wednesday but complained that the first two meetings “were scheduled in such haste that it was impossible for me to participate in the first and I wasn’t informed about the second. When my name is being used publicly as a committee co-chair, it would seem prudent in the future to inform me of when the committee meetings are actually taking place.”

SAG spokesman Greg Krizman said, “Kevin has been shooting a film in Nova Scotia, and I believe a change in the committee meeting dates — from Mondays to Wednesdays — was done to accommodate his schedule.”

Spacey spoke before the SAG board April 1 about the need to resume negotiations with the Association of Talent Agents for a new set of agency regulations.

The chief obstacle to an agreement has been the ATA’s proposal that the guild ease its financial interest rules so that talent agencies could own or be owned by production companies. Daniels has said that the proposal creates a conflict of interest and is illegal under California labor law — a charge heatedly denied by the ATA.

SAG’s negotiations with the ATA broke off six months ago, and no new talks will be held until after the state Senate holds its legislative hearings, which will look into whether new laws need to be adopted to further regulate — or deregulate — the talent agency business.

In his April 1 speech to the SAG board, Spacey argued that the legislative hearings — to be chaired by Senate President Pro Tem John Burton, D-San Francisco — cannot take the place of negotiating with the ATA.

“These hearings cannot outstrip SAG’s obligation to return to the bargaining table,” he said, noting that “Sen. Burton’s hearings cannot replace, mediate, remove or solve our negotiations with the ATA. That responsibility remains with us.”

Spacey received a standing ovation from the board, but shortly thereafter, the board voted unanimously not to take his advice. Rather than return to the bargaining table, the board voted to take part in the legislative hearings. The board also decided not to ask the guild’s negotiating committee to draw up an internal counterproposal to the ATA’s proposals. Spacey later wrote that he was “disappointed” by that decision, which he found “particularly puzzling in light of the board’s enthusiastic response to my presentation.”

“While I endorse the legislative hearings as a means for gaining information and clarity on the law, I am not in agreement with SAG’s position of rejecting a return to the bargaining table or exploring our own counterproposals,” he wrote.

Spacey also complained that the board was not given all the facts it needed to make such a decision.

“From a practical point of view,” he wrote, “how can SAG expect to participate fully in Sen. Burton’s hearings or the open forums without having ascertained all of its alternatives?”

Spacey wrote that he does not think that the ATA’s proposed easing of the guild’s financial interest rules will fly with the guild’s membership, but he stressed that that shouldn’t prevent the guild from trying to come up with an alternative that is acceptable to both the ATA and the guild’s membership.

“It must be clear to everyone that what the ATA has proposed will not work in its present form, but what about something else?” he asked. “Only when (SAG’s) ATA committee is instructed to investigate all the possibilities will the national board have the right to say to its members that it explored every avenue before it came to the conclusion that this new relationship (with the ATA) would not be in their best interest. If the current negotiating committee does not wish to creatively work toward new ideas, then the national board should create a negotiating committee that will.” ~

April 24, 2001

New Poll! Poll #16- Kevin’s Crystal Ball. Actually, you’re the one to look into the crystal ball. Tell me what movie roles you’d have liked to have seen Kevin in over the years. Old movies or new.

April 23, 2001

In Style May 2001, page 232, Renee Zellweger on the cover. Small picture of Helen Hunt and Kevin in a scene from Pay It Forward. Article is about self-tanning products and this picture is included because the product used on Helen Hunt in the movie is mentioned.

No pictures of Kevin in the post-Oscar parties section.

The Nitpickers Site A fun site for fans of movie continuity problems.


Click on Movies on the left hand side of the page and then click on movie index by title. You can find many of Kevin’s movies. There are things mentioned that I’d never noticed in some of his movies.

April 20, 2001

File this one under HUH?:

Jim Carrey and Kevin Spacey are to co-star in new film.

Jim Carrey and Kevin Spacey are to co-star in a movie about a radio station which broadcasts from a mental hospital .

It’s hoped work will begin on The Fool On The Hill early next year.

Carrey will play a radio enthusiast who discovers the unused station in a small town hospital.

Spacey will play the hospital administration officer who befriends the new ‘inmate’ in his bid to bring laughter to his patients .

A source close to Carrey told Ananova: “Jim jokes that this is One Blew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, but it is a brilliant piece of writing.”

Julia Ormond is being pencilled in to play one of the disturbed patients who falls for Carrey.

Anyone ever hear of that?

Don’t forget. The Ref tomorrow night at the Movie and a chat. Bring your video and we’ll watch it and chat. 9pm EST at the Spaceyland chat room.

Kevin Gardens New poll coming soon!

April 19, 2001

New fan review in the PIF section of Spacey Movies. 

April 18, 2001

Movie chat for Saturday: The Ref, if anyone is interested. 9pm EST, Spaceyland chat room.

Kevin’s awards just keep on rollin’ in. He can put this one next to his Oscar. Please note .. the writers and editors of the Spacey Gazette do not condone or encourage the use of illegal substances. In fact, if you’ve read my AB fan review, you’ll know my position on this matter. That being said, here’s a news item reported to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous for some reason:

~This is a news item printed in TipWorld’s Hollywired Gossip column: High Times has honored good stoner flicks with its annual “Stony Awards.” In the first issuing of the awards, the editors chose films and actors that “treated pot smoking in a realistic way.” “Being John Malkovich” grabbed the roach for Best Stoner Movie. “Go” scored the leaf for Best Film, actress SARAH POLLEY won for Best Actress, and KEVIN SPACEY (think that last name is an accident?) won for Best Actor. While the award also includes other honors like best Supporting Actor and Best Director, one category you’re sure not to see in this year’s Oscars is the Best Tripping Scene, which was awarded to “Go,” for the rave scene that included Polley and KATIE HOLMES.  ~

April 16, 2001

Premiere magazine May 2001 issue, page 101. Classic Scenes. L.A. Confidential. Ed Exley telling Jack Vincennes about his father and Rollo Tomasi and asking Jack for help with the Night Owl killings. Scene starts with Exley saying “Vincennes, I need your help with something.” and ends with the two men making a deal. Picture of Kevin as Jack Vincennes.

Plus they remind us that Pay It Forward is due on DVD in the next month.

Inside the Actor’s Studio: Helen Hunt I swore I’d never give Helen Hunt any more publicity on this site since it was a Spacey site and not a Hunt site, however … Helen was on Actors Studio last night and I was unprepared for them to be showing pictures from Pay It Forward and talking about the movie since it did not do well at all.

But James Lipton likes to talk about Kevin so there it was .. “Helen, what’s it like working with Kevin?”, “Helen, did you know that a year ago to this very day, Kevin was here for *his* interview?”. Helen *did* know that, thanks for asking James! Helen spent a while talking about why she did the movie. For the story and to work with Kevin. She talked about how Kevin and her shared the same worries about the movie, the same ideas, had the same questions. I was waiting for her to say that they were from the same planet, the way she did in Movieline magazine last year, but she didn’t.

She talked about how difficult the role of Arlene was and how complex and how much harder to do than her role in As Good As It Gets and how the scene where Arlene hits Trevor was the hardest for her as an actor but that Haley Joel Osment worked with her and helped her through it. She also mentioned her mother’s foundation for people with facial scars.

She *didn’t* say whether or not she knew about Kevin’s rumored Italian model fiancé who claims they’re just friends and that the rumors of an engagement to the model while he was talking about love with Dianne Dreyer at the Oscars last year are nothing more than mass media rumors.

Polls and things: I’m hoping the confirmation pages will be working some time today so that people will get their Spacey pictures when they vote. *5pm UPDATE … still not working and I’m getting really frustrated about this now.

Once the confirmation pages are fixed, I’m going to add 2 new vote choices to the Hair poll. I can’t let Kevin’s “Quoyle hair” go by for the next 8 months without comment.

Scans I haven’t had time to scan the Hopper button I got in my Easter basket or the cartoon of Kevin from Entertainment Weekly yet, but I’ll try again this afternoon sometime. *5pm UPDATE … The EW cartoon is in the AB section. Third page, I think.

April 15, 2001

Happy Easter to those who celebrate the holiday!

It looks like the Easter bunny left a little Hopper somethin’ in my basket! I’ll scan it this evening and put it on my Bug’s Life page.

Have a nice day.

April 13, 2001

Friday the 13th has turned out to be a lucky day! Since Tuesday, my web host company has been having server problems which affected my site and my ability to work on it. The polls, fan review form, feedback form, and guest book, as well as my site email account were not functioning. Everything seems to be working now, even though I noticed that the pictures on the confirmation pages for the various polls and forms, are missing. I hope those will be reappearing soon. If anyone notices any pages missing their theme, which means the red page is white, please let me know.

Entertainment Weekly April 20, 2001 issue, Tom Green on the cover. Page 73:(A cartoon of Kevin as a deejay.)

Hot Jam Of The Week

The ‘American Beauty’ Theme

Hip DJ’s like Basement Jaxx and Pete Tong are mixing the movie’s less-than-danceable signature tune into their sets. All together now: “Shake, shake, shake/ Shake, shake, shake/ Shake your beauty!”

New online articles on the TSN news page. Click on the link above. Thanks go to Barry and Ingrid. I’m not sure which article links will still be functional. I’ll check them all later.

Kevin’s Italian fiancé. Who cares now? I was going to make a joke several days ago about whether or not he knows he’s her fiancé, but now I’m too tired to care.

April 10, 2001

NBCi.com closing. I read at E! online this morning that NBCi.com is going to shut down due to lack of revenue. This means the Spaceyland chat room as well as the one I started for this site would be gone. I’ll try to keep everyone up to date so no one will be caught off guard by the chats suddenly not being found.

Political aspirations for Kevin? I don’t know if Kevin’s ever been involved much with business side of SAG or any of the other unions in Hollywood, but he seems to be becoming increasingly publicly involved with SAG, the Screen Actors Guild.

Does anyone know what Kevin will do if the big strike happens this summer as expected? Will he sit out any work in support of the striking actors and writers or will he do as others will and go elsewhere for work such as the stage or other countries? I don’t think he’s said either way, has he?

This brings me to another question .. does anyone know if union membership dues such as for the Screen Actors Guild are a flat fee or if you pay based on what you earn? Like does Tom Hanks pay the same amount as someone who may only make $10,000 a year?

April 9, 2001

No Spacey sightings in Halifax that I know of.

April 6, 2001 

K-PAX I moved the thumbnail photo of Kevin from the Photographs page to the K-PAX page. I’m going to try to get the K-PAX section in shape by the end of the weekend.

April 5, 2001

No Spacey News today! What’s the world coming to?

There’s no movie chat scheduled for Saturday night, BTW. Just a regular chat. Spaceyland chatroom.

April 4, 2001

New Poll: Inside Kevin Spacey – Kevin and TV.

MGGE review link – link to Spaceyland in MGGE section was broken, now it’s fixed.

AIDSWalk 2001 – One of our own Spacey friends is in the news with an important fundraising event. Congratulations Mark!

CATF gets back in step with 2001 event By Lisa K. Zellner / Outlook News Editor

Columbus – The Columbus Crew is kicking up more than soccer balls these days. The Major League Soccer team is giving foot to the annual fund-raiser AIDSWalk 2001 to raise money for AIDS services and education in Central Ohio.

Mark Kory Dean, co-chairman of the event and a longtime Crew fan, said securing the soccer team as a sponsor is “huge” for AIDSWalk. The event draws 2,000 people downtown for a 4.5-mile walk to generate annual pledge money in excess of $100,000 for 10 local AIDS service organizations. This year’s walk is May 6 starting from Bicentennial Park.

Among the beneficiaries this year will be the Columbus AIDS Task Force which stepped out of participation and planning last year. CATF President Randy Arndt said the lack of a scheduling conflict with the organization’s Art for Life fund-raiser allows it to focus again on the walk.

“AIDSWalk looks like it is going to be outstanding. We are very excited about being back involved,” he said. The Crew will promote AIDSWalk on the stadium scoreboard during games against Chicago April 7 and Kansas City April 21. And the team will donate a portion of the proceeds from a special sale of tickets to the May 5 game against Miami to the event. The Crew will give AIDSWalk $4-7 per ticket for the May 5 game when ordered by calling 614-447-4153.

The Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy also are new sponsors this year joining the OSU Medical Center, first time, Fifth Third Bank Broadway Series, Grant/Riverside Ohio Health, Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, CVS Procare and Outlook News.

Best Kevin 2001 Award – Kevin is the unanimous winner so far! Maybe I should offer my polling services to the Democrats in the next election. I can guarantee them a winner.


THE NEW YORK POST Page Six: Celebs get to play the fool, too   April 1, 2001  By RICHARD JOHNSON with PAULA FROELICH and CHRIS WILSON  BEING a celebrity offers no protection from April Fool’s – inspired gags. In fact, Webster Hall curator Baird Jones has collected enough stories to show that victimization to pranks seem to be a rite of passage for up-and-coming stars: * When Frank Whaley showed up for his starring role in “Swimming with Sharks,” he was told the production had been halted. A teary-eyed Whaley realized he’d been had only after he got into a waiting cab for the airport with his bags and discovered the driver laughing in the front was co-star Kevin Spacey, who’d hired impostors to play the prank. Whaley got even, though, putting half-a-dozen Ex-Lax pills in Spacey’s coffee, a prank that sent his co-star to his trailer for the next 24 hours.

Thanks H.C.

Oscar photos in Magazines – People Oscar issue, page 108 (Kevin, Lasse Hallstrom and Lena Olin), US Weekly Oscar fashions issue, page 62 (Kevin, Sigourney Weaver, Judi Dench and Steve Martin; cropped and lightened photo on my TSN news page)

April 1, 2001

Kev is in the tabloids again. I’m getting so tired of these tabloids. I wish he’d get tough and sue someone. I wasn’t going to say anything here since I don’t think a fan site is really the place, but this has *got* to stop. I can’t even bring myself to name the thing, but you can find it here.

Time change I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks ahead.

New Spacey article on the TSN news page. Thank you Barry, I couldn’t do it without you!

March 31, 2001

I swiped this directly from the NEWS page of the Gene Brewer website:

A new paperback reprint of K-PAX, with Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges pictured on the cover, will be released in conjunction with the film version in the fall of 2001.

The paperback edition of ON A BEAM OF LIGHT will be published by St. Martin’s Press in early 2002.

The third and final book in the trilogy (THE WORLDS OF PROT) will appear later that year, and the corresponding paperback in 2003.


K-PAX I started a new section for K-PAX, but so far the only thing there is the picture from the current Entertainment Weekly. I’ll add to that later this weekend. You can find K-PAX in the MOVIES section now.

The Shipping News I put the small picture of Kevin from the EW Oscar issue on the TSN news page since it went with a snippet about the tux and Judi Dench. I also added the picture of Kevin with TSN director Lasse Hallstrom and his wife, actress Lena Olin, at the Governor’s Ball to the TSN news page. Click on link above. (The picture of Kevin at the Oscars was very tiny picture, so it’s a little fuzzy since I had to enlarge it.)

March 30, 2001

Entertainment Weekly Oscar Winners and Losers, Issue #590, April 6, 2001 –

Page 56, very small picture of Kevin during presentation plus an explanation of how Judi Dench came to his rescue with his tux. It says that Kevin arrived in L.A. to discover his tux hadn’t made it on to the plane. Dame Judi Dench brought it with her on the plane from Nova Scotia, she says she carried it over her arm to make sure it didn’t get lost. EW wonders if Kevin tipped her.

Page 66, brief mention of Kevin attending the Governor’s Ball and on page 67 there’s a picture of Kevin, Lasse Hallstrom and Lena Olin.

Page 79, a very small picture of Kevin from K-PAX. I’ll scan everything later and load it.

Pick up a copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil for the Saturday movie chat, sports. 9pm EST, Spaceyland chat room.

March 29, 2001

Bobby Darin I put a picture of Bobby Darin on the Upcoming Projects page. The picture is from the book by Dodd Darin and when I saw the picture, it reminded me of Kevin as Jim Williams.

Spacey Gazette New edition, hot off the presses. The photo used for current The Spacey Gazette can be found on the last page of the Photographs section.

No Spacey news so far this morning. With no awards shows in the next 9 months and Kevin not having anything he wants to sell, I don’t think we’re going to be seeing much of him for a while. He really over-exposed himself last year and I have a feeling since Pay It Forward didn’t do well, he’s now going for under-exposed. Make up your mind Kevin!

March 28, 2001

Happy Birthday Ruth! Kevin sends you 28 big slurpy kisses on the nose, just the way you wanted!

March 27, 2001 From yesterday’s news (Thank you Barry):

Monday, March 26, 2001 The Halifax Herald Limited
Spacey leaves tuxedo in Nova Scotia

Actor Kevin Spacey had Judi Dench to thank for his classy duds on Oscar night.

Spacey left his tuxedo in Nova Scotia, where he is filming The Shipping News.

Dench, who will also star in the film about a man who leaves the United States to work at a Newfoundland weekly newspaper, brought Spacey’s tux to Los Angeles.

During remarks while presenting the Oscar for best actress on Sunday evening, he thanked Dench for her ‘classiest’ delivery service.

The Shipping News is based on the novel by Annie Proulx.

Cate Blanchett and Rhys Ifans also star in the movie.

Copyright © 2001 The Halifax Herald Limited

Movie and a chat The movie for Saturday’s chat will be Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. As always, the Spaceyland chatroom at 9pm EST.

The Shipping News Actor Jason Behr has joined the cast of The Shipping News. Thanks to Yahoo!, The Hollywood Reporter and Inga’s posting it at the Automat, the full story can be found on my TSN news page. Click on link above news updates.

Kevin at the Oscars He was handsome, looked healthy and relaxed, his hair had been rejuvenated and looked great, he was a fantastic presenter and seemed to be enjoying being there. He must not have been watching the show before his segment came up.

Due to my newest vow to not criticize Kevin’s clothes when I don’t like them, I deleted what I was going to say about winners of last year’s Oscars not dressing up to the glamour of the occasion for presenting like they did for winning, but for my own sanity, I have to say something, so I’ll just ask this .. did anyone else notice that if Kevin had been wearing a silver wing pin and a captain’s cap, he’d have looked like a pilot for US AIR?

Oscar parties Has anyone seen anything about him going to the parties? No mention of him last night on Entertainment Tonight or in the paper this morning and the only photo I’ve seen of him at the Oscars was the Yahoo! picture of Julia Roberts hugging him.

The Spacey Gazette A new headline coming in a few days.

March 26, 2001

Too pooped to update news this morning.

March 25, 2001

8:30 – No Kevin on the red carpet. I’m very disappointed. He’d better look good when we see him present the Best Actress award HOURS and HOURS from now!

8:00pm – Kevin was a no-show on the E! pre-show. He’d better show up for the ABC part of the red carpet.

7:50pm – I’ve been sitting here watching the E! red carpet show for the last hour and 50 minutes and so far not a single sighting of Kevin Spacey!

March 24, 2001

Looking For Richard In case you haven’t checked the movie chat page, tonight’s scheduled movie is LFR. Bring a copy of the movie to the Spaceyland chatroom tonight around 9pm.

Sunday’s Oscar coverage: All times Eastern

E!: Sunday morning – early Monday morning Academy Awards News: An inside look at the 2001 Oscars 1/2 hour: 7, 7:30, 8, 8:30, 10, 10:30, 11, 11:30 (My cable guide is showing a different lineup than my TV Guide on E! from 7-9am and from 10-12. The cable guide says that Academy Awards Fashion Review ’98 will be on from 7-8 and Academy Awards Fashion Review ’99 will be on from 8-9. Plus, the cable guide says that from 10-12, E! will be showing 1/2 hour specials devoted to different nominees for this year.)

9am – 10am: Academy Awards Fashion Review (TV Guide doesn’t say which year. Probably from 2000.

12 noon – 6pm: Countdown to the Academy Awards featuring a look at previous years’ winners along with predictions of who will and won’t win this year.

6-8pm: Live From the Red Carpet features Joan and Melissa Rivers interviewing the stars as they arrive and a special Oscar-themed edition of Talk Soup.

Following the actual show on ABC, E! will have their Academy Awards Post-Show which will include interviews with winners and reports from the night’s many legendary parties.

ABC Sunday night

8pm EST: Oscar Countdown 2001- Fashion previews, arrival interviews and behind-the-scenes goings on.

8:30 – who knows when: Academy Awards, Kevin presents the Best Actress award.

March 23, 2001

A year ago Kevin was the toast of Hollywood and the world. Today his hairpiece has been critiqued in The Washington Post for all the world to see. I highlighted the Spacey part to make it easier to find. The print edition of the paper includes a very tiny picture of Kevin from last year’s Oscars, as well as tiny pictures of the other featured hair fashion victims.

The Reliable Source  by Lloyd Grove with Beth Berselli  By Lloyd Grove Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, March 23, 2001; Page C03

Toupee for Hollywood! SANTA MONICA, Calif., Mar. 22 Never mind all this talk of recession. Here on the Left Coast, where the movie folk are gearing up for the Academy Awards — their annual rite of world-class primping — some famous hairlines are in recession, too. So we consulted Sy Sperling, founder and president — and, of course, client — of the legendary Hair Club for Men (now just “Hair Club” with the advent of female customers). On Sunday, Sperling will be watching the Oscars on his 52-inch TV in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., observing not only the movie stars on the red carpet, but the carpets on the movie stars. Herewith our exclusive preview: Robin Williams: “Right now he seems to be experimenting with different hairstyles to camouflage the thinning. He’s a comedian so he can get by with it, but I’m putting him on the ‘Sy Sperling Watch.’ ” Kevin Costner: “His hair is definitely thinning and my comment is that he’s been wearing too many baseball caps. It’s time for Kevin to see a professional for some replenishment and refurbishing.” Jack Nicholson: “I once called him up and said you’d look much younger if you’d let me do something for you. And he said, ‘You know, Sy, the receding hairline is part of my personality and the women love the way I am.’ And you know what? He’s right.” Ed Harris: “He’s bald, but he has great features and looks great with or without hair.” Bruce Willis: “You see him sometimes wearing his ‘hair yarmulke,’ sometimes he’s totally bald, sometimes he bleaches the sides blond, and it’s not working. He should grow it out on the side and then we can attach something very subtle on top.” Steven Seagal: “He’s got some kind of a piece on top, and it draws too much attention to itself, kind of a Conway Twitty-in-the-’50s puffed-out look. My feeling is that hair replacement of any kind should be subtle.” Kevin Spacey: “He’s wearing a rug, no doubt about it, but it’s not a good one. It looks tired and lifeless.” Jude Law: “His hair is receding in the front, and it’s something that a young man like him should take care of at this point rather than later. I think plugs would work for him.” For our part, we hope this plug works for Sy Sperling. © 2001 The Washington Post Company

March 22, 2001

The Shipping News I’m going to be putting all of the new TSN news bits on the TSN news page from now on. You can get to that by clicking on the link above. The latest news added was from a few days ago. The newest article floating around and the news about Kevin’s TUS co-star Pete Postlethwaite joining the cast.

Tour de Spacey devin’s Kevin Spacey fan site is back online today. So the link from my calendar page to the calendar on the TdS site is working again.

Tour de Spacey 

Pay It Forward on DVD The disc alert I got from DVD Express yesterday mentioned a PIF documentary on the DVD, but that wasn’t listed on their website page for PIF last night. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. They list the DVD for about $18, that is with the pre-order discount.

Fan Reviews Did someone try to leave a fan review for the movie Se7en last night or early this morning? I had a fan review form sent to me with just the title of the movie, but there was no review on it. You might want to try again.

March 21, 2001

Pay It Forward on DVD  DVD Express says now that the PIF DVD will be available for purchase on May 15 and will include audio commentary, a documentary and will be in widescreen. It doesn’t say who will be doing the commentary or if there’s some extra Spacey stuff on it.

Tour de Spacey The Tour de Spacey website is temporarily unavailable since Tripod inadvertently deleted the site, but the owner says it should be back online soon.

This also means that the March Spacey calendar, which the TdS website owner had graciously allowed me to link to from my site, is not currently available, but you can still look at the picture I have of Kevin on the calendar page.

TV GUIDE The March 24-30 issue of TV Guide will probably get a few letters from angry readers. In the cover article called The 50 Greatest Movie Moments of all time, you can find on page 37 a list of “surprising scenes and tricky endings” and one of those is the 1995 answer to “Who is Keyser Soze?” No picture from TUS is in the article.

E! Oscar red carpet coverage I’ll put in a schedule of times for the Oscar ceremony and pre-show coverage tomorrow. I hope Kevin’s going to do the red carpet.

March 20, 2001

I’m having one of those crappy days we all have from time to time. That’s not Spacey news, but I felt the need to share.

I’ve been trying to add some stuff to my TIC section, but I’ve been having AOL problems for the past hour and I’m getting irritated like you can’t believe! Although if any of you have AOL 6.0, maybe you can.

March 19, 2001

HUMO magazine readers voted Kevin the Best Actor of 2000. That’s very nice, but not exactly the Best Kevin winner of 2001!

PIF video videoETA.com now lists the video release date for Pay It Forward as June 5. It doesn’t say if it’s still going to be priced for rental, instead of for sale, and no mention of the DVD was made. This is for the US and probably Canada.

Not sure what this means, but Kevin has had 60 votes for his chest hair and only 20 for an award for Best Kevin Not Nominated For Anything This Year. Maybe I should have had a vote for Best Chest Hair On A Kevin 2001.

March 18, 2001

Movie chat  I’ve fixed the wrong dates on the movie chat schedule page. You’ll now find Looking For Richard listed as the movie for March 24.

March 17, 2001 I’ll put the picture of Kevin that is in the current issue of Premiere, in the LAC section sometime tomorrow.

March 15, 2001

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Negotiator for Saturday night’s movie and a chat. As always, the Saturday chat starts at 9pm EST, late comers can catch up, at the Spaceyland chatroom.

BTW- When the Spaceyland chatroom is no longer available to us, the chat is going to move to this site, so keep an eye out for further information.

The Shipping News There is a new article about the cast pre-filming party. Go here.

March 14, 2001

New Polls! 

Poll #12: Who gets your vote for Best Kevin for 2001? Poll #13: How do you meet Kevin in Halifax?

March 13, 2001

Movie of the month Since I don’t have the time lately to do a new movie each month, for the next few months I’m going to use The Shipping News as the MOTM. I’ll add any news and any pictures that turn up while Kevin is filming the movie. You can find the MOTM here.

March 12, 2001

New Spacey poll It’s not ready. I had the chance to get my  hair done so Kevin had to wait. Too many gray hairs were starting to show! Ok. There were only 3, but they were about 4 inches long and right in front and attempts to just pull them out were unsuccessful. My sister who wishes to remain anonymous offered to take me in as an emergency hair fashion victim. You’ll no doubt be pleased to know that my hair is now a gray-free color called Cherry Cola with a touch of Brandy to add a slightly auburn tint to my naturally dull brown hair.

I don’t know what Kevin’s latest hair color is called.

The Shipping News I’m going to start a new page specifically for TSN information. I’m going to move the current information from the Upcoming Projects page to the new page either tonight or tomorrow. I think we’re likely to see more information about the The Shipping News production than we did about K-PAX, so I want to be ready.

March 11, 2001

The Shipping News – TSN excerpts from the Halifax Daily News

Sunday, March 11, 2001 Shipping News cast, crew get acquainted at Halifax club By SCOTT MACDONALD — The Daily News In the dim light of the Marquee Club, eight-year-old identical triplets travel single file through a crowd of adults twice their size and stop in front of a smallish woman with short-cropped silver hair. The Gainer sisters stare expectantly at her and hold aloft three pens and three “Hello Kitty” notebooks. “Hi, Judi,” the girls say in unison, “can we have your autograph?” The woman, dressed all in white and holding a glass of champagne, is Dame Judi Dench, Oscar-winning actress and star of the films Chocolat and Shakespeare in Love. The triplets are her latest co-stars. Dench and the girls are in town to film The Shipping News, a $70-million Hollywood flick that starts a four-month-long shoot in Halifax tomorrow. Also at the meet-and-greet for cast and crew last night is fellow Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, unshaven, wearing a baseball cap and baggy sweater. He crosses the room and greets Dench with a big hug. Spacey, who plays the lead role in the film, has only been in town for a day. He says he’s still getting used to the surroundings. “Someone was telling me about this drink called Screech, and something about kissing a cod,” he says, looking vaguely confused. “I thought they were pulling my leg for a moment.” Dench has been in town for more than a week, and she says she’s been “enjoying herself immensely.” She particularly enjoyed the Maud Lewis exhibit at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. “That was just fabulous,” she says with her famous British intonations. Lasse Hallstrom, the film’s director, is also in the crowd. The two other big stars of the production, Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett, will be arriving in Halifax in the days ahead. (Thanks Barry)

This just in! The PIF opening in Germany has been postponed until April 5! Thanks Carolin.

Screen Actors Guild Awards tonight on TNT. Starting at 8pm EST. I haven’t read anything about Kevin being on tonight’s show as a presenter or anything. Since it’s a cable show that may not be shown world-wide and he’s not nominated for anything and his new movie starts filming in Canada tomorrow, he may pass this one by. But he could surprise us. E! red carpet arrivals special with Joan and Melissa Rivers from 4-8pm EST. They usually do some kind of previous arrivals show before the current nominees start arriving. There’s a good chance we’ll see Kevin on the earlier part of the show.

Movie chat for next Saturday Between the AOL problems and the NBCi chat problems we had last night, it was hard to concentrate on Buddy Ackerman and his whining assistant, but we did manage to decide on next week’s movie. The Negotiator.

New poll coming either tonight or tomorrow.

March 10, 2001

Movie chat tonight: Swimming With Sharks, 9pm EST Spaceyland chat room. Bring your movie and be ready to chat.

Pay It Forward opens in Germany on March 15th.

US Air magazine There is a caricature drawing of the PIF cast in the airline magazine for US Air. Thanks to Susan, we can all enjoy it without having to fly somewhere. I put it on the PIF fan reviews page. As always, there may be major plot SPOILERS in the reviews. You can find it here.

Lawsuit: Producer Charles Evans Jr., the nephew of Hollywood veteran Robert Evans, has filed a lawsuit claiming he was ousted him from his own project, a motion picture based on the life of Howard Hughes. Kevin was also ousted as director. Click on the lawsuit link to read the details.

March 9, 2001

The Shipping News Canadian actors Gordon Pinsent and John Dunsworth have joined the cast of The Shipping News, which starts filming on Monday. The full article can be found here. Thank you to Lisa (Halifax,NS) for keeping us informed.

The Spaceyland Message Board Inside The Web is shutting down their MBs today, so it’s so long to the Spaceyland MB. It’s been a daily stop for me for nearly 3 years and has seen a lot of people come and go and many Spacey topics and projects have been discussed. Where else would you see people defending Henry & June as high art? Kevin Spacey has incredibly devoted fans out there! Kevin’s L.A. Law episode is shown from time to time, but if A&E would just show that one episode of The Equalizer again. I can’t find my unlabelled tape. You can find a page of photos of Kevin on The Equalizer by going to the Performances page of Spaceyland.

March 8, 2001

The SAG Awards Is Kevin going to be there? He’s supposed to be filming in Canada now and I don’t know if these awards are considered serious enough to have people fly in for them to hand the award to someone else. Do they traditionally have the previous year’s winners present? I don’t really watch the SAGs very often. The show is televised on Sunday, March 11.

March 6, 2001

My web host company has been doing something to their server, so there may be some pages that have problems. If anyone sees any white pages or pictures that don’t look the way they did or if anything else doesn’t seem to be working right, let me know. I think I have everything re-set, but I might have missed something. I’m hoping the guest book and counters won’t be wiped out like the last time!

March 4, 2001

March 10 Movie chat The movie for next Saturday is going to be Swimming With Sharks. The man everyone would like to work for, Buddy Ackerman, is pushed to the edge by his whining assistant Guy. (Hope we didn’t scare anyone off last night. That Jack Vincennes gets everyone worked up.)

March 2, 2001

Movie chat Don’t forget, movie chat tomorrow night at the Spaceyland chatroom. Bring your copy of LAC and we’ll all watch the movie and chat. Saturday at 9pm EST.

March 1, 2001

Spacey Gazette I’m trying out a new format for the Spacey Gazette. Let me know what you think. I’m not too sure about this one. As always, you can find the old paper on the headlines page in the archives. The link is at the bottom of this page. I don’t remember if I checked the graphics quality of the thumbnail. And I don’t have time to check. Maybe later.

The Shipping News Kevin starts filming his newest movie this month. All of you Canadian fans need to watch for newspaper article about Kevin. We may not be seeing him much for a while.

Tibet Turns out the Tibet fundraiser Kevin attended was the Annual Benefit Concert for Tibet House U.S., at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

Broadway I’m working on the TIC pages again. There should be something new to see there in a few days. Plus, I added a page to the PLAYBILLS. It was a story Kevin told about Neil Simon in a PLAYBILL for a fundraising tribute to him last summer. As soon as I find the program, I’ll tell everyone the name of the show.

Kevin-opoly I’m going to try to get that on the site within the next week. Hope it doesn’t take as long as the calendar, which BTW you can now find using a link on the Spacey Map. It’s very special. Thanks devin!

February 27, 2001

New York Daily News Apparently there’s a picture of Kevin in the paper from a fundraiser for Tibet. I haven’t seen the paper so I don’t know exactly what the fundraiser was for or why Kevin was there. If anyone has any more information about that, let me know.

The Spacey Gazette A new headline for March will appear in a few days.

Jason Robards tribute Kevin attended and took part in a tribute to the late Jason Robards, yesterday in NYC.

If you don’t have a New York Times online account, you can find the article in the articles section.

American Beauty AB continues to win awards. Grammys and BAFTAS and that kind of thing. I’ll list them later if my headache goes away. If it doesn’t, you’ve probably already read about them. If you’ve forgotten, you can always email HC.

K-PAX The release date for K-PAX is now October 5, 2001 instead of December 25th.

February 25, 2001

Chat and a movie There is a movie chat planned for Saturday night, March 3, at the Spaceyland chatroom. The movie is L.A. Confidential. If you don’t know what a Spacey movie chat is, we all watch the same movie at the same time and discuss the technical aspects of the movie and how Kevin looked in it. So get your LAC tape or DVD ready and join us Saturday night at 9pm EST (arriving a little early won’t hurt).

February 23, 2001

The mouse and Valentine’s Day polls are closed. I added a new poll called “Next up …”

I moved the picture from the Valentine page to the last page of the photographs section.

February 22, 2001

Kevin’s publicist must be on vacation. I haven’t even seen any Spacey gossip lately.

February 20, 2001

L.A. LAW Kevin’s episode will be shown on A&E today. Check your local listings for time. It’s shown twice daily.

February 18, 2001

No Spacey news to speak of this weekend. I think we’re in for a drought.

I’ll move the picture from the Valentine page sometime this week. I’ll let you know where it’s going to be.

February 15, 2001

American Beauty AB won the 2001 Film Critic’s Circle of Australia Award for Best Foreign Film (English Language).

February 14, 2001

Newest poll Kevin’s fans may not always remember the names of his characters, but they do seem to notice and remember his props.

Pay It Forward available on video in the U.S. next month.

February 13, 2001

And the winner is .. new poll about Kevin’s co-stars.

SPACEY NEWSFLASH!! Movieline magazine is announcing in the March 2001 issue that Kevin Spacey, still sizzling from his American Beauty success last year, has snagged one of *the* most sought after roles in Hollywood. Hold on to your hats folks! Kevin is going to be in … The Shipping News! 

That’s kind of old news around here, Movieline.

PAY IT FORWARD nominated for Movieline Alternative Oscar! Unfortunately, I have a feeling that Kevin, Mr. Democrat himself, would be horrified! Pay It Forward is one of 5 nominees in category 17: MOVIE THAT WAS SO SELF-IMPORTANTLY WELL-INTENTIONED IT MADE YOU WANT TO VOTE REPUBLICAN.

Movieline had the bold highlighting, not me.

Oscar nominations this morning. Sorry Kev. Maybe next year.

Poll #10 I’m working on a new Spacey poll. It’ll be ready soon.

The Iceman Cometh And I’m going to add more to the TIC section this week.

COBB Spacey/Trigger Street produced COBB ended it’s OFF Broadway run on Sunday night, as far as I know.

February 12, 2001

Academy Awards nominations announced early tomorrow morning. E! will probably have their traditional coverage, as well as the network news shows.

February 10, 2001

The Valentine card I’m off to mail the card. If anyone is interested, there were 42 messages! I put the picture from the confirmation page onto the old Valentine card page for now and will move it to the photographs section in a few days. You can see the picture by clicking on the Valentine above.

Ordinary Decent Criminal I went in and made some of the ODC stuff clearer. I didn’t really know what I was doing back in October when I put that section together, but it looks better now. You can find ODC in the Spacey movies section.

February 9, 2001

Poll #4 is closed. I’ll replace it with something else very soon. I moved the picture from the confirmation page to a new page in the Photographs section.

*I need to rescan that picture. It’s blurry and I can’t seem to make it clearer, so I removed it from the photos page.

I also put the “paparazzi shot” of Kevin from the Something Scary page (the one taken outside of that L.A. Starbucks on New Years Day) on the new photographs page. When a fan has an unexpected sighting, the only photographic evidence of Kevin as he “really is” should be shared. It had been buried in the Spacey News Archives.

February 8, 2001

PIF box office and TV deals coming later today. Big news is PIF #1 in Japan, beating Kevin’s own American Beauty at the box office.

February 7, 2001

A Kevin Spacey narrated “Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure”. Coming to an IMAX theater near you. Most of these movies eventually end up on video, so don’t forget to look for it some day.

From Bonnie: NEW YORK — January 10, 2001–The world premiere of the highly anticipated giant-screen film, “Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure”, will take place on Monday, February 5, 2001, at the American Museum of Natural History’s (AMNH’s) IMAX Theater in New York City, during a special world premiere event hosted by the film’s presenting sponsor, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. “Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure” will open to the public at AMNH’s IMAX Theater on Saturday, February 10, 2001. The Shipping News Looks like Scott Glenn will be joining the cast of The Shipping News when they start filming in March. No word on which character he’ll portray.

Clicking on theshippingnews.com takes you to the Sony Pictures Entertainment website. **Nope, not anymore.

February 6, 2001

New Photo I put a picture of Kevin from the Golden Globes on the Photographs page.

Valentine Card looks great! You still have time to get a message added to the card.

Movie of the Month: February will be online tonight.

Pay It Forward  Now that PIF is showing up in countries outside the US and Canada, more fans are now able to see it and there is a new fan review on the PIF Fan Reviews page. As always, be aware of possible SPOILERS in the reviews. If you’d like to review PIF for the Driving Mr. Spacey! site fans, you can use the fan review form or the site addy. Be sure to tell me how you want to be named on the review.

February 4, 2001

February Movie of the Month coming in a day or so. I think everyone will be really impressed with the extent of my memorabilia collection for *this* very special movie! Does anyone want to rate or review Kevin’s directorial debut?? Or rate his performance on the director’s audio commentary on the DVD? Email me with your review or use the fan review form if you’d like. Don’t forget to tell me what name you want to use.

Inside the Actor’s Studio I forgot Kevin was on TV tonight on the Actor’s Studio repeat. Bravo! at .. 8pm EST?

Kevin’s valentine card I want to thank everyone who’s sent Valentine messages for Kevin so far. I hope he appreciates that so many people find him worthy of their time and attention.

Now for the other side of the coin, for the simply lovely person who left the amazing anonymous Valentine message this afternoon. I’m afraid your message will not be included with the others and I think you know why. And don’t bother emailing me to call me a pathetic moron to “my face”. I’m drugged up on Nyquil and I’m not in the mood. If you have a problem with Kevin Spacey and his fans and fan sites, perhaps you should avoid the places on the Internet where you’d find them. It’s really a very easy thing to do. Now you be sure and have a very Spacey day!

Entertainment Weekly I forgot to scan the picture of Kevin from last week’s magazine, but I’ll do that tomorrow. Plus, my sister bought a copy of British Vogue, I think it was, and there’s a small picture of Kevin in it that I’ll scan too.

February 3, 2001

In my effort to make sure I didn’t spell February wrong on my Spacey Valentine page, I spelled it January. So if you wanted to send Kevin a Spacey Valentine message and thought you’d missed the cut-off date, you didn’t. It’s 8am, Saturday, February 10, 2001. Click on the valentine above to go to the message form. (Valentine link is gone now.)

Closed poll I closed the “Kevin in old TV shows” poll. There were some great suggestions. I’ll bring it back another day, only we’ll recast old movies.

February 2, 2001

2001 Academy Awards Kevin set to be a presenter at the Oscars next month.

Valentine Card for Kevin: For the people who have sent messages for Kevin’s card, thank you and they’re ready to go in the card. If you haven’t sent a message, you still have another week if you want to add anything. Just click on the Valentine heart above.

February 1, 2001

New Valentine’s Day Poll will only run through the 14th.

Pay It Forward nominated for a Prism Award.

January 31, 2001

Valentine Card for Kevin. I’ve bought a card to send to Kevin from the Driving Mr. Spacey! site guests. Click on the Valentine above for more information. (Link is gone now.)

Valentine poll coming tomorrow!

The Shipping News: Cate Blanchett is in negotiations to co-star opposite Kevin in The Shipping News. She’ll play the role of Spacey’s ex-wife, Petal Bear. Shooting is scheduled to start prior to potential writers’ and actors’ strikes this summer. (Guess that means they won’t have to follow the strike, if they’ve already started filming.)

K-PAX online www.k-pax.com will be where you can find K-PAX online when the time comes. Thanks, Bonnie.

Is Kevin your Valentine? I’m going to send Kevin a great, big card, and starting tonight, you’ll be able to add a message to it if you’d like. The messages won’t be shown on the site, but will be added to the card.

January 30, 2001

The Seventh Annual Screen Actors Guild nominations were announced today. No nomination for Kevin this year. Nor for any of the other actors in Pay It Forward.

Pay It Forward has opened to not-so-great reviews in England. December and K-PAX is looking a long way off!

I’m working on a new play for the theatre section. That should be ready in a day or two.

January 29, 2001

I’m working on a new Valentine’s Day poll.

I’ll do the news updates this afternoon. I’m beat. I did update any poll results from yesterday.

January 26, 2001

I’ve added a few more articles to the Iceman section.

January 25, 2001

Spacey Map Quotes I added a new page. It’s for the Spacey quotes used on the map page. I also added to the quotes, the picture from the Chocolate poll confirmation page, since I closed that poll and the picture is no longer available that way.

Polls I closed the chocolate poll and left the mouse poll.

January 23, 2001

Kevin was the natural choice for K-PAX because on page 2 of the paperback, the doctor refers to Prot as our “spaceman” and our new fearless leader would tell you that this was some kind of “subliminable” message from the author.

Russell Crowe and Kevin are both competing for the same role in a new Disney comedy drama. More later.

Welsh actor Rhys Ifans has signed up to join Kevin in the big screen adaptation of The Shipping News. Ifans is set to play the peculiarly titled Nutbeem, a lanky Englishman with a dry sense of humor who works on the paper as the foreign news editor.

K-PAX A Novel By Gene Brewer Now in paperback, you can buy it at your local bookseller for $6.50. It’s also available online at the various online booksellers. Soon to be a major motion picture! Ok, not so soon, but eventually.

Ordinary Decent Criminal is in Japan.

Pay It Forward is in Europe.

January 22, 2001

Mouse Poll Last chance to vote in the “Kevin with a dead mouse” poll.

Kevin and Bill I added a few more things to the the TIC Odds & Ends page this morning. And a few more reviews. I’ll add some pictures as soon as I have some time to scan them.

Al Pacino and Kevin both looked a little bit teary when Kevin came out to start the small tribute to AL. There were clips from many of Al’s movies and a small one from Looking For Richard that showed Kevin. It was a nice tribute and Kevin kept it short.

Kevin Kevin didn’t make an appearance on the red carpet for E!’s pre-show interviews. For good reason. He didn’t want to have Joan Rivers cry when she saw him. However, as a fan of longstanding, I feel someone *must* say something here. Kevin, I say this with great affection, you don’t mix a suit and a tux! Either wear an evening suit or wear a tux, don’t wear both. I sat through that dull 2 hour pre-show and 2 hours of that dull Golden Globes show to see you wear a big collar and a regular tie with a tuxedo jacket with shiny lapels that were too small?? At least the suit was well-fitted. It looked great in the long shots.

Photos Pictures are starting to surface.

January 21, 2001

E! pre-show updates

His date: Didn’t seem to be one

His clothes: Prada?

6:15pm No sighting of Kevin on red carpet yet.
6:35pm No sighting of Kevin on red carpet yet.
7:00pm No sighting of Kevin on red carpet yet.
7:27pm No sighting of Kevin on red carpet yet.
Where are you Kevin???
7:45pm No sighting of Kevin on red carpet yet.
There’s Al Pacino. But no Kev.
Well. No Kevin on the red carpet with E!.

January 19, 2001

Thanks Inga! My brain was SAG-ing yesterday.

E! Fashion Review On Sunday. All times EST:  7am-8am Golden Globes Fashion Review 1996 8am-9am Golden Globes Fashion Review 1997 9am-10am Golden Globes Fashion Review 1998 10am-11am Golden Globes Fashion Review 1999 11am-12pm Golden Globes Fashion Review 2000 12pm-6pm Golden Globe Countdown 6pm-8pm Golden Globes pre-show **** 11pm-1am Golden Globes post-show ?? Monday morning repeats:

8am-10am Golden Globes pre-show **** 10am-12pm Golden Globes post-show ??

In the past, they’ve shown arrivals from previous years during the GG Countdown show. Two years ago I got Kevin’s interview for his TUS nomination during the show, but I think they didn’t show it last year. At least not the whole thing.

The Shipping News Lasse Hallstrom has signed up Oscar winner Judi Dench to join Kevin Spacey and Julianne Moore in his film version of the Pulitzer Award-winning novel, The Shipping News.

January 18, 2001

Pay It Forward Now that PIF is working it’s way towards Europe, if anyone wants to send me a fan review once you’ve seen it, please feel free to fill out the fan review form.

Fans of the world – My site statistics chart now lists Mexico and the Russian Federation as countries people have visited the site from. Very exciting. Just think, people from all over the world talk about Kevin’s cute bald head and his unusual thumbs! I wonder if he feels like people are talking about him *right now*?

Does anyone know what you’re supposed to do with site statistics? They don’t seem to mean anything except tell me what pages are getting the most hits and whether more hits came from the US or Canada. Am I supposed to be doing things to the site based on this?

January 17, 2001

New Spacey Poll – Kevin’s hair

Variety reports that The Shipping news starts shooting in Newfoundland on March 5.

January 16, 2001

James Bond movie Looks like Kevin won’t be the bad guy after all. Too bad.

Screen Actors Guild  Kevin Spacey urges union compliance

Entertainment Weekly January 19, 2001 In an article about the 50 essential DVDs for your new DVD collection, A Bug’s Life is #2 And Se7en is #15. Glengarry Glen Ross is listed as one of the 21 best movies to still not be on DVD.

On the list of moneymakers for the year 2000, Pay It Forward is #70 of 142 films. It’s sitting at $33 million in domestic ticket sales.

Vanity Fair – February 2001 Small picture of Kevin at the MPTF fundraiser in October. Somewhere around page 57. Keanu Reeves on the cover.

The Iceman Cometh I’ve added a little bit more to the TIC pages. Opening Night! I have more In Theater magazine pictures and things for opening night coming this week. Broadway section.

Photographs I added a third photos page and rearranged the order to get more pictures with less loading time. Newer pictures (and my favorites) still on main photos page.

January 15, 2001

Saturday Night Live The original uncut 90 minute show that Kevin hosted several years ago was shown in the wee small hours of the morning yesterday morning on NBC. Too bad NBC didn’t bother to tell anyone so his fans could see it!

January 14, 2001

New York Times There is a lovely tribute to Jason Robards, written by Kevin Spacey in the January 14, New York Times. Here’s the link for online members:


I also put it on the Jason Robards page for people who haven’t registered with the Times yet.

Thank you, Cheryl.

January 13, 2001

I’m very slowly adding to the The Iceman Cometh section.

January 12, 2001

American Beauty was nominated for best foreign film by the Film Critics Circle of Australia.

I’m having a problem with my scanning stuff for the site. Last night I was scanning some stuff for The Iceman Cometh and kept stopping to read the articles and look at Kevin’s pictures. Mostly looking at the pictures, I think.

January 10, 2001

STAR Magazine  Another Spacey tabloid sighting this week. There’s a fuzzy picture alleged to be of Kevin and he’s … NOT WEARING SHOES! This is supposed to mean something, but I’m not sure what. I haven’t seen the picture myself, but once I’ve done a bit more investigating, I’ll be sure to let everyone know what exactly is going on.

I was going to scan some pictures tonight and add some stuff to the theatre section, but frankly, I’m too tired and my feet hurt.

Spacey fans around the world One of these days I’m going to put in some kind of page that lets people list where they’re from, but in the meantime, one of the few things I understand on my site statistics page at the web host company is what countries are represented by users. Other than that everyone is anonymous to me unless they give me their name in an email. Here are the countries of people who visited the site over the past few months:

United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Spain, Finland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Argentina, Germany, Greece, Saudi Arabia, France, Belgium, Sweden, South Africa, Netherlands, Hungary and Turkey.

There were also countries that weren’t listed because they weren’t discernible to the system, plus any new countries the past several days haven’t shown up yet.

I’m still amazed at the world-wide appeal Kevin has. And to think so many of us thought no one else knew he even existed.

January 9, 2001

Update! Kevin Spacey *will* present Al Pacino this year’s Cecil B. DeMille Award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for “his outstanding contribution to the entertainment field.”

The 58th Annual Golden Globes Awards will be telecast LIVE on NBC Sunday, January 21, 2001.

After Christmas gift return poll will close on Sunday, January 14. So be sure to vote now.

Morning news:

I was wrong. Maybe there is some Spacey news. A little green man tells me that Kevin may be the one presenting Al Pacino his lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes! Can anyone confirm this?

No Spacey News today.

January 7, 2001

Actors Studio rerun later in the month.

Moving? Kevin may be buying a new penthouse apartment in Tribeca.

Mad About Kevin Women just can’t resist the spaceman. That old story from last week about Helen Hunt spending over $5000 for a makeup job has now touched the shores of England only now it says the makeup was to attract the ASTONISHED Kevin Spacey. That’s not much better than the earlier contention that it was to either hide plastic surgery or to look nice for her movie premiere date, Mr. Spacey, who was said to have backed out at the last minute.

January 6, 2001

Fan Survey I’ve been working on a page tonight for a survey of countries the fans are from. I’m trying to put in something like the guest book that would automatically add the submission each time it was sent, but so far no such luck. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

When you’re a web site owner, you have access to site technical statistics which I am totally unable to read, except for the section on user countries and I’ve been amazed at the different countries represented so far. I wonder if Kevin knows people are talking about him all over the world?

Judi Dench is interested in being in Shipping News.

Dianne Dreyer Kevin’s date for the Oscars last year must have threatened to sue Ted Casablanca of E! since there’s a great big retraction about her and her job in Hollywood in Ted C’s online gossip column this week. Ted C. needs to learn the fine art of retraction without sarcasm.

TV SHOW POLL Have your suggestions been accounted for this morning? If you submitted an answer last night or in the wee small hours of the morning and it hasn’t shown up this morning during my first update, you might want to try submitting your response again. Seems to have been a glitch in the email system somewhere last night. It’s about 8:30 am EST right now, so everything I had an email for is on the results page now.

January 5, 2001

New Spacey Poll

January 4, 2001

hot_sun_lg_whtPhoto scoop! My secret photo source was unsuccessful in tracking down a photo of Kevin leaving that LA Starbucks on New Year’s!! But if there were a picture it would look something like this.

Iced latte, Hawaiian shirt, long shorts, socks with shoes.

Tonight on TV: 

AMC – Steve McQueen: King of Cool, Kevin narrates 7-8pm EST

Encore – Directors – The films of Joel Schumacher, Kevin speaks of ATTK. 8-9pm EST

American Beauty soundtrack nominated for Grammy Award.

Best Score Soundtrack Album For A Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media: American Beauty – Thomas Newman, composer [DreamWorks Records]

Got money? If so, you can be the proud new owner of the NBC TODAY Show 2000 Green Room Book! The book is being auctioned on eBay and Kevin’s signature is supposed to be in the book. 100% of the proceeds of this auction will benefit the Hospice of Palm Beach County. Over 650 signatures in the book.  When I saw it last, the book was already going for more than $100,000!

January 3, 2001

Our January 2001 Movie of the Month is … A Bug’s Life! I finally got a few pages in there and will add some more as the week goes on.

Anonymous Questions for the Spacey toll booth operator (you know who you are):

1) A movie chat is just what it sounds like. We all watch the same movie and talk about it at the same time.

2) Who knows? Don’t know him that well. You’d have to ask all of *them*.

Shipping News I added my front page headline for “The Shipping News” newspaper to the Spacey Gazette headlines page. The Spacey Gazette was The Shipping News in an earlier life.

Encore Kevin is to be interviewed tomorrow night at 8pm on the Encore channel during a review of the works of Joel Schumacher, the director of A Time To Kill.

Scary reports of Kevin in a Starbucks wearing Hawaiian shirt, long shorts and socks with his shoes. No picture was taken but picture Kevin in a remake of Cocoon for a visual on that.

IF .. and it’s a big if .. I can get my computer problem worked out by tonight, I will have the Movie of the Month ready to go.

I don’t want to say what it is just yet, but does anyone have anything they’d like to say about a certain movie about a grasshopper?

If so, why not fill out the form on the Fan Reviews page or drop me a line and don’t forget to put your name at the bottom of the review if you don’t wish to be anonymous.

January 2, 2001

I’ve been having computer problems today which are making my head ache. I’m going to try again to get the January Movie Of The Month up tomorrow or the next day.

January 1,2001

Happy New Year Everyone!

Here’s to good Spacey things for everyone throughout the coming year.

No Spacey news today .. yet again.

I’ll announce the January 2001: Spacey Movie Of The Month this evening. Aren’t you tingling with anticipation? UPDATE: Better make that tomorrow night. I’m dragging tonight.

Spacey Gazette Headlines Due to great demand .. ok, one person asked, I have added a new page to the Spacey Gazette Archives. A page devoted to the front page headlines. Just what you asked for Inga.