December 31, 2001

The old Spacey Gazette headline has been moved to the Archives page.

Kevin says he’s taking a 5 month break from acting after finishing his work on David Gale. He’s concentrating on producing. There’s a new article in the Shipping News section.

Kevin eulogizes Jack Lemmon in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. Russell Crowe on the cover. January 4, 2002 issue.

Kevin’s Daily Show interview is online in an extended version. ~

December 29, 2001

There’s a new interview from the AB press days in the Interviews and Articles section. You can also find it in the American Beauty part of the Movies section. It’s from a newspaper called De Telegraaf and has been translated from Dutch to English by Sandra, a new fan. Thanks Sandra.

Celebrity Deathmatch Did everyone catch the fight last night? I’m still laughing at Kevin’s skinny little stick-like legs and the old fashioned sneakers and ankle socks. Too bad it turned out the way it did.

December 28, 2001

Kevin has a 3 page interview in a UK gay men’s magazine called AXM. I don’t know if that’s available here. Includes pics of Kevin. January 2002 issue. The article is on pages 56, 57 and 58. The title of the article is “The Whole Banana” and in the contents page it’s: “The Whole Banana – Kevin Spacey un-peels”

Thanks for the magazine tip, Josie.

And don’t forget the Italian magazine Ciak. December 2001 issue. Thanks Anna.

Venice magazine article is online:

Thanks for that link Maddie. Profanity alert as usual.

Don’t forget to tape Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV tonight. Kevin takes on Michael Caine in a repeat of their original bout. Time is on my Calendar page.

And don’t forget, he may or may not be on a new or repeat showing of The View this morning. ABC, check local listings for times in your area.

December 27, 2001

Kevin sighting on today’s Extra! with Leeza Gibbons. During a feature on Oscar “buzz” Kevin said that the buzz has got to a point where if he showed up in a soup commercial, there’d be Oscar buzz about him. So true, Kev.

Kevin may be in the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly with Russell Crowe on the cover. There was a clip on Extra! that showed Kevin and Extra! was discussing the celebrities that passed away this year and the other celebrities who eulogized them. That should be on the stands in a few days.

The Cigar Aficianado with Kevin on the cover should be on the stands sometime the first week of January.

I saw a new Venice magazine on sale at eBay. Has anyone read the article? Is it the same as all the others or is there some new stuff in it? That’s the December/January issue BTW.  Thanks Irene.

I’m going to scan some pictures this evening so be on the lookout for a few new shots.

December 26, 2001

I hope everyone had a safe holiday.

The Shipping News is now out in select theaters. So far the reviews are mixed.

Kevin is not listed on the The View website as being a guest on Friday as was previously noted. I’m going to tape it anyway, just in case.

December 22, 2001

Saturday night movie and a chat: The Ref, 9pm EST new chat room at Bravenet. Click on button at bottom of chat page.

December 21, 2001

Another magazine alert for all you fans who collect awards ads like the ones currently for sale on eBay: Variety, December 17-23, 2001 (This is the large magazine with the heavy cover.), special 2 magazine double issue in a plastic bag. One says RAI Cinema on the cover, the other is a supplement with an Oscars preview and the back has a Harry Potter ad. This supplement has 2 ads with Kevin on them. The first is a full page ad for all categories for The Shipping News. This is a color ad, has Quoyle standing outside with his hand on an old cross, a grave marker. The other is a full page color ad for K-PAX. It’s a nearly black page, just shows Kevin’s eyes over a glass window with Jeff Bridges barely seen as a reflection at the bottom of the page and in prot’s sunglasses. Must be from the picnic scene. The only text on the ad says “For your consideration. In all categories. K-PAX. It’s $5.95. *I put scans on the K-PAX and Shipping News photos pages.

December 20, 2001

Magazine alert! My dear, wonderful sister who isn’t *that* much older than me actually, has just informed me that Kevin is on the cover of Cigar Aficianado, February 2002 issue. She says it’s a great cover and she’s stealing it from work. It just came in the mail today. I don’t know when it hits the stands. More later!

*I added the 3 new pictures to the Articles section. The other pictures were all movie stills. I’ll add more information tomorrow, I don’t have time tonight. I’m afraid my scanner doesn’t like dark pictures. I may have to re-scan a few of these after Christmas. The article is pretty much the same old thing, except for the fact that his dad’s name is now Geoffrey instead of Thomas and his older, fatter brother no longer exists. It’s just him and his sister in this article.

Golden Globes: Nomination for Kev? Best Actor for Shipping News: Yes! He’s live on Today at approximately 8:46. That’s the second hour. He’s wearing a black suit with a gray tie, sounds like he may have a slight cold. He’ll be hot-footing it over to Regis and Kelly right after this. *Annoying camera angle. They kept showing us the back of Kevin’s left ear so they could get a full body shot of Matt Lauer sitting in front of him.

Add the Tonight Show to your January calendar. Wednesday, January 2. Other guests are beauty pageant winner “Miss Hooker” and Jamie O’Neal.

December 19, 2001

A special Happy Spacey Birthday to my MUCH older sister Suzanne who wishes to remain anonymous!

Kevin seemed very happy and very relaxed on Letterman last night and was casually dressed. I always look forward to the Letterman appearances because he usually wears a beautiful tie with a very nice suit, but since he was giving us a few glimpses of the chest hair, I forgive him. Kevin, you look better at this heavier weight than you do when you’re thinner.

Don’t forget, tomorrow morning it’s the Today show and Live! with Regis and Kelly. I can’t wait for that one.

BTW- Kevin said Shipping News opens in 250 theaters on Christmas Day followed by a January 11, 2002 wide release.

New York Post – Page Six 12/19/01


THE post-9/11 dark age seemed to end the other night when Prada opened its giant new downtown store with a party that took over several blocks of SoHo and four floors of the Mercer Hotel. Mayor Giuliani basked in a standing ovation after he – along with Prada-clad Judi Nathan – was warmly greeted by Miuccia Prada and her husband, Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli. Partying well past midnight were Meg Ryan, Kevin Spacey, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Chloe Sevigny, Milla Jovovich and supermodels Shalom Harlow, Stephanie Seymour and Bridget Hall. (Thanks, Maddie)

December 18, 2001

I changed the confirmation page photo on the “Trick your way into Kevin’s hotel room” poll. The old picture is now on the first page of photos in *that* section.

Don’t forget to tape Letterman tonight and Entertainment Tonight is supposed to show some TSN premiere coverage from last night’s NYC premiere. Some new premiere pictures in the Shipping News section.

December 17, 2001

Conan O’Brien’s show has been added to the Spacey TV calendar. January 3 on NBC.

December 16, 2001

The Making of the Shipping News on BRAVO has just been added.

Chat The chat room gave us trouble last night which was compounded by my continual problem of accidentally disconnecting myself when I kept yanking the phone line from the laptop when I’d shift it on the bed. We’ll try again Tuesday. No movie is currently scheduled for Saturday, but maybe anyone who shows up can try watching The Ref again. I found my tape.

December 15, 2001

Live with Regis and Kelly Kevin is scheduled to be on Live! on Dec. 20th. Check local times. Thanks for the tip, Susan.

Finally! Official TSN site is open and is supposed to have loads of stuff to see. Thanks, Vicki:

I’ll update the polls later this afternoon. I have a birthday party to go buy for.

Bobby Darin According to E! Online’s clip of the day, Anderson Jones reports that at the press day for The Shipping News, Kevin said that his wish to play Bobby Darin will finally come true. He also said that he hopes to direct a project that has been on his mind for the last 10 years.

US Weekly Issue 358/359, December 24-31,2001. A picture of Kevin at the TSN premiere on page 29 and from the scene by Michael Lewittes column on page 36:

Kevin Spacey wearing goggles and riding a dark-blue Vespa to the New York bistro Nellie’s, where he was allowed to park the scooter inside before sharing a banana split with friends and leaving a 60 percent tip. Accompanied by a cartoon of Kevin on the Vespa.

Thanks to Maddie for both of those.

December 14, 2001

The View You can add this to your Spacey calendar of events for December: Kevin, The View, ABC, December 28.

December 13, 2001

Carol – Corbis. Do a search for Kevin Spacey.

Bah Humbug! Holiday stress is finally taking it’s toll on me. I had to wear my Grinch watch today. Did everyone see the picture of Kevin on that shows him at a press conference for TSN on Sunday and he was sitting with his hand holding up the side of his head? That’s me today.

Update on the Shipping News NYC premiere information on TSN NEWS page. Link above.

December 12, 2001

E! News Daily Kevin’s supposed to be seen on E! News Daily repeats this morning at 7, 7:30, 8, and 8:30 am EST. From last night’s show.

December 11, 2001

Does ANYONE know the time and location of the Shipping News premiere in New York City on Monday? Or where to find the information? Miramax and the Shipping News people have not been very forthcoming about their TSN info. The K-PAX people were much better at this.

Well, Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight stiffed us on the Spacey premiere coverage last night. And now this morning E! is overloading their circuits showing the premiere of Tom Cruise’s new movie instead of showing their repeats of yesterday’s E! News Daily which *did* have Kevin. Someone explain this to me.

December 10, 2001

BAFTA Kevin is reported to have been in London yesterday as well as in Los Angeles. Kevin’s Shipping news co-star received an Academy Fellowship from BAFTA (British Association of Film and Television Arts). Kevin is listed as one of the guests at the star-studded tribute ceremony that was held at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. He sure gets around! *Turns out he was at a TSN press conference in NYC before he was in LA for the premiere so unless he uses Santa’s magic sleigh, he must have been in London in spirit only.

Shipping News premiere There are lots of pictures of Kevin at the Shipping News premiere in LA last night, on and Yahoo. Search for Kevin Spacey on Wire Image.

Judi Dench will be on the Rosie O’Donnell show today. **They showed one scene from Shipping News. Didn’t speak of Kevin. 

December 8, 2001

Entertainment Tonight You can add Monday to your Spacey television schedule. Kevin is to appear on ET to discuss TSN.

Premiere January 2002 Check the Shipping News and K-PAX news pages for Spacey stuff from the new issue of Premiere, George Clooney on the cover.

December 7, 2001

Extra with Leeza Gibbons Kevin will be seen on Extra on Monday discussing his views on Oscar buzz.

Washington Times Kevin was quoted in the Washington Times newspaper today as being against undeserved Oscar buzz fed to the media by the studios. Metropolitan section. Page 6B, no picture of Kevin.

December 6, 2001

Today Added to the Calendar page for December. Kevin is scheduled for December 20th.

Movie chat for Saturday night There’s no movie scheduled for Saturday due to the busy holiday season, but there will be a regular chat for anyone who shows up. We are using the chat room listed at the bottom of the chat page here on the site. Just click on the Chat Now button on that page.

Baltimore paper Interview with Kevin in today’s Baltimore Sun. No picture online. Don’t know if there’s one in the paper edition. My father who reads the Sun didn’t read that section today. Sigh. *Small color photo of Kevin from about maybe 4 or 5 years ago at the bottom of the “E” section called TODAY. Bottom left hand corner. Kevin in a black shirt, wide tie in shades of brown. Interview is on pages 1E and 3E.

Award hype just doesn’t fit into the picture Actor: Kevin Spacey doesn’t believe in using Oscar talk as a way to market his films.

By Ron Dicker Special To The Sun Originally published December 6, 2001

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Kevin Spacey is grateful for his two Academy Awards. But he also is grateful for the absence of Oscar hype before his movies come out. The 42-year-old actor has nothing against the little gold men. With K-PAX, and The Shipping News set to open here on Christmas, talk about nominations may come up. It’s just Spacey wants the buzz generated by folks who actually have seen the movies, and not by publicity machines. “If a film earns a place of merit in people’s … hearts, then [the buzz] will come honestly,” he said. Spacey is most famous for winning a best actor Oscar as the suburban dad in 1999’s American Beauty, and a best supporting actor Oscar as a con man in 1995’s The Usual Suspects. But studios would be ill-advised to use his Academy cache in their marketing. The weepy dud Pay It Forward, in which Spacey’s schoolteacher inspires a young boy’s do-good campaign, was a prime example. “Unfortunately, they used the Oscar bait before the movie was seen,” Spacey said.

Wearing a black leather sports jacket and bags under his eyes, Spacey sipped a tall coffee to get through a recent press day at the Four Seasons Hotel.

In The Shipping News, which is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by E. Annie Proulx, Spacey plays Quoyle, a novice newspaperman. He said the character is a complete departure for him because Quoyle doesn’t have a cynical, ironic bone in his body.

Spacey’s mild looks are spiced up with viper intensity and a hustler’s charm. Jeff Bridges, who co-stars in K-PAX, said Spacey brought a contagious joy to his work. And another K-PAX co-star, Mary McCormack, described Spacey like this: “There’s a secret in his eye and a smirk under his face.”

The actor never knows when he’ll want to pull something new from his bag of tricks – such as his heretofore unexpected ability to carry a tune. Earlier this fall, he shocked viewers and Yoko Ono with a spirited rendition of “Mind Games” at the John Lennon/Sept. 11 benefit. “I wanted to do something surprising and uplifting because New York really needed something,” said Spacey.

And that’s not the actor’s only outreach effort. His production company made The Big Kahuna (1999) with a first-time writer and director, and is looking for more new talent. “I think there’s a big responsibility that if you have reached a certain point in your life, where you can, it is your duty to send the elevator back down,” he said.

Oh dear .. Kev sweetie, I *saw* Pay It Forward. If they hadn’t used the Oscar bait, no one would have gone to see it once word got out.

And another thing. Why do male interviewers insist on harping on his looks? We happen to like those bags, pal!

Hey baby Is your mojo working? Here’s a little something Maddie told me about:

Variety Dish by Michael Fleming 

DISHING: Britney Spears isn’t the only famous person playing herself in “Austin Powers in Goldmember.” Dish hears that Danny DeVito, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey also filmed cameos this week in the New Line pic, due out July 26.

Shipping News New time and place info for the LA Shipping News premiere on the TSN news page.

December 5, 2001

Kevin’s Stocking As with last year, Kevin’s fans think only of Kevin when they tell Santa what to bring him *this* year. If Santa brings him the most popular gift choices chosen in the Stocking Poll 2001, Kevin will be sitting at home with fluffy chest hair, opening his fan mail with his new rubber gloves and face mask and the phone will ring and he’ll get a call from the Bobby Darin biopic people.

Letterman Kevin will be on Letterman on Tuesday, December 18th. The other guest scheduled is Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jerome Bettis.

Shipping News More about premiere dates on the Shipping News news page.

December 4, 2001

From Variety: Spacey, Barrymore get Apples – Women’s Press club also handed out nods to Wagner, Bass, Whitman By EILEEN KOWALSKI

Kevin Spacey and Drew Barrymore received Star of Year honors Sunday at the Hollywood Women’s Press Club’s 61st annual Golden Apple Awards Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton. Although Barrymore was unable to attend, Spacey received his kudos from Sean Penn, who showed up unannounced to help fete his friend. Thesp Natasha Gregson Wagner and singer-thesp Lance Bass, the Discovery of the Year honorees, were also in attendance, as was femme Youth Discovery of the Year Mae Whitman of TV’s “State of Grace.” Her male counterpart, “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe, was in London filming the follow-up to the box office hit. Jeffrey Katzenberg repped DreamWorks in accepting the Board of Directors award for “Shrek,” while vet thesp Robert Stack and former SAG prexy Dennis Weaver took home the Buddy Rogers Legend award and the Humanitarian award, respectively. Rhonda Fleming presented the President’s Award for lifetime achievement to honorary Hollywood mayor Johnny Grant. The Louella O. Parsons Award went to columnist-author James Bacon. In keeping with tradition, Sour Apple awardee Jerry Springer was a no-show. Fayard Nicholas of the Nicholas brothers dance team played celebrity Santa this year. Net proceeds from the event benefit the HWPC’s Scholarship Foundation and the HWPC/Neutrogena Journalism Internship Program.

Hollywood Reporter There’s an ad for Kevin and Jeff Bridges for Best Actor consideration for their roles in K-PAX in the newest issue of Hollywood Reporter. Thanks, Maddie

New chat room try-out Since we’ve been having trouble with the Yahoo chat room, we’re trying out a new room at Bravenet tonight and Saturday. If you go to the Yahoo chat and we’re not there, you know we’re at the other room. You can find the link on the site Chat page. Click on the Chat Now button at the bottom of the page.

Guest Book I finally got the old guest book messages on to a new page. Link is on the Site Links page and there’s a link at the bottom of the new Guest Book. ~

December 3, 2001

Hope you’re feeling better today Nathan. Get well soon.

Guest Book I had to delete the old Guest Book in order to fix the problem I was having. I’m going to put up another page that contains all the old messages another day this week. I have started a new Guest Book to be used in the mean time.

Kevin attended (and apparently won) the Golden Apple Awards Luncheon in Beverly Hills yesterday. There are a few pictures to be found at Click on Golden Apple Awards or do a Spacey search.

December 2, 2001

Was Kevin in San Diego to help deploy some troops or not?

Fall From Grace The Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker story. This is having an airing on the Lifetime Movie Network on December 9. Be sure to check your listings for the time in your area. This is not the same channel as Lifetime. Thank you, Lesa.

War Letters When this was shown locally the other night it was as a PBS pledge drive selection which made it run 30 minutes longer than the original showing. It may be shown along with pledge drives in your own area.


November 30, 2001

American Experience – War Letters This is being repeated tonight at 9pm on WETA TV26. I don’t know if it’s one in other PBS markets. Check your local listings. Kevin reads 3 letters. the first, last and one about halfway through.

American Movie Classics – Catch this repeat of the Spacey-narrated Steve McQueen: King of Cool documentary. Tonight at 5:30pm EST.

Local Military Troops To Get Grand Sendoff Military personnel getting ready to deploy from San Diego in support of Operation Enduring Freedom will be sent off in style, with visits from the commandant of the Marine Corps and several Hollywood stars, 10News reported. In advance of Saturday’s deployment of the USS Bonhomme Richard Amphibious Ready Group, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Kevin Spacey, Chuck Norris and other celebrities will attend a celebration Friday (today)for the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit and the ARG.

November 29, 2001

In the UK This week’s issues of Hello and Now have pictures of Kevin taken at the Old Vic benefit concert last week. Thanks, Sarah.

November 28, 2001

Guest Book The hit counter is back and working on the entrance page. But now the Guest Book is a shambles. I don’t know if it even works right now. I hope it’s fixed by tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m removing it from the main web navigation. I may have to delete that one and start a new one. If I do, I’ll save the current messages on another page so people can read them even if the Guest Book form is gone. This has been so frustrating!

November 27, 2001

I finally fixed the missing home page banner and missing Map page navigation button, but the hit counter on the home page seems to be lost forever. The last I checked, almost 22,000 hits were missing. I tried to reset it, but so far no luck. I may have to remove the counter altogether.

Movie Chat for December 1 The Ref. Saturday night at 9pm EST at the Spacey Movie Chat club at Yahoo.

New poll #25 Kevin’s Stocking 2001. Help Santa stuff Kevin’s stocking.

November 25, 2001

My web host company moved my site to a new server yesterday and some stuff seems to missing from some pages and other pages have extra things. Like missing navigation buttons on some pages and extra horizontal lines on others. I’m hoping all that will be fixed within a few days.

November 23, 2001

Just time for a quick update since I have to get to Target before that crazed mass of post-Thanksgiving holiday shoppers the news media keeps saying aren’t shopping get to the store ahead of me.

A couple of magazines to look for:

Biography December 2001 issue with Tom Cruise on the cover. Page 18, 1/2 page with a picture. In The Spotlight.

And for people with access to Italian publications, there is the November 28, 2001 edition of AMICA which includes a 4 page Spacey article which is reported to have some new Spacey pictures, but since I don’t have the magazine, I can’t scan them for everyone to see.

Spacey Poll I’m going to be dusting off the 2000 Santa poll this weekend so that we can all vote again on what we think Kevin might expect in his stocking from Santa this year.

Fan mail When is Kevin and his agency going to start accepting fan mail again? I’m once again getting that urge to send Kevin another fan letter that will never be answered in spite of his claim that he answers ALL OF HIS MAIL. Maybe just a little holiday greeting.

November 21, 2001

In Style December 2001, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith on the cover. Small mention of Kevin (very small) on page 198. In the Man Of Style interview with Hugh Jackman, he’s asked if the Hollywood ideal of the body-beautiful is as hard for men as it is women and part of his answer is this:

“For men it’s swings and roundabouts. For women it’s consistently tough. All the lead guys in the eighties were very action-y. But now look at Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks or John Travolta.”

Then he mentions how John Travolta hasn’t taken his shirt off in films for years and how people still found him sexy in Pulp Fiction even though he was overweight. And it’s because of his innate confidence.

Is Hugh suggesting that Kevin’s not some hard body kind of guy and is working in spite of his looks??

Movie chat There’s no movie scheduled for the chat Saturday night due to the coming holiday.

Spacey takes a sad song, makes it better, for charity
By USA TODAY staff

November 20, 2001

When is Kevin Spacey going to release his greatest-hits album? The last time we saw the Academy Award-winning actor in this pose, he was stealing the show at Radio City Music Hall with his rendition of Mind Games at last month’s John Lennon tribute. On Sunday, the Beatles fan belted out Hey Jude as he kicked off a star-studded concert at London’s Old Vic theater to raise funds for victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America. “We recognize that we’re not in New York, the emotions are not quite as immediate and raw, but we all wanted to do something,” said Susan Hayden, organizer of the Unite for the Future concert. Participants at the gala included Judi Dench, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Art Garfunkel, Omar Sharif and Jude Law. Tickets to the sold-out show cost as much as $760. Among the celebrity guests were Chelsea Clinton, Bianca Jagger and Vanessa Redgrave. Organizers said the show raised more than $580,000, to be donated to the World Trade Center Disaster Fund, the medical charity Doctors Without Borders and Open Minds, a cultural awareness group.

November 19, 2001

I’m pooped. And sore from overworking this weekend. Did everyone watch the meteor showers in the wee hours of yesterday morning? I may also have pneumonia. We’ve had unseasonably hot and dry weather for the past few weeks and then when I go outside to watch the meteors, it’s freezing and there’s a hard frost on everything. It was an amazing spectacle though. Not to be missed. Unfortunately, now I’m too tired and sore to do the NEWS updates properly, so I’ll just add this:

Kevin sang Hey Jude, Blackbird, and Hi De Hi De Ho during his hosting of the Old Vic fundraiser yesterday.

November 16, 2001

No movie scheduled for the chat tomorrow night (11/17) but the chat is still on. Spacey Movie Chat club at Yahoo.

November 15, 2001

Don’t forget that Kevin will be in London in a few days for a fundraiser and his K-PAX premier at the London Film Festival, Spacey fans. If he isn’t there already. If he’d only give us his itinerary so we’d know where he was every minute of the day …

November 12, 2001

Check your local PBS listings to see if American Experience: War Letters will be repeated in your area. Kevin read the first letter, last letter and a letter a little more than halfway through the program. You can order a videotape of the show by calling this number: 1-800-PLAY PBS. The price is $19.95 + shipping and handling.

Kevin read letters from a man named Mort and a man named Lewis Plush. You can find more about Mort and Lewis and read excerpts of the letters Kevin read here:

November 10, 2001

Entertainment Weekly November 16, 2001 Lord Of The Rings on the cover. Not only is there a picture from The Shipping News (see my TSN News page) there is also a mention of Kevin in the Holiday Book preview section, page 113. No picture is shown but it says that there is a picture of Kevin in his “pre-stardom” days in a new celebrity photo book called Timothy White: Portraits. I don’t know if the picture of Kevin is one we’ve all seen before or not. The book is from Rizzoli International Publications and is priced at $75!

November 9, 2001

A very happy birthday to babs and to me.

London In today’s Times newspaper, Culture & Arts section.

What makes the ideal fundraiser? Contacts, celebrity and the right cause, says Stefanie Marsh. Please Give Generously. At about 5pm every day Sally Greene gets a call from America. The caller has been advising about her forthcomimg project. If she wants to make it a success, he tells her, it needs to be ruthlessly well-organised, star-studded and mercilessly slick. He knows because he made headlines when he burst into an impromptu rendition of Mind Games at a John Lennon tribute. The reason he made headlines is that he is Kevin Spacey. The star is one of the performers who will be appearing at the Old Vic theatre (London) on November 18th in a fundraiser for victims of terrorism and oppression. The event was concieved by Susan Hayden, a veteran fundraiser who happens to be on the board of the Old Vic. Having lost several close friends on September 11th, she turned to Greene, to Old Vic’s proprietor and Joyce Hytner, the Royal court theatre’s development director and another close friend. Hayden says ” I was devastated by the disaster because I knew several people who worked there whom I never saw again. Then I started thinking about what we could do. The three of us went for a coffee and  decided to do something.”

It has taken five weeks to organise Unite for the Future, a  celebrity-stuffed event with a commitee list so long that the typeface on the invitations had to be shrunk to accommodate all the names. Ten years ago ‘fundraiser’ meant forcing yourself to watch a man on stage read out something horribly boring and then clap yourself on the back for having got  through it,” says Greene. ” We wanted this to be a real celebration – not something dour and depressing.”

Once the team had secured the participation of Dame Judi Dench and Kevin Spacey, the names came trickling in: Joan Collins, Cirque du Soliel, Sophie Dahl and Richard Attenborough……

Tickets for the Unite for the Future are on sale at £115, £270 and £525.

Thanks, Sam


November 8, 2001

Several Spacey items in the new issue of Premiere, Will Smith on the cover.

An article about the filming of The Shipping News starting on page 78 and on page 16 there’s a small piece on a British artist named Madeleine Farley who re-creates movie scenes using Q-Tips. I mention Kevin because there’s a small picture of her re-creation of the line-up scene from The Usual Suspects and Kevin is a bent Q-tip.

BTW – We learn in the article on The Shipping News that Kevin is a trained stuntman! Imagine that. I never would have suspected. That’s what *he* says, anyway.

Movie chat reminder Saturday’s movie will be Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. 9pm EST, Spacey Movie Chat club at Yahoo.

US Weekly November 12, 2001 issue. Jennifer Aniston on the cover. There are several Spacey mentions in this issue.

Page 30 – Loose Talk “There’s a feeling in that town as you walk through the streets … an extraordinary feeling of generosity. I don’t think I’ve felt quite this way since John Lennon died.” –  Kevin Spacey, on New York

Page 18 talks about the K-PAX premiere. I put that on my K-PAX news page, and page 56 has a review of the movie which is on my K-PAX reviews page.

November 5, 2001

Kevin’s back in Texas so maybe we can all get some rest now. His PR trip to New York City and the many pre-taped shows that had to be kept track of were exhausting. I don’t know how Kevin does it! He needs a staff or some assistants. Maybe a few interns. I hope he remembered to water his plants and walk his dogs.

November 3, 2001

David Gale news Another sighting of Kevin filming David Gale.

New Poll I added a new poll to the polls section. It asks if you think prot is an alien from K-PAX or if he’s human. SPOILERS in answers.

November 2, 2001

New Page I have a few pictures taken off the TV from a few of Kevin’s TV appearances on a new page. I’ll attempt to add some from The View this weekend.

The W magazine is on the stands now, Liv Tyler on the cover.

November 1, 2001

Movie chat reminder The movie for Saturday night is once again The Negotiator, re-scheduled from last week. The chat appears to be working now but if it’s not working on Saturday, just start your movie and talk to yourself. It will be less stressful that way. That will be 9pm EST at the Spacey Movie Club chat room at yahoo. URL is on the chat page.

Is everyone getting their stuff taped today? Kevin and those ladies from The View are just a bunch of flirts. They seemed to be having a very fun time together. Some women have all the luck!

October 31, 2001

monster_frankensteins_cousin_walking_sm_clrHappy Halloween! Don’t forget that our own spaceman will be on Letterman tonight at 11:35pm EST. And then set your tape for Thursday morning. Crime Story and The View and Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. Check the calendar page for times.

October 30, 2001

Letterman, The View, Crime Story, and United We Stand concert on ABC. Don’t forget there’s still more taping to come this week. Dates and times on the calendar page.

October 28, 2001

“I answer all my mail, and it takes time, but it’s worth doing.” – Kevin on fan mail. Looks like prot isn’t the only one who might be delusional! **I have been forced to eat those words.

Washington Post Sunday Arts To my surprise I found a nice color picture of Kevin in the paper this morning. There’s an article about the United We Stand concert in DC last weekend and even though Kevin’s not in the article, there is a nice color picture of him on stage. Page G5 of the print edition. The picture isn’t online at the Washington Post site.

My cable guide is showing a review of K-PAX on CBS’s Sunday Morning this morning. I think it’s on at 9am EST.

October 26, 2001

Katie Couric just said they were going to show Kevin’s interview today! It’s 8am EST and she just said they’d show him in the next half hour. So that’s the second hour.

Get those VCRs ready again. Access Hollywood is bringing us more K-PAX and Shipping News tonight!

I’m adding some K-PAX reviews to the K-PAX section.

October 25, 2001

Kevin’s back in Texas. It’s on the David Gale news page.

War Letters documentary A Spacey fan sends me this: the show “War Letters” is being shown on PBS, during November. This is usually when they have the big fund drives, so I guess they are saving it for then. My local station listed it for November 9. Check your local listings.  (If you were reading my updates from last week, Kevin is one of the narrators of this documentary.) Thank you, Kathleen.

Magazines to look for now: Star Log, November 2001, 4 pages of K-PAX and the producer and Empire, November 2001 is supposed to have several Spacey mentions.

Today show again: From HC – I spoke with the Today Show (yet again) at 5pm this afternoon. Barring some big breaking story the Kevin Spacey segment WILL air this Friday (most likely during the second hour — best bet: between 8:30am-9am EST…. but it could air at any time!). (Thanks for making the effort for everyone HC. I’m so confused.)

Spacey fans, tomorrow this site will be one year old. I had never planned to be here this long. I was only using this as a guinea pig to learn how to use my Front Page program. I was going to use this as a way to share some stuff from my Spacey scrapbooks with people who had asked to see them and something happened and this site took over my life! It has been fun and aggravating and time consuming and addictive and I have dreams about news updates and cells, frames, tables and computer crashes. I obsess about new polls. And I still haven’t learned how to use everything on my program. I’ve signed up for another year of this site ownership stuff, so no matter what the next year brings, I hope the site continues to grow and change.

Thank you for being patient with me as I’ve constantly moved things and changed page URLs. I’ve been learning this as I go along and at times I’ve been scatter-brained in my thinking process. Here’s to another crazy year! Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way. Kevin Spacey has a great bunch of fans on the Internet and I hope he appreciates them as much as I do.

To think that when I first did a Spacey search several years ago, I didn’t know  anything about fan sites, email lists, chat rooms, message boards, scanners, picture programs, zip discs, WAVs. Some day, I may even try to learn HTML.

Guest Book For the person who asked about Focus magazine, it’s now in the Articles and Interviews section. German to English translation with photos.

No Kevin on Today this morning. There are other TV appearances today though so be sure to check the Calendar page.

October 24, 2001

TODAY show The last I read, Kevin is on the “to be scheduled” list with a pre-taped interview and there’s no date for him yet. It could be tomorrow, it could be weeks from now.

Access Hollywood I’ve been told that there will be an interview with Kevin on Access Hollywood tomorrow (10/25). Thanks Kim.

Surprise Showings Stretch Washington Gig to 11 Hours  World Entertainment News Network 

Sunday’s UNITED WE STAND concert lasted an amazing 11 hours after a host of stars – including PINK, BETTE MIDLER and CHRIS TUCKER – arrived at the last minute to lend their support.  The concert to raise money for victims of America’s 11 September terrorist attacks, which took place at Washington DC’s RFK STADIUM, boasted a stellar line-up of stars including MICHAEL JACKSON, AEROSMITH, THE BACKSTREET BOYS, JAMES BROWN, MARIAH CAREY, BETTE MIDLER and RICKY MARTIN.  But fans were given a pleasant surprise when extra stars were added to the billing at the last minute – including Hollywood actor KEVIN SPACEY, who arrived with his own hand-held video camera to tape the event for his private collection.  STEPHANIE RUDNICK, of CLEAR CHANNEL MEDIA, the organizers of the show, says, “The vibe of the show was great. It was only supposed to last eight hours, but ended up going on for 11, because we had so many people calling up wanting to help.  “Chris Tucker called us up just before the concert and was really eager to introduce Michael Jackson so, of course, we told him to come along and join the fun.  “Kevin Spacey was a surprise showing as well. He came with his video camera and just walked up to people in the crowd and chatted with them. There were no VIP areas, so everyone just enjoyed themselves together.”  Although organizers of the event have yet to give their official figures, they can confirm that they’ve raised at least $2.5 million.

(c) 2001 WORLD ENTERTAINMENT NEWS NETWORK. All global rights reserved. (Thanks Mom)

K-PAX I’m trying to keep all K-PAX news bits and info on the K-PAX News page. My head is spinning from all the updates, TV times, and all the other stuff.

Fan Mail Well, it came straight from the horse’s mouth last night. I missed Access Hollywood because I was taping Entertainment Tonight, but a few people have told me that Kevin said he won’t be opening/reading/answering or whatever, his fan mail for a while because of all the Anthrax scares going on right now. So I guess that means no big fan card for the holidays like we sent at Valentine’s Day. I also had a very special gift planned to go along with the card, but I guess I’ll have to find someone else to give that to. Or maybe we can send it on his 45th birthday. It will no doubt be even more appropriate then. I think all of you would have liked it. Sorry everyone.

Movie and a chat We’re going to attempt to watch The Negotiator on Saturday night. This is a change in the schedule. So next week we’ll watch something else in place of this movie. Stay tuned. 9pm EST at the Spacey Movie Chat club at Yahoo. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will work!

October 23, 2001

Hey! I was just watching E! news Daily’s coverage of the K-PAX premiere and they were asking some of the actors who would be likely to be an alien from outer space and they all said Kevin. That’s my line! I said that many, many months ago. I have an entire section devoted to Kevin being an alien in my AB section. Thieves!

Today show, new tentative date OK, we’re gonna try the Today show again, on Thursday this time. (Thanks HC)

Reminder: The Today Show Kevin could be on at any time during the 3 hours they have the show on.*It’s 8:23am on the east coast. Today is almost half over and no mention of Kevin. Kevin Spacey that is. Matt did say that Kevin Kline was coming up after the commercial though. He has a movie out too.

There are too many Kevins. I’m going to start calling *our* Kevin “Scooter”, just so we can tell him from all the others.

There is no word yet on when Scooter will be making his appearance this morning. I didn’t see Scooter today. If he was on, I completely missed him. Did anyone else see him? Did he stay up late partying last night and couldn’t wake up in time to be on TV in the wee hours of the LA morning?

Movie and a chat for November 3 Pay It Forward is on hold due to aggravating chat room problems. I’ll let you know if it’s still scheduled later in the week.

Fan Mail Does anyone know if Kevin’s agency is accepting fan mail these days? I was hearing on the news this morning that CBS is not allowing anything that looks like fan mail to be delivered to their people, that it’s either being returned to the sender or being set aside. I was planning to start a holiday card similar to the Valentine card we sent since I’d had a few people ask about that, but if the William Morris Agency isn’t accepting fan mail ..

VH-1 Cast Party Kevin said on VH-1’s Cast Party last night that he has 5 Bobby Darin CDs. Who’d have guessed he was a Darin fan?

October 22, 2001

“WAR LETTERS” DOCUMENTARY Inspired by Andrew Carroll’s bestseller, “War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence From American Wars”. Letters from wars ranging from the American Revolution to the Gulf War; the documentary is narrated by Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, David Hyde Pierce and others.

Has anyone seen this or heard of it?

United We Stand There’s a long article about this concert in the Washington Post this morning, but there is no mention or picture of Kevin.

October 21, 2001

Kevin must not fly commercial anymore. He was in Texas on Friday morning, LA on Friday evening, I don’t know where he was yesterday, but today he was in Washington, D.C. for another benefit concert and tomorrow he’s back in Hollywood for his K-PAX premiere. Considering the hours long wait at airports these days for security reasons, I don’t think Kevin could be flying like that without having a private plane at his disposal.

Benefit Kevin was at the ‘United We Stand’ benefit concert tonight in Washington.

This program will air on Thursday, November 1st, at 8:00 pm on ABC.  (Thanks, Maddie)

There’s a lot of TV stuff happening this week and next. Don’t forget to check the entertainment news shows on Tuesday for clips of the K-PAX premiere. E! News Daily, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, you know the drill by now. Many newspapers will also have reviews of the movie on Friday morning. I’ll try to put show times for various TV shows on the K-PAX News page, but if I forget, there’s always the calendar page.

Just a thought The last two interviews I’ve read have had Bobby Darin’s name spelled Darren (W magazine) and Quoyle spelled Coyle (Boston Herald).

New interview Kevin on the K-PAX Articles page. Kevin is the Man of the Week at

Boston Herald There’s an interview with Kevin in today’s Boston Herald. It’s kinda long so I’ll just give the link for now.

There’s one paragraph in there about his baldness. Kevin again mentions seeing an article about the guy from Hair Club For Men in a tabloid talking about Kevin’s hair.

Kevin hun, I know you have said a few times recently that you read that in a tabloid, but it was in The Washington Post first. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Internationally known and reputable paper from DC. It was called Toupee for Hollywood and Sy Sperling had been asked about the balding celebs? In conjunction with the Oscars? It’s in the March 23rd section of the archives. I’d highlighted the part about you to make it easier to find. Oh wait, here it is again!:

Kevin Spacey: “He’s wearing a rug, no doubt about it, but it’s not a good one. It looks tired and lifeless.”

I have this in my scrapbook. It was a nice big square to cut out of the paper. Even had a picture of Kevin from the previous Oscars and sadly, that tired and lifeless “rug” looked like the real thing. Maybe a little bit of gel or mousse would help.

October 19, 2001

W update The November issue of W has Liv Tyler on the cover and has a full page picture of Kevin with the article. Thanks for the tip, Bonnie. *I have added the interview and the main photo to my Interviews page, if you don’t want to wait until you have your own copy to see it.

October 18, 2001

Reminders: October 19, 11:35pm EST, The Tonight Show, NBC. October 20, 9pm EST, Movie and a chat is The Big Kahuna. At the Yahoo Spacey Movie Chat club.

Lennon tribute I have moved the Lennon Tribute photos and fan story to the new Lennon Tribute section. I have added a new fan reviews page, so if anyone wants to share their opinion of Kevin, his singing, and the show, please do. There is one fan review there already. Once I have time to watch the various interviews that Kevin mentioned this in, I’ll add Kevin’s thoughts too.

New York Daily News October 18, 2001 Daily Dish by Mitchell Fink

Spacey Talking About Singing – Phil Ramone also would like to produce an album with Kevin Spacey. You read that right. You’ll recall that the Academy Award-winner really belted out “Mind Games” at TNT’s recent tribute to John Lennon. But Ramone said he became aware of Spacey’s abilities when he heard him sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” on Sept. 10 during a warmup for the Latin Grammy Awards (which were canceled the next day). Ramone is best known for the many albums he has produced for Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan. “Kevin is Juilliard-trained, and he can definitely sing,” Ramone says. “For now, we’re just talking.”

Leno’s Harley Raises $360,200 for Attack Victims LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A celebrity-autographed motorcycle and matching truck put up for auction by Jay Leno drew a top bid of $360,200 that will benefit victims of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the comedian’s publicist said on Thursday. The winner of the eBay online auction will appear Friday on ”The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” to accept the limited-edition Harley-Davidson motorbike, spokeswoman Carrie Simons said. She added that the buyer is not a celebrity.

The motorcycle, purchased by Leno in July, is a Harley FXDL Dyna Low Rider that has been autographed by dozens of Hollywood stars. Kevin will be adding his autograph tomorrow night.

October 16, 2001

Kevin Spacey’s Darin Pic In Chaos

New rumored date for Letterman: October 31!

Kevin’s chest hair Several sightings last night on TV and the web. Kevin must have checked out the results of the hair poll. I can’t think of any other reason we’re suddenly being treated to so much hair. Unless he’s decided to stop fighting the receding hairline and the bald spot and is hoping to distract everyone by unbuttoning his shirt. Has everyone noticed that the t-shirt is gone in many shots now?

W magazine, November issue

From Liz Smith:

W FOR NOVEMBER offers up Kevin Spacey as seen by Merle Ginsberg. The famous and controversial actor, who made quite a splash singing “Mind Games” at the John Lennon tribute, is presented here as having turned from being the icy and sardonic troublemaker of his high school-military academy years into “warm and fuzzy.”

As Ginsberg writes, “The Iceman is now the Niceman.” She credits some of this change to the clout he finally accumulated after winning two Oscars, one for “American Beauty” and another for “The Usual Suspects.” He is hot with two big new films – Universal’s “K-PAX,” in which he claims to be an alien to a disbelieving shrink played by Jeff Bridges, and also Miramax’s Christmas release “The Shipping News,” based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by E. Annie Proulx.

Spacey has a few choice words about the Rev. Jerry Falwell: “What an absolute dunce! I couldn’t believe his comments about Teletubbies and now the World Trade Center! You would think that maybe, at a moment like this, those kind of stupid, backward, f- – – – – -, another century, right-wing ideological comments would not be needed. But then he’s a bonehead, so how would he know? It’s just embarrassing that he’s a public figure in American life. Absolutely infuriating!”

There – didn’t we tell you that Spacey was back to being a pussycat?

Dunce? Bonehead? Really, Kevin! Such language!

October 15, 2001

Letterman update My cable digital guide is still only listing John Mellancamp as the guest, but now Letterman’s own website lineup has changed from Heather Graham and John Mellancamp, to Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes, Bruce McCall and John Mellencamp with Indie Arie. Kevin is not listed on the week’s schedule, but who knows? I tried emailing Letterman’s show about a possible show date, but so far they haven’t been inclined to respond.

From Oct. 15, 2001

Real Life Rock Top 10  By Greil Marcus

3) “Come Together: A Night for John Lennon” (TNT, Oct. 2)

Compared to this — from Yolanda Adams plus 12th Beatle Billy Preston turning “Imagine” into a mugging to Dustin Hoffman’s crinkly insecure-superstar grin — the Sept. 21 “America: A Tribute to Heroes” telethon was “Sympathy for the Devil.”

October 14, 2001

Movie and a chat Due to a few chatters having flu-like symptoms and Yahoo having chat room problems last night, Outbreak was not watched. It’s going to be rescheduled for November. So, the movie for next Saturday will be The Big Kahuna, previously rescheduled due to chat room problems.

Spacey TV appearances First up, there is a rumor floating around that Kevin may be making an appearance on Letterman tomorrow (Monday) night. That hasn’t been confirmed yet. But just in case, get your tapes ready. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything definite. There are supposed to be features on Kevin and K-PAX on tomorrow’s editions of Access Hollywood and E! News Daily. Check your local listings for times. These will be the shows on in the early evening, not the shows earlier in the day. The early shows will be Friday’s repeats.

Today you can catch Kevin’s Inside The Actors Studio again. It was chosen by online voters as one their favorite episodes and will be shown today as part of ITAS’s 100th episode celebration. On Bravo at 4pm EST.

October 12, 2001

Entertainment Weekly October 19, 2001 issue, Enterprise on the cover. Page 22, small but familiar picture of Kevin and Jeff Bridges.

Flashes – SPACEY CADET. On the K-PAX NEWS page. Link above. Plus …

The Scout, Hot Spot  Page 26, no picture, a few paragraphs about an exclusive club in Manhattan called Bungalow 8. Under the section called

Claims To Fame: Kevin Spacey, Benecio Del Toro, Jude Law, Julia Roberts, and Bruce Willis have been among the revelers. Since it’s opening in May, Bungalow 8 has also hosted bashes for Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and the new thriller Joy Ride.

The Guest List Page 68. Kevin is listed as a guest on the Tonight Show on Friday, October 19. We already knew that.

E!’s Behind The Scenes Another date with Kevin, Spacey fans. Behind-the-Scenes with K-PAX on E! on Thursday, October 25. Check local listings for exact time. E! usually repeats.

New Poll! Trying to keep up with all the new Spacey info has kept me from doing my newest poll. A Halloween themed poll. If I fall behind any farther, we’ll be doing the Thanksgiving foods poll instead.

October 11, 2001

The Today Show You can add another date to your Spacey TV calendar. TV Guide announces Kevin is scheduled for The Today Show on Tuesday morning, October 23. I am keeping track of all these dates on the calendar page on this site.

Movie and a chat reminder Don’t forget, the movie for Saturday night is Outbreak. The Spacey Movie Chat club chat room at Yahoo, 9pm EST.

October 10, 2001

The Spacey Forums – A Kevin Spacey Community Maddie has set up a new forums site that uses a format similar to the old KS Automat, so if you’ve been missing the Automat, stop on by the Mad Rose Bar.

Unusual new American Beauty fan review There’s a new fan review in the AB section. Kevin’s fans are either a wacky and creative bunch, which we all know already by reading the poll answers, or one of Kevin’s fans can smoke pot and type at the same time!

On second thought, a lot of Kevin’s fans can probably do that, but none have sent a movie review while doing it.

October 9, 2001

Motion Picture & Television 80th Anniversary Benefit Fund Celebration Kevin did not appear in person. He was on tape from location in Texas.

Chat We’re doing the Tuesday night chat at the Spacey Movie Chat club at Yahoo tonight. Any time after 8pm EST, although most show closer to 9pm.

October 7, 2001

The Tonight Show According to the Late Night TV Page, Kevin is scheduled to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday, October 19. Other guests listed are Bill O’Reilly and Bjork. NBC.

US Weekly October 15 issue On page 10 of the current issue of Us Weekly, there is a picture of Kevin at the Saturday Night Live premiere after party. *First page of pictures in Photographs section. On page 20, The Scene: Kevin Spacey having brunch at the Starlite restaurant in Austin, Texas, where Gwyneth Paltrow and boyfriend Luke Wilson shared a cozy dinner the night before.

Movie and a chat Saturday night, October 13, 9pm EST. The scheduled movie is Outbreak. Spacey Movie Chat club chat room at Yahoo. Regular Tuesday night chat also at the Spacey Movie Chat club chat room at Yahoo.

October 5, 2001

Kevin Spacey surprising almost everyone with a full tilt, no holds barred version of “Mind Games” – Who would have thought he was going to leave his hosting duties to belt out a song! I’m not sure how this performance came across on television, but the standing ovation he received was not just a polite nod to an actor having the courage to leave his area of comfort to sing in such an emotionally charged atmosphere…it was genuine, all-out appreciation for one helluvanamazing performance! – Brief impressions by Marsha Ewing,

When I get back from my weekend out of town, I’m going to make a section for this special. I’m going to move it out of the Photographs section. Probably Monday.

October 4, 2001

Happy 40th Birthday, Donna! Kevin says … Zippity do da!

Lennon Tribute Fan review A Spacey fan’s evening with Kevin!

Come Together

Kevin Spacey Shocks And Rocks At John Lennon Tribute In N.Y.C.- Actor Kevin Spacey stunned a national TV audience and the patrons at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall by performing John Lennon’s “Mind Games” during Tuesday night’s (October 2) tribute to the late Beatle. His unexpected performance shed new light on his talents. LAUNCH asked Spacey backstage about the standing ovation he received. “I was pretty dumbfounded by the response, because, you know, I mean I was nervous,” he said. “First of all it’s television, it’s live, and then Radio City Music Hall and all, and Yoko’s there and you’re thinking, ‘I’m out of my mind.’ That’s what I’ve been saying for the last four days, ‘I’m absolutely out of my mind.’ But sometimes the things that are worth doing are the things that are a little risky and fun. And I really wanted to do something tonight that would be risky and surprising.” Spacey said he decided to perform “Mind Games” because he “knew the song because I heard it before, but I didn’t know it well. [Music director and Eurythmics member] Dave Stewart was kind enough to teach it to me on Saturday and then we rehearsed it Sunday and Monday and today. I was relatively nervous about it because it’s not an easy song; because the way John did it, he jumps over rhythms and cues. But actually once I heard it a few times it was easy to fall into it.” Anyone who failed to see Spacey croon can tune into the rebroadcast of Come Together: A Night For John Lennon’s Words & Music on TNT tonight (October 4) at 11 p.m. ET/PT. — Darren Davis, New York

Rolling Stone “Spacey himself tossed his coat aside and grabbed the mic to try his luck with “Mind Games.” In his moment of rock glory, Spacey came off like a drunken businessman doing Neil Diamond karaoke, which seemed to perfectly illuminate the “everyman” angle of Lennon’s music. A long standing ovation rightfully followed but odds are he’ll land ten more Oscars before Grammy comes calling.” – Greg Heller, Rolling Stone

New York Post, Page Six Column Thursday, October 4, 2001

THE place to be in the wee hours yesterday – after the all-star Radio City tribute to John Lennon – was at Bungalow 8. “You know when you walk in and see Yoko Ono that something’s going on,” explained one lucky witness.

Kevin Spacey, who hosted the event and awed the crowd by brilliantly singing “Mind Games,” worked the room, stopping by each table to chat with the likes of Marc Anthony, Alanis Morisette, Gabriel Byrne, Leelee Sobieski, Marcus Schenkenberg, and James Gandolfini, who was swinging various girls around the floor.

October 3, 2001

Entertainment news TV shows There is bound to be something about last night’s Lennon tribute on the entertainment news shows tonight. Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and E! News Daily are likely candidates.

Lennon Tribute photos I put 2 news announcements about the tribute on the new Lennon Tribute photos page. I’ve also added a few more pictures taken of the TV last night. I tried to find a shot of the beloved bald spot, but the man was moving too fast. The pictures are a blur.

October 2, 2001

Kevin sang a number on the John Lennon tribute this evening about 1 1/2 hours into the show. He also appeared after the first number, just before he sang, just after he sang and again during the big finish. I have added to the first photographs page, a few pictures that my mother was nice enough to take of the TV screen while Kevin was on. Thanks, mom. She missed the first part he was on. Maybe I can find some pictures of that tomorrow. *I started a new photos page for pictures from last night’s show. I’ll try to add more as I find them. Has anyone seen any pictures from the first time he was on the show?

Kevin, my mother would appreciate it if next time you would stand still for a few seconds so she can take a clearer picture.

There are pictures of Kevin at rehearsal at and if the link doesn’t work, you can do a Spacey search there.

Did I mention Kevin was wearing his bald spot?

I wish he’d mentioned the other people who were victims of the horrible events several weeks ago. If he did, I missed it. I was thinking of them, though.

First the good news:

Empire Magazine Kevin was voted the second best actor ever (after Robert De Niro) by voters in Empire’s Ultimate Movie Poll 2001. November issue. Thanks, Alex.

Now the bad news, sorta 

Chicago Kevin has lost, or maybe he didn’t lose it, maybe he didn’t want it .. the role of Billy Flynn in the movie version of the musical Chicago. That role has been assigned to .. world renowned musical actor, Richard Gere.

Spacey sighting From the New York Post: Page Six Tuesday, October 2, 2001 SIGHTINGS MAYOR Giuliani and 40 fire fighters, police officers and rescue workers partying after “Saturday Night Live” at Brasserie 81/2, where Hizzoner and Judi Nathan sat with Kevin Spacey, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe . . .

October 1, 2001

In Style magazine There’s a picture of Kevin and Elton John on page 435 of the October 2001 issue of In Style, Heather Graham on the cover. The picture accompanies an article about Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara ball a few months ago. Picture is on the first page of photos in the Photographs section of this site. And this is found on page 434:

Taking a break from dancing, Kevin Spacey spoke for many of the host’s loyal friends when he said, “I just love this – but, then, I love everything Elton does.”

There is also an interview with Jeff Bridges which includes a mention of Kevin. That is on the K-PAX news page.

Lennon Tribute They’ve added a few more names to the line-up of performers.

US Weekly There’s a small picture of Kevin and a short paragraph about him singing Bridge Over Troubled Water at that benefit in California a few weeks ago, in the current issue of US Weekly. I’m too tired to look up the rest of the information. Maybe later. *October 8 issue, small picture.

Kevin Spacey made a surprise appearance on September 14 at the Concierto Para Los Heros (Concert for the Heroes) benefit at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, where he serenaded the audience with a stirring rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” accompanied by a pianist and a background singer. The event was a hastily organized alternative to the Latin Grammy awards, which had been scheduled for September 18 in Los Angeles but were cancelled.  “This is not something I would normally do,” Spacey told the crowd. “But I live in New York, and I can’t be there tonight. When I heard about this, I thought, there’s no place I would rather be.”

Spacey had been invited to the concert only four hours earlier by its organizer, record producer Phil Ramone, who was surprised when Spacey offered to sing the Paul Simon tune.  “It’s the appropriate song, I think,” Spacey told Ramone. The lineup also included Joan Osborne, who sang Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” and told the crowd, “I can’t get home (to New York), and my heart is breaking.”

A Bug’s Life Last night I was watching A Bug’s Life on ABC and before the movie started the network told us that the movie had been edited for content and to fit the movie into the allotted time. Edited for content? A Bug’s Life?

Movie chat There’s no movie currently scheduled for next Saturday’s movie chat.

September 29, 2001

American Beauty movie chat We’re going to try the new Spacey Movie Chat room at Yahoo tonight. You can find the link on the Chat page. 9pm EST.

A Bug’s Life I don’t know if the network television premier of A Bug’s Life was pushed back a week nationally, but last week I got a rerun of The Mask instead of Hopper. The morning paper now tells me that A Bug’s Life will be on tomorrow night on ABC. Check your local listings. Picture of Flik, not Hopper in the paper.

David Gale Looks like Kate Winslet has been added to the cast of Kevin’s movie. Kevin is scheduled to go to Texas later next week to start filming.

John Lennon Tribute On Tuesday when you’re watching Kevin host the tribute to New York City on TV, please take a moment to remember the people who were injured and the people who died, or should I say were murdered, and the people who worked to save lives, in Washington, D.C. after the hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon. And don’t forget the passengers and crew of the hijacked airplane that crashed in Pennsylvania. These people seem to be getting lost in the celebrity tribute shuffle.

Also take a moment to reflect on what the originally scheduled concert was for. This is still a major issue in our country and it won’t be going away just because it’s not in the news right now.

September 27, 2001

Happy 65th Birthday Dad!

NBCi chat rooms It appears the NBCi chats may be gone now. I’ve been trying to find some alternate choices. I started a club at Yahoo to use for their chat room. You have to join Yahoo and the club in order to use the chat. We may use that on Saturday night or we may use the one at BeSeen. I’ll add the new Yahoo club address to the chat page. American Beauty is still scheduled for Saturday night.

Kevin Spacey’s Drive-thru I’m not sure I like the change I made to the Blast From The Past page. If anyone has been a reader of that page and had a preference, either the blue spacy Blast From The Past or the pastel Drive-thru, please drop me a line at either the web addy or using the Feedback form. Or maybe I should make it red to match the other pages?

September 26, 2001

The Sunday Times Magazine Took a lot longer to scan and paste than I expected. I may never do another one. From December 19, 1999. Movie spoilers!

More interviews. I’m currently working on bringing everyone the January 2000 Radio Times interview and the December 1999 Sunday Times Magazine interview. I haven’t read any of the Spacey stuff lately and I’d forgotten how every single article sounds the same as every other article. One stand out in the Radio Times article is that the writer says Kevin has a non-descript face.

My next page is going to be devoted to professional writer’s descriptions of Kevin Spacey’s face.

Movie Chat reminder American Beauty is still scheduled for Saturday night. If the Spaceyland chat is still not working then, we’ll try it at the alternate site listed at the bottom of this site’s chat page. Wherever it is .. 9PM EST.

Lennon Tribute update For all of you Spacey fans without cable, the WB is going to show the Lennon tribute that Kevin’s hosting!

Turner Units Team For Benefit The WB says it will join its cable sibling Turner Network Television to simultaneously broadcast a live benefit concert — Come Together: A Night of John Lennon’s Words & Music — on Tuesday, Oct. 2, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Hosting the concert from New York’s Radio City Music Hall is Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey. Featured performers include Dave Matthews, Moby, Stone Temple Pilots, Nelly Furtado, Shelby Lynne, Alanis Morissette, Cyndi Lauper, The Isley Brothers, Lou Reed, Marc Anthony and Yolanda Adams. The show is being dedicated to New York City and the relief efforts following the Sept.11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Beneficiaries include the American Red Cross (news – web sites), September 11 Fund, International Association of Fire Fighters, New York Fraternal Order of Police, WTC Fund, The National Organization for Victim Assistance, and the Twin Towers Fund. When TNT proposed the affair, WB immediately signed on to help the people affected by the tragedies, said Jordan Levin, WB entertainment president. “John Lennon was a symbol of peace for a different generation. This event will feature many of today’s best performers trying to make a difference while providing young people with a way to get involved.” Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono Lennon, and Ken Ehrlich are executive producers. –John Consoli

Motion Picture & Television 80th Anniversary Benefit Fund Celebration 10/6/01 The 80th Anniversary Celebration, hosted by Elizabeth Taylor and Billy Bob Thornton, will feature an all-star cast including Kevin Spacey, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jamie Lee Curtis, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas, Catherine-Zeta Jones and music director David Foster, as well as a dedication of the Roddy McDowall Rose Garden. Cosponsored by the Hollywood Charities Foundation.

September 24, 2001

Paper Magazine I added the Paper magazine article from March 1999 to the Articles section. No pictures yet though. It’s hard to find a Spacey article that doesn’t sound like all the other Spacey articles. Some day we’ll have to play “find the original story” and try to hunt down the original article that all others were based on.

Spectrum Magazine I’ve added a new article/interview to that section of the site. It’s from earlier in the year and was from a Scottish newspaper. Spectrum Magazine, from Scotland on Sunday. I have one thing to say before anyone reads it. I stridently disagree with the writer’s contention that Kevin Spacey is “not particularly good-looking!”

In the next few weeks, I’m going try to add some of the other lesser known articles I have. The main page for that section will probably change again. BTW .. the picture that had been on that page is now on the first page in the Photographs section.

September 23, 2001

NBCi chats weren’t working last night as everyone who tried to log on to the Big Kahuna chat knows. We’ll reschedule TBK for October 13 and continue on with that other movie on Saturday.

September 20, 2001

LA Times Magazine photos I am scanning the pictures from the LA Times Magazine from a few weeks ago and so far have added a few to the article page. One is a thumbnail at the bottom of the page. More pictures coming as I have a few minutes to scan them. Article link can be found on the new Articles and Interviews page on the main map page.

Movie chat The movie for Saturday night’s movie chat will be The Big Kahuna. The movie for next week will be by special request:


Same time and place as usual. Spaceyland chat room at 9pm EST.

Polls The new poll is Spacey poll #22 and is called Left click/Right click. Kevin buys a computer!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was desperately needing some levity this week.

A Bug’s Life Hopper’s finally gonna be on TV. That’s Sunday the 23rd at 7pm EST on ABC.

September 19, 2001

I’m running late so only have time to say Shipping News news, new poll, and a quick copy and paste:

John Lennon Tribute Postponed–Proceeds To Benefit New York Relief Funds (9/18/01, 6 p.m. ET)

TNT has postponed its all-star tribute to John Lennon, scheduled for Thursday (September 20) at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, because of last week’s tragic events. The recently renamed Come Together: A Night For John Lennon’s Words & Music, Dedicated To New York City & Its People, has been rescheduled for October 2 at Radio City and will air live on the cable network at 8 p.m. ET. A TNT statement said, “In light of last week’s tragic events, Yoko Ono Lennon, Ken Ehrlich, and TNT felt it was appropriate to move our Lennon tribute to October 2. In addition the event, originally planned as a benefit for a non-violent world, will now also support the vital efforts of the New York City relief organizations.” The statement said the show would be “a concert of prayer and healing for New York City to benefit relief efforts and support [the] message of a non-violent world.” Ehrlich, co-executive producer of the concert, also said in the statement: “The appropriateness of John Lennon’s words, message, and music is even more timely now. New York City identified and shared a mutual love affair with John and Yoko Ono, and now more than ever, that unbreakable bond grows even stronger in this time of healing.” The concert will now benefit New York City relief organizations, including the American Red Cross (news – web sites), September 11th Fund, International Association Of Fire Fighters, New York Fraternal Order Of Police WTC Fund, the National Organization For Victim Assistance, and the Twin Towers Fund, in addition to the Violence Policy Center and the Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence united with the Million Mom March. Artists slated to participate in the concert so far include Alanis Morissette, Cyndi Lauper, Dave Matthews, the Isley Brothers, Lou Reed, Marc Anthony, Moby, Nelly Furtado, Seal, Shelby Lynne, Stone Temple Pilots, and Yolanda Adams, with many more artists to be announced shortly. Kevin Spacey will host the event and Dave Stewart of Eurythmics will perform and serve as musical director for a house band comprising top-notch session musicians. All previously issued tickets for the September 20 event will be honored at the October 2 event.

September 18, 2001

Biography magazine Kevin’s supposed to have a small mention in the October issue of Biography magazine. More details later.

Adorable new photo Kevin at the MS Dinner of Champions last Monday night in the Photographs section.

Elena (and anyone else wanting to chat): On chat nights, Tuesdays and Saturdays, go to the Spaceyland chat room and using some kind of name (your own might work) log on to the chat. Once the chat screen loads, type what you’re wanting to say on the line at the bottom of the chat screen and then hit the send button on the screen.

September 17, 2001

Entertainment Tonight Kevin is on ET this evening. At the beginning of the show, he’s seen singing at the benefit I mentioned earlier in the day.

Radio City Music Hall John Lennon tribute concert at Radio City has been rescheduled for October 2 and all original tickets will be honored, but I don’t know if Kevin is still going to emcee or if the original musical line-up is the same. Thanks again to Theresa for that update. 

Maybe the next time Kevin has a microphone in front of him he could casually drop in a line about how he is going to emcee or that he was going to but it’s not possible now.

Another Spacey sighting in LA this week, Spacey fans. Kevin attended a benefit for the Red Cross and the New York Disaster Relief Fund. Here is the Spacey portion of the article in the New York Times:

September 17, 2001 POP REVIEW Latin Grammy Awards Try a Taste of Reality By NEIL STRAUSS

“I live in New York, and I can’t be there either,” said the actor Kevin Spacey, who surprised the audience with an impressive singing voice (like a lesser Elton John) in a heavily improvised version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” with the producer David Foster accompanying him on piano.<

For the full article go here: 17LATI.html?searchpv=nytToday&pagewanted=print

Hickeys for Hickey poll The poll has been closed. Kevin received 38 hickeys and one refusal from his fans on the poll page. Can’t win ’em all, Kev. I’m working on getting the next poll ready.

LA Times Magazine There’s a copy of the newspaper magazine on it’s way to my scanner, but we’re dependant on the US Postal Service now. Once I get the magazine in the mail, I’ll scan them and add them to the interview.

September 15, 2001

John Lennon Tribute update It was announced on Instant Karma (a website for Lennon/Ono) that Come Together at Radio City Music Hall on 9/20/01 has been postponed to a date yet to be announced. All tickets will be honored on the new date. The announcement did not say if Kevin Spacey will still emcee and if all the original musical guests will still perform. Thanks again for the update, Theresa

Inside the Actors Studio Kevin’s episode of Actors Studio will be shown on Bravo tomorrow night and will be repeated a few times during the night, as usual. Check you local listings for times in your area.

September 14, 2001

I’ve tried to update some things today that are just not showing up so far. I changed the Spacey map quote, but last time I checked, it was still showing the old one, even though the new one is on the Map quotes page and has been for a few hours. I wanted to remind everyone again that the Saturday movie chat will be at it’s scheduled time tomorrow night and we’re watching Looking For Richard.

September 13, 2001

I saw on the news this morning that with airplanes still not flying, blood supplies are low for the whole country because there’s no way to fly blood to other parts of the country the way it’s normally done, so the Red Cross suggests that if you’re feeling the need to do something, call your local Red Cross and see if they need blood. Blood is desperately needed in Washington, DC. The Red Cross also has a need for money.

American Red Cross

Canadian Red Cross

The United Way of New York and the New York Community Trust have established a fund to help the victims of the attacks and their families. The September Eleventh Fund will provide immediate support to established emergency assistance agencies. Anyone wishing to contribute may send their donations in care of:

United Way
2 Park Ave
New York, New York 10016

or call: (212) 251-4035.Donations are also being accepted on United Way of New York City’s Web site:

John Lennon Tribute update According to Instant Karma (the web site for John Lennon and Yoko Ono) “Come Together…A Tribute to John Lennon” is still scheduled for September 20th at Radio City Music Hall. (barring any unforeseen complications).  However, they do not say if Kevin Spacey will still be the emcee, or which acts are still scheduled to perform. Thanks, Theresa

Kevin must be alive and well in Los Angeles, Spacey fans. He’s in the local Hollywood entertainment news today. I was just saying to someone last night that maybe Kevin should make some SAG related speech somewhere so it would be in the entertainment trades and his fans would know he was ok.

From Variety: Posted: Wed., Sep. 12, 2001 Just for Variety by Army Archerd …On the pleasant side of the news ledger: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Wednesday accepted from Kevin Spacey the just-auctioned 1945 Oscar for music of “Anchors Aweigh” from the estate of George Stoll. It was expected to go for $10,000-20,000 in the auction but went over the $100,000 mark with Spacey making the (anonymous) bid.

Thursday September 13 6:26 AM ET Spacey to Return Stoll’s Oscar

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) – The mystery man who paid more than $150,000 for an Academy Award this week was Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, who plans to keep the two he won and return the one he bought.

The gold statuette, presented to composer George Stoll for his score to the 1945 film “Anchors Aweigh,” was purchased by Spacey on Monday at an estate sale at Butterfields auction house. He said Wednesday he would return it to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“I strongly feel that Academy Awards should belong to those who have earned them – not those who simply have the financial means to acquire them,” said Spacey, who won a best actor Oscar for “American Beauty” and a best supporting actor award for “The Usual Suspects.”

Bidding anonymously by phone, he paid $156,875 for Stoll’s Oscar.

“It’s a regrettable fact that some statuettes find their way to the auction blocks,” said the academy’s president, Frank Pierson. “It’s heartening to know that there are people like Kevin who value what the award symbolizes and are willing to help keep them from becoming collectibles.”

Since 1950, the academy has required its award winners to sign statements agreeing that neither they nor their heirs will sell their Oscars.

Hollywood Reporter Online Spacey buys wayward Oscar Sep. 13, 2001

Kevin Spacey bought an Oscar statuette Monday at a Butterfields auction in Los Angeles, with plans to donate it to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Academy Foundation. Spacey, acting as an anonymous bidder, picked up the Oscar that was presented in 1945 to composer George Stoll for his work on “Anchors Aweigh.” Oscar statuettes handed out before 1950 generally end up for sale, according to the Academy.  However, since 1950, the Academy asks winners to sign agreements that they, nor their heirs, will sell the awards. “I respect the Academy and the integrity of the awards it presents,” Spacey said. “And I feel strongly that Academy Awards should belong to those who have earned them — not those who simply have the financial means to acquire them.” Spacey has won two Oscars during his career. He was awarded a best actor award last year for his role in “American Beauty” and a supporting actor Oscar in 1996 for “The Usual Suspects.” (Chris Gardner)

Me here .. You know, sometimes people die and their belongings end up being sold and sometimes people need money and selling that statue can mean paying their bills and eating.

The last time one of the statues ended up being sold at auction and then returned to the academy, I think Steven Spielberg was the buyer, I read a comment from someone who said that if people with money would stop paying big bucks for these things, even to return them to the academy (ahem), they wouldn’t be worth anything on the auction block and people wouldn’t be selling them.

Lennon Tribute concert Does anyone know if the John Lennon tribute is still scheduled to go off next week in NYC as planned? With the airline situation still uncertain and the possibility of more buildings near the World Trade Center in danger of falling or being torn down, I wonder if it has been cancelled.

Movie reminder Our weekly movie chat is still scheduled for Saturday night. I think we all need the diversion. The scheduled movie is Looking For Richard. Feel free to join us even if you don’t have the movie. All fans are welcome. Spaceyland chat room. 9pm EST.

September 11, 2001

My mind is about numb now from watching this horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on innocent people this morning and I know I speak for us all when I say that we sincerely hope that the Spacey fans in New York, Boston and Washington, DC. are ok and that Kevin is still in Los Angeles and that his friends and loved ones in New York are safe as well.

If you’re able to donate blood today, there is a critical shortage of blood in NYC and if you donate where you live, they can get blood to NYC.

September 10, 2001

K-PAX newspaper ad I have been reading that there was a full page ad for K-PAX in yesterday’s NY Times and LA Times. Why did I not see this ad in the Washington Post?

Hickeys for Hickey Last chance to give Hickey a hickey. I’m going to close that poll in a few days and replace it with a new one. Poll #22 – Kevin Spacey learns how to use a computer!

Live event Kevin is among the guests scheduled to attend the MS Dinner of Champions tonight at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. Other guests include Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, and Dean Devlin.

Variety Sun., Sep. 9, 2001 Spacey speaks out to SAG Response clear and simple: No contract, no actor, ‘Beauty’ thesp sez By DAVE MCNARY HOLLYWOOD — Kevin Spacey, asserting that runaway production could wipe out the Screen Actors Guild, has reiterated his plea for SAG members to refuse work on non-union contracts. “Our response to this situation should be clear and simple: No SAG contract, no SAG actor,” Spacey said in a letter to the 98,000 SAG members. He labeled the missive “On Being a Member in Good Standing” and said the issue is a “matter of extreme urgency.” “We must remind ourselves and give this industry a gentle reminder: There has never been filmed entertainment produced without the actor,” he said. “If we stand in solidarity, we have the power to achieve what we’ve fought to achieve over the past 68 years — residuals; health and pension benefits; safe working conditions and fair wages no matter where our work takes us.” Spacey made the appeal in SAG’s latest member newsletter and again at a Sunday night party to honor SAG’s Emmy nominees at Deep in Hollywood. The event marked the kickoff of an informational push by SAG’s national board for enforcement of Rule One of SAG’s constitution, which explicitly bars members from working for producers who are not signatory to SAG agreements. SAG’s board has not yet decided whether to toughen enforcement, and SAG staff has looked the other way when it comes to disciplining members who violate Rule One by working non-union contracts to foreign work on films and TV. “It is no secret that many of our members find themselves in a position where they must negotiate a contract for employment under a non-SAG contract outside of the United States,” Spacey said. “As part of the inducement, they are sometimes told that they will be given SAG working conditions but at the same time they must give up their residuals and their health and welfare contributions to this union. I can understand how difficult it is for an actor to resist an offer to work.” Spacey said SAG members need to spurn such work because its growth has led to reduced contributions to the SAG-industry pension and health plan. The toll of runaway production was cited as a factor in the tightening of eligibility requirements for the plan (Daily Variety, July 31). “The practice of forming offshore shell companies in order to sidestep the SAG agreement has become prevalent by almost every signatory to our basic agreement,” he asserted. “Producers are trying to reduce the production budgets on the backs of our members.” SAG also launched a petition drive of its members on in its Web site Sunday with a letter signed by Spacey, Lawrence Fishburne, Harrison Food, Valerie Harper and Holly Hunter. “Now is the time to recognize that global enforcement equates to survival,” part of the letter said. During this year’s film-TV contract negotiations, SAG sought to expand the “scope” of the contract beyond U.S. borders and contended that rising levels of foreign shooting in less expensive locales have led to safety problems and declining P&H contributions. Sources said the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers responded that the proposal was not a “mandatory subject of bargaining” because the producers in question are not AMPTP members. Spacey issued a similar appeal in January at SAG’s national membership meeting, leading to the 300 members present approving an advisory motion that the national board to step up Rule One enforcement. Tess Harper, who was part of SAG’s negotiating team, made a similar pitch in March for a campaign to reach name actors who carry enough clout to get projects greenlit.

SAG Salutes Emmy Nominees A few new pics at

Variety ad I’ve added a thumbnail of Kevin’s Variety ad to the David Gale news page.

Michael Emerson, Iceman co-star One of Kevin’s co-stars in the Broadway version of The Iceman Cometh won an Emmy Award this weekend for Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series. Mr. Emerson wrote me a very gracious note in reply to a letter I wrote to him after I saw Iceman 2 years ago so I’m pleased for him now. He was Willie Oban in Iceman. Congratulations!

September 9, 2001

Los Angeles Times Magazine The LA Times Magazine supplement in today’s LA Times paper has Kevin on the cover and includes a pictorial and interview about Kevin’s fashion sense. I haven’t seen the pictures but a kind fan has given us the interview. You can find it here. I’ll be making up a new page with links to all of the interviews I currently have on the site to make them easier to locate.

Movie chat Movie for Saturday night will be Looking For Richard. We can pretend we like Shakespeare while we ogle Kevin!

September 8, 2001

New K-PAX pics. Click on K-PAX News.

September 7, 2001

Movie chat reminder Tomorrow night’s movie will be Swimming With Sharks, a Spacey fan favorite. As usual, Spaceyland chat room, 9pm EST, Saturday night. Bring your movie and some snacks.

SAG news I added an article to the Shipping News articles page. It’s only TSN related because Kevin filmed that movie in Canada and is now wanting SAG union members to not work there.

Hollywood Reporter –

Stars expected for SAG Emmy party An impressive list of Screen Actors Guild A-list members, including Kevin Spacey, Daryl Hannah, Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Chazz Palminteri, Robert Loggia, Patricia Heaton, Ray Romano, Esai Morales, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Gary Busey, are expected to turn out Sunday night for SAG’s 2001 Emmy nominee party, which is being held at the Deep club in Hollywood. The party is doubling as a publicity event for SAG’s Rule One Campaign, which prohibits SAG members from working for producers who are not signatories to the guild’s basic agreement. The grass-roots campaign is hoping to gain the support of SAG’s high-profile members.

Movie premiere Kevin attended the premiere for “The Believers” and you can find several photos by going to I’ve tried to save them to share them, but so far have had no luck. They want you to be a registered member to get better quality.  E! Online Movie Scoops – No more Mr. Bad Guy for Kevin Spacey. He’s determined to be the next Tom Hanks–just as Tom Hanks is changing his tune.  Short clip telling us that Kevin won’t be doing any more of his more familiar types of roles for a while, as Tom Hanks goes for more dark roles. Too bad. We also find out that Kevin’s base salary is now $13 million dollars per movie (and I’d be willing to bet that Kevin has an eye out for a small chunk of the profits). This guy also tells everyone who Keyser Soze is!

September 5, 2001

Somebody tell Kevin Spacey not to do anything newsworthy today. I’m too tired to type it in here.

September 2, 2001

Maxim Fashion photos! I have added 3 of the pictures from the magazine to the article page and the fourth photo is now the main photo in the Photographs section.

Movie chat The movie for next week’s movie chat is Swimming With Sharks. 

K-PAX Fox News was showing the K-PAX trailer on TV last night. They may show it again this weekend. I’m not too familiar with FOX News so I don’t know if they repeat things much.

We’ll have to be on the lookout for K-PAX to make an appearance on the Ebert and whatever-that-guy’s-name-is-show, the E! Coming Attractions show, whatever that’s called. And a possible appearance on Entertainers with that guy who used to be on That’s Incredible all those years ago but who’s name I can’t think of. Byron something? If anyone knows where I left my brain, let me know. That may be the next poll topic.

Maxim Fashion One of the Canadian chat fans found that copy of Maxim at WalMart, BTW. Thanks for telling us, Pam.

September 1, 2001

I’ve been feeling really crabby and have a bad case of the blahs the past few weeks and Kevin ain’t helping. Here’s the actual text of Kevin’s cocaine answer in Maxim. I know some people don’t think it’s really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I still wonder why Kevin decided to drop a comment about cocaine use, which in spite of what you read not everyone was doing in the 80’s, into an interview in a men’s fashion magazine. I hope Kevin’s last time of using cocaine was also his first time. He was too old to be experimenting with anything! I also apologize for the brief profanity in the article. In spite of the fact that Kevin seems to revel in it’s use and you can’t avoid it in the Spacey films, I don’t care for it and have tried to keep it off my site. Did I mention I’ve got the blahs? Maybe Jack Vincennes can pull me out of it tonight.

When was the last time you thought you were going to die? The last time I did cocaine, which was a very long time ago, 1986. Never touched it since.

Did you have to go to the hospital or anything? No, just had one of those moments where you think, Oh, this was such a bad idea. I mean, my heart actually kind of did a little flutter and it absolutely terrified me. Of course, a couple of friends dying is the only lesson you need about drugs. And I feel lucky because I’m the kind of personality that if I had gone down that road, down the road of drinking, I’d be sitting on a barstool right now saying, “It should’ve been me, it should’ve been me.” But I stopped.

I literally recognized that if I continued to experiment in that fashion I’d be done. I still have people walk up to me and — this is disgusting to me when this happens — I’m at a bar ordering a drink and some lowlife sleazy little freak walks up and says, “Do you want some coke?” And I say, “Oh, no, I’m actually ordering one,” or “No, I’m having a beer.” And they go, “No, no. I don’t mean that kind. I mean…” and they sort of do this little sniff and I look at them like, Are you on f-ing crack? I don’t even know you. I’ve never met you in my life —get the f- out of my face, you pig. That, to me, is the lowest sleazeball thing in the world because they think, Oh, he’s in movies; he’s going to want this. It’s gross. I’ve had that happen a couple of times at parties and you just want to take the guy out and deck him.

Thanks to Maddie. I’ll add the photos once I get the magazine.