April 30, 2002 – 

YoungMarpleThis is my cat Miss Marple who we call Marple who has had me so worried with her health problems. Her sweet look belies her dictator-like personality. She’s the reason the updates have been slow lately. She came over from England as a kitten.

It reminded me of Kevin I need to put a new page on the site for this kind of thing: Picture this .. Kevin on TV this past year with his shirt unbuttoned showing the chest hair. And Kevin saying in interviews that he wants to devote time to being a serious producer..

I was reading the current issue of Premiere magazine and there’s a chart that compares actors, producers, studio executives and those types and what they wear, where they eat and that kind of thing. Listed under “Producers” and “what they wear” it says they wear whatever showcases their prolific chest hair! Guess that was Kevin Spacey’s producer look. And here we all thought he was doing it just for us!

Billy Wilder Tribute Kevin is to be one of the people on hand to offer tribute to the late Billy Wilder. (Thanks Isobel)


Variety ad from Friday – This ad was in Variety congratulating columnist Army Archerd on his 50 years in the entertainment business. The caps were Kevin’s:


(Black/white ad with the Trigger Street logo at the top)

April 29, 2002 – 

Guest Book The guest book is suffering from the glitch in the system that occurs every 6 months, so I had to disable it until I can fix it which means it has to be deleted and replaced which means I’ll have to copy the old posts over to another page so they’re not lost which takes some time. In short, the guest book will be down for a few days.

Movie for chat No movie was picked for Saturday night. We’ll choose one later. *Movie will be A Time To Kill.

April 28, 2002 – 

Spaceyland has returned! It was there last night and is still there this morning. Good news for Spacey fans.

April 27, 2002 – 

The “J” word I was looking through a craft magazine today. The kind that has crafts the average person wouldn’t really be able to do, but that look nice on the page. I was reading an article about calligraphy and there were samples of different types of lettering and suddenly there in big letters was the dreaded word.. JOURNEY! It was surrounded by these words:

It is good to have an end to journey toward but it is the journey that matters in the end. 

The quote was credited to Ursula K. LeGuin. I was surprised that Kevin’s name wasn’t on it. ~

Lucky #7 K-PAX was the #7 video tape rental for last week and the new TUS special edition DVD was #7 in DVD sales. This was in the new Entertainment Weekly. ~

Kevin’s too old to portray a 40 year old man – Spacey may be the new ‘Elling’ Oscar-winning American actor Kevin Spacey has reportedly agreed to play the role of Elling in a planned American version of the Norwegian film by the same name. The film was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the most recent Academy Awards. The Norwegian film’s producer, Dag Alveberg, said he couldn’t confirm a report in an Icelandic newspaper that Spacey has been offered and accepted the role. Alveberg told Oslo newspaper Aftenposten, however, that he knew Spacey had been in negotiations for the role. Actor Ed Norton, meanwhile, is expected to play the role of Kjell Bjarne in the film, which features two men who set up housekeeping together after being released from psychiatric care. The film was a box-office hit in Norway and won an Oscar nomination for its sensitive yet humorous portrayal of the two former psychiatric patients, Elling and Kjell Bjarne. The original film was shot in Oslo. Now the American-Icelandic producer Sigurjon Sighvatsson and his company, Palomar Pictures, is working on an American re-make after buying the rights. He told Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid that Spacey has been lined up for the role of Elling, and that negotiations were continuing with Norton. Shooting will begin next year, if all goes as planned. Sighvatsson has a solid track record, having produced some 40 films during his career. The Norwegian film’s director, Petter Næss, called the news “cool,” but wondered whether Spacey was a bit old for the role. Næss was determined that both characters should be around age 40, having lived half their lives without any contact with society or, especially, women.

Thanks, Cheryl. If Kevin really has signed to do this movie, I’ll make a new page for it and move the short articles from the News page.

Movie chat reminder: The Ref is tonight’s scheduled movie. 9pm EST at the Bravenet chatroom. Link on Chat page and movie schedule page. I fear we may have to bite the bullet and watch Pay It Forward again. I was looking around at Nitpickers.com and there are nearly 30 mistakes pointed out from PIF. There were a couple from K-PAX too. I’ll have to check those out. ~

Gotta love the guy Kevin may have sent the elevator back down for the last time. Now he’s a shepherd. I’m ready to see how many times he uses this one. He could break his own record!

Crouching actor, hidden talents by Ruthe Stein Friday, April 26, 2002 What was Kevin Spacey doing on the floor of the Kabuki stage with his fingers spread out? Obliging a fan who made an unusual request at the San Francisco International Film Festival’s Wednesday night tribute to the actor. “I’m slightly obsessed with your hands,” she confessed, at which point someone else in the audience yelled, “Welcome to San Francisco.” The woman asked if Spacey would “trust me” to trace his hands. “Your name wouldn’t be Grauman, would it?” he inquired as she pulled out a piece of orange construction paper and set to work. The two-time Oscar winner proved to be game for just about anything. A talented mimic, he did impersonations of Johnny Carson, Christopher Walken and Clint Eastwood. “The fun part about being an actor is I keep working with people I can learn to do. It drives them crazy.” Spacey surely would have sung and tap-danced — only nobody in the SRO crowd asked. During the lively Q and A, he said that people in the business warned him not to be in “American Beauty” because his character was “kind of creepy. We’ll, I’d been there before, so that’s not going to be a news flash.” Asked why he was wearing brown pants with black shoes, he replied: “Because I believe in f– with tradition.” There were glimpses of the drive that propelled Spacey from “high school thespian geek” to the upper echelon of Hollywood. To get his first New York stage role, he bombarded the director with resumes and called every day. But now that Spacey has arrived, he feels compelled to give back. He started a production company, Trigger Street, specifically to employ beginning directors, screenwriters and actors. His success made him ask himself “what I’m going to do with my life. Am I just going to keep making movies and making money, to buy what? I decided I could be of better use as a shepherd to help talent along.”


©2002 San Francisco Chronicle

New magazine cover I’ve added the cover and another picture of Kevin from the May 2002 issue of AT&T Broadband Monthly to the Interviews section. I’m having annoying computer problems today which means I’ll add the text later. Thanks, Chris!

April 26, 2002 – 

San Francisco Film Festival –

Yahoo has pictures of Kevin receiving the Peter J. Owens award from the San Francisco Film Society last night.

Wireimage.com has thumbnail photos of Kevin as well. Nothing found so far at Corbis.

One of the online Spacey fans gathered the courage to ask Kevin to allow her to trace his hands during the Swimming With Sharks Q&A the night before.

Spaceyland Lynne seems to have kept her vow to close Spaceyland, after all. It doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Spaceyland was the first Kevin Spacey fan site I ever saw. I had been so new to the Internet that I didn’t know there were such things as fan sites. The site had an incredible archive of old TV and theater appearances and will be sorely missed. I hope that when Kevin ever does finally open an official site that it will contain all of this old career information and isn’t going to be one of those dull celeb sites that are nothing more than ads for the next movie coming up. Sad to see Spaceyland disappear into cyberspace.

Non-Spacey news – It’s that time of year again. Our Spacey friend Mark reminds me of this: AIDSWalk of Central Ohio. ~

April 25, 2002 – 

Congratulations to Kevin on receiving the Peter J. Owens award at the San Francisco Film Festival.

Happy Birthday Carol!

Delete any emails from any address that includes @hotelsparis.fr because it’s a virus that a few people I know have opened with disastrous results.

April 24, 2002 – 

I’m slowly getting caught up on my site emails so if you’ve sent me something and I haven’t replied, it’s coming.

SEE KEVIN SPACEY WEEP LIKE A CHILD Seen posted around NYC advertising the Tribeca Film Festival. Look for it exiting the Lincoln Tunnel when you drive into NYC. (Thanks Theresa)

Ananova.com Kevin Spacey in line for Norwegian remake

Kevin Spacey is in talks to star in a new version of the Norwegian film Elling. The original movie was nominated for Best Foreign Film at this year’s Oscars. Ed Norton is also expected to be in the American version of the film about two former psychiatric patients. Dag Alveberg, the Norwegian film’s producer, told http://www.aftenposten.no he knew Spacey had been in negotiations for the title role. Norton is being lined up to play Kjell Bjarne.

Description of the original Norwegian film, Elling

Following up on his acclaimed debut Absolute Hangover, Petter Naess spins this feel-good drama about a pair of misfits trying to get along with each other and the outside world. Elling (Per Christian Ellefsen) is a neurotic, shy would-be writer who still lives with his mother. That is at least until she dies, and poor Elling is cast of the house by the health department and sent to state institution. While Elling has no experience with the outside world — though he has a very active interior world — his roommate Kjell-Bjarne is a sex-obsessed hulk mass of a man raring to get out. Initially, these two wildly different guys get along famously. Only when they move into public housing together do cracks develop in their relationship. Elling refuses to leave the apartment or answer the phone, and tries to restrict Kjell-Bjarne’s movement as well. When the brawny lothario shacks up with the girl next door, Elling goes ballistic with jealousy. Does Elling except his lack of control of the world or does he retreat into himself?

The orginal movie was based on a book called Brothers in Blood which was written by Ingvar Ambjorsen.

(Thanks Barrie, Margie and Linda)

April 22, 2002 – 

There’s a new Spacey fan forum looking for members. It’s called Spacey for President.

There were a couple of Spacey mentions in articles about the Screen Actors Guild today:

For those who have asked, Miss Marple has rallied once again. She’s a tough little cat. My nerves are about shot, but she’s hanging in there.

April 20, 2002 – 

Interview The Alien World of Kevin (pics from K-PAX and Shipping News). Thanks, Jaye.

Movie chat reminder Tonight’s movie is Consenting Adults.

Entertainment Weekly April 26, 2002 summer movie double issue, Spiderman on the cover, page 113 – Summer Video-DVD Preview (no picture of Kevin):

The Shipping News (Miramax, R, also on DVD) Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, and Judi Dench drag this Oscarless drama across the ice. (6/18)

And for better news turn to page 127 for DVD sales and you’ll find that Kevin has 2 movies selling well. The Usual Suspects special edition is #4 and K-PAX is #5. No pictures.

There’s a new KS/Russell Crowe fan forum: Double Exposure

April 17, 2002 – 

There’s an article about the upcoming ad campaign for the TriBeCa Film Festival on the Upcoming Projects page. Thanks TUSfan. (If there are any NY newspaper readers here, maybe you could let us know when you spot Kevin in a print ad so we can run buy a copy for our scrapbooks.)

Heartburn is making several appearances on BRAVO this week. Check your local listings for days and times. This movie was Kevin’s big screen debut. Thanks Lady Di.

Saturday’s movie will be Consenting Adults. Kevin portrays the kind-hearted and neighborly Eddy Otis who has the misfortune of moving in next door to Richard, the biggest dim-wit ever to grace a movie screen which forces Eddy to befriend Richard’s wife.

There was a new 8×10 glossy in the Movie Market flyer I got in the mail yesterday. It’s Kevin as prot. Dark jacket and sunglasses. Color. I don’t know if it’s shown up on their online site yet. http://www.moviemarket.com/

April 16, 2002 – 

Shipping News Kevin’s Shipping News co-star Julianne Moore has a new baby girl.

Movie chat Saturday’s movie hasn’t been decided yet (Looking For Richard, maybe?), but the movie for April 27 will be The Ref.

K-PAX K-PAX is doing well in the UK. From Yahoo Movies:

Another newcomer over the weekend was number five “K-Pax,” starring leading Hollywood misfit(?)Kevin Spacey as a mental patient who claims to be from another planet.

Thanks Meisje.

New Spacey site There’s a new Spacey fan site. The Spacey Station – at Topcities.com with 600 MB of audio and video files for you to enjoy.

April 13, 2002 – 

With any luck you’ll be reading this. I had a major program problem last night when I tried to update some stuff and hopefully it won’t have wiped everything out.

If you *are* reading this, tonight’s movie for the chat is Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

I have added a short list of K-PAX related links to the K-PAX news page. I’ll sort those onto the appropriate pages if I the have time and the brain function later (I have to take my sweet cat Miss Marple to the vet today for an unplanned and unexpected visit and I’m a little anxious and scatterbrained right now).

Here’s a little announcement about the Old Vic (Thanks Isobel):

Pop legend Sir Elton John has been appointed as chairman of a trust that owns London’s Old Vic, a theatre which was once run by Sir Laurence Olivier.

The trust bought the 180-year-old venue in 1998 to save it from closure, and Sir Elton will join Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey, who is on the trust’s board.


April 10, 2002

The ODC game links have been updated. They can be found on the bottom of the ODC links/reviews page.

There’s more Oscar buzz for The Life of David Gale. Click on the David Gale NEWS link above for another link. What was it that Kevin said about Oscar buzz during the TSN press junket? He was on ET or Access Hollywood and looked like he was going to a funeral or had just been back from one? I can’t remember his exact words.

April 9, 2002 – 

The Parkinson (in the UK) with Jeff Bridges has been rescheduled (due to the death of the Queen Mother and the postponement of the previous episode to this coming Saturday) to Saturday, April 20 at 10.20pm. Thanks to Isobel, Vivienne and Jaye!

There may still be tickets available to the K-PAX charity screening gala tomorrow night in London, with Jeff Bridges and Ian Softley attending. You can scroll down a few days NEWS items, check the K-PAX news page, or the Calendar page for details.

Actual Spacey news! Tape rentals Entertainment Weekly, April 12, 2002 – Page 57, (tiny picture of prot) THE CHARTS Kevin Spacey isn’t used to losing. He is, after all, a proud two-time Oscar winner. But with soggy flicks like The Shipping News, Pay It Forward, and The Big Kahuna, it’s looking like Spacey’s career is heading into dangerous Robin Williams territory. Perhaps he can take some solace in the fact that (1)K-PAX (in which he stars as an interstellar tourist) is the top debut this week at No.2, and (2) he beat out two other Oscar winners on the chart: Angelina Jolie in the bodice-ripping thriller Original Sin (No.9) and Kevin Kline in the family melodrama Life as a House (No.17). The box office gross to date is $50.3 million.

*I strongly disagree that the Big Kahuna is a “soggy flick”! It was one of Kevin’s best efforts and I enjoyed it immensely! 

April 7, 2002 – 

Saturday’s movie will be Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. We enjoyed having you last night, Mini’s Dad. Are you going to join us for MGGE, sport?

Swimming With Sharks is making it’s Region 2 DVD debut! This from one of our UK fans …

The very much delayed European (R2) DVD release of Swimming with Sharks is out Monday 22nd April. RRP:£15.99  DVD features: Director’s Commentary. Kevin Spacey profile. Theatrical trailer. Thanks Jaye.

And Jeff Bridges is scheduled to be on Parkinson (in the UK) on Saturday, April 13 at 10.20pm. K-PAX opens this week, ya know. Thanks for the heads up, Isobel. *Might be on in a few weeks instead.

April 6, 2002 – 

I’ve been in away for the past few days and am just now starting to get caught up on everything Spacey, but while I work on the polls and fan reviews and check the rest of my mail, let me just remind everyone that tonight’s movie for the movie chat is The Usual Suspects, in honor of the release of the new DVD. And another important reminder for fans in London ..

There are still tickets available for the K-PAX gala screening to benefit MediCinema.

Change in times: Doors now open at 6.15pm, films starts 6.45pm. After the movie, Jeff Bridges will present 3 awards (MC Silver Star Awards) to 3 nurses for voluntarily dedicating their time to MediCinema. And K-PAX director Iain Softley will be reading out the special statement from Kevin. (Kevin will not be there.) UGC Cinema, Haymarket, Wednesday April 10, 2002. Tickets are £25.

You can get tickets here: http://www.lastminute.com by clicking on Entertainment, then Red Hot Tickets, then K-PAX gala screening.

April 3, 2002 – 

For US and Canadian Spacey fans – drawings for Region 1 TUS Special Edition DVDs

This link takes you to a special contest just for Kevin Spacey fans! The KSML (the Kevin Spacey Mailing List) is hosting a giveaway sponsored by MGM, especially for Kevin Spacey fans.

**link no longer works

Check out the review and some extra info about the DVD at http://www.dvdfile.com Thanks to Cathy and the KSML for that information.

And this link takes you to a window that lets you enter to win the TUS special edition DVD along with 12 other non-Spacey MGM movies: link no longer works

Thanks to Carole for that link.

*Reminder: These drawings are only open to fans in the US and Canada. ~

April 2, 2002 – 

I have added the 2 pictures from Scotland on Sunday to the Articles and Interviews section. Thanks to Karen!

Have you bought your copy of The Usual Suspects yet? Check your local Best Buy. Some stores are offering a FREE $10 Best Buy gift card with purchase of the movie.

April 1, 2002 – 

Mature Health, April 2002 Kevin is on the cover of Mature Health (???) magazine. There’s a half page article that doesn’t say much that’s new, but the cover photo is incredible! Someone scanned it for me since my scanner continues to rebel against all things Spacey. Here’s the link: Mature Health

The Usual Suspects The new special edition DVD is available tomorrow. We’ll be watching TUS as this week’s movie on the movie chat.

March 30, 2002 – 

Back in 1999 when Kevin and Brian Dennehy were on Broadway, Brian was on the Charlie Rose show and they were talking about fans who come to the plays and Brian made some comment about the difference between his fans coming to his play and Kevin Spacey’s fans going to see *him* and I want to put it on my Blast to the Past page but I can’t remember the quote. I think it was posted to one of the mailing lists at the time, but I don’t know which one. Does anyone remember what Brian Dennehy said about Kevin’s fans? I think it was something about Brian’s fans knowing that *he* was acting. Does that ring a bell for anyone who was around back then? If you had that written down somewhere, would you email me or send it to me in a feedback message? It’s driving me crazy trying to remember it.

People magazine, April 8 issue, page 20 – Says Kevin is going to be on a panel of judges for the Tribeca Film Festival. Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal are launching the festival to judge 150 films. The other judges mentioned were Helen Hunt and Frances McDormand. And he was also mentioned (no picture) on pg. 102 for taking pictures with his digital camera at the In Style party. Thanks to Kara for the People tips.

March 29, 2002 –

I didn’t see anything Spacey related in the new issue of US Weekly (Oscar edition) and the only mention I’ve found so far of Kevin in Entertainment Weekly’s Oscar ccoverage is that he was one of the celebrities wanting to meet Olympic skater Apolo Anton Ohno at Elton John’s In Style party.

There *is* a review of the new Usual Suspects DVD which comes out next week. They give it an A- and as you’d expect, say the movie was Kevin’s show. We knew that. Picture of Kevin and whichever Baldwin is in the movie on page 96. April 5, 2002 issue.

From Dark Horizons: The Phantom of the Opera: John Travolta, Hugh Jackman and now Kevin Spacey are in line for the tile role whilst Catherine Zeta Jones, Faith Hill, Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet are all being considered for Christine, as is Martine McCutcheon. Charlotte Church was in the running for a while but Webber raised concerns over a sixteen year old girl kissing a forty-something Phantom. It is also believed that Zeta Jones will take herself out of the running after playing Velma in Chicago. Sunset Boulevard: Webber was so happy with the reaction to the recent UK tour that he is making this one of his priorities. I have seen it posted elsewhere that Liza Minnelli is up for the title role and I can tell you that is true. Barbara Streisand eliminated herself after demanding she wanted artistic control and maybe even to direct it. Bette Midler and obviously Glenn Close are also being considered. The trouble is the only people who can play ageing actresses losing their star power are ageing actresses losing their star power. For this reason, it is hoped to fill the supporting roles with more bankable names. Hugh Jackman is favorite to play Joe Gillis, a part he played on stage in Sydney. Interestingly Kevin Spacey was mentioned after he stated he would love to do a musical with Dame Judi Dench after getting on so well with her during filming of The Shipping News. Judi Dench as Norma Desmond?

Thanks, Bonnie.

Looks like Kevin is gearing up to do some theater acting next year in London. I’ll post that info later. Gotta dig it up.

I’m going to beg my scanner to please let me scan Kevin’s face again so I can scan the pictures from the Scotland on Sunday from last month. Thanks to Karen, we’ll have pictures now.

March 28, 2002 – 

I’ve added a new batch of Kevin Spacey’s Fans poll results. The age range is fascinating to me. Kevin’s male fans seem to be a bit on the shy side. So far only females have responded.

March 27, 2002 – 

The movie for Saturday’s movie chat will be K-PAX.

Did anyone know that NBC was showing Kevin’s Tonight Show appearance from a few months ago, in the wee hours of this morning? There he was at about 2:30am explaining to Jay that he had not in fact saved a little boy from a leg cramp in a Beverly Hills hotel swimming pool, as was being reported on the Internet.

March 26, 2002 – 

There are some great Spacey screen captures from the Oscars at the Dame Judi Dench Chronology site this morning. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

I’m working on a new photo for the NEWS page.

There’s a poll about Spacey fans. I’ll be updating the polls tonight. No time this morning!

March 25, 2002 – 

I’m too tired this morning to say anything other than there is one not so great picture of Kevin on the Corbis site (http://newsroom.corbis.com) and there are some thumbnails of him at Elton John’s party, at WireImage.com.

March 24, 2002 – 

I can’t stand it!! I’ve been watching some of the pre-show Oscar stuff on E! and I’ve heard “the journey” 4 times already in less than 10 minutes!

Don’t forget, Kevin presents an award on the Oscars tonight. Don’t know which one though.

12-6pm EST – E! has hours and hours of pre-show coverage. Possibility of old Spacey clips from red carpet interviews of the past.

6-8pm EST – Red carpet arrivals with Joan and Melissa Rivers, on E!.

8-8:30pm EST – Academy Awards red carpet arrivals on ABC.

8:30pm-inifinity and beyond – Academy Awards on ABC

March 23, 2002 – 

Entertainment Weekly, March 29, 2002 issue. Page 51. Picture of Kevin and Jeff Bridges. EW reviews K-PAX for video release and they have downgraded their original rating for the movie! It’s now given a C (by EW critic Caroline Kepnes), down from a B- (given by Lisa Schwarzbaum in November).

March 21, 2002 – 

I enjoy the spectacle of the Oscars, but these pricey gift baskets pluck my nerves. Let’s see how much of an honor it really is to be asked to present at the Academy Awards. Let’s see if anyone makes the news for turning one down.

From USA Today –

Gift bags for Oscars will cary high style By Kelly Carter, USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES — This year’s Oscar gift “basket” is valued at $20,000 and is given to 125 presenters and performers at Sunday’s Academy Awards. Among those getting the freebies: Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Denzel Washington, Josh Hartnett, Kevin Spacey and Hugh Jackman.

The 40 items include:

  • Tempur-Pedic mattress, any size. Value up to $1,700
  • La-Z-Boy recliners, choice of four. $539 to $1,199
  • Three-night stay at Esperanza, a luxury resort in  Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. $3,000
  • Allsteel #19 office chair. $1,195 to $1,495 (Lou Horvitz  will direct the Oscars from one made especially for him.)
  • Hewlett-Packard Photo smart 715 camera. $499.99
  • Sama sunglasses designed for the Oscars, for women  only. $300
  • Stainless steel Ebel watch. $1,600 for the women with a  mother-of-pearl dial,$1,450 for the men with a white  roman dial
  • Flying Fig scarf. $300 to $1,100
  • 90-minute Godiva chocolate body wrap at Ajune, a  New York spa. $175
  • Jenni Originals VegeSoy candle, handmade from an exclusive  blend of soybean and vegetable waxes. $12.95
  • Lancôme gift certificates. $200
  • Gift certificate for Sonya Dakar,a problem-skin  specialist. $500
  • Complimentary teeth whitening at Brite Smile. $600.
  • Birkenstock gift certificate. $300


Movie chat There’s no movie scheduled for Saturday night. It will just be regular chat. Usual Saturday time. People like to watch the awards shows and chat, so Oscar chat on Sunday. East coast fans will have all the winners and all the clothes reviews before the rest of the country sees them.

There’s an article in this morning’s Washington Post about movie endings. The Shipping News is one of the movies used as an example. It’s a long article and it gives away the TSN ending so I’m not going to post it here. But here’s the link:

The Finer Points of Finis By Alan Trustman

March 20, 2002 – 

Uncle Frank – I’ve been told by a Spacey fan (hi Debora) that Trigger Street’s Uncle Frank film is supposed to be seen at the San Francisco Film Festival on May 2, but I haven’t found it on a website anywhere. Anybody else read that somewhere?

March 19, 2002 – 

There are more screen captures and some audio from the Parkinson interview on the Chronology of Dame Judi Dench site. There is a link on the Spacey TV page.

My scanner is being temperamental. It refuses to scan anything with Kevin’s face on it. This has happened before. I’ll wait another day or two and then try scanning some Usual Suspects stuff again.

And my page banners are driving me crazy. They seem to be disappearing and then reappearing at will. I sure hope I don’t have to go page by page and reset each banner!

There’s a picture of Kevin as David Gale in the April 2002 issue of Movieline. Page 34.

March 17, 2002 –

I’ve started working on the TUS section a little bit. I’ll put a few links in tomorrow. If anyone wants to review it, please feel free to send me one. I have 2 already and they’ll be on the site tomorrow night. I need to start scanning some things and I’ll be adding a little bit at a time.

March 15, 2002 –

There’s to be a charity gala screening of K-PAX in London  next month. K-PAX news link above.

Congratulations to Kevin for being nominated for a Saturn Award for his portrayal of prot in K-PAX. More on the K-PAX news page.

March 14, 2002 –

Transcript Kevin’s segment on Parkinson is in the Spacey TV section. Thanks to the hard work of Jaye.

Possible Spacey sighting Judi Dench is scheduled to be on 60 Minutes on Sunday, March 17 on CBS. Check your listings for times. Usually 7pm EST (depends on sports).

Spacey radio You can find several audio clips of Kevin’s on the National Public Radio site. Do Spacey searches of the site archives and of the Fresh Air archives. Thanks nova.


Movie reminder The Big Kahuna is Saturday night’s movie for chat.

Spacey award Kevin will receive the Peter J. Owens Award for excellence in acting at this year’s San Francisco International Film Festival. He will be honored at the San Francisco Film Society Awards Night on April 25 at the Argent Hotel. ~

March 12, 2002 –

Kevin to present at Oscars!

Thanks KT!

BTW – Kevin, don’t disappoint me with the tux this time, ok? It’s bad enough that we had to wait through the red carpet stuff on E! and then what seemed like 15 hours of awards to see you on TV. I liked your white Armani, liked the black Armani the next year, loved the tux you wore to win the Oscar for that awful AB movie, but hated that tux/suit that 99% of the men wore last year, including, dare I say it? Yours. The lapels were too short and cut the chest area wrong. Although, if you wear it again this year, it will look like you support the faltering airline industry, so just be sure to wear your wings and captain’s hat this time.

Award winning actress Irene Worth has died. She won a Tony for her portrayal of Grandma Kurnitz in Neil Simon’s Lost in Yonkers. Kevin won a Tony as Uncle Louie in the same production.

March 11, 2002 –

The theme (red background) was missing from some poll confirmation pages. I’ve fixed them. Plus I moved the confirmation page picture from #13 to #11 and put a new picture on #13.

Kevin did not appear on the SAG awards last night, nor was he seen on the red carpet.

I added a little more to the Parkinson description on the Spacey TV page.

March 10, 2002 –

I have no idea whether Kevin is going to be at the SAG awards this evening.

Parkinson – I had planned to post what some fans told me about the Parkinson show today, but I’ve been having problems with the mouse, the modem, restarting, rebooting, reloading  .. and on and on, so instead I have done a quick compilation of what I was told (the personal reports were so entertaining, I apologize to them for my condensed version) and that, along with some screen captures from one of the fans, is on the Spacey TV page. Thank you Jaye, Vivienne and LindyLoo!

There are a few other pictures from the show on the Chronology of Dame Judi Dench site. Thanks, Chris.

Movie chat Next Saturday’s movie will be the previously cancelled The Big Kahuna, which was rescheduled after Bravenet’s server went down last week.

March 9, 2002 –

TRIO I saw that commercial for the Trio network on BBC America again this morning. Quick glimpse of Kevin in the commercial. He’s shown on a show called The Score. People sit around talking about movie scores from what I can tell. I put the dates and times for the show on the calendar page. Does anybody actually get this channel? I’d never even heard of it until I saw the commercial on BBC America and so far all I’ve had from other fans is “Huh?”. Maybe next time Kevin will do a show like this on a network people have on their cable systems! According to the TRIO website, it isn’t offered on my cable system but *is* available through satellites on DirectTV. In the meantime, there’s some video and images on the TRIO web site.

BTW – You might want to take a second to vote in their movie poll. If everyone votes, we can make sure American Beauty doesn’t pass LA Confidential and The Usual Suspects as favorite Spacey movie. I felt a chill run down my spine and it wasn’t because of that old black magic!

Parkinson If you’re in England, don’t forget Kevin will be on Parkinson tonight on BBC1. Time on the calendar page. If you get Parkinson on BBC America, this won’t be on. It will probably be on within the next year or so though, if we’re lucky.

Journeys I continue my quest to rid the world of the annoying “J” word. To my list of grating experiences I now add an interviewer who asked a screenwriter to explain the “journey” a character in a new Kenneth Brannagh movie makes and another craft show host who mentioned the creative journey quilters take. That’s 2 times now on the quilting show. This must be stopped! I can’t take it anymore.

March 8, 2002 –

You can find some Spacey pictures on the Entertainment Weekly web site. There are 20 in all and include Kevin’s EW covers. Thanks, Eugenia.

As of 7:30 PM EST tonight, Bravenet was still not back online. If it’s not working by movie chat time tomorrow night, I’m afraid it’s going to have to be the Yahoo room. Details are on both the movie chat schedule page and the chat page. Both found on the Spacey Map. ~

March 5, 2002 –

UK Esquire I finally got the last 3 pictures scanned and loaded. I think that was all. If I missed one, let me know. I checked the Borders that carries it in my area and all they had was an empty space on the shelf where last month’s issue used to be. Did someone go in and buy up all the new issues?

Spacey Interview in Financial Times about Trigger Street and Kevin’s plans for producing movies (Thanks, Karen).

Entertainers I finally had a chance to watch the Entertainers I taped early Sunday morning, and it wasn’t the new one with a Shipping News interview, it was an old one with a K-PAX interview, which was fine with me because my local TV station showed a nature show in place of Entertainers when this one originally aired.

Chat As of early this morning, Bravenet’s server is still down. That means that unless they get everything working by tonight, no chat in the Bravenet room. There’s always the Yahoo chat room, but that was always kinda iffy and with them still migrating their clubs to groups, I don’t know if it will work at all. Both room links are on the Chat page.

New snippets A small bit of filming news on the David Gale news page today and for those who are wondering, Kevin will be Albert Fitzgerald in The United States of Leland. Probably the father of Leland, the teenager who murders the autistic child. (Thanks to TUSfan for both of those.)

March 4, 2002 –

Happy Birthday Cheryl!!

Trio I was watching Parkinson on BBC America this morning. During a commercial break I suddenly see the familiar face of Kevin Spacey. He seems to be speaking to someone instead of a being in a movie clip, so I think maybe his episode of Parkinson is coming soon! No, he’s just one of many people shown in a clip for something called Trio. I think maybe BBC America has a new entertainment show and Kevin’s gonna be on it! Nope, it was a commercial for a new channel. They tell you to call your cable operator to get it. Has anyone ever heard of this and why is Kevin doing interviews on cable networks we don’t get?? Parkinson’s guests were Rod Stewart, Tamzin Outhwaite and Maureen Lipman. The cable guide doesn’t say what year this is from, does anyone know how current it might be?

I put a link on the TSN news page to some pictures of Kevin and Judi Dench at the BAFTAs.

There are lots of thumbnail pictures of Kevin at the Santa Barbara Film Festival at WireImage.com and if you do a Kevin Spacey search, you’ll get them all to come up, but if you just look through all the photos from the event, you can pick out Kevin in a few tiny background shots.

The chat room wasn’t working Saturday night because Bravenet was having server problems. They’re still down today so I don’t know if they’ll be running in time for tomorrow night’s chat, but if they aren’t we can try the Yahoo chat room, assuming Yahoo hasn’t screwed that up even more with their “migration” of clubs to groups. The links to both rooms are on the chat page. LA Confidential is scheduled for March 9. The Big Kahuna will be rescheduled for March 16.  If the chat room isn’t working by Saturday, LAC will be rescheduled for March 23. It better be working by the K-PAX chat on March 30.

March 1, 2002

Trigger Street has opened a small web site for their short film Uncle Frank. Uncle Frank is the film that Trigger Street showed at the Berlin Film Festival last month. There’s a short comment by Kevin in the flash intro.

February 28, 2002

I added more of the Esquire article and 2 more pics.

Movie chat reminder Saturday night’s movie will be The Big Kahuna. 9pm EST as always. Chat page has link to room.

Next week is Kevin Spacey rerun week on TV. I have added Crime Story, MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, Wiseguy and Regis and Kelly to the calendar page.

February 27, 2002

I got the UK Esquire in the mail yesterday. I haven’t had time to do anything with it yet though. Not even read it. I’ll try to get at least some of it loaded within the next few days.

*I scanned the front and back covers and the first page of the interview and added them to the Interviews section. It’s a long interview with more new pictures than we normally get so it will take at least several days to finish, but if you want to see what I have so far, there it is.

February 25, 2002

BBC America World News During the 6am showing of the news this morning, Kevin was seen arriving at the BAFTAs with Judi Dench and was very briefly interviewed on the red carpet where he says he’s glad they’re together. I can only assume he means he’s glad to be at the awards with his co-star Judi Dench.

There are a few pictures of him on the red carpet with Dame Judi at Yahoo. Do a search for Spacey news photos. And there are 2 photos of them at wireimage.com and a few pictures at Corbis.

Thanks for the David Gale and United States of Leland tips TUSfan. I enlarged the feedback form box.

New poll in the Polls section. I tried. Just had trouble with it. New translated interview in the Interviews section thanks to Anna.

February 23, 2002

Sorry I’m late with this one .. Cinequest 2002 San Jose Film Festival – There is a short film narrated by Kevin being shown at Cinequest. It is called Tower Of Babble and precedes a feature called The Execution of Wanda Jean.

tHE tower oF BaBBle (Jeff Wadlow, 21 min., USA) Three unique stories, framed by a monkey at a typewriter, suggest that language is finite, expression is finite. Narrated by Kevin Spacey (American Beauty).

According to their website, the feature w/short will be seen today, tomorrow and Thursday.

2001: The Money Returns Entertainment Weekly has a listing of the top 150 movies in domestic and foreign distribution for the past year. K-PAX was #50 with $50.3 million in domestic numbers, Shipping News is #126 with $11.7 million in domestic *and* foreign sales and Shackleton’s Arctic Adventure shows up at #133 with $9.5 million in ticket sales. We’re talking gross here, not profit.

Entertainment Tonight will have BAFTA coverage on Monday night’s show. Check your local listings.

Spacey: Board Planes Again – It’s Safer Than Crossing The Road Actor Kevin Spacey has issued a rallying call to those still frightened by the events of September 11- you can never give up hope. The charismatic star is perplexed by people who now refuse to board a plane for fear of terrorist attacks, following the tragic events in New York and Washington D.C. last year – because there’s more danger simply crossing the road. He reasons, “I don’t think you can let go of hope, I don’t think you can let go. I know people who are really fed up with New York, who are saying, ‘I’m never going back.’ Why? People who are refusing to go on a plane – why? The chances are greater that I’ll get run over by a bus because I’m looking the  wrong way.”

(Me here – It isn’t fear of death that is keeping people off of airplanes, it’s the fear of the airport security lines. I read an article yesterday that said some airlines are going to be forced to stop giving preferential treatment to first class and frequent flier passengers at the security checks.)

February 22, 2002

Movie chat reminder A Time To Kill, Saturday night, 9pm EST, chat page link.

Calendar Kevin’s going to be making some appearances on British TV over the next few weeks, so check the Calendar page. Thanks to Babs, Vivienne, Karen and someone else who’s name I can’t think of. If you emailed me to say that Kevin was going to be on TV, insert your name here.

Spacey Poll 27 My poll creativity seems to be stunted. I’ve been struggling to get this newest poll finished. I just can’t seem to get it the way I want it. I’m going to post it in a few days, ready or not. It’s going to be based on a few fan suggestions.

February 21, 2002

You can catch Kevin on this morning’s repeats of E! News Daily. I just missed the segment about the Berlin Film Festival so don’t know what exactly he said or did.

Kevin’s horoscope today says this: By late in the day, you receive a sign that the universe has forgiven you.

What have you done that made the entire universe mad at you, Kevin? I’d suggest American Beauty but since I was one of only 2 people world-wide who found it over-rated .. it must be something else.

February 20, 2002

Before I go any farther, I am prepared to beg our dear Kevin to please, pleeeeeeeeeeeze stop talking about “the journey” which grates on my nerves like you wouldn’t believe! It was bad enough when it was just Kevin, but then it was other actors and then directors and then I saw a cinematographer using it and then it started to spreading to normal people!

But the last straw was when I heard the host of a quilting show use the term to talk about learning the basics of quilting. She said it was part of the journey. I can’t take it anymore!

I think we all know who to blame for this. Kevin, it’s like the peeling of an onion. Once you start peeling away the layers, it’s hard to know when to stop. So I’ll help you. The time to stop is NOW. You’ve run out of onion.

February 19, 2002

I’ve added several new articles/interviews. Check the MAP page for locations. Thanks to Karen and TUSfan.

February 18, 2002

Saturday’s movie will be A Time To Kill.

Try your local Borders for that UK Esquire. There have been a few sightings of the previous month’s issue on the stands.

February 17, 2002

The old headline that had the misfortune of being on the site when the anthrax scare hit, is back today by special request. I moved the Valentine card to the headlines archive page.


Last night I added a new interview to the Interviews section. The Guardian. Kevin’s mysteriously missing brother is back in his bio and the writer tells us that Kevin is a short 5’11”. I don’t have a copy of this but from the pictures on ebay, they all appear to have been seen before although there is a new picture being used in the TSN ad in this publication. This picture includes Judi Dench which the US ads did not. Looks like a different ad campaign. (Thanks Chris and Jaye)

February 16, 2002

There are pictures of Kevin at the Love Rocks fundraiser and at the film festival in Berlin at wireimage.com , search Kevin Spacey.  One picture of Kevin and Cate Blanchett arriving at the Berlin festival at Corbis. Search Kevin Spacey, Images, Sygma Collection at http://newsroom.corbis.com, plus there are more pictures at Yahoo from the Berlin festival. Search Kevin Spacey news photos.

February 14, 2002      Happy Valentine’s Day Spacey fans. 

Now that WE DECIDE WHAT WE LIKE is drawing to a close, I want to thank everyone who sent more cards in spite of everything. I hope you had fun. I don’t know how many cards there ultimately were since only a few people told me how many they sent this week, but I’m sure they were all heartfelt sentiments and I hope Kevin enjoys them. I’m going to take a few more days off from the website, but all the polls are currently up to date and I’ll continue to check my mail. No movie is currently scheduled for Saturday night so it will just be regular chat. Chat page, use Chat Now link, 9pm EST. ~

Not Kevin’s month Kevin didn’t get an Oscar nomination for either K-PAX or The Shipping News. Maybe next time. Of course, Kevin already has 2 more Oscars than 99% of the actors in Hollywood so he probably isn’t feeling too bad about it. His picture isn’t in the Golden Globes article and pictorial in the new issue of In Style. And he also isn’t one of Hollywood’s 10 sexiest actors according to the new Movieline Sex in Hollywood issue (and although they say that actors buy convertible Porsche Boxsters and dress in a Eurotrash style and hang out with models to look sexy, I’ll bet Kevin either rented or leased his Boxster and while he was hanging out last summer with Naomi Campbell at the Versace runway show and party, he sure wasn’t dressed in anything that could be called a Eurotrash style). ~

The Hollywood Reporter Spacey to pull Trigger at helm for Intermedia Feb. 11, 2002 By Stuart Kemp BERLIN — Actor-producer-director Kevin Spacey, who helmed “Albino Alligator” in 1996, plans to return to directing this year on a project to be produced by his Trigger Street Prods. for Intermedia Films. The multiple Academy Award-winning actor jetted to Berlin from Los Angeles, where he is producing “The United States of Leland,” to support the unspooling of “Uncle Frank,” a documentary produced by Trigger Street. Spacey takes an executive producer credit on “Frank,” which depicts the story of an old man who learns to play piano and becomes a star when he travels to give concerts in retirement homes. Spacey will take off his producer hat and switch to his acting one in support of Miramax-produced Berlin competition entry “The Shipping News,” which unspools today. Spacey said he wants to concentrate on producing and directing films for “a long, long time to come.” He told an interviewer that he is looking to direct the untitled project for Intermedia this year and aims to announce more details of the project in “around two months time.” Trigger Street has an overhead deal with L.A.- and London-based Intermedia. The project is set to be a movie based on a real-life drama. Spacey and his Trigger Street partner Bernie Morris also are gearing up to launch a Web-based arm of the company this month under the watchful eye of Trigger Street.com president Dana Brunetti. The startup aims to launch an online short film festival as a forum for discovering fresh talent. Spacey has directed only one film, “Alligator.” His producer credits include “Swimming With Sharks,” “The Big Kahuna,” “Interstate 84” and “Leland.” He has won Oscars for his roles in “American Beauty” and “The Usual Suspects” and next appears in the Alan Parker-directed “The Life of David Gale.” (If you go to the Trigger Street URL, they’ve changed the entrance page from that red/black car theme to a new picture.)

February 11, 2002

Oscar nominations are tomorrow morning. E! usually shows them live.

There’s a short interview with Kevin at the Berlin film festival on the Shipping News News page and a small snippet about his cameo in Austin Powers 3 on the Upcoming Projects page. Thanks to devin and Bonnie for those.

We never decided on a movie for Saturday night. Maybe we’ll have decided by Thursday so I can let everyone know.

I’m going to take a Spacey break so there won’t be any site updates for the next several days. I’ll try to catch everyone up on anything that happens in the world of Spacey by the end of the week. Although if Kevin manages to pull off an Oscar nom, I’ll post that right away. ~

February 8, 2002

UK Esquire Kevin has the cover and an interview in the March issue of Esquire (UK version). With new pictures!

WE DECIDE WHAT WE LIKE update I’m now way too tired to type up a real long explanation of what’s going on with the card campaign, but the Postcards page is back up with some new information.

Hold on to your cards! I’m afraid that our postcards for Kevin campaign has come to a quicker end than expected. Or at this point it is on hold. I had a feedback message last night from a man claiming to be Kevin’s PA, but since he didn’t leave me any way to contact him and I had no way to determine if he’s the real PA or not, I had to make a quick decision and that was to remove the WE DECIDE WHAT WE LIKE page from the site navigation for now. I’m feeling too crappy with the flu to go into details right now, but don’t mail any cards you may still have, if you still have any to mail, and I’ll try to find some energy later to put an explanation and another address on the postcards page.

If that was indeed you last night Mr. Brunetti, will you tell Kevin that his fans wanted him to see that no matter how many critics savage him in the press and that no matter what kinds of roles he decides to do, that his fans will still go to see his movies and that they support him no matter what and that they wanted to let Kevin know that in the only way they could think of. The more than 500 cards that were sent from around the world would have told him that if he’d seen them.

Movie chat reminder – Don’t forget MGGE tomorrow night. You know the drill.

February 7, 2002

Attention Spacey fans who love online polls! There’s a poll at http://www.upcomingmovies.com that asks which movies you’re waiting to see and one of the choices is Ordinary Decent Criminal! It’s dropped from 4th to 5th place in just a few hours. Click on the link and it’s listed under New Site Survey. Thanks TUSfan.

Premiere magazine March 2002 issue, Jodie Foster on the cover along with a headline I’m glad we won’t be seeing using Kevin’s name (I hope!) “ALERT! JAMES SPADER IN ANOTHER KINKY SEX FILM. Page 51 has a picture of Kevin with Russell Crowe during the rehearsal for last year’s Oscar telecast. I’ll scan the picture later and check the magazine for more Spacey stuff.

*More Spacey Oscar stuff from last year- On page 53 we have this: Behind the Shrine, everything was in order, cars entered through a private gate and dropped off their passengers at the end of a red carpet, which went past a sign-in table to the back entrance of the theater. Just outside this door, near walkways that led to a series of production trailers and to the huge press tent, a smoking area of sorts soon became a favorite hangout for the likes of Ben Affleck, Kevin Spacey, and Russell Crowe.

And on page 82- (Talking about Julia Roberts winning the Oscar) 8:30 P.m.: As the orchestra played the music from 2001 for the sixth (but not the last) time, Roberts came into the wings hanging on to Kevin Spacey, a two-time Oscar winner who had presented her award. ‘Oh my God,’ she said, hugging him. ‘My knees are weak.’ ‘I know,’ he said, taking charge. ‘You need to sit down, you need to have a drink.’ Roberts asked for champagne, so stage manager Debbie Williams ran to the bar in the Governors Ball and yelled, ‘Julia Roberts wants champagne!’ The bartender handed over his biggest bottle. In the wings, Roberts and Spacey shared a toast and talked quietly. ‘It’s a great tradition, having last year’s winners present these awards,’ Spacey told her. ‘You need somebody who understands what you’re going through.’ Roberts sipped from her champagne glass, looked at the statuette in her hand, and smiled broadly. ‘My God,’ she said, ‘I won an Oscar!’ Spacey turned to Roberts’s publicist. ‘You’ll be hearing that a lot for the next couple of weeks,’ he said.

Entertainment Weekly Feb.15 issue, Jodie Foster on the cover, page 19. THE SCOUT – EW’S FIELD GUIDE TO THE NEXT NEW THINGS Heart Day – Coupled or not, no one escapes the annual marketing coup that is Valentine’s Day. But if you want to get your crush something beyond the standard roses and Russell Stover, the Love Bag is the trinket. The scarlet beanbag coos phrases like “You’re gorgeous!” and was Kevin Spacey’s gift to his mom. “Giving and receiving love is what makes the world go round,” declares inventor Simon Pithie ($10 at NYC’s Room Interior Products. 866-Room-NYC). (magazine has a picture of a red smiling heart beanbag)

February 6, 2002

Happy birthday dawn! Have a spacey day.

WE Decide What We Like Fans are still sending postcards to Kevin. We’ll probably continue sending cards for the next several weeks, until people run out of cards, money or things to write to Kevin. So far fans have told me that they have sent about 475 cards! I’m sure many fans sent cards and won’t ever tell anyone, but I think that’s already quite an impressive number. I hope Kevin enjoys reading!

Movie chat, sport While Kevin’s getting a paper cut on one of his cards, we will be watching Midnight in the Garden Of Good and Evil at the Saturday night movie chat. As always, 9pm EST on Saturday (Feb.9) Link on chat and movie schedule pages.

Ted Demme Mr.Demme, who directed Kevin in The Ref, was found to have cocaine in his system which may have contributed to his fatal heart attack, according to the Los Angeles coroner.

February 5, 2002

Spacey doc will receive Berlin special screening

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Five documentaries and one feature will be presented as special screenings in the official program of the 52nd annual Berlin Intl. Film Festival, which opens Wednesday.

Among these is “Uncle Frank,” the first documentary produced by Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Prods. The picture is the story of TV journalist Matthew Ginsberg as he accompanies his 85-year-old great uncle on a tour of old people’s homes in New York.

“UNCLE FRANK” USA, 2001, 85 min Screenings: Sunday, 10. February, 2002 20:00

Thanks to Maddie, Jacquie and woohtaro.

February 2, 2002

Oops! I got the time wrong for tomorrow night’s movie. We need to start at 9:15 not at 9:30!

February 1, 2002

Movie chat reminder Tomorrow night’s movie will be The Negotiator and we need to start the movie promptly at 9:30pm EST. If you are running late, you can catch up. Chat room link on chat page as always.

We Decide What We Like postcard campaign Are you ready to mail your cards? I know a few people have been so excited they jumped the gun, but the mailing date is tomorrow February 2. Unless where you are is already tomorrow, February 2 in which case, mail those cards NOW! I hope he gets as much fun out of receiving them as people have had in writing them.

The Shipping News Don’t ask me how, but one of our Canadian fans who lives in an out of the way small town says that Shipping News is going to be at her one local theater in western Canada starting today! Get out your papers and start looking for ads. It’s not playing near me anymore, but it may be near you!

January 30, 2002

My small cat Miss Marple is doing much better. Even though she’s still feeling tired and has to take her medicines for another week and still has a few more vet visits to get through, she’s quickly regaining her regal bearing and is slowly reasserting herself to reclaim her position as The Queen of the World. I’m feeling great relief today.

Have you got your postcards ready to be mailed? Only a few more days and then we’ll all send out our cards. I’m afraid that my cat being so sick put the cards right out of my head but mine are stamped and addressed and as soon as I find a few minutes I’ll try to write something cheerful and get them ready to go.

No Screen Actors Guild nomination for Kevin, either for K-PAX or The Shipping News. The Shipping News seems to be fading fast around these parts. Did anyone ever find out why there were so many fan reports of at least 2 different versions being shown in the theaters at the same time? That was too weird. Maybe next time they won’t rush a movie into the theaters before the director is ready, just to make it eligible for award nominations.

January 29, 2002

I’m a little behind in the Spacey news this week because I’ve had a very sick cat to worry about, however .. Kevin and Dame Judi Dench were both nominated for BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) awards for their roles in The Shipping News. The Screen Actors Guild award nominations were to be announced this morning. No news yet about those. Thanks Linda and Susan.

The movie for Saturday night’s chat will be The Negotiator.

Goldmember (Kevin has a a cameo):

Goldmember Controversy World Entertainment News Network The creators of spoof superspy AUSTIN POWERS face a new financial headache – they can’t call their new film GOLDMEMBER. Millions of dollars have already been spent on advertising for the third Austin Powers movie, but it’s beginning to look like the film’s backers will have to change its name. MGM and DANJAQ, the British company which controls the JAMES BOND film license, have obtained a cease-and-desist order against NEW LINE CINEMA, prohibiting Powers’ movie company from calling the latest installment of MIKE MYERS’ spy series Goldmember. The bosses of the 007 franchise are unhappy with the double entendre of Goldmember – a takeoff on the 1964 Bond classic, GOLDFINGER. An MGM spokesman says, “MGM/UA and Danjaq have a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone who tries to trade in on the James Bond franchise without authorization.” Over the past 24 hours, New Line chiefs have begun frantically recalling all promotional materials – posters, trailers, photos and anything else that bears the name Goldmember – from movie theatres, TV stations, websites and other media outlets. A spokesman for New Line says, “We are currently in the arbitration process and trying to resolve this matter under the MPAA guidelines. Until that time, we will be referring to the film as the third installment of Austin Powers.” The film is due to be released on July 26.

January 28, 2002

LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) — Two-time Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey is going back to his indie roots, taking on a supporting role in his Trigger Street Prods.’ “United States of Leland,” which first-time helmer Matthew Ryan Hoge is directing from his own script. MDP Worldwide and Thousand Worlds are co-financing the project, which begins shooting Feb. 4 in Los Angeles. “Leland” stars Gosling as 15-year-old Leland, who murders an autistic child and claims that he committed the act out of sadness. Leland is sent to a juvenile facility, where a male teacher named Pearl must unravel the mystery behind his murderous act and sadness while dealing with how the tragic killing affects the families of both the victim and the perpetrator. Trigger Street’s Spacey and Bernie Morris are producing the project with Thousand Words’ Palmer West and Jonah Smith. The most recent Trigger Street production that also featured Spacey onscreen was Franchise Films’ 1999 feature “The Big Kahuna.” ~

January 25, 2002

Important announcement for Spacey fans! All Spacey fans are being asked to join in a synchronized mass mailing to Kevin. You can find all the information here:


US Weekly whatever the issue date is for the next issue, Golden Globes fashions on the cover. The only Spacey mention I could find was on one page about the post-show parties it said Kevin hit the bar at the Miramax party. No picture of Kevin in the magazine.

January 24, 2002

Watch this space for an important Spacey fan announcement tomorrow morning!

Saturday’s movie for the chat will be the re-scheduled The Usual Suspects from last week. As usual, 9pm Saturday night. Link on Chat page and Movie chat schedule page.

January 23, 2002

Happy Birthday Mark! Have a great, spacey day.

January 22, 2002

My cable guide now lists the Letterman repeat with Kevin on TONIGHT instead of tomorrow night.

January 21, 2002

Spacey article swiped directly from a Spacey email list. (Still no mention of the suddenly disappearing older, fatter brother.) Thanks weetoerag:

January 21, 2002

AYRSHIRE BEAUTY Double Oscar winner Kevin Spacey holidays in Saltcoats

HOLLYWOOD superstar Kevin Spacey will swap Los Angeles for Ayrshire when he jets in to see his secret Scots family.

The double Oscar winner will return to the seaside town he loves this summer to visit relatives.

The American Beauty star’s brother-in-law Ian Keir comes from Saltcoats and played football for junior team Kilwinning Rangers.

In publicity tours for his new movie, Shipping News – which opens in Britain next month – Spacey, 42, hinted he knew Saltcoats well as his brother-in-law came from the area. He revealed his older sister Julie Ann had married a “beaten-up” Scottish footballer.

He said: “My sister was on a ferry from Germany and on the same ferry there was a soccer team that had just lost a game. She met this beaten-up guy and they made it to the altar together.”

Spacey, who commands pounds 15million a movie and won Oscars for American Beauty and Usual Suspects, loves his low-key holidays on the Ayrshire coast.

Ian’s mum, Margaret, said her famous son-in-law had been a closely-guarded secret. She added: “It’s not something anyone would believe around here – until you bring out the photograph albums.

“But my grandchildren love being able to say Kevin Spacey is their uncle.” Grandmother-of-four Margaret, 79, lives in an Ardrossan council house.

Pride of place goes to a snap of Ian and Julie Ann’s 25th wedding anniversary party in a local hotel – with Kevin as the guest of honour.

Margaret said: “Kevin is a lovely man and Ian is always saying how much he loves Ayrshire.

“He used to come over a lot when he was younger but he hasn’t been for a few years because he’s so busy.

“But we’re expecting him this summer, so I’m sure that will be a good party.”

Ian, 56, and Julie Ann, 50, emigrated to America a few years ago but return to see Margaret and her other son, George, and his wife, Irene.

Ian’s two children and Kevin’s niece Ingrid, 23, and nephew Colin, 19, live with them in California.

They are in constant touch with her other son and his children Lewis, 17, and Jennifer, 14, from Ardrossan.

Margaret said: “Lewis loves taking family pictures to school to show his friends Kevin really is his uncle.

“The youngsters in the family love it. But most of my friends don’t even know who Kevin Spacey is.”

Ian, an airport worker, and Julie Ann, a paralegal, paid for Margaret to go out to San Francisco after her husband died.

Margaret found a close friend in Kevin’s elderly mum, Kathleen. She said: “She’s a lovely woman. Always talking about Kevin but she’s also proud of Julie Ann, who’s a very clever girl.

“Kathleen comes over to Britain quite a lot and when she or Julie Ann are here they are always shopping for anything Scottish to take back for Ian or Kevin.”

Her son married Julie Ann in Saltcoats Register Office on December 1, 1972, and celebrated with Margaret and other family in a local pub.

Margaret said: “Through the years we knew Kevin was an actor but it wasn’t until a few years ago we all realised he was a big star.” http://www.sundaymail.co.uk/shtml/NEWS/P18S4.shtml

©2000 Daily Record & Sunday Mail

Golden Globes Kevin was handsome as usual in a dark suit with a blue tie and blue handkerchief. He appeared to be dateless which was sad, but it could have been worse. He could have been with Sela Ward’s awful dress! He was wearing a picture of director Ted Demme (who directed Kevin in The Ref and who died unexpectedly last week at the young age of 38, leaving a wife, young daughter and infant son) on his tie. He seemed down and emotional on E! during his brief interview with Melissa Rivers, but he made the attempt on the red carpet. During his presentation of an award near the end of the show he asked everyone to raise their glasses to the memory of Ted.

He seemed really relaxed by then and I think he may have already had a few other drinks by that point. As you already know, Russell Crowe won the award for Best Actor in a Movie, Drama.

There are a few pictures to be found at Wireimage.com and so far I haven’t found any pictures at Corbis.

January 19, 2002

Don’t forget! Golden Globes tomorrow night! Our favorite Kevin has been nominated and hopefully he will walk the red carpet and give his movie some much needed press. Or maybe he’ll be kind to his fans and just stand there looking good!

E!’s coverage starts at noon EST time. They often show clips from past red carpets and small pieces about the nominees.

12-6pm EST: E!’s Countdown to the Red Carpet 6-8pm EST: E!’s red carpet coverage (live) 7-8pm EST: NBC red carpet coverage (live) 8-? (possibly 3 hours)NBC Golden Globes (live) E!’s Golden Globe wrap up show is after the awards are over. There will be repeats of the E! red carpet coverage on Monday. Check local listings.

Also, if you were watching the Kevin Spacey bits during the Jeff Bridges Biography on A&E the other night you will have seen a commercial for a special about tabloids and celebs. kevin was shown during the commercial but it wasn’t made clear if he will be mentioned or not during the show. That will be on tomorrow night as well. 8-10PM EST on A&E. Repeats at midnight.

Pay It Forward starts on HBO tonight. Many showings this next week. Check your local listings.

January 18, 2002

New Spacey Poll Poll #26 – Behind Kevin Spacey

Movie chat reminder Saturday nights’ movie is The usual Suspects. Bravenet chat room at 9pm EST. Link on chat page or movie chat schedule page. ~

January 17, 2002

Magazine There is a small picture of Kevin on the Readers Response page of the January 2002 issue of W magazine. A reader is responding to his article from a few months ago. That’s all I know so far. This will take some investigating. Thanks, Margie. (Margie, what did the reader say?) ~

Valentine card There won’t be a card from site visitors this year as there was last year. Since I haven’t heard anything about fan mail being sent to him from his agency in a while and I’m not sure he ever even got that card from last year, I’m going to skip it this time. Last year’s card had 43 messages. I really should have taken a picture of the thing!

January 15, 2002

Tonight on A&E Biography Jeff Bridges is the subject, Kevin speaks. 8pm EST.

Tonight on E! Golden Globes Male Movie Actors nominees. 10pm EST. Repeats tomorrow at 9am and 7pm, both times EST. 1hour. Kevin’s one of the nominees, ya know!

January 14, 2002

In Style February 2002, Michelle Pfeiffer on the cover, page 114. Small picture of Kevin (from the Oscar nominees luncheon a few years ago).

Culture Club – Celebrity tips on what to read, rent and spin:

Video: Kevin Spacey recommends “Sullivan’s Travels, because it’s a classic screwball comedy that is also poignant, moving and touching. It says something about how we relate to one another.” ~

Laugh for the day (I thought Kevin used his own hair in Shipping News) This from TUSfan: Chicago Sun-Times Movie Answer Man by Roger Ebert January 13, 2002

  1. Even though his hairline is receding, Kevin Spacey still has a perfectly fine head of hair. Why is it, then, that in ”The Shipping News” he wears an obvious and distracting toupee? His character, Quoyle, does not strike me as the type of person who would be concerned about his hair in this manner. Since Mr. Spacey doesn’t wear a hairpiece in his interviews to promote the movie, why would he wear a hairpiece in the movie itself? Larry MacInnis, Markham, Ontario A. The movie doesn’t intend to suggest Quoyle is wearing a hairpiece. It intends to suggest that’s his hair. I didn’t find it obvious or distracting. Of course, since you know that isn’t Spacey’s real hair, you have to give him a break. I knew it wasn’t Billy Bob Thornton’s real hair in ”The Man Who Wasn’t There,” but so what? ~ Q. You (and many others) have cited Liam Neeson as the narrator for this IMAX presentation. I saw the film a few weeks ago and am certain Kevin Spacey provided the narration (it sounded like him and I saw his name in the credits). Is it possible there are two versions of this movie? Michael Modisett, Portsmouth, R.I. A. There are two versions with similar but not identical material. Liam Neeson narrated the theatrical release, titled ”The Endurance,” and Kevin Spacey narrated the IMAX release, titled ”Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure.”

Copyright © Chicago Sun-Times Inc.

Kevin uses e-mail!  Thanks TUSfan

Nothing new to report except that Pay It Forward comes to HBO this week. It will be on Saturday night, sadly conflicting with the The Usual Suspects chat scheduled for that evening. Them’s the breaks. Verbal calls to me. You may be able to catch the “making of PIF ” mini-documentary here and there throughout the week. Maybe the movie will be better on cable than it was theatrically and on DVD and VHS sales and rentals.

Be sure to check the calendar page for this week’s Spacey sightings and don’t forget to buy your tape for Sunday! Golden Globes pre-show on E!, and Kevin we expect to see you on the red carpet this time. Don’t disappoint us the way you did at the Oscars last year when we sat through HOURS of pure hellish torture waiting for a glimpse of you on E!, the ABC red carpet show and what was it is, 9 hours of Oscar show? before you made your appearance in that awful tux that you blamed Dame Judi for. She should have left that in Canada and you could have rented a better one at Big Earl’s Bait, Tackle and Tux shop.

BTW- During the Big Kahuna chat the other night I noticed on the credits that Georgio Armani was listed as one of the product things they were thanking people for. Who was wearing Armani? I thought these guys were just average middle-class American salesman. Does Armani make clothes for the average American or did I miss something else in the movie?

January 11, 2002

Washington, DC:

Lasse Halstrom Talks Friday, January 11, 2002; Page WE42

DIRECTOR LASSE Halstrom, director of “Chocolat” and “The Shipping News,” will talk about his life and work from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday at the Hirshhorn Museum. Film critic Pat Dowell will moderate the discussion. Admission for the event, to be held at the Hirshhorn’s Ring Auditorium (Seventh Street and Independence Avenue SW), is $23.

Later the same day, two Halstrom films, “Father to Be” and “Abba: the Movie,” will be screened at 2 and 7, respectively. Dowell will introduce each film and take questions afterward. Admission for each movie is $15. Or you can purchase a ticket to the discussion and both movies for $48. Money for these events benefits the Smithsonian Resident Associates. Tickets can be ordered by calling 202-357-3030. They will also be available at the door.

© 2002 The Washington Post Company

January 10, 2002

Movie chat The movie for Saturday night will be The Big Kahuna. 9pm EST at the Bravenet chat room. Link on Chat page.

January 9, 2002

Happy Birthday Mom!

Photos Spacey Bonnie’s eagle eye has found the first 2 pictures we’ve seen from The Life of David Gale.

Spacey TV E! is going to be profiling the Golden Globe nominees next week so we may be seeing a Spacey sighting. I’ll try to find out when. Thanks Karen.

Everyone’s talking about Russell Crowe and his “Oscar Wilde” comment in USA Weekend this past week.

January 8, 2002

Has anyone heard of this before:

Kevin Spacey, John Travolta and Gerard Depardieu in WW2 movie Kevin Spacey, John Travolta and Gerard Depardieu are expected to star in a new World War Two drama. The Garbo Deception tells the story of a scheme to deceive the Nazis by creating a fictitious French spy network. Sigourney Weaver and Emanuelle Beart are also expected to join the cast. The story is based on the activities of Juan Pujol, a creative mastermind who fabricated a network of non-existent spies. Pujol was nicknamed Garbo by British military intelligence. His scheme threw German intelligence into chaos just before the Allied forces’ D-Day invasions of Normandy. Screenwriter Bill Wheeler is working on the script. American director John McTiernan who made Die Hard and the re-make of The Thomas Crown Affair, is likely to direct. Depardieu will play Pujol, with Travolta and Spacey as his main Allied connections.

Story filed: 11:09 Tuesday 8th January 2002

This site has said Kevin was going to sign to other things he never signed for, so I was wondering if this was something to be expected? (Thanks for the tip either way, Isobel!) ~

January 7, 2002

Magazines January 2002 American Cinematographer (George Clooney on the cover) has an article on the cinematography of the Shipping News which includes pictures of Kevin and there’s a full page K-PAX cinematography award ad featuring Kevin on the photo.

Entertainment Weekly, January 11 issue has a small Shipping News article.

January 5, 2002

Missing page banners You may have noticed blank page banners on some pages. I’m having to re-save each page in order to return the text to the banners so it may take a while.

Don’t call her a dame I’ve added a link to a Judi Dench site which has some Shipping News stuff (including some Spacey things) to the Shipping News section. You can find the link on the TSN News page, photos page and the site Thanks and Links page.

Movie chat reminder Tonight’s movie is Outbreak.

When Kevin was on the Conan O’Brien show the other night, Conan gave January 18 as the new wide release date for Shipping News. That moves it from the January 11 date which was originally January 4.. What’s the hold-up?

January 3, 2002

New picture here. Old picture now on last page of Photographs section.

Calendar Forget the old VCR reminder, it’s all over the board today. I’m trying to keep up on the calendar page.

First off, CBS’ Early Show has now been rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

Second, Kevin may be on tonight’s Charlie Rose, but I wasn’t able to get any info to come up on my digital cable guide for tonight and the local station only lists last night’s guests. That’s on PBS and is often shown sometime the following day. Check your local listings for times.

The Tonight Show I watched my tape from last night’s Leno. Kevin had some unusual thumb action going when he was telling one story. He could be Thing if they ever do another Addams Family movie. He also says that story floating around about him saving a little boy from drowning at the Beverly Hills Hilton is completely untrue.

VCR alert reminder Add this morning’s CBS Early Show to your new tape. (Thanks for the heads-up Maddie!) It’s on from 7-9am EST. I don’t know when he’ll be on. And then be sure and tape the Conan O’Brien show that is on after tonight’s Leno. That’s 12:35am tomorrow to be exact. Then get your tape ready for tomorrow’s taping of The View.

January 2, 2002

Reminder Don’t forget to tape The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.

Movie and a chat Since so many people have had the flu or a cold, now seems a perfect time to watch Outbreak! Bring a copy of the movie to the chat room at Bravenet on Saturday night at 9pm EST and we’ll watch the movie and compare medications. Chat room link can be found on the Movie schedule page or the chat page. All fans are welcome, stop by and chat even if you don’t have the movie.

Well! In today’s New York Post, page 29, there’s a list of what’s hot and what’s not in movies, theater and music for 2002. And do you know who’s name I found in the “not” column? That’s right.

Certain overexposed actors  – Like Kevin Spacey, who seemed to lose his critical and box-office magic touch in 2001 (eg. “K-PAX,” “The Shipping News”).

I have to disagree on the K-PAX part. I thoroughly enjoyed K-PAX and thought Kevin was wonderful in it and as anyone can tell you, I have tended to be a fairly harsh critic of Kevin’s performances and of his movies. American Beauty, anyone? I haven’t seen Shipping News yet.

Jack Lemmon The tribute by Kevin that is in the current Entertainment Weekly can be found in the Jack Lemmon theater section.

January 1, 2002

Happy New Year Spacey fans. For your Spacey viewing enjoyment today: I have just stumbled across Kevin with slightly fuller-looking hair on BBC America’s Talking Movies. He was being interviewed briefly for The Shipping News. It’s going to be on several more times today. Check the calendar page for times.

Kevin was part of last night’s Entertainment Tonight birthday trivia question.

“Which actor says he an aging hippie? Kevin Spacey, Jack Nicholson or Anthony Hopkins?”

It was Hopkins who was 64 yesterday. Kevin is now being used in AGING questions using old actors!