August 31, 2002

I added a new (old) magazine interview to the Articles and Interviews section. This was from January of 2000. One of the Scottish fans came across this when she was on a trip and snagged a bunch of copies for fans. It contains some of the usual stuff and some new stuff (for that time). I’d forgotten about Kevin’s subterranean levels.

British Airways High Life

August 26, 2002

From yesterday’s L.A. Times, So. Cal Living section

Mancini Musicale “I want to talk to you as a singer,” Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey told the crowd gathered to honor Phil Ramone, legendary recording industry producer-engineer, at the Mancini Musicale at UCLA’s Royce Hall. “Phil and I have been quietly working for the past year on my preparation to play Bobby Darin” in a film, Spacey said. “And I’ve got to tell you what it’s like to be in a studio with Phil Ramone–it’s like having a great chef, a rich interpreter, your daddy, a psychiatrist … this is what he’s probably done for every artist he has worked with in his extraordinary career.” Then Spacey, head cocked and fingers snapping, broke into an a capella version of “I Found a New Baby,” a la ’50s pop idol, Darin. “Without Dr. Phil–the real Dr. Phil–I wouldn’t have had the guts to do that,” Spacey said. The actor’s appearance at the Aug. 17 benefit that raised $220,000 for the Henry Mancini Institute was a surprise to Ramone, who was there to receive the Hank Award. The award– given annually to an artist who, besides having a successful musical career, regularly mentors aspiring musicians–is named for Mancini, composer of such pop standards as “Moon River.” “I’m choked up,” said Ramone, an impresario who has worked with Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel and Paul McCartney. “This honor is one of the greatest thrills I’ve ever had.” About 350 guests paid $275 each to dine on the Ahmanson Terrace before enjoying the musicale featuring the Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra under the baton of artistic director Patrick Williams. Included on the program: a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald by singer Patti Austin and a performance by jazz pianist Gerald Clayton. Each year, the institute presents scholarships to emerging professional musicians who, for four weeks, train with Williams on the UCLA campus, said Ginny Mancini, president. “We must nurture the next generation of musicians or we won’t have any good music at all.”

Thanks, Boris.

Judi Dench: With a Crack in her Voice by John Miller

Here are a few of Kevin’s mentions in the updated Judi Dench biography:

The author mentions the fact that Kevin knew about the famous black glove and how he used it to scare/tease/surprise Judi Dench on the set of TSN.  He also mentions the trip to New York where Judi Dench learned to ride his scooter. While in New York, Kevin introduced her to Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks. She liked it so much he got one of his assistants to get the recipe so she could have it when they got back to Newfoundland.

And this from page 323:

“In general, Kevin was hugely impressed by Judi’s instinct about how a moment or scene should be approached, but he told me he had to chide her about one lapse in her concentration.  `During the shoot in Newfoundland almost everyone on the crew had spotted whales in the water. Judi was very disappointed that she was never looking in the right direction when these sightings occurred. Another whale was sighted just before we shot a very serious scene together. Judi wanted so badly not to miss this chance that, during the scene, as she walked away from me, she couldn’t quite see out the window and I watched her actually duck down in an attempt to see the whale. In the middle of a scene where I have to be very emotional, she’s whale-watching! I called her on it.’ ”

Thanks, Joyce.

August 21, 2002

The Hollywood Reporter
August 20, 2002
Mancini Finis

With winds of change stirring the late-summer air, the Mancini Musicale closed Patrick Williams’ first season as artistic director at the Henry Mancini Institute with a gala dinner and concert at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus in Westwood. Williams took over after founder and longtime institute director Jack Elliot passed away last year. Surprise presenter Kevin Spacey handed recording industry legend and guest of honor Phil Ramone the “Hank” Award, but not before breaking into song. “Without Phil, I wouldn’t have had the guts to do that,” said Spacey, who is working on a Bobby Darin biopic with Ramone. Standout performances included premieres of works by Aiko Fukushima and John and Gerald Clayton, whose jazz duet inspired the audience to erupt in a standing ovation. “Every day, I think it’s over for new music,” singer Patti Austin said as she prepared to perform. “(But) hearing this tonight, I realize we’re going to be OK.” Also among the musically inclined who helped raise $220,000 were evening host Paul Williams, Peter Boyle, guest artists Roy Hargrove and Dawn Cantwell, Directors Guild of America president Frank Pierson and producers Allan Burns and Jack Wiener. – Borys Kit

Thank you, Boris (who wishes to remain anonymous).

Blast From The Past – There’s a new old tidbit on the Spacey Drive-thru page. Thanks to Jaye.

Updates I’ll be updating the DVD/VHS releases, polls and fan movie reviews tonight, so be on the lookout. I’ll put the rest of the movie release dates on the Calendar page.

August 20, 2002

In Style September 2002, Jennifer Aniston on the cover. Page 416. This tiny picture of Kevin is in a section of the Stepping Out column of this month’s In Style. Kevin is one of the celebs listed as having been seen at Chicago’s The Pump Room, an eatery located in the Omni Ambassador East hotel. It says he’s eaten at booth No.1, where Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart celebrated their wedding.

New Spacey thumbnails!!! I was doing a search for Kevin at this morning and came across pictures of Kevin with record producer Phil Ramone. The pictures were dated August 17. There were 14 thumbnails this morning. The Henry Mancini Institute Honors Music Impresario Phil Ramone.

Woodstock Film Festival The Woodstock Film Festival has selected more than 125 feature films, documentaries and shorts from 700 submissions for it’s third annual event, running September 18-22 in Woodstock, NY. Uncle Frank will be in the documentary competition. Thanks, anonymous tipster.

Chats I’m considering opening the chat room for a short trial run on Tuesday nights. I’ll open it for tonight if anyone wants to stop by.

August 19, 2002

Domain lawsuits Kevin has prevailed in his lawsuit against the owner of the domain.

There doesn’t appear to have been a transfer of the domain yet since the site is still online.

While I can understand Kevin taking action against domain owners who were using his name to lure people to a sales site, I sure hope he has no problem with real fan site owners using his name without permission.

The Life of David Gale David Gale is starting to be mentioned as a December movie release in some of the entertainment magazines. More about that on the David Gale news page. Link above.

Entertainment Weekly is starting the Oscar buzz talk. They think the fact that the cast has 6 Oscar nominations between them could mean potential Oscar nominations for the movie.

Let’s not jinx the movie months before it’s even going to be seen! Oscar buzz and old nominations do not make an Oscar winning movie. That faint buzzing sound you hear is left over from Pay It Forward.

The Shipping News I’ve added a few DVD reviews to the Shipping News news page. Miramax media whore?? Ouch.

Fan tip! The revised and updated version of Judi Dench: With a Crack in her Voice by John Miller has mentions of Kevin on pages 322 and 323, as well as page 330. He also is found on the Acknowledgements page (page 335). This book was purchased by a fan through The UK release is in paperback and dated August 1, 2002. Only the “old” version is available at More information coming later. Thank you, Joyce.

The Usual Suspects Premiere and Empire magazines are recommending a book about The Usual Suspects. Premiere (September 2002, page 81, small picture of cover) says that in the newest release from the British Film Institute’s “BFI Modern Classics” series, mystery writer Ernest Larsen tackles Bryan Singer’s endlessly dissectible The Usual Suspects, with an astute analysis that will send you scurrying back to your DVD of it. Check your online booksellers. These books are distributed in the US by the University of California Press.

August 16, 2002

The Spacey Gazette will return soon.

August 15, 2002

Thursday, Aug. 15, 2002 Variety – PBS skeds ‘Rebuilds’ for Sept. 10 slot – Docu follows WTC recovery, ideas on how and what to create

PBS has set a Sept. 10 airdate for “America Rebuilds,” a documentary that Kevin Spacey has narrated about the cleanup and recovery efforts following the destruction of the World Trade Center by terrorists. Spacey appears onscreen and lends his voice throughout a documentary that doesn’t seek to include the horrific footage or replicate the emotion evident in most docus associated with 9/11. The project offers a look into the engineering logistics involved in an unimaginable cleanup job, including the task of cleaning debris out of the pit of rubble without collapsing neighboring Battery Park, an area essentially built on top of soil excavated from the original construction of the Twin Towers. Footage includes early (and previously unseen) remains of a building that, in some areas, had 14 floors crushed to two feet of debris. Docu also traces the effort to figure out what to put on the WTC site. Spacey shot footage in Jersey City just last week for the special. Spacey and his Trigger Street Prods. came aboard to produce with Great Projects Film Co. after GPFC had shot the 90-minute docu. GPFC began that task Oct. 31, after then-Gotham Mayor Rudolph Giuliani granted complete access to the disaster site and personnel assigned to clean it up. For GPFC, securing that permission was made easier by the fact that it had produced the four-part PBS series “Great Projects: The Building of America.” George Tamaro, an engineer who was an adviser on that project, made the intro to the mayor. Spacey and Trigger Street’s Dana Brunetti and Ross Partridge became involved because the docu’s editor, Andrew Morreale, also edited the Trigger Street docu “Uncle Frank,” which preemed at the Tribeca Film Festival (it was acquired by HBO). Kenneth Mandel and Daniel B. Polin exec produced and Seth Kramer and Daniel A. Miller produced the doc, which airs at 10 p.m.

Thank you, anonymous tipster~

August 12, 2002

Kevin was spotted in London over the weekend. Don’t know if he’s still there.

More pictures added to the Artists Gallery thanks to Jaye and Patricia for their contributions. Kevin has extremely talented fans!

August 11, 2002

There is a new picture on the Mr. Spacey’s Drive-in page. Thanks very much to Jaye. There are also new pictures in the Spacey Artists Gallery, thanks to Jaye and Bonnie.  I have turned The Life of David Gale into the Coming Attraction page on the Map page. As soon as we have some kind of poster photo, I’ll add that to the David Gale entrance page.

K-PAX and The Shipping News are now simply regular movies in the movie section, rather than having their own listings on the Map. I’ll have to sort that out on the links page another day. Now that I feel a bit rejuvenated and ready to go again, I have lots of ideas and little time to put them into practice and am still trying to get caught up on the site mail and polls. As usual.

August 10, 2002

I’ve made a few changes to the site today. As you may have noticed, I switched entrance page photos. I’m looking for a new one to use, but the current one will do for now.

The chat room is still closed until I decide what to do about the chats, if anything.

I added what I have so far of the FAQ page I’ve been planning. The link is on the map page.

I’m going to be adding some new items to the Spacey gallery section in the next few days. I have to catch up on my mail and poll responses this next week.

August 1, 2002

Happy Birthday Vivienne! Have a very Spacey day.

July 31, 2002

I added some new information for the next week to the Spacey Calendar page. Thanks to Jaye and Kat.

The chats are cancelled yet again. I’m sorry everybody, I’m just totally fed up with the whole chat thing that’s been going on for the past month. In fact, I’m thinking of getting out of the fan site business altogether. The enjoyment has been sucked dry this past month. I’m going to take a week off from the site and see if it helps.

July 30, 2002

I read this in an old (July 16) Jeanette Walls column: Here’s a play the Scoop would pay big bucks to see: Catherine Zeta-Jones starring opposite Kevin Spacey in a musical version of “From Here to Eternity”? The Express on Sunday says the two are lined up to star in a stage version of the 1953 World War II flick, directed by Tim Rice. Alas, it’s not to be. “There’s no truth to that,” says Zeta-Jones’s rep. . . .

July 27, 2002

Pay It Forward chat Chat with the author of Pay It Forward, Catherine Ryan Hyde, tomorrow night (Sunday) at :

5:00 pm Pacific 6:00 pm Mountain 7:00 pm Central 8:00 pm Eastern

Picture of Kevin from the SKY TV magazine (UK), on the first page of the photographs section. It appears to have been taken at the Movieline awards a few months ago. Thanks to Vivienne (and her husband who was nice enough to scan it for all Spacey chest hair fans to enjoy!) The picture accompanies a blurb about the Bobby Darin movie. It also advertises PIF being on SKY TV.

Kevin was so cute as a baby, I’m going to leave that picture up for a few more days. There’s a new Spacey fan site.

July 26, 2002

It’s Kevin’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Kevin.

The baby picture above is thanks to Spacey fan Josie. It was taken from the UK DVD of Swimming With Sharks.

I have sent the birthday messages to Kevin’s PA. It’s out of our hands now. There were many messages and I’m sure Kevin would be touched by the sentiments shown.

Reviews for Austin Powers 3 are mixed, but Kevin’s opener is getting rave reviews, even if most of the critics aren’t naming names or even giving descriptions. I’ll post the one review that uses Kevin’s name, later today.

For KevieBear fans .. In an amazing coincidence, today is also KevieBear’s birthday! As happens every year, after his party his mother Caffeine takes his picture with some of his presents. That picture will be on KevieBear’s page this evening.

July 25, 2002

Austin Powers in Goldmember Many theaters are having advance screenings today. If someone sees it, let me know how Kevin did in the movie’s big “secret” intro.

Rumor, but no photographic evidence, has it that Kevin attended the post-premiere party for Goldmember the other night. Am I the only one who’s having a hard time remembering what he looks like?

Movie chat reminder Swimming With Sharks is Saturday night’s scheduled movie for chat. Why are Spacey extras on the UK DVD nowhere to be found on my US copy? Am I the only one who feels cheated when a DVD has no extras? I never felt that way with VHS tapes, but you sure get spoiled fast with those DVDs. Movie chat is 9pm eastern as always.

Kevin’s birthday The messages that have been sent for Kevin’s birthday message page have all been added to the page and I’ll continue to add any that come in through tomorrow. There have been quite a few so far. I added a Happy Birthday wav and some balloons at the bottom of the page. I’ll add a few more party-type graphics tonight. I’ll make the attempt to send the information to Kevin’s assistant in the morning.

July 24, 2002 – 

Just for Variety By Army Archerd GOOD MORNING: <snip> … At a party preceding the last Oscars, celebs were asked to autograph Banana Republic white shirts. Thesps including Tom Cruise, Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, Sharon Stone, Rob Lowe, etc. put their John Hancocks on the shirts that will now be auctioned, starting Aug. 13, on All proceeds go to the Entertainment Industry Foundation …

Old Vic sighting Kevin *was* in London at the Old Vic (the indoor place he was reported to have been seen, as mentioned in an earlier post). He was there for a meeting of the board. His name is in an article about the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Old Vic.

From Here To Eternity More talk of Tim Rice wanting Kevin for his new musical version of From Here To Eternity. Entertainment gossip columnist Jeanette Walls quotes a British theatre magazine called the Good Show as Rice wanting Kevin and Catherine Zeta-Jones but would settle for Madonna if CZJ isn’t available. DON’T DO IT KEVIN!

Thanks to Anonymous Tipster, Barrie and Kim for this morning’s items. ~

July 22, 2002 – 

E! Live From The Red Carpet:Goldmember E! is covering the premiere of Austin Powers in Goldmember, tonight from 10-11pm eastern. I have no idea if Kevin is expected to attend.

MYSTERY celebrates the birthday on August 13 of the “master of suspense” Alfred Hitchcock, with an eight-film marathon plus the Encore Original documentary “Dial H For Hitchcock: The Genius Behind the Showman” narrated by Kevin Spacey. There are other times and dates on the calendar page. (Thanks Meisje)

TRIO is also showing the episode of The Score with Kevin and Ted Demme during the next few weeks Thanks Kat).

July 20, 2002 – 

I guess it’s too late to inform the English fans that Swimming With Sharks is on TV tonight. Or maybe it’s not. It’s on channel 5 at 10:50pm.

July 18, 2002 –

Kevin’s Birthday One of Kevin’s fans has come up with a new idea for sending Kevin birthday wishes for his birthday next week. Click on the party above to take you to the information.

Movie chat reminder Now that I have reopened the chat room, The movie for Saturday night will be Looking For Richard. Swimming With Sharks has been rescheduled for next week.

July 16, 2002 – 

Premiere August 2002, Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix on the cover. Sam Mendes interview. Two small pictures of Kevin on pages 39 and 40. Page 39 is a movie still from American Beauty, Lester and Angela bathtub photo. Page 40 is Kevin and Sam Mendes at the 2000 Oscars. This is the Kevin Spacey part of the photo.

So far I haven’t found any pictures of Kevin in the gardening magazine I bought today.

July 15, 2002 – 

In Style August 2002, Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover. Kevin on page 204. Photo Album, Picture Perfect: Glamour shots are nice, but when we asked 13 stars for their favorite photos, they went for some with real meaning.

Kevin Spacey PHOTOGRAPHED BY HIS DAD, THOMAS FOWLER, ON THE SANTA MONICA PIER, 1963 PHOTOGRAPHED AT THE JUILLIARD SCHOOL, NEW YORK CITY, 1978 “My father took the picture on the left when I was 4 years old. I’m standing in front of an amusement park called P.O.P. It’s gone now, but the memories of the rides, lights and excitement still remain. In the second photograph I’m performing stand-up comedy. My favorite impression at the time was Johnny Carson. I find these photos hilarious side by side: the younger shot looks like the very first rehearsal of my Johnny Carson impression – the stiff neck, straight posture, tie and, of course, looking off-camera at a much younger Ed McMahon. I just wonder what happened to the blond hair. Actually, I just wonder what happened to the hair.”

I must be psychic. Kevin talks about the picture on the left in the Los Angeles magazine interview from 1999 that I put on the site last week.

July 14, 2002 – 

Movieline Yet another Spacey magazine tip. Some kind of pictures of Kevin getting the Movieline award thing a few months ago are in the current issue of Movieline. Issue with Beyonce Knowles on the cover. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.

Chat room The chat room is open again. If you had the old log-in page bookmarked, you’ll have to go through the entrance page on my site because the old room has been deleted and replaced with a new room. Next week’s movie will be Looking For Richard.

July 11, 2002 – 

Direct from the friend of a fan .. Kevin has been spotted in London! I think he’s been hiding from his fans so I won’t say where, but he was seen walking around indoors. Thanks Claire.

People magazine special edition  Kevin has also been spotted in a special edition magazine from People and it’s called 100 STARS OF OUR TIME. Kevin is one of those stars and I’ve been told there’s a sexy picture of him, although I haven’t seen the magazine and don’t know which picture they used. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks Alexandra. *Familiar but enjoyable picture of Kevin seated, leaning back, royal blue shirt, finger on his chin, looking off towards something past the camera. Page 66. $10 US and $16 Canadian.

Vanity Fair Kevin has ALSO been spotted in the August issue of Vanity Fair. Two pictures in the V.F. Camera section. Thanks Joyce. *I was able to get a quick glimpse inside the magazine at Barnes & Noble and what I did manage to find was a small b/w picture of Kevin sitting next to Helen Hunt on a page devoted to the Tribeca festival. It said they were jurors. Then I saw a small color picture of Kevin at a party. It was the usual shot of Kevin at a party. He was standing holding a glass of white wine and talking to someone, this time Phil Donahue.

I may need to make a page for magazines to be on the lookout for! It’s always feast or famine, isn’t it?

And don’t forget .. Kevin is supposed to be part of a pictorial in the August issue of In Style. In the section on celebs favorite photographs. The July issue is still on the stands here. As soon as I know what his favorite picture is of, and if it’s a picture of him, I’ll let you know.

July 10, 2002 – 

Cool Hand magazine August 2002 issue, Elizabeth Hurley on the cover. No picture of Kevin. Kevin mention on page 30:

Film Flukes. How accidental castings kicked-off the careers of some of our best known stars.

Frank Sinatra as Dirty Harry? Sylvester Stallone as Axel Foley? Gene Hackman as Hannibal Lector? Unlikely, but true, in the alternative universe that is … ACCIDENTAL HOLLYWOOD. Words by Mark King and Jon Hotten.

American Beauty Starred Kevin Spacey Could have starred Chevy Chase Unbelievable, but true: Sam Mendes’ sublime meditative movie about one man’s middle-age crisis was to have featured the star of National Lampoon’s Vacation. Chase is an amusing actor. Whether his trademark look of rubber-faced bemusement could have conveyed the requisite gravitas, however, is open to question …

Washington Post July 10, 2002, Style section. Page C7. This picture was in this morning’s paper along with a small article about A Time To Kill helping CBS get high ratings for Sunday night. The Post says ATTK was #2 for the week, but another local paper says it was #3. The picture is about 3″x6 1/2″.

I am waaay behind on the polls this week. I hope to have them updated by tonight if the computer cooperates this time.

Photo at There’s a new picture of Kevin at this morning. Go to, do a search of Kevin Spacey in the “K” list in the Celebrities section. It’s the first picture. It’s b/w and if you lean forward so that you’re right in front of the screen and you squint your eyes, you can see Kevin to the right of the photo. It’s Kevin arriving at the Movieline Awards back in May.

July 8, 2002 – 

The newest Spacey site to open is having their grand opening today. Kevin’s Korner is set to go.

July 5, 2002 – 

Movie chat reminder Saturday night’s movie will be Glengarry Glen Ross. As always, 9pm eastern at the Bravenet chat room.

Spacey pics There is a handful of pictures at the MPTF (Motion Picture & Television Fund) web site. If you look in the gallery section, you will find Kevin in the 2000 section, Kevin Spacey & Friends and the  Archived Photos section, Campus visits.

Thanks to Debi for steering me in that direction.

July 4, 2002 – 

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I was going to add a new Gazette headline and put in some cute holiday graphics here and there but it was just too hot to do much of anything last night and today but I know everyone can use their imaginations. I *did* get a new picture of KevieBear loaded onto his page, but that’s all. I’ll update all the polls and things tomorrow.

July 3, 2002 – 

The Declaration of Independence is going on the road. If it’s in your area, you can also see a tape of last year’s reading by celebrities such as Kevin Spacey.

According to the official site, when the actors gathered on July 4th, they also took part in a short film about the subject that was supposed to have been released in the Spring of 2002. There’s supposed to be behind-the-scenes video. *Link no longer works

I haven’t watched it yet so I don’t know if Kevin is seen or not.

July 1, 2002 – 

Kevin’s back in Hollywood. This was taken from the KSML:

Mon Jul 1,11:02 PM ET By Army Archerd, Daily Variety Senior Columnist HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Kevin Spacey did his (terrific) imitation of Johnny Carson as he joined “Yarmy’s Army” Sunday in the Samuel Goldwyn Theater at the Motion Picture and TV Home and Hospital. It was actor-writer Pat McCormick’s 75th birthday and his pals of the “Army” were there to brighten his day. McCormick, who was one of Carson’s chief writers, suffered a stroke and, sad to say has been silenced — but was able to laugh at the show his showbiz pals put on. Jack Riley hosted and those performing included Peter Marshall, Joanie Somers, Jim MacGeorge, Shelley Berman, Don Knotts, Tom Poston (there with wife Suzanne Pleshette), Sally Struthers, Howard Storm, Christopher Weeks and Larry White on piano. Reuters/Variety

No pictures of this at or Yahoo.

Movie chat The movie for Saturday’s movie chat will be Glengarry Glen Ross. Which brings me to this question for Kevin Spacey:

Kevin, was there supposed to be a point to HurlyBurly? What was it? Men on drugs are pigs and are tiresome creatures to behold? That was what I got out of it, but I feel that wasn’t what I was supposed to get from it. Explain it to me, please.

June 27, 2002 – 

TV sighting Kevin was briefly seen on EXTRA today, in a segment on movies being made in New York City. He was saying that the city isn’t a backlot, but was the real thing. Check your local listings for times in your area.

Movie chat reminder HurlyBurly is the movie for Saturday night’s movie chat. The last 2 times it was suggested as the movie for chat, I was the only one who showed up. If I’m the only one who shows up this time, I’m gonna watch Jim Williams instead. Same time as always. Link

June 25, 2002 – 

It’s always nice to see Kevin’s face in the morning paper, even if it’s a very tiny picture the size of my own thumbnail. Today’s Washington Post, Style section, page C3:

THE RELIABLE SOURCE by Lloyd Grove THIS JUST IN …  Forget Dick Cheney’s constant complaints about leaks. Yesterday New Line Cinema, citing everything but national security, pleaded with us not to publish details of the glitzy cameo appearances in “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” the studio’s summer blockbuster starring Mike Myers , which opens July 26. According to a source closely involved with the production, the opening sequence is an elaborate movie-within-a-movie featuring Tom Cruise as Austin Powers and Gwyneth Paltrow as the “busty babe” who keeps his mojo going. Danny DeVito plays Mini-Me and Kevin Spacey emotes as Dr. Evil. Director Steven Spielberg yells “cut,” and the real story begins. We hear other cameos include Ozzy Osbourne and his family, John Travolta and Nathan Lane . The print edition has a small box containing pictures of some of the actors mentioned and Kevin’s picture is the one I use on the main Polls page. Underneath the pictures it has this caption: The secret’s out, baby: Mike Meyers and some of the actors with cameos in his new movie. There is no picture included with the online version.

 © 2002 The Washington Post Company

Other stuff Kevin’s manager Joanne Horowitz accepted his Vision Award on Saturday. I saw an actual commercial on TV last night hawking the DVD sale and VHS rental release of The Shipping News! If I see it again tonight it will tie the number of times I saw an actual commercial for the movie when it was in the theaters: 2.

June 24, 2002 – 

I think I’ve figured out what the problem with the Guest map is. It appears that you have to fill in the comment section or it won’t let you leave a marker.

June 23, 2002 – 

Kevin (along with Andy Garcia) was named Film Artist of Vision at the 29th Annual Vision Awards. The Vision Awards honor visionaries in film, television, music, technology and leadership. The awards were hosted by Army Archerd in Beverly Hills, California. Congratulations Kevin. There are no pictures on that show Kevin attending the awards, but the function is listed under 29th Annual Vision Awards – Benefiting Retinitis Pigmentosa International.

Guest Map The map seems to be giving people problems today. With luck it will be working properly tomorrow.

Movie chat The movie for next Saturday’s movie chat will be HurlyBurly. Get your movie and join us.

June 21, 2002 – 

Movie chat reminder Tomorrow night’s movie for chat will be The Shipping News.

Special personal message for Kevin Spacey: I’m watching the Today show and after seeing Matt Lauer’s new haircut, I say DON’T DO IT KEVIN! That was a popular look for 9 year old boys back in the mid-1960s, but it was scary to see on a man Matt’s age.

Kevin’s 43rd birthday next month For all of you who have emailed me asking about sending cards or gifts to Kevin for his birthday, my attempts at going through “proper channels” have failed. Proper channels won’t get back to me with that information so I’m having to assume that perhaps they don’t want anyone sending any mail to Kevin at this time for some reason. Who knows? Save your money and buy yourself a soda when it’s hot and humid next month.

June 18, 2002 – 

GuestMap I added something called a GuestMap to the site yesterday. There’s a map and you put a marker where you’re from. Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t. My marker seems to be floating out to sea for some reason. The link is on the Map page.

June 15, 2002 –

Tonight’s movie will be everyone’s favorite, Pay It Forward. I had to rent this epic so *somebody* better show up!

The Negotiator makes it’s network TV debut tomorrow night on .. CBS? Check your TV guide or one of the Spacey forums for more details.

I only have about 120 more pages to go and then I’ll have re-saved all the pages and the banners should be showing their text.

June 13, 2002 – 

I found this in the current issue (July 2002, Britney Spears on the cover) of In Style magazine: Coming next month – Stars’ favorite pictures. The photos that mean the most to Susan Sarandon, Kevin Spacey, Minnie Driver and more.. August issue on sale July 19.

The July issue just hit the stands here so that date may be when they mail out home subscriptions. Be on the lookout for the August issue soon.

June 12, 2002 – 

There was an interesting article in the LA Times a few days ago about Dep Kirkland, the prosecutor in the first trial of Jim Williams (KS in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) and how he’s decided to become a writer/actor in Hollywood.

Thanks, Lady Di.

Uncle Frank Kevin Spacey/Trigger Street produced Uncle Frank won (in a tie) the Joe Jarvis Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary at the fifth annual Newport International Film Festival. Thanks to Carole at the KSML.

June 11, 2002 – 

Saturn Awards Update It pains me greatly to share this news with Kevin’s fans. However, I’m sure everyone can take it. Kevin has not won the Saturn Award for his portrayal of prot in K-PAX. Instead the award has gone to .. has gone to .. I can’t say the name! Let me just say it rhymes with Bruise and he was honored for his work in Vanilla Sky, of all things. Has anyone actually seen that? Thank you anonymous Spacey tipster.

Here’s some Spacey snippage from Vanity Fair magazine, thanks to an anonymous snipper!

Vanity Fair July 2002 Dominick Dunne’s Diary <snip> I flew out to Los Angeles for one night to attend Billy Wilder’s memorial service at the Motion Picture Academy on Wilshire Boulevard. Billy was 95, and most of his director friends are dead, but he had kept up with the young directors and actors he admired, such as Cameron Crowe and Curtis Hanson, and Kevin Spacey and Billy Bob Thornton, as well as with such members of the Old Guard as Sidney Poitier, Tony Curtis, Stanley Donen, George Schlatter, Samuel Goldwyn Jr., Larry Gelbart, and Jerry Moss. <snip> Later there was a dinner for 30 at Le Dome on Sunset Boulevard.  <snip> Kevin Spacey, who had delivered much of his eulogy in a Billy Wilder-type German accent, briefly sat on my other side. That day Robert Blake had tried to get released on bail on the grounds that he was dyslexic and couldn’t read the thousands of pages of paper his lawyer had sent him.  The judge denied his request. Spacey told me he had recently attended an acting class conducted by the famous teacher Milton Katselas in order to watch a certain scene.  He looked behind him, and there was Robert Blake, who winked at him in recognition.  Blake’s eyes looked haunted, said Spacey.  A few days later, Blake was arrested for the murder of his scam-artist wife, Bonny Lee Bakley.

Pages 93 and 95. No picture of Kevin, but the line Kevin Spacey delivered much of his eulogy in a German accent. is highlighted by being enlarged and German accent is in red. Tonight on CBS, 8pm  AFI’s 100 Years .. 100 Passions. Henry & June and Working Girl are supposed to be mentioned. Thanks to Barrie.

Attention KevieBear fans KevieBear hopes to meet with his agent, Rat Bastard, and his manager Floanne by the end of the coming weekend.

June 8, 2002 – 

Ok, June isn’t shaping up to be a great month for me either. Site wise, some of the hyperlinks for various pages seem to have disappeared from random places, which has me totally confused. Some of the poll responses from the past week never showed up after I loaded the updates and so on. I can only hope that the page theme hasn’t vanished from some pages. (The banner text has now reappeared. I’m glad of that!) It’s gone again. I give up if it reappears and then disappears again.

On the other hand we have actual Spacey news!! Kevin *won’t* be in front of the camera for Elling. Liz Smith again:

Liz Smith, Thursday, June 6, 2002 THAT AMERICAN beauty, Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, tells us he won’t star in the remake of the little film “Elling.” But his company is producing …

There’s a picture of Kevin at the Tribeca Film Festival at the link above. Thanks to whoever sent me that. It’s slim pickins these days.

Movie chat reminder: Tonight’s movie will be A Time To Kill, postponed from an earlier date. Next week will be everyone’s favorite, Pay It Forward. Chat is at 9pm EST as always.

More actual Spacey related news – (major snipping here for time reasons)

Los Angeles Times – Saturday, June 8, 2002 Falcon Theatre Taps ‘Cobb’ to Lead Off Subscription Season By DON SHIRLEY, Times Staff Writer

The Falcon Theatre in Burbank will produce its first subscription season, which will include the Los Angeles premiere of Lee Blessing’s “Cobb,” which played off-Broadway last year … “Cobb” (Sept. 14 through Oct. 6), produced in association with Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions, revolves around the life story of baseball legend Ty Cobb, with three actors playing the title role at different ages.

June 6, 2002 –  Happy Birthday Bonnie!

June 5, 2002 – Happy 14th Birthday Margie. May the Spacey force be with you.

June 4, 2002 – 

I’ve been away the past few days attending a graduation and now I’m home and very tired and am once again backed up on my site emails and polls and will get around to all of that soon.

Got a new picture of KevieBear. KevieBear should use sunscreen. ~

Is he/ain’t he? This is totally different than the last report that Kevin was going to produce and *not* act in this film:

Liz Smith, May 3, 2002 Just can’t get enough of that Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey! Don’t just whisper the name. The two-time Oscar winner and his Trigger Street Productions have bought the remake rights to a movie titled Elling. This little flick from First Look Pictures was nominated last year for the best foreign film Oscar. (It won prizes at the Roman Nordic, San Sebastian and Stockholm film festivals.) Now Kevin is casting himself in the title role and doing it over for a big version.

May 31, 2002 – 

The new Spacey poll seems to be very popular. I still have more responses to load.

Movie reminder – Tomorrow night’s movie chat will be hosting a birthday selection. American Beauty. I had to rent it. I hope it doesn’t make my DVD player explode.

Empire I loaded another “new” article into the articles section. Empire magazine from February of 2000. Another big thanks to Jaye for supplying that.

From the KSML – No Kevin in this movie:

Spacey Remakes Norwegian Pic Thu May 30, 9:49 PM ET By Charles Lyons and Michael Fleming NEW YORK (Variety) – Kevin Spacey is developing an English-language remake of “Elling,” a heartwarming Norwegian drama that was nominated for the foreign-language Oscar this year. Spacey, who optioned the rights via his Trigger Street Prods. banner, will not act in the film. Based on the bestselling comic novel by Ingvar Ambjoernsen, “Elling” centers on two misfits — the shy, neurotic Elling and the loud, sex-obsessed Kjell Bjarne. After two years in a state home, the two become close friends and are released to the real world (news – Y! TV). The Petter Naess-helmed film opened May 29 in Gotham, and will expand throughout the country in June and July. An English-language version of another Norwegian film, the psychological thriller “Insomnia,” bowed strongly in theaters last weekend. May 30, 2002 –

Biography The readers of Biography magazine have voted Russell Crowe the Favorite Best Actor Oscar Winner of All Time. Russell snagged almost 1000 votes, but our Kevin came in 6th, with 91 votes. (Thanks Meisje)

May 29, 2002 – 

Total Film My brain can’t seem to handle the simplest task this week. You should now be able to find a usable link to the Total Film article from a few years ago. Once again, thanks to Jaye. One of these days I’m going to have to sort out the interviews and put them in the right order!

May 28, 2002 – 

Spacey Gazette It was hard to do but I took down the Spacey Gazette with Miss Marple on it. The current one is from May of last year. I’ll change it when I have a new one to replace it with.

Online poll Kevin’s fans love to vote for him in polls and here’s a new one (Thanks to Barrie):

Magazine I’ve added a magazine interview to the Interviews section. It’s Total Film from 2 years ago. Thanks to Jaye for that addition. MAJOR plot spoilers for Se7en and The Usual Suspects, so be warned if you haven’t seen either of those movies.

The J word Yesterday while shopping for graduation cards at the local Hallmark store, my sister pointed out to me a picture frame that had the words It’s not the destination it’s the journey. embossed on the front. Then I came across a photo album that had something like Life is the journey, not the destination. on the cover and then this morning my horoscope in the paper said to Prepare yourself for the journey!. I blame Kevin Spacey for this. I never heard that word used so much until Kevin used it in an interview. It makes my flesh crawl! Is there anyone to call to make this stop??

May 26, 2002 – 

I’m totally backed up on Spacey updates so I’m just going to start fresh with what I have today. I added a picture of Kevin at the Tribeca Film Festival to the first page of photos in the Photographs section, along with a few other pictures. That picture is on page 26 of the May 24, 2002 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The American Experience episode that Kevin was part of is supposed to be on PBS tonight as part of their Memorial Day programming. Kevin read several of the letters in the documentary War Letters. Check your local listing for time and repeats.

American Beauty will be next week’s movie for chat. That reminds me, there was an article/interview with Alan Ball in the Washington Post this morning.

Here’s a link for some very nice Spacey pictures from a few months ago. Be sure to scroll down to the TSN pics (Thanks to Shirl at the FAM):

We need a new magazine interview with some new pictures. Kevin needs to take some time away from peeling the onion of his journey and send the elevator back down to the floor his fans are waiting on. Give us just a tiny morsel to survive on, Kev. You could talk about being the shepherd again. Or maybe you could send us all a postcard in your free time.

I’m going to change the Spacey Gazette in a few days. Anyone who wants to see a few more pictures of Marple can find them on a new page I made. I want to thank everyone again for the nice things they had to say this past week. It was greatly appreciated.

May 22, 2002 – 

“Yesterday morning a beloved Spacey fan passed away from kidney failure. Her name was Miss Marple, and she was a British Shorthair/Persian mix. Never has there been a cat with more of an endearing personality or as much spirit as Miss Marple. She has been an active part of each Spacey chat and movie chat. She will be greatly missed.”

I want to thank Margie for writing that up for me because I wanted to tell people about Marple since so many fans had asked about her over the past several months and I couldn’t seem to come up with anything myself. And I want to add that Miss Marple had a huge presence for such a small cat and she left this world with a touch of drama befitting someone of her  stature. She was 18 years old.

May 20, 2002 – 

The movie for chat on Saturday will be K-PAX. There’s a new fan review on the K-PAX fan reviews page.

Spacey fan Meisje shares her brush with Spacey greatness in the Meeting Room of the Spacey Gallery and Bonnie has loaned some of her Spacey artwork to the Artists Gallery but I haven’t had a chance to add it yet. Link to the Spacey Gallery on the Map page.

Announcement:  28th annual Saturn Awards.  June 10.   Presented by the Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror. 7 p.m., St. Regis Hotel, Century City. (Kevin was nominated for his portrayal of Prot in K-PAX. I don’t know if Kevin is scheduled to attend.))

May 17, 2002 – 

Movie reminder Saturday night’s movie for chat will be A Bug’s Life. Everyone’s favorite grasshopper tries to find food for his family while battling the evil blue ants. Movie chat starts at 9pm, movie starts at 9:15. Grab the golden ticket on the movie chat schedule page and join us.

Variety – May 16, 2002 HBO gets ‘Frank’ over Spacey doc at fest By Michael Fleming Fresh off its Tribeca Film Fest premiere, the Kevin Spacey-produced docu “Uncle Frank” has been acquired by HBO for broadcast in 2003. Fest has been drawing critical accolades, based on the turnout of big films, stars and crowds that helped fill downtown restaurants and stores hurting for customers since Sept. 11. But if another measure of a festival’s value is a film’s ability to showcase for a distrib deal, Spacey, whose Trigger Street shingle produced the docu, was pleased to have a hand in its first pact. Trigger Street’s Gotham office is in Tribeca, and Spacey was very visible at the fest. Docu unspooled last Saturday, and Sheila Nevins, HBO’s exec veep of Original Programming, saw it and quickly acquired it. “Trigger Street Prods. is delighted that our first feature documentary has been shown such faith and enthusiasm by HBO, and we look forward to a continuing relationship with them,” said Spacey. “We were also very excited to be the first film acquired at the Tribeca Film Festival.” Docu was directed by Matthew Ginsburg, who trailed his 85-year-old great uncle Frank Pour on his musical journey through his golden years. Frank lives in the once booming mill town of Rome, N.Y., with his wife of 39 years. A machinist who was forced into retirement, Frank taught himself to play keyboards and volunteered his vocal talents to a nearby nursing home. Soon, he was touring all of them in the area, becoming a local hero in the process. WMA and Doug Stone brokered the docu deal.

May 15, 2002 – 

I’ve told people for a long time now that I’d put a section on the site for the fan’s artwork and poems and things using Kevin as their inspiration and I finally have a place made.

The Kevin Spacey Fine Arts Gallery will be where these things will end up. For now it’s just getting started. I’ll need to add some kind of form for submitting things, but for now anyone who’s inclined can use either the feedback form or send me an email. The webmaster addy is on the entrance page.

May 14, 2002 – 

There’s a b/w picture of Kevin with Chelsea Clinton back in February in the Style section of today’s Washington Post newspaper. Page C3.

Corbis has added a picture of Kevin and his mother from the other day. Do an image search of Kevin Spacey in either the Sygma Collection or the Sygma Collection archives.

May 13, 2002 – 

Kevin and his mother attended the closing night ceremonies for the Tribeca Film Festival last night. There are 2 thumbnail pictures of them at and there’s one new picture of Kevin at Yahoo. He’s presenting an award. My computer just won’t let me save Yahoo shots for some reason. Plus, I saw Kevin being interviewed at the About a Boy premier the first night of the festival, last night on AMC’s Behind The Screen. Just a few brief comments on the importance of the festival for NYC and the Tribeca area.

Today was supposed to be the day I put the new Kevin Spacey Fine Arts Gallery page on the site, but yesterday evening a 20 year old maple tree fell on our house during a brief but very intense, windy storm and after that, I just didn’t have the concentration needed. I’ll try to get it together while we’re waiting for the insurance and tree removal people.

May 12, 2002 – 

Happy Mother’s Day

Some of Kevin’s fans had a chance to see and speak to Kevin yesterday at the screening of Uncle Frank at the Tribeca Film Festival. Kevin’s mother also attended. Online rumors of her demise have been greatly exaggerated. Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Fowler.

I’ll update the polls and other fan related stuff later. I stayed too long at the chat last night and now I’m too tired.

May 10, 2002 – 

More Spacey pictures at today. This time Kevin’s backstage at the MTV Rock and Comedy Concert at the Tribeca Film Festival. I’m not sure what MTV or a rock and comedy concert have to do with the film festival but according to the schedule in the NY Times yesterday, part of this will be seen on MTV on some future date.

Corbis has finally added a few new Spacey pics. From the film festival, of course.

May 9, 2002 – 

Help a fan One of the other fans is looking for a source for the SEE magazine that is on Photographs page #5. It’s the June 2000 issue and Kevin is wearing a dark blue pullover, his hair is fuller and his right hand is laying over his left shoulder. If anyone has that, would you drop me a line telling me if there’s any back-ordering info in the magazine or if the magazine is online? Thanks.

More pictures at today. There are pictures of Kevin arriving at the About A Boy premiere and they’ve added more pictures of Kevin from his Movieline award the other day. Some pictures of him with the award and then at the party.

Yahoo has added a few pictures of Kevin at the opening ceremony for the Tribeca Film Festival. One shows President Clinton hugging him again. Spacey search in the News photos as always.

y 8, 2002 – 

Pictures There are pictures (teeny thumbnails) of Kevin at the Vanity Fair party at the Tribeca Film Festival last night at .There were 11 there earlier today. Looks like a very swanky party. Did our invitations get lost in the mail again?

Kevin took his mom to the Movieline awards the other day. Maybe she cut his hair before they left his place. He’s shorn so closely that in the picture above, you can see his skin through the hair, and I don’t mean the bald spot! Did he cut off his below-the-ear curls for a charity raffle?

May 7, 2002 – 

I just caught Kevin being interviewed on the first repeat of last night’s E! News Daily. Near the end of the show. He was talking in a clip showing what was coming on after the commercials and then he was seen after the portion that showed Tony nominations, however he’s just seen in this part. It’s about his Young Hollywood award. He’s called a 43 year old actor and then they switch to Sarah Michelle Gellar talking about how she feels old (compared to all those young actors) so you can imagine how old Kevin Spacey felt!

Happy Birthday Karen!

May 6, 2002 – 

More photos at Many more photos from yesterday. Click on all the stacks of pictures from Movieline. There may be something about that on all the entertainment news shows tonight. Check out Extra because they were a sponsor of the event.

Good Morning America Kevin is scheduled to be on GMA in the morning to discuss the Tribeca Film Festival. GMA is on from 7am – 9am EST. I don’t know when he’s supposed to be on.

4th Annual Movieline Young Hollywood Awards – May 5, 2002

Kevin was awarded the Young Hollywood’s Role Model award. He attended the presentation and the party afterwards. There are pictures at (click on the awards and the post-show party photos) and at Yahoo. News photos search.

Kevin’s hair is very short now. Why did he flatten out that adorable poofy hair thing on the top of his head??

May 3, 2002 – 

If you’ve clicked on any of the K-PAX Pay Per View banners I have up, they now take you to a new link. They will take you to the K-PAX site and there’s a new link on that main page that will take you to the listings for the K-PAX props that are up for auction on eBay.

Mack the Knife Kevin Spacey set to play Bobby Darin in biopic Kevin Spacey is preparing to play Bobby Darin in a biopic backed by Warner Bros. Arthur Freedman is producing the story from a script by Frank Carcaterra who created Sleepers for Barry Levinson. Filming on Mack The Knife has been held back until next spring when Spacey ends his sabbatical from movie work. Drew Barrymore has been pencilled in to play Darin’s actress wife Sandra Dee. Darin had two number ones with Dream Lover and Mack The Knife in 1959. He died at the age of 37 following open heart surgery. An insider told Ananova: “All that remains to be seen is whether Kevin wants to sing. He’s nervous about the idea. “He’s keen on taking lessons but we may have to go with some of Darin’s original material.”

Thanks Kathy and Isobel.

Guest Book I surrender to the guest book gods! I give up trying to fix it. Instead I have moved all the old messages to the Old Guest Book and have deleted and replaced the guest book. I decided to try a new theme on the new guest book and have changed the way the messages appear (I hope). From now on, new messages should appear first, instead of last (if I did it right).

Tribeca Film Festival I checked their website. While they have t-shirts, hats and coffee mugs for sale, nothing says anything about seeing Kevin Spacey weep. They dropped the ball on that little moneymaker!

In Style May 2002 (UK edition) There’s a picture of Kevin and Judi Dench after the BAFTAs in this issue of the magazine. Thanks Karen.

I’ve had this crazy idea. On the Jeff Bridges official site, it says that if you send Jeff something to be autographed, such as a photo, he will definitely return it (eventually). Now I was thinking .. some of you remember me mailing off an 8×10 color glossy of Kevin from LAC, to Kevin at his agency (photo mailer, self-addressed and stamped return photo mailer envelope) with a request that it be autographed and returned to me. I told everyone that I predicted it would take 6 months to a year to be returned and that I had added extra postage to the return envelope in case the postal rates went up again before I got it back .. ha ha ha .. and now 3 years later, it’s not looking very promising.

So, what if I found another copy of that beautiful photo of Kevin in the crisp white shirt somewhere and mailed it to Jeff Bridges along with a reminder of the entertaining question of mine that he answered on the AOL chat that time during the K-PAX press stuff? Do you think *he* would autograph it and send it back to me? I’m sure he can scribble the traditional K Spy signature that many of us are familiar with, if not the Kvn Spcy that others have seen. The big blank spot in the LAC section of my scrapbook is starting to bother me again.

May 2, 2002 – 

Movie chat The movie for Saturday will be A Time To Kill.

There were no pictures of Kevin arriving at the Billy Wilder tribute on today. He must have snuck in the back again.