December 31, 2002

Message to D. – There’s been almost nothing to report about The United States of Leland so far. I have a page ready but have virtually no information to put on it. If Kevin or any of his people ever comment on the planned boycott of the movie, I’ll be more than happy to report it.

Connie Chung interview If you missed Kevin on the Connie Chung Tonight show last night, the transcript is online at CNN. Scroll down that page for Kevin’s part.

I’ll post that on my site tonight (with a few corrections that need to be made). This interview was part repeat, part other stuff. *No time tonight, maybe tomorrow.

I added a few more items to the January calendar.

December 30, 2002

Lots of Spacey stuff on the calendar for the new year. With his new movie coming out in less than 2 months, Kevin will likely be doing all sorts of interviews. Check the calendar page for some of the TV and magazine stuff. There are so many of his movies on the TV schedule for January that I didn’t bother listing them.

December 29, 2002

Pashmina intelligentsia?? Here’s an article to finish out the year.

Guess who I ran into at the party… The Usual Suspect! London has taken double-Oscar winning Hollywood star Kevin Spacey to its heart – and the feeling’s mutual. Simon Mills Saturday December 28 2002 The Guardian There he is at Old Vic director Sally Greene’s annual bash; or perhaps that’s him having a few discreet drinks at London’s Groucho Club; or maybe he’s the one down in Bermondsey for an opening by little-known artist Sacha Jafri. Yes, Zelig-like, Kevin Spacey – the double-Oscar winning Hollywood star – now appears to be everywhere in London. No party is complete without him. In the past six months Spacey has become the must-have guest at any high-profile London function, and every charity wants to co-opt him on to its committee. He appears on Radio Four, attends political conferences (Labour, naturally, where he turned up as Bill Clinton’s Hollywood arm candy) and runs with the capital’s pashmina intelligentsia. Certainly, over the latter part of 2002, Spacey has pulled off a high intensity of social activity, earning a reputation as a sort of highbrow male version of Lady Victoria Hervey.

There he is teaming up with Bono to host his own party for the launch of, his independent filmmaker’s website; or hanging out with his actor mate Nick Moran at the private members’ bar Adam Street; or linking up with Elton John to stage a star-studded fund-raising concert at the Old Vic. The man is unstoppable. No wonder one London wag has nicknamed him ‘Hyper Spacey’.  According to his new London friends, who include Trudie Styler, Peter Mandelson, Judi Dench, Sam Mendes and Helena Bonham Carter, Spacey is a veritable champagne polymath, who not only ‘gives good party’ but is also a talented mimic, a political lobbyist and a terrific singer. ‘He is hugely charismatic,’ says his friend Greene, who first met Spacey when he came to the Old Vic to perform The Iceman Cometh back in 1998. ‘Kevin has that incredible knack of making everybody he meets feel special.’  ‘He’s charming, approachable, urbane and very, very funny,’says Nick Moran, star of  Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, the London gangster movie. ‘He’s very gregarious. After an hour in a bar he’ll be on first-name terms with the bar staff. I think he likes it in London because unlike LA it’s not all work, work, work. It’s a bit less stuffy and he feels he can let his hair down.’

Not everyone is impressed by him, however. One Londoner who met Spacey recently said: ‘There’s something a bit dark and sinister about the way he speaks – this measured, over-enunciated, self-conscious manner which I find a bit creepy and affected. He’s very good value though; I’ll give him that.’  Not everyone recognises him either. On one occasion, the actress Sienna Miller was sitting next to Spacey at a bar. She had just seen The Usual Suspects and was excited to find herself close to one of the film’s stars.  Approaching him she said: ‘I just wanted to say I can’t believe I’m sitting in a bar drinking champagne next to Kevin Bacon.’ ‘Spacey,’ said Kevin. ‘Yeah, it is, isn’t it?’ said Miller.

Perhaps parallels can be made between self-confessed Anglophile Spacey and Madonna, who cruised into the UK in a self-conscious blaze of tweed and beery pub lunches back in the late Nineties and thrilled the UK by adopting London as her main home. But Madonna’s transformation from New Yawker to Olde Worlde Londoner didn’t amuse us for long. Her Dick Van Dyke accent, clumsy tendency for rhyming slang and urban shooting gear seemed forced and unnatural.  ‘You can see why London has fallen for him,’ says Ben Elliot, who was on the committee for the Old Vic fundraiser. ‘There aren’t many contemporary Oscar-winning Hollywood actors who spend so much time in London. And he’s really put the time in too – he comes to all our committee meetings and he really cares about the upkeep of the theatre. Crucially, he’s not afraid to get up on stage and camp it up – make a bit of a fool of himself. People in London love a big star game for a laugh.’

Spacey has long been enamoured of the London scene. His parents brought him to the capital as a child and in the mid-Eighties, as a young, aspiring actor, he once gate-crashed a seminar given by the director Jonathan Miller – a long-time hero – by pinching an invitation from a woman in the queue in front of him. He met Miller, impressed him and later landed a supporting role alongside another hero, Jack Lemmon, in the play Long Day’s Journey Into Night, directed by Miller. Spacey was penniless at the time and Lemmon let him sleep on the floor of his room at the Savoy.  He can pay for his own room at the Savoy these days and he’s having a ball as the toast of London’s social whirl. ‘If I’m sick of me, I can only imagine how other people must feel,’ he likes to say. We say: enjoy it while it lasts, Hyper Spacey. Copyright Guardian Newspapers Limited

Thanks for that link, Borislava.

Come Together For Christmas, I received the John Lennon tribute concert Kevin hosted, on DVD. I’m sad to report that they drastically shortened the big finish. That was such an exuberant number and I’d hoped they’d left it intact for all the people who didn’t have the chance to see it when the show ran over it’s scheduled time.

December 26, 2002

Happy Holidays! Good news. Just in time for the hoped for wave of press for Kevin’s next movie, my scanner now works. I ended up having to buy new software that made it work with the dreaded XP and it is ready to go. Now I just wait for something to scan.

As we quickly approach the new year, I grow weary of reporting on anything that has the words Trigger Street in it. This is a fan site for an actor, not a businessman. I don’t care how many dimples the businessman has. This next news piece is going to be the last TS thing I post. I mean it! The elevator stops here. In this article we’re told Kevin and his production company are going to make corporate security films with an ex-con computer hacker. Thanks for the link, Borislava:

**Ok, so this wasn’t the last Trigger Street mention I ever used.

American Masters Kevin is scheduled to be on this PBS show next month. Check the calendar page for time and date. Thanks to Sonja Maria of the Legacy-Unleashed email group.

December 23, 2002

There’s a new trailer for The Life of David Gale. The link is on the David Gale news page. Thanks to Marla (, Ruth ( and Azur.

December 21, 2002

How do they know who voted? The Irish republican rallying cry “A Nation Once Again” was named Friday as the world’s all-time favorite song, after a global poll by the BBC. I’ve never heard the song myself, but according to an article at Yahoo! Kevin voted for ‘Mack The Knife’. This was a strange poll in my opinion. They claim ‘Girl From Ipanema’ got the most votes from the US.

December 19, 2002

A very Happy Birthday to my sister Suzanne, who wishes to remain anonymous!

Spacey TV One of Kevin’s fans caught another interview on TV yesterday. Kevin was hawking again. Since the fan was busy with something else, she missed part of the interview but this is what she remembers:

While trying to ignore the noise from an overhead TV that nobody seemed to be watching, I heard someone saying something about the “star of American Beauty” and looked up to see Kevin being interviewed about It was the usual stuff. But the reporter concluded the segment by saying that Kevin told her he took a year off and he is pleased not to be in the Oscar race this year and that his new movie will miss the deadline for consideration for this year’s Academy Awards. The reporter said that she hadn’t noticed that Kevin took a year off and wondered if Kevin fell in the forest would anyone hear him fall?  She was kidding around with him prior to this part saying that she hadn’t been aware he took a year off and why didn’t he announce it?  He said he did but maybe nobody noticed…he added that he has been busy launching his web site.

I think the show was ‘Good Day Live’. There was a short discussion about the ‘United States of Leland’ but just between the reporters and mostly to add that Kevin had two movies coming out soon.  I think they may have reviewed it prior to Kevin’s interview but I had successfully tuned the show out and missed it. ~

Thank you very much for that, Lynne. I never had a clue he was on TV yesterday. Kevin really needs to let us know when he’s going to be on TV, doesn’t he? This brings up the interesting piece that was mentioned today on the IMDB news page (Thanks to Barrie at Double Exposure and Tools1 @ the Perch). They claim Kevin has said he’s going to take the next year off to spend time with family, friends and his website. I don’t see it, myself. Considering he took off *this* year, I was pretty busy trying to keep up on the site. He works hard when he takes time off it seems.

December 18, 2002

Sad news James Hazeldine, one of Kevin’s The Iceman Cometh co-stars, has died. He portrayed Harry Hope. He was 55 years old.

Biography Kevin is to be the cover boy for the February issue of Biography magazine. (Thanks to Anne at the Legacy-Unleashed email group.) Sounds like someone has a movie coming out soon!

Premiere There’s a small picture of Kevin in Glengarry Glen Ross which I’ll try to scan tomorrow. The scanner will scan pictures now (if I cross my fingers and whistle at the moon while standing on my head) but won’t scan text. I have to get this taken care of before the PR for David Gale starts.

December 17, 2002

Kevin is either in London, Los Angeles or New York City today. There are conflicting reports.

December 16, 2002

Is Windows XP compatible with ANYTHING?? So far the only program or external component I’ve been able to get to work with this thing is the program I use for my site and the zip drive. The scanner won’t work in spite of the fact that it’s supposed to be compatible and efforts to download upgrades have failed. My photo program is compatible, but won’t read the zip drive and without the scanner and the zip drive I can’t do pictures because all my Spacey pictures are on a zip disk and I can’t scan text from magazine interviews if the scanner won’t work. I can burn CDs but that doesn’t really help when it comes to doing Spacey updates, does it?

I’ve also been having some kind of weird problem with seeing the News page. A problem which can only be seen by people who seem to have either the same XP problems I have or are having upgraded AOL troubles.

Santa better bring me one of those new Kevin Spacey DVDs for Christmas is all I have to say.

I’ve updated the polls, the mail is taking a bit longer.

December 12, 2002

Variety  Mon., Dec. 9, 2002 Bargains galore benefit Project Angel Bening, Hutton honored with awards By KIRSTIN SWANSON Savvy bargain-hunters have learned after 10 years that the best place to shop for Christmas presents is Project Angel Food’s Divine Design, held at Barker Hangar. Items ranging from Barbie dolls to complete living room sets are donated and sell for 50% or more off retail while raising money for an org that prepares and delivers more than 1,200 free meals to people living with HIV/AIDS throughout Los Angeles. At Thursday’s grand opening, Annette Bening received the Woman of Style award from Kevin Spacey, while Lauren Hutton was feted with the Humanitarian Award. As the event centered on shopping, Winona Ryder jokes were center stage. “On Monday, you can actually go in and take the stuff,” said emcee Eric McCormack. “We call it ‘Winona Monday.’ ” Merchandise started at 50% off on Friday and graduated to 90% off on Sunday. 


Holiday wishes for Kevin A few fans have asked me if I’m going to do some kind of Christmas/New Year’s greetings for Kevin Spacey page the way I did for Kevin’s birthday. The answer to that is no. I enjoyed doing that in the past, but since I don’t know if he ever saw the birthday messages (and there were many) I’m not sure that there’s any point in going to the trouble. Some day I hope we’ll be able to do the “Neckties for Kevin birthday” campaign, though.

Bald spots I forgot to mention that Kevin proudly showed his bald spot on that show on Tech TV yesterday. A little something for the bald spot fans out there. Thanks, Kev. It gives people something to talk about while we wait for another movie.

December 11, 2002

Guest Book I *think* the Guest Book is working again now. I won’t know until someone comes along and uses it.

Feedbacks Message to anonymous – I had an email from someone who’s not the PA, I didn’t read it in an article.

Movies Mark this one off of your upcoming Spacey projects list. Kevin is *not* going to be in The Shadow Box.

Guest Book I’m working on fixing the Guest Book today. I’ve moved all of the old messages to a new page and will have to delete the old page and then put in a new one and all of that kind of thing so there may be a new Guest Book later, and there may not be.

December 10, 2002

Kevin on TechTV again! Fresh Gear at 7:30am and 6:30pm (Eastern) tomorrow, that’s Wednesday.

Thanks, anonymous tipster.

There’s good news and not so good news. First the good news .. I’m almost completely back online with a brand new, expensive processor. All thanks go to my father who was planning to use that money to fund his retirement in a few months.

Now for the bad news .. since my entire hard drive was destroyed by a virus apparently sent by an email to one of my AOL accounts, I have lost all of the AOL folders I used for storing things I was going to use for the web site.

That means, if you have sent me a picture to use in the fan gallery or sent a movie review or a fan story for the Spacey gallery or anything else like that and it hasn’t shown up on the site yet, I’m very sorry but it’s gone. If you want to send it to me again, I’ll try to get it posted as soon as possible.

If you sent me a lovely email when my poor, sweet cat Miss Marple died, I’m sad to say I saved those to print out at a later date and those are gone as well. It makes me feel a little sick.

If you sent me an obnoxious, rude or profanity-laden email or feedback, that’s gone too. I used to save those in a Spacey Nuts folder to read when I was feeling irritable and crabby and wanted to feel even worse. All gone now!

The PA turned business partner can breathe easily now too. Not only is his feedback about the postcard debacle gone, so is his email addy which I can’t remember on my own. Crap!

Plus, the new processor isn’t recognizing my scanner, which is odd since they were made by the same company, but I’m hoping that is something that can be fixed by downloading something from their website. If Kevin would just cooperate and not do anything for a few more days, I might be caught up and have everything loaded and working again.

The chat room is still open on Tuesday nights, by the way. I think we’ll plan a movie chat for the first Saturday after Christmas if anyone is free. We may have some new stuff to watch!

I am working on fixing the Guest Book. First I have to transfer the old messages to a new page and then delete the old book and then make a new one and upload it and well, it can take a while.

December 8, 2002

Here’s some of the Spacey news from the past week:

David Gale wallpaper The official site has wallpaper. Look under downloads. Thanks to Jaye.

K-Pax Producer Sues Universal There’s a small article on the K-PAX news page.

Spacey donations Kevin, along with many other prominent names in the entertainment industry, was named in a three page ad from The Motion Picture & Television Fund Foundation as one of their $50,000+ Campaign Sponsors.  The ad was placed in both Variety & The Hollywood Reporter. It reads:  1st page: In a town that’s always off the record, we’re not afraid to name names… 2nd & 3rd page spread: The Motion Picture & Television Fund Foundation warmly thanks the following members of our industry for their generosity in taking care of our own.  $50,000+ Campaign Sponsors (The list of names follows) At the bottom it reads, We appreciate your support!

Pics Another link for a few pics of Kevin in London for his party thanks to Amy.

Radio One of the UK fans sent me a brief synopsis of Kevin’s radio interview with Steve Wright. I don’t know when it will show up in the archives for the radio program. Thanks Vivienne! –

Kevin  was asked if he really was Prot and if he really died. To which he replied words to the effect that Steve should see the film and decide for himself. Steve said he was asking Kevin, and Kevin said Steve really didn’t want to do any work at the movies. We then had all the stuff about Trigger Street. Steve asked Kevin if he’d brought Legacy with him, to which Kevin replied that after 11th December, the quarantine regulations would be relaxed and he could do so instead of having to visit Battersea Dogs Home to get another one each time he came over. They both agreed the Dogs Home was great and Steve had got a cat from there.  Steve asked Kevin whether he drove the Mini Cooper (that Kevin won at an auction last year) around London and he said it had now become the official car of the Old Vic. He said he wasn’t going to do any filming until late Spring next year. He was asked if he considered himself an honorary Brit, to which he replied that he was only in it for the knighthood. He then signed off as Michael Caine. There was also a lot of laughing and giggling during the interview.

TV Kevin was interviewed by Connie Chung, which I missed completely. There’s a transcript here.

Live appearances Kevin was at Fort MacDill in Florida with Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal. It was a booster for the troops stationed there, as well as a military premiere showing of Analyze That. Pictures are at Yahoo!.

DVD releases The John Lennon tribute TV special that Kevin hosted last year, is now available on DVD, as is Austin Powers in Goldmember which Kevin appears in briefly at the beginning. The Shipping News is now on Region 2 DVD.

Other stuff My cat PJ’s picture is on Miss Marple’s page until I have use of my scanner. His picture was making me sad so I put in a picture of Kevin. The picture from In Style that was on the top of the page last week, is now on the first page of the Photographs section. I think I’m up to date on the polls now. Trying to do site updates on someone else’s laptop is very confusing since the screens look totally different than what I’m used to, but I’ll continue to plod along until I have an actual computer to work with again. I also don’t have access to my Internet account folders since I’m a guest on another system, so some of the links and stuff that people sent to me in the past few weeks that I was going to post when I had free time aren’t available to me yet. There’s a small article from Variety that I’ll try to post tonight.

More updates coming in a few days, with any luck!

December 6, 2002

Ok Spacey fans, time for the newest message about the site not being updated. Now I have a virus on my main computer which contains everything I use for my web site. Until I can get that fixed or replaced, I have my publishing program and zip drive installed on a loaner computer and can make basic updates. No new pictures or anything. I’m hoping to be able to update everything once and for all, some time this weekend. The guest book has it’s 6 month glitch going on. There are multiple banners and until I can work on my site properly, I’m stuck with it.

I have updated some of the polls, but a few are still waiting along with various links to articles, interviews and pictures relating to Kevin being in the UK, Florida, and back in California.

There are pictures of Kevin in Florida on Yahoo News. I’ll try to update the calendar tomorrow night.

I wanted to thank everyone who was kind enough to email me about my cat PJ. I’m going to move his picture to a page all about him, the way I have a page about my cat Marple who passed away 6 months ago. I’ll do that as soon as I can move my scanner to another computer. Or when my computer is working again, which ever comes first.

December 2, 2002

MyPJThe cat pictured was my big male cat named PJ (the picture was taken a few years ago). He died this morning after becoming ill around Thanksgiving. I don’t really have the desire to work on the site right now and wanted people to know why it wasn’t being updated. Margie, one of Kevin’s fans, wrote this little eulogy for him:

This is another sad day for Spacey fans everywhere. We have to say farewell to another member of the Spacey fan community. Not always known as the most cooperative fan, sweet PJ will always be remembered for his loving personality, mature and dignified nature, dislike of sick people, love of Thanksgiving turkey, love of birthday cake, and of course, his knack for throwing up on pictures of Kevin Spacey. (His lifetime record was 4 successful hits on 4 attempts.) 

PJ also liked to chew on plants that made him sick, sleep with his head on my pillow, sleep under the lamp with his head covered by a blanket (didn’t like the light shining in his eyes, you know), liked to have his toenails clipped and his ears cleaned, but hated having his face washed and had a disdain for litter boxes. He was 18 years old and loved to snuggle and be held and have his cheeks kissed. He purred a lot and had a very loud purr. His family loved him very much every day of the 18 years he was with us and we already miss him terribly.

November 30, 2002

I’m afraid I haven’t had a chance to update all those pictures and links people sent me over the past few days and they’re going to have to wait a while. I’m going to take a break from my site again because I have a very sick cat on my hands and the prognosis is not very good. I’ll update the site one day next week. Thanks to everyone who took the time to email me the various links the past few days.

November 27, 2002

New role Here’s a little something to tide everyone over until after the Thanksgiving holiday:

Viva Las Vegas

George Clooney? Pah! He and his mighty fine-looking comrades in crime certainly cut a good look while lightening a few casino purses in Ocean’s 11, but it’s time to stand aside now, George. The real criminal genius is back. Oh yes, indeedy, it’s Keyser Soze himself. Kevin Spacey is to flirt with the wrong side of the law again in a movie adaptation of the book “Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions.” The true story follows a sextet of brainiacs from uber-uni Massachusetts Institute of Technology and how they managed to take Vegas casinos for millions in winnings. And not with any Clooney-style swish subterfuge or technological wizardry, thank you very much. This bonanza’s achieved purely through the exercise of those little grey cells. Yep, the geeks do actually win the day. Spacey will play the M.I.T. teacher and brilliant ringleader to the collection of spekky genii who train to become experts in card counting to bamboozle the casinos. Produced through Spacey’s company Trigger Street Productions, Breaking House will find it hard to match the mammoth-sized charisma of Clooney and co. but with a cracking young cast filling out the roles of big-brained ones, it looks mighty fun. – Empire

Thanks, Jaye.

BBCTV Breakfast Kevin was interviewed at his UK launch party and this bit was on TV this morning:

KS: I had a lot of doors slammed in my face, you know, and I had a lot of people say no and I didn’t quite fit into a mould and so I had to fight and work to prove myself and I didn’t do it alone. You know, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have a lot of people take me under their wing, and believe in me and give me confidence and give me faith in myself at times when I was either really low and feeling like there was just no hope, or at times when I needed a leg-up, so I don’t want to ever get away from that feeling and I think it’s important that if you’ve done well, and I’ve done better than I ever thought, that you ought to be spending about half your time trying to give opportunities to other people. I just think what else are you supposed to do with it? You know, I wouldn’t know what else to do.

Interviewer: You seem to be spending a lot less time acting and more doing other things and there’s a comment you made in Rwanda about the difficulty of raising funds and awareness on issues because the current international climate is so focused on the war against terrorism.

KS: Well, I don’t know that the international climate is.  I think the networks are; I think that the media is, but then they have an interest in it so then they all get graphics and theme music and you know, it’s a big show for everybody, but in the meantime, you mention any other issues about what’s going on in the rest of the world that deal with AIDS, that deal with debt relief, or deal with other things that are going to concern us eventually, then people look at you like you fell out of a tree!

Big thanks to Vivienne for typing that up for us.

Pics There are some thumbnails from the UK launch party at this evening.

I’m impressed! Kevin’s elevator works in other countries.

The following page also includes an audio interview link. Be sure to listen to both audio links. Thanks Vivienne and Borislava.,3604,848361,00.html

When is our dear Mr. Spacey going to go back to what we’re all waiting for, which is of course, making movies??

A new Spacey repeat?? One of Kevin’s UK fans, who’s very quick and has a sharp ear, has detected a new Spacey repeat which I myself had failed to notice.

“..people look at you like you fell out of a tree.”

November 26, 2002 

London launch party photo thumbnails are up at now.

Travelin’ Man Kevin’s back in London. This evening he held his latest launch party for at the Sanderson Hotel. No pictures on Wire Image or Rex Features yet.

Thanks, Jaye.

The Screen Savers There is video of Kevin’s appearance on TechTV’s The Screen Savers last week. Scroll down to the box that has 4 videos listed and choose “Kevin Spacey Interview” for, you guessed it, Kevin’s interview. And then watch “A Look at” for the second part of his interview where he explains how his new web site works.

Donahue transcript There’s a transcript of Kevin’s interview with Phil Donahue on the MSNBC site.

Another interview link from last week. Thanks to Eva and Borislova:

If you click on the thumbnail of Kevin on this page from the San Francisco Chronicle, it will take you to a larger image of him explaining how his web site works.

November 25, 2002 

Reviews There’s a link for a review of The Life of David Gale on the news page.

Movies I’ve cleared the movie chat calendar. Tuesday chats are still on.

November 21, 2002 

The Life of David Gale There’s a little somethin’ new on the TLODG News page.

Movies The Se7en movie chat was something of a bust, but if anyone’s interested, Saturday’s movie will be The Big Kahuna.

I watched the Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure DVD the other night. It must have been very impressive on the large IMAX screen. Kevin’s narration was quite enjoyable. Thank you, sister who wishes to remain anonymous, for the birthday gift.

Has anyone bought or rented the new Glengarry Glen Ross DVD yet? The extras listed on the official GGR DVD release site look pretty good in print.

Spacey TV If you missed Kevin on TechTV’s The Screen Savers show last night, it repeats 2 or 3 times today. Check your local listings for times. My cable guide was listing Kevin Kline as the guest instead of Kevin Spacey. Plus, he’s supposed to be on Donahue tonight on MSNBC. The Donahue show is on at 8pm, 10pm and 3am (EST).

After seeing Kevin on TV last night, I’m starting to come to the conclusion that our dear spaceman is being FORCED to say the dreaded e-l-e-v-a-t-o-r metaphor. He sounded kinda tired of saying that. Am I the only who thought so?

There are a few more links to articles about his site that I’ll post later. Thanks in advance Jacquie and Borislava.

November 20, 2002 

746913Pictures! There are some new pics at this morning. They were taken at a press conference at the COMDEX convention. I haven’t found any of the press conference to report on yet, but I’m sure it’s all the same stuff. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ready for the elevator to stop on the “Movies and Television as Entertainment” floor again.

Hollywood Reporter No mention of Kevin, but there was a nice picture of him in the blue silk tie for all the tie fans out there. Kevin attended a Human Rights Campaign fundraising party on Saturday night. Photographs

747964COMDEX One last article on Kevin’s website. The only reason I post this one is because it has a nice picture to start the day with and he’s quoted as saying he took the time off from his acting career to work on his web site, which is different than the taking a year off to produce movies story we read about in entertainment articles.

November 19, 2002 

Donahue The Donahue newsletter comes too late in the day to do a morning check for guests, but it finally arrived and says Kevin will be on Thursday’s show. That’s 8pm ET with an 11pm ET repeat.

Photos Lots of new thumbnail pictures of Kevin at These were taken last night at the L.A. launch party for Trigger Street. The Hugh Hefner pictures are sweet. They look like family photos. A distinguished and handsome businessman standing with his daughters and his proud grampy.

Has everyone seen the video of Kevin and Billy Crystal on the Yahoo Movies site?

Charlie Rose Show If you missed the Charlie Rose interview, you can listen to the audio at (Thanks, Doris).

November 17, 2002

Variety TriggerStreet shows shorts Cyberbiz Brief  By DAVID BLOOM Actor Kevin Spacey’s new Web site for tyro talent,, today is debuting a collection of early short films by Martin Scorsese, Robert Zemeckis, the late Ted Demme, Bill Paxton and others. The collection of shorts will be available exclusively on Yahoo! Movies, part of TriggerStreet’s collection of material designed to provide guidance and career development opportunities for new filmmakers. The TriggerStreet site also includes interviews with Mike Myers, Billy Crystal, Ed Norton and Sean Penn on the nature of mentorship, and an area where makers of short films can submit their work for review and ratings by other site visitors. The site will sponsor a short-film contest three times a year among those submissions, with a celebrity panel judging among 10 finalists picked from the most popular shorts on the site. TriggerStreet, founded by Spacey and Dana Brunetti, also negotiated an exclusive deal with RealNetworks for encoding of the material. ~

Thanks to Borislava, Sanne and Hollywood insider, for the article.

TriggerStreet was supposed to be doing some upgrading over the weekend so maybe I will finally be able to get some of those shorts to actually play for me. And maybe some day Kevin will go back to doing lots of movies so I can go back to scanning magazine interviews with great new pictures. The business pages don’t seem to care if they have new photos to go with their articles.

The Shadow Box According to the IMDb, Kevin has a TV movie scheduled for 2003. It’s called The Shadow Box and is directed by Sam Mendes. The movie has an all-star cast. I put more information on the Upcoming Projects page, which I now see needs to be updated! Big thanks to Lester for the new movie tip!

November 16, 2002

That was a real barrel of laughs, whoever you are who left the poll responses this evening which won’t be posted. Ha ha ha. That’s sarcasm, by the way. In case you can’t tell from the way I type.

Bloomberg I’ve only been up for about 20 minutes and I’ve missed Kevin on TV by minutes! My sister says that about 6am, she was flipping channels and there was Kevin, in his own little box on the screen with the news ticker scrolling beneath him. It was one of those Bloomberg shows (on USA I think.) That may show again in later time zones.

Las Vegas Kevin is apparently going to be at a press conference for Real Network at the Comdex convention in Las Vegas on Monday. Thanks, Eva.

November 15, 2002 

InStyleDec02charityIn Style December 2002 Pictures on index page and pages 487 and 492. Photo almost full page, by Len Prince (Now in Photographs section). Photo on page 492)is thumbnail size.

SHINING STARS In this season of giving, we offer our fifth annual salute to celebrities whose year round commitment to generosity we find truly inspiring. Kevin Spacey – Board member of the Motion Picture & Television Fund Many children have to put their parents in a retirement home as they get old. I think this is one of the saddest things, and part of the sadness is that they’re suddenly among people they’ve never known. The wonderful thing about the Motion Picture & Television home is that retirees are able to go into their golden years with people who have worked in the same industry. I happen to have a great respect and admiration for the elderly. It means so much to go to the home and hang out in the recreation room. When I was young I was in a drama group, and we’d visit there at Christmastime and sing carols. I have a philosophy about nurturing new talent, and taking care of those who came before us: “You’ve got to send the elevator back down.”

Reach Out The Motion Picture & Television Fund offers charitable services to people in the entertainment community who are in need. Services include health care, child care, and retirement living and care in a comprehensive community for older adults. MPTF operates a 256-bed hospital, of which approximately 195 beds are devoted to long-term care. The organization also runs a specialty unit for those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s. To support MPTF, visit the Web site at or call 818-876-1900.

November 13, 2002

Charlie Rose I let things go for a few days and suddenly there’s a whole lotta stuff to report and I’m sooo behind on everything. Here’s the most important thing: Kevin on the Charlie Rose show tonight on PBS. Check your local listings! Thanks to the sister of muldar for that info. **Kevin said the Bobby Darin movie was his next film and he may direct it himself. He also used the word pipeline again. This makes 4 times now! He got “journey” in there at the end too. 

kevin_nov12_2002Photos from last night There are many thumbnails at today, from last night’s fundraiser in NYC. Catch the entertainment shows tonight, they should have something on the show at the Waldorf Astoria. NBC News reports $5 million was raised last night. This picture came from Yahoo.

Page Six Here’s an interesting bit from the Page Six gossip column in today’s New York Post:

Coolheaded Spacey

Kevin Spacey broke up a brawl at the Hudson Hotel Monday night. PAGE SIX was there when two tipsy tough guys got into a shoving match in the hotel’s Library Bar, where Spacey was celebrating the launch of Trigger, a Web community for aspiring filmmakers and screenwriters. Spacey jumped between the boozed-up boneheads and calmly talked them out of it. While the aborted punch-up was the highlight of the party, there was plenty of people-watching: James Gandolfini, Jewel, Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tomei, Sophie Dahl, Wesley Snipes, Vincent D’Onofrio, Macaulay Culkin, Yoko Ono, Sam Rockwell, Denis Leary and Angie Harmon made the scene.

5711350Ordinary Decent Criminal A Helen Baxendale fan led me to a Barnes&Noble link which shows a cover for the upcoming ODC DVD. Thanks, Svein. I also found the cover on Amazon. All I can say is we seem to owe the release of the movie to a certain cast member listed at Barnes&Noble as “gang member” because the cover touts this as a Kevin Spacey/Linda Fiorintino/Colin Farrell movie. As soon as the movie is in my hands, I’ll remove the WANTED poster I put up on the site 2 years ago.

Business Week I’m running out of time this morning so I’ll just put in this link. Thanks Borislava.

Kevin Spacey’s Web School for Filmmakers

Odd news That woman who killed her husband using a scene from her favorite movie, American Beauty, to stage the crime as a suicide, has been found guilty.

November 12, 2002

There are many new pictures at today. They’re from the launch party. I had a cramp in my hand after scrolling through all the forms needed to get onto the Trigger Street site on Sunday morning. I haven’t had any luck getting the short films to download yet, but I refuse to give up! I’ll try again another day. I never did get the email announcement from them announcing the launch date.

There might be some coverage of the launch party on some of the entertainment news shows tonight, assuming they were allowed in!

There are 2 thumbnails of Kevin arriving at the launch party at I’ll add them tonight.

735945Page to Screen The L.A. Confidential episode of this new BRAVO show has been moved to December. Last night they showed Get Shorty, instead.

Shackelton’s Antarctic Adventure (Or whatever it’s called) I got the DVD for my birthday. I’ll let everyone know how it is.

I’m once again backed up on my site emails and poll responses. I’m working on a new poll, so hopefully, it will be ready in a few days and I’ll be caught up on the mail.

November 9, 2002 

Happy Birthday broadwaybaby!

There are a couple of pictures of Kevin with Elton John last week at . Click on Bernie Wins CMA Award headline. There’s also a picture of Kevin with Paul McCartney and Heather Mills in the newest issue of US Weekly. More on that later. Thanks, anonymous.

DTKevin1Daily Telegraph Magazine Today’s issue. This picture is from the Bill and Kev African road show. Thanks to Vivienne and Bob!

Art Gallery For the person asking about the fan art gallery, I load any submissions to the site myself, so you have to send it to me as a scan, if you have a picture, or if you have a fan story to tell, you either email it to me or write it on the feedback form. Being sure to tell me what to call you on the gallery page.

Trigger Street Online Trigger Street launches tomorrow. Has anyone received the email from them saying it’s launching?

November 8, 2002 

Kevin NYC next week Apparently you can give Katie Couric the finger and she doesn’t hold a grudge. Last year at a party following the Golden Globes, Kevin reportedly gave Katie and her cameraman a universally recognized hand gesture which sent them scurrying away without film footage for her Today show, but all seems to be forgiven. From Yahoo! news:

Katie Couric along with Kevin Spacey, Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Kelsey Grammer, Kevin Kline, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Josh Groban, Rebecca Luker, Davis Gaines, Bette Midler, Rita Moreno, Chita Rivera, Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Tony Danza, Jesse L. Martin, Federico Castelluccio, Steve Schirripa, Tony Sirico, John Ventimiglia, Paul Stanley, Heather Headley, Sylvia Rhyne, Cris Groenendaal, David DeMane, Beyonce Knowles and other surprise guests.

“42nd and Vine Intersect as Hollywood Hits Broadway” will bring together Hollywood’s leading stars to perform songs from “West Side Story.” The funds raised through this evening’s event are part of a substantial commitment that Katie Couric and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) have made to help create the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health. The event also benefits EIF’s National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance (NCCRA).

At the Waldorf Astoria’s Grand Ballroom, Tuesday evening, November 12. Arrivals start at 6pm, performance at 8pm.

I wonder what Kevin will be singing?

MGGE – Just in time for the MGGE movie chat tomorrow night, I was reading in one the NY gossip columns that a woman (!) claims to have been the long lost lover of Jim Williams to the surprise of many, and that she also claims that she has a manuscript that he wrote while he was in prison and that his sister has threatened to sue if she ever tries to publish it. This has nothing to do with Kevin, but it *was* about the character he portrayed in the movie.

November 6, 2002 

Kevin in London 3 There are 4 pictures of Kevin in London at

Thanks, Mira.

New page I added a new page to the site. It’s called Abbreviated Spacey and it includes movie title abbreviations as well as other abbreviations used during movie chats. Some newer chatters have said that they were confused by the chat going on. This list should help quite a bit. You can find it on the MAP page.

New items I also added a few new items to the Drive-thru page. That can also be found on the MAP page.

November 5, 2002 

Kevin in London 2 Here’s the picture from Yahoo! last night. Thanks to Sanne. I checked this morning and there were no pictures at Maybe later.

VOTE! It’s mid-term election day. For all of you registered voters out there, as the old joke goes, vote early and vote often! It’s your “democratic” duty!

November 4, 2002 

Kevin *is* in London today. There’s a picture of Kevin, Elton John and Bernie Taupin at Yahoo! tonight, but neither of the computers I have access to will let me save it.

Text with the photo reads: Sir Elton John), left, Kevin Spacey , center, and Elton’s songwriting partner Bernie Taupin pose for photographers as they arrive at the Music Industry Trust’s Awards and Dinner 2002 at Le Meridien Grosvenor House, Park Lane in London Monday Nov. 4, 2002. John and Taupin are to be honored at the 11th annual awards presentation organized by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). (AP Photo/PA, Ian West)

Kevin was rumored to be presenting this award. He’s listed as an invited guest at the 8 Mile premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday and then he’s either going to be in L.A. and/or New York City early next week for his Trigger Street launch parties, so this can only mean that once again he won’t be in my neck of the woods for my birthday. Maybe next year. November 2, 2002

Today’s Washington Post mentions that the Freedom: History of Us series on PBS which Kevin will be a smart part of, will start on January 12 and is an eight-episode program. No word yet in which episode (or episodes) Kevin’s voice will appear.

November 1, 2002

Does everyone else hate those new ads that pop up on the screen and then move all over the place while you’re trying to find the close mark so you can get rid of it and read what’s underneath?! They are driving me batty! Hope we don’t see those all over Trigger Street.

Taken from Yahoo News this morning:

Reeve Gets Celebs For History Show

NEW YORK (AP) – Actor Christopher Reeve knows how to get to fellow celebrities.

As consultant to the upcoming PBS series “Freedom,” he wanted well-known actors to provide voices for characters from American history.

But if he went through managers, publicists or agents, Reeve knew he’d get some brush-offs. So he wrote to the celebrities themselves.

He assembled an impressive list: Jennifer Aniston, Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, Robin Williams and many others.

Reeve, 50, wanted to participate because his half brother, a teacher in rural Vermont, had such trouble interesting his students in history.

“The kids don’t want to read, they don’t want to write and sometimes, the kids, and their parents, get so upset because they have too much homework,” he said Thursday.

The series’ narrator, Katie Couric, said she hoped the series would encourage children and their parents to talk about history.

One of the actor voices, Susan Sarandon, had a surprise for Reeve.

At a news conference at the Rainbow Room, she said the actors had donated their $1,000 fees to the Christopher Reeve paralysis foundation. The gifts were matched by corporate sponsors, so the foundation got a $100,000 check.

Reeve has regained some movement and sensation in his hands and feet seven years after a horse-riding accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.

October 31, 2002 

Treat? A Universal Pictures press release at Yahoo says that evin is one of the expected celebrities at the premiere of Eminem’s new movie next week. More information on the Calendar page.

Movie chat –  Doomsday Gun, 9pm EST, Saturday.

ghost_holding_up_candy_bag_ty_clrHappy Halloween! Be careful when you’re driving tonight. Watch out for all the little ghouls and ghosts who may run into the street.

October 30, 2002

John Lennon tribute video The DVD and VHS release of the special which Kevin hosted and sang on has a new release date according to They list the release date now as December 3.

K-PAX III – the Worlds of Prot For whoever it was that wanted me to try and find out when the third book in the K-PAX trilogy would be available in the U.S., the author, Gene Brewer, has informed me that the Bloomsbury edition (UK edition) is now available in North America. He says it should be available in any bookstore, but it may need to be ordered by the store. So be sure to mention it’s the Bloomsbury issue. also has it for sale but it’s considered a special order which may take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. Hope that helps.

BTW – Mr. Brewer says the is he/isn’t he an alien question is answered in this book.

October 29, 2002

Remember the days when Kevin’s name was rarely seen in print? What happened to those days? From today’s Jeanette Walls column “The Scoop”:

Dame Judi Dench sure knows how to make the boss happy. At the 50th anniversary gala of the National Film Theater, the actress, who has made six films for Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax, pulled down her britches and showed Weinstein that she’d written his name on her behind. “She had ‘I love Harvey Weinstein’ written on her a** in lipstick,” Weinstein told London’s Sunday Express. “She told me to behave or else she would put Kevin Spacey’s name there instead.”

I promise, any day now there’s got to be some news about Kevin’s acting career. Plus TV and magazine interviews and all sorts of appearances to watch for.

October 28, 2002 

The Hollywood Reporter 

Show Stoppers by Hillary Atkin When creating entertainment industry office space, designers keep in mind two key concepts:  originality and creativity <snip> Architect Clive Wilkinson, who recently completed production company offices for Kevin Spacey in West Hollywood, went on several furniture-shopping trips with the actor in the area’s design district. “(Spacey) would be fascinated with the different products out there, kind of modern antiques like ’50s, ’60s and ’70s furniture,” Wilkinson says.  “He was making some judgments that were very sophisticated, and I said to him that he thought like a designer.  He joked, ‘That’s why you hired me.'” The project for Wilkinson — who had just finished designing a group of bow-truss buildings for Fox’s TV operations on Bundy Drive in West Los Angeles that totaled 90,000 square feet and took three years of his time — involved connecting two offices, each 1,200 square feet, for Spacey’s Trigger Street Prods.  Wilkinson created a revolving, 12-foot-high steel bookcase that closes off Spacey’s personal office from the rest of the space; he also built a staircase leading to the roof, where he designed an outdoor conference room for which the glass table also serves as a skylight for Spacey’s office. Such customized furniture is standard for Hollywood offices. <snip>

October 27, 2002 

From the November Movieline Taken from ‘The Most Daring Director in Hollywood’ by Michael Fleming, discussing the casting of L.A. Confidential with Curtis Hanson, the focus of the article.

Q: Kevin Spacey was the biggest star in the cast, but he took the role of someone who gets killed partway through the film, allowing himself to be survived by two unknown actors.  How did you sell that part to him?

A: I met Kevin for a drink at the Formosa Cafe to bring him the script and tell him a bit about it.  I described the character as being this movie star among cops, the guy who taught Jack Webb to walk and talk like a cop.  He said, “If you could have anybody play this part, who would you have?”  I said Dean Martin in the mid-50’s.  We’re sitting in this booth, Kevin gets this funny look on his face, and says, “Curtis, look over your head.”  I turn and look in the mirror so I can see over my head.  In the Formosa Cafe, they have all these 8×10 shots, and over my head is Dean Martin.  Then, over Kevin’s head was a photo of Jack Webb.  I gave him the script, he went off on an airplane to San Francisco.  Two days later, I get this FedEx package, inside was a bar of soap from the hotel where he was staying.  The little picture on the outside was a fleur-de-lis.  Kevin had read the script, and you know there was this whole thing about the fleur-de-lis, and I swear, Kevin was sold by the ghost of Jack Webb and Dean Martin and this fleur-de-lis.

Q: Kevin had one of the best death scenes in recent memory, so abrupt and unexpected. A: I had tried to cast Kevin several times over the years, and never been allowed to.  He was not acceptable to the studio, they thought he was too offbeat.  I brought him in for one part so many times that the studio told me to stop bringing in “that guy with the receding hair from New York.”  It wasn’t until he won the Oscar they were excited to have him.  I’d seen him onstage, and my expectations were high, but I never would have dreamed that he would do that death scene the way he did.  People have asked whether I did something CGI in the lab, because you literally see the light go out in his eyes.  It was not only live, it was one take.  I was standing next to the camera and couldn’t believe it.

Movie chat I’ve made up a schedule for the next 8 weeks. Movie chat page, of course.

October 26, 2002 

A link for the ET clip from last night can be found on the David Gale news page. Link above. Thanks, Marla.

October 25, 2002

Tomorrow, October 26, Driving Mr. Spacey! is officially 2 years old. Some days it seems a lot longer and other days it seems as if I just started working on it. A big thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site and a big thanks to everyone who has waded through some of my strange ramblings and come back for more! I’ve signed up for one more year of domain ownership and web hosting, so let’s hope it’s a good Spacey year for all.

In Style November 2002, Faith Hill on the cover. No pictures of Kevin, but his named popped out at me a few times. First, on the “Coming next month” page, one of the features in the December issue will be Shining Stars, Hollywood’s helping hands, featuring Kevin Spacey, Tyra Banks, Richard Gere, Jewel and more. On sale November 22. And on page 314 in an article about the nation’s best hangouts, in Seattle it lists The Capitol Club and Kevin as a celeb who’s been spotted there. They describe the upstairs lounge of this chic contemporary restaurant which will transport you into the world of the Arabian Nights. 

October 24, 2002

OOPSY! Rush & Molloy, columnists for the New York Daily News, today’s column:

No publicity is … ?

Correct us if we’re wrong, but aren’t flacks supposed to get good publicity for their clients?

Top-drawer New York PR firm Harrison and Shriftman has some of the fanciest accounts in the business, including Mercedes-Benz, Cartier and Ian Schrager Hotels. But an embarrassing E-mail went out to newspaper and magazine editors yesterday that was never meant to be seen outside the office.

The missive identified a list of journalists who are barred from upcoming events for Kevin Spacey’s Web site, launched by the actor to foster emerging talent. The blacklist includes the New York Observer, OK Magazine, Ted Casablanca or anyone else from E! Online, even poor little Teen People, according to Fashion Wire Daily.

Columnist Liz Smith’s West Coast stringer Cathy Griffin is also banned, according to the report. New York mag gossiper Marc Malkin is persona non grata for writing that Spacey rented a house on Fire Island.

Parties for Trigger Street are to be held in both Los Angeles and New York, with the Manhattan bash slated for Nov. 11 at the swank Hudson Hotel.

But while everyone is laughing about the foul-up, nobody was willing to go on the record. A chagrined Harrison and Shriftman had nothing to say when we called last night.

Meanwhile, Spacey’s rep added: “I can assure you Kevin has no blacklist and no ax to grind. We have every intention of inviting most of the columnists in New York and Los Angeles.”

© 2002 Daily News, L.P.

(Me here – This will get your name in the paper every time! I guess the reason I haven’t been invited to the swank party in Manhattan is because I don’t live there. Otherwise I’m sure the feature writer for the Spacey Gazette would have been invited, right? The date was all wrong for me anyway.  Thank you, Boris.)

Any day now I’m going to have some *real* Spacey news. Kevin’s bound to act in another movie some day and when he signs up for it, I’ll post it here real fast.

Looks like is launching on November 10. We’re going to be careful not to blow out their server on the first day by flooding the site with more traffic than it can handle, right?

Did anyone else notice something new about Kevin during the Moneyline interview? I finally had a chance to watch my tape and I never noticed that he raises his eyebrows so much.

October 23, 2002 

Ordinary Decent Criminal DVD is now taking pre-orders for the January release of the ODC DVD. Their price is $23 plus shipping. Still no extras listed.

October 22, 2002 

Spacey fan Margie found this in last Friday’s Washington Post Weekend section (page 36) in a review of the movie Punch Drunk Love by Desson Howe:

…..”In this movie you’ll see Sandler like you’ve never seen him.  He doesn’t metamorphose into Kevin Spacey before  your eyes.  But he gives – and this is easy to declare, and I don’t care if they quote  me – the performance of his life.”

October 18, 2002 

Kevin on TV tonight! I forgot to mention it and someone posted it on the KSML just this morning (Thank you for the alert!). According to the CNN website, Kevin will be on Moneyline tonight at 6pm EST and repeat at 11:30pm EST. Live from Hollywood, Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey tells Lou how he’s helping aspiring filmmakers break into the business and succeed in Hollywood. Check local listings for times in your area. The show is 1 hour and has one other guest.

*What a cutie! He made his appearance around 15 minutes into the show. He’s wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and a shiny blue tie. Has he lost a few pounds? His face looked thinner. They talked about something but I wasn’t paying attention to what it was. Something about Trigger Street and paying it back. Sending the elevator back down!! He says is (finally) launching in a month’s time and he’s got a new line. It’s “the pipeline” as “in closing the pipeline.” Trigger Street will be using the Internet for good and not evil. Kevin’s talking about loading things on to a web site. Mr. I don’t know anything about using a computer. Talk of Hollywood politics and the war on terrorism. Anheuser-Busch is going to sponsor Interesting. David Gale is to be released in February.

I hope Kevin’s not feeling sensitive today. 

Entertainment Weekly October 28, 2002, Keifer Sutherland on the cover, page 78, no picture of Kevin. BOOKS – The New Biographical Dictionary of Film by David Thomson

Mr. Thomson is quoted as saying that Kevin Spacey “can be our best actor, but only if we accept that acting is a bag of tricks that leaves scant room for being a real and considerate human being.” ~

And his singing isn’t faring well either. From

I read this, this morning but hadn’t had a chance to copy it. Now it’s not wanting to load. Maybe you can have better luck. Thanks, Vivienne. *That link no longer works.

On a brighter note:  Spacey fan Mary entered a “Star Struck” contest in Star Magazine. She had to tell of an experience of meeting a celebrity. She told her Kevin Spacey story (of her backstage meeting with Kevin at Iceman, I think) and won the contest.  She won $100.00. The issue containing her winning story is in the October 29 issue, page 49. Caroline Kennedy on the cover. Congratulations, Mary.

October 17, 2002 

Kevin sighted in San Francisco last night Swiped from Sue Jean at the KSML and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bright lights of bohemian Paris attract stars/San Francisco steps up to the red carpet with Broadway-bound opera premiere by Carolyne Zinko, Chronicle Staff Writer

Kevin is at the end of the article. Here’s what it says: ‘As the cast mingled with guests, some of the celebs sat and talked in a roped-off area marked “reserved,” only virtually rubbing shoulders with showgoers. Others, like Spacey and Garcia, mingled freely. Spacey — no stranger to theater — predicted that stars would emerge from the cast, which works “impressively as an ensemble.” He called the show extraordinary because it makes opera accessible, and said that young people “are gonna dig it.”‘

(Me here ..The young people may “dig it” but I don’t think they use that expression anymore. I don’t think people Kevin’s age use it anymore either. I didn’t know Kevin was an opera fan. Has he ever said he is or was he just there for the free canapés?)

K-PAX sequel? Spacey fan Kim contacted Gene Brewer, the author of the K-PAX trilogy, to find out if there are any plans for a sequel. Mr. Brewer says that producers are still contemplating a sequel. No firm plans though and he’ll post it on his site if there’s ever any news.

Movie chat We’ll have to reschedule The Big Kahuna but in the mean time, in honor of it being Christmas in all the stores now, I thought we might try The Ref for Saturday’s movie.

KevieBear markdown? The naked bear that is KevieBear has been marked down for clearance at Michaels. He was going for a low $3 today. How the mighty have fallen!

October 14, 2002

Ordinary Decent Criminal DVD release date!  January 14, 2003. Thanks, Bro.

October 13, 2002

Spacey quote from the article, Queen of the Night by Deanna Kizis. Elle, October 2002 ‘Kevin Spacey, also a friend, attests, “Amy is New York’s long-legged queen of the night – a gracious host who mixes the most explosive cocktail this side of the Mississippi.  She could have held her own with Sinatra.” – on Amy Sacco, proprietor of clubs Bugalow 8 and Lot 61, both in Manhattan’s West Chelsea district.

Thanks, Hollywood Insider

October 9, 2002

According to the LA Times (October 5 issue), you still have a few days left to catch Cobb.

‘COBB’ EXTENDED AT THE FALCON The Los Angeles premiere of “Cobb,” the Lee Blessing, off-Broadway hit about controversial baseball legend Ty Cobb, has been extended through Oct. 13 at the Falcon Theatre. It is being presented in association with Kevin Spacey and Trigger Street Productions. For tickets, call 955-8101. Parking is free. The Falcon is at 4252 Riverside Drive, Burbank.

Thanks, Diane

Movie chat reminder Saturday’s movie will be The Big Kahuna.

Magazine picture reminder There’s a picture of Kevin and Bill Clinton in the current issue of People magazine, CSI on the cover. I’ll post the page number once I get my magazine back from whoever took it. It’s the picture from Africa, with Kevin sitting with his legs crossed, holding his camera and looking at the photographer. *Page 19

When are we going to see a new magazine interview??? Remember Kevin, we’re wanting to see you use the layers of the onion, the journey and the elevator being sent back down all in the same interview. Extra fan points if you can use them all in one answer to a question and if you can use them all in the same sentence, I’m going to be VERY impressed! We know you can do it, Kevin.

I’m backed up on my mail again, so if everyone can bear with me for another day, I’ll try to get back to everyone who emailed me this week.

October 5, 2002

Parade From tomorrow’s newspaper supplement. Walter Scott’s Personality Parade column. Page 2. Tiny picture of Kevin (this is an enlargement). Text under the picture says: Spacey lands in jail – on screen, that is.

Q: Why did Kevin Spacey take a break from acting? – Joan Lewis, Cypress, Texas.

A: To recharge his batteries and spend more time on projects for his production company. Among other films, Spacey, 43, produced The United States of Leland, with Ryan Gosling, and will be seen next year co-starring with Kate Winslet in The Life of David Gale. He plays an anti-death penalty advocate who ends up on death row.

October 3, 2002 

Tomorrow (Friday) I’m going to wrap up Bill and Kev’s odd journey. If they go anywhere else, they’re on their own! Who’s this Glynis Kinnock? Politician or politician’s wife? This was at There was another tiny thumbnail of Kevin with Cherie Blair.

A UK Times sorta, kinda like a small retraction (about Kev, Bill, Andy and a $60,000 dinner): ‘My telephone stands to attention.  It’s the Duke of York’s official spokesman, wanting to shoot the breeze on my report that Prince Andrew had dined with truffle-guzzling Yanks Kevin Spacey and Clinton on Monday evening.  “The Duke of York would like it to be known that he himself did not eat truffle risotto, and that he was Clinton’s guest, rather than the other way round.” ‘

Thanks, Vivienne

October 2, 2002

Kevin and Bill at McDonald’s! Thanks to Isobel.

The Backbencher October 2, 2002


Sometimes a gala dinner just ain’t enough for an Arkansas boy. But imagine the Backbencher’s surprise when she spotted three hungry celebrities emerging from McDonald’s in Blackpool late last night – Kevin Spacey, Alastair Campbell and Bill himself. Having shaken off the hundreds of hacks in Blackpool for a matey stroll along the promenade, and without a press photographer in sight, Bill posed for a group photograph with the delighted burger flippers. The ex-president tried out a new product, the entirely appropriate Steak Premiere; the film star went for a quarter-pounder with cheese; and Alastair ordered a Big Mac, with double fries and large Cokes all round. Kevin, it turned out, had already ordered a slice of cheesecake and a couple of bottles of Bud from room service. It just goes to prove that Tony was spot on last night: the Anglo-American alliance is as strong as it’s ever been. See a snap from the happy meal.

Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2002

The Kevin and Bill show  By Patrick Sawer, Evening Standard  Cannon and Ball are still managing to pull the crowds at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre. But the hot ticket on the Golden Mile was not the northern comedy duo – it was the Bill and Kevin show at the Imperial Hotel. The Hollywood star and the former president brought some transatlantic stardust to Labour’s conference as they wowed the highest Minister of State and the lowliest constituency delegate with their double act. Like seasoned comics at an end of the pier show, Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey entertained the troops as they were ushered from party to party by Labour’s glamour couple in-residence, Tony and Cherie.  As they walked the corridors from a fundraising gala dinner to the conference’s traditionally boisterous Northern Night reception last night, hands reached out, eager for a touch of greatness.

Tony Blair received the warm applause of an admiring party, but it was Bill and Kevin who got the adulation. Backbenchers and junior ministers could be seen rushing out to tell their friends: “I’ve just met Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey.” Mr Clinton will today address the Labour conference and is expected to pay glowing tribute to Mr Blair’s leadership on the world stage. But last night he told northern delegates in the aptly-named Washington Suite that he wanted to meet and praise “the people who keep political parties going at constituency level,” adding that such visits gave him the opportunity to “see people do what they do.”

Spacey, his foil for the night, drew long applause after impersonating Mr Clinton’s Arkansas drawl at the invite-only reception. “It was very accurate and very funny,” said one guest. All this and a polished opening routine from Mr Blair who, as MC for the night, introduced his American friend with the words: “The world would be a nicer place if there were more people in it like Bill Clinton.” Then it was off to the Labour Friends of Israel party for Bill and Kevin’s third gig of the night. Other celebrities at the bottom of the night’s bill, including BBC director general Greg Dyke, BBC head of drama Alan Yentob and the former EastEnders actor Ross Kemp, could only look on in admiration.

Former Unison leader Rodney Bickerstaffe has played his share of big crowds at Labour conferences past, so he knew a class act when he saw one. “As soon as Clinton and Spacey walked into the room everyone was very starstruck,” he said. “I won’t tell you what Clinton said, but you never fall asleep when he’s talking.” But this is the Labour Party and even today it is still possible to find the odd cynic. One east London party activist said: “Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey are stars, so people love having them at conference, but the effect is to tie us more closely to George Bush and the US. “We think we’re buying into Clinton, but we’re really associating ourselves even more with the present American leadership.” That is the thing about a northern seaside cabaret, there is always some clever metropolitan theatre critic carping at the back of the room. ~

Thanks for that one, Gunilla.

I added a few pictures to the Photographs page. Thanks to Sanne. I’ll add a few more tomorrow.

Kevin and Bill and Tony and Andrew There’s another new picture of Kevin in London at Yahoo. I’m too tired to find the link so just do a Spacey search of the news photos. Plus, one of the English fans reports this from the gossip column of her newspaper:

The Daily Telegraph Fine food:  Spacey, Clinton and Prince Andrew ‘Princely feast’

Never let it be said that Prince Andrew fritters his free time away wooing blonde glamour-pusses at West End nightspots.  For on Monday, the royal boulevardier enjoyed a boys’ night out with none other than Bill Clinton and American Beauty star Kevin Spacey.

“Andrew often goes out in Mayfair,” says one fellow diner, “so it wasn’t much of a surprise to see him huddled over a table at Cecconi’s in Burlington Gardens.  Still, I’d be fibbing if I denied that a few jaws dropped when people realised that Clinton and Spacey were in his party.”

Apparently smacking their lips with relish, the transatlantic trenchermen ordered up from the kitchens a special truffle risotto – made from a record-breaking 600g white truffle (worth £40,000, about $60,000).

Royalists will be delighted to learn that – ever the gentleman – Prince Andrew footed the bill.’

Thanks, Vivienne.

Ok, enough of the globetrotting Kevin. Back to work. Your dogs are getting hungry and lonely and your fans are bored. Ever think of making movies so we have something to watch?

October 1, 2002

I hated to move Sir Kevin of Greenwich, but he’s now on the headline archives page. I’ll leave this new picture up for a few weeks.

More fun with Kevin and Bill There’s a new picture of Kevin at Yahoo. He’s in England now. Thanks, Margie.

It’s already October! Things are kinda slow Spacey-wise so you have plenty of time to check out a new site by one of Kevin’s young but loyal fans. Some of you know Margie. She has a new non-Spacey site. You can look at it here: Link no longer works

September 30, 2002 

Fun with Bill & Kev Kevin continues his world travels (Thanks Isobel):,4029,801684,00.html

You know, Kevin isn’t the only one traveling the world these days. Yesterday I went on a dangerous trek to Boyds Bear Country in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was quite a journey!

September 28, 2002 

There’s a new picture of Kevin at Yahoo today. I have posted it on the first Photographs page too.

In addition, there’s a new bit added to the original article from a few days ago. Kevin had an additional comment:

“It has become increasingly difficult in the U.S. to raise funds and awareness for anything outside of the fight against terrorism,” Spacey said. “So, it is very important we keep trying to keep people focused on the other important problems around the world.”

Kevin is right about that! We need to keep people focused on the other important problems going on in this country too.

Thanks, Sanne. ~

September 26, 2002 

I added a new piece of info to the David Gale news page.

In Style In the current issue of In Style magazine, Reese Witherspoon on the cover, a letter to the editor congratulates them on their “Stars Favorite Photos” pictorial from a few months ago and specifically mentions Kevin’s as being a highlight of the article. No picture of Kevin to go with it though.

Picture of Kevin I’ve added the picture of Kevin taping former president Bill Clinton to the Photographs section. First page of photos. I lightened it quite a bit first. Thanks to everyone who tried to get that from Yahoo for me.

I decided to put this next item in instead of the Kevin celebrating movie deals at the Playboy mansion story from the New York Post this morning, because quite frankly, I’m having bad hot flashes today.

Mr. Spacey, hon, I have to tell you this is the first time I can recall ever reading any comments from you about the devastating AIDS epidemic in any country. Does this mean you’re going to be lending your celebrity status to the cause here as well as in Africa?

Kevin in Africa – Part 2 

Actor, Comic, President Visit Africa

Thu Sep 26, 1:52 PM ET

By RODRIQUE NGOWI, Associated Press Writer

KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) – They make an unlikely troika: Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Chris Tucker and former President Bill Clinton.

But they’re united in their cause of fighting AIDS and encouraging economic development in Africa.

Clinton, Spacey and Tucker are on a five-day tour of Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Mozambique and South Africa; they head back to the United States on Sunday.

On his first trip to Africa, Spacey despaired at the ravages caused by AIDS, and the difficulty of getting people in the United States to pay attention.

“HIV/AIDS is the single most important issue facing the world today,” the actor said Wednesday, watching Clinton charm the crowd at a dusty health center in this tiny central African nation.

“If we don’t begin to tackle this one, then it doesn’t much matter what else we try to do because we are going to be faced with a devastating plague that would wipe out generations.”

(Thanks to devin for that article.)

September 25, 2002 

Cobb Here’s the URL for the theater that Cobb is being performed at:

Fan question In the movie Swimming With Sharks, does anyone know the name of the song that is being played when Buddy is getting the paper cut in his mouth?

Kev and Bubba Kevin’s name is popping up in the gossip columns again. This time in the New York Post’s Page Six alongside ex-president Bill Clinton’s.

New York Post, Page Six


CALL it “The Three Amigos’ Most Excellent African Adventure.”

Former President Bill Clinton is on a trip through Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Mozambique and South Africa with Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker, the star of “Rush Hour” and its sequel.

The three are being flown around Africa on the private plane of financial wizard Jeffrey Epstein. The secretive Epstein handles the billions of Leslie Wexner, head of the retail empire that includes The Limited, Victoria’s Secret and Express.

How Clinton, who took off on Saturday, hooked up with his traveling companions is a mystery – as is his relationship to Epstein. Little is known about Epstein except that his offices are in the landmarked Villard House across from Le Cirque, and he once employed Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late British press lord Robert Maxwell, in an unspecified capacity.

But Tucker is playing America’s first black president in “Mr. President,” a movie he’s been working on since 1999. Tucker has already shot footage of Clinton, Nelson Mandela, and Bahrain’s crown prince endorsing his candidacy, and the comic accompanied U2 frontman Bono and Treasury Secrtary Paul O’Neill on their debt-relief tour of Africa this summer.

At the Congressional Black Caucus’ annual awards dinner earlier this month, Clinton mentioned that Tucker had asked to visit him in the Oval Office to prepare for playing the first black president.

“I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I’ve already taken the position,” Clinton joked. In an October 1998 essay in The New Yorker, author Toni Morrison argued that Clinton, “white skin notwithstanding, [is] our first black president.”

Kevin Spacey has no presidential aspirations we know of. Last we heard, he wanted to portray Bobby Darin. He might be bored during some parts of the trip.

In Ghana, Clinton will launch a new initiative with Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto to give deeds and land titles to poor people who now have no legal status and are considered squatters.

In South Africa, Clinton will deliver a speech and join Mandela in promoting prevention of AIDS. Clinton will also meet in that country with the first class of Clinton Democracy Fellows – 11 young South African men and women who just completed three months in the U.S.

Clinton will also meet with the presidents of the other nations on his itinerary. ∼

And Yahoo has a picture of Kevin videotaping Bill Clinton during a lecture. For some reason my computer won’t let me save pictures from Yahoo.

Movie Chat The movie for Saturday will be The Shipping News.

September 18, 2002 

New York Magazine, September 23, 2002, page 8. Letters column.
Spacey: No Man on an Island

New York Magazine reached a kind of plateau for fictionalized reporting with its “Intelligencer” column [“Intelligencer: Spacey out in Fire Island,” by Marc S. Malkin, September 9], which happens to hold the most hilarious and ironic name for a gossip column in recent memory. It was reported and subsequently picked up by other news organizations that I have lately gone to great expense for a palatial home on Fire Island for the summer. I am purportedly renting these lavish digs complete with a working staff that includes a butler and a gardener, and I have even secured my own private boat – so as not to be bothered by the public-ferry rides on the frequent trips I must take to and from Manhattan.

The detail of this report has obviously been so painstakingly investigated that the average reader will believe that at least portions of this story must be true. While I’m not in the habit of killing someone else’s good buzz, I have been far too busy this summer working at a small amusement park in Boise, Idaho, to find time to rent an expensive beach house anywhere. I am currently being trained by an old and respected circus performer on the tricks certain caged animals will do when thrown nothing more than a fish. As New York proves, you don’t even have to use live bait.

I was contacted about this story by New York in the eleventh hour and was denied the opportunity to correct its total inaccuracy. For the record:

  1. I have never been to Fire Island – not even as a visitor.
  2. I am not currently renting or contemplating the rental or purchase of any property on any island in the tri-state area (except Manhattan).
  3. Finally, while I understand that most of your reporting is done in good fun and that this particular story does not appear to have been written with malicious intent, it is so completely untrue that it seems to warrant a reexamination by New York of the freedom it gives to reporters who write anything they want without concern for the facts.

I must now leave the circus and get back to the disappearing act I’ve been working on all summer.

P.S. I’m not really in Boise. Just in case you believe everything you read.

Kevin Spacey, MANHATTAN

Movie chat We’ll try the Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil movie chat again this coming Saturday. With luck, the room will load for everyone this time. Movie Chat page for link.

September 17, 2002

Spacey sightings in Premiere One of the fans tells me she saw Kevin in the new issue of Premiere. Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks on the

cover. I’ll try to pick up a copy tomorrow and see what’s there. Thanks, Margie.

New York Post – Heaven knows I never read the gossip columns myself, as anyone who’s ever chatted with me can tell you, but a Hollywood insider led me to this:

Page Six  September 17, 2002


THE gossips at New York magazine were left red-faced after the mag’s “Intelligencer” section erroneously reported that Kevin Spacey had rented a beach house in the gay-friendly enclave of Fire Island Pines. “I have never been to Fire Island – not even as a visitor,” Spacey says in a letter to the editor. The story also alleged Spacey hired his own boat to avoid mixing with the rabble on the ferry. Spacey, who claims he wasn’t given a fair chance to comment, writes, “I have been far too busy this summer working at a small amusement park in Boise, Idaho, to find time to rent an expensive beach house anywhere.” ∼

Wasn’t this the same column that originally reported the New York magazine bit or am I wrong about that? I guess someone else is watching TV on those expensive flat screens and taking their pick of bedroom suites in the lodge-type beach house while the butler answers the phone and the gardener does all the yard work. (For those who were asking, my very itchy bug bites have almost stopped itching. I didn’t have a gardener to do the yard work either, gay-friendly or otherwise.)

September 16, 2002 

Cobb premiere has lots of thumbnails of Kevin at the Cobb premier on Saturday night. Do a search for Kevin Spacey. I haven’t had time to check Yahoo or Corbis.

Chat room I couldn’t get the chat room to load for the movie chat on Saturday, but it seems to be working today.

September 13, 2002

If anyone’s up for it, we can try a Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil chat for the Saturday night movie. Use the movie chat link on the movie chat schedule page.

September 12, 2002 

Cobb Cobb opens September 14 at the Toluca Lake-based Falcon Theatre. The production goes up after a two-week rehearsal period. In a behind-the-scenes capacity, is two-time Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey, whose Trigger Street Productions will produce “Cobb.”

When the time came to find an L.A. home for “Cobb,” Spacey quickly settled on the Falcon.

“It’s a great theater and a terrific house,” says Spacey, who attended Chatsworth High School. “Look, I’m a guy from the Valley, and it’s not that big a stretch for me to want to become involved with a theater in Burbank, because I had most of my early theatrical experiences in the Valley.

“This kind of seemed like a great opportunity for us to help establish the Falcon, as this is their first subscription season, and to give ourself  a place to bring a play we believe in.”

(Once I can get into the site this came from, I’ll add the link and all the other stuff. This was cut down from a much longer article about the Falcon theater. Kevin’s a man for all people. In various interviews he’s called himself a guy from the valley, a guy from New York City and a Jersey guy who lives in NYC. Thanks to Borislava for finding this article.)

September 10, 2002 

Have a primary to vote in today? Then why are you sitting there? Go vote! A year ago on that beautiful Tuesday morning, we didn’t know what was going to happen to us next. Well, we’re still here and another primary election day has rolled around and there’s no excuse not to vote if you’re registered. For all the flag-waving and constant talk of patriotism and heroes that has gone on in the past 12 months, this is the real thing. It only took me about 10 minutes at lunch time.

“When you see Dan Rather or the governor of New York weeping on national television, suddenly it’s OK to be vulnerable. It’s all right to feel. But of course, it’s always been all right.” -Kevin Spacey, Miami Herald, September 8, 2002 Thanks, Barrie.

Kevin’s documentary tonight (Thanks Diane):

The Stories Of 9/11 From The Heart  By Jacqueline Cutler Zap2it September 8, 2002

. . Several documentaries attempt to tell the story of rebuilding. Considering that no plans are definite yet, these films serve an unintended purpose; they are primers in democracy as survivors of those killed and residents of lower Manhattan grapple over how the 16-acre site should be developed. PBS’ “America Rebuilds” on Tuesday focuses on the massive cleanup with repetitive shots of heavy earth-moving equipment lifting crushed pieces of the towers. “The physical void in Manhattan’s skyline,” narrator Kevin Spacey says, “mirrors the emotional void we all feel since 9/11.” ..

Copyright (c) 2002, Newsday, Inc.


September 10, 2002  .. “America Rebuilds” (10 p.m. on PBS), which covers the incomprehensible demolition task engineers faced at ground zero as well as the debate over the future of the site, also feels a bit overlong. The 90-minute documentary, narrated by actor Kevin Spacey, takes us on searches for survivors, into midnight shift-change meetings at ground zero and to a community meeting at which one woman, mourning the loss of a Borders bookstore, called for the rebuilding to begin. “That is a burial site,” replied an angry Monica Iken, who lost her husband at the World Trade Center. “How can we build atop of those souls?” Back at the site, the work continues. As the 275,000-pound excavators lower their jaws to chew away at the tangle of compressed steel and concrete, PBS shows engineers who 30 years before had walked this turf while planning the twin towers plot the removal of what remains.

Copyright 2002 Los Angeles Times

September 9, 2002 

Interesting .. New York magazine reported last week that Kevin has been vacationing in an expensive rental property on the east coast and would be until the end of the month, but today a Hollywood insider tells me that Kevin was in L.A. last week. He was seen at a party sponsored by the AFL-CIO for the Coalition to Defend America’s Working Families. The party was in Beverly Hills. This was on Thursday. He was there along with many Hollywood politicos, celebrities and other public figures such as President Bill Clinton. Must have been all Democrats. I’ve also been told that Kevin, President Clinton and Melissa Gilbert (SAG president) drove around town in Clinton’s limo, along with the ever-present Secret Service, after the big party. This went on until early Friday morning.

There are no pictures of the soiree at

And here I didn’t say where he was vacationing because I was trying to give the man some privacy so he could relax and get some rest. Kevin sure seems to travel a lot. I wonder if Legacy and Mini recognize their daddy when he’s at home?

Tape reminder Tomorrow night is the night for Kevin’s documentary about the clean-up and rebuilding of the World Trade Center area on PBS. It’s on at 10pm here, so if I’m on the chat with anyone tomorrow night, please remind me to turn the tape on. I’ll start chatting and forget.

September 8, 2002 

In Today’s Washington Post there’s a listing of all the movies coming out in the next few months. David Gale is listed for December but is the only movie without a specific release date. No pictures. A tiny bit more in the David Gale news section, use link above.

September 7, 2002 

I got the new map page quote from the ELLE magazine article from several years ago, but I keep thinking he actually said that in another interview where there was more detail. Does anyone remember where? All of the old map page quotes I’ve used can be found on the Map Quotes page, found on.. you guessed it .. the main map page.

September 5, 2002

Today’s page transitions will be found on the David Gale pages and the Movie Chat page (didn’t like that one!). Reminder for movie chat: Swimming With Sharks on Saturday night.

September 4, 2002 

Annoying yet fun page transitions I’ve been playing with page transitions. For the next few days, I’m practicing with the Map page. If it doesn’t work for you, let me know. I’m not sure if page transitions are compatible with everything. I also have a feeling that having the map coming and going every time you click on it could become very old, very fast. This is just a test!

Vacations  Kevin’s rented himself a fancy beachfront home for the rest of the month, but since I occasionally worry about some of his more passionate fans printing out the “Meet Kevin” poll responses, I’ll keep the location quiet for now, although it’s probably all over the place anyway.

The house is rumored to have several bedroom suites, flat-screen plasma TVs, a gym, butler, gardener, a rented private boat and I guess someone to bathe the dogs. Wonder how much that set Kevin back? Sounds verrrrry expensive, doesn’t it?

I wonder if it has high speed Internet hook-up? And cable TV! Or does he have to wrap some tinfoil around a hanger to get reception on those expensive flat-screen TVs?

September 3, 2002 

Did someone put a “kick me” sign on my back and no one is telling me? Anonymous feedbackers, don’t bother with the comments about my being cold and critical and no real fan of Kevin Spacey’s. I’ve been listening to it for years now and there ain’t any point. Save your insults. I’m not going away.

Now on to the Spacey site additions ..

Parade Magazine Kevin Spacey talks about a turning point in his rowdy childhood, what makes him feel gratitude and the transforming power of a night in the theater. Escape With Me – Into Life, an interview by Dotson Rader. From October of 1999. This is now in the Interviews section.

I wonder if Kevin ever reads those articles and I wonder what he thinks of them if he does?

New Spacey Poll Poll #29: Kevin’s repeats.

Auction There is an autographed copy of The Shipping News (book) donated by Kevin to the ACLU of Southern California up for auction on eBay.

Movie chat The Tuesday night chats have been going well, so we’re going to try a movie chat on Saturday night. The movie will be Swimming With Sharks.

Message to a fan Anonymous poll taker, it’s all a big joke. The polls aren’t supposed to be taken seriously. They’re supposed to be goofy, silly, light-hearted, poking fun at all the articles we’ve read about Kevin and the polls we usually find on the Internet and so on.

September 2, 2002 

I’ve been working on the Interviews and Articles section. I’ve finally got them all in one order, from earliest to most recent. I’m going to be updating the site page links to reflect the changes very soon.

I had a brand new poll ready to go for this morning, but last night while I was putting the picture on the confirmation page, a gremlin took over my program and in trying to shoo it away, I inadvertently deleted the poll and the confirmation page and couldn’t get them back. On the brighter side, the results page for that poll survived. There just isn’t any use for it without the other 2 pages. Maybe it will be ready tomorrow.

This is for the anonymous feedback person from last night: Huh?? I’m totally stumped on this one. For the past 2 years I’ve had complaints that I don’t really have any sex on the site and I’ve had many complaints that I don’t treat Kevin with the respect and reverence that he deserves as Kevin Spacey, award-winning actor to the little people of the world, but your feedback was the first one I ever had that said there was too much sex and Spacey worshipping. I’m scratching my head over this one, let me tell you! Sorry to have to mention it here, but you didn’t leave me with any way to contact you privately.

Earlier news from 2002 coming very soon.