April 30, 2003

Tribeca Film Festival Kevin will be announcing the winners of the First TriggerStreet.com Short Film Festival at the closing gala of the Tribeca Film Festival, which will begin at 8pm on Sunday, May 11th. I wasn’t able to find any information on purchasing tickets to that event, so I guess it’s just for the festival people. Thanks, Arlene.

April 25, 2003

“Kevin Spacey is house-hunting in North London to be nearer the Old Vic when he becomes its artistic director. The US actor knows the city, having appeared on stage here. “There’s nothing I don’t like about London,” he said. “I don’t mind the weather at all.”

Scroll down almost to the bottom of the page to the PS section, past the part about the cow’s head being eaten by flies starting to smell (Shouldn’t Kevin have been *before* that one?)

**link no longer works but you can do a Spacey search on their site.

Thanks, Borislava.

April 24, 2003

Spacey Gazette Good news Gazette fans! I have been able to get my old photo program to work on another computer so I can produce Gazette headlines again. Now I just need to come up with one. The headline above is back by popular demand.

Site Links The site links page is a mess. There’s a lot missing from it and I’ve moved many pages around over the past year and never moved the links, so now I must work on that.

Forbes.com This was on Yahoo News a little while ago.

Atlantic Crossing  by Richard Heller

Upon American actor Kevin Spacey’s appointment this winter as artistic director of London’s famed Old Vic theatrical company, newspaper comment focused on the troupe’s dire financial straits. Seems its current productions don’t create the excitement that they did in the halcyon days when Laurence Olivier managed a tour-de-force double bill, playing a fop in Sheridan’s The Rivals only to return a half an hour later to do the lead in Oedipus Rex.

The thinking seemed to be that Spacey, as a commercially inclined Yank who’s nonetheless appeared in an Old Vic offering, will try to mount productions that bring in revenue. British counterparts have frequently put on works of limited appeal.

Surprising acceptance, perhaps, given endless twittering about the replacement of British cultural values, particularly among the young, by coarse American cultural values–Rambo for Henry V, Warhol rather than Turner, Eminem in place of Elgar or Ralph Vaughan Williams. Presumably Elton John, the Old Vic’s chairman, bridges these troubled waters.

The Brit stage crowd must sense that, forgetting the Old Vic shuffle, transatlantic roles are reversed at the moment. There’s not much new from America playing in London, while Broadway continues to seek box office gold in transplanted British productions. Recent openings include A Day in the Life of Joe Egg, The Play What I Wrote and Vincent in Brixton (about Van Gogh’s love affair with his London landlady).

Anyhow, Spacey’s predecessor, Lord Olivier, knew you had to sell the show to the unwashed mob to survive. And weren’t the stall seats at the Vic once hard by the stables?

Snippet This snippet was in a piece about celebrities attending the theatre in NYC:

Meanwhile, “Life (x) 3” at Broadway’s Circle in the Square Theater continues to draw the stars. Patrick Stewart was seen at a performance and afterward he and “Star Trek” buddy Brent Spiner, who stars in the show, went out to celebrate. Other stars spotted recently include Alfred Molina — who starred in Yasmina Reza’s “Art” — Steenburgen and Danson, Christine Lahti, Woody Harrelson, Woody Allen and Soon-Yi, Andrea Martin, Katherine Helmond, Kitty Carlisle Hart, Kevin Spacey, Robert Sean Leonard, Dan Lauria, James van der Beek and Mary Tyler Moore.

Thanks, Borislava.

April 20, 2003

From last week’s Times Online. This is the part that mentions Kevin’s name:

April 16, 2003

Tableau vivant upstages Saatchi’s new work By Sam Coates

More than a thousand celebrity guests arrived at The Saatchi Gallery, the new Thameside exhibition centre in the grand panelled rooms of the former County Hall, last night expecting sensation.

It duly arrived in the form of 200 men and women aged from 18 to 61 removing all their clothes and posing for photographs on the steps of the gallery. They then mingled with the shocked guests and even more shocking exhibits.

Marc Quinn, with the mould of his head filled with his own blood, and the sculptor Ron Mueck — as well as the celebrities, including the actors Stephen Fry and Kevin Spacey.

A few snips from an article about the MPTF retirement home in Woodland Hills, CA:

W Magazine February 2003 The Retirees by Christopher Bagley An excerpt on criticism directed at studio sponsored screenings and activities around awards season: Katzenberg is one executive who bristles at any suggestion of exploitation. “That’s so cynical it turns my stomach,” he says. “To say that that’s why Tom Hanks is going out there, why Kevin Spacey is doing all the work he’s done there? For a couple of votes? It’s insulting, frankly.” On expanding the facilities and reducing the length of the waiting list, a top priority of the MPTF: “Six years is a long time to wait for a room if you’re 80,” says Kevin Spacey, who’s had a soft spot for the MPTF since he performed for the residents with his junior high school drama club. He’s now one of the fund’s most vocal supporters, he says, because its goals are so easily overlooked: “There’s a perception that if you were in the movie business, you made all this money, but that really isn’t true for most people.” ~

Kevin must be getting his groove back. He’s bouncing back from his career being on the skids (read any David Gale review) to being referred to as a renowned producer and director. This was taken from the KSML:

SPACEY SIGNS DAVID Kevin wants Fame Academy star to write score Caroline Waterston Exclusive ACTOR Kevin Spacey aims to take Fame Academy winner David Sneddon to Hollywood. But the Oscar-winner doesn’t want to co-star with the singer – he wants him to pen the soundtrack for one of his films. Spacey, 43, a renowned producer and director, is keen to meet with the Scots star to thrash out a deal. He decided to sign David, 24, after hearing him sing his No.1 hit Stop Living the Lie live on Top of the Pops. A friend of the Paisley singer said: “David is really excited about it. It could be a huge break for him.” Spacey first heard the Scot perform in January when he was in London announcing his appointment as boss of the Old Vic theatre. Since then, he has listened to more of his material and even spoken about him to film- maker pals. American Beauty star Spacey heard about David through mutual celebrity friend Sir Elton John, who even allowed his backing band to play on David’s debut album Seven Years – 10 Weeks. A spokesman for David’s management said: “Getting David’s music into quality films would be a massive break and to be linked with a star such as the wonderful Kevin Spacey is fantastic.”

It doesn’t say for which movie. The Bobby Darin film? The one about the MIT students?

The Iceman Cometh In honor of it being 4 years ago this month since Iceman started on Broadway, I’ve decided to post some reviews and old articles. Look for some new stuff this next week.

April 16, 2003

Sandra Dee The Drew Barrymore/Reese Witherspoon debate appears to have ended. Click on the Darin News link above. Thanks, Borislava.

April 15, 2003

TV-Now shows Kevin as being a guest on Letterman on Friday night along with Reggie Miller. I believe that’s a repeat.

I tried to look up something at Spaceyland this morning, and it doesn’t seem to be there anymore. This was not good fan news.

April 14, 2003

Some fans have been asking about sending a memorial donation to the MPTF, in honor of Kevin’s mother. Here’s some information. This is a message from one of Kevin’s long time fans. Many of you know her as Linda, owner of the Legacy email group:

<<In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to the Motion Picture and Television Fund of Los Angeles in the name of Kathleen Fowler.>> If you wish to participate in sending a memorial gift for Kevin’s mom, here is the information. Send checks made out to MPTF. In the notation section (line on bottom left-hand corner) of your check write: “In memory of Kathleen Fowler.>> If you wish to participate in sending a memorial gift for Kevin’s mom, here is the information. Send checks made out to MPTF. In the notation section (line on bottom left-hand corner) of your check write: “In memory of Kathleen Fowler” Mail to my PO box: (removed since it is no longer needed). If you wish to send a few dollars, I will accept cash, but I prefer checks.  That way you will know the check was cashed by the correct recipient (The Motion Picture and Television Fund.). Please include your e-mail address with your contribution.  That way, I can contact you to confirm that I’ve received your envelope. DEADLINE: I will accept donation gifts until June 1, 2003. At that time, I will send all contributions to the MPTF in memory of Kathleen Fowler from “Fans of Kevin Spacey.” Any questions? Feel free to contact me at ladywinnie@juno.com

You can find out about the Motion Picture & Television Fund by going here: www.mptvfund.org

Updates I’ve caught up on the polls, added some fan reviews, corrected a few mistakes on this page from the past 4 months, and I’m working on some new additions to the Spacey Gallery. I’m hoping to start working on the Usual Suspects section by the weekend. If anyone would like to review the movie as a fan, please feel free to fill out the fan review form and send it to me. Form

April 11, 2003

Sad news to report today. From Variety.

Kathleen Ann Fowler Mother of Kevin Spacey, poet, musician

Kathleen Ann Fowler, the mother of two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, died March 19 in Los Angeles after a brief illness. She was 71. Minneapolis, Minn. married Thomas G. Fowler in 1949. The couple had three children, the youngest being Kevin Spacey Fowler. Kathleen Fowler was a talented poet, musician, and a longtime member of the “Charles Dickens Society.” She was a world traveler and lived in many US cities before settling in Southern California. She worked throughout her life as a personal assistant, particularly at Busch Gardens, Los Angeles and Stattam Industries until her retirement in 1992. She was predeceased by her husband in 1993. Besides son Kevin, she is survived by daughter Julie Ann Keir, son Randall and two grandchildren. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to the Motion Picture and Television Fund of Los Angeles in the name of Kathleen Fowler.

April 10, 2003

Photos I put the photo from the MPTF Night Before party that had been at the top of the page, on the first page of photos in the Photographs section, along with the full photo which goes with the picture above, also taken at the party last month.

Kevin’s brains Here’s a little something that one of Kevin’s fans came across. It was in a UK magazine (don’t know which one). Fans will notice that the writer calls Kevin’s dog “Mimi” instead of Mini. Thanks go to Vivienne and Bob for that one.


April 7, 2003

Letterman The Letterman that Kevin made a surprise appearance on, on Friday night, is scheduled to be on UK television tomorrow (Tuesday) night. ITV2 at 00.40 and 5.10 and lasts for 50 minutes. Kevin is on for a minute in there somewhere. Thanks to Vivienne.

April 5, 2003

Theatregoer Magazine April 2003 issue.

“Hero of the moment: Kevin Spacey….. who is lending Hollywood clout to the creation of a new production at the Old Vic in 2004. But what sort of production do you think will give the venerable playhouse a new lease of life? What will lure audiences to a theatre outside the West End? Send suggestions to us and we’ll print the best in future issues.” Thanks, Joyce.

Letterman Kevin made a surprise appearance on the Letterman show on Friday night. It’s too bad that very few people knew he was on. I found out yesterday. Too late to tape it or anything. I was told the camera even zoomed in on the bald spot as he was walking away from the camera. Why couldn’t we have been told in advance that he was going to be on?? Would a few hundred Spacey fans knowing before the show aired, have ruined the surprise for millions of Letterman viewers? I think not. Maybe it will repeat some day. Thank you anonymous fan, for the update.

April 3, 2003

New articles I’ve added a new section to the Map page. I’d link to it if I could remember what I decided to call it. Anyway, it’s where I’ll put humorous articles about Kevin. So far, I’ve added two old columns by Premiere magazine’s Libby Gelman-Waxner. They were in my scrapbooks. One is from 2001 and the other is from 2002. Those can also be accessed from the Articles and Interviews section, along with the just added Observer Magazine article and pictures (many thanks to Candis). Scroll down that page to find the Premiere articles.

LosingHairOh, look .. Kevin’s receding hairline has receded to his bald spot. I think I can speak for many, if not all, of Kevin’s fans when I say it’s so refreshing to see a man who has enough confidence in himself to not only allow his hair to fall out, but who will then allow it to be photographed and the picture published, knowing that someone is bound to crop the photo and then enlarge the head portion to enhance the previously mentioned hair loss (no need to thank me). Your fans and the SPSBS salute you, Kevin!

Mail, polls and feedback I’m backed up on the mail again, so if you’ve emailed me in the past few days, I’ll be getting to your email in the next day or so.

April 1, 2003

IDMB Kevin got married and didn’t tell anyone?? I find that hard to believe. I thought his publicist didn’t comment on his personal life? IDMB.com news item.

Bobby Darin The conflicting news items about the Bobby Darin movie have started. Just PR to keep people interested while Kevin does nothing in the public eye or problems looming already? Darin news link above.

People Special edition magazine. There’s a picture of Kevin and Lauren Bacall in the special Oscar Style magazine put out by People. Audrey Hepburn on the cover. About $11. Thanks to K-PAX and bardgirl.

March 30, 2003

Marie Claire (UK) I’ve added the UK Marie Claire article, plus pictures, to the Interviews section. Thanks very much to Candis. I have some pictures from another article to add later, these are also thanks to Candis.

tf73Total Film Here are a few pieces from the April issue of Total Film. Can there be more than one “particularly potty follower” who’s been going around tracing Kevin’s hands or has a certain group owner become a Spacey legend? The picture is from the magazine.

HANDY SCANDY: Disturbing fans come in many flavours. Kevin Spacey has one particularly potty follower who insists that every time she attends a premiere he’s at, he lets her draw around his hand. Surprisingly, the thespian lets her do it. She draws the line at feet, though…

“THE 20 BEST SCENE STEALERS” Stop! Thief! Total Film names and praises a score of actors who prove it ain’t always the star who shines brightest… AT NUMBER 7. Kevin Spacey in Se7en (1995) Spacey’s unbilled last-reel reveal as serial nutjob John Doe was a genuine shocker at the time. Proving you can underplay a man who murders with a razorblade dildo (ahem), his quiet religious mania made Doe one of cinema’s most unsettling bad guys. And remaining Se7en’s best-kept secret didn’t just benefit the audience. “It also meant I was able to be in a movie that made $200 million,” says Spacey, “and I didn’t have to do any publicity!” GRANDEST LARCENY: En route to the dread-soaked denouement, Doe’s black sense of humour is revealed when Somerset (Morgan Freeman) spys a mangled dog on the roadside. “I didn’t do that,” Doe deadpans. TIME FOR THE CRIME: 16 mins.

Thanks to Jaye for these.

March 28, 2003

There’s a limited release date for The United Sates of Leland. Only 6 more months to wait to see Kevin in a small role. Date is listed on my calendar page and the Leland news page (link above). Thanks to Margie.

March 25, 2003

Biography There’s a letter to the editor in April’s Biography magazine. It’s about the Spacey article from a few months ago.

Readers Write Man of the Hour Kevin Spacey, your February cover story, is a singular artist who spurs the audience’s emotions. he provokes thought and human interest in roles that are both entertaining and intriguing. He allows us into the mind of characters as diverse as the alien from K-PAX, an eccentric southerner in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, or a middle-aged man in crisis in American Beauty.

Marilyn Ellison-Heath, Trenton, Ohio

Small photo of Kevin accompanies the letter. Thanks for the tip, K-PAX.

Premiere In the April issue, page 28, no picture. A small piece about movies that have not been released theatrically by Miramax and potential release dates.

What’s in the Miramax Fridge? Ordinary Decent Criminal Starring Kevin Spacey, Linda Fiorentino, Colin Farrell; directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan. Been in the fridge for: At least 3 years (it was screened in Europe in early 2000). Release date: None yet.

Me here again .. um, since it’s already on DVD in the US, I really don’t think it will be seeing a theater at this point.

Marie Claire Kevin is supposed to have an article and pictures in the April issue of Marie Claire (UK version). I haven’t seen it so don’t know what’s in it.

Spacey sighting! The picture above is from the MPTF fundraiser held before the Oscars (see previous date below). Thank you, mysterious fan.

I’ve been working on my scrapbooks lately. It’s been so long since I did that, that I was surprised at how much stuff was in them and how much of it I apparently never actually read before gluing it in. I must have just been looking at the pictures and making everything look just right on the pages. It can be a very obsessive hobby for someone who likes everything on the pages to look “just so”. It’s a lot like working on web pages. Took me several hours last night to finish a handful of pages to my own satisfaction.

I only say this to explain why I haven’t updated the polls and answered mail in the past week. All of my free time has been spent working on the scrapbooks instead.

There are several magazine sightings for April and I’ll get all that together and post the information this evening.

March 23, 2003

Spacey sighting! 

The Inaugural “Night Before” Fundraiser Brings Celebrities and Industry Leaders Together for the Benefit of the Motion Picture & Television Fund BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., March 23 /PRNewswire/ — Proving that-even during awards season-it is better to give than to receive, a roster of stars joined several leaders of industry at the first annual Night Before fundraiser to benefit the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF). Guests included Kevin Spacey.

Thanks, Jaye.

March 19, 2003

I have no idea if Kevin will appear at the Oscars on Sunday night. It’s the 75th anniversary show and all past winners have been invited, but no word on Kevin that I’ve read so far.

Kevin will be seen on E! this evening though, during their showing of the 2000 red carpet arrivals. It repeats tomorrow afternoon.

The St. Patrick’s Day picture is back on the Spacey Gazette headlines page. This new one is from last year.


There is a picture of Kevin in April’s “Interview” magazine (Jack Nicholson on the cover.) Last page in the party photos by Patrick McMullan. It was taken at Sundance. Thanks, Tracy.

Oh dear. Another article about the faltering film career of Kevin Spacey. Thanks, Liz.

**Mercifully the link no longer works.

leprechaun_dancing_jig_sm_clrMarch 17, 2003

No time to make a new picture so enjoy last year’s St. Patrick’s Day greeting.

March 13, 2003

Vanity Fair Now Kevin’s movies are being mentioned in *other* actor’s movie reviews. From the new Vanity Fair April 2003 issue:

Page 162 – HOT REELS movie review of Robert Duvall’s Assassination Tango – last line of the review says “…this is content to lose itself in the pleasures of character, conversation and choreography while leaving cheap profundity to Kevin Spacey vehicles.”

I don’t like the sound of that. Better news, there’s a picture of Kevin in an ad about the Telluride Film Festival. Kevin is shown as a past participant. I haven’t seen the picture but have been told it’s a nice one. Page .. er.. 300 something, I think. Then in the Vanities section: Budding Filmmaker Web Site:  OUT – projectgreenlight.com.  IN – Triggerstreet.com Thank you anonymous reader.

InStyleApril2003OscarNo matter how many times I try to scan the picture above, it comes out grainy and blurry once I get it in place. Kevin with Val Kilmer at Juilliard many, many years ago. Newspaper photo from the PBS show on Juilliard a few months ago.

I added the pictures from In Style to the Photographs section. First page of photos, top row. I also added the small picture from the new Movieline. Also top row. I moved some of the photos from the bottom rows of the first page to other pages in that section, if anyone wonders where they are. There’s a full body shot of the picture to the right in the new issue of In Style, as well.

March 12, 2003

Movie chat In honor of St. Patrick’s Day next week, we’re going to have a movie chat on Saturday evening. Ordinary Decent Criminal. Link to chat room on map page.

March 11, 2003

Some of you have emailed me to ask about Bobby Darin and why Kevin would want to make a film of his life. If you’ve been to the Spacey Reading page on this site in the past, you’ll have noticed that I recommend the Mack is Back! DVD and the book written by Bobby Darin’s son, Dodd Darin. Both of which I thought could give a Darin novice an idea of what Kevin may be looking at.

But there’s an extensive catalog of music, movies and books that can be gone through and that is a big job for anyone, so the webmistress of bobbydarin.net has taken pity on Kevin’s fans and has generously given us some of her time and made a page that Kevin’s fans can use as a primer in their Darin studies. The link to the page will also be on the FAQ page and the Bobby Darin news page (link above) if you need it later and don’t want to scroll down looking for this post in the future.

Thanks to Linda at bobbydarin.net and Jimmy Scalia, Bobby Darin archivist.

Access Bobby 101 here: http://www.bobbydarin.net/darinspacey.html

Movieline There’s a small picture of Kevin in the newest issue of Movieline, Drew Barrymore on the cover. The picture is of Kevin at Sundance. I’ll try to scan that along with the other pictures from In Style later this evening.

March 10, 2003

Empire.com Not only did Kevin not make it to the Parkinson show, he also didn’t attend the Old Vic fundraiser screening of David Gale yesterday:

The Life of Laura Linney >Unusually, given the amount of time he currently spends in the UK, Kevin Spacey didn’t make the London opening of his latest film, The Life of David Gale. That honour was left instead to the film’s director Sir Alan Parker and Spacey’s co-star Laura Linney, who were both in town last night for the film’s premiere.<

Thanks, Borislava.

In Style April issue, airbrushed Meg Ryan on the cover. There are several pictures of Kevin in the new issue. Including a picture from HurlyBurly and a picture of Kevin holding his American Beauty Oscar in an article about the Oscars. Then there’s an article about Kevin’s Los Angeles launch party for Triggerstreet.com and that contains a few party photos and the recipes for a few of the dishes served at the party. I’ll find the page numbers and scan the pictures later.

March 7, 2003

Moved picture I moved the picture that was at the top of the page earlier, to the guest book page until I can decide what to do with it.

The Ref on DVD The DVD of The Ref is in stores now. It goes for around $10. Obviously no extras.

For KevieBear fans KevieBear will be coming out of hibernation very soon. He has a new green sweater to bring out the brown in his eyes.

March 6, 2003

K-PAX sequel For anyone who was still hoping that Kevin might do a K-PAX sequel, seeing how there are more books which continue the story of prot, I’ve been told that he won’t be doing one. I was hoping that there would be one and Kevin would return as prot. The character becomes more complex as the books progress. Especially in the third book.

March 3, 2003

UK television I’ve added some television dates for the British fans to the calendar page. Thanks to Vivienne!

The Telegraph March 3, 2003

TheTelegraph332003I was born to run the Old Vic Oscar-winning actor and devoted Anglophile Kevin Spacey unveils his ambitious plans for the famous theatre where he takes over as artistic director next year. Interview by John Hiscock

Thanks, Vivienne.

(A few people have said they’ve had trouble registering to read this article. I’ve put it on a temporary page. Telegraph)

BBC News

Spacey appeals for peace

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey joined the growing list of celebrities against a war with Iraq as he called for a diplomatic solution.

Spacey said he hoped the United States’ history of finding a peaceful end to tensions would prevail.

“I don’t feel like going to war,” Spacey said in an interview in OM, the Observer Magazine on Sunday.

“I would hope that George Bush doesn’t feel like going to war,” he added.

Spacey, who is the new artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre, is the latest celebrity to add his voice to the anti-war clamour.

In January, George Clooney accused President Bush of running the US government “like the Sopranos”.

And in December last year more than 100 entertainers including Martin Sheen, Kim Basinger and Samuel L Jackson sent a letter to Mr Bush urging him not to start a war.

The UK’s Poet Laureate has written an anti-war poem in which he casts doubts over the motives behind a possible war and director Martin Scorsese has also questioned America’s stance.

The Gangs of New York director said many Americans were cynical about the US administration’s intentions and its relationship with the oil industry.

Bobby Darin  The latest press release about the Bobby Darin movie, has little in it that is new except that it says the principal photography which starts in June, will be in London.

MDP Worldwide Teams With Kevin Spacey to Star and Direct “Beyond the Sea”

March 2, 2003

Parkinson (UK only, not on BBC America!) I posted on the calendar page last night that Kevin’s going to be on Parkinson on Saturday night, March 8 on BBC1. I thought it might be the one from last year with Judi Dench that BBC America *still* hasn’t shown, but now I’m told it’s a brand new one along with Donny Osmond and someone named Lenny Henry. With any luck maybe we’ll see that one in 2007. Thanks to Jaye and Vivienne.  Here’s a bit of trivia that is interesting to no one but me… I have both Kevin Spacey’s and Donny Osmond’s autographs.

The Observer Here’s a new article about Kevin. Also includes some discussion of The Life of David Gale. I don’t think there were any spoilers. Thanks Tracy.

‘Anybody worth their salt feels like a fake most of the time’


Why does Kevin call his mother his mum in interviews done in England? I’ve never seen him quoted as using that in interviews here. Interesting.

Pay It Forward A fan is looking for the screenplay for Pay It Forward on the Internet. To read online, not a place to purchase one. Anyone know if it’s out there anywhere?

March 1, 2003

Consenting Adults on DVD Mark this date, CA fans: October 14! Don’t forget The Ref is available on DVD on Tuesday.

The Washington Times March 1, 2003

File this under “Stay in bed with the covers pulled over your head if your name is Kevin Spacey.” Has some SPOILERS for Kevin’s bigger movies such as TUS and LAC.

Lost on a Spacey career path By Gary Arnold, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

Oops, link doesn’t work anymore. Too bad.

(Does all this mean Kevin is a big star now? They don’t take up this much room in a newspaper for someone they think no one cares about. The actual print form of the article has this on the front page of the entertainment section of the newspaper, along with an artist’s rendering of a Spacey photo and then it continues on to another page where it takes up nearly half the page and includes a rather large photo from American Beauty and a smaller one from K-PAX. What does it mean whenthey start discussing your magazine covers? I posted the whole article in the Articles section since the article was so long, and later today I’ll scan the drawing. Thanks to beck at Legacy.)

February 28, 2003

Mark your calendars for July 4, UK fans.

Wrong trousers day goes nationwide <snip> Animated characters Wallace and Gromit will head a national fund-raising day urging people to wear the wrong trousers. Stars such as Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey and Carol Vorderman are among figures backing the day on July 4. People will be encouraged to wear trousers which do not match the rest of their suits or outfits for the Wallace And Gromit Wrong Trousers Day.


Thanks to Borislava.

February 25, 2003

The new Readers Digest with the Spacey interview is on the stands now. There’s nothing new in the interview so I’m not going to put it on my site, however, I’ve scanned the new photos and put them in the David Gale photos section. Top row of pictures. A black and white version of the only full page photo is my new site entrance page photo. The old site entrance photo is above (I have to figure out where to put it now) and the old News page photo is now on the Spacey Gazette Headlines page.

February 23, 2003

I’ve been told someone has been posting things on the Guest Book which are bothering other people, including the ending of The Life of David Gale. I’m afraid that I’ve had to remove the Guest Book from the navigation chart for the site until I can go in and do something about removing the offending post.

Bobby Darin Before I close the guest book, this link was posted by the owner of the Bobby Darin Fan Site. We get to see what Dodd Darin thinks of Kevin doing the film about his father. I haven’t read it yet.


February 21, 2003

For the person who asked about ODC I know Ordinary Decent Criminal can be found on DVD at Best Buy (although fans have reported copies selling very briskly so you may have to ask for it). I don’t know if other stores are carrying it. The VHS is priced for rental so it’s probably not available for purchase in stores.

Kevin’s new movie is taking such a beating that I’m not sure that I, who have never stepped back from posting a bad review of any Spacey film, can bring myself to post any of them. I feel so badly for Kevin today that I’d suggest we all send him postcards telling how much we still care and will still anxiously await his next film, but that doesn’t seem like such a good idea. I wouldn’t read the reviews, Kevin.

The great reviews for David Gale aren’t exactly rolling in just yet. The Baltimore Sun does *not* give it a good review, in fact, the review isn’t even on the front of their entertainment section, it’s on page 4 with no picture from the film attached to it. I’ll post that on the David Gale Reviews page later.

On the other hand, their web site has an article about the Tribeca Film Festival and has a picture of Kevin.

February 20, 2003

Screen Daily

Kevin Spacey is going back behind the camera to direct the story of Bobby Darin, the legendary crooner who died tragically of a rheumatic heart in 1973. Spacey will also star as Darin in the film which is being fully financed by MDP Worldwide, Mark Damon’s sales and financing outfit which also backed The United States Of Leland, produced by Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions in which he also had a supporting role.

Spacey made his directorial debut in 1996 with Albino Alligator starring Faye Dunaway, Matt Dillon and Gary Sinise. He recently starred in Alan Parker’s The Life Of David Gale which played in competition at Berlin earlier this month.


Spacey to Direct, Star in Bobby Darin Biopic By Army Archerd and Cathy Dunkley

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – After five years of planning, Kevin Spacey is darin’ to play Darin.

The actor will star in, direct and produce “Beyond the Sea,” a movie about the life of singer Bobby Darin, set to begin shooting in June.

Producer Mark Damon’s MDP Worldwide has come aboard to fully finance and produce with Spacey’s production shingle, Trigger Street. MGM is in negotiations to acquire North American distribution rights to the film, though no deal has yet been inked.

“Sea” had once been planned as a Warner Bros. release, but Spacey bought the rights from Warner two years ago. Among the executive producers on the film is Arthur Friedman, who has worked on the project for 12 years.

Spacey told Daily Variety on Wednesday that the budget will be “considerable.”

The film covers the 1940s through the 1970s, but as described by Spacey, “it’s not a linear story. And not a docudrama.”

Details of the film’s soundtrack must still be worked out, as must rights issues surrounding Darin’s original recordings. But Spacey will sing songs including “Dream Lover,” “Mack the Knife,” “Splish Splash” and the title tune.

“Kevin’s passion for ‘Beyond the Sea’ is overwhelming and has consumed us as well,” Damon said.

It’s been five years since Spacey first expressed an interest in bringing Darin’s life to the big screen.

“They say I’m too old,” he lamented at that time — Spacey was then 38. Darin died at age 37 when his heart gave out following heart surgery.

Asked if he’s too old now, Spacey laughed, “Bobby always looked a little older — but if I waited any more I might be too old.”

Spacey proved his ability to imitate Darin on the “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” album, singing “That Old Black Magic” as a tribute to the performer. Spacey repeated when he sang during his hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live.”

Three years ago, Spacey said he planned to take six months off to devote to singing ahead of the Darin biopic, but added he would do the film “only when it can be done the right way” (Daily Variety, March 14, 2000).

On Oct. 24, 2000, Spacey brought down the house when he sang two songs a la Darin before an all-industry party created to involve young Hollywood in the Motion Picture and Television Country House & Hospital.

Since then, the actor has continued to work with Darin’s conductor, Roger Kellaway.

Spacey has continually emphasized that he wanted the Darin family to know he would treat the project “with respect.” He sent letters to that effect to Darin’s wife, Sandra Dee, and their son, Dodd. They will be portrayed in the film, which will have “many other good roles as well,” Spacey said.

Darin was told that he would not live past his late teens due to a severe heart condition. He set out to prove he could become a showbiz legend by age 25 and in fact became a big star in the music industry as well as finding success in nightclubs and in films.

Over the years, the “Sea” project attracted writer Lewis Colick and writer-director James Toback, among others.

Spacey said the film won’t conflict with his new job as artistic director of the Old Vic in London, a job that doesn’t start until fall 2004.

“Sea” marks the second film jointly produced by Trigger and MDP after “The United States of Leland,” which Spacey also starred in and directed. It was acquired by Paramount Classics at this year’s Sundance Film Festival~

Thanks for the links, Borislava. I never knew Kevin was doing a tribute to Bobby Darin on the MGGE soundtrack. What would that have to do with Jim Williams or Johnny Mercer? I *do* recall that one album reviewer thought he was doing a Sammy Davis, JR. impression.

February 19, 2003

Just read this in today’s New York Post, Cindy Adams column, scroll down past Rosie Perez and her sagging breasts statement. Kevin Spacey on himself in Reader’s Digest: “There’s things I still want to do. I’ve tried boxing, windsurfing. I want to do a serious mountain climb. I’m into photography. I want to learn a couple of languages. . . . I took a year off and just now am going to work again. . . . Only five years ago I started to get noticed. Then I was suddenly on this train. I decided after I finished ‘The Life of David Gale’ I’d stop. I really feel – I make a joke out of this – that if I was sick of me, I could imagine how the rest of the country felt.”

Me here again .. Kevin said the same thing after all of the American Beauty excitement. Do you think the country’s been sick of you all this time, Kevin? If you’re bored, I have several mountains of snow piled up next to my driveway. You can practice here. ~

I hope Kevin was able to get back to NYC for his Letterman tonight and his Today and Live! With Regis and Kelly appearances tomorrow morning. I need my Spacey TV!

New pics at WireImage.com today.

February 18, 2003

I was going to reopen my old Kevin stranded in a blizzard poll, but after shoveling snow for several days, I’m too sore and tired! I’ve added some links to the David Gale news page. Some interviews and a transcript of last night’s Charlie Rose show.

Entertainment Weekly February 21, 2003. Page 19, no photo of Kevin. An article about celebs and where they go to get their hair done.  ‘Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa East, NYC’ STAR FACTOR Gary Sinise, Sting, and Kevin Spacey are clients WHAT’S HOT The Gentlemen’s Salon & Barber Shop  WHY Part barbershop, part gentleman’s club, this British-style enclave provides such services as the Indulgent Shave, $65 and Signature Sport Manicure, $28.

Thanks, Margie.

February 17, 2003

I’ve had enough of winter now. I thought you’d all want to know that.

I hope Kevin’s going to be able to do his Charlie Rose tonight. New York is getting my leftover snow. Or has that been pre-taped? I’m also reading the cast is supposed to attend the LA premiere of David Gale tomorrow and then Kevin’s supposed to be back in NYC on Wednesday for more TV interviews, but the weather may not be cooperating.

If I ever get off of my street and get to the store again, they may have put out that new Reader’s Digest. The one at the store on Friday was the February issue and had Richard Gere on the cover.

I missed a picture of Kevin in the new In Style (not Premiere as I had previously stated). It’s a picture of Kevin in his fast food worker’s uniform. The article was about actors who’d been waiters earlier in their careers. I’ll dig out my magazine and find the page number. Thanks, bardgirl.

There’s a link for a new interview on the David Gale news page. Thanks, Borislava.

February 16, 2003

Kevin was in a few newspapers today.

The Boston Globe, Arts section (Thanks, Susan).

New York Daily News (Thanks, Viv).

Kevin’s Letterman is supposed to be on TV in England on Friday. Time on the calendar page. (Thanks, Vivienne).

February 14, 2003

Happy Valentine’s Day, Spacey fans. I’ve recycled last year’s Gazette greeting. Kevin was so cute, I don’t think anyone minds, do they?

I was “unable to open mail” this morning. Hope there weren’t any new TV appearances in one of those emails.

Did you catch Kevin on the Tonight Show? I was struggling to stay awake. I was happy to see Kevin stay for the whole show. He’s always a great guest. For those who weren’t lucky enough to see it, Kevin was dressed in a very nice dark suit. I don’t know why but he once again came out carrying a glass of water (or something!). They have mugs of water for the guests so why does Kevin need his own glass? Odd. The limericks were a one-time thing, right Kev? Kate Winslet appears tonight.

February 13, 2003

More shows added to the calendar for next week. Thanks, Marilyn. I’ve read that Kevin’s turn on Access Hollywood may be tonight since they bumped him from last night. Don’t forget he’s on Leno tonight!

Billy Crystal Tribute thing Here’s the snipped part about Kevin from FoxNews.com:

<snip> Actor Kevin Spacey got a lot of laughs when he did spot-on imitations of Johnny Carson, Christopher Walken and Bill Clinton. I was never sure why he was there, and maybe neither was he since Spacey cut out right after his presentation. When Crystal called out to him during his own closing speech — and realized he wasn’t there — he said, “What about Kevin Spacey? Huh? Embarrassing no? He didn’t sound like any of those people!” <snip>

February 12, 2003

KCThe lovely creature in the photo is my cat KC. She’s the cause of half of my worries lately. For her entire life, her older “sister” Miss Marple was the complicated feline of the house, but now she’s decided she can be one too and out of the blue has been tormenting us with health problems we never heard of before. I decided to post her picture today because she’s the main reason there hasn’t been a new Spacey photo for the News page and may not be a new one for Valentine’s Day. She has a trip to the vet today which I’m hoping will be a good one and then I can worry about other things.

Guest Book I put in a new guest book. The previous guest book messages have been moved to another page, link on the guest book page.

February 11, 2003

Washington Post Style section, no picture of Kevin. Snipped from an article about the Berlin Film Festival:

Hollywood’s Berlin Holiday by Desson Howe <snip>

After that it’s time for the press conference, in which they must respond gracefully to all manner of questions, some of them intelligent, including the inevitable political ones about the American attitude toward war, not to mention cultural sensitivity. Others are just plain goofy, like this one posed by a Canadian journalist to the filmmakers of “The Life of David Gale,” an American production slated for release this month.

“Do you find films are necessary?”

Director Alan Parker and actors Spacey and Laura Linney are momentarily stunned. Eventually Spacey answers with something about how the job of drama is to plant seeds and it’s up to the viewers if they wish to water it.


Old Vic appointment Another article about Kevin’s new role with the Old Vic.


Premiere March 2003, page 56, picture of a broken coffee cup.

The 100 Greatest Movie Moments Of All Time

  1. THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH Film: The Usual Suspects, 1995 Director: Bryan Singer

“It all makes sense when you look at it right. …” Rabin(Dan Hedaya) says to Agent Kujan (Chazz Palminteri) after Kujan has masterfully pried the identity of Keyser Soze from the hobbled Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey at his wiliest). (I’m not printing the rest of the text from the magazine because it gives away too much of the ending and if you haven’t seen The Usual Suspects ..) Best Seen: MGM Home Entertainment DVD February 10, 2003

Actor Kevin Spacey takes center stage in his new role as artistic director of London’s Old Vic theater


Thanks, Borislava

February 9, 2003 

Old Vic Party Kevin’s such a gentleman. After Courtney Love sucks off part of his upper lip (picture 1), he attempts to give her the Heimlich maneuver after she swallows it (picture 2).. That’s odd. In England the person stands in front of you, but in the US they stand behind.. After his heroic efforts, Kevin humbly accepts a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Ok, I didn’t get the Guest Book fixed yesterday. I’ll try again this afternoon. Along with updating the polls. I added a short bit about the rating one of the major movie entertainment magazines has given David Gale to the David Gale news page. Link above.

February 7, 2003

Guest Book I’m going to try to get the guest book back up tomorrow. There has to be a lull in the Spacey news for a day, right?

Broadband Monthly The text for last year’s May issue of Broadband Monthly has finally been added. Thanks to Candis for typing that out for us and a reminder to thank Chris for the original scans! Spacey Interviews section.

The Old Vic press conference More about why Kevin wanted to take his new job with the theater .. he said that he didn’t want to spend his life doing a movie here, a movie there, maybe a play here – he wanted to have a purpose in life, and this was it. Liz Smith’s column – Various newspapers 

Billy Crystal will be feted by the American Museum of the Moving Image at the Waldorf on Feb. 12. Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Kevin Spacey, Jack Palance and a dozen other famous Crystal fans are to be on hand. Call (212) 245-6570.

February 6, 2003

What exactly is Kevin’s new title at the Old Vic? I’m reading he’s *the* director of the Old Vic, *a* director of the Old Vic, artistic director and a director but not the artistic director. I also hear he’s moving to England to fulfill his obligation.

Pictures Wireimage.com has quite a few thumbnails from last night’s gala. Rexfeatures.com has a few from the gala and more from the press conference earlier in the day. Do a search for Kevin Spacey.

For people who like clippings Kevin’s new position, whatever that may be, is in the Washington Post this morning. In a box all by itself. No picture though. It also says that the big Spacey/Elton John shindig last night was upstaged by talk of Courtney Love’s arrest after her flight to London. Style section of the paper.

The gala and party Kevin spoke part of the God for Harry speech from Henry V, and sang two numbers – Harmony and Someone Saved My Life Tonight. Kevin made an entrance dressed as Elton JOhn (in a pink coat and wig) and singing. Halfway through the song, he threw off the disguise to reveal that it was him singing and then he slid across the grand piano while the lights went up on the pianist to reveal that it was Elton playing. Kevin always knows how to make an entrance! Courtney Love, Sting, Lulu and a number of other British singers appeared, and Peter O’Toole also walked on at the end. They showed a slide show of actors who’d performed at the Old Vic – Peggy Ashcroft, a very young Maggie Smith, and of course John Gielgud and Laurence Olivier. Kevin did his impression of Gielgud.

Kevin attended the party, handling his hosting duties as a pro, working the room and taking a few minutes to speak to everyone personally. He was in charge of the raffle drawing (what was raffled off?) and appeared to have a good time dancing and keeping the mood festive.

Thank you.

*The raffle prize was 4 hours on a private jet for 8 people anywhere you wanted to visit. The sponsors were Netjets.

Kevin to be back in NYC on Saturday? From the Ruth Gutman column in the New York Post today:

* The same night brings the launch of Time Style & Design, the latest entrant to the overcrowded field of fluffy fashion mags. Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna “Dark Crystal” Karan, Calvin Klein, Hilary Swank, P. Diddy, Goldie Hawn, Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet have all promised to be there because it’s so, like, you know, fab.

Gotham Hall, 1356 Broadway at 36th Street, 6:30- 8:30 p.m. RSVP to (212) 522-6856 claiming to be Seventh Avenue wunderkind Zac Posen.

February 5, 2003 

Kevin’s scar For them that asked, he said he got it in a sword fight. Or was that while rehearsing a sword fight? With Kevin, who can remember?

Fresh Air I missed Kevin’s radio interview on NPR a few weeks ago and never got the repeat times posted, but you can listen to a few old Fresh Air interviews he did from their website. Do a guest search for you-know-who. Thank you for the link, Kelly.


The Improper Bostonian There is an article with Kevin in this week’s “The Improper Bostonian,” which is a free weekly magazine that is available in Boston. Thanks, Candis. The article is now in the Interviews section. (For old Automat members, this interviewer stole our Roses are red, Violets are blue thing. Remember all those funny poems we made up? I put them all on the Valentine card to Kevin a few years ago? I had them all written down somewhere, I’ll try to find them.)

Old Vic Pics of the Old Vic press conference at wireimage.com, but none at rexfeatures.com yet.

Pics at Yahoo Thanks to Vivienne and Borislava –

I’m going to move this to a page of it’s own later because it’s kind of long but no time for that now:

“I am delighted to be taking on the challenge of running a new production company at the Old Vic theatre beginning in 2004-2005. “My commitment to this theatre began when I performed Howard Davies’ production of The Iceman Cometh on stage at the Vic in 1998. As an actor I have never had quite the dynamic between the audience and performer as the one our company experienced in Eugene O’Neill’s classic play. We actors tend to search for places where the effort of performance is minimal but the reward immeasurable; both of these realities exist within the walls of the Old Vic, which Laurence Olivier used to call his favourite theatre. “In contrast to some theatres where actors often feel they are throwing their performance out into a black void, Olivier identified the “sweet spot” at the Old Vic where an actor can stand downstage centre and simply place their performance where they want it. The truth of this observation has been proved decade after decade when one looks at the performers and directors who have called the Old Vic their home; John Gielgud, Laurence Olivier, Ralph Richardson, Vivian Leigh, Peter O’Toole, Richard Burton, Judi Dench, Peggy Ashcroft, Joan Plowright, Sybil Thorndike, Tom Courtenay, Michael Redgrave, Michael Gambon, Sir Peter Hall, Jonathan Miller and many, many others – right straight through to the performance I witnessed on Saturday night at the Old Vic – Derek Jacobi in Michael Grandage’s wonderful production of The Tempest. “My introduction to the Old Vic began much earlier than 1998 when I was a small boy. My parents took theatre trips from America to London starting when I was around seven years old. I remember seeing Shakespeare and other productions on the Old Vic stage. Some of my earliest memories of the theatre experience itself surround these family trips to England. To have grown up to act on the stage itself was a dream come true. To find myself in the role of director of the Old Vic theatre is beyond my wildest imaginings. “Now we are in a new time; a time of significant change in many of the theatres in this country. With new directors taking their place at the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Almeida, the Donmar and the continuing accomplishment of the work at the Globe – it seems a good moment for the Old Vic to take its place once again as a producing theatre alongside these exciting advancements within the theatre community. “I am thrilled that the Old Vic’s Board of Directors has given me their confidence to take on such a challenging role. My affection for (impresario) Sally Greene and her unwavering love for the future of this grand old building cannot fully be expressed. I adore Sally’s drive and exhaustive efforts toward bringing the Old Vic its well-deserved place. “I also must express how delighted I am to have joining us such a well-experienced and dedicated admirer of new material and daring work as our producer David Liddiment. This is indeed a new adventure for him and I am confident and excited about what he and I and Sally are going to accomplish in the years ahead. “We will be announcing our first season in due course and hope to draw some of the most exciting talent working in Britain, the United States as well as other countries. We will also dedicate ourselves to the thrill that comes from helping to shape and discover new talents – on both sides of the footlights – as we create a new Old Vic Theatre Company into a place we can all call our home. “One of our priorities for the new Old Vic Theatre Company will be to continue our outreach to new audiences – particularly younger theatregoers – creating educational programs, children’s series and a vision for a season of plays which will attract audiences from all parts. It will be my personal commitment to appear in at least two productions a season. I also intend to direct. “I would not want to make this announcement without saying something about my own country. I am sure there will be those who ask, why isn’t this American actor creating a theatre company in his own country, and I would like the opportunity to answer that question in advance. The theatrical tradition in Britain is longer than it is in America and most American actors worth their salt want to come here and prove themselves and face the challenge that the British stage offers. Equally, for British actors, there is something very dazzling and romantic about travelling to New York and playing on Broadway. So it seems the compliment is repaid every time a British citizen gets to tread the boards in Manhattan and an American is given the chance to come here and tackle a rake stage. Just as we experienced with our production of The Iceman Cometh, it will be our hope to travel with productions from The Old Vic to the United States and back. “So in no way should this decision be viewed as abandonment of my own country. The truth is I hope this new venture will help continue to strengthen the cultural bridge between our two countries – for there could not be greater allies than the relationship enjoyed between the United States and the United Kingdom. “In addition to the theatre being my primary allegiance, I am a film actor as well and I intend to remain a film actor, as well as the head of a production company. However, I do not underestimate the level of commitment this project is going to require of me. It is something that I feel deeply about, have put over two years of thought toward and, frankly, is something I am utterly overjoyed at having reached a decision upon. “My passion for this project and my excitement at what I believe this new company can achieve toward the revitalisation of the Old Vic theatre is focused and clear. I can only hope that the community will urge us on and that audiences who don’t know about what’s happening over on Waterloo will come down to The Cut and check us out.”

Sky News – NEW DARLING OF THE OLD VIC Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey has said he is “overjoyed” to be a director at London’s Old Vic theatre and pledged to walk the boards twice-a-year. The American Beauty star said he would not be giving up film acting but did not underestimate the commitment his new role would require. It had been reported that Spacey would be artistic director at the theatre, but it has become clear he will be a director at the theatre for a year. The role is more “hands-on” than that of artistic director, which is essentially a patron’s role. ‘Passion’ Spacey said: “It is something that I feel deeply about, have put over two years of thought towards and frankly is something I am utterly overjoyed at having reached a decision upon. “My passion for this project and my excitement at what I believe this new company can achieve towards the revitalisation of the Old Vic Theatre is focussed and clear. “I can only hope that the community will urge us on.” Spacey is reported to have injected a substantial amount of cash into the ailing Victorian theatre to save it from financial ruin. Spacey’s new film, The Life Of David Gale, with co-star Kate Winslet, is released in March.  Lap-dancing In 1998 the venue was rescued from lap-dancing entrepreneurs and property developers who wanted to convert the historic building, which dates back 180 years. But the theatre still needs millions of pounds of investment, including 000 for a new roof. As part of the plans to help raise  for the building, a stage version of Billy Elliot is planned.

Sky News thanks to Vivienne.

And more coming later today. I’ll also include the thanks to people who emailed me!

I hope Kevin is serious when he says he isn’t going to abandon his movie fans. I still have a lot of work (and I mean a LOT) to do on the movie section, but if he’s going to be spending all of his time in England doing theatre, there may not be much reason for me to continue after I have the movies brought up to date. We’ll just have to wait and see what the next year or two brings, I guess.

Kevin, please don’t start talking with a fake British accent the way Madonna does.

Lots more coming tonight.

This just in – 

Spacey becomes London theatre boss The link I put in farther below which took you to an article about Kevin clarifying his role with the Old Vic since they already have an artistic director, has turned into a link to a story saying he’s going to be running the Old Vic or something. Here’s a quote from Kevin: “To find myself in the role of director of the Old Vic Theatre is beyond my wildest imaginings.”

From today’s Daily Telegraph:

Spacey to direct at Old Vic

Kevin Spacey, the Oscar winning film actor, will announce plans today to direct a number of plays at London’s troubled Old Vic theatre.

But the embarrassed theatre rejected reports in The Times yesterday that Spacey, 43, was to be made artistic director.

The theatre appointed an artistic director, Matthew Warchus, a rising British star, a year ago.”

And from The Times today:

“Sir, Your report today that Kevin Spacey is to be the artistic director of the Old Vic adds that “it is thought that Spacey might also use the [press] conference to end the speculation in the media about his sexuality.” This is a thought which would occur to nobody but the media. Let’s hope Spacey does no such thing. Tom Stoppard”

February 4, 2003

I’ve been up all night taking care of a cat that had dental surgery of all things and am way too tired to post any links right now, but I’ve been told that Kevin is supposed to be holding a press conference in London to announce he’s going to be named artistic director of the Old Vic because they don’t have one, or he’s not going to announce that because they already have one, or he may be going to make an announcement about his sexuality or he might not be, or he may be there to announce he’s going to direct some plays for The Old Vic. I’ll post more later once I’ve done my daily nursing of my mother who is recovering from *her* surgery.

CNN’s ticker is saying he was named artistic director of the fabled Old Vic Theatre but they aren’t saying anything about his sexuality.

If he *is* going to be their artistic director, does this mean he’ll be moving to London and not acting in movies anymore? Can you do a job like that long-distance?

Thanks Borislava, Jackie, anonymous #1 and anonymous #2. I’ll post the links as soon as I have a chance this morning.

January 31, 2003

The Tonight Show From Stacey at the KSML .. Kevin is to appear on The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno on February 13.

Guest Book It’s happened again. The guest book is showing double banners so as always, I’ll have to move all the messages to another page, delete the guest book, start a new guest book and all that. Maybe tomorrow.

Movieline’s annual sex issue There must not be much sex in Hollywood anymore because this is the thinnest magazine I’ve bought in a long time. I’ve added the photos from Movieline to the interview page. Kevin’s b/w photos seem out of place among all the cheesecake and beefcake photos, to be honest. There are other photos of Kevin in the magazine. The Hotline on page 28 has two pictures of Kevin. We have Kevin hangin’ with Busta Rhymes and chatting with Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson at a Triggerstreet.com launch party.

January 30, 2003

Movieline I’ve added the text portion of the new Movieline to the Articles and Interviews section. Thank you very much to the fan who scanned it for us to enjoy. I’ll add the pictures just as soon as I get a copy of the magazine. Kevin may not be interested in a collectible American one-sheet of Gone With The Wind, but I enjoy mine very much.

Emails I promise that if you’ve sent me an email with information or links to articles, that I’ve read it and have saved it and it will be posted as quickly as I can possibly do so. So much happening all of a sudden and little time to post it! Plus, after more than 2 years without spam, I’m suddenly being blitzed on the site email account with offers to sell me Viagra, real estate, anti-virus programs and penis enlargements. Takes a while to delete these things without deleting something important.

Movieline Excerpts from the new Movieline are at movieline.com and I’ll have the full interview posted on the site very soon thanks to a kind fan.

People February 3, 2003 issue. Photo on page 81, Sundance section. Thanks Joyce and Diane.

David Gale poster Did I mention that my sister Suzanne, who wishes to remain anonymous, found the David Gale poster on eBay and now he’s hanging in the hall (the poster, not David Gale) where Quoyle used to be? If *someone* would just do a screening w/Q&A that’s open to the public and near where I live, I might be able to get it autographed. Are the Q&As over?

January 29, 2003
SpaceyMovielineMovieline Kevin’s on the cover of the annual sex issue of Movieline. I haven’t seen the magazine yet. Kevin Spacey, the ultimate thinking person’s sex symbol. The scan is thanks to Kim.

Los Angeles Times There’s an article about tonight’s American Masters program on PBS (about Juilliard) in the Los Angeles Times today and I’ve been told the print edition has a large photo of Kevin and Val Kilmer on stage together. The picture isn’t on their web site. Check your local listings for times in your area. The article says that Kevin is a graduate of the school, but I seem to recall Kevin saying he never graduated.

January 28, 2003

Creative Screenwriting From the January/February 2003 issue, pages 8 and 10. I have bleeped Kevin’s profanity as usual. In the Interviews section. Thanks to anonymous fan #3. BTW – Kevin’s interview about Triggerstreet.com starts with the identity of Keyser Soze, so if you haven’t seen The Usual Suspects .. SPOILER!

Biography I finally had a chance to see an actual print copy of the Biography magazine with Kevin on the cover and it includes another full page photo which looks as if it was taken along with the old Smoke magazine photos (dark pants, dark jacket, white shirt, cigar), and smaller pictures from some of his movies. The Usual Suspects, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, L.A. Confidential, American Beauty, um.. something else I can’t remember and a picture from the Oscars when he won for American Beauty, and a full page ad for The Life of David Gale is on the last page of the magazine. I’ll try to scan the full page photo this evening.

January 25, 2003

Quick note to K-PAX The Biography with Kevin on the cover can be found at Borders and at Barnes & Noble.

Washington Post TV Week (Sunday Supplement, page 7, no picture of Kevin) 

‘American Masters’ Goes to Juilliard

Through interviews, auditions, rehearsals, and archival footage, “American Masters: Juilliard” examines America’s famous performing arts school.

Spacey part –

One teacher featured in the film is Marian Seldes, an actress whose students included Kevin Spacey, Christopher Reeve, Kevin Kline, Bradley Whitford and Baranski.

“Marian, who is this beautiful being, held my face in her hands and she said, ‘My little bird.’ And she ran off down the street, not looking one way or the other at traffic, just kind of gone. She was just flitting through Manhattan,” says Spacey in the film. “And I thought, ‘Who is that woman?’ And my friend said, ‘God has his finger on her head and he just lets her go through life and protects her.’ ”

Seldes acknowledges that she often used the phrase “my bird” because it was a favorite expression of Chekhov, one of her favorite playwrights. And she is aware that some of her students do imitations of her, she says, notably Robin Williams–whose obliges the camera with his version of “my little bird.”

Parade (another Sunday newspaper supplement) January 26 issue, you can find this odd bit in the ‘Brady’s Bits’ column in the ‘In Step With’ interview with Miguel Ferrer:

So we chatted about other roles for which his dad is remembered, The Great Man for one. “That’s a terrific film,” said Ferrer. “He also directed it.” As for The Caine Mutiny, Miguel said, “It was on TV a few years ago, and Kevin Spacey played my father’s role, and he did a mediocre job.” That’s Miguel – an intelligent man and actor who speaks his mind. ~

Hmmm .. except Kevin Spacey wasn’t in that film. So, Miguel got his Kevins mixed up, or James Brady got his Kevins mixed up, or Miguel isn’t as smart as Brady thinks, or Miguel is some kind of practical joker. I’m going to say he’s a practical joker.

January 24, 2003

Article about Kevin’s Q&A at the University of Washington on the David Gale news page. Link above.

A fan tells me that there’s a picture of Kevin in the eonline.com Sundance photo gallery. Thanks for the tip.

January 23, 2003

Here’s an interesting new interview. Get a bowl of oatmeal into Kevin and he’ll tell you anything. He finally states a public opinion on the death penalty. Which is interesting because he keeps telling people at the David Gale Q&As that he has no opinion. Thanks for the link, Lester.

Chicago Sun Times 

Spacey gets object lesson in the fine art of the deal January 23, 2003

Kevin and Elton Stars come out for Old Vic 23 – Jan 2003 Sir Elton John will perform a series of duets with Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey at a charity concert to save an historic London theatre. The two will sing some of the flamboyant musician’s most memorable hits at the show to raise money for the Old Vic theatre, where the show takes place.

Mercury Prize winner Ms Dynamite, Texas star Sharleen Spiteri, US jazz star Diana Krall and her new partner Elvis Costello, as well as Lulu and Sinead O’Connor have all agreed to take part in the show. Each of the acts will perform hits by Sir Elton, who is chairman of the Old Vic Theatre Trust, and it is his first fundraising task since taking up the position last year. Spacey, who took a best actor Oscar for his role in American Beauty, is a board member of the trust and showed off his vocal skills in a concert at the venue to aid September 11 victims. A spokesman said: “They have put together a truly spectacular evening with an extraordinary line-up of guests, who will sing some of Elton’s best-loved songs.”

Thanks to Vivienne and Borislava.

My small family emergency of last week has turned more serious than expected (nothing life-threatening for anyone!) so my updates may be sporadic over the next few weeks. Or maybe not. The evening updates may be my only way to relieve stress. We’ll just have to wait and see. This site stuff is very addictive, you know. And I always check my email, even if I don’t do anything with it for a while. If you sent me a link for something in the past 2 or 3 days, it will probably show up on the site tonight.

At some point during the past week, someone became the 100,000th hit on my Map page.

January 22, 2003 

One of the fans in Seattle was given a pass to a sneak screening of David Gale tonight and the pass said a special guest from the film will participate in the Q&A following the movie. Hmmm ..

Kevin, tomorrow, University of Washington, Q&A following screening. Thanks, Christina.

January 21, 2003

Art Felt From the Daily Telegraph, December 14, 2002:

ArtFeltJay Joplin and Kevin Spacey – patrons for whom many a veteran artist would die – are already firm supporters of tyro dauber Sacha Jafri. At the opening of Jafri’s Bermondsey Street Gallery on Thursday night, Peterborough learnt that Joplin, who launched Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin into the big time, already has an informal interest in Jafri’s business.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Spacey – making an unscheduled appearance – decided to invest in a couple of the Old Etonian’s paintings on the spot. “I just love Sacha’s feel for colour,” Spacey told me. ” I’m always interested in collecting the work of promising young artists.”

Jafri himself was grinning from ear to ear. “I’m overwhelmed by it all,” he said. “It’s been great having Jay keep an eye on me and having Kevin along here as well is terrific and very pleasing.”

(The Bermondsey Street Gallery opening must be the one mentioned last month in the article about Kevin being the #1 guest at any party in London. December 29)

Thanks Vivienne (and Bob).

Ordinary Decent Criminal DVD Best Buy is carrying the ODC DVD for $23. Pricey for a DVD with not one single extra to be found anywhere! But at least it isn’t a dubbed, grainy rental from another land, converted to a compatible format. The VHS is priced for the rental market.

Thanks, Candis.

Washington Post Kevin’s picture is in the paper this morning. Style section, page C2. The online version has the picture of Don Cheadle which is also in the paper. The article is about Sundance and includes a section about The United States of Leland. I’ll scan the picture of Kevin later. It was taken at Sundance.

January 20, 2003

I’ve had a small family emergency this past week which has been keeping me from updating the site and may keep me from doing more updates this week, but tonight I’ve added a few things to the United States of Leland and David Gale news pages. Links above. Thanks to everyone who was keeping me up to date. I’ve probably forgotten a few names where the items have been posted, and if I have, I’ll make it up later in the week. Thanks also to the people who sent me items that I didn’t have time to add tonight. I’ll do that when I have a chance. Anyone who watched the Golden Globe awards last night saw a commercial for The Life of David Gale. That was a surprise. I almost missed it.

Variety (Michael Fleming, January 16, 2003) Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Prods. is partnering for the first time with Greg and Gavin O’Connor’s Solaris to option “Memoir From Antproof Case,” a novel by Mark Helprin.

In the book, an old American man painstakingly writes his memoirs in a garden in Brazil, then places its pages in an antique case that insects are unable to infiltrate. He’s a WWII hero shot down and imprisoned in Nazi camps who also claims to have been educated in a Swiss mental institution after killing a man on a train.

January 16, 2003

Now Kevin has been in Pennsylvania. David Gale news link above. Thanks, Borislava.

January 15, 2003

Kevin will be in Boston on Friday. Check the David Gale news if you’re a student at Northeastern University.

Kevin seems to be doing screenings with follow-up Q&As for this film. How come he hasn’t been spotted in *my* neck of the woods???

January 13, 2003

Message to someone who I can’t remember .. You sent me an email a year or so ago saying you couldn’t believe a Spacey fan site had no Usual Suspects section and I replied that I’d have one before Ordinary Decent Criminal reached our shores. Uh, it might be a few weeks after that. I didn’t think we’d ever see ODC here and thought I’d have plenty of time.

Got money?? Gonna be in the UK next month? Look at this ..

oldvicconcertFORTHCOMING PRODUCTIONS: The Old Vic Concert Elton John, Kevin Spacey and special guests in concert

Wednesday 5th February 2003-01-07

In aid of The Old Vic Theatre

An unmissable opportunity to join Elton John and Kevin Spacey at The Old Vic, as they perform together on stage for the first time ever. Featuring a remarkable line-up of friends and musicians, and accompanied by the sensational sound of Elton John’s own band, The Old Vic Concert promises to be a phenomenal experience, one which will see the very best artists of our time coming together to secure the future of this most treasured of theatres.

Tickets are priced at: £250 for the Concert only £500 for the Pre-show reception and the Concert £1000 for the Concert and the Post-show party at a secret location

Thanks, Mick.

And thanks to Vivienne for pointing out a few video interviews with Kevin on the FilmFour.com site. One is dated February 26, 2002 and is Shipping News related and the other is from April 10, 2002 and is about K-PAX. You have to register to watch the videos.


January 12, 2003

Another magazine In the new issue of Interview, February 2003 with actor James Franco on the cover, you will find an interview conducted by that world famous journalist, Kevin Spacey. Kevin interviews Ryan Gosling of The United States of Leland. Photo in magazine is of Ryan Gosling. The interview can be found in my Articles and Interviews section.

Big thanks to the shy person who sent me the interview to share and bardgirl who sent me the cover information.

January 11, 2003

A quick mention The Biography with Kevin on the cover, is online. Thanks, Jessie. I added this to the Interviews section.

January 10, 2003 

InStyleShiningStar01In Style February 2003, Page 52, Special delivery (letters to the editor) small version of Kevin’s full page photo from the December issue (at left).

Star with Big Heart Your article on Hollywood’s “Shining Stars” [December] was refreshing. Actors have the disadvantage of being in a profession in which the focus is sometimes less on work-related projects and more on their personal lives (unfortunately, often the most negatives aspects). So it was great to see a study about celebrities’ generosity. Kevin Spacey was, for me, the most intriguing. He is modest, smart, witty and double gorgeous, with a big heart – definitely a mighty fine man both inside and out.- Paula Cromer, Greer, S.C.

January 6, 2003

PBS series Here’s more detailed information about Kevin’s involvement in the ‘Freedom: History of Us’ program on PBS. Kevin’s voice will be used starting in episode 2. All thanks go to the KSML’s Stacey for finding all the information and sharing it with everyone. According to the PBS web site, the series is 16 episodes shown over 8 weeks. Each episode is 30 minutes. Two episodes per week. Kevin’s voice will appear as various people in episodes 2,3,4,7,9 and 12. Be sure to check your local PBS stations because not all are showing the series. My local station is showing this at 3pm on Sundays. Kevin speaks for some interesting people. Anyone who’s read about the Salem witch trials will remember Cotton Mather.

This lists the episodes and historical figures the various actors portrayed and has a link for local broadcasts.  http://www.pbs.org/wnet/historyofus/about/credits_tv.html

More about Rolling Stone Annual Rock & Roll Yearbook; Dec.26, 2002 – Jan. 9, 2003. September section. Small photo of Kevin, Chris Tucker and Bill Clinton in Africa. (May be the one on the first page of the Photographs section. Third row down, I think.)

“Remember the movie ‘The Incredible Journey’? A dog, a cat and… wasn’t it a squid? …take an unlikely trip together. It reminds us of the sojourn of Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker to Africa. Clinton went to drum up economic development, Tucker, who’ll star in a movie about the first black president went to research the role; and Spacey, the squid, if you will- was looking for people eager to hear what he has to say, having exhausted his supply here in the States.”

Ouch! Thanks again, Margie and Kelly.

Conrad Hall Conrad Hall, the Oscar winning cinematographer has died. Spacey fans will recognize him from American Beauty.

January 5, 2003

I added a piece of political satire to the Spacey Drive-thru page. It goes back to the Bill and Kev show. Thanks, D.

Rolling Stone. It has been reported that Kevin is in the current issue of Rolling Stone, annual rock and roll yearbook issue. In the September section he’s pictured with Bill Clinton and Chris Tucker, probably during their trip to Africa. It has also been reported he is compared to a squid, but no other details have been forwarded yet. I’ll try to post the pertinent details tomorrow. Month, page number, why he’s comparable to squids, etc. Thanks to Margie and Kelly.

January 4, 2003 

Entertainment Weekly January 10 issue, page 60, no pictures. DVD and VHS reviews. Drama category:  Ordinary Decent Criminal Kevin Spacey, Linda Fiorentino (2000, Miramax, 94 minutes, rated R, also on DVD) A clever, charming con man outwits police buffoons and pulls off a major heist. Don’t yawn yet – this time, it’s set in Ireland! Spacey unleashes a lovely brogue here (unlike movie wife Fiorentino, who sounds, um… Swedish?) and gives a nicely undercooked performance. But, boy oh boy, does this film not deserve it. The uninventive twists, inexplicable IRA subplots, and unbelievable deus ex machinas beg the question: Do they think we’re eejits? For a better take on the exact same material, see John Boorman’s The General. C – Gillian Flynn

I’ve seen this movie on a grainy, “converted from a used Irish rental” video tape and while it may not be the greatest movie Kevin ever made, he’s been in some that were a lot worse! I just wonder why we are being deprived of extras on a high priced DVD. The movie will be available in a few weeks.

January 3, 2003 

Interview The interview with Kevin’s partner in Triggerstreet.com is online now. Click on Hot Topics Online, then Dana Brunetti to access it. The first question might interest people who wonder if Kevin himself works on the site.  **link no longer works

Kevin Will Sing I had a message from my mother telling me that Kevin was on the news today. She said it was on the network news (she couldn’t remember which network) under a heading Kevin Will Sing and it said that he announced yesterday that he will star as Bobby Darin and that he will sing in the film. Now, I know Kevin has already been quoted recently as saying that he was doing the film, but if Mom says it, it must be true. The blurb also said the film was to be done next year.

Is the movie being done in 2003 or 2004? Most of the early reports were last week which meant that next year was 2003. But today, next year would be .. next year. Kevin told Charlie Rose it would be his next film which would mean this year, right?

BTW – One of the UK fans has suggested to me that perhaps Kevin’s word “perkle” which was used during the Connie Chung interview was supposed to be “percol”, a shortened version of percolate. If you’re of an age, you’d remember percolators. Do they still make those?

January 2, 2003

Movie chat Did you get the new Glengarry Glen Ross DVD for Christmas or Hanukah? Join us for a movie chat on Saturday. Link and information is here. Click on the golden tickets.

Connie Chung Tonight I added the newest Connie Chung interview transcript to the Interviews section. Scroll down the page. It’s similar to the original, with a few changes. I have also taken a few minutes to correct a few mistakes made in the transcript on the CNN site. Perkle, anyone?

newspaperBACK TO WORK After taking a year off acting, Kevin Spacey is full of beans as he prepares to return to the silver screen. “A year out of Hollywood has done me a great deal of good,” he tells me. “No one can hack that place the whole time. I’ve had a really good time just traveling around all year.”  In October, Spacey pitched up at the Labour conference with Bill Clinton. “Not long after that we launched my website, Triggerstreet.com, which helps young filmmakers get seen by people. Annette Bening, Mike Meyers and Bono are all in on the project and I’m amazed how it’s going: in three weeks we’ve had 50,000 register on the site. I was expecting about a hundred.”

Next year he is to star in the biopic of crooner Bobby Darin, the star behind the number one hits Mack the Knife and Dream Lover.

“Bobby was one of my idols,” he adds. “He was the coolest cat in town.” ~ Daily Telegraph, December 28, 2002

Thanks, Vivienne!

I tried to load this yesterday but my web host company is having server problems:

No limo for Kevin Spacey A true humanitarian award goes to: Kevin Spacey, for turning down a charity freebie. The “American Beauty” star was set to present an award to Annette Bening and Lauren Hutton for their work helping HIV patients, and organizers called to say a stretch limo would pick him up. But Kevin nixed the offer, telling them: “Put that money to good use. I’ll drive myself, thank you.” Thank YOU, Kevin! – Yahoo! Entertainment. Entertainment News & Gossip. Thanks, Diane and Borislava.

January 1, 2003 

Happy New Year! I’m starting a brand new News page for 2003. I’ve saved all of the old news on other pages which can be found in the News Archives (link above). All news goes backwards in time, as always.

Computer stuff My web host company seems to be having server problems this week. Sometimes the site is here, sometimes it’s not. My Picture It! program is still being held captive by the evil XP, so I’m not able to make my cute little Spacey Gazettes right now, but I have hope this will just be a temporary problem.