April 30, 2004

There is a picture of Kevin on page 41 of The Star. May 3 issue. Don’t know which picture or why he’s in it (I can guess though!).

Thanks, Anne.

April 29, 2004

She’s wedged From TV-Now  The Equalizer (episode title: Solo) May 16 at 7pm on the Hallmark channel.

And TRIO is repeating The Score which featured Kevin in one particular episode. Dates and times on the Calendar page.

April 27, 2004

For UK fans This hurts. It really does. I missed virtually every single pre-taped interview Kevin did for The United States of Leland (I think that was two interviews) and now he’s starting to make appearances on TV in London. He’s even done an interview for Dutch television! Kevin will be on the Jonathan Ross show on BBC1 next month.

From “HEAT” magazine- “Kevin Spacey shouldn’t expect his recent notorious night-time incident in a London park to be forgotten in a hurry because he’s agreed to appear as a guest on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on Friday 14th May, his first major interview since his “mugging.” The chances of Rossy not making a few jokey references to the incident are minimal. Spacey will appear alongside fellow, er ,icons Morrissey and Dale Winton.”

There’s also a cute picture of Kevin which I haven’t seen so don’t know which one it is.

Thanks Samantha.

Can’t you give us North American fans something to keep us going for a while, Kevin? An interview in a magazine we can get here? A Letterman segment? Or even better, how about a full hour on Charlie Rose? Ok, a half hour segment on Charlie Rose, then. We’ll take anything! You haven’t forgotten about us already, have you?

Mini I added an article about the Battersea Dog Home which included a picture of Kevin and a mention of him adopting a dog there, to the Spacey Drive-thru page. There is also a photo of little Mini, from Kevin’s segment on Late Night the previous year. 

Articles I’ve added an article from The Independent (UK paper) to the new Old Vic Articles page.

The Daily Telegraph (a UK paper), which is media partner for the Old Vic’s 2004 season, has secured a priority booking period for readers. Read the print edition of the Daily Telegraph from May 5 for details.

April 26, 2004

mini_kevin1I thought I’d drag out the old picture of Kevin and Mini since they’ve been talked about so much lately. I can’t get enough of the artfully tousled hair, the serious look, the deep dark eye. Kevin’s kinda cute too.

There’s nothing new to report today. Thank goodness! So I’ll mention that a friend of mine will be in London on May 13 and he’s promised to get his picture taken in front of the Old Vic for me. He’s going to a showing of Hamlet. Anyway, if you see a teenager looking embarrassed to have his picture taken in front of the building, be sure to stop and ask him why he refused to take KevieBear with him. KevieBear who would have been wearing his beefeater outfit had he been invited to tag along. KevieBear who might have had a chance to meet his favorite actor in the world other than himself, Kevin Spacey.

April 25, 2004

Articles I’ve added a page to the Old Vic section that contains some of the articles we’ve seen lately. The Guardian, The Scotsman and a new piece from the Observer which contradicts things in The Scotsman. Remember the days when all of the articles were the same article, just in a different newspaper or magazine? You can find that page here. There are also links to all of those articles on the Articles & Interviews page, scroll down the screen to the theatre section.

Spacey Family Kevin’s brother has apparently done an interview with the Scottish Mail on Sunday in which he says he is writing a tell-all book about Kevin and their family. The interview is said to contain very personal revelations about Kevin and other members of the family. In the Sunday Mirror he’s quoted as saying that he’s going to try to sell the book to an American publisher and that he hopes to use the publicity to jumpstart his own showbiz career. That was the nicest thing he had to say.

I would be embarrassed and ashamed to tell the world that I was doing something like that. I can’t imagine betraying my own sister in that way, so I don’t understand how a man’s brother could do it.

April 24, 2004

I found this mixed in among the Spacey dog articles at Yahoo this morning (BTW – does anyone else find that new snapping fingers commercial for Yahoo as annoying as I do?). If Kevin moved to London thinking he was going to be able to live his life in private he was wrong. There’s an article about Kevin in the Scotsman that talks about Kevin and the powerful women in his life and it tells us more about the kind of person Kevin allegedly is than all of the other articles I’ve ever read. Some things are attributed to those anonymous friends and friends of friends that articles on celebrities always have. There’s even a comment from Tom Junod on Kevin’s troubles last weekend.


Has anyone else experienced this.. Last night while I was waiting for a few site updates to load, I started looking at other things and I went to look around Kevin’s new section of the Old Vic site and after reading about several of the plays, I decided to go back to the Aladdin page and see if they had corrected the misspelling of Ian McKellen’s name.

They had, so I continued clicking the ‘back’ button to go back to previous pages and once I got back to the first page with Kevin’s picture on it, it wouldn’t let me leave! Click, click, click, back, back, back. Nothing but Kevin Spacey. Over and over.

Talk about a captive audience! I thought I was going to be forced to buy a ticket before they’d let me go. Fortunately, closing the window took care of that.

Here’s a lovely picture of Kevin that was part of an article in the Daily Telegraph several days ago. That’s the park and of course, the man is Kevin. Kevin is always handsome in blue. Thanks to Bob and Vivienne for the picture.


April 23, 2004

Empire Kevin is to be named ‘Actor of Our Lifetime’ in the 15th Anniversary issue on sale April 30. I don’t have any other information yet. Thanks, Cathie.

Entertainment Weekly April 30 Summer Movie Double issue. Spiderman 2 on the cover.

Page 16, no picture. Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet:

#3 Courtney Love She says her financial advisers were paying her dog walker $100,000 a year. Please, what kind of sick puppy would work for her for only $100,000 a year? #4 Kevin Spacey He says a man conned him out of his cell phone while he was walking his dog in a London park at 4:30am. Here’s where it gets weird – it was Courtney Love’s dog.

And on page 29, very tiny picture of Kevin. Monitor:

RECOVERING Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, 44, told London police he’d suffered head injuries in a robbery during a 4a.m. stroll April 17, but later admitted he’d “fallen for the oldest con in the book” and had tripped over his dog while pursuing a young man who’d conned him out of his cell phone. No arrest has been made.

Spacey editor Kevin is guest editor of The Guardian newspaper today.

The Washington Post, which is always a few days behind in their entertainment news these days, finally mentioned Kevin’s walk in the park this morning. Style section, Names and Faces column. Under the heading American Doggy. Kevin, park, dog, Old Vic, joke about David Beckham. I’d post it here but I can’t remember my password for the Washington Post web site and someone else is reading the paper and won’t give me the Style section. There was no picture of Kevin or little Mini in the paper. *Oops! It was American DOOZY not American Doggy. All those articles about dogs are scrambling my brains. Kevin’s name went by on the CNN ticker a short while ago. It was all about his Old Vic job. No mentions of doggies or doozies.

Is The United States of Leland still in theaters? It never did open around here like it was supposed to.

April 22, 2004

Thursday evening I was just reading one of the Old Vic articles that was online today and am very alarmed at one comment attributed to Kevin this morning. I snipped it from the BBC web site:

Spacey said he would not be giving up his film career entirely, but that the Old Vic Theatre Company and his Trigger Street production company would be his “primary focus”.

Not giving up his film career ENTIRELY?? Was that ever a possibility?

Well, that’s just great. His theatre work is only accessible to fans who can go to London. The theatre section of my site has the fewest hits of any other section. I’ve had pictures in the theatre section for the past 3 years that some fans probably don’t know exist on the site.

What the heck am I supposed to do for the coming years that Kevin is doing his theatre work? Really, Kevin.. don’t you realize it’s not all about you?

Ok .. now that I got that off my chest, I added the full BBC article to the Old Vic news page, link above, and will add some more stuff later this evening.

Thursday morning The Old Vic has been changing their web site around. I went to the Old Vic site to see if they had anything posted about Kevin’s press conference and when I tried to click on a few links that I thought would take me to something, I got messages saying the information wasn’t on that server. That was using my AOL account. I just checked again *not* using my AOL account and using a different computer and the Old Vic link took me to a whole new Old Vic site.

Here’s the new URL if you’re having trouble getting the link to work as I was:


I’ll change all the Old Vic links spread around this site later this evening. No time now!

Just briefly .. Kevin directs a play called CLOACA in September, Ian McKellen stars in Aladdin starting in December, Kevin stars in National Anthems and The Philadelphia Story in 2005.

Pssst .. someone tell them that they have misspelled Ian Mckellen’s name on the page about Aladdin.

April 21, 2004

Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times has written an article about Kevin’s weekend misfortune and his take on the whole story is that he finds it comforting to know Kevin is some kind of ordinary doofus instead of some Hollywood hero type. I put it in the Articles section. There was no picture.

Chicago Sun-Times

Kevin is the Celebrity poll question of the day at the IMDB.

We suspect we’re not getting the whole story on the Kevin Spacey mugging/con incident. Which of the following do you think is most likely to have really happened?

Attempt to “pay it forward” backfired monstrously.
Tripped over the most beautiful plastic bag in the world.
Beaten up after K-PAX/The Life of David Gale double feature.
Lapsed into inadvertent coma upon trying to recall The Shipping News.
Started off at midnight looking for The Garden of Good and Evil, got lost.
Joke to stranger about having Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box caused panic.
Retribution from former assistant who saw Swimming with Sharks too many times. Finally came face-to-face with Keyser Soze.
We’ll never know: it’s all off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.

You have to register to vote but you can look at the results without registering.

Thanks, Chris

April 20, 2004

Kevin was briefly mentioned in USA Today, The Washington Times and the Daily News (NYC) this morning. He was also seen on Extra. All about his unusual weekend. Extra showed clips of him looking dapper in several different ensembles and played a snippet of his BBC Radio interview.

I added a short piece about the speculation going on concerning the announcement at the Old Vic on Thursday, to the Old Vic news page. Don’t be frightened by the picture on that page. It’s a tiny bit larger than I was going for.

April 19, 2004

Old Vic I added an item to the Old Vic news page.

Lordy, when it rains it pours There are so many news items about this today from news organizations all over the world, from England to the US to Australia, that I’m only going to post a sampling.

There is an audio of Kevin being interviewed on BBC Radio’s Today show about the incident and the Old Vic here:


Thanks, Vivienne.

From the Guardian Unlimited web site: 

Kevin Spacey was mugged for his phone while out walking his dog on Saturday morning in a London park. The Oscar-winning star of American Beauty and the Usual Suspects received a minor head wound during the attack and initially reported the incident to the police before apparently changing his mind and retracting the allegation. A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said the matter was now considered closed. Spacey is in London working in his role as artistic director at the Old Vic theatre.

From the Evening Standard:

Actor ‘comes clean’ over park incident 19 April 2004

Oscar-winning film star Kevin Spacey “came clean” today about why he told police he had been mugged but then dropped the complaint.

The actor said he reported “the attack” after a youth conned him into handing over his mobile while he was walking his dog in a London park early on Saturday, .

He said he actually injured himself when he tripped over his pet as he chased the youth.

But he told police he had been attacked in the hope they would “run out and find this kid a block later” . Mr Spacey, who was made artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre last year, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I am very well, and I am also glad to set the record straight here and also to apologise, because there is no reason that this article would have been written if it hadn’t been for me and what I initially said to the police.

“What actually happened is, I fell for a con. And I was, I think, incredibly embarrassed by it. Some sob story about somebody needing to call their mother and could they use my phone.

“It was such a good con, that I actually dialled the number myself and when somebody answered I then finally handed (over) my phone.

“And this kid took off and I was so upset I ran after him.

“It was late in the morning and I was walking my dog, it was about 4am, and I tripped up over my dog, and I ended up falling on to the street and hitting myself in the head.

“And now I’m bleeding relatively profusely, I’m extremely upset, I feel like the biggest fool that has ever lived.

“I march over to the police station and I say I got mugged. And I’m thinking they are going to run out and find this kid a block later. Of course they take me to the hospital, and they were very kind.

“That is one of the reasons I went back on Saturday morning to the police station.

“Because I woke up after a couple of hours’ sleep and I thought you know there is a difference between assault and theft and it just wasn’t on for me to not come clean about my own level of embarrassment and being humble at the fact that I got taken by the oldest con going.

“I just want to apologise to the police, and any readers and anyone who picks up this story thinking it is actually true.

“I’m fine. It is probably good that I got bumped on the head because obviously I wasn’t thinking.”

Mr Spacey was asked what he was doing in the park at 4am. He said: “You know walking your dog in the park is a perfectly normal thing to do, but you know I think that they are always trying to, you know, (say) ‘What was he doing in that park at 4.30am?’. My doggy had to go!”

From ITV:

Hollywood star robbed in London park

10.17AM, Mon Apr 19 2004

Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey was robbed while walking his dog in a London park at 4am on Saturday but asked police not to investigate the crime, it has emerged.

Spacey, 44, said he was “conned” into handing over his mobile phone which was subsequently stolen in the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park in Lambeth, south London, but later asked police officers to drop the case after reporting it.

Spacey said: “What actually happened is, I fell for a con. And I was, I think, incredibly embarrassed by it. Some sob story about somebody needing to call their mother and could they use my phone.

“It was such a good con, that I actually dialled the number myself and when somebody answered I then finally handed (over) my phone. And this kid took off and I was so upset I ran after him.

“It was late in the morning and I was walking my dog, it was about 4am, and I tripped up over my dog, and I ended up falling on to the street and hitting myself in the head.

“And now I’m bleeding relatively profusely, I’m extremely upset, I feel like the biggest fool that has ever lived. I march over to the police station and I say I got mugged.”

Spacey said that after a few hours’ sleep he had a change of heart about reporting the crime.

“I thought you know there is a difference between assault and theft and it just wasn’t on for me to not come clean about my own level of embarrassment and being humble at the fact that I got taken by the oldest con going.”

Asked what he was doing in the park at 4am. He said: “You know walking your dog in the park is a perfectly normal thing to do, but you know I think that they are always trying to, you know, (say) ‘What was he doing in that park at 4.30am?’. My doggy had to go!”

The star has won Oscars for his roles in The Usual Suspects and American Beauty and was made artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre last year.

From BBC Radio 1 news:

Kevin Spacey ‘mugging’ explained Last updated 19 April 2004

There have been reports in the papers that Kevin Spacey was mugged over the weekend, but when he spoke to the BBC his version of events was a bit different.

The ‘American Beauty’ star was on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning (Monday) to explain what happened.

He admits he told the police he was mugged, when in fact he was tricked into handing his phone to a stranger:

“I fell for a con and I was, I think, incredibly embarrassed by it. Some sob story about someone needing to call their mother and could they use my phone.”

“It was such a good con that I actually dialled the number myself, and then when someone answered I finally handed my phone over, and this kid took off and I ran after him and it was 4am and I tripped up over my dog and I ended up falling onto the street and hitting myself in the head.”

He went on to say that he was bleeding profusely at the time, and was so angry and humiliated that he went to the police.

But eventually he returned to the station to admit he hadn’t been attacked:

“I’m extremely upset. I feel like the biggest fool that’s ever lived. I march over to the police station and I say I got mugged and I’m thinking that they’re gonna run out and find this kid a block later, and of course they take me to the hospital and they were very kind and that’s one of the reasons I went back on Saturday morning to the police station.”

“I woke up after a couple of hours’ sleep and I thought, you know, there’s a difference between assault and theft and it just wasn’t on for me to not come clean about my own level of embarrassment, and being humble at the fact that I got taken by the oldest con going.”

“But it probably was good that I got bonked on the head because I obviously wasn’t thinking!”

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/news/entertainment/0404 19_kevinspacey.shtml

Spacey hit by mugger Mugged … Spacey By ANDY WILKS – KEVIN Spacey was attacked by a mugger in a London park, it was revealed yesterday. The Hollywood star suffered a minor head injury. Spacey, 44, walked into a nearby police station at 5am and told how the thief stole his mobile phone as he was walking his dog half an hour earlier.

But hours later he withdrew the allegation. The actor, who won Oscars for The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, said he was assaulted near his home in Kennington, South London. He was later treated in hospital. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “A man attended a police station at 5am on April 17 suffering a minor head injury to report the theft of a mobile. “He later contacted police to withdraw the allegation.” The park is close to the Old Vic theatre where Spacey — dogged by rumours about his sexuality — became artistic director a year ago. Thanks, anonymous

April 18, 2004

Something for Kevin to look forward to When I was waiting for a doctor’s appointment the other day, I was reading some of the office’s magazines and one of them was AARP (it’s for retired people) and they had an article in which they were naming the best actors, directors and movies of the past year, but with a twist. All of the categories were for ages 50 and older. Just five more years and Kevin will have a whole new group of awards to aim for!

Something for Kevin’s UK fans to look forward to The IMDB is showing a UK release date for Beyond The Sea now. On the Darin news page, link above. Thanks, Kotomi.

Spacey money E! Online’s Joal Ryan reports that Kevin gave a contribution to the Congressional campaign of Nick Clooney who is running for office in Kentucky. Depending on your age, Mr. Clooney is either the father of actor George Clooney, the brother of singer/actress Rosemary Clooney or the ex-host of American Movie Classics. According to the papers filed with the Federal Election Commission, Kevin donated $2000 to the cause. E! calls Kevin an A-lister in Hollywood.

April 14, 2004

Kevin is supposed to announce his very first season as Artistic Director of the Old Vic, next week. I assume he’ll be doing this from London. The date is Thursday, April 22 at 11am (London time).

I guess this means he’s decided not to do ‘Dance Salomé, Dance’ after all. And it seemed like a sure bet for the Olivier Award next year! Too bad. I guess I’d better dust off the Old Vic Theatre section.

Thanks anonymous.

April 13, 2004

Royal Society of Arts 250th Anniversary International Conference at Royal Albert Hall Kevin’s name is no longer on the guest list posted on their web site.

The United States of Leland I updated the Leland news.

Tribeca Film Festival According to the festival’s program,In Search of Ted Demme’ will be screened at these two times and locations: Thursday, May 6 at 9pm (Pace University) and on Saturday, May 8 at 6:45pm (UA Theater 6). Tickets are $10.

April 11, 2004

Happy Easter! Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail to tell fans in the UK that Kate Bosworth is supposed to be a guest on ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ on April 16 on the BBC. She may mention Beyond The Sea. Thanks, George.

April 7, 2004

Back by popular demand .. Poll #20 Kevin Gardens!

I also changed site entrance photos again. The new picture is the one I would have received as an autographed photo last year when other fans received autographed photos around Kevin’s birthday, but didn’t. The previous site entrance photo is temporarily parked on the Feedback confirmation page.

If anyone wants to send me a fan review of United States of Leland, you can use the Fan Review form.

All of these pages can be found on the MAP page.

Kevin is supposed to be finished filming his part of Edison. Or at least whatever is being filmed on the streets of Vancouver. Thanks, Kotomi.

Note to Candis .. I lost the URLs for your Spacey pictures. If it’s not too much trouble ..?

April 6, 2004

Spacey Speaking 

Kevin will be one of the speakers at the Royal Society of Arts 250th Anniversary International Conference at Royal Albert Hall (in London) on October 11, 2004. Tickets are a bit pricey though.  Thanks, Jackie.


Tribeca treats by David Rooney

The Tribeca Film Festival has announced a lineup of 65 features for its Spotlight, Showcase, Restored & Rediscovered and Midnight sections, with premieres including Ed Burns’ latest, “Looking for Kitty,” David Duchovny’s directing debut “House of D” and John Walter’s humorous docu-tribute, “In Search of Ted Demme.”

The program was announced by Tribeca fest exec director Peter Scarlet and by fest co-founders Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff.


Johnny Depp, Kevin Spacey, Natalie Portman, Don Cheadl , Ben Stiller), Steve Buscemi, Gina Gershon and Denis Leary appear in Walter’s film, which chronicles a chaotic memorial tour of the urn containing the ashes of director Ted Demme.


The Tribeca fest runs May 1-9.

April 5, 2004

From a Darin fan Kevin was seen on TV in Chicago this morning advertising The United States of Leland and while discussing his future projects, he said that Beyond The Sea was going to be released in OCTOBER.

Thanks to all the Darin fans!

April 4, 2004

Well, crap. Except for the brief mention of Leland on CNN yesterday, I have missed every single TV spot that had anything to do with The United States of Leland. Now my own mother(!) has informed me that she saw a review of “Kevin’s movie” on Ebert & Roeper this weekend. Ebert gave it a thumbs down, Roeper gave it an enthusiastic thumb’s up. She said it was the second review of the show. It’s syndicated so it may be on again later today in other places.

And then, to make it much worse, I have been told that Kevin, Matthew Ryan Hoge and one of the other actors were interviewed late night Friday night on the Tavis Smiley show which is found on many PBS stations, including the local affiliates where I live. I check the Charlie Rose listings every day but it never occurred to me to check out the Tavis Smiley show schedule.

I wish Kevin would put out a bi-weekly press release. We hardly ever see him anymore and then we miss it.

April 2, 2004

Diet Coke Film Fest Here’s something for fans in Great Britain. There are a couple of Spacey films listed in this promotional contest. Thanks, Duder.

No banners Most of the site banners are missing due to some glitch with the server when I was loading site updates yesterday. I’m having to fix each page separately and the site is fairly large so it may take a while. It doesn’t effect anything but the look of the pages though.

April 1, 2004

Old Vic Theatre Finally! The Old Vic has released a partial schedule for Kevin’s first season as Artistic Director:  The Old Vic has announced the first play to be performed under the direction of Artistic Director Kevin Spacey. Kevin has decided to bring to the Old Vic a rarely seen stage production of ‘Dance Salomé, Dance’ much to the surprise of theatre watchers who had predicted a revival of ‘The Philadelphia Story’. The play is loosely based on Oscar Wilde’s ‘Salomé’, which was translated from it’s original French into English by Lord Alfred Douglas. Kevin is set to star in (!) the production as well as directing. More information can be found here.

The United States of Leland So far the reviews have been mixed. I’ve read glowing reports, reviews that could take it or leave it and reviews that rival those of last year’s David Gale. I’ll add more to the Leland Reviews page tomorrow.

March 31, 2004

At the United States of Leland premiere, Entertainment Tonight asked Kevin and Don Cheadle about the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” at the Superbowl. Basically they said that to dwell on it was silly and it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Thanks, Bree.

(It’s been so long since we had something to look for on TV that I forgot to watch the entertainment shows after I found out the premier was the other night.)

I have posted the first review of the film on the new Leland Reviews page, but you might want to skip it if you’re looking for upbeat news to read. Let’s just say the reviewer didn’t care for it and leave it at that.

March 30, 2004

The premier for The United States of Leland was held yesterday in Hollywood.

March 28, 2004

The profile/interview that was supposed to be on CNN’s People In The News last September, is now scheduled for this coming weekend. You’ll have to sit through a segment on Donald Trump first, though. I hope Kevin’s not pre-empted.

April  3:  5am, 11am, 5pm   April 4: 5am, 2pm, 7pm

And Looking For Richard is scheduled to be on Showtime through the month of April. They should really put that on DVD. The tape I have was hard to find and it’s looking grainy and the tape has a tendency to roll during the Spacey places.

March 24, 2004

Spacey tours Here’s something new for Spacey fans who go to Savannah, Georgia. Sports, you can now take a tour of the downstairs level of Jim William’s home, Mercer House. Guided tours cost $12.50 (per person, I assume). Through Sunday, with more tours planned in the future.

March 22, 2004

New movie title According to Dark Horizons, Bringing Down The House is now being called Beat The House. They say:

“Beat The House” A draft of the adaptation of the non-fiction book is in, and is now out to a very short list of directors that are ‘Kevin Spacey approved’. No casting as yet.


Thanks, Kotomi.

March 20, 2004

Edison There’s a new photo from the Edison set on the Edison photos page. It was in In Touch magazine, page 70, March 29 issue, article about Justin Timberlake. I enlarged it quite a bit so it’s a little blurry. Edison link above. Thanks, anonymous.

March 19, 2004

Theater gossip I got this from Yahoo, which got it from The Times of India which got it from the IMDb.

Diaz To Tell The Philadelphia Story

WASHINGTON: Hollywood star Cameron Diaz is most likely to star in one of Kevin Spacey’s forthcoming London theatre productions.

According to Imdb, the Charlie Angel’s actress is giving serious thought to treading the boards of the Old Vic Theatre in the British capital’s South Bank in Spacey’s first show The Philadelphia Story.

The K-Pax actor is planning four plays at the theatre later this year, however a theater source has noted, “The programme is a long way to being finalized.”

Say, isn’t Cameron Diaz the girlfriend of .. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE?? Can’t seem to get away from the guy.

Spacey mentions This struck me as funny. Also on Yahoo. American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson on her film debut:

<snip> Though the “American Idol” tag will hang on her forever, Clarkson believes she’ll transcend her television origins. But it probably won’t be through movies – not after the fabulous flop of “From Justin to Kelly.” “I liked doing the movie, but I prefer live stuff,” says Clarkson, who defends her movie debut with a bit of honesty. “From the very beginning, I was telling people, ‘Don’t expect “The Shawshank Redemption.”‘ I’m not Sissy Spacek, and Justin’s not Kevin Spacey.”

And then there was this comment in a review of the new Angelina Jolie movie.

<snip> If only Taking Lives had given Jolie a greater foil than Ethan Hawke — a young Kevin Spacey or Jack Nicholson say — the film might have been a B-movie classic. <snip>

That’s right, Spacey fans. We have all lived to see the day when someone says “We need a young Kevin Spacey”.

Kevin was also mentioned in a Val Kilmer interview in Cinema Confidential:

Q: We understand you went to high school with Kevin Spacey. Are you still friends with him?

VAL: He worked for my dad for a while, so sort of. He borrowed some money from my dad that he never paid back, so that stuck with me for a while. (Laughs)

March 18, 2004

Jeez. One of the articles I was reading about new additions to the cast of Edison was titled “Three more join Justin’s movie.” In case none of the entertainment reporters have noticed, Kevin’s in the movie with big new hair. Cast additions are on the new Edison news page. You can find the link above.

March 16, 2004

St. Patrick’s Day comes a day early so everyone can have some extra luck.

Edison News Dylan McDermott has been added to the cast of Edison, according to Variety. He will portray LL Cool J’s partner.

From Whatsonstage.com

What’s going on with Kevin Spacey and the Old Vic? It was over a year ago that the Hollywood actor was named inaugural artistic director. Since then, bar some Olivier crooning, Spacey’s remained silent on the London theatre front. Silence, however, shouldn’t be taken as inactivity. While the first season is apparently on target for a September 2004 opening, the Old Vic team are purposely keeping their cards close to their chest and not announcing details until next month.

One mooted possibility is, yet again, a big name revival of The Philadelphia Story. Whatever’s in the Old Vic programme, with Spacey himself committed to appearing in at least two productions, as well as directing and luring some of his Hollywood mates to participate, tickets are likely to sell out in record time.

Thanks, Vivienne.

March 15, 2004  

Premiere April 2004 Special Collector’s Edition

The 100 Greatest Movie Characters Of All Time

#100. Roger “Verbal” Kint Played by Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects (1995, dir. Bryan Singer) He doesn’t look like much – a balding, palsied, sad-sack thief with a limp. But one thing Verbal can do is talk, and after surviving a botched drug deal and ensuing boat fire that’s left a slew of men dead, talk he does – to Special Agent Kujan (Chazz Palminteri), a cool cat who figures he has this mouse cornered. Verbal’s tale is fantastical, involving frame-ups, corrupt cops, a lawyer named Kobayashi, and an arch villain named Keyser Soze. His story’s so good, in fact, that it lands him back on the street, easy pray for evil forces manipulating him. Until he undergoes one of cinema’s most unexpected transformations and disappears right before our eyes.

Defining moment: Sitting alone in an office, awaiting interrogation, Verbal, seemingly bored, scans a bulletin board. You never know when you’re going to need a few details. (MGM DVD)

(Page 54, small photo of Kevin as Verbal Kint)

There’s also a United States of Leland mention in another section that I put on the US of Leland news page.

March 14, 2004

Edison photos! Pictures from yesterday’s filming in Vancouver. Not for the faint of heart! Kevin is moving into a new movie hair phase. Looks like I’ll be adding another choice to the hair poll in the near future. Thanks to Jacqueline and Linda.

**Link no longer works.

Swiped from the Legacy From The Mail.

WHY SPACEY’S LOOKING FOR A NEW HEPBURN Kevin Spacey is hoping to entice one of Hollywood’s top leading ladies to star with him on the London Stage. The Oscar-winning actor wants to appear in the sophisticated comedy The Philadelphia Story. And people connected with the play have been sounding out the possibility of a Hollywood hottie – Cameron Diaz or Gwyneth Paltrow perhaps – sharing top billing with him at the Old Vic next spring. The Philadelphia Story was written for Katharine Hepburn by Philip Barry and she starred in it on Broadway, and in a film version opposite Cary Grant and James Stewart. It was later turned into the movie musical High Society. Spacey wants the play to be part of his first season as artistic director of the Old Vic. Four shows are planned, the first opening in September. The Philadelphia Story – if it happens – will go on early next year. Details are scarse, but Spacey’s other choices may include Ian McKellen as panto dame Widow Twanky in Aladdin over the Christmas period – a role he has always wanted to tackle. Ms Paltrow could play the Hepburn role, an East Coast patrician beauty, with her eyes closed – but may not want to after her baby’s born in May. Executives associated with the Spacey season weren’t revealing anything. They said they were playing with “six or seven options” for the repertoire and claimed the show in the most precarious state was The Philadelphia Story.

But I’ve heard that the producers who control the play’s rights have a contract for it to be staged in London next spring. Spacey clearly doesn’t want me to spoil his launch next month. “You’ll just have to wait and see”, one of his lieutenants said coyly.

March 12, 2004

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Justin Timberlake will have a love interest in Edison and she will be portrayed by Piper Perabo. The Hollywood Reporter also lists Kevin Spacey as being in the movie which they say starts shooting in Vancouver on Saturday.

March 11, 2004

Once again I have had to go snipping for Kevin in the gossip columns because there’s nothing else to report. From the Page Six column in the New York Post:

The Starr Report by Michael Starr

<snip> * Sharon Stone has approached old pal Kevin Spacey about starring in her movie “Daddy Domino.”


March 10, 2004

Coming Soon is showing an earlier release date for Beyond The Sea. Darin link above.

March 9, 2004 There’s nothing new to report so I’ll just take this opportunity to mention that it’s now been 5 years and still no Jack Vincennes in the mailbox. I’m close to giving up hope.

March 2, 2004

Edison news Swiped directly from the Legacy:

PartyMonday March 1, Justin tickles Kevin’s fancy Justin Timberlake’s big screen debut, Edison begins filming in Vancouver this week and one of his Hollywood co-stars is particularly excited, none other than Kevin Spacey. “I was jazzed when I heard Justin got the role,” Spacey told us after dining with Justin at his Californian eatery, Chi. “He’s a great kid and he’ll surprise many people.” Timberlake’s role is said to be “small but pivotal” in the movie which concerns a young journalist who uncovers corruption in an elite police unit and also stars Morgan Freeman and LL Cool J.

I guess Kevin talks in music lingo now. Speaking of music and musicians and Edison, Kevin was almost in the paper today! This snip is from the Washington Post’s Style section in an article about the post-Oscar parties:


But this isn’t the moment because rapper hyphenate LL Cool J is in the house. He tells us he’s in town to begin filming a movie with Morgan Freeman.


That’s all.

March 1, 2004

Next year I’m going to see the nominated films before making my Oscar predictions.

Fundraiser Auction will raise cash for sick kids cinema A NEW award for Scotland’s hidden film-making talent will also help raise the funds needed to build a cinema for sick kids at Yorkhill. The Lomond Audi Scottish Filmmakers’ Award 2004 will give young talent the chance to showcase their work to an exclusive audience of BAFTA directors, actors and the media. And on the night of the award ceremony – March 11 – at Lomond Audi’s centre in Glasgow, a charity auction will take place. Exclusive film memorabilia donated by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars will go under the hammer to raise cash towards the £300,000 needed to build the MediCinema – the first of its kind in Scotland – at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. The MediCinema plan is supported by a host of stars including Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet, and Ewan McGregor. Hundreds of film-makers have already submitted short dramas for the Audi award. A chance of international exposure with a possible screening at the Cannes Film Festival is given to the overall award winner, who will be selected by a host of industry professionals. A NEW award for Scotland’s hidden film-making talent will also help raise the funds needed to build a cinema for sick kids at Yorkhill.

February 29, 2004

File this under ‘Obscene’ Rumor has it that this year’s gift bag for Academy Awards presenters, performers and “special” others is worth $110,000. The gift bag is supposed to be in lieu of payment, which is not allowed. Uh huh.

Still no mention anywhere of Kevin being one of the many, many presenters.

I Predict These are my predictions for the main categories tonight.

Best Picture: The Lord of the Rings, Return of the King Director: Peter Jackson Best Actress: Diane Keaton Best Actor: Johnny Depp or Bill Murray Supporting Actor: Djimon Hounsou Supporting Actress: Patricia Clarkson or Shohreh Aghdashloo

New stuff I added a few old interviews to the Albino Alligator section of the site.

February 28, 2004

2303832Vanity Fair pre-Oscar party There are some thumbnails of Kevin at Wireimage.com this morning. He attended a TriggerStreet.com awards presentation last night. Rexfeatures.com has a couple of thumbnails of Kevin with Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake.

So far, Kevin has not shown up on any of the press releases listing presenters at tomorrow night’s Oscar telecast.

February 27, 2004

Edison Here’s the industry promo ad for the Edison film Kevin will be working on for a while.


Big thanks to Kotomi.

Enjoy it while you can. With any luck it will be the last promo we see in which Kevin Spacey is billed third after Justin Timberlake! I have no problem with him being listed after Morgan Freeman. Age before beauty and all that. But that’s where I draw the line.

Gone to the big house Remember the guy who lost his domain battle with Kevin? It turns out he was doing more than just luring unsuspecting people to sales sites using misspelled celebrity domain names. From the Miami Herald:

Luring kids to porn websites brings prison term

A man who redirected youngsters surfing for Teletubbies to X-rated websites is sentenced to 30 months behind bars. By Daniel de Vise


The Internet ”mouse-trapper,” who registered websites like http://www.dinseyland.com and http://www.teltubbies.com and redirected unsuspecting children and others to porn, was sentenced Thursday to 30 months in federal prison by a judge in Manhattan, where the investigation originated.

Operating most recently from a Holiday Inn in Hollywood, Zuccarini, 53, registered more than 3,000 Internet sites that were close misspellings of A-list sites for celebrities and retailers. Bob the Builder, Kevin Spacey, Victoria’s Secret and Betty Crocker all were targets.

There were 16 different registered variants of the legitimate site http://www.britneyspears.com, the U.S. attorney’s office said in a release.

Zuccarini took in as much as $1 million a year, much of it in increments of 10 and 25 cents per Internet ”hit,” prosecutors said. Porn advertisers paid Zuccarini every time a customer clicked through to their site. Zuccarini made sure every time someone typed http://www.bobthebiulder or the like, the Internet browser was redirected to hanky-panky-college.com, and from there to a site called Dorm Sex Party, investigators said.

Until recently, aggrieved celebrities and corporate lawyers had little recourse but to appeal to an Internet mediation forum. But that changed in April, when a new federal law made it a crime to intentionally redirect underage net surfers to pornography.

Federal prosecutors charged Zuccarini in Hollywood last fall. On Dec. 10, he pleaded guilty to 49 counts of violating the federal Truth in Domain Names Act and one count of possessing child pornography. The prosecution, guilty plea and sentencing is the first of its kind to be brought under the new law, prosecutors said in a release. Zuccarini admitted in court documents that one reason he preyed on websites popular among children was ”because children are more likely than adults to make spelling errors and to mis-type website addresses,” prosecutors said.

February 25, 2004

tiny.jpgIn honor of the Academy Awards on Sunday night, I’ve finally added some stuff to the Usual Suspects section of the site. The picture to the right has nothing to do with anything except that I found it when I was looking for TUS stuff to scan. It’s too small to use anywhere else. I believe it is a picture taken at a function at Juilliard about 10 years ago. If you lean towards the screen and squint, it shows up better. I switched entrance page photos again as well. If you find yourself missing the previous one, it’s the main picture in the Photographs section.

More Spacey snipping

February 25, 2004 Oliviers to Dench, ‘Springer’ Dame Judi Honored for Lifetime Achievement; ‘Pillowman’ Wins By Mark Shenton London — At the 28th annual Laurence Olivier Awards, presented at a lavish dinner ceremony at London’s Park Lane Hilton Hotel on Sun., Feb. 22, the show-stopping moment came when an offstage singer began crooning “I’ve Got a Crush on You,” and then emerged from the back of the room to make his way towards Judi Dench’s table in front of the stage. It was Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, who was paying tribute to his friend Dame Judi as he presented her with a special Olivier Award for her outstanding contribution to British theatre. She can add it to a mantelpiece already heaving with six previous Olivier wins — including two in the same year for Best Actress and Best Actress in a Musical for, respectively, “Absolute Hell” and “A Little Night Music” — in a theatrical career that has spanned 47 years and still counting. She is currently appearing in the West End in a transfer of the RSC’s production of “All’s Well That End’s Well” at the Gielgud Theatre. As for Spacey, his robust singing could count as an audition for any musical he cares to star in. (If “The Boy From Oz” could get him to replace Hugh Jackman, that show could run another year; but Spacey is otherwise committed, as he is soon scheduled to take over the artistic directorship of London’s Old Vic Theatre.) It was a moment, however, that will live on only in the memories of those actually present to witness it: In a move that Stephen Daldry — who was presenting the award for Best New Musical, in which he himself may compete next year if and when a stage version of his film hit “Billy Elliot” is realized — publicly denounced that the BBC have chosen not to televise this year’s awards. <snip>

Thanks again to Stacey at the KSML. My favorite story headline: Spacey’s crooning drives Dame Dench to tears.

Kevin and Judi together at the Old Vic? More from the Olivier Awards:  8.10pm Meanwhile, Judi Dench has been overwhelmed by her special award: “It feels completely fantastic. When Kevin Spacey came on and sang I’ve Got A Crush On You, I’m glad you didn’t have a photograph of me.” Also, Dame Judi hinted that she may appear on stage with Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic, although not, she says, as his mother.

Thanks, Christine

You know, Kevin looks so much better this year than he did the year he won the Olivier Award himself, for The Iceman Cometh. He appeared almost emaciated he was so thin. His lovely, elegant hands were downright bony. He was supposed to be thin for the filming of American Beauty, but I don’t remember him being that skinny in the movie. I don’t care if they say the camera adds 10 pounds.

Empire The March 2004 issue of Empire magazine lists their 100 Greatest Movies of All Time.   Four of Kevin’s movies are included in the list:  LA Confidential, Se7en, American Beauty and The Usual Suspects.  The following contains spoilers for all four.  Note: 2nd number (in parentheses) denotes position in last Empire 100 poll, October 1999.

Page 88 #43 (24) LA Confidential – Curtis Hanson, 1997   Tagline: Off the record, on the QT and very hush hush. Oscars: Two. Crix pix: “A tough, gorgeous, vastly entertaining throwback to the Hollywood that did things right.” (New York Times) Influenced by: Chinatown, Serpico, The Big Sleep, Dragnet, still photographer Robert Frank, Akira Kurosawa, The English patient (another difficult book adaptation), Raymond Chandler. Take a bow: Production designer Jeannine Claudia Oppewall, whose team evoked an unerringly 1950s LA without a single McDonalds creeping into shot. Bet you never knew: A TV spin-off, with Keifer Sutherland as Vincennes, was cancelled before it got to air. Defining image: Bud White watching furiously at the window as Lynn Bracken, his girl, seduces Ed Exley, his polar opposite. Will live forever because: it’s the best Film Noir since Chinatown.

Page 89 #41 (30) Se7en – David Fincher, 1995 Tagline: Seven deadly sins. Seven ways to die. Crix pix: “Seven isn’t just a movie, it’s a mind-f***, a psychological trip through hell that leaves your head spinning, your heart pumping and your stomach crying out for the medicinal properties of a stiff whisky, or five.” (Empire) Influenced by: The Silence of the Lambs, Dante’s Inferno, Christianity, Theatre of Blood. Casting contenders: R. Lee Ermey (John Doe) Take a bow: Kyle Cooper, whose stunning credit sequence set the tone for so many gauche and unworthy imitators. Bet you never knew: Brad Pitt had it written into his contract that the bleak ending would remain intact; much of Somerset’s dialogue was trimmed at Morgan Freeman’s request. Defining image: Kevin Spacey’s John Doe, surrendering unexpectedly to Pitt’s Mills and Freeman’s Somerset – bald, covered in blood and strangely, mockingly calm.  Soon we’ll know why . . . Will live forever because: The ultimate reminder that sometimes the bad guys *do* win.

Page 91 #31 (New Entry) American Beauty – Sam Mendes, 1999 Tagline:  . . . Look closer. Oscars: Five. Crix pix: “An incisive, deliriously funny and profund vision of the America Dream hitting meltdown.” (Empire) Influenced by: Death of a Salesman, Lolita, Venus de Milo. Influence on: Scary movie, Not Another Teen Movie, Sainsbury’s adverts, Six Feet Under. Casting contenders: Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Jeff Daniels (Lester Burnham); Kirsten Dunst (Angela Hayes); Terry Gilliam (director). Take a bow: Allison Janney, who in a near wordless performance as the wife of closeted Colonel Frank Fitts (Chris Cooper) conveys a lifetime of loneliness and proves as much an encapsulation of her own home as Annette Bening’s Carolyn. Bet you never knew: The routine by cheerleaders The Spartanettes was choreographed by 80’s popstar Paula Abdul; because Thora Birch was only 17 during filming, her nude scene had to be filmed in the presence of her parents and child labour representatives. Defining image: Ricky Fitts imparting his own laidback life-philosophy to disaffected Lester in the parking lot and changing the path of his life. Will live forever because: it’s Fight Club for the over-40s.

Page 94 #18 (11) The Usual Suspects – Bryan Singer, 1995 Oscars: Two. Tagline: In a world where nothing is what it seems, you’ve got to look beyond . . . Crix pix: “A fabulously compelling testosterone-fuelled ensemble piece.” (Empire) Influenced by: A magazine article entitled ‘The Usual Suspects,’ the bulletin board in a police station break room, the initial concept of the police line-up poster, Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, Charles Baudelaire, Rashomon, film noir. Influence on: The rise of non-linear narrative films. Casting contenders: Michael Biehn (role unspecified); Al Pacino (Dave Kujan); Chazz Palminteri (Captain Leo – role amalgamated with the character of Dave Kujan). Take a bow: Composer John Ottman, who created The Usual Suspects’ brooding and pensive score, including the film’s elegant and eerie main theme. Bet you never knew: In order to keep his left hand consistently paralysed, Kevin Spacey glued his fingers together; one of the Hungarians seen killing Keyser Soze’s family in Verbal’s flashback was the stunt double for Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther movies; at times the cast genuinely did not understand what Benicio Del Toro was saying, prompting them to ask on screen, “What did you say?”; the reason why Keaton asks Keyser, “What time is it?” at the start of the movie is because there was a subplot that was later dropped involving him planting a bomb on the ship. Defining image: The close-up of Kujan’s broken coffee mug with the word “Kobayashi” visible on the base. Will live forever because: Once the film concludes, audiences will always be surprised and amazed by the superbly-crafted script that delivered such a devastating sucker punch.

Thanks to Stacey at the KSML.

February 23, 2004

Kevin sings!  This time at the Laurence Olivier Awards. He was handsome in a black tuxedo. I’m reading that this was the first time since 1981 that the awards were not televised in the UK. Conspiracy theorists would no doubt see a link between that and Kevin’s public singing.

From What’s On Stage News (with a lovely picture of Kevin and Judi Dench): Spacey Hails Dench, Daldry Shames BBC at Oliviers


2004awards_denchandspacey2The great irony of the BBC’s decision not to televise this year’s Laurence Oliviers, the UK’s highest theatre accolades, is that last night’s ceremony at the London Hilton was one of the most memorable and entertaining in recent memory. Kevin’s crush on Judi Worth any price of admission alone was the presentation of the Special Award to Dame Judi Dench for 47 years’ worth of work in theatre, including the RSC’s current production of All’s Well That Ends Well which opened in the West End last week. As host Clive Anderson announced the award, the lights dimmed and from the back of ballroom, a smooth voice began to croon “I’ve Got a Crush on You”. Making his way through the crowd, the singer was revealed as Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, who will soon take over as artistic director of London’s Old Vic Theatre and who has been a close friend of Dench’s since they both appeared in the 2001 film The Shipping News.

“She asked us to surprise her and so we did,” said Spacey of his serenade. In his introduction, Spacey recounted the career of “a woman for whom there can be no doubt how deserving she is of this award”. To date, not counting last night, Dench has won a record six Oliviers, including in 1996, two in one year – Best Actress for Absolute Hell and Best Actress in a Musical for A Little Night Music. On screen, her awards include an Oscar for a performance in Shakespeare in Love which lasted all of eight minutes. Spacey praised “my friend and our queen” of theatre as someone who “reminds us just how astounding the craft of acting can be”, “a woman of enormous grace and style and friendship and conviction” whose “spirit and integrity are as infectious as her laugh.” Referring back to his song in closing, he said: “There is no one like her and there never will be anyone like her. She is the one we have all had a crush on for a very long time.”

Dench received a rapturous standing ovation, ending only when she pleaded with the audience to sit down and “talk amongst yourselves for a moment” while she reined in her emotions. She described the feeling of overwhelming at the honour as “a bit like being at the most wonderful party and in the middle of it, somebody coming up, giving you your coat and telling you it’s time to go”. She went on to accept the award on behalf of her many co-workers over her illustrious career. “In 47 years, I have made some of the best friends that I or anybody could ever wish for,” she said. And she was optimistic about the state of the art form. “I love it that theatre is so alive and well, that we can fill a theatre with Shakespeare in this age. We don’t have to worry.” <snip>

And: Kelly Triumphs at Olivier Awards


Dame Judi Dench received the special award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to British theatre. Surprise guest of the evening was Hollywood star Kevin Spacey, who presented Dame Judi with her gong. The pair are close friends and Spacey emerged from the wings to serenade her with a Gershwin classic, I’ve Got A Crush On You. “She asked us to surprise her and so we did,” he told the audience. “There is no one like her and there will never be anyone like her. Without question, she is the one we have all had a crush on for a very long time.” Dame Judi was moved to tears by his speech and declared herself “completely overcome”.


And: National Theater shows sweep 2004 Olivier Awards


The night’s sole standing ovation went to a second Dame of the British Empire, Judi Dench, for her overall career. Dench, now appearing in the West End in a rare revival of Shakespeare’s “All’s Well That Ends Well,” was given the prize by Kevin Spacey, her co-star in the Hollywood film “The Shipping News.” Spacey, a two-time Oscar-winner, could well be up for an Olivier next year, since he takes over the artistic directorship of the Old Vic Theater in London this fall.


And this: Springer Opera Wins Big at Olivier Awards


Dame Judi Dench received a special award for her contributions to British theater. The award was presented by actor Kevin Spacey, who serenaded Dench onstage with Gershwin’s “I’ve Got A Crush On You.”


Thanks to Vivian.

More coming once I get the kinks worked out of the links.

February 22, 2004

Kevin is on TV in L. A. Confidential as I type this. I thought you’d want to know. Babe’s dad is making him a cup of coffee. I wouldn’t take it if I was you, boy-o.

The Boston Globe Kevin’s name is popping up in the most unexpected places. Here are a couple of snips from an article about Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ.”

A martyr by any other name By Wesley Morris, 2/22/2004


Had Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” starred Kevin Spacey and been named “K-Pax,” it probably wouldn’t be on the cover of Newsweek, and Gibson could have saved himself that recent grilling from Diane Sawyer on “Primetime.”

<snip> and this one ..


In “K-Pax,” when Prot (Kevin Spacey) comes to earth from another planet — or is it the mental ward down the hall? — bearing psycho-celestial healing, you wish that someone would up the dosage on his meds.


TriggerStreet.com Kevin will present the Winner of the Budweiser Filmmaker Discovery Award at a special Vanity Fair event held for TriggerStreet.com. during Oscar weekend.

There is a full-color insert in the Oscar issue of Vanity Fair, highlighting the TriggerStreet.com On-Line Short Film Festival Winners. No picture of Kevin, though.

February 20, 2004

More gossip Tsk, tsk. Kevin’s alleged hotel balcony shenanigans continue to make the entertainment gossip pages. This time from The Star Online:

Sunday, February 15

Caught in the act

Kevin Spacey alarmed security personnel at a hotel in London recently when he was mistaken for a burglar. Spacey was staying at a five-star hotel in that city when security guards reacted to a tip-off they had received about an intruder on the roof. Thinking that Spacey’s suite was a prime target, the guards knocked at his door and, getting no response, let themselves in. Once inside, they found Spacey crouched on the suite’s small balcony, apparently, according to the World Entertainment News Network, “taking in the view of the capital.” Spacey was, to top it all, smoking something that looked suspiciously like a joint. Taking in the view, and something else, it seems.

Thanks, Mick.

BTW – This isn’t the tabloid you can find at the grocery store checkout. This company is based in Malaysia. They’re talking about you *everywhere*, Kevin.

February 15, 2004

*The print edition of the magazine has a cut out picture of Kevin holding his American Beauty Oscar. John Kerry and George W. Bush on the cover. Pages 60 and 61.

Is This the Oscar Mafia? Or just a very nice nursing home with powerful friends? NEWSWEEK investigates By Sean Smith Newsweek  Feb. 23 issue –

Not to point fingers, but it’s Kevin Spacey’s fault. Four years ago, when he accepted the Screen Actors Guild award for his performance in “American Beauty,” Spacey dedicated the trophy to the residents at the Motion Picture & Television Fund retirement home, saying, “Tonight, they are not forgotten.” This remark would itself have been forgotten if he hadn’t won the Oscar weeks later. Suddenly, stories started appearing in the press that the old-folks facility in Woodland Hills, Calif. — commonly called the Home — was teeming with Academy voters, and that Spacey had thanked them simply to score a statuette. Because most studios screen movies at the Home’s theater year-round, and because Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Halle Berry and Adrien Brody, among others, have spent time there, this rumor has persisted. “I heard that one third of all Academy votes come from this retirement village,” an Oscar winner gossiped to NEWSWEEK last year, “and that Ron Howard visited there seven times before winning for ‘A Beautiful Mind’.” So is it true? Not even close. “I think there’s, like, three Academy members up there,” says one studio source, laughing. “The notion that you go there to campaign is silly. It’s mostly gaffers and electricians and makeup people. I met Steven Spielberg’s first secretary there. That was cool.” According to Ken Scherer, CEO of the Motion Picture & Television Fund Foundation, the number of voters among the 400 or so residents is closer to two dozen. Even so, that’s less than one half of 1 percent of the total Academy voting population. (And while we’re correcting the record, Howard has visited only two or three times in as many years.) Scherer knows that stars come to the Home out of the goodness of their hearts, and even discussing the Oscar myth irks him. “Here’s the truth: I don’t —care what motivates someone to come here,” Scherer says. “When they leave, it won’t matter why they came. It’ll be the best experience they’ll have in an otherwise very silly season. Kevin Spacey came here because he had sung here in high school and he remembered that one of the Three Stooges lived here. He’s been back to this campus more times than I can remember, including a New Year’s Eve with no publicist, no cameraman, nothing. But no one wants to write that story. It’s better to say he came here to win an Oscar. The residents read these magazines, and they say, ‘Is that why people come out here—to get my vote? I thought they wanted to meet me and hear about my history’.” These days, most of Hollywood—if not most journalists—realize the Home isn’t a hotbed of Oscar voters. Still, industry members have quietly donated millions of dollars. “It’s just a very nice place. It’s nicer than most people’s New York apartments,” says one sponsor. “My husband and I donated a cottage. It’s the one charity that crosses all kinds of studio garbage.” The Motion Picture & Television Fund itself was established in 1921 by Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and others to help actors who found themselves out of work when the industry made the transition from silent film to talkies. In 1940 the Fund bought 48 acres in Woodland Hills, and broke ground on the facility. Norma Shearer lived there. So did Mary Astor. In the 1980s Lew and Edie Wasserman set up a $40 million endowment, and after DreamWorks partner Jeffrey Katzenberg took the board of directors helm in the early ’90s, things really took off. Today almost every studio hosts a holiday party at the Home. Universal does Christmas, DreamWorks takes care of Thanksgiving and Warner Bros. handles Valentine’s Day. The talent agency ICM stages a Fourth of July barbecue. “It’s not like a retirement home,” says ICM’s legendary partner Ed Limato. “The residents all read Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. They have a cocktail with each other at the end of the day. It’s extraordinary!” Almost 70 agents attended last year, and Limato, as always, made them turn off their cell phones. “Some of them go into withdrawal and start shaking,” says Scherer, laughing. A couple of years ago the Fund added more housing, the Ray Stark villas. For $50,000 each, Hollywood honchos could get their name on a plaque outside the door of each unit. Dozens did, including studio heads Sherry Lansing and Amy Pascal. There’s even a Colin Farrell suite. “Really,” says one studio source, “it should have been the Colin Farrell bar.” On Feb. 28, the night before the Oscars, the Fund will hold its second annual “Night Before” fund-raising gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s considered by insiders to be the best party of the year. Most of the Oscar nominees attend, of course. Even if they aren’t getting any votes out of the deal. © 2004 Newsweek, Inc.

Thanks to Stacey at the KSML.

February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine’s Day! Actual printed Spacey mentions in the February 20th issue of Entertainment Weekly! Sadly no pictures.

The Deal Report (page 12): “Fresh from the spotlight, Justin Timberlake will make his feature-film acting debut as a journalist uncovering a nest of dirty cops alongside Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey in Edison.” Spring Movie Review (page 33): “The United States of Leland — Hailing from the Sundance class of ’03, this family drama features two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey as the insensitive dad of Leland Fitzgerald (The Believer’s Ryan Gosling), a troubled young man whose murder of an austistic shocks a community. (April 2)” Thanks to Linda at the Legacy.

February 13, 2004

File this one under “We’ll take whatever we can get” 

Last night, I’m flipping channels and when I am passing by VH1 I hear the word Spacey. The television show was called VH1 All Access: Awesomely Wack Hip-Hop and they were talking about Jay-Z doing Kevin (as Verbal Kint in TUS) in a video and one of the people commenting on the various things on the show said that he didn’t think Kevin Spacey had anything to worry about since Jay-Z can’t act.

February 9, 2004 At least Morgan Freeman’s still in the movie From Variety:


(Variety) Justin Timberlake who won his first two Grammys Sunday night, has agreed to another first: his feature acting debut.

The 22-year-old pop star-turned-thesp will star opposite Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and Cool J in the Millennium Films-Emmett/Furla production “Edison.”

Timberlake will play a young journo who uncovers an elite unit of corrupt cops. Realizing he’s over his head, he makes an uneasy alliance with a burned-out reporter (Freeman) and the D.A.’s ace investigator (Spacey). Budgeted at $25 million, pic begins shooting in Vancouver March 8. David Burke (“Law & Order: Special Victims’ Unit”) will make his feature writing and directing bow. Randall Emmett and George Furla produce “Edison” with Avi Lerner. Danny Dimbort is an exec producer. Timberlake, who’s repped by UTA, received critical praise for his recent hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live.” He also co-hosted the 2003 MTV Movie Awards. Timberlake won the male pop vocal Grammy for “Cry Me a River” and pop album for “Justified.”

Previous feature outings have been limited to an uncredited appearance in “On The Line,” which starred fellow ‘N Syncers Lance Bass  and Joey Fatone  and a small role in “Longshot,” which was co-written by former ‘N Sync  manager Lou Pearlman.
Millennium will finance “Edison” and handle worldwide distribution. Pic falls under Emmett/Furla’s ongoing relationship with Millennium. Emmett/Furla is now in post with Millennium on “Control,” starring Ray Liotta, Willem Dafoe and Michelle Rodriguez, and on “Loverboy,” starring Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon, Marisa Tomei and Matt Dillon.
Emmett/Furla is also in post on “A Love Song for Bobby Long,” which Screen Gems will release next year.

Copyright © 2003 Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. Variety is a registered trademark of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc. and used under license. All Rights Reserved~

A little bit of theatre trivia: Several years ago, I had fall into my possession, a Playbill for the 1967 Broadway production of Hello, Dolly starring Pearl Bailey and Cab Calloway. Making his Broadway debut in the musical was Morgan Freeman.

February 5, 2004

Spacey video! There’s some US of Leland News at the link above.

February 4, 2004

Weird Stuff From Contactmusic.com:

Spacey In Burglar Mix-up

Hollywood star KEVIN SPACEY worried security staff at a London hotel recently when they mistook him for a burglar.

The AMERICAN BEAUTY actor, 44, was staying in a five-star hotel in the English capital when guards were tipped off there was an intruder on the roof and rushed to investigate.

Fearing Spacey’s suite may be in the process of being ransacked, security rushed to his room and after knocking to no avail, let themselves in.

Bouncers were shocked when they discovered the OSCAR-winner had climbed out of a window and was crouching on a tiny balcony outside.

One hotel employee says, “He said he was taking in the view of the capital. He was smoking a roll-up.”

Interesting. I hope he wasn’t naked.

February 1, 2004

The Washington Post, Sunday Arts section, Spring Arts: Film Calendar, April 2004

April 2 — “The United States of Leland” stars Ryan Gosling as a sensitive teenager imprisoned for killing an autistic child out of sympathy for his condition.


January 27, 2004

Don’t do it Kevin! A man who is on trial in Germany for the mutilation, murder and consuming of a man he met in a chat room wants Kevin to portray him in a movie about the killing.  Blech.

Thanks for the article, Sofiana.

Kevin must not have been at Sundance at all this year. There aren’t any pictures of him at Wireimage.com, wearing badly matched clothes and a knit cap, holding bags of free stuff. Maybe next year.

January 23, 2004

The February 2004 issue of Empire magazine (with Tom Cruise/The Last Samurai on the cover) has a couple of Spacey-related mentions:

Page 15

Empire’s 10 Best

Last month, the magazine posted a list of the Top 10 Book to Movie adaptations.  (The Godfather, Oliver Twist, Trainspotting, Adaptation, Get Shorty, Night of the Hunter, Stagecoach, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Don’t Look Now and The Player).  Some reader responses were printed, including the following:

First the Oscars, then the BAFTAs, and now L. A. Confidential is snubbed again by the very magazine that slapped five stars on its review back in 1997!  Surely some mistake?  James Ellroy’s powerful, sprawling novel of 1950’s LA was transformed into a top-notch screenplay by Curtis Hanson and Brian Helgeland, from source material those Hollywood-types deemed unfilmable.  The result is a near masterpiece, combining the talents of Spacey, Crowe et al to give us one of the most gripping tales of corruption and ambition ever committed to celluloid.  Get Shorty, indeed!  Having briefly met Ellroy once, I know he’d tell Empire where to shove it!

Written by Outraged of Bermondsey

Page 10 – The 10 Best Title Sequences (contains spoiler for Se7en)

#1 – Se7en (1995)

The title sequence against which all others are judged – David Fincher’s bleak thriller is synonymous with this deeply unnerving three minutes, designed by Kyle Cooper, in which jagged jump cuts, discordant music (Closer by Nine Inch Nails) and spidery, scrawled credits allow us a glimpse into the diseased mind of serial killer John Doe, as he fills journals with reams of disturbed testament and cuts off his fingertips (not that we know it’s him until halfway through the movie.)  This is the perfect synchronicity of music and visuals; a wonderful encapsulation of the movie’s mood and possibly the most influential title sequence ever.

Thanks to Stacey at the KSML.

January 22, 2004

More Wiseguy I forgot to post this earlier in the month. Too late for the magazine but it’s still a quote. Photo of Kevin and Ken Wahl on page 45. Thanks, Sofiana.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY  #746, January 16, 2004 The Must See List < snip > #10 Wiseguy – season 1 – part 2 “The depravities of crime boss Mel Profitt (a scenery-chomping Kevin Spacey) are the stuff of small-screen legend.” < snip >

©Copyright Entertainment Weekly

Co-stars William Russ, one of Kevin’s co-stars in Wiseguy is “peeling the layers” in his DVD interview. Where have I heard that before? He says he enjoyed working with Kevin who he says was a gas and a great impersonator and they laughed all day long. He also says Kevin was so talented and a great bon vivant.

The peeling layers reminds me that I’m almost ready to cut Kevin some slack on his incessant use of the word “journey”, ever since I watched Jude Law on Actors Studio and heard the man use the word 3 times in 3 consecutive sentences.


SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE is facing tough competition for his next movie role – from THAT ’70S SHOW regular TOPHER GRACE.

Maguire, 28, and 25-year-old Grace are competing to co-star with KEVIN SPACEY in the film adaptation of the BEN MEZRICH book BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE, a true story about Ivy Leaguers who schemed together to win more than $3 million (GBP1.7 million) from Las Vegas casinos.

Spacey, who will play a mathematics professor leading the group, will be joined by Maguire or Grace, who will portray KEVIN LEWIS, a 20-year-old student at the MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY involved in the scheme.

22/01/2004 09:40


VARIETY From the Yahoo News page.

Just for Variety by Army Archerd

(Variety) GOOD MORNING: The dream is a week away from fruition. I spoke with Kevin Spacey last night from the Babelsberg Studios in Berlin, where he had completed directing-starring in the day’s filming on “Beyond the Sea,” the Bobby Darin story, as well as looking at the previous day’s dailies and doing dance rehearsals for the final scenes upcoming. “I am having the time of my life,” he said. “I’ve been dreaming of doing this for 10 years.” And as he said in my June 26, 2003, column, “If I waited any more I might be too old.” He admitted the start of the film went through “rocky periods of financing — by no fault of its own. My attitude was that every obstacle was an opportunity. And everyone in the film has turned my dream into their dream.”

The British-German production, with a Lions Gate (“They turned out to be a joy”) release, will bow in November … As for the content of the film, Spacey says, “I’m not making a typical plodding biopic. It’s the story of a man who overcame several things. The current generation — and others — who know his music don’t know what he overcame as a child with rheumatic fever. I try to illustrate what his childhood illness was like, and how music and literature gave him hope. But I’m not telling a linear story. And as a performer, as sick as he was, you couldn’t have a clue he had as much as a hangnail — but he’d come offstage and collapse. His drive was constant to reinvent himself — like from rock ‘n’ roll to pop, into social values, politics. This is a story of someone trying to find out who he isn’t.”

Spacey says he was supported in the project by Darin’s son Dodd, ex-wife Sandra Dee and longtime manager Steve Blauner, plus Roger Kellaway and Phil Ramone. He put down 33 tracks at the Abbey Road recording studio in London, with John Wilson and 48 musicians. He doesn’t sing all of the Darin hits completely, but some are background. Of course, there will be a soundtrack album. The “Lord of the Rings” makeup and hair team have created Spacey‘s “look” as Darin. But he says he’s not doing a singing imitation of him. And yes, he also plays drums and guitar a la Darin — and dances. He says he’s “fortunate” to have William Ulrich play Darin as a boy, Kate Bosworth as Sandra Dee, John Goodman as Blauner, plus Bob Hoskins, Vanessa Redgrave, Peter Cincotti, and a production design team that helps make the $40 million production look like much more. He was concerned about shooting in Berlin — but says they found locations to duplicate Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, the Bronx and Italy.

Of course, Spacey takes no money at all … When the film goes into the editing room, Spacey heads to Vancouver for an acting stint in “Edison” with Morgan Freeman, with whom he had “a great experience” on “Seven.” And then into his job as artistic director of the Old Vic, in which he will be in two shows a year with David Liddiment producing This weekend his TriggerStreet banner will be at Sundance with his Web site’s short-subject finalists. It’s also teamed with MGM on “Bringing Down the House.” And he’s partnered with Ross Martin at Fox with a series about a 14-year-old Wall Street whiz kid. Kevin Spacey‘s a happy man.

Sundance Festival news If Kevin’s gonna be at Sundance, we all know what that means! Pictures of Kevin snatching up the bags of corporate freebies at Wireimage.com! Probably within a few days from now.

January 20, 2004

spaceyhatKevin ain’t missing anymore. This picture is supposed to be at a club in Germany. It’s said he was shy and feeling ashamed to see the strippers at the club. Of course, he was.

Thanks to M. & M.

I think he’s in Utah at the Sundance Film Festival with Triggerstreet.com right now.

January 18, 2004

Missing Spacey When are we going to see Kevin again? An interview, a TV appearance. Anything will do. Yesterday I read a line that immediately made me think of Kevin Spacey.

‘Long absent, soon forgotten.’

Don’t be long absent, Kevin.

Spacey TV Trigger Street Productions is getting into television now.

FILM STEW January 12, 2004   Fox Ready to Invest Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions making its first venture into network television  by Claire Runitz

Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions and Fox Broadcasting Co. will have some laughs together. The two have just made a pact for an untitled comedy pilot based on the 2003 book The Teenage Investor: How to Start Early, Invest Often & Build Wealth, written by financial child prodigy Timothy Olsen. Olsen, a New Jersey high school student, claims to have begun investing at age 8 by turning $150 in Pepsico shares into a $70,000 portfolio. McGraw-Hill published his book the summer before he began the eighth grade. The script for the pilot is a domestic comedy about an ordinary family coming to grips with the financial genius of their teenage son. It was written by J.J. Wall (My Wife and Kids). Wall is also is expected to executive produce, as well as Plant Film founder Ross Martin, who originally brought the project to Trigger Street. Spacey will also executive produce. This is his production company’s first crack at network TV. Trigger Street is represented by WMA and Stone, Meyer & Genow.

Thanks to Sofiana.

Spacey reading Spacey fan Kotomi tells me that Bringing Down the House, the book about the blackjack playing MIT students that Kevin is turning into a film, is now available in paperback.

January 13, 2004

There are a few Spacey mentions in the February 2004 issue of Premiere. No pictures.

#1 – Page 30. Yes, It’s True… News You’re Not Supposed To Know. MGM is plotting it’s revenge. A few years back, a former MIT math professor and his students discovered how to count cards and took Vegas casinos for millions, including the MGM Grand. Now, MGM, the studio, is planning to turn their story – as told in the book Bringing Down The House by Ben Mezrich – into a film starring Kevin Spacey. The moral? Cheaters may prosper but the house always wins.

And #2 – Page 98. DVD Filmography: Anna Paquin 1998, HURLYBURLY (New Line) David rabe’s play gets a sterling movie ensemble (including Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey), but feels talky and claustrophobic. But the dialogue crackles, and Penn and Spacey are awesome. Paquin, as a young babe who crashes their house, plays an idealized character who even as the actress seems to sense imparts a wisdom beyond her years. *** out of ****

New stuff I added a few things to the Darin news page this past week. And a small picture to the US of Leland page. I don’t think we’d seen it yet.

January 9, 2004

A very spacey birthday wish for my mother. Happy Birthday!

January 6, 2004

WISEGUYcover2For fans who want a picture count .. the picture to the right is on the back cover of the new Wiseguy DVD set, as well as on the interior DVD holder. Both pictures are small though. It’s also the picture on disc 2. There are other pictures of various sizes, some faded in blue and others blue but clear, in the insert that comes with the DVD set. Kevin discusses the show on disc 4. For fans who only care about how he looks (you know you’re out there!) .. dark jacket, white shirt, unbuttoned at the neck, chest hair. Head hair has the peak, hands look even larger than normal. He looks either well rested or is using the old Doris Day camera filter. *Now that I’ve had a chance to watch it more closely, the peak looks more like a puff.

January 1, 2004 Welcome to 2004, Spacey fans. I hope I have more Spacey stuff to report in the near future than I have in the last few months.

In and Out So far 2004 isn’t looking good for Kevin when it comes to being hip and fashionable. The Washington Post says that the Mini Cooper and those trucker hats he’s been photographed in over the years are now “OUT” plus his Zappy is no longer legal to ride in New York City.

Kevin can turn it all around however. According to the paper, if he makes his own marshmallows, gets out his Barry Manilow records, starts wearing tank tops with Yiddish sayings on them, trades in little Mini for a hairless cat, trades in his Mini Cooper for a SCION XB and gets toe reduction surgery, Kevin and all others who dream of being on the cutting edge of life will be back in the “IN” column.

Kevin wasn’t specifically mentioned in the list, BTW.

I think it was just 4 short years ago that the Washington Post listed Kevin Spacey as “IN” but they never listed him as “OUT” in subsequent lists, so I guess that means that he’s still “IN”, just not noticeably so.

Spacey plans Kevin continues to film his Darin movie in January. He’s scheduled to start work on a film called Edison in February. His episode of Crime Story is supposed to be available on DVD in the Summer, The United States of Leland is supposed to see a limited theatrical release, he will be celebrating his 45th birthday in July and starts his job with the Old Vic Theatre in the Fall. Surely there will be some TV and magazine and newspaper interviews at *some* point!

News Once there’s some kind of theatre news to report, I’ll be posting things such as schedules on the Old Vic page. So far there are 2 links and nothin’ else.

Interviews section I’ve added pictures to the PAPER magazine interview from 1999 and have added the April 1999 Time Out New York article with a few pictures. Articles and Interviews section.



“I am as much myself on any given day as I can possibly be.”
– Kevin Spacey, Scotland on Sunday, February 17, 2002