August 30, 2004

There’s a new Spacey related collectible out there. It’s a boxed set of The Usual Suspects “dolls” from Japan that look like those plastic Fisher Price little people. They’ve been popping up on ebay and can also be purchased from doll/toy importers. For about $65+ (retail) you can have your very own little plastic Verbal.

August 27, 2004
Ratner Roll Vegas Dice Marc Graser, STAFF August 25, 2004

Brett Ratner is coming on board to direct the MGM gambling caper “Breaking Vegas,” with Kevin Spacey producing.

Project is based on Ben Mezrich’s nonfiction bestseller “Bringing Down the House,” about six M.I.T. students who were trained to become experts in card counting and subsequently took Vegas casinos for millions in winnings.

MGM acquired the rights to the book in 2002.

Peter Steinfeld, who wrote “Be Cool,” the Lion’s sequel to “Get Shorty,” penned the adaptation, which could start lensing in early 2005.

The project’s been in search of a new name since Disney’s Touchstone laffer “Bringing Down the House” hit big at the B.O., and has been known by a number of different titles, including “21,” “Beat the House,” “The System” and “Beginner’s Luck.”

Spacey and his Trigger Street Prods shingle will produce “Breaking Vegas,” with the company’s Dana Brunetti and Bernie Morris.

Spacey is eyeing the supporting role of the students’ M.I.T. professor.

MGM’s Elizabeth Cantillon and Stephanie Palmer will shepherd the project at the Lion.

Studio is looking to put “Breaking Vegas” on the fast track with Ratner developing the project as one of his future directing gigs.

But Ratner will first helm Fox’s “Josiah’s Canon,” with Sean Connery, making that heist actioner his next directing gig since New Line’s upcoming “After the Sunset,” starring Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek.

Ratner, who is also prepping New Line’s third installment of the “Rush Hour” franchise, has signed up to helm several projects at various studios around town after ankling Warner Bros.’ “Superman.”

He’s also attached to helm two untitled pitches set up at Sony, including one by scribes David Diamond and David Weissman, with Neal Moritz producing, and another by Lisa Schrager, that Michael De Luca will produce.

August 26, 2004

From Region 2 DVD Release on September 6. This was seen on PBS. Kevin narrates and if I remember right, we briefly see him once, addressing the camera.

AMERICA REBUILDS: A YEAR AT GROUND ZERO Narrated by Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey “America Rebuilds” is an emotional and compelling portrait of the process towards recovery and reconstruction of the World Trade Center disaster, from the rubble that is Ground Zero. Since October 2001, the producers of “America Rebuilds” have used their unprecedented access to the Ground Zero site to capture videotaping engineers and contractors as they remove debris and prepare for the eventual rebuilding. This film looks at the struggle of the engineers who had to rush to evaluate the eight-square-block, 75-foot deep World Trade Center basement to discover whether the slurry wall that keeps the Hudson River out of lower Manhattan had been breached, and the behind-the-scenes strategy meetings of the various construction forces as they attempted to put together the largest array of construction forces in NYC history. “America Rebuilds: A Year At Ground Zero” tells these stories along with the powerful and moving stories of construction workers, fireman and ironworkers who had to endure the horror and sadness of this incredible scene of destruction and death over eight months.

August 25, 2004

Want to swim with sharks? You can catch the trailer for Beyond The Sea when you go see Lions Gate’s ‘Open Water’ film. Thanks George.

August 24, 2004

I finally had a chance to go back and actually read the Traveler article and it occurs to me that if Kevin decides to tackle yet another area of show business, he could be a writer for A&E’s City Confidential.

London in summer is a quiet place. The men are as tall as a frappecino at Starbucks and the women are saltier than a can of Pringles in the summer heat. Polly Wally thought it was a great place to raise a family. 

That is, until Frankie Panky came to town.

August 23, 2004 

The issue of Condé Nast Traveler with Kevin’s article about London has been spotted at a Barnes & Noble. It’s the US version of the magazine. More later.

Thanks to Kelly.

CNT3I added the article to the Old Vic articles section. It can always be found in the Interviews section, the Old Vic interviews section and by going directly to the article. The article covers two pages. The picture to the right is a cropped version of the magazine photo.

I think that would have made a lovely cover photo, but I guess travel magazines prefer pictures of horses and thin women.

August 19, 2004 

Traveling Spacey I checked Barnes and Noble and the grocery store and the August issue of Condé Nast Traveler is still on the stands and they haven’t changed their issue on their websites yet so I still don’t know if Kevin is in the September issue of Traveler (US) or Traveller (UK). *The UK site has switched to their September issue this evening and there is no Kevin and no cover story about New Zealand, so it looks as if Kevin is going to be in the US edition after all. The US web site still shows the August issue.

I wonder These concerts Kevin is going to do .. will it be an hour and a half of Kevin Spacey singing Bobby Darin tunes as himself, in his own style and voice. Or will it be an hour and a half of Kevin Spacey doing Bobby Darin singing Darin songs?

Stuff I’ve heard that Entertainment Tonight is going to show clips from Beyond The Sea tonight. There was a small item about Kevin and his Darin concert tour at, which I’ve added to the BTS news page. says the concert tour will take place in November, to coincide with the film’s release. That is also on the BTS new page.

No other information yet though, such as dates, venues, prices, whether or not there will be commemorative programs for people’s scrapbook and program collections which can be purchased by fans who can’t attend the concerts for various reasons. Wouldn’t an autographed concert program be a perfect present for someone with A BIRTHDAY IN NOVEMBER?? That’s funny, that’s just what *I* was thinking.

August 16, 2004

GQ (UK edition) I’ve been told that there is an article about Bobby Darin in the September issue of GQ magazine, UK edition. It includes a small picture of Kevin. That’s all I know though.

Thanks to sister who wishes to remain anonymous.

Wow! A letter from Kevin, typed and allegedly on Kevin Spacey’s own personal stationery w/ matching envelope, from the mid-1990s, has sold for nearly $700 on ebay.

Polls I’ve been trying to update the polls but I keep getting a message that I can’t open the results. I’ll try again later.

AARP I emailed AARP to find out why my father’s subscription issue had an interview with Julie Andrews instead of with Kevin Spacey as I found on the rack at Borders, and this was the answer:

There are three versions of AARP The magazine based on age group. A: The boomer edition designed for members age 50 to 59. B: An edition designed for members 60 to 69. C: The third edition is designed for those members who are 70+.

Thanks to Betty at AARP. Kevin’s article can still be found on their web site and in the Beyond The Sea segment of this site.

August 14, 2004  AARP The Magazine It seems the subscription issue does not include the Spacey article and cover. Julie Andrews has that honor instead. So, I guess the only way to get the magazine with Kevin’s “stuff” is to get the newsstand copy.

Entertainment Weekly Beyond The Sea is one of the films featured in EW’s Fall movie lineup. I have added that to the BTS news page.

Plus there’s a color picture of Kevin as Darin on a page devoted to EW’s online site. Page 14.

REAL VS. REEL How do you capture a life as colorful as Bobby Darin’s? Kevin Spacey takes up the challenge with Beyond The Sea (Nov. 24) which condenses the crooners story – a grave childhood illness, a rocky celebrity marriage, even an Oscar nod – into a couple of hours. Read what makes the cut in this movie and seven others at

August 11, 2004

Poll14In order to make room for other things, I’ve decided to close the Kevin’s Stocking, Kevin Gardens and Inside Kevin Spacey polls. I moved the confirmation page pictures for the first two polls to the Spacey Gazette Headlines page. The confirmation page photo for the Inside Kevin Spacey poll is to the left.

Spacey mentions A UK fan reports that Kevin was mentioned in today’s Sun Newspaper. In an article about the dogs of the rich and famous.

The Wooftas – Pick of the A-List Pooches

Special  ‘Behind the Scenes ‘ Award goes to Kevin’s dog – “Kevin Spacey’s labrador must be tired after all those 4.30am walks in the park that his master insists on.  Still, the faithful mutt devotedly stays by Kev’s side, in case he ever gets mugged during his early morning strolls.  He can provide inspiration for a shaggy dog story too.” **Thanks to Joanne. I thought Mini was the one who took Kevin on early morning walks. She’s no lab. Unless she likes to wear a disguise so no one recognizes her when she’s with Kevin. And Kevin’s name has a mention in In Touch magazine in a pictorial about actors looking like their roles. Alas the picture is of Kate Bosworth looking like Sandra Dee for Beyond The Sea. Thanks to Anne.

And he can be found in the Globe in a small article about his mother encouraging him to do the Bobby Darin film. Includes a few pictures.

August 9, 2004

Premiere September 2004. Page 19 has a tiny b/w head shot in an ad for AMC’s Sunday Morning Shootout and Beyond The Sea is one of the films in the Fall preview section. Page 72, small color photo. The text and enlarged photo are on the BTS news page.

August 8, 2004

Staff snit Once again trolling gossip pages for Spacey mentions, I came across this item from the New York Daily News:

Ben Widdecombs Gatecrasher: A furious Spacey’s cover is blown

Mag hags are chuckling over a spat between Kevin Spacey’s camp and the glossy monthly Conde Nast Traveler. A rep for the Oscar winner pitched a hissy fit upon discovering he wouldn’t get the cover of the September celebrity issue for his guide to London.

A spy says Spacey’s first-person feature, “My London,” was bumped from the cover by a story actress Saffron Burrows did on New Zealand.

“One of Kevin’s people called and was furious that he didn’t have the cover,” says a snitch.

“The guy said, ‘I could understand if [Spacey were bumped for] someone of equal caliber, but Saffron Burrows?’ He was screaming. No one could believe how seriously Spacey’s people were taking it.”

Spacey is living in London while he serves as artistic director of the Old Vic theater. Can’t wait to read about his favorite places to “walk the dog” at 4 a.m.

Kevin’s fans wait and wait for new cover photos and then *this* happens!

According to the websites for the US and UK versions of the magazine, the August issues are completely different and they don’t tell you what’s in the next issue. So, just a guess, but if Saffron Burrows is the cover, it must mean this issue isn’t going to be on sale in the US. The UK version goes on sale August 19.

August 6, 2004 

I’ve added the pictures from the new AARP magazine article to the text.

I moved the TIRED magazine picture to the Spacey Gazette Headlines page.

August 5, 2004

I admit it, I took it from Legacy 

A MODEL IN LOVE Erin O’Connor happily snogs her boyfriend, Jamie Theakston, in public but she admits he isn’t the most attractive man on the planet. Asked to list the sexiest men in the world by Glamour magazine, the Birmingham-born model awards Kevin Spacey the number one spot, “because he’s so sexy,” she explains. “When I met him I could barely speak.” Next up is David Walliams from Little Britain because “He’s very funny.” Then comes David Downton, to whom she plays muse – (“David sees me for what I am and heightens it to the max,” she says) – followed by Jeremy Irons, whose “lovely brooding face” puts him in fourth place. And finally Theakston makes a showing at the bottom. “I love him,” says Erin. “He’s my boyfriend. I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone.”

Thanks to Sonja.

August 4, 2004

Ok, two times now in the past several days, someone has used the feedback form and one of the polls to tell me to get a life. Since it’s been posted anonymously making it impossible for me to reply by email, I’m gonna have to do it here.

“Excuse me, no one’s forcing you to read this stuff. The rest of us are just having some fun to pass the time. Perhaps you shouldn’t take it so seriously. Next time, why not try sending me an email?”

Back to Kevin .. I’ve been adding some things to the site and while looking back on pages that I haven’t looked at since I first made them, I’m noticing some things that don’t work. I was just learning how to do this kind of thing at the time, you know.

In any event, I have fixed the “More Pics” link on the main ODC page. Added some pictures to the Albino Alligator “Memorabilia/Pictures” section. Added an old interview to the A Time To Kill “Articles” section (there’s also a link on the Interviews page). Added a few old pictures to the Beyond The Sea “Photos” page and finally, added that funny picture of the very top of Kevin’s head to the FAQ page, under the question about whether he is, in fact, losing his hair. No need to thank me.

Movies on TV Pay It Forward is going to be the CBS Sunday Night Movie (is it still called that or am I showing my age?) on August 22. This will be in direct competition with the A&E premiere of The Shipping News which starts an hour earlier.

August 2, 2004
A very special birthday shout-out to one of Kevin’s, er, let’s say “mature” fans. Happy Birthday Vivienne! Embrace the chicken.
July 30, 2004

Bobby Darin Fever About To Sweep The Nation! And Kevin’s movie is part of that. So says the staff at

OK, so it’s pretty much the same item as I posted on the Darin News page the other day, but the headline was catchy.

Kevin’s Journey Bounces Out Of Record Books The incessant repeating of the word “bounce” during the press coverage of the 2004 Democratic National Convention has overtaken Kevin Spacey’s constant repeating of the word “journey” and the word is hereby banished from the English language forever. The next news anchor, political analyst, or print writer who uses the word will be bounced right on out the door.

July 27, 2004 

MSNBC Jeanette Walls Gossip Column Once again I am taking the Spacey snippets from gossip columns. This one is from today’s The Scoop column at MSNBC.

Notes from all over

Kevin Spacey’s mother — who died of brain cancer — may have been the driving force in the actor’s decision to play Bobby Darin in a movie. “My mother always wanted me to make a movie about Bobby Darin,” Spacey told the AARP magazine for its September/October issue. “No matter how sick she was, every day she would ask me for a ‘B.D.’ update…” In the interview, Spacey speaks lovingly of both his parents, in stark contrast to comments that have been made by his brother, Randall Fowler, who has accused the father of being abusive and the mother of ignoring the situation.

The column includes a nice picture of Kevin. Scroll down for Kevin. He’s between Whoopi Goldberg not appearing on ‘The View’ and Britney Spears’ tattoo.

Old Vic I added a link to a Spacey interview about the Old Vic to the Old Vic news page. Thanks to Cathie.

July 26, 2004 


Today is Kevin Spacey’s 45th birthday. I wonder if he ever reads this news page? If he does I’ll have to start writing bigger. 


July 24, 2004

TUSOLDVDThe United States of Leland DVD When the DVD is released on Region 1 DVD in September, there apparently aren’t going to be any extras. None are listed at anyway. List price is $30 but some places will likely have it cheaper. Kevin is on the cover.

Another Spacey sighting The Beyond The Sea PR wagon has started rolling. First the article in AARP and now tomorrow’s Parade.  Parade. July 25, 2004 issue. Page 2, small picture of Kevin. Walter Scott’s Personality Parade Q – What’s the status of Kevin Spacey’s biopic about the late singer Bobby Darin? – Mary Lou Kendle, Vadnais Heights, Minn. A – Spacey, 45, a trained singer, has recorded “Mack the Knife” and Darin’s other hits for Beyond The Sea, due out in November. “This is the realization of a lifelong dream,” says Spacey, who also directed the film. It co-stars Kate Bosworth, 21, as Darin’s wife, actress Sandra Dee.

The text under the photo reads ‘Spacey: Dreamed of doing Darin’

July 23, 2004

sep-oct-coverAARP Magazine September/October 2004 issue. Kevin’s aging faster than we thought. He’s the cover boy for AARP. He has also written an article.

Article and picture can be found in the articles. Thanks to Sonja at Legacy.

Jerry Goldsmith The composer for the film L.A. Confidential, has died. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the category for Music (Original Dramatic Score), one of nine nominations the film received.

Entertainment Weekly July 30, 2004 issue, Joaquin Phoenix on the cover. There are several Spacey or Spacey-related mentions. No Spacey pictures though.

Page 33, 50X50, EW picks 50 more great movie quotes of the last half-century.

Quote #24. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey) in The Usual Suspects.

Page 41, a snip from an article about Ken Wahl (Wiseguy). DVD Review of Wiseguy.

<snip> Wahl was willing to be heroic when the script called for it, but was also willing to stand aside and let vividly eccentric villians portrayed by Kevin Spacey, the late Ray Sharkey, and Jerry Lewis take center camera. <snip>

Page 51, Ask The Critic w/Lisa Schwarzbaum.

Offensive Play
Question – What’s the difference between a movie that’s simply bad and one that truly offends? – Rosalie Rippey

Answer – I cut off your terrific question before the part where you cite my review of Mona Lisa Smile as an example of something I’ve criticized as the latter. By my standards, a bad movie simply and honestly sucks in concept (Garfield: The Movie), execution (Troy), or a whammo combination of both (The Chronicles of Riddick).

An offensive movie, on the other hand, glosses over its flaws with a varnish of self-righteous moralizing that leaves a sucker thinking that he or she has been taught a valuable, high-toned life lesson and that to discredit the teaching tool demonstrates ingratitude (Life Is Beautiful), reflects a faulty values system (Pay It Forward), or suggests the critic is, in fact, a b***h (Mona Lisa Smile). Sometimes this kind of offense can be attributed to a condition known as Patch Adams fever.

Page 76, The Great American Pop Culture Quiz

Question #5 – Which expletive-strewn rant is not from David Mamet’s expletive-strewn Glengarry Glen Ross?
(A) “F— the machine? F— the machine? F— the machine!”
(B) “To help us, not to f— us up.”
(C) “All I want is a f—in’ doughnut!”
(D) “What the hell are you? You’re a f—in’ secretary. F— you!”
Answer will be in the following week’s magazine.
BTW – the Ask The Critic Q&A is accompanied by the picture from Pay It Forward in which Haley Joel Osment is standing at the blackboard with the diagram for paying it forward behind him. The magazine text with the picture says “Haley Joel Osment learns to Pay it horrid.” Lisa Schwarzbaum is the EW critic who felt compelled to give away the end of the film in her review in order to spare innocent film-goers the ordeal of seeing the film and EW later printed an entire page of letters to the editor because her review caused such a ruckus. I thought her review was funny but others did not.

That was the film that was about to be released when I started this site. I need to re-do that film’s section. It needs a lot of work.

July 20, 2004

You know how every so often a movie critic or a journalist writes an article about how Kevin’s career has gone downhill since his last Oscar win? Now he’s being used as an example in articles about *other* actor’s post-Oscar declines. From MSNBC:

What happened?
Too many mediocre films like ‘Catwoman’ may torpedo Halle Berry’s career
Commentary by Paige Newman

There’s something so disappointing about seeing a talented actor waste her talents on mediocre projects. A similar feeling struck me a couple years back when, after blazing through “The Usual Suspects,” “L.A. Confidential,” and “American Beauty,” Kevin Spacey suddenly turned his talents to “Pay it Forward” and “K-Pax.” What happened? Now, here we are again.

I wish they’d stop using K-PAX as an example. I kinda liked it. Why not use David Gale instead?

July 16, 2004

Kevin’s 45th Birthday Gift If you submitted a message for Kevin’s gift, the gift is boxed and ready to mail and I will mail it today. If you didn’t get your message in and you still want to send Kevin a birthday greeting, you can always send him a card at his fan mail address.

I’ve scanned the covers of the books. Old goes with Vic, I swear.

July 15, 2004

Snipped from an article in the Scottish Daily Express about Clinton’s visit to London:

“there hasn’t been as big a buzz since Kevin Spacey (Bill’s chum) arrived in London but his odd dog-walking habits have led us to reassess his place in our affections”

Thanks Jacqueline.

July 13, 2004

The heat and humidity are starting get to me. I’ll be glad when summer is over.

3059986.jpgHere’s a tiny picture of Kevin arriving at the London launch party for Bill Clinton’s book. Almost everyone wore black. Kevin wore a lovely summer suit in an appropriate cool color. Thanks to Spacey fan Rita for the picture. It was so nice to see something new that I’m not even going to mention that his hair looks too short. Needs some poof.

Strangely, in spite of the photos which have appeared online and BBC news reporting that he attended the party, the Independent says Kevin wasn’t there.

Promises of the “A-list” attendance also failed to materialise. Alongside excuses sent by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey and Madonna spurned their invitations to the book launch.

It’s nice to see that Kevin is considered “A-List” now alongside leaders of the free world and Madonna.

July 11, 2004

I just watched Kevin on Sunday Morning Shootout. He said he’s going to do a 12 city concert tour to publicize Beyond The Sea, but I assume that means he’s going to do a 12 college Q&A junket like he always does. Maybe this time there will be singing! They showed a few clips from the film. Talked about making the film, why Lions Gate is going to push it as an Oscar contender and Kevin’s oft-repeated quote about future projects not meeting the bar of American Beauty has had a change to “for a while” instead of forever. Glad to hear that!

July 10, 2004

Kevin is expected to attend the London launch party for Bill Clinton’s book.
Reminder Kevin will be on AMC’s Sunday Morning Shootout tomorrow morning at 11am EST.

Plus, in American Beauty related news, Court-TV’s The System will feature ‘The American Beauty Murder’ on Monday night at 10pm EST. The episode is titled Pretty Poison. This is about the murder case in which a woman killed her husband and then tried to make the crime scene look like a scene from American Beauty. True story. Thanks Bree.

July 8, 2004

Interesting Spacey bits – An anonymous fan tells me that this morning she (he?) heard Swimming With Sharks mentioned by Regis Philbin when he was interviewing Andy Dick about his new ‘reality’ TV show about the hiring of a Personal Assistant by an obnoxious and cruel executive (Andy Dick). Regis supposedly asked Andy if the show was going to be like the movie Swimming With Sharks and Andy Dick hesitated and said he guessed Regis could say that. Which brings me to this: In my never ending quest to find interesting Spacey news tidbits, no matter how small or out of date, this was on yesterday’s ‘TV Critics Choice for July 7’ page at the Star Tribune (Minnesota) site.

• It’s been a while since Kevin Spacey wowed us, so during this downtime, fans should go back to 1994’s “Swimming With Sharks” (6:25 p.m., SHO2) with Spacey playing a sadistic movie boss.

And there was this from July 2 in ‘The Houston Chronicle’. Ken Hoffman’s Q&A column:
Q: I swear I saw Kevin Spacey in the Bette Midler video for Beast of Burden. At the end of the video he smacks Midler and guest star Mick Jagger with pies. Was it Spacey or Memorex?  – R.T. Castleberry, Houston
A: The glass just broke, so it had to be Memorex. Not Spacey.

And today this snip from the Detroit Free Press in an article about a movie themed game show on the IFC network… Ex-Detroiter hosts game show for hard-core movie fans
by John Monaghan

Julian Boyance of Southfield knew about Film Threat when he set out to become a contestant on “Ultimate Film Fanatic.” So he wasn’t surprised to find that the show included categories like Death Becomes Kevin Spacey, Real Directors Have Curves and Oscar Loves Hookers.

Old Spacey bits –

One of Kevin’s newer fans sent me this list of old magazines she’s spotted Kevin in recently. Thanks Anne.

Vanity Fair “Vanity Fair Agenda (lg. blue background photo w/ St. John’s Kelly Gray); Feb. 2001
Biography Mag. 2003 “Bio Connect”; July Birthdays (p. 16)
Entertainment Weekly – Apr. 9, 2004 -Pg. 60 – U. S. Leland summary – no picture
Entertainment Weekly – Nov. 30, 2001- K-Pax comment – p. 66
InStyle – Dec. 2000- Pg. 250 -“Scene & Heard” 5th row w/photo (Shipping News book)
Biography – March 1998 -Armani article – Kevin’s name, no picture
Entertainment Weekly(p.149) Box Office, K-Pax #4(in top 20)
Cigar Aficianado – There’s a thumbnail picture (cover photo) from Jan./Feb. 2002 on page 188 from the Feb. 2004 issue.

July 7, 2004

I couldn’t stand looking at the picture from Darrow.

Spacey fan Vivian tells me that on Sunday, #15 on E!’s 101 Best Kept Hollywood Secrets countdown was the original ending of American Beauty in which Lester’s daughter and her boyfriend were charged with killing him. Thanks Vivian.

Readers of the original script will recall that they were framed by Ricky’s father but that later, this entire section of the script as well as Lester and Angela’s two minutes on the couch and Colonel Fitts’ past were done away with, in spite of claims that nothing in the script was changed.

Which brings me to AMC was showing a commercial for Sunday Morning Shootout last night and there was a quick clip with Kevin. In it he was saying that he had been afraid that nothing else he ever did would reach the bar that American Beauty had set.

Kevin Spacey. I say this with sincerity and hope it doesn’t keep me from ever getting another autographed picture in the mail… but this may be the problem you’ve been having with your career post AB. I know that you won’t believe this and neither will many of your fans but the movie wasn’t that good. So for you to spend the rest of your life thinking it can’t be matched is plain wrong. Wrong I say! You can’t be as deluded as Lester Burnham was there at the end. There is so much more out there for you that is 100% better than American Beauty could ever have dared to dream of being, so snap out of it!

Sorry, lost my head there for a second. I was going to say that Kevin was looking pale and slightly wrinkled, just the way we like him and remind everyone that Kevin will be a guest on that TV show on Sunday morning at 11. It’s 30 minutes, I think.

July 6, 2004

Darrow1There’s nothing new to report at all. The picture to the right is from Darrow. I used to have it on the site ‘Error – page not found’ page but I lost the page when my old web host disappeared and I hadn’t put the picture anywhere else (I think) so I decided to drag it out today. Kevin has a hump in this film.

June 30, 2004

Some Spacey snips from today’s news –

From a review for Heartburn which is coming out on DVD next week:

<snip> Much more fun is watching for they-were-nobodies-once cameos from the likes of Kevin Spacey, who appears to rob Streep’s support group after giving her his seat on the subway. Oh, the humanity. <snip>

Critics hate the film, but I always enjoy it.

I added a few Beyond The Sea snips to the BTS news page. Lions Gate is planning to give BTS the Oscar contender PR treatment. Now let’s just hope we don’t start reading about there being Oscar buzz before anyone actually sees the film. Dare I say .. Pay It Forward?

June 29, 2004

I added a few items to the BTS news page.


The Gazette above is back by request. *Disclaimer – No, Kevin is not really frightened by his fan mail. At least he’s never said so in any interviews.

June 27, 2004

United States of Leland Fans who get France’s Canal Plus television channel, will have the opportunity to see the film between the end of July and the end of August. Check your listings for times. Thank you Veronique.

June 24, 2004

The Boston Herald – The picture of Kevin and Kate Bosworth as Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee dancing, which is on the BTS photos page (as well as the Lions Gate web site), is in today’s Boston Herald newspaper. It’s in color and everything!

June 23, 2004

Kevin’s birthday The deadline for getting in a message for Kevin’s birthday is 3 weeks from now. All of the messages that have been sent so far have been written down and are ready to mail. If you’re interested in participating, use the birthday link above.
Sunday Morning Shootout Kevin will appear on the July 11 episode of this show on AMC. That’s 11am EST. Thanks anonymous. Now if he could just do something about they way they cut up the movies on AMC. Frankly, I hardly ever watch that channel anymore because all of the commercials are so annoying.

June 20, 2004

Leland on DVD According to DVD Pacific, The United States of Leland will be available on Region 1 DVD on September 7. Thanks Jacqueline.

June 18, 2004

Beyond The Sea For the first time, we get a glimpse of Kevin and Kate Bosworth in their roles as Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee in the upcoming film, Beyond The Sea. Kate looks very young and sweet, much the way Sandra Dee always appeared in her films. I’m relieved to see that they didn’t try to make Kevin look like he’s 23. I was a tad worried about that. Links on the Beyond The Sea news page.

DVD release – Kevin’s film debut, Heartburn, will be released on Region 1 DVD on July 6th. As you may know, he was “Subway Thief” and was quite a bit younger than he is now. The movie was in theaters in 1986. Thanks, Jacqueline.

Possible TV sightings VH-1 will be showing ‘I Love the ’90s’ starting in July. Might be a glimpse of Kevin somewhere in there. Thanks, Bree.

Magazine photo I’m told there is a picture of Kevin and Colin Farrell from Ordinary Decent Criminal on page 32 of DNA magazine. Thanks Anne.

June 16, 2004

Interesting From Yahoo News –

Chest hair insurance available: excludes loss through terrorism

LONDON (AFP) – It was one of the more unusual requests insurance underwriter Jonathan Thomas had received: Could he please draw up a policy to protect an unnamed star against the loss of his chest hair? Ever the professional, Thomas and his team of experts at London’s Creechurch Underwriting got down to work, compiling a four-page document which details every possible eventuality. A payout would be triggered “if, in the opinion of two independent medical referees, the insured person has suffered loss of more than 85 percent of his hair covering the front of his torso”, it says. “We drafted a policy wording that would try to objectively measure whether they would have a loss,” Thomas told AFP on Wednesday.

“The key thing with these sorts of policies is not the breadth of coverage, it’s actually being able to justify financially that someone would suffer that sort of loss if they lost their chest hair,” he said. The policy is thus far only a speculative draft, and Thomas has not been told the name of the hirsute man in question. “It could be that someone had a particular advertising contract that was associated with their chest,” said Thomas, whose company is part of the Lloyd’s insurance market. “If you’re going on stage and you’re Tom Jones then, yes, you can wear a chest wig,” he said, referring to the famously woolly Welsh singer.

“But nobody in their right minds wants anybody to know that Tom Jones wears a chest wig — if there was an advertising campaign going alongside that, the advertisers would have to pull the campaign.” The policy is only valid for “accidental bodily injury” and — as is the way with insurance — has a lengthy list of exclusions. If the star was to be left with a bald torso through war, revolution, radioactive contamination or terrorism — sorry, no payout. Their lifestyle would also have to be circumscribed, ruling out activities as varied as fire-breathing and — a measure that sums up the sheer caution inherent to insurance brokers — pregnancy and child-birth.

That reminds me. Kevin might be seen briefly on Bravo’s Inside The Actors Studio 10th anniversary special on Sunday night. Thanks, Linda.

June 12, 2004

Empire salutes the actor of our lifetime. The June 2004 issue of Empire is now available in the US. Try Borders and Barnes & Noble. The magazine was around $9. There is a full page color photo of Kevin on page 113 along with a half page of text on the previous page. The magazine also came with a handful of postcard-sized movie cards, one of which is The Usual Suspects. There was also a booklet of movie trivia (I think it was trivia anyway). I only had a chance to flip through it and noticed a small photo of Kevin from Hurly Burly.

June 11, 2004

A Spacey defense? From the Rocky Mountain News –
Defense says film sparked sex charges vs. teacher
By Sue Lindsay, Rocky Mountain News
June 11, 2004

An 18-year-old testified Thursday that she received her first kiss and sexual experience from her drama teacher at the Denver School of the Arts when she was a 15-year-old freshman. But the teacher’s defense attorney contends the girl merely transferred to her teacher the intense crush she had on actor Kevin Spacey, embellishing it with fantasies inspired by her favorite movie, American Beauty.

I also read another article, this time from England, in which someone was quoted as saying that Kevin has spoken out about genetically modified crops and foods in the past, but I don’t remember ever having read anything like that.

June 10, 2004

When it rains, it pours I just opened my mailbox and found another autographed picture of Kevin Spacey inside. That makes 2 now. The new picture is one I have never seen before. I was going to keep it to myself, but have decided to share it since we’re in a bit of a Spacey drought at the moment. No need to thank me. Really.

The Lost Spacey poster picture that was above the news this morning is now on the Spacey Gazette Headlines page.

June 8, 2004

There are some pictures from the party after the Old Vic ’24 Hour Plays’ here. Kevin is wearing his Tom Ford ‘No Longer for Gucci’ look. Dark jacket with a white shirt fashionably unbuttoned far enough for the chest hair to show. Thanks to Jamaica.

June 7, 2004

Newsflash! This just in .. Kevin Spacey’s chest hair has now passed the 500 vote mark in the Kevin’s Hair poll. That is the largest number of poll votes anything on this site has ever received. Congratulations, Kevin!

There’s nothing new to report. Kevin was supposed to have hosted a production at the Old Vic yesterday but the US papers don’t seem to find that worth reporting on. Between D-Day anniversary events, a dead former president and J-Lo’s latest marriage, there was no room for anything else.

I’m once again backed up on the polls. I’ll get those updated tonight.

June 1, 2004

From the Rush and Molloy column in the New York Daily News today: Brushes with greatness

Must be some jealous artists out there. Painter William Quigley is indeed painting portraits of both President Bush and former President Bill Clinton at the same time: Bush’s was commissioned by an ambassador who shall remain nameless, and Gerald Hannahs, the L.A. Dodger pitcher-turned-Arkansas businessman, commissioned Clinton’s. Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey joins a raft of stars who’ve asked the SoHo painter to capture their likenesses in his own unique style: Those who collect Quigley include Shaquille O’Neal, Ralph Lauren, The Firm’s Jeffrey Kwatinetz, Hugh Hefner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Debbie Harry, and Marc Chiat. Spacey asked Quigley to paint him as Bobby Darin, whom the actor plays in the upcoming “Beyond the Sea.”

Here’s the link to the artist’s web site:

What do people do with portraits of themselves? Hang them where they can look at themselves every day?

May 31, 2004

usa_ribbon_pinned_on_sm_clrIt’s Memorial Day in the United States. Your local PBS station may be showing American Experience: War Letters this evening. This is a repeat from a few years ago. Kevin reads a few lines:

Pvt. Morton D. Elevitch writes to his mother, using an alias “Louisa”, WWII, read by Kevin Spacey:

November 23, 1943
Fort Benning, Georgia

Dear Louisa:
For the Nth time, thanks for your package. Please don’t send me any more underwear, socks, or candy. The Milk of Magnesia was absolutely unnecessary. I’M HAVING NO MORE BOWEL TROUBLE AND DON’T ANTICIPATE ANY.

This week they’re teaching us to kill. Now you probably looked away and shuddered. I don’t like the idea, either, but we all know it’s for our own good. The most strenuous work we do is bayonet drill. We lunge about and are required to growl, grimace, and look at each other with hate. They teach us how to withdraw our bayonets in a certain manner, because steel sticks to warm human flesh. They even teach us how to scientifically stomp on a man. This will be invaluable in case anyone ever tries to pick on me. By the way everything is done in double time — puff puff. Confidentially, I’m tired.


Warrant Officer, Frank J. Conwell writes to his aunt and uncle, WWII, read by Kevin Spacey:

February 6th 1945
Hello John, Ann and all the Little Ones:

The weather has been very cold over here with plenty of snow, snow, and more snow. As I look at the kids sledding, throwing snow balls, it brings back many memories of the good times I had when I was a kid. All us lads took out our Flexible Flyers and went belly whopping down the hills. We made snow men with it and packed it into hard, round balls that caught other kids in the head and melted down the backs of their necks. When our feet got cold we would call it a day. When we were kids snow sure was fun. There’s a lot of snow on the Western Front these days and the country looks like a Christmas card. It’s beautiful. But the Flexible Flyers have turned into tanks. The snowballs are grenades. The wet stuff trickling down the back of necks is often blood. And when you’re numb with cold there’s no place to go to. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing but snow. Cold, wet, beautiful snow.

Hoping this letter finds you all in the best of health.

Lt. Lewis Plush writes to his parents, WW I, read by Kevin Spacey:

Dear Father and Mother,

I walk again over a battle field fresh with its dead and ruin; shattered villages standing as monuments of destruction. Tangled and torn wire litter the barren fields and slopes, barren of life but littered with the waste of war. Broken guns, bits of clothing, shells, and the sad remains of life.

There was a war, a great war, and now it is over. Men fought to kill, to maim, to destroy. Some return home, others remain behind forever on the fields of their greatest sacrifice.
There was a war, a great war, and now it is over.

Check your local listings for times. This is also available on home video.

May 29, 2004

Rarely seen movies – TMC is going to show Looking For Richard in June.

A few new items There are some great shots of Kevin at an Albino Alligator press conference in Australia at the following link. I always forget how young Kevin looked back then. Thanks to Kim.

The Awful Truth – Has Kevin been in Ted Casablanca’s gossip column at E! since the time Ted said that Dianne Dreyer (or however her name is spelled these day!) was working for Kevin and was basically being paid to be Kevin’s public girlfriend during the American Beauty awards season and then about a year later made a very sarcastic retraction, leading people to think someone had threatened some kind of legal action or somethin’? Well, Kevin’s back in Ted’s column today. No, he wasn’t seen eating cold cereal at a business breakfast this time.

The Awful Truth by Ted Casablanca
Kevin Spacey, drifting into a leathery booth at Dolce. Melrose Avenue. WeHo. It was a tight fit fer three other men and two women. Kev-doll looked mostly recovered from his ringing mishap in London. All boy patrons were clad in the typical untucked shirt and
jeans ensemble, though Mr. S. opted for a conservative blue blazer ovah a blue oxford shirt. He was fraught with the best intentions, much like… (then they go on to the next celebrity sighting). Thanks, bardgirl.

You know, as a script supervisor, Dianne Dreyer has quite an impressive list of movies on the IMDB. She’s worked on some big movies with big directors. If Kevin’s next few movies and his stage career don’t work out, maybe she could, um.. you know .. send some work his way?

Entertainment Weekly – This is in the new issue of EW. June 4, 2004 issue. Page 73. No picture of Kevin.

What To Watch  A day-to-day guide to notable programs.
By Dalton Ross
Monday – May 31
The Life of David Gale
(STARZ!, TV-R) And the continuing death of Kevin Spacey’s career. That’s all right, Kev – you’ll always have Wiseguy, and a place in our hearts.

May 27, 2004

Where was Beyond The Sea?? ET should have been called American Idol 2 since it seemed to be mostly about their winner from last night. I saw nothing about Kevin or the film.

May 25, 2004

VCR alert! Entertainment Tonight is going to be showing a promo spot for Beyond The Sea on Thursday’s show.

I added a new article from today’s New York Times to the Old Vic Articles section. The picture in the newspaper is the same one of Kevin standing in front of the Old Vic that is on my Old Vic news page.

Several fans have now reported receiving autographed pictures of Kevin in the mail over the past 4 days.

May 24, 2004

Do you know what today is, Spacey fans? Today is the day that marks “Only six months until the extremely limited release of Beyond The Sea into LA and NYC theaters according to” on the calendar. And it’s only about 8 months until it’s wide release in January of 2005! I liked the October date that was being tossed around a lot better.

May 23, 2004

Spacey dogs – The dog pictures were in the Mail on Sunday’s supplement back on April 25th in a pictorial titled ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’ Big thanks to Bob and Vivienne.

Spacey Baby – I sat down to work on the messed up and woefully outdated Site Links Page and as happens every time I decide to do that, I stopped to do a new poll. In order to fit the new poll into the site, I had to delete an old one. The ‘Lost Spacey’ poll which has been in use since Kevin was in Nova Scotia filming The Shipping News is out and the new Spacey poll ‘Spacey Baby’ is in. The picture above used to be the ‘Lost Spacey’ confirmation page picture. I’ll have to find another place to put that in a few days.
In the meantime enjoy the new poll.

May 21, 2004

These are the pictures that were in the June 2004 issue of Vanity Fair. The pictures were enlarged from the magazine photos, so they’re not quite as clear. Picture # 3 is from an article about Bill Clinton. Pictures #1 and #2 are part of Vanity Fair’s Campaign Hollywood 2004.

On Friday, Vanity Fair and honored the winning film of the Online Short Film Festivals at The Concorde. Sponsored by Budweiser, the event featured a presentation of the Budweiser Filmmaker Discovery Award by founder Kevin Spacey to the winning filmmakers.

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! Spacey fans, I am sitting here looking at the autographed Spacey photo that I got in the mail today. It was labeled with the return address label I used last year when I sent Kevin a birthday card. So yes, I can now say that some of Kevin’s mail *is* replied to. It’s that gorgeous b/w photo I use on my entrance page, signed in silver. Absolutely beautiful! Thank *you* Kevin!

May 18, 2004

I’ve just been reading that Tony Randall has died. I’ve been a big fan of his since I was a little girl. He always made me laugh. His delivery of lines as Felix Unger in The Odd Couple was perfect. I can’t imagine anyone being able to step into Jack Lemmon’s movie shoes as well as he did.

Most recently I’ve been enjoying his old appearances on What’s My Line, which is shown in the early morning hours on the Game Show network. Thank you for all the laughs, Tony.

Strange but true: If anyone remembers the TV series SOAP from it’s original run on television, you’ll remember it was quite controversial in it’s day due to it’s “adult” themes and humor. My local network affiliate was afraid of the audience reaction to it so they ran re-runs of The Odd Couple instead. Really.

What does that have to do with Kevin Spacey, you ask? Neil Simon has said in the past that Kevin would make a great Oscar Madison, even though I picture him more in the Felix Unger role. Maybe there could be a production of The Odd Couple at the Old Vic!

Kevin’s in Cannes now, for the Cannes Film Festival. The man’s like a traveling salesman! There are thumbnails at this morning.

May 16, 2004

Greatest Actor in the UK. Again! Channel 4 (UK TV) had a repeat of their 100 Greatest Movie Stars and Kevin is still #4! Glad to see some things never change.

Thanks to Vivienne and Samantha.

Rambling thought – You know, for all of the comments that have been made about Kevin’s bad choices in films over the past several years (not that *I* ever said anything!) at least Kevin can proudly say he wasn’t in that horrible ‘Pearl Harbor’ movie. It’s a wonder any of the people involved were allowed to make another movie.

Edison – I added a few new items to the Edison news page yesterday, thanks to Kotomi.

Spacey moment – One of the UK fans tells me thasome men came to her school to give an assembly on “Pay it Forward” They gave out slips of paper to the students and told them to ‘pay it forward’. Thanks for sharing that with us, Carole. Kevin would no doubt be pleased.

May 15, 2004


May 13, 2004

The old “is he/isn’t he” debate rages on. No, not that one. The Jonathan Ross lineup for tomorrow night’s show. First he was on the guest list, then he wasn’t, then he was and wasn’t at the same time. Now they’re listing Ronnie O’Sullivan, World Snooker Champion. I guess there’s no chance Kevin changed his name and career, is there?

Dead cicada by the car! No one else will care but the first of the 17 year cicadas has made an appearance in my yard and since I doubt very much if any of us will be hanging around here in another 17 years, I wanted to take my opportunity now to say eeeewwwwww.

Vanity Fair – Kevin has been sighted in the new issue of Vanity Fair (Brad Pitt on the cover). There are a few pictures from the last awards thing. One is of Kevin and George Clooney and the other is of Kevin, the winner of the film festival and president Dana Brunetti. Kevin is also mentioned in an article about Bill Clinton. It had something to do with the Africa trip a few summers ago. Or was that last summer? All of these years are starting to run together! Thanks, anonymous #2.

Jonathan Ross Show – Now I’m told that Kevin’s name *is* appearing in the TV guides that some UK fans have. Along with Morrisey and Dale Winton. So, whether he’s gonna be on or not, I have no clue. Has anything in the Spacey online fan world ever been simple and easy? Nope, and it doesn’t appear to be starting now! Thanks, Lara.

May 10, 2004

In Style May issue, Jennifer Garner on the cover. Page 280.

magazine_rackRac’ em up Can’t remember what your coffee table looks like under its stacks of newspapers and magazines? Selamat’s rattan magazine rack is a sophisticated solution: Place it where you read the Sunday paper and bid a not-so-fond farewell to that mess of periodicals. Kevin Spacey got organized; he purchased his hold-all at Architexture (in Caramel, $235; 818-760-3399).

Yes, I really did scan a picture of a magazine holder. Thanks again, bardgirl.

May 9, 2004

I’ve been very busy the past several days so my mail, updates and polls are running behind but I should be caught up in a few days.

Jonathan Ross Fans are reporting that Kevin’s not being listed as a guest on next week’s show in their digital guides and he wasn’t listed on the show itself as being on next week’s show. Could this mean he won’t be a guest??

Brothers – Parts of the interview that Kevin’s brother gave several weeks ago are starting to turn up in the US tabloids and some newspapers.

Thanks to Nadia, Poppy, Jacqueline, Anne and um, seems like there was one more .. for the various items.

Dogs – This was in the Sunday Telegraph (UK paper) today. Mandrake section:

Spacey’s Dog Days:

He may be the artistic director of the Old Vic theatre in south London, but Kevin Spacey clearly reserves his most memorable performances for the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park across the road.

The star of Hollywood hits such as American Beauty and The Usual Suspects was unfairly ridiculed last month after he told the police that he had been mugged in the park at 4.30 am, only to withdraw the allegation a few hours later. He had, he confessed, tripped over his Jack Russell terrier, Mini, while giving pursuit to a youth who had conned him out of his mobile phone.

The other day, the American actor was again walking Mini in the same park in Lambeth and once again drama ensued when he spotted a middle-aged woman letting her dog commit the foulest of acts. “There were a few other people walking their dogs,” a passer-by tells Mandrake.  “They all saw the woman blatantly disregarding the anti dog-fouling signs but it was Kevin Spacey who shouted, ‘Use a doggy bag!’  The other dog owners started clapping.” There was, alas, no encore.

Thanks, Vivienne.

May 6, 2004

Spacey toast – OK, it’s back to looking for Spacey news in the gossip columns because there is nothing else to report. Here’s a small snip from the Rush and Malloy column of the New York Daily News:

Side dish – KEVIN SPACEY was the toast of an all-guys table at Dylan Prime in Tribeca …

May 4, 2004

Spacey mail – Some fans are wanting to send to Kevin, notes or letters of encouragement and support, seeing what a bad several weeks he had in there a short time ago. The best way to do that is to mail it to Kevin at his agency, where it will then be forwarded to him.

Plus, if you’re wanting to contribute a greeting to the fan birthday book, the link is above. You can also access the page from the MAP. Click on the birthday cake on that page. There’s no rush since Kevin’s birthday isn’t for a few more months.

Magazines – Kevin is in a couple of magazines this week. Both are May 3 issues and may still be on the stands in some places.

TIME, page 97, picture. Headline: “The Lies of David Gale”
People by Barbara Kiviat

If all the world’s a stage, then is there such a thing as lying, or is it just acting? Let’s ask KEVIN SPACEY, the Oscar winner who told London police he had been “mugged” in a park while walking his dog at 4:30 a.m. Spacey later confessed that the culprit was a con man who had tricked him into handing over his cell phone. The bump on his head? Self-inflicted, as the thespian gave chase, tripped over his dog and fell. Spacey later jokingly implied that David Beckham had bribed him to do something stupid enough to move the soccer star off the front pages of the British tabs. O.K., now that we believe.

Newsweek, page 67, picture. Headline: “Wait Till He Gets The Roaming Charges”
Thanks, Anne.

May 3, 2004

Kevin was briefly mentioned on the TV show ‘Topic A with Tina Brown’ last night on CNBC. They were discussing the tendency of people today to do things that used to be considered shameful and how they relate to trying to buy fame and fortune. They were using as examples the Paris Hilton sex tape and how it helped her “career”, the selling of Martha Stewart’s childhood items on ebay by her brother and the potential selling of a tell-all book by the brother of Kevin Spacey.

May 1, 2004

Tribeca Film Festival – Boy, I’d love to have stock in the company that sells Kevin his daily planners. Now he’s back in NYC. There’s a blurry picture of Kevin with Glenn Close and Desmond Tutu at Yahoo news today.