December 31, 2004

There are a few new magazines listed on the Calendar page, including the one pictured below. It can be found in the Lifestyles section at Barnes & Noble as well as other sellers. And he has a one page interview with 2 pictures (right), in FADE IN magazine, on pages 42 and 43. Issue is Volume 8, No. 2 and has Tom Cruise on the cover.

Player has a great article with new pictures of Kevin as a singer plus a photo montage of pictures of Kevin, Darin, Dee, Elvis .. It’s the January/February 2005 issue. Thanks to Kelly for the info about those. I’m still trying to get the info about other magazines posted on to the site but there seem to be so many!

In less than 12 hours, the Larry King web site has apparently changed their schedule again and now instead of Kevin, Dodd Darin and Peter Cincotti being on Sunday night, now they’re scheduled for tonight. Thanks to George, Mary and HC.

December 30, 2004

Larry King Show – It appears they’re going to try to show Kevin’s pre-taped episode on Sunday, January 2 at 9pm EST, repeating at midnight and 3am. And at 4am on CNNI (CNN International) for people with digital cable. Thanks to HC.

December 29, 2004

More Spacey confusion. There *is* a Best Life with Kevin on the cover but it’s not available everywhere. The issues with him on the cover have so far been seen at Barnes & Noble (although my local store is still selling the Pierce Brosnan issue) while sightings of the other issue (with some guy I never heard of on the cover) have so far been seen at a grocery store and at Borders.

Whichever you get hold of, it’s the February 2005 issue and there are new pictures of Kevin in an inside article.  Thanks to Melinda and Joanne.

Beyond The Sea opens in more theaters today.

December 27, 2004

I’ve heard that Kevin’s Larry King Show has apparently been cancelled due to world events and no new date has been announced. Thanks to HC.

I’ve added some new information about tomorrow night’s BTS/Spacey programming to the BTS news page.

December 26, 2004

BTSadWPA small ad for Beyond The Sea was in the Washington Post this morning. The film is only listed as opening in 2 theaters in DC, 5 in Maryland and 6 in Virginia. Not a very wide release, I must say. Hopefully there will be more theaters added soon.

Is it just me or does this new ad appear to make Kevin look younger by adding light to his face while making Kate Bosworth look a lot older with the use of heavy makeup? Must be the older Sandra Dee look.

December 24, 2004

Kevin and Kate Bosworth are going to be interviewed on Entertainment Tonight tonight. Thanks to Anonymous.

The Larry King show is now listing Kevin as being on their show on Monday, December 27. This is a pre-taped interview with Dodd Darin and Peter Cincotti. Thanks to HC.

Spacey radio –

On Christmas Eve, we turn to the music of Bobby Darin. A new movie about his life, Beyond the Sea, opens next week. We talk with Kevin Spacey, who produced, directed and stars in the film. And we meet Nick Venet, Bobby Darin’s producer.

The audio for this program will be available online after 3PM ET, 11AM PT.

NPR – National Public Radio

Thanks to HC.

And this: December 28 – XM Satellite Radio. The 50s – XM Channel 5. (3pm ET/Noon PT).  Bobby Darin: Beyond The Sea – The life and music of Bobby Darin, plus interviews with Kevin Spacey.

The Washington Post lists Beyond The Sea as a coming film attraction for Wednesday but there’s no mention yet of where the film will be shown in the DC area.

December 23, 2004

Kevin may be on Access Hollywood tonight. Thanks to Friend of Kelly. Rumor has it that Kevin will film one of his Las Vegas concerts for future release on DVD! My mother told me that when she was out doing some Christmas shopping the other day, she wandered into a store and thought she heard Kevin singing Beyond The Sea. She overheard a woman asking someone who that was singing and the man replied that it was Kevin Spacey, that he had bought the CD when he went to see Kevin in Atlantic City.

Instead of a poll asking fans which concert they attended, maybe I should ask “Who didn’t go to Atlantic City?”

December 22, 2004

Ok, I vaguely remember posting something a while back about Kevin commissioning a portrait of himself as Bobby Darin and I wondered what you do with a portrait of yourself. Now this just in on from the New York Daily News, Rush & Malloy column.

Bobby Darin died this week in 1973 at age 37. But he lives on in Kevin Spacey. The Oscar-winner, who plays the crooner in “Beyond the Sea,” just picked up six oil portraits of himself as Darin. “He sat for me for over six months,” painter William Quigley tells Webster Hall’s Baird Jones. “Kevin was very intense as a model. We started off just doing two canvases, one with an open collar and the other in black tie. But then the project mushroomed.” Cost of Spacey’s Dorian Gray obsession: around $90,000 …

My next question is what do you do with six oil portraits of yourself? Were they used in the film, perhaps? If you go to the artist’s web site and click on Commissions/Portraits you’ll see some Darin work as the page’s background picture. The portrait in the dark on the left appears to be the same as the album cover picture that I used to use on my BTS news page. It’s now in use on the BTS Articles page.

December 20, 2004

Well, crap! This is just not a good Spacey day. As many of you who get the Jane Pauley show at 10am on the east coast will discover as you play back your tape from this morning, Kevin was pre-empted by the president about halfway through his interview. Just as they were going to stop talking about Bobby Darin and start talking about Kevin. That figures.

And then, more and more I’m hearing from people that BTS is not going to be appearing at a theater anywhere near them in the next several weeks at least.

Rumor has it that Kevin will finally be on Larry King tomorrow night or possibly next Monday night, but frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t moved again. I wonder what the problem is? Considering it was pre-taped, they shouldn’t be having that much trouble finding a spot for it.

The good news is that it looks like Kevin’s Letterman appearance from last month is going to be repeated next week on December 31 and his Conan O’Brian visit will be repeated on January 5. Regular times for those shows. And his Sunday Morning Shootout interview on AMC from last summer is going to be rebroadcast on December 26 at 11am. This is the show in which he said there was going to be a concert tour to promote Beyond The Sea. All of those dates are on the calendar page. Thanks, Anne.

Here are some links to a Spacey radio interview done recently.

WNYC – The Leonard Lapate Show, In Search of… Friday, December 17, 2004. Kevin Spacey discusses his reincarnation of Bobby Darin in the new film “Beyond The Sea.” Try here or here link or here link. Thanks to Virginia and Monica.

December 19, 2004

Spacey Mom tells me that she saw a blurb of some kind on TV this evening, saying that there was going to be something Spacey/Beyond The Sea-related on TNT on December 28 at 11pm EST. She just doesn’t know what.

December 17, 2004

BirthdaySuzanneMy sister’s birthday is on Sunday, but I’m gonna surprise her by putting her birthday greeting on today, since she’ll be expecting it on Sunday morning. As you can see, there is a vast difference in our ages. The picture is big so she can see it. As Kevin would no doubt tell her, at their age you need things to be bigger in order to see them … Happy Birthday, Zannie! Love Those groovy bangs! (That’s what our buddy Chris called her when he was a baby. He’s the one who went to London earlier in the year and then said he couldn’t find the Old Vic and told me his uncle who lives there has never heard of it.)

There’s a promo for Kevin’s interview (it was pre-taped) on the Jane Pauley Show on Monday, on her show’s web site. I can’t wait to see that show. There aren’t many shows Kevin’s never been on before.

Beyond The Sea is opening today in extremely limited release in New York City and Los Angeles. I’m hearing that it’s only in a few theaters. Since the December 29 wide release date has been described as limited as well, I sure hope that we’re not going to see a repeat of The Shipping News release when the film was in just a handful of theaters stretched out over a few months and hardly anyone got to see it before it came out on video. I’ve already had emails from people in the UK who have said the movie is not to be found anywhere near them. Are there only 5 copies of the film?

I’ve read in a few places that Kevin was in Washington, D.C. a few weekends ago for a screening and Q&A for the film. Was this a secret screening? I didn’t see it advertised anywhere and didn’t receive an invite for it, although Universal Studios sent me an invitation for a special screening of their new film about Peter Sellers.

There’s been some confusion as to when Kevin will be on the Jane Pauley Show next week. This *might* be due to the fact that it’s a syndicated show and some people get it during the day or the evening and others get it in the wee hours of the morning. It looks as if it’s going to be on Monday and if you get the show in the wee hours, it will technically be on Tuesday. I guess all we can do is plan to tape it on Monday and then on Tuesday if necessary. Don’t forget he’s scheduled for The View today and Larry King tomorrow night.

December 15, 2004

Kevin’s interview on The Daily Show the other night is on their web site now. Last time he was on, their web version had more than the TV show had.

Another show for your viewing pleasure – Kevin is scheduled to be on The Jane Pauley Show on Monday, December 20.

If you slept through Kevin last night, like I did, CNBC repeats last night’s Conan O’Brien show tonight at 7pm est.

Don’t forget Kevin’s on Live! w/Regis & Kelly this morning and The View on Friday. I always enjoy watching Kevin when he’s on those shows.

There was a film summary and picture from BTS in the December 20 issue of People. Thanks to Anne.

December 14, 2004

Linda, the owner of the Legacy group, is even older than I thought. Her son Scott turned 30 today. Happy Birthday!

In all of the excitement of the concerts the past few weeks, I completely forgot that there were things happening with the Old Vic Theatre. Cloaca was supposed to have ended on Saturday night, but unfortunately, the director would not have been there. He was entertaining his fans in Atlantic City. And the “panto” starring Ian McKellen is supposed to start on Friday.

December 13, 2004

Golden Globe 2005 Nominations – Kevin was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for Beyond The Sea this morning.

I’ve added a fan review of the Boston concert to the concert reviews page. Thanks, Candis.

There’s an interview with Kevin on the NPR (National Public Radio) site. It was from the Weekend Edition Sunday. He talks about Beyond The Sea. There are links to other items of Spacey fan interest, including the link to the interview from a few years ago that Kevin wouldn’t allow to be rebroadcast. Thanks to Monica.

And there’s an audio interview on an Irish site called RTE. Thanks to Martina.

December 12, 2004

SPACEY-AC-002WOW! What a show! An amazing performance, a chance to use your cell phone while he was performing and FREE STUFF (the dream of every Spacey fan). My Spacey/AC adventure coming soon!

I’m told that the Miami show is already sold out. The second Las Vegas show is sold out as well, thanks to Veronica.

December 11, 2004

I’m on my way to Atlantic City to see Kevin in concert. This should be fun!

December 10, 2004

Miami concert info in the Miami Herald!

On the Beyond the Sea soundtrack actor Kevin Spacey deftly navigates Bobby Darin’s various musical guises: rock ‘n’ roller, crooner and folkie. Spacey’s 10-city Beyond the Sea Big Band Tour arrives Dec. 23 at South Beach’s 1501 Barton G. Spacey plans to perform 18 songs associated with the late singer. Tickets are $75. Reservations are also available for the ”Barton G. Experience” which includes dinner at Barton G The Restaurant, valet parking, and transportation to and from the performance for $225.

The December 27 show in Las Vegas is now available for ticket sales too. Info on the Concert Schedule page.

It’s once again that wonderful time of year when the cranks with nothing better to do than to send hateful anonymous feedback messages crawl out of their dark holes. Thanks a bunch for that cruel profanity laden message about my sweet cat Miss Marple, cowardly anonymous poster #17. Here’s a tip for your next attempt: Spelling matters when you’re trying to be an ass. Oh, and another thing. I don’t take dares from cranks so I won’t be posting your obnoxious concert poll response either. Have a nice day!

On a brighter note, anonymous tipster #418 tells me that Kevin will be on The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart some time next week. And tipster #747 tells me that Kevin’s appearance on Live! w/Regis and Kelly will be Wednesday, the 15th.

December 9, 2004

If you have any strength left, you can catch Kevin at some point in today’s Today show. I don’t know which of the 3 hours he’ll be seen on. *I had a chance to watch my tape. He sings! He dances! I’m looking forward to seeing him do that in person.

Thumbnail pictures of last night’s fancy NYC premiere, red carpet arrivals and post-premiere party are at today.

December 8, 2004

Regis Philbin was talking about Kevin and Beyond The Sea on Live! w/Regis and Kelly this morning and he mentioned that Kevin will be a guest on the show next week but didn’t say which day. Possibly Tuesday when he’s in NYC for his concert? Thanks to Jim P.

Spacey fan Kari spotted this on TV Guide Online today –

COMING CLEAN… AT LAST: Kevin Spacey is finally admitting that he is a big ol’ (drumroll please) egotist. (What did you think I was going to say?) In an interview on tonight’s 60 Minutes, the Oscar winner tells Lesley Stahl that he has a “huge ego,” adding that it got in the way of his career in the beginning. “I think, in my case, I really wasn’t very good at
that point. I just wasn’t good enough to play in the leagues that I wanted to play in, and yet I was pretending like I was.” He must be so relieved to finally get that off his chest.

Good grief! The show in Las Vegas is pretty much sold out. The theater lists tickets as now being unavailable but you can find some at various Las Vegas ticket agents. One ticket agent is charging a $200 handling fee PER TICKET! Tickets for 4 at a good table costs $1,100 and that ain’t even on ebay!
December 7, 2004

Pictures of Kevin performing at the Wiltern LG in Los Angeles last night are starting to appear on the web. Yahoo and Wireimage have photos this morning.

December 5, 2004

PerfectionNew TV date! Kevin will be interviewed about Beyond The Sea on Wednesday’s 60 Minutes on CBS. Thanks to my father who also wishes to remain anonymous for that bit of info.
I’ve been sick for the past several days so the mail and updates are backed up more than ever, but I shall do my best to catch up. I think the only thing new to add to the calendar is that Kevin will be one of the Grammy nomination announcers later in the week. The picture to the left is from today’s Parade newspaper supplement. A big thanks to Bree for scanning it since I wasn’t feeling well enough to do it myself, if you can believe that! Click on ‘In Step With’ to access part of Kevin’s article and a picture that wasn’t in the paper.

Kevin also has an interview in the December 13 issue of Newsweek.

Tonight is the sold out Bimbo’s concert. I hope everyone who has tickets has a great time! Kevin has quite a full schedule for the next week or more. He’d better hope he doesn’t get laryngitis. I wonder if he has a back-up plan in case of such things? We all know that his own fans would be happy to watch him stand on the stage doing nothing for an hour so if he should be unable to sing due to vocal strain, there would be no reason to cancel a performance, right? Ashlee Simpson could give him some pointers.

December 1, 2004

Confused Spacey fans – Spacey fans reported a great deal of confusion about the seating at the Atlantic City/Taj Mahal concert. Ticketmaster and the hotel were showing different seating charts that made little sense when confronted with ticket choices that offered rows that had Ts, sections that had rows, seats, banquets and whatever else was available. Some said they purchased tickets and then called the Taj Mahal to find out what they’d bought and where they were sitting. The Taj Mahal entertainment site has added a seating chart that makes more sense.

It can be found here. *Link no longer works

I’ve added another TV date to the calendar page. Conan O’Brien’s show. Thanks to Laura. And Jim. has Beyond The Sea film clips and interviews with Kevin and Kate Bosworth. Thanks to George and Pami.

From the New York Post: Kevin Spacey and Peter Cincotti will perform together at the Dec. 8 party at the Waldorf following the New York premiere of “Beyond the Sea,” the Spacey-directed biopic of Bobby Darin in which Cincotti makes his big-screen debut. Thanks to Kari.

November 29, 2004

There’s some new info about the first Las Vegas concert on the concert schedule page. Thanks to Kaye.

There have been so many entertainment news items on the Internet over the past few days concerning Kevin’s alleged new plan to now quit films to become a full time singer/songwriter that I don’t know where to start.

Why don’t the stories ever say he’s going to give up stage acting or acting altogether? Why is it always giving up films?

November 27, 2004

Kevin will be the subject of next Sunday’s (December 5)’In Step’ column in Parade. Thanks, Bree.

Here’s another Front Row radio interview. This one is Beyond The Sea related. Kevin was a brave man to do it. Wasn’t it a joke in a Front Row interview that ended up being talked about all over the world as Kevin loathing, hating and despising Old Vic patrons for being rude cell phone-using cretins who insist on loudly unwrapping their candy during stage productions simply to annoy him? Thanks to AFA.

I added a couple of UK TV shows/dates for the weekend to the Calendar page. Thanks to Lara.

November 26, 2004

Kevin and Beyond The Sea were one of the films seen on E’s Holiday Movie special tonight. It might repeat.

November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving to all the US fans! The UK premiere of Beyond The Sea was tonight. Pictures are starting to pop up on the Internet. David Letterman had a bit of trouble with his introduction the other night. He stumbled and said that Skevin Pacey had a film about James Darren coming out on September 17.

Remember last month when the Scottish TV show Scotland Today asked Spacey fans to submit questions for an interview? The interview was shown this afternoon. Three fans had their questions asked and Spacey fan Sonja had the thrill of hearing Kevin say her name! I asked Skevin the deep question about the expectations of Bobby Darin’s fans. I don’t live in Scotland though and Spacey fan Linda is quite a distance from Edinburgh. The interview link no longer works but you can read it below:

It took five years of planning for Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey to
bring the life story of crooner Bobby Darin who composed easy listening
favourites such as Mack The Knife and Beyond The Sea to the big screen.
For Kevin Spacey the film has been a labour of love. Not only does he star
as the singer he also directed the movie as well.

Kevin Spacey spoke to Scotland Today’s Grant Lauchlan who began by asking
him what it was about the life of Bobby Darin that made him want to make a
film about it.

He replied: “First of all it is the music, it starts with the music
because I was a huge fan of his and also because I think he didn’t do just
one thing, he’s a name, partly because he was quite sick as a child and
died quite young, that I think has been forgotten. The amount of different
kinds of music that he made and had hits in all these areas. To me it’s
almost a social commentary on what was happening in the United States in
the 50s and 60s and 70s. I just love the diversity of it. He was sort of
one of the last great all-round entertainers and certainly probably one of
the greatest nightclub entertainers we ever had.”

Scotland Today appealed to our viewers and asked them to send in questions
for Kevin Spacey, and emails came from all over the world. The first one
was from Lisa Nelson from Glasgow, who asked: “With the coming release of
Beyond the Sea do you feel the weight of expectation of Bobby Darin’s long
time fans?”

Kevin Spacey replied: “Yes, and I tried very hard to be conscious of
honouring his talent, but not doing a slavish imitation. And in a way,
with all due respect to his fans, I think I faced the two biggest critics
I could have faced when I showed the movie to Bobby Darin’s son and to
Steve Blauner who John Goodman plays in the movie, “Boom boom” Blauner,
who was Bobby’s manager. I showed them the movie about a month ago and
they were over the moon, incredibly happy, feel that maybe because of the
movie, Bobby will get the justice that’s been due to him and somewhat
denied because he died so young, so in a way, everything after that for me
is kind of icing on the cake.”

Sonia Marie from Washington state asked: “With all the praise of your
singing ability in Beyond the Sea’, have you considered doing an album of
original music?”

He replied: “I would say to Sonia that I think what we’ll have to do is
wait and see how the soundtrack for this album sells and then we’ll decide
whether there’ll be any future music in my life.”

Many people asked the question that a few article have surfaced on various
fansites saying that he was giving up film for stage. Linda in Edinburgh
said: “As a fan of your movies, I’d like to know if this is true?”

He replied: “It’s not true. No, I’m getting somewhat used to the fact that
I can say a sentence like “I’ve always preferred theatre over film” and
then I see a headline that says “Kevin Spacey is quitting movies”. I think
people have to excuse what I would call editorial enthusiasm.”

One final question was what is your favourite Bobby Darin song?

He replied: “Simple song of freedom because it has so much relevance

Thanks to John, Sonja Marie and Laura. BTW – I’m not from Glasgow, Linda is not from Edinburgh and Sonia’s name is spelled Sonja.

November 23, 2004

SignedCDHere’s the first sample we have of an autographed Beyond The Sea soundtrack CD from Kevin’s very first bookstore signing. Kevin is reported to have been soft-spoken, low key and seemingly a bit overwhelmed. I’m going to guess that the crowd was a bit larger than expected? Thanks to Lizzy E.

I’ve added a new section to the Beyond The Sea section of the site. It’s called Memorabilia.
The hit counter on the Concert Schedule page is about to tick over to 10,000. I didn’t expect that many hits so I set the counter to 4 digits. I think I need to reset the counter to five.

Spacey poll – Due to the surprise I just had while reading the site email, the next “old” poll to be dusted off and used will be the “Kevin catches a mouse” poll.

KSPeoples2004Magazines – People – The picture to the right was in People (Jude Law on the cover) this week. Thanks to Candis for the scan.

The new Premiere article is several pages and has a couple of new pictures from Beyond The Sea. I’ll try to get the article and pictures online soon. For now, it’s hard to scan and update while looking around the floor under the desk. I’ll have a few other things to add to the BTS photos page in a few days as well. Thanks in advance to Lizzy E.

Busy Kevin – Kevin has yet another title. Guest Curator of the Museum of television and Radio. More about that on the Beyond The Sea news page.

Speaking of Beyond The Sea and polls, according to one of the venues holding Kevin’s concerts, there may not be a program to bid on at ebay after all. Turns out “his people” didn’t say anything to the venue people about anything to hand out at the concert.

November 22, 2004

Kevin as Lex Luthor? From comes this item: Usual Suspect To Be Lex Luthor. It appears Superman has his villian and it’s the usual suspect! That’s right Kevin Spacey will be Lex Luthor. A reliable source has informed us that Spacey is a lock for Lex. Rumours have been circulating for a while but Spacey’s year long term as Artistic Director at the Old Vic has cast some doubts. Latino Review recently reported that the actor has tested with Routh and Spacey himself confirmed he has been offered the part. “They want me to do it, but it’s just a question of timing and scheduling. I’ve got the things I’m doing with the Old Vic [theatre], but I’d love to work with Brian Singer again. You do those kinds of movies because they allow you to do these (referring to Bobby Darin biopic Beyond The Sea).”

S-V can now exclusively reveal that Spacey has sorted out his scheduling problems and will take time off from his role at The Old Vic to shoot Superman in Sydney next year. This will re-team Spacey with Bryan Singer and mean that Brandon Routh will be battling it out with a two time Oscar Winner who is one of Hollywood’s most respected actors!

Thanks to Bree for that one.

Funny story of the day My mother was waiting for her appointment at the dentist’s office today. The dentist came out with the previous patient, who my mother believes was about 13. The dentist was asking the girl who was in that Bobby Darin movie she keeps talking about and the girl said she didn’t know, just some old guy. After she left, my mother told her dentist that she could tell him who was in that Bobby Darin movie, it’s Kevin Spacey and the dentist said “Kevin Spacey?! He’s not old!”

Other Spacey stuff – Kevin can be found on UK TV tonight. BBC1, Film 2004 With Jonathan Ross. 11.35pm. Thanks to Jenny.

And he’s in the new December issue of Premiere. There is an article about Beyond The Sea. Thanks to Joanie.

November 21, 2004

The CD signing in NYC on Tuesday is only supposed to be for 2 hours. From 12pm – 2pm. Thanks to John. Don’t forget he’s on Letterman Tuesday night too! After the concerts are over, I think the next poll will be about which venue had the most confusing seating charts.

The GIANT magazine interview can be found here

November 20, 2004

New York City tickets are on sale now!

The time for the Barnes&Noble BTS soundtrack signing in New York City on Tuesday has been changed from 6pm to 12pm.

There have been 9000 hits on the Concert schedule page!

November 19, 2004

According to the November 29 issue of Star magazine, Chazz Palmenteri says there is going to be a sequel to The Usual Suspects. The favorite title right now is “Searching for Keyser Soze.” Thanks Vivian.

Kevin is supposed to be in this week’s issue of People. The one with Jude Law on the cover. I don’t know why. I just know he’s on page 133. Thanks to Amanda and her mom’s subscription.

I’m completely backed up on the polls again. If you did some and your submissions haven’t turned up yet, I’ll try to do that tomorrow.

November 18, 2004

If anyone wants to chat on Saturday night, I’ll be online and will be in the chat room. Link is on the Map page.

*I fixed the link to page 2 of the Venice article! If you already read the first part, you can find part two here if you don’t want to start over. I added the rest of the Creative Screenwriting interview as well.

Believe it or not there *is* something other than concerts to talk about.

Good grief!! The charity auction I mention a bit further down, in which someone could win tickets to The Philadelphia Story and a meeting with Kevin ultimately went for … drum roll please … £20,500.00! The winner was someone calling themselves Lester Burnham. Thanks to Jenny for that info.

Kevin’s been spotted in Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s expected to be one of the celebrities attending the opening of Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library.

One of Kevin’s UK fans saw a brief mention of him in a magazine for Diabetics called Balance. In it there was an article about a photographer, Andy Gott, who has managed to get various Hollywood stars to pose for photos to raise funds and awareness for Diabetes UK.  In it he says he write to 300 actors and only got one reply, from an old actor called Joss Ackland.

During the photo-shoot, they both came up with the idea of basing the project around the concept that there are only six degrees of separation between any two people. Joss recommended Andy to Greta Scacchi (Beyond The Sea) and the project grew by word of mouth.

Andy says: Over the course of the project I have managed to get Kevin Spacey to dress smarter, Gwyneth Paltrow to stop being grumpy and smile, Robin Williams to shut up for a few minutes, Dustin Hoffman to remove his shirt, Steve Buscemi to pose in the middle of a theatre production, fed George Clooney’s ducks, arm-wrestled Rod Steiger and been called a “fecker” by Richard Harris. (Should I bleep that using the DMS Spacey bleeper?).

He’s now looking for a publisher. Thanks to Vivienne.

Second, another UK fan had told me yesterday that a trip to see The Philadelphia Story that includes a meeting with Kevin was being auctioned off today as part of Radio 2’s Terry Wogan’s Children in Need charity drive event. I felt bad for not taking the time to post that last night until another fan told me that the bidding had started at £1,500 and I didn’t think most fans would be having that kind of money laying around. Thanks to Kathryn and AFA.

November 17, 2004

The Venice article is now in the Interviews section of the Beyond The Sea section. Thanks to Joanne. You can also find the link in the Articles section of the site. Link on the Map page.

More dates and venues have been confirmed but tickets and show information isn’t available for all of them yet although you can purchase tickets for Kevin’s concert at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on Saturday. Yes, Kevin’s appearing in Atlantic City! I wonder if they’ll have one of those huge casino billboards with his picture on it as you drive into the city?

November 16, 2004

Kevin is on the cover of the new issue of Creative Screenwriting. There’s also a long article about Beyond The Sea. I’m in the process of scanning it because it’s not on their web site yet. I’m bleeping Kevin’s profane language as I go, as always, but for some odd reason between my scanner’s word processing program and the word processing program I’m using, every time Kevin’s favorite word comes up it’s coming up as tuck. This was especially funny when I got to the part where he says “I think that without question, I am a perfectionist about the work that I do. I want it to be very exact – and at a level and at a bar that you have to meet, and if you don’t meet the bar, you can’t play with the big boys and get the tuck out!”

You tell ’em, Kev! Maybe I should have left all the tucks in! The page is still in it’s rough stage and only about a bit more than half of the article is up and I have to turn it into two pages because of the length of the article and the pictures aren’t up yet either but you can read what’s there for now.

They’re selling tickets already for a concert in Ventura, California on December 3rd. For crying out loud, you’re going in the wrong direction Kevin! Go east!

The House of Blues concert in Chicago is for ages 21 and over.

Magazines – What is Giant Magazine? I guess Kevin has an interview in it whatever it is, since this was in today’s Rush & Molloy column in the New York Daily News –

Sean gets Spacey

It’s been six years, but Kevin Spacey still raves about co-star Sean Penn’s performance in 1998 movie version of David Rabe’s play “Hurlyburly.” In the movie, which also starred Garry Shandling and Meg Ryan, Penn pulled off the red-eyed, frantic behavior of a cocaine abuser named Eddie with particular skill. “You know, Sean’s process is his own. I can only tell you it worked,” said Spacey, when pressed on the subject of drug use by writer Mark Remy in the December issue of Giant Magazine. “Sean was out of his mind.”
He don’t lie, he don’t lie, he don’t lie…

November 15, 2004

We have another concert date! Check the schedule above for info. *Internet Presale – Info Presale: Start: Wed, 11/17/04 10:00 AM. End: Fri, 11/19/04 10:00 PM. Ticketmaster says 18 and over but the venue’s web site says you have to be 21. I don’t know which is accurate.

According to some articles in Canadian papers about the coming holiday film releases, Beyond The Sea is currently scheduled to open in Canada on January 14.

spacey121Looks like there’s an official picture for the concert tour now. The web site for the LA venue has replaced their old picture of Kevin with a new picture. But it’s too small to see clearly. I’ll try to read it for you.

(Something, something)
(something, something something)
Singing the songs of Bobby Darin and
Beyond The Sea

There are still tickets available for that concert from what I can tell.

November 14, 2004

The ticket sellers for the San Francisco concert are indicating that there are no tickets left for the December 5th concert.

Singin’ Spacey – I wonder if Kevin has any plans to film one of his BTS concerts and release it as a DVD or perhaps as part of the BTS DVD?

turkey_looking_around_cornstalk_sm_clrI didn’t think it needed a big explanation but.. the turkey on the calendar page isn’t an editorial comment about the film or about Kevin’s UK press appearances. It’s a turkey peeking around a cornstalk because November 25 is Thanksgiving in the US.  Thanksgiving? Turkey hiding? See?

November 13, 2004

I’ve added a new interview from England to the Beyond The Sea Interviews section.  Thanks to Cathie.

November 12, 2004

There’s a new concert date! San Francisco on December 5 at 8pm, Bimbo’s 365 Club. They have an age limit of 21. Tickets go on sale November 14 at 10am. The links are on the concert dates page. Big thanks to Vivian.

November 11, 2004

Spacey chat I’m thinking we might try a special Monday night chat on December 6. Those of us who were unable to be in Los Angeles for the concert, can chat and listen to our new Beyond The Sea soundtracks and imagine we are there. If you don’t have the CD, you can listen to the loop of song clips at the BTS site.

Spacey poster – You can currently buy the Beyond The Sea poster at the Nostalgia Factory.
According to their web site, Beyond The Sea is their poster of the week. Thanks to George and Jason.

Spacey fans Some of Kevin’s fans have started a new forum. You can check it out here:

It sounds like Kevin’s going to give us a great DVD to look forward to. Thanks to Paul.

Spacey TV – Kevin is scheduled to be on Letterman on November 23rd.

Spacey music – If like me, you’ve been avoiding hearing any clips on the Internet of Kevin singing from the BTS soundtrack before the soundtrack comes out, be warned that clips from the soundtrack automatically load and start playing once you enter the official BTS web site. If you have a slow computer you can turn off the music at the left hand bottom corner of the screen below ‘Timeline’ before Kevin has a chance to start singing Mack the Knife.

If you haven’t been avoiding hearing anything before the soundtrack comes out, you don’t have to do anything but sit there and listen. I stole both of those items from Legacy.

November 10, 2004

Thought I’d do a search for the venue and found this:

Clear Channel Entertainment is showing a concert date for Kevin Spacey! How many Kevin Spacey’s can there be?

Kevin Spacey
Monday December 6
The Wiltern LG, Los Angeles
Cabaret -$50
Loge – $50
Mezzanine -$40
Tickets go on sale on November 14, 2004 at 10am. Available at Ticketmaster and at the venue.

Big thanks to Joanne!

Ok, this a bit farther away than is convenient for me. He’s gonna have to come up with something a little bit closer.

Radio News Kevin is scheduled to co-host the Morning Show with Mike Fitzgerald on W CBS-FM 101.1 on the morning of November 23rd. That’s from 7-9am on the same day he’s expected to sign copies of the Beyond The Sea soundtrack at a Barnes & Noble in New York City. Is there any chance this radio show is broadcast nationally? You can only access it online if you have AOL or AOL For Broadband. Once on Radio@AOL the station can be found by clicking on Decades and then scrolling down to WCBS-FM. It’s the last one listed. I had hoped Kevin was going to do one or more of the morning shows that day but if he’s doing radio, I guess he won’t be on TV.

November 9, 2004

Venice04-01Kevin is on the front of the November 2004 issue of Venice magazine. Unfortunately their web site is still showing the September issue so I don’t know what’s in the article that accompanies it. Must be Darin related though. Here’s the cover. Big thanks to Joanne.
Now if Kevin would just show up in a nationally available magazine!

Sorry New York fans, they’ve changed the Beyond The Sea release date again and you’ve been bumped to December 17. Lions Gate Films now indicates the film to be in LA and NYC on December 17 with a limited wide release (whatever that means) on December 29. I assume the dates still refer to 2004.

I think my next poll will be “When do you think Beyond The Sea is really going to be released?”

The official Beyond The Sea website has added their ‘Filmmakers’ section. There’s a nice slideshow that accompanies it.

November 8, 2004

Parkinson links – Here’s a link to Saturday night’s episode of the Parkinson show. There’s a short video clip and a transcript of Kevin’s interview. Thanks to Linda at Legacy and to Claire. ** Link doesn’t work. Try YouTube.
Spacey award –

Palm Springs Fest to Honor Spacey, Jackson
Sun Nov 7, 6:43 PM ET
By Borys Kit
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Kevin Spacey, Samuel L. Jackson, Liam Neeson and Laura Linney will be honored at the 16th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival in January. Spacey will receive the Sonny Bono Visionary Award for acting, directing and producing. Spacey did all three for the upcoming Bobby Darin biopic “Beyond the Sea.”
Jackson will receive the Career Achievement Award for acting. His credits include “Pulp Fiction,” “Unbreakable,” “Shaft,” “The Negotiator” and the three most recent “Star Wars” films, including next year’s “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith.”

Neeson will receive the Desert Palm Achievement Award for best actor. He stars in the upcoming “Kinsey,” about sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. Neeson was nominated for an Academy Award for portraying Oskar Schindler in Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List.” His credits include “Love Actually,” “Gangs of New York” and “Darkman.”

Linney will receive the Desert Palm for best actress. Linney also stars in “Kinsey” and can be seen in “P.S.,” written and directed by Dylan Kidd. Her credits include “Love Actually,” “Mystic River” and “You Can Count on Me,” for which she received an Academy Award nomination.

The awards gala takes place Jan. 8 at the Palm Springs Convention Center and also will honor Kirk Douglas (news) with the Lifetime Achievement Award and Bryce Dallas Howard (“The Village”) with the Rising Star Award.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Thanks to Bree and Kelly.

Parkinson – Kevin was on the Parkinson show for the full show on Saturday night. The other guests were Rene Zellwegger and Mel Brooks. He sang two songs from Beyond The Sea. Hello Young Lovers and Mack The Knife. He was wearing a grey suit with a white shirt, white tie and black Chelsea boots. He looked nervous at the start of his first song but relaxed as he went along. His growing bald spot was seen quite a bit partly due to his turning his back to the camera while singing. Thanks to Lara and Vivienne.

Movie rating My prediction of an R rating for Beyond The Sea was wrong. It’s PG-13.

November 5, 2004

Spacey composer – On Monday, I commented on Kevin’s name being on an awards ad for Beyond The Sea under the category Best Original Score. Today, this was in the new Entertainment Weekly, page 24, Monitor column, small picture of Kevin as Bobby Darin:

OOPS He acts, he directs, he…composes? Kevin Spacey certainly multitasked as director and star of the Bobby Darin biopic Beyond The Sea (Dec. 10); he even sings. But in a For Your Consideration Oscar ad in October 27’s Daily Variety, Lions Gate championed him for Best Actor and Best Original Score. Huh? Spacey’s rep set the record straight: “The film doesn’t have an original score. They’re all Bobby Darin’s songs.” Does Spacey have to edit the ads as well? – Michelle Kung

There’s more of Kevin on page 84 (picture above) that I put on the BTS news page. I think those are the only two things in the magazine. The perfume sample in the magazine is making my head hurt so I’ll have to rip it out and try reading the thing again after it airs out.

AFI – has lots of thumbnails of the red carpet arrivals and after-party for Beyond The Sea at the AFI Fest last night. Do a Spacey search for Kevin. There are also some larger pictures at Yahoo News.



Actor KEVIN SPACEY is petrified fans will suspect he has a big ego after seeing his numerous appearances in the credits of new BOBBY DARIN biopic BEYOND THE SEA.
The actor directed, co-wrote and co-produced the movie as well as starring as its title character Bobby Darin, the multi-talented music icon who moved from rock and roll into pop, gospel, country and western and folk music. But Spacey insists, “I’m quite aware that from the outside this looks like, ‘Oh, what an ego this guy must have.’ But I was quite cognisant, while making it, that this is not a vanity piece. I don’t think I’d ever want it to be that. Being a one-man band is no fun. In fact, it was never my intention to direct it. It was a case of, if I didn’t, the film wouldn’t get made.”
Actually, what Kevin should be petrified of is the mail from disgruntled fans I’ve been getting lately. There seems to be an epidemic of the Spacey Blue Flu going around. Someone better do something real fast. – Liss

November 4, 2004

Next time, remind me to tell everyone who to vote for. That “it doesn’t matter who you vote for as long as you vote” thing didn’t work.

Nothing new to report for the North American fans today. Still no concert info, no magazine interviews, no new TV appearances, no nothin’.

For UK fans, a reminder that Kevin is starting his UK press for Beyond The Sea and will be singing on Parkinson on Saturday (thanks Sarah) and apparently a slew of film magazines is on the way.

If anyone wants to get together to chat and watch a movie, ‘The Ref’ is the movie for Saturday night.

November 2, 2004


November 1, 2004

Does Kevin write music? One of those awards ads that appear in Hollywood trade papers suggests that Kevin Spacey be considered for the Best Original Score category.

Spacey fan Kotomi found it at Thanks Kotomi.

I’m already looking forward to a director’s commentary on the DVD. Perhaps Kevin will explain the use of three different fonts for the title and how they chose the tagline for the film. “In an era of cool, he was the soundtrack.”

October 30, 2004

The official Beyond The Sea web site has added a few new things. Ignore the release dates for now. I think they’re gonna be switching some numbers around in the next few days. The film is still not rated.

October 29, 2004

I don’t know where this came from or how valid it is since I haven’t had a chance to track it down, but an anonymous feedback tells me that Kevin is going to be signing copies of his Beyond The Sea soundtrack at the Barnes & Noble in Chelsea (that’s NYC) on November 23 at 6pm? **Turns out the source is Barnes & Noble. According to their website, the address of the store is 6th @ 22nd, 675 6th Avenue. You can find directions for the store by using their store locator. You can search by author (Kevin Spacey) or by event (November 23 – Kevin Spacey).

Thanks to Joanne.

There’s a B&N near me, but it sure ain’t in NYC! That would make a lovely belated birthday gift for a certain someone. So who’s gonna offer to stand in line for 8 hours to get me one? Hmm? **Someone sent me one!

Call me crazy but how does this sound .. Kevin.. giant turkey float.. Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.. lip-syncing Mack the Knife in front of Macy’s! Wouldn’t that make the fans who won’t see him in concert happy? I think they show the parade all over the world. Maybe someone should look into this possibility.

Beyond the Sea has been getting a lot of attention in articles about the new film “Ray”, but another Spacey film had a mention today. David Frese of The Kansas City Star says of the new Nicole Kidman movie “Birth” that the mystery plays like an art-house version of K-Pax.

The prot poll is one of the longest running polls on this site. It’s been active since the film came out 3 years ago.

October 28, 2004

Cast announcements have been made for Kevin’s Old Vic production of National Anthems which starts in London in February. Mary Stuart Masterson who many remember from Fried Green Tomatoes and Steven Weber who we all know from TV’s Wings and the movie Single White Female will be co-starring with Kevin. I was kind of hoping they’d pick people I wouldn’t want to see, so that I wouldn’t feel bad about not seeing the play. Darn!
More on the Old Vic news page.

Do you know what tomorrow is? Just two more months until you get to see Beyond The Sea! Unless you live near New York City, Los Angeles or the United Kingdom and get to see it earlier. The UK release is still set for November, US release in December, nothing new to add to the concert schedule page yet, except for a small addition that *I* made. Big thanks to Melissa. Is it just me or does this film seem to be taking a long time to get going?

October 27, 2004

I completely forgot that yesterday was the site’s 4th birthday! Let’s hope we make it to number 5!

Moved picture – I moved the picture from In Style down to the item about the magazine. October 21 was the date.

If you came into the site from a page other than the entrance page, I’ve added a new picture for using just until after the US presidential election. At which point the lovely b/w picture I’ve been using will reappear.


Fan request – Does anyone know if there is anywhere you can download either the Usual Suspects soundtrack or the score?

Spacey sighting – Spacey fan Kari had the thrill of shaking hands with Kevin last night when she attended a performance of The Downtown Plays at the Tribeca Theatre Festival in New York City. He was wearing a gray striped suit and orange baseball cap which he removed on entering the theater. The hat, not the suit. He seemed to be enjoying himself and was friendly to everyone who approached him during the intermission. Big thanks to Kari for sharing her experience with us.

UK TV news Kevin is going to be on the Parkinson show on November 6. He’s appearing to plug Beyond The Sea and will also be their musical guest, being scheduled to sing 2 songs from the film. That’s November 6, on ITV at 10.10pm. Thanks to Sue and Josie.

Some day Kevin will do U.S. television again. I just hope we’re not all so old by then that we’ll have forgotten who that guy with the big feet and wrinkled ankles is. He’d just better not sing the song I’ve been looking forward to hearing or it’s gonna take more than an autographed glossy without my name on it to get back on my good side!

October 26, 2004

I was looking at the calendar and noticed that on Monday, Mexico celebrates All Saints Day, which immediately brought something to mind. Can you guess what *that* is?

BTS soundtrack In case you hadn’t noticed, the soundtrack for Kevin’s new film is about to be released. Meaning a month from now. Rhino Records put out a big press release yesterday.

Oscar-Winner Kevin Spacey Sings Bobby Darin on BEYOND THE SEA Soundtrack Out November 23

.c The Associated Press

Bobby Darin Pic Soundtrack Out November 23, Includes 18 Darin Classics Performed by Oscar-Winner Kevin SpaceyFilm Opens Nationwide on December 29th

LOS ANGELES, CA (Market Wire) –

ATCO/Rhino Records salutes a performer who chose artistic expression over professional expectation on the soundtrack to the upcoming Bobby Darin film, BEYOND THE SEA. Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey stars as the Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer and sings 18 classics on the movie’s soundtrack.

BEYOND THE SEA will be released by Lions Gate Films, the motion picture acquisition, production and distribution arm of Lions Gate Entertainment (NYSE: LGF) (TSX: LGF), on December 10 in New York and December 17 in Los Angeles. The film features a stellar supporting cast which includes Kate Bosworth as Sandra Dee, John Goodman, Bob Hoskins, Brenda Blethyn, Gretta Scacchi, Caroline Aaron and Peter Cincotti.

The soundtrack will be available November 23 at all retail outlets and at for a suggested retail price of $18.98. On the CD, Spacey traces the remarkable arc of Darin’s career on 18 songs that show Darin’s evolution from teen idol (”Splish Splash” and “Dream Lover”) to nightclub sensation (”Mack the Knife” and “Beyond the Sea”) and folk artist (”If I Were a Carpenter” and “Simple Song of Freedom”).

The actor and his subject share a musical connection: “Bobby got into music through his brother-in-law’s big band record collection; I got into music through my dad’s collection of big band and jazz 78s,” recalls Spacey. “I was the kid standing in the living room singing into a hairbrush to my family. Bobby did the same thing except he was singing along to Frank Sinatra records and I was singing along to Bobby Darin records.”

Not content to just lip-sync Darin’s songs, Spacey spent years developing his voice and studying Darin’s nightclub act before the cameras rolled. “I began working with Roger Kellaway in 1999 long before there was a script or money to make the movie. Kellaway worked with Bobby as a musical director and accompanist. After three years of playing at home and in clubs with Roger, he and I started working on a soundstage at Universal Studios where there was room for a band. We also set up a big screen next to some mirrors so I could watch any of Bobby’s performance on screen while watching my performance in the mirrors.”

In 2002, Spacey went into the Capitol Records studio with legendary record man Phil Ramone (Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Frank Sinatra). Backed by a 16-piece orchestra, Spacey cut more than 20 tracks, which he later used as rehearsal tapes. “When I started working with him, no one — including Kevin — knew if he could sing Bobby’s songs,” notes Ramone. “When the filming began, Kevin had Bobby’s nightclub act down. He wasn’t an actor imitating a singer anymore; he’d developed Bobby’s instincts as a singer and was playing off the audience and the musicians like Bobby would.”

The recordings heard on the BEYOND THE SEA soundtrack were arranged with a 73-piece orchestra led by John Wilson and cut in Abbey Road’s legendary Studio 2. Darin’s son Dodd and manager, Steve Blaumer, provided all of Bobby’s original arrangements and charts to re-create specific sessions and shows note-for-note.

Born with a rheumatic heart, an awareness of mortality fueled Darin’s restlessness and his constant reinvention. After scoring a hit in 1958 with the seminal rocker “Splish Splash,” Darin ignored everyone’s advice and cut an album of standards — one of them being “Mack the Knife,” which earned him the Grammy for Best New Artist and Record of the Year in 1959.

Darin spent the early ’60s playing nightclubs in Vegas and acting in movies (where he met his wife Sandra Dee), but nonetheless developed a strong social conscience. Before politically aware performers were in vogue, Darin marched for civil rights and recorded protest songs, which he incorporated into his Vegas shows. “In some ways, Bobby’s career mirrors the changes people went through in the 1960s and early ’70s,” Spacey says. In 1973, Darin died during open-heart surgery, leaving behind an influential and diverse body of work.

Based in Burbank, California, Rhino Entertainment was founded in 1978 in Los Angeles. Beginning with novelty records, then branching into archival reissues and definitive anthologies and various-artists series, the company is recognized as the world’s leading pop culture label. With a commitment to a superior experience for the consumer, Rhino packs its products with bonus tracks, informative liner notes, photos, and the best sounding audio possible. Rhino’s Home Video division is home to everything from oddball cult films and classic TV programs to long-form live music performances and a line of action sports releases. Rhino is a part of the Warner Music Group. For more information, visit

Lions Gate Entertainment is the leading, diversified independent producer and distributor of motion pictures, home entertainment, family entertainment, television programming and video-on-demand content, and its prolific and prestigious library of more than 8000 titles is the largest in the indie world. The distinctive Lions Gate brand is synonymous with original, daring, quality entertainment in markets around the globe. For more information, visit

BEYOND THE SEA Track Listing:

1. Hello Young Lovers 2. Once Upon A Time 3. Fabulous Places 4. Simple Song Of Freedom 5. Mack The Knife 6. The Curtain Falls 7. Beyond The Sea 8. By Myself/Lover Has Gone 9. Some Of These Days 10. Change 11. If I Were A Carpenter 12. Artificial Flowers 13. That’s All 14. As Long As I’m Singing 15. Lazy River 16. Charade 17. Dream Lover 18. Splish Splash ~
Thanks to Vivian.

October 22, 2004

Entertainment Weekly There was a small Spacey mention in this week’s issue. Jamie Foxx in Ray on the cover. Page 18, no picture.
Screen test – Will fall movies inspire offscreen style?

Fall means the return of the “serious” movie. This year’s batch also means some seriously stylish wardrobes. here are a few celluloid looks we’d like to see spark some offscreen trends. – Michelle King

LOVIN’ HUE Perfect inspiration for the return to vibrant jewel tones, Beyond The Sea’s Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee (Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth) model a hit parade of outfits like neon yellow suits and purple cinched-waist gowns.

October 21, 2004

Movie chat? Is anyone feeling like a movie chat on Saturday night? I was going to watch The Big Kahuna on Saturday night and will be online at the same time, so if anyone wants to join me, feel free. Info on how it works is on the Chat page.

Mr. Manners – Kevin will never live down his innocent comments about cell phones and candy wrappers. This snip is from a column about etiquette.

Fan Faire has a fairly straight forward list of golden rules for theatre fans  which I’m sure Kevin Spacey will agree with.

InStyle1104In Style – The picture to the right is in the new issue of In Style magazine. November issue, page 274, Naomi Watts on the cover. It is part of a short piece on the Toronto Film Festival. On the next page, celebrities are asked what they love about Toronto and Kevin says the Brass Rail strip club and if I say what I want to say, no one is going to be very happy and I don’t want to read the mail I’ll get.

Super Spacey – There’s a rumor floating around the Internet that Kevin is being considered (again) for the role of Lex Luthor in the next Superman film, to be directed by Bryan Singer who directed The Usual Suspects. One of the articles I read said that it was a toss up between Kevin and Robert De Niro. I’ll bet Kevin hasn’t heard *that* very often.

“If we can’t get Spacey, we’ll just have to make do with De Niro!”

And to think that just last year, one critic was comparing Kevin’s acting to that of Adam Sandler’s.

Singing Spacey – Still no word on dates or venues for the promised Beyond The Sea concert tour.

October 19, 2004

More Me – Thanks to Spacey fan Sue in the UK, I have the “hard copy” of the write up in The Guardian from a few weeks ago. What a strange feeling it is to see it in print. The scan is a lot larger than the actual item, due to my continuing argument with my scanner which refuses to cooperate when I’m scanning any kind of newsprint.


A Little Something Spacey – Kevin’s latest project had a mention too


I also added a small opinion piece from the Guardian Weekend magazine that weekend, yet another piece about Kevin and cell phones, to the Old Vic news page.

Polls – Polls and anything else using a form aren’t working this morning. That means I need to contact my web host and it usually takes a day or two to fix the problem. This means the feedback form isn’t working either so if anyone has something to say, you’ll have to send me an email. I *think* they’re all working now. I tried a few and they work, but the submit part of the polls were slow to load.

Big Kahuna update – The film isn’t on DVD in the UK, it’s just now in the theaters! Thanks to Jenny for clearing that up.

October 18, 2004

A few weeks ago, someone told me that Kevin had bought Ronnie Scotts, a jazz club in London and then someone else told me it wasn’t Kevin, it was the Old Vic’s Sally Greene who had purchased it. An article from the Guardian says Sally Greene bought it but implies that Kevin’s gonna be the one running it and may perform there one day, doing his Darin songs.

Are you ever gonna come back and do your Darin songs in the US, Kevin? I don’t have a club you can sing in, but we could fit about fifteen people in the living room.

You can now purchase The Big Kahuna on DVD in the UK. One of my own personal Spacey favorites. Truly some of Kevin’s best work in my opinion, even though others disagree. Thanks to Jenny for the info.

October 17, 2004

The Kevin’s Spacey Halloween poll has returned. It has been revamped for 2004.

October 16, 2004

For UK fans – Kevin is scheduled to be on ITV1’s ‘This Morning’ show on Tuesday, October 19. He’s supposed to give viewers a tour of the Old Vic Theatre. Thanks to Polly at Legacy.

October 15, 2004

In case you didn’t check out the BTS News section yesterday, I updated the Beyond The Sea soundtrack page with the track list and now have added a photo. If I only had something to post on the Concert Tour Schedule page.

I’ve added a new poll to the Polls section. It’s about which Darin song you’re looking forward to hearing Kevin sing on the soundtrack.

Remember the confusion a few months ago regarding the AARP magazine that had the article written by Kevin? The one I found at the store had his picture on the cover and his article, but the issue my father received in the mail had Julie Andrews and no Kevin, even though the rest of the magazine was basically the same? Well, the November/December issue my father got in the mail *this* month has Anthony Hopkins on the cover but surprise, surprise, Kevin’s article is in this issue, minus the photo of Kevin sitting on the chair and the cover photo. Go figure.

October 13, 2004

Feedback – For the person who asked about Biography Magazine.. I’m not sure what to tell you. The only thing I can find at their website is that there are quarterly issues available as part of a membership to the Biography Club. Does anyone else know if Biography magazine is still to be found as a monthly magazine? In stores? *The magazine is only available as a quarterly magazine and as part of the Biography Club membership. Thanks to Jennifer.

Chat – It’s been more than a year since I closed the old chat room. It’s been suggested to me that with a new Spacey film coming out soon, now might be a good time to try a few chats. So, I’ve set up the chat room and thought that we might try a chat this Saturday. For anyone who remembers that Saturday night used to be movie chat night, no movie is scheduled. Just chat. If there is any interest, movie chat might return at a later date. I might set up a week night chat again too. We’ll see how it goes!

If you’ve never been to a chat before, your computer needs to have java applets in order for the room to work. To get to the chat, use the link on the chat page and follow the instructions. The chat for this Saturday night (October 16) will be at 9pm EST.

October 12, 2004

Here we go again. Kevin’s singing and William Shatner in the same article. From the Salt Lake City – Health & Science page?

Gotta act! Gotta sing! Gotta rest! What’s with middle-aged actors trying to become singers?

Kevin Kline sang Cole Porter in last summer’s “De-Lovely” movie, Kevin Spacey croons Bobby Darin in the upcoming biopic “Beyond the Sea” and Treat Williams tackles Kenny Loggins’ “Love Song” on the new “Everwood” soundtrack.

But the oddest of the lot has to be the new album by (gulp) William Shatner. If its title, “Has Been,” sounds like a joke, the project is surprisingly earnest, considering it’s fronted by a toupeed TV actor who once butchered “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

With help from producer Ben Folds and guest artists Joe Jackson, Aimee Mann and Henry Rollins, ol’ Capt. Kirk has made a brave and singular record – filled not with cheesy covers but original material co-written by Shatner himself.

An example: “Live life like you’re gonna die/Because you’re gonna/I hate to be the bearer of bad news/But you’re gonna die.”

OK, so maybe it won’t get your date in the mood.

October 11, 2004

The release date for the Beyond The Sea soundtrack has now been changed to November 23. Now *I* am starting to get irritated!

October 10, 2004

I’ve been out of town for the past few days so haven’t been able to update the Spacey news or polls but I’m afraid Kevin’s gotta go on the back burner until this evening because this morning it’s all about ME.

One of the UK fans tells me that my humble little effort to bring to the world all there is to know about Kevin, his hair issues, his movies, his nervous tics, his schedule, his own words in interviews, his fans and so on .. has made the paper in London!

From yesterday’s The Guardian, Preview – Internet section, accompanied by a small picture of Kevin.

Kevin Spacey

Most fansites would be a lot more interesting if they took a less slavish approach to the object of their obsessions.

Thankfully this homage to the anglophile American Beauty actor is trying something a little different by converting the star’s career into a slightly bizarre virtual journey.

Along the way the author details the birth of her love affair (“He has something others lacked. He was going bald”), enlightens us with tales of her cat throwing up on her favourite Spacey photo and helps us discover “Kevin’s most appealing habit” – licking his lips or rubbing the front of his leg, you decide. On top of this odd stuff there’s all the usual news and gossip to keep you abreast on who he’s upset this week. ~

And here lately I’d been worrying that the site had started to look too much like a regular fan site and was wondering how to fix it. I guess all is not lost after all. Big thanks to Sue at Legacy.

October 6, 2004

Kevin Spacey to Quit Movies For the Theatre!

He’d better not be. I just paid up to do this fan site stuff for another year!

Actually, that was the attention-grabbing headline that accompanied a small interest piece on Kevin.

Kevin Spacey to Quit Movies For the Theatre
Actor Kevin Spacey is considering quitting movies to become a full-time theatre actor.
The ‘American Beauty’ star is currently artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre – and admits he’s reluctant to return to Hollywood because he’d miss the thrill of performing in front of a live audience. The Oscar-winner explains, “Films are a disconnected form of performance because the live contact with the audience isn’t there. When you’re on stage, it’s another world and you feel the energy of the setting and you thrive on that.”

“I also feel the excitement of living in London after having basically lived in New York for the last twenty years. I love being able to start a new life here and realize a dream.”
“I’m still proud of a lot of the films I did. Even if some of them didn’t work. I never expected or for that matter wanted to become an action star with one hit after another. The life I have now is the one I want.”

Thanks to Kelly and Amanda.

You know, considering that Kevin has a movie coming out very soon, he may want to add on to that in case some of his movie fans feel slighted. His films are his bread and butter. Let’s see .. what he needs to say is “There are so many reasons to love both live performances and making films that I’m constantly torn between the two worlds. I feel fortunate that I’m able to go back and forth between the stage and the movie set. Choosing between the two would be like asking me to choose which of my children I love the best. Don’t ask me to choose. I just can’t do it.” (That last part should be said with a tortured voice.)

Want to ask Kevin a question? From Scotland Today: Question a movie star with Scotland Today. Have you ever watched an interview and thought – “if only I had the chance to ask the questions”? Now you can – to Hollywood film star Kevin Spacey. This week our movie man Grant Lauchlan will be interviewing the actor about his new film Beyond the Sea, in which he plays the role of legendary crooner Bobby Darin.

If you fancy getting your question to him – then you can send it to us by email. Think of what you would like to ask him and send it off to to get to us by Friday October the eighth.

Thanks to Sonja Marie at Legacy.

October 5, 2004

I’ve added a small item from to the Beyond The Sea news page. They say the release dates have changed again. If that’s true, looks like the movie isn’t opening until the end of December. *The official BTS web site has been changed to read ‘In Theaters December 2004′.

October 3, 2004

Kevin was just used as a question on a game show from the UK called The Enemy Within. It’s being shown on BBC America. The question was “What movie did Kevin Spacey win an Academy Award for in 1999?” The contestant answered correctly.

I’ve been working this weekend so I’m backed up on the mail. I’ll get to the polls and fan movie reviews as soon as I can. Thanks to the people who took the time to send those.
Did anyone notice that Kevin’s reviews for Cloaca were better than George Bush’s debate reviews?

September 30, 2004

From –
LATEST: KEVIN SPACEY has hit back at the British press for twisting his comments about “antisocial theatre-goers”.

The 45-year-old is currently artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre, and came under fire yesterday (29SEP04) from British actor JOSEPH FIENNES and his Young Vic theatre counterpart DAVID LAN, for attacking unruly audiences. Spacey says of his original comments, “They were characterised in a manner that the British public is used to. Papers tend to take the simplest thing that you say, shake it up, make it inflammatory, turn it into a broadside – but none of that happened.

“I made some very off-hand, not serious, actually funny comments about the things that occasionally happen, and suddenly they turn it into a characterisation of me that I hope the British public knows is not true. “I have incredible respect for the people who pay their good, hard-earned money to come to the theatre.”

Joseph Fiennes’ comments – Fiennes attacks Spacey’s approach to theatre

British actor Joseph Fiennes has accused Kevin Spacey of encouraging dull, formal theatres – by criticising noisy audiences.

The American Beauty star, who is currently artistic director of the Old Vic theatre, launched a scathing attack on theatre-goers who didn’t switch off their mobile phones, or opened sweet packets during performances.

The Enemy at the Gates star counters: “I think that it is sad that anything as minimal as crushing sweet papers has been picked up on.

“Here at the Young Vic, we are against that sort of arch, slightly bourgeois environment, with expensive seating and that sense of formality. We want to be more than that.”

David Lan, Spacey’s counterpart at the Young Vic, adds: “Basically, we think exactly the opposite of Spacey. We would like audiences to be made up of people coming who don’t normally go to the theatre.

“We want to put on big, difficult productions. We don’t mind noisy audiences.”

September 29, 2004

An anonymous tipster tells me that Kevin has purchased the London jazz club ‘Ronnie Scotts’ but I don’t know if that’s true or not. Newest report says that Old Vic owner Sally Greene, not Kevin Spacey, has bought Ronnie Scotts. Thanks Wendy.

OK, this made me laugh. The Life of David Gale is scheduled to be on cable next month. The description says “A reporter becomes convinced that an anti-capital punishment activist who will soon be executed is an innocent man. Contains adult language, adult situations, nudity, and violence. It’s going to be on the Encore Love Stories network.

September 28, 2004

Kevin’s next producing effort will be ‘Mini’s First Time’ a film starring Alec Baldwin. The description of the film varies with one report saying “The feature, which has Kevin Spacey as a producer, has Baldwin as a man who’s seduced by his step-daughter, and then joins forces with her in a scheme to get his wife declared insane.” and another says “The dark comedy centers on a rebellious, unwanted child who joins an escort service where her stepfather is a client.” so I’m going to guess that the film is about a rebellious teenager who joins an escort service where her step-father is a client, seduces him, and then they plot to have her mother declared insane. – Thanks to Virginia.

September 26, 2004

Rumor has it there is going to be a sneak preview of Beyond The Sea at a theater in the Hollywood area tomorrow night. Don’t know where or what time though.

September 25, 2004

guesswhoWho does this picture belong to? I’ve been sorting through my old computer papers and things and came across this picture. I think it’s Kevin in front of the Brooks Atkinson Theatre but I don’t know where I got it. It must be a picture taken by a fan who used to belong to one of the Spacey email lists at that time.

Boy! His bald spot was on a journey of it’s own that summer. Fans who had taken pictures on the sidewalk chronicled the patch of skin that just seemed to grow larger and larger as the summer wore on, only to take everyone completely by surprise when Kevin appeared on Charlie Rose and there wasn’t so much as a hint of skin showing anywhere. My sister Suzanne, who always wishes to remain anonymous, felt that Kevin had taken the time to get himself a weave since in subsequent interviews for American Beauty, his newly thick hair seemed to be getting thinner and thinner, leading her to conclude that he wasn’t having the necessary weave maintenance done.

See? As any Spacey fan can tell you, it’s all about the hair.

I was looking through the News Archives and I came across November 28, 2000. The first item of Spacey news was that someone had been the 500th visitor to my site. That was very exciting news considering the site was only a month old and I hadn’t planned to go much farther than the first 5 or 10 pages.

September 24, 2004

For people on the West Coast, ET *does* have a feature on Bobby Darin, Sandra Dee and the Beyond The Sea film tonight. A Spacey interview, clips from the film, an old interview with Dodd Darin and Sandra Dee and some old clips of Bobby Darin. It’s on during the second half of the show. A segment called Stage 28.

OK, right off – this isn’t the US Biography Channel, it’s an announcement for UK/Irish fans. From Sky Digital Magazine: Kevin Spacey, The Biography Channel, October 11. 7:30pm – A fresh look at the life of the enigmatic 45 yr old star of American Beauty and the Unusual Suspects who keeps his private life as secret from the media as possible. His next cinema release, due out here next month will see him play crooner Bobby Darin in Beyond the Sea, which he also directs. – Thanks to Polly.

September 23, 2004

Once again, my hopes that Kevin would be In Style magazine’s Man of Style have been dashed. This month it’s Jimmy Fallon. Next month will be Richard Gere.

September 22, 2004

Last minute TV info Kevin might be on Entertainment Tonight this evening. I’ve had some emails from people saying he’s in their TV guides. He also may be on Friday night during a piece on Bobby Darin which is supposed to be shown during their “Retail Pick of the Week” segment. Maybe he’ll be on both nights. Entertainment Tonight is the show that tends to mix up his appearance dates and pre-empts him with stories on American Idol winners and that kind of thing.

Kevin’s comments about candy wrappers and mobile phones at the Old Vic that were made on BBC Radio’s Front Row show have turned up on entertainment news pages all over the world. Great Britain, Canada, the US, New Zealand, India, Australia .. you name it, he’s the talk of the town. It seems there is an intense interest whenever there is a story about Kevin and phones. My favorite headline so far has been “Cellphones ring Spacey’s bell” and that is just one of many.

Was it last year or the year before that there was an item in an entertainment column that said Kevin had annoyed some diners at the next table because he was using his cell phone in a restaurant and when they asked him to turn it off, he was reported to have been embarrassed? I think it was two years ago.

September 20, 2004

I’ve added a few review snippets to the Beyond The Sea section, plus there are a few radio links to interviews by Kevin and Cloaca star Hugh Bonneville on the Old Vic news page.

OK, The moderator at the BTS forum at Lions Gate has changed the NY/LA release date back to November 24 and now instead of a wide release on December 17, they’re saying it’s “expanding” on December 17 which I think means they’re back to a gradual release starting then if I have the movie release lingo down right. I’ve changed the dates on the entrance page, this page, the BTS entrance page, the BTS News page and the Calendar page. If I missed a page somewhere, you’ll know the correct dates.

September 17, 2004

Looks like the NY/LA release date for Beyond The Sea has been moved up a few weeks to November 11. The wide release is still sadly listed as December 17.

There is a great color picture of Kevin and Kate Bosworth in today’s USA Today (Kevin appropriately front and center) but my evil scanner is refusing to cooperate. The photo accompanies an article on Kevin, a smaller article about Kate Bosworth and a mention in an article about film festivals and Oscars. There is also a picture from the film. The “picnic” photo which is on the BTS photos page. I’ll try to scan it again later when I add the articles. – USA Today, September 17, 2004. Page E11. Thanks, Joanne.

September 16, 2004

I’ve added pages for Cloaca reviews and fan reviews to the Old Vic Theatre section.

September 15, 2004

Screen4The picture to the right was in Screen International, August 27 – September 2,2004 issue. It was on the cover as well as accompanying an article on film financing. I’ll post some of that later but wanted to go ahead and get the picture posted. The picture and article are thanks to Marie.

September 14, 2004

One of the fans is looking for the SNL Star Wars auditions. Does anyone know of a site where she could find the clips?
Kevin .. please .. what are you doing to your fans? Do I really have to remind you that you put the BS in SPSBS?

From the Big News Network – Kevin Spacey Tries Spray On Hair

primer_spray_cans_md_clrActor Kevin Spacey reportedly was unsuccessful at hiding his bald spot with a spray on hair product at the Toronto Film Festival.

Spacey, at the film festival last weekend for the premiere of his film Beyond the Sea, fooled few people with the paint job, the London Sun reported Monday.

Spacey, who has been bald for at least a couple of years, plays singer Bobby Darin, whose hits include Dream Lover, in the new film.

From the Mirror – Hair Today Not So Spacey

Stardom seems to have finally gone to Kevin Spacey’s head. And fans have been left wondering what happened to his famous bald patch. The Usual Suspects star arrived at this weekend’s Toronto Film Festival with what looked like a fairly full barnet. It was a sharp contrast to his threadbare appearance at a similar do in Berlin two years ago. Oscar winner Kevin plays heart-throb crooner Bobby Darin in his latest movie, Beyond the Sea. But one observer said of his bonce: “It looked like more of a bad boot-polish job than a hair-weave”. ~

Me here .. is Kevin’s bald spot well known to just his fans or does that apply to people who would say something like “Kevin Spacey? Isn’t he that guy with the big feet and noticeable bald spot who was in that movie about the crazy alien?”

I feel a new poll coming on! Thanks to Myra and Josie.
Non-Spacey hair topic (yes, I was surprised that there was something else, too) Kevin said in interviews while at the TIFF, that he is looking at 1400 – 1800 seat venues for his BTS concert tour. He told a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle that he would be doing a concert in San Francisco and a reporter from Toronto that he’d like to do one *there* so it’s conceivable that if there was a reporter from Tennessee at the TIFF, we might soon be reading that he’s going to be appearing at Dollywood.

And hey! Kevin was in the Washington Post this morning! I don’t have time to post it but thank you to the writer and editor of the Style section:

September 13, 2004
Spacey snippet from Contact Music
KEVIN SPACEY tried to hide his bald spot with spray-on hair at the premiere of his new movie BEYOND THE SEA on Saturday (11SEP04). Onlookers at the TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL were amazed to see the AMERICAN BEAUTY star sporting a dyed black scalp. In the film, Spacey plays BOBBY DARIN, one of the RAT PACK musical stars of the 1960s and 1970s who found fame with hits such as SPLISH SPLASH and DREAM LOVER.

Spacey says he grew up loving Darin’s music but the idea of a film took hold after he learned about the singer’s testing upbringing, including almost dying from rheumatic fever.

For all anyone knows that wasn’t Spacey Hair-in-a-can, it was .. it was .. it was the smokey residue left by someone standing too close to Kevin’s bald spot with a handful of lit candles! Yes, that’s it .. SOOT! Really, doesn’t the fire marshall keep an eye on these things?

Thanks to anonymous user of the feedback form for the Spacey snippet above.

Did anyone see this? Thanks to Vivienne –
From The Sunday Telegraph of 8th August:

Have you ever wondered how a Hollywood sales pitch reads?  Take Beyond the Sea, Kevin Spacey’s pet project, which the actor had set his heart on Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax company producing.

To say that Arthur Friedman – Spacey’s producer-partner on this “biopic”, which tells the story of the 1950s heartthrob Bobby Darin – employed the “hard sell” is an understatement.

“Harvey, Spacey is Darin,” Friedman told Weinstein in a letter that has just fallen into Mandrake’s hands.  “He is to this guy what Streisand was to Fanny Brice, even Gable to Rhett Butler.  He is the perfect fit.  Kevin’s got him down cold – his essence – including his voice and body language.

“When Kevin puts on the tuxedo it will be like Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne becoming Superman and Batman.  This combination of perfect star, great story, entertainment, drama, love story, humour, charm and action has the chemistry to be a world wide box office hit.  There’s major potential commerce in the soundtrack, with Kevin singing.  There are a million reasons I want Miramax to do this movie with us.  They all spell you.”

Spacey himself also wrote to Weinstein to thank him for his time and signed his letter “Bobby D (aka Kevin)”.

For all that hyperbole, alas, the answer was still thanks, but no thanks.  The film is now in production with Lions Gate.”

And the following thanks to Another Anonymous Tipster –

Mr S received a brief mention during the first of BBC Four’s “Theatre Biz” documentaries shown last night, which focused on the Theatre Royal, Haymarket as an example of a West End theatre surviving without public subsidy. The mention was in the context of American film and TV stars being used to draw in audiences. Sally Greene talked about his wish to create a transatlantic theatre company, taking British actors to the States and bringing American actors to London, “which is what Laurence Olivier did”.

Beyond The Sea

“Beyond the Sea is captivating and exhilarating, a true work of art.” So says Paul Fischer of Dark Horizons. I added his review to the BTS reviews section as well as a review from the Chicago Tribune. I also added an item to the Old Vic News page, about the director chosen for The Philadelphia Story.

September 12, 2004

I hope Kevin announces his concert tour info soon. The page I made for the tour dates/venues has had over 1400 hits and so far there’s nothing to see but twiddling thumbs and a blank chart.

There are lots of thumbnails of Kevin in a very shiny and scary suit at Wire Image this morning. From the TIFF gala premiere of Beyond The Sea.

I’m very disappointed in the Washington Post this morning. They finally put out their annual Fall Arts section and the only mention of Beyond The Sea was the release date December 17 and that Kevin acts and directs and Kate Bosworth co-stars. No picture or article mentions at all. Even The Shipping News rated a color picture a few years ago!

*My mistake .. they mentioned Beyond the Sea as a film similar to the movie about Ray Charles.

September 11, 2004

The first review for Beyond The Sea is in and it’s a good one. It’s the only review on the new Beyond The Sea Reviews page so it’s easy to find.

September 10, 2004

Beyond the Sea has it’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival tomorrow night. I have my fingers crossed that the reviews are going to be great and that the film doesn’t have Pay It Forward buzz surrounding it!

I’ve added some new BTS photos from the Lions Gate publicity page to the BTS photos page. I cropped a few so we can see a close-up of Kevin.

September 8, 2004

I reorganized the Ordinary Decent Criminal pages, all three of them, and then changed their URLs.

Kevin has formed yet another company. This one is called Trigger Street Independent and will focus on low-budget films, mostly filmed in digital video or HD (High Definition) film. Thanks to Vivienne.

September 3, 2004

Official Beyond The Sea website is coming! I had figured out what the URL was going to be a few weeks ago and check it every day and there had been nothing but forbidden access to folders messages before this evening. Tonight there is a picture and a form to fill out for movie updates.

September 1, 2004

I was having host server problems over the past few days and couldn’t update news and the various forms on the site (polls, feedback, fan reviews) weren’t working, but everything seems to be working fine now.

Only a few weeks until Kevin’s directorial debut at the Old Vic Theatre in London. Kevin is supposed to be on the cover of Time Out London this week. I’ve seen Time Out Dublin at Borders, so maybe they carry this one too. Thanks anonymous.

I’ve added a few new items to the Beyond the Sea news page. Lions Gate links, trailer info and a message that a Darin fan asked me to pass along.

Kevin must never sleep. A newspaper in Iceland reports that he was *there* on Wednesday of last week and before that he was spotted in Greece attending some of the track & field events.