April 24, 2005

Kevin reportedly has yet another new cap. This time he was seen at the Old Vic stage door wearing a green cap.

If the fan who sent me the review of last night’s performance of National Anthems would be kind enough to send me the end of their fan review, I’d appreciate it. The form had a text limit and it cut off the end of your review. I added what was there though, to the NA fan reviews page.

April 23, 2005

Oooh. Amazon.com is showing new Beyond The Sea DVD info today. Instead of the Darin info and the interview with Bobby Darin’s manager, they list “exclusive bonus musical performances by Kevin Spacey.” That sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? I wonder which musical numbers those will be?

BTW – On MTV last night, they said that Kevin’s Superman Returns film will be in theaters on June 30, 2006.

April 22, 2005

Another DVD I’ve just read that Swimming With Sharks is going to be re-released on DVD on June 7 (the same day Beyond The Sea comes out on DVD) and it is going to be a souped up special edition that includes these extras, according to dvdempire.com:

Kevin Spacey Commentary Director Commentary Director with Cast and Crew Commentary A Look Back at Swimming With Sharks – 10th Anniversary “Let’s Do Lunch” Featurette Shark Tales: Real-Life Stories from Industry Assistants Deleted Scenes

Amazon is also taking pre-release orders. Big thanks to  Dawn M.

Whatever happened to Edison? The new issue of Entertainment Weekly is their Summer Movie issue and unless I missed it somewhere, Edison wasn’t listed  for release between now and the end of August. What happened to their Spring release?

April 21, 2005

Spacey fan Jen (UK) tells me that Beyond The Sea’s DVD has entered the UK charts at #9.

Spacey fan Jen and Spacey fan Sue also tell me that the UK DVD has a directors commentary and a “making of” featurette.

April 19, 2005

Stop the presses! Kevin Spacey doesn’t have a new cap. He has TWO new caps! He’s recently been seen at the Old Vic stage door in a yellow cap, worn backwards, and a dark blue flat cap, worn properly. His old newsboy cap must have spontaneously combusted or something. I guess we’re not going to have to put the new hat plan in place after all. Thanks to Marie.

Pictures of Kevin in the new blue cap are on the Old Vic news page. Thanks to Kudzu.

You know, he should auction off the old newsboy cap. He could probably make a few dollars on that! His fans have sure been talking about it enough to spark interest in owning it.

April 18, 2005

Breaking Spacey News! Rumor has it that Kevin has found himself a new hat to wear at the stage door of the Old Vic. More later. Thanks, Jen.

Kevin really does need to do a new interview or something.

April 16, 2005

Big Kahuna chat tonight, which I forgot to post earlier in the week. Chat page.

April 12, 2005

From today’s London Times

ITV plans long night of party politics
By Adam Sherwin, Media Reporter

CELEBRITIES are jockeying for an invitation to join the actor Kevin Spacey on a Thames cruiser at the hottest party on election night.

More than 200 guests will crowd on to the Silver Sturgeon party boat for champagne and canapés into the early hours of May 6 as the results are televised on giant screens.

Sir Richard Branson, Lord Saatchi and Sir Tim Rice will join figures from the world of politics, business and entertainment at the bash, which is being organised by ITV News to spice up its results show.

The boat will be moored at the Waterloo Millennium pier beneath the London Eye and in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament. Guests will take a spin on the London Eye, also hired by ITV for the night, and be interviewed live by the party’s hosts, Katie Derham and Mark Austin.

Baroness Amos, leader of the House of Lords, and Lord Sainsbury of Turville, Minister for Science, will represent Labour. Others expected to attend include Germaine Greer and Ian Hislop, Editor of Private Eye. Spacey will join the party after appearing in The Philadelphia Story at the Old Vic.

Viewers will see a night of informed political analysis, ITV said. “It’s not just a party,” a spokesman said. “All the guests have an interest in politics and their reactions will be a key part of our programme.”

Labour acolytes, meanwhile, are searching for an uninhibited celebration venue should Mr Blair be re-elected. Conservatives, scarred by nights of Central Office misery, have retreated into Westminster’s network of right-leaning think-tanks to watch the results and plot.

Thanks to Cathie.

*The Guardian says he was invited but hasn’t accepted.

April 11, 2005

I’d post a few things but my nose is red and itchy, my eyes are watering and I wish I could go back to bed. Maybe I’ll add something tonight.

If you haven’t seen National Anthems, time is running out. It will end it’s run at the end of next week. Then it’s on to The Philadelphia Story in 3 weeks.

April 5, 2005

Is Kevin some kind of fashion trendsetter?? You know that hat that seems to be glued to Kevin’s head right now? If you’ve ever wanted to look like Kevin, only more feminine, Target is selling hats which look very similar to his only they are of a lightweight fabric and come in summer colors. They’re called newsboy caps and were in with the summer hats and purses.

Target also had a big stack of The Usual Suspects DVDs that were marked as special editions. It said on the front that the DVD includes deleted scenes. It looked like the special edition DVD that was out a few years ago but I don’t remember any deleted scenes.

One of these days I’m going to have get to work on the Superman Returns section.

April 1, 2005

At the end of the month I’ll be moving all the news from January – April to a new page in the archives and will start over on this page with news for May – August.

Kevin can’t catch a break in the UK

How did this get past me? One of the UK fans sent me a news item from one of the London gossip rags in which Kevin is accused of standing up a group of fans who “won” him in an Old Vic fundraiser drawing. Apparently he was supposed to play tennis with them one morning but never showed up. One of the women was quoted as saying they went out and bought new tennis outfits and now they all felt like old maids waiting for a date who never arrived. Ouch!

Here’s the link to the full story – Daily Mirror

March 31, 2005

This is a first. There’s going to be a demonstration in front of the Old Vic Theatre tonight and it’s not a group of Spacey-slamming theatre critics. More on the Old Vic News page.

btsdvdDoes Kevin look a little bit over-airbrushed on that BTS DVD cover? Where are the wrinkles and eye bags his fans love so much?

March 29, 2005

The picture to the right is of the BTS DVD cover. Thanks to Jim.

March 26, 2005

Someone tells me that while we in the US have to wait until June for the BTS DVD, the Region 2 version can be pre-ordered now at Amazon.co.uk for an April 18 release date. Thank you mysterious someone.

And I’m also told that the US version (Region 1) will include these “extras”: Director & Producer Commentary, “Making of” Featurette, Interviews with Cast and Crew. Plus “Remembering Bobby” an interview with Bobby’s manager, Steve Blauner. Authentic Archival footage direct from the Bobby Darin estate. Trailers. Will retail for approximately $28 although we know we’ll be able to find it cheaper! Thanks to HC.

Umm .. correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Kevin say in an interview that there were going to be deleted scenes added to the DVD? Musical numbers they were unable or unwilling to add to the finished theatrical release? Well?

Please don’t throw anything at me but I might as well break it to everyone now. It was confirmed to a Spacey/Darin fan that no concert footage was filmed for a concert DVD or anything like that so there will be no concert DVD. Should I also mention now that the previously mentioned potential late 2005 concert tour isn’t being discussed now due to Kevin Spacey’s busy schedule?

And here we were hoping for the ‘Kevin Spacey”s Ring-a-Ding Christmas 2005’ in Atlantic City. I guess this means he won’t have time to record that Christmas album everyone was talking about back in December either. If they only knew how many emails I’ve had from hopeful fans!

March 23, 2005

Digitalbits.com says Beyond The Sea will be available on DVD on June 7. Thanks Carla.

March 22, 2005

Oh no! Kevin’s elevator is on the move again and he’s not the one sending it back down.

Send The Elevator Back Down by Gregory E. Favre

March 21, 2005

Picture #1 – Grimy, dusty star. Picture #2 – Bright, shiny, freshly scrubbed star thanks to Spacey fan Jen.

As Spacey fans, we have sometimes been called upon to witness things that have left us with emotional scars (insert the name of any number of films). But I will not be the one to inflict on devoted Spacey fans worldwide, the sight of Kevin Spacey arriving at the 2005 Directors Guild of Great Britain Awards wearing lovely evening wear with .. a baseball cap? I’m going to say baseball cap because that doesn’t sound as bad as trucker hat.

You’ll just have to go look at the thumbnails at Wireimage.com yourself.

Are you cracking up or something, Kevin? We could always count on you to dress appropriately for these occasions. If you’re trying to sell TS.com hats (TS.com trucker hat available for only $16.99 at the new TS.com store at triggerstreet.com) wouldn’t it be easier to set up a cart in front of the Old Vic?

Speaking of the Old Vic, Spacey fan Cathie mentioned this tidbit to me. From the Telegraph (UK) on March 10:

Nosmo King

Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey is used to star treatment. But one officious health and safety expert is determined that Spacey – the artistic director of the Old Vic – should toe the line.

“The health and safety team has given several talks to the crew at the Old Vic,” I’m told. “All the smokers – including Spacey – have been told that smoking is completely banned off-stage. The Old Vic is a listed building and if anything were to happen, it wouldn’t stand a chance.”

But it appears that A-list hearing is selective. “Spacey has not taken any notice and remains defiant. It’s pretty hard telling Hollywood stars what they can and can’t do.”

March 19, 2005

One of Kevin’s fans was on vacation in Los Angeles and decided to go see Kevin’s star on the sidewalk in front of the Kodak Theater. To her great dismay, the star looked as if people had been walking on it! So she did what any self-respecting Spacey fan would do in that situation. She got out her bottle of travel-sized star cleaner and went to work. 

The guys with the cameras were from London and wondered what she was doing. Hats off to Jen for doing her fanly duty and to her friend Cathy for immortalizing the work with her camera.

March 17, 2005

leprechaun_dancing_jig_sm_clrI was too busy and way too tired to make a new picture for St. Patrick’s Day this year, so I’m sending recycled greetings out this year.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 12, 2005

Not much going on as you can see. I’ve added a few items to the Old Vic News page. Link above.

Answer to an anonymous “burning question” feedback question: How would *I* know if Kevin Spacey shaves his toes?

March 3, 2005

I never thought I’d see *this* day. Kevin Spacey being compared in a movie review with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vin Diesel and Kevin coming out as being inferior. This taken from a review in the Clarion-Ledger of ‘The Pacifier’ the new movie about a male nanny:


Working with kids can bring out the phony in an actor (Arnold Schwarzenegger in Cop, Kevin Spacey in The Life of David Gale) or it can loosen him up, forcing him to deal with messy, unexpected humanity. The latter happens with Diesel.


Wasn’t it bad enough that his public singing is constantly compared to that of William Shatner and then a few years ago a critic compared him to Adam Sandler and felt Sandler was the better of the two? Now he’s not as good as Vin Diesel?

March 1, 2005

Apparently, Kevin is going to be one of the scheduled guests at a star-studded tsunami relief fundraiser at the Theatre Royal Haymarket later in the month. *Guest list subject to change. ‘One Knight Only – A Gala Evening in aid of Tsunami Relief’ – March 20th at 7pm.

February 28, 2005

Who do you email to complain about the Oscar telecast last night? What about forcing some of the nominees to be herded out on to the stage in groups to find out who won like they were in the last round of the Miss America pageant? I kept waiting for the swimsuit competition. And whoever came up with the horrid idea of handing out awards in the audience… that was awful for both the nominees and the presenters. Am I the only person who actually enjoys seeing the people who aren’t in the “star” categories?

In the paper this morning there was an article about actors who direct and actors who direct themselves. It was a mostly  positive article. But I didn’t see Kevin’s name anywhere. That came in the next article in the paper about actors giving voice to real people in the movies this year. This was where they took the opportunity to take a swipe at Beyond The Sea *and* Kevin *and* his singing.

February 26, 2005

Some of Kevin’s Japanese fans have told me that there have been some good reviews in the papers. The film is in a limited release as it is here in the US.

February 23, 2005

Beyond The Sea is opening in Japan this week. So far the critics seem to think the film is nothing but Kevin Spacey’s raging ego disguised as a movie. They don’t like his constantly being front and center, all the close-ups, the singing and more singing and one guy even mentioned how Kevin just wouldn’t shut up and the movie went on for 2 songs too long.

All I can say is, after being tortured by American Beauty, Pay It Forward, The Shipping News and The Life of David Gale, Kevin’s fans deserved a movie that gave us what we wanted for once. Nothin’ but Kevin! Whether you loved the movie or hated it, I think most Spacey fans agreed that it was about as much Spacey as you could cram into one movie. And it had singing!

February 20, 2005

Sandra Dee has passed away at age 63. Her son Dodd Darin announced that she passed away this morning at the Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California.

February 18, 2005

There has finally been a co-star named for The Philadelphia Story. More about that on the Old Vic News page.

February 16, 2005

The Washington Post Magazine (Sunday magazine supplement, February 13, 2005), no picture of Kevin. 

Question Celebrity with Hank Stuever

Q: Why are performances like Jamie Foxx’s as Ray Charles, Julia Roberts’s as Erin Brockovich, Kevin Spacey’s as Bobby Darin and Charlize Theron’s as serial killer Aileen Wuornos heralded as great acting? Aren’t they just big-budget impersonations?

Arthur Kalemeris, Fairfax

A: Your Oscar-time cynicism about biopics is laudable, especially when it steers you away from seeing bad movies that overplay the gravitas and overapply the prosthetics.

That said, the sweet spot between truth and fiction tends to bring out the best in the film industry, I think, given the sorry state of make-believe: Screenwriters tend to do better work adapting true stories, directors adhere to clearer themes, actors get to risk being laughed off the planet. (And meddling studio heads can’t order up happier endings.) The concept of “true” — even Hollywood’s definition of it — tends to be more . . . true.

Also there’s an irresistible degree of risk that appeals to the actor’s estimation of himself: Can he pull it off? Even if he’s 10 years too old and doesn’t look a thing like (fill in the blank, but please, do not fill it with Spacey’s floparific obsession with writing, directing and starring in his Darin project, “Beyond the Sea”). Stars view the biopic as the surest way to get their serious-artist credentials validated (or re-upped), which, if all goes according to plan, spells “Oscar nomination.” Actors who play well-known people usually deflect the “impersonation” issue with the standard artistic statement: At some point, I had to make it my own. If impersonation alone were the only qualification for great acting, there would be a lot more Oscars on the shelves of “Saturday Night Live” alumni. Martin Short, therefore, would have been Katharine Hepburn in “The Aviator,” instead of the coolly brilliant Cate Blanchett.

© 2005 The Washington Post Company

Floparific?? Now Kevin’s inspiring additions to the English language.

He’s also in the new Premiere.

Critics’ Choice – The nation’s top critics rate the most noteworthy films of 2004.
#76 – Beyond The Sea. Five critics rate it 2 stars (Recommended). Five critics gave it 1 star (not recommended) and one critic gave it a rating of a blank star (A Must to Avoid).

And on another page, about the nominees for the Oscar this year, Janet Maslin has this to say:

Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin – a thing of beauty, by the way, in the exuberant and sorely underrated film Beyond the Sea – fell prey to the subject’s regrettable unfamiliarity to younger viewers and the acquired-taste limitations of hipster Darinmania. (Page 71)

February 15, 2005

Beyond The Sea rolls on There are some links for the Berlin Film Festival on the BTS news page.

February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine’s Day Spacey fans

February 7, 2005

Most of the latest news is about National Anthems and is on the Old Vic News page.

February 5, 2005

Ok.. try to stay calm Spacey fans.. take a deep breath.. now remember, it’s only a “may be” in a magazine article but.. I got this in an email from Spacey/Darin fan Monica:
“Roger Kellaway, pianist for Darin/Spacey tour, was featured in the March 2005 Issue of Down Beat magazine (pages 13-14). He stated that there may be another tour later this year!”

I’m not sure we could handle the excitement again, but I’d be willing to give it a try, wouldn’t you? Bring it on, Kevin! Maybe you could throw in some swingin’ Christmas tunes. And here’s a nice idea .. instead of sending out autographed pictures in response to fan mail, you could mail out autographed cocktail napkins! Sounds cool, huh?

And for you fans in the UK, Spacey fan Vivienne sends this: National Anthems will be reviewed on Newsnight Review next Friday on BBC2 at about 10.30 pm.

Thanks to Monica and Vivienne.

February 3, 2005

The Big Show Kevin has several mentions in a new book about the Oscars, titled The Big Show – High Times and Dirty Dealings Backstage At The Academy Awards. In addition to the blurb about him getting Julia Roberts some champagne, that was reported in some news items last week, there is this blurb on page 306 about actors needing to be in their seats at a certain time before the show started and one who wasn’t seated:


Staffers were not surprised to learn who the latecomer was. The day before, a few crew members had flipped a coin to see who’d be saddled with escorting the three most demanding stars: Barbra Streisand, Jennifer Lopez and Kevin Spacey. But coming up fast on that list was Russell Crowe.


Nowhere does it say why Kevin is as demanding as Streisand or Jennifer Lopez!

Beyond The Sea will open at the Berlin Film Festival on February 13. Thanks to Marina. A few articles have mentioned that Kevin will be on the red carpet and coincidentally, that’s a Sunday and there are no productions of National Anthems on Sundays.

February 1, 2005

VideoDetective.com’s VHS/DVD Release Calendar says that Beyond The Sea will be released on home video on May 1. No word on the extras it better have on it, though! Big thanks to Vivian.

January 31, 2005

While looking around Barnesandnoble.com for anything new that might be Spacey related, on the page for Beyond The Sea’s soundtrack, there was link for other CDs that have the words “Kevin Spacey” on them. There was the soundtrack for MGGE (track #7 – ‘That Old Black Magic’ which Kevin apparently didn’t care for but his fans did and for which they have an audio snippet available). Then there was a song called ‘Song For a Kevin Spacey Movie’ on a Bicycle Thief album. A song called ‘Kevin Spacey’ on a Drop album. And what has me perplexed is a Help Yourself album that lists Kevin Spacey as a drummer? If you click on the name it takes you back to the Beyond The Sea soundtrack. Any Help Yourself fans out there who can clear that up?

January 30, 2005

I snipped this next bit from a satire piece at Deadbrain.com. Kevin was winning their survey earlier this morning.

Another Celebrity Sperm Bank Closes After Performance Failure


According to Merrill Lynch market analyst Keyser Soze, “The only boutique sperm bank not swimming against the tide is Kevin Spacey’s Kids. Like Kevin, the babies have no distinguishing characteristics and are, therefore, unlikely to require special care or feeding. They can be difficult to pick out in a crowd, however.”


January 29, 2005

Kevin’s Golden Globes cufflinks and tie pin which were up for auction on eBay, ended at $1876 for the cufflinks and $915 for the tie pin. Proceeds of the auction are going to UNICEF’s 2004 Tsunami Relief Fund.

January 26, 2005

Since Kevin didn’t get any Oscar nominations this time around, I thought an Oscar movie chat might be in order. And since he’s only won two Oscars and I’d rather sit through Pay It Forward without a Coke, some nachos and a bag of candy corn than to watch that tiresome American Beauty, that leaves The Usual Suspects. We can watch the film, discuss the technical aspects of the film, and talk about how much we like Verbal’s shirts (I personally think the shirts are Big Clue #1). Chat room, Saturday night at 9pm EST. The movie will start promptly at 9:10. *Due to several requests from the UK, there will be a special noon chat as well. That will be 12pm EST on Saturday which makes it .. um .. 5pm in the UK? Everyone is welcome, whether you’re in the UK or not.

January 25, 2005

Playerjanfeb05oneThe picture to the right is one of the photos in the Player magazine that used to be featured as the News page photo. I’ve added the article and the previous photo to the Beyond The Sea Articles page as well as the Best Life article. Links can also be found on the main Articles/Interviews page. You have to scroll down that page to find the new articles.

Poor Kevin .. remember when the one writer called him Kevin Kline and then another said his film was the Bobby Darin biopic “A Love Song For Bobby Long?” Well, yesterday I read another article in which it said his movie was “Under The Sea” which if I remember correctly was a song from The Little Mermaid. Maybe he should have called it “Don’t Rain On My Parade.”

Academy Award Nominations No Oscar nominations for Kevin or Beyond The Sea this morning.

January 24, 2005

Last night when I was doing a search for any new and interesting Kevin Spacey news tidbits at Yahoo, to my alarm Yahoo’s search engine suggested that I might also want to try ‘Kevin Spacey dead’ or ‘Kevin Spacey died.’ It usually just suggests that I might want to also click on ‘Kevin Spacey gay’ so I was more than a little surprised!

I can share with you all that Kevin’s apparently still with us. The links just took me to BTS articles and reviews. Had me worried there for a minute!

Tickets to The Philadelphia Story at the Old Vic Theatre in London are on sale for the general public now but they still haven’t announced any of the cast members aside from Kevin.

January 23, 2005

I have a warning for anyone who ever receives an email from me. Someone has received an email with my site’s mail addy as the reply address and it contained an attachment with a virus *BUT* I never sent the email and never send attachments to anyone unless they were specifically expecting one from me and that’s not very often. If you aren’t expecting something with an attachment from me, don’t open it.

And whoever did that in the first place, it didn’t cause any real trouble so you went to the effort for nothin’. Have you considered getting a hobby to occupy your time in a more constructive manner?

January 19, 2005

Spacey Poll Due to the snow outside and my wishing I had a piece of chocolate cake, the Frozen Spacey poll is making a return engagement.

Spacey auction Are you a Spacey fan with a couple of dollars sitting around waiting to be used for a needy cause? Okay, make that more than a few dollars. The cufflinks and tie pin that he wore to the Golden Globes the other evening, are now up for auction on eBay. The auction has just under 10 days to go and the proceeds will go to UNICEF for their tsunami relief efforts.

The cufflinks come with an autographed gift box and an autographed ‘Mia & Kompany’ jewelry pouch. The tie pin comes with an autographed jewelry pouch.

January 17, 2005

Last night, Kevin wore a diamond star pin and matching  cufflinks by Mia & Kompany which will be auctioned off on ebay on Wednesday, January 19th.

The Stila star jewelry worn by Kevin at the Golden Globes:

* KEVIN SPACEY: pave star cufflinks – Because diamonds can be a guy’s best friend too, Kevin wore star-shaped, 14kt white gold cufflinks with a total carat weight of .44. Kevin was a Golden Globe nominee for Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical or Comedy. One hundred percent of proceeds from the eBay auction of the cuff links will go to UNICEF for tsunami relief. Cufflinks  * KEVIN SPACEY: large pave star tie pin – This piece features a .15 carat diamond on a 14kt white gold pin. One hundred percent of proceeds from the eBay auction of the piece will go to UNICEF for tsunami relief.  Tie pin Full press link

If you missed the Golden Globes last night and still want to watch the show, Bravo will be repeating the telecast on Saturday night at 8pm EST.

January 15, 2005

The Tsunami Aid concert is going to be shown internationally this evening. Check your TV listings to see if you’re going to receive it. It starts at 8pm EST which I think is 5 hours behind London so that means that in other countries… you do the math!

Apparently instead of having a poll asking fans which concert they attended, I should have had a poll asking fans how many times their Spacey TV was pre-empted during the BTS press tour. People In The News was pre-empted on CNN today for some viewers. Fortunately, it’s going to be on again and again this weekend. *He was pre-empted for a breaking news announcement during the 5:30pm showing too!

And the oft-rescheduled Larry King with Kevin, Dodd Darin, Steve Blauner and Peter Cincotti is being repeated this evening at 9pm EST. Thanks to Kaye and HC.

January 14, 2005

Spacey TV A&E is going to show a Biography episode about Kevin. I guess it’s the one that was shown on the Biography Channel in the UK a while back.  Friday, January 21 at 12pm EST. Repeats at 6pm. Thanks to Sarah and Marina.

Random meaningless thought .. I knew I should have bought the tuxedo w/microphone and super hero costumes for KevieBear when I had the chance.

January 12, 2005 I’ve read that NBC is going to stretch the Tsunami Aid fundraiser to 2 hours. That will be live at 8pm EST and tape-delayed on the west coast so it will start at 8pm there.

January 11, 2005

From Sci-Fi Wire – NBC announced a partial lineup of entertainers for its upcoming fund-raising telethon for victims of the South Asia tsunami, which will also air on SCI FI Channel, and designated the American Red Cross as its charity partner. The live broadcast of Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope will air starting at 8 p.m. PT on Jan. 15 on NBC, its sister cable networks and on Pax and Telemundo.

Scheduled performers will include Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, Norah Jones, Sarah McLachlan, Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, Kenny Chesney, India.Arie, Tom Jones, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Brian Wilson and Gloria Estefan. Celebrities scheduled to appear include Halle Berry, Kevin Spacey, Usher, George Clooney, Uma Thurman, Matt Damon, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Bruce Willis, Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman, Tim Robbins, Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes.

Viewers will be encouraged to donate to the American Red Cross International Response Fund in support of tsunami relief through its Web site and donation hotline. Funds raised through this special will support the American Red Cross two-phased assistance plan, which includes immediate and long-term relief.

January 9, 2005

Happy Birthday to my mother.

Palm Springs There are some nice thumbnails of Kevin at last night’s Palm Spring’s International Film Festival Awards Gala at Wireimage.com. Do a celebrity search for Kevin Spacey. there are also some nice shots of him and Kate Bosworth at the BTS premiere in New York City last month.

Berlinale Beyond The Sea will be at the Berlin Film Festival next month. It will be in the Panorama section of the festival. Here’s a snip from a press release –


Panorama Turns 20 – The Berlinale’s Panorama section announces its first films

20 years Panorama – they mean two decades of arthouse programme: innovative and individual auteur films, as well as the latest works of well-known directors and extraordinary films by newcomers. By screening international independent films, this section has developed its own profile alongside the Competition in the Official Programme. The Panorama initially emerged from the Info-Schau, which was established to complement the Competition in the 1970s. Manfred Salzgeber went on to give the section its very content-oriented format in 1985: a program of unusual breadth, exploring social issues and penetrating diverse life scripts, countries and themes. “We want to pursue social processes with our programme”, explains Wieland Speck, head of Panorama since 1992. “For us it’s about finding films that push forward exactly what is currently happening in society’s niches and at its fringes.” <snip>

Thanks to Marina.

January 8, 2005

To the anonymous feedbacker with no return addy who wants to know if he or she is nuts: No, you aren’t. But if I tell you why not *here*, it would spoil the joke for everyone else.
Kevin was featured on a page of the Life supplement in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times newspaper. Thanks to Jen. Scans courtesy of mysterious stranger.

January 7, 2005

I’ve finally started the Aladdin section (Ok, so the show is almost over. Beyond The Sea and all of the concert stuff put me waaay behind.) as well as having pages started for National Anthems and The Philadelphia Story.

There’s some exciting news about The Philadelphia Story on the Old Vic news page too!

It looks official. Kevin will be the new Lex Luthor in the next Superman film. The film will be directed by Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer. Beyond The Sea co-star Kate Bosworth is apparently to sign on for the Lois Lane role. Clark Kent/Superman will be portrayed by newcomer Brandon Routh.

January 6, 2005

Kevin is to be among those honored at the 16th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala on Saturday, January 8. He will receive the Sonny Bono Visionary Award for Acting, Directing and Producing.

Relaxing Spacey From rednova.com

The Spa Attraction: They’re a Paradise for Weary Shoppers . . And a Favourite Retreat for the Stars. Molly Gunn Lets Her Hair Down and Recharges Her Batteries



Who goes there: Kevin Spacey and Gwyneth Paltrow, below inset.

Why they love it: for its relaxing atmosphere – thanks to the heady scent of E’Spa products and the calming trickle of the water feature.

Decor: brown and cream with bamboo walls and wood floors.

Products: E’Spa.

Treatments: over 40 aromatherapy treatments.

Must try: The Ritual – with foot bath, body exfoliation, body wrap, pressure points and massage. Choose from four variations to suit your mood, Pounds 140. Day package: The Purity Package lasts 2 hours 10 minutes and is perfect for party-stressed skin, Pounds 140.

Chancery Court Hotel, 252 High Holborn, WC1 (020 7829 9888)


Now this is funny! I saw Beyond The Sea with my mother. As we walked back to the car, she made a comment that she felt the movie was almost like a musical stage production. That she could see Kevin doing that on the stage and maybe that was his real goal. I joked that yes, I can see the headlines now. KEVIN SPACEY IN BEYOND THE SEA: THE MUSICAL! APPEARING NIGHTLY AT THE OLD VIC STARTING IN SEPTEMBER!

Well… UK Spacey fan Joanna sends me this from today’s Daily Mail –

“Not content with writing, directing and starring in the Bobby Darin biopic Beyond the Sea, Kevin Spacey wants to turn the film into a musical and stage it at the Old Vic.  He told a chum: ‘It has been so well received you have to ask: “Why not turn it into a stage musical?” I like the idea of keeping Bobby’s memory alive’.

January 5, 2005

Anyone want to stop by the chat room on Saturday night and talk about Beyond The Sea? 9pm EST.

January 4, 2005

This is for new fans of Kevin’s singing who have been reading about Kevin’s concert tour in the past week or so or are hearing about it on TV such as the Larry King show. The Spacey concert tour of 2004 has ended. For fans who missed it, there are reviews and stories by other fans as well as photos taken by fans in the Beyond The Sea section of the site (the second one is my own short version of the Atlantic City concert).

btsadpremiere05In the new issue of Premiere (February 2005) you will find a full page awards consideration ad for Kevin and others in Beyond The Sea on page 41, picture only has Kevin and is also an ad for the film. There are two small pictures from The Usual Suspects on pages 4 and 5 in ad for the IFC channel if you’re trying to fill in pages in a scrapbook and on page 90, you will find a picture of Kevin (cover photo from that Maxim Fashion 2001/02 magazine from a few years ago) and the following text:

Passion Players  – Premiere Celebrates The Most Compelling Performances of 2004.

Kevin Spacey 


Who are your idols? Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, and Jason Robards.

Describe your character in this movie. Bobby Darin was one of the greatest entertainers we’ve ever had. He gave his all, even when he was sick as a dog. He may have had a weak heart physically, but he was all heart.

Why did you take this part? I love the music. I loved him as a performer, and I’m sad about the fact that his legacy is not as strong as it should be.

How did you prepare? Endlessly watching Bobby. We created this little nightclub on a sound-stage where I had mirrors and a big huge computer screen hanging. I could punch up any performance of Bobby’s that I wanted.

If you weren’t acting, you would be …? My father was a writer, and I admire the craft of writing more than anything. This is the first experience where I’ve ever written in any kind of significant way.

January 3, 2005

If you’re in the WMAR-TV Channel 2 viewing area (A Washington DC station) They’re apparently going to re-play the Jane Pauley show that was pre-empted by Bush at 10am this morning. Someone saw a commercial on TV. *They didn’t show it, but that’s just as well since it was pre-empted again.

Don’t forget about the Tony Danza show too!

I think Kevin needs to start doing some kind of PR for Beyond The Sea so that people will know he’s connected to it. The other day, a writer said that Kevin Kline was nominated for a Golden Globe for the Bobby Darin biopic Beyond The Sea and now this from rediff.com in an article about how well films did over the weekend and how small budget films might do well over the coming weeks:


The Kevin Spacey directed A Love Song For Bobby Long, a screen bio of musician Bobby Darin (played by Spacey) is another. It jumped from a handful of theatres to 320 over the weekend and grossed an impressive $1 million. Its real test will come when it goes for a couple of expansions. The Shakespearean drama The Merchant Of Venice, starring Al Pacino as Shylock, will also expand to hundreds of theatres in coming weeks.


More Spacey confusion There seem to be 2 magazines with Player in the title and Kevin on the cover. The one I have is called Avery Cardoza’s Player, although only Player is large enough to read. Kevin’s issue is not online yet. The other magazine is called Casino Player. I’ve only seen the first magazine. *There are 3 magazines! The third is simply called Player magazine and doesn’t have anything to do with Kevin either inside the magazine or out. I’m sure Kevin’s fans can tell the difference between Kevin Spacey and a bimbo-ish woman on a magazine cover so I don’t have to tell you which magazine to pick up, do I?

Also, the Vegas magazine with Kevin in it has Carmen Electra on the cover. Thanks to Monica.

January 2, 2005

I’ve heard that during Monday night’s concert in Las Vegas, a woman tossed lacy black panties at Kevin’s feet during one song. Kevin, the true professional singer that he is, reportedly didn’t react. Too bad there aren’t any pictures of *that* night! Thanks to Veronica for the eye-witness account.

In one of the many interviews he’s done for Beyond The Sea, Kevin made a comment somewhere along the lines of he won’t do another album or anything unless there’s a good reason. Does this mean he’ll be recording with Justin Timberlake to promote Edison?

January 1, 2005

Who has any taping strength left? I’ve just heard that Kevin is going to be a guest on The Tony Danza Show on Monday, January 3. Thanks to Jennifer and Linda.

New concert mini-poll After the party’s over.