December 31, 2006 – January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

The new Usual Suspects DVD must have run into some problems because while Amazon had moved it’s release date back, now it’s showing as being available in November of 2007! However, they are taking orders for TUS in the new Blu-ray format which is to be released in February.

My sister and I finally had a chance to get away for a few hours today so we drove to Pennsylvania. Boyds Bear Country to be exact. I was overcome by the sudden need to purchase one of their bears with the personalized sweaters. Mine has a red sweater with Driving Mr. Spacey! in white lettering and when we went back to the sales counter to pick it up before we left, the lady at the register asked me if the Mr. Spacey would be KEVIN Spacey? And I said yes it would and that this was the name of my fan site. And she gasped!

This was a new experience for me. In the past when I’ve rented a Spacey movie at Hollywood Video or something, I’ve been greeted with blank looks if Kevin Spacey’s name comes up in any conversation about the movie being rented so I tend to avoid any mention of his name in public.

I just wish I’d had some makeup on and that my hair had looked like it had been brushed at some point this past week.

December 8, 2006

The new Usual Suspects DVD is now scheduled to come out at the end of this month instead of the end of last month.

Superman Returns chat tomorrow (Saturday) night! The Ref next week.

November 22, 2006

Santa came early this year and left Kevin’s US fans with the good news that Moon for the Misbegotten will be headed for New York City in the spring of 2007.

Superman Returns chat scheduled for December 2. Or maybe December 9, depending on when people buy or rent it.

November 13, 2006

Thank you to everyone who offered birthday greetings for both the site’s 6th birthday and my own fff… er, my own personal birthday.

A quick update for those who have asked. I’m now backed up on the site mail all the way back to late September. Rest assured I’ve been reading everything, I just haven’t been able to get to my computer to do news updates and polls and answer most of the mail. My sister had been very ill and had emergency surgery so we had an extra bed pushed up against the computer table so that someone could sleep in the room with her at night and now that she’s on the mend and feeling 99% better, my mother popped her hip replacement and is sleeping on our extra bed while my sister and I take care of *her* now and if you could see the way I’m trying to stretch sideways across the bed to do this update, you’d be telling me I have a future with Cirque du Soleil.

I’ve been so tired that I’ve fallen asleep before the Saturday night chat two weeks in a row. Chat fans, be sure to get back to me about the holiday card thing I mentioned several weeks ago. Time’s starting to run short!

I’m hoping the second half of November is better than the first half, not to mention all of October!

Don’t forget… new TUS and Superman Returns DVDs coming up at the end of the month!

I guess I don’t have to tell anyone that they added a fourth Old Vic video to the video blog a few weeks ago, do I?

Several fans have sent me their pictures of the Old Vic stage door and I promise, barring another family emergency, I’ll share them with you at the weekend.

I’ve had to remove the feedback page. I’ve been getting spammed like you wouldn’t believe recently. Only a few real feedbacks have been in the mix. I’ll put in a new feedback page in a few days. Fans will have to email me for now.

October 31, 2006

Something to look for – Kevin narrates the documentary “Uganda Rising.” It will have its U.S. broadcast premiere on the Discovery Times Channel at 9 p.m.  on November 27. The 82-minute theatrical length version of the film, will be edited to a one-hour TV version.

Looks like there’s going to be a sequel for Superman Returns. Possibly in the summer of 2009.

I wonder what Kevin’s position will be on this next matter considering that on one hand, from the mail I have received over the years at this site, he has quite a few young fans, (mainly due to films such as Pay It Forward) and on the other hand there’s the fact that Budweiser is the sponsor of Kevin’s

Actors urged to rethink Bud.TV affiliation
October 21, 2006

Health advocacy organizations are urging a group of Hollywood actors to sever ties with beer giant Anheuser-Busch’s new online entertainment network, Bud.TV, which the groups fear will promote alcohol to minors.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, along with four other groups, sent a letter to Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Kevin Spacey and Vince Vaughn — who all have discussed developing programming for the site — to reconsider their participation out of concern that the site will promote alcohol to underage consumers.

More at the following link –

October 26, 2006

Driving Mr. Spacey is 6 years old today!

October 14, 2006

Lex Luthor Sighting! Target has a Superman Returns 3 piece action figure package that contains a Clark Kent, a flying Superman and a Missile Launching Lex Luthor. It’s called Menace to Metropolis and was going for $20 this morning.

Movie chat tonight in the DMS chat room. Swimming With Sharks. Chat starts at 9pm EST, movie starts at 9:15. Bring your dvd and your popcorn.

October 5, 2006

DVD Releases – I was looking around at to see if they were taking pre-orders for the new “Collector’s” edition of The Usual Suspects which is scheduled to hit the stores later next month and noticed that they are selling three of Kevin’s old Charlie Rose interviews on DVD.

You can get his January 9, 1998 interview, his September 30, 1999 interview and his January 14, 1997 interview. The DVDs are $25 per disc.

The TUS DVD is going for about $19 as a pre-order at Amazon right now.

Mini and Kevin


Fan Favorites – The picture above is back by popular demand. That’s Kevin and his little dog Mini.

Even though it’s a bit early, I enjoyed the entrance page picture I made up for Halloween last year so much that I decided to put it back up until I make a new one for this year. Kevin Spacey was such a devil.

Don’t ask me why, but when I was checking out some old creepy movies on DVD at Best Buy the other day, they had MGGE in their display. Weird, if you ask me. Hmmm.. Let’s Scare Jessica To Death, The Omen, The Other, Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil.

I don’t get it.

StPatA bit of blarney – I was looking through the stack of papers piled up on top of my scanner, trying to decide what needed to be posted next and I came across a greeting card that I bought months ago and it made me laugh again and I wanted to share it with you all. Some of you already heard about it back in March, but here I go again..

In early January, someone emailed me and said that they saw Kevin at the airport in Miami. I was told that security was giving him a hard time about his dog’s leash. As a joke, I posted on the news page that he’d been traveling with a petite, dark-haired lass (pictured above).

Just before St. Patrick’s Day, I was looking for a card to send to a Spacey friend who absolutely LOVES anything to do with St. Patrick’s Day (Hi, Vivienne!) and I stumbled across a card that just screamed out at me to buy it because I would never come across such a funny coincidence again in this life. In fact, it was so funny, I bought two. Here it is.

September 21, 2006

I am very slowly getting caught up on the site. Thank you to everyone for your patience. I’ve added a fan story/review to the Old Vic section for A Moon For The Misbegotten and a fan review of Superman Returns to the SR section. Thanks to Simone and Cynthia.

Spacey fan Veronique tells me that there’s a magazine in France called Crossroads that contains an article about Kevin in the September issue. Motorhead is on the cover. Kevin did an interview with the magazine when he was in Paris for the Superman Returns premier. He also discusses the Old Vic, among other topics.

September 19, 2006

This was fun – Let Kevin take you on a back stage tour of the Old Vic in a new blog at with more cast videos coming soon. You can leave comments or ask questions.

Thanks to Katie for letting us know about it.

September 16, 2006

Target is pushing the Superman Returns Halloween costumes now. They have adult and child size Superman costumes, complete with vinyl Superman Returns Superman wigs to complete the Superman ensemble. There’s a SR candy bucket shaped like the Superman seal as well as a large SR treat bag, SR flashlights, the plastic kryptonite “shard” that Joann’s is selling and a SR bendable iron bar and breaking chains, to show Superan’s strength, you know. The only thing they don’t have is ANYTHING TO DO WITH LEX LUTHOR!!

As a Spacey fan, I will say that this SR stuff has been a great disappointment.

Let’s hope that the film’s DVD release is better. That is coming in late November, I believe.

But forget Superman. Let’s talk Verbal Kint. It would seem that there’s going to be yet another DVD release of The Usual Suspects. This one is a collector’s edition which will boast a new commentary that includes Kevin Spacey. It’s also due out at the end of November.

September 10, 2006

Questions, Questions – Joanna, the answer to your feedback question posed a few days ago is that the last I read he only has one dog at this time. Little Mini.

There’s no point in anyone asking me the old question about whether he shaves his toes because I still have no knowledge of his foot care regimen and now that the infamous hatch has been installed at the Old Vic stage door, we will no longer be treated to pictures from fans such as the picture of his sandaled bare feet taken by Spacey fan Marie, that created quite a stir on the old fan site. Not because I had posted it, but because when I moved it, I forgot to tell everyone where I had moved it to. Thanks again to Spacey fan Marie for giving Kevin’s fans something a little more unusual to talk about.

Native SonsKevin is suddenly starting to turn up in various articles about celebrities who are either from New Jersey or have lived there. AOL CityGuide informs me that Kevin is one of their own subjects in the celebs who have lived there category and that they are using my site as a Spacey site to link to. That was something of a thrill, except for the part where this site is listed second to an old article titled Government Claims Spacey is Gay? Nice picture of Lex Luthor in brown corduroy and contemplating a shard of kryptonite.

Follow the Link and click on the lovely head shot of Lex Luthor. You know what he looks like.

September 5, 2006

It’s not every day we read something that compares Jesus to Kevin Spacey. And where did I read that, you ask? The September 2006 issue of Premiere, that’s where. Hugh Jackman on the cover. Page 50. The humor column ‘If You Ask Me’ by Libby Gelman-Waxner.

In this month’s column, “Libby” takes on The Da Vinci Code and after explaining the basic premise of the movie, that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and they had a child and that there are living descendents to this day and Libby feels this could explain why she has always felt more special than other people, we come to the following bit of snippage:


Of course, many folk insist that The Da Vinci Code is hokum, and that Jesus was a lifelong bachelor with no time for dating, much like Kevin Spacey.


Spooky Superman – I was at Joann’s yesterday checking out the new yarns and scrapbook supplies and noticed they are selling a Superman Returns children’s Superman Halloween costume. There was no Lex Luthor costume however. They also had a large “kryptonite shard” that came with 2 extra large glow sticks to carry as a flashlight of sorts. It was about 10 inches long, I think.

I’ve heard that there’s a 2007 Superman Returns calendar out there somewhere but that it only has one picture of Lex Luthor. Maybe someone at Warner Bros. should ask me where they made their mistake with the commercial tie-ins for this movie.

Time Sure FliesI was looking over a few old pages that I’d removed from the navigation chart of the site in the past year and noticed that I had commented on the old site links page that I’d have it updated by the time Kevin was 47. Obviously, what I meant to say was by the time he is 57.

September 1, 2006

As I do every 4 months, I’ve moved the old news to the archives. All of the news updates from the past 4 months can be found in the News Archives.

Spacey fan Karen sent me an old theatre review for one of Kevin’s very early plays. His performance is called dull. The London theatre critics like to pummel him on a regular basis, but dull is never a word that’s used. I’ll add the review this weekend. Thanks to Spacey fan Karen.

I’ll also be adding a fan review for Superman Returns thanks to Spacey fan Cynthia.

“If I’m sick of me, I can only imagine how other people feel.”
– Kevin Spacey, Daily News Los Angeles, May 7, 2000