August 20, 2007

Kevin’s office at the Old Vic is cramped and has new grey carpet.

Saturday night’s movie chat will be K-PAX.

August 19, 2007

You can listen to both of Kevin’s songs on the Forever Cool album by scrolling through the song titles on the entrance page to the official Dean Martin site. Under the Music tab. Thanks to Joanne for the tip.

August 16, 2007

I had an email today from EMI that included a link to a press bit about Forever Cool and from the page that comes up, you can listen to Kevin and Dean singing King of the Road, however, for some reason I can’t get the link to post here. I don’t suppose anyone else got that email?

August 15, 2007

Movie chat Saturday night! In honor of the scorching summer heat, we will be watching and discussing The Ref. Link to the chat room is on the Map page. Bring your movie and your popcorn. That’s Saturday night at 9pm EST. The chat starts at 9pm, the movie will probably start a little bit later.

Well. This morning, emailed me to say that the Forever Cool CD/DVD combo that I ordered from them had been delayed for possibly a week according to Amazon. I thought I was going to have to wait a little longer to enjoy Kevin’s new album, er his songs on Dean Martin’s new album. But now Amazon tells me the order has shipped but that it is going to take a week to get here. Where the heck is it coming from that it will take a week in the mail?

Spacey fans Louise, Katie and Jen tell me that Kevin’s songs are very nice, there’s a small picture of Kevin on the CD’s jacket, that you can get the CD at Target, Best Buy and WalMart and Borders has the CD/DVD. Thank you ladies.

The Old Vic needs your votes again. This from the Old Vic today:

Old Vic through to Semi-Final!  Due in no small part to your wonderful support Somme Theatre has reached the semi-finals of the National Lottery Awards.

Votes have now been reset to zero so I need you to vote once again to ensure we win. To remind you the project worked with:

  • 100 children and community members worked as cast and crew on the project
  • 600 children took part in a schools workshop tour
  • 1500 people attended performances
  • 5000 schools received a related resource pack

Also remember that the Battle of the Somme was one of the most bloody ever fought with over 1 million casualties with a significant number of them teenagers under the minimum age of 19.

Winning the award will be a fitting tribute to both those that took part in the project and those died in the battle so please, please take a minute to vote and pass it on to all of your friends.

Steve Winter
Education and Community Manager

August 8, 2007

I’ve been reading this morning that there’s going to be a stage production of Swimming With Sharks with Christian Slater in Kevin’s role as Buddy Ackerman. I’m not “feelin’ it” as the expression goes.

Speaking of updating, I’m almost totally updated on the polls! Hold your applause please. I think I missed a bunch of poll responses from about, I hate to say it, 4 months ago, but other than those, everything should be up to date. As always, his chest hair gets a big thumbs up from his fans. I read not long ago that manly chest hair is out and a waxed, hairless chest is in. Not around these parts!

Next I will tackle the old site mail that I haven’t gotten around to replying to, although I do read everything that comes in, every day. I’m thinking there was something Old Vic related that I was going to mention, but now I can’t think of it. Maybe it will come to me later.

If you clicked the Dean Martin link below, you probably noticed that you could watch some of the “making of” thing. Kevin is seen here and there if you haven’t checked it out yet. Some fans have been saying they can’t get that to work, but maybe you’ll be luckier. I tried the Are You Cool Enough To Hang With Dino?? quiz. Turns out that if I answer truthfully, then no, I am not. My results said that I’m as cool as a turtleneck in the summer.

August 1, 2007

Something new which isn’t an oddball tabloid piece! You can listen to Kevin and Dean Martin singing Ain’t That a Kick in the Head from the upcoming duets album on the Dean Martin My Space page. I had a hard time picking Kevin out from Dean Martin at times. It sounds great.

July 31, 2007

There’s just nothing going on right now!

July 24, 2007

Kevin’s 48th birthday is on Thursday, but I am putting the annual greeting up today. Coincidentally, Thursday is also KevieBear’s birthday but he declines to give me his age other than to say there is a vast difference in age between him and his idol, Kevin Spacey. I have known him for about 5 or 6 years. K-Bear that is, not Kevin Spacey.


The Old Vic needs your votes for the Best Heritage Project.

One of these days I’m going to start updating the OV news page. Really! I mean it.

July 18, 2007

Who has money? According to the Savannah Morning News web site, the 1983 Jaguar XJS HE Coupe that Kevin drove to the cemetery in MGGE is going up for auction on ebay today. The car had belonged to the real Jim Williams and his sister is selling the car. I haven’t found the auction, it may not be up yet, but I’m interested to see if they mention in the ad that Kevin drove the car in a movie. *They do mention Kevin drove it in the film. Thanks to Darlene and Simone for the new info. I wonder how much it will go for? It’s already $20,000 out of my price range.

Spacey fan Linda directs us to the trailer for Fred Clause at where we can catch a glimpse of Kevin. The movie comes out in November. All I can say is Happy Birthday to me. Thank you Linda.

Two word holiday message for Kevin Spacey from his fans of the BTS concerts and CD. Christmas CD. How about a smooth Nat King Cole Christmas? Or a finger-snapping Dean Martin Christmas without the Rudy the Red Nosed Reindeer (makes me cringe when I hear it). Just a suggestion.

Spacey fan Mameko tells me that there are a few viewer reviews of the film 21 (after a test screening) at the imdb and that one of them says Kevin is in quite a bit of the film. Thank you Mameko.

July 11, 2007

Kevin hasn’t retired from his film career. We already knew that. He’s also officially committed to the next Superman movie. We knew that too. Variety now says that he’s started filming a movie called Telstar which is based on a British play about a real-life 1960’s record producer. I will be the first to admit that I have never heard of the play or the record producer and of the produced songs listed, only recognize the title song. Maybe you have to be British.

July 10, 2007

Quick note to Jo – use the UK address for your card.

Kevin’s reportedly back in England. I guess he couldn’t take the heat and humidity on the east coast and flew back. Very slow news these days. There was supposed to have been a quick glimpse of Kevin on ET last night during a bit on the Fred Clause film that is coming out in the fall, but I didn’t watch it so can’t tell you anything about it.

KevieBear has finally cracked under the excitement of meeting his idol at the BAT stage door. Poor KevieBear. His journey to the moon has officially ended and holds the record as his longest adventure ever.

Just 16 more days and Kevin Spacey will be two years away from the big 5-0. There’s a small counter on the calendar page keeping track of the days if anyone was wondering exactly how many days that is. The clock uses the time zone for the eastern US. I’d suggest that he should thank all of his devoted fans who have sat through some questionable movies for the past many years by sending them all autographed pictures commemorating his 50th birthday (he’d have time to stockpile if he started now) but the last time I named a few of those movies, I got mail from fans who liked them for reasons known only to them.

Ok, I can’t take the pressure either.

American Beauty, The Life of David Gale, Pay It Forward, Iron Will. There! I said it!

I do still have fond memories of the bag of candy corn I ate while watching PIF though, so all was not lost.

I just realized that I never put the January – March news updates in the news archives. This must be a very long page. I’d better take care of that later in the week. More stage door pics from Moon will be added later in the week.

July 7, 2007

Tonight at 10pm on E!, Kevin’s SNL from last year. Repeats at 1am. This one makes me laugh for a reason not many other people would know about. Right, chat fans?

July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans! As you spend the day grilling hotdogs and hamburgers, getting sunburned waiting for the parade to pass you by, fighting with your visiting relatives and counting the hours until it gets dark and you can watch the fireworks, ponder this spacey little tidbit from UK Spacey fan Jenny –

<The Guardian published a supplement entitled ‘The Glasto Fanzine’ at the weekend, in connection to the Glastonbury Festival. One of the contributers was Stephen Merchant, he of co-writer of ‘The Office’ fame. I quote, “The strangest celebrity I saw was Kevin Spacey watching Babyshambles. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses with one lens missing. Pretty impressive, right?”>

Several thoughts spring to mind, but I’ll keep them to myself for now. Big thanks to Jenny for that.

Rumor has it that Kevin was looking and sounding well-rested and in great spirits at the 24 Hours play thing in NYC the other night. He is also reported to be sporting a very short haircut and looking extremely fine. Staring down his 48th birthday must be agreeing with him. That would be July 26, for anyone who was about to ask.

July 2, 2007

The mouse has so far eluded capture. It is apparently the only mouse ever born that doesn’t like cheese or peanut butter. It hasn’t been seen since Thursday evening when I was going to bravely update the polls and it ran right into the side of my foot, resulting in my not updating the polls. I don’t know if it has gone back from wherever it came from or is hiding out in the basement multiplying it’s numbers. Either way, it’s not easy to type with two fingers while glancing down and holding your feet off the floor.

Oh, did I mention that Kevin is in New York? He’s the emcee at the 24 Hour Plays: Old Vic New Voices event there tonight. Sorry, but it is sold out. has a lovely picture of him as well as more information.

June 27, 2007

Um, I’ll update the site and the polls again once we catch the mouse that ran in front of the desk this morning. Sounds like it’s time to drag out the Kevin Catches a Mouse poll. But not right now!

June 26, 2007

Holy-bajoley! An update on the Dean Martin duets CD  Dean Martin: Forever Cool has a worldwide release date of August 14. More about the CD, DVD, digital downloads and comments from Kevin can be found here. Capitol Records’ web site indicates that the album will be available from, WalMart and some place called Coconuts. Amazon is showing the CD w/DVD for $25 plus shipping and the CD is $19 plus shipping and is now available for pre-order. I don’t know if Kevin is on the DVD. *Hey! Kevin was holding out on us! I just noticed that he has 2 selections on this album! Ain’t That A Kick In The Head, as he’d previously mentioned and… King of the Road? That must have originally been on some kind of Dean Martin Sings Roger Miller album or something.

Just so you know, if I see another one of those extremely irritating caveman commercials, I’m going to go completely out of my mind! They’re like fingernails screeeeeching on a chalkboard

June 25, 2007

Now we read that rumors of Kevin’s retirement from acting were exaggerated.

Kevin was spotted at the muddy Glastonbury Festival in England and in spite if his allegedly saying that he hadn’t been recognized, more than a few reporters mention seeing him there.

BTW – Kevin’s new signature word is…. drum roll please…. delighted.

He’s scheduled to be back in NYC tomorrow.

Still no word on when or where the Dean Martin duets CD is going to show up.

I had pictures to go with what is currently the last page of KevieBear’s Moon adventure, but can’t find the folder they were saved in.

June 20, 2007

Newest reports have Kevin no longer wanting to be a movie star.

June 19, 2007

There seem to be conflicting news bits from all over the world concerning Kevin and his acting career. Depending on the piece, he has turned his back on Hollywood, has lost interest in acting, has only lost interest in his movie career, has no desire to continue on the stage, is cutting back on the movies to focus on the stage, is leaving film to focus on being the artistic director of the Old Vic with occasional forays onto the stage, or has officially retired from acting altogether (I must have missed that press release from his publicist’s office). You’d almost think this was wishful thinking on the part of the entertainment press.

June 16, 2007

A special Spacey message for you – Kevin Spacey sends his very best to his fans on the site. More about that on the chat tonight

I caught Al Pacino on Larry King last night and it would appear that Looking For Richard is going to be part of a Pacino DVD set. No mention if it would be available by itself. Darn!

June 14, 2007

You may notice the site seems to be working again. I don’t know why. I just hope my latest update hasn’t caused the problems to start all over again. I’m starting to wonder if I need to make the text slightly larger. Or change the news page font. I’m not saying that I’m having trouble reading the small letters or anything, mind you. Maybe something like this would be better.

Oh! There’s something Spacey to report! Kevin has apparently done yet another quick interview in which he mentions his plans to direct his career more towards theater than movies but somehow this has mutated and spread around various sites until it reads that Kevin Spacey has TOTALLY GIVEN UP ACTING NOW AND FOREVER AND EVER. In the meantime fans are planning their trips to see him at the Old Vic in Speed-the-Plow in early 2008 and anxiously await word that Superman II has started filming.

I also wanted to mention a small item from the Gotham magazine interview that seems to have caused some extreme criticism in certain arenas on the web. Not among his fans, but from others.

It was the comment that he answers all of his fan mail. First off, *I* reserve the right to be his crankiest critic. Second, we all know that it is physically impossible for him to answer every single piece of fan mail that he receives. I believe the ratio of answered fan mail to unanswered fan mail is leaning slightly in the wrong direction. So having said that, I am going to presume to know what he really meant and will now put words in his mouth.

I believe the emphasis should have been on the word *I* instead of the word *all*, as in *I* answer every piece of fan mail that is answered, not that he answers *all* of the mail. He had said that in an earlier interview. Glad I could clear that up. Unless he really meant he answers *all* of his mail in which case I suggest he might want to cut back on the vodka a bit as it’s effecting his short term memory.

Still no word on the release date for the Dean Martin CD.

June 11, 2007

Kevin has won the 2007 Spacey award in the category of Best Villain for his portrayal of Lex Luthor. This from the CNW Group: TORONTO, June 10 /CNW/ – The results are in! The winners of The 2007 SPACEY Awards, the only broadcast event in Canada that honours the best in genre entertainment, were announced tonight on SPACE. Superman Returns was this year’s big winner, grabbing three SPACEY awards for Best Comic Book Adaptation, Best Heroic Performance and Best Villain – the latter award going to Kevin Spacey, who upon receiving his first SPACEY agreed not to sue the channel for using his name if SPACE promised to give him an award every year.

Kevin offers a taped testimonial during the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award tribute to Al Pacino which will air on the USA network on June 19.

In more taped Spacey news, if MTV shows the MTV movie awards again, Kevin was spotted in a taped bit there too.

The polls seem to be working now but the results are taking about 5 hours to get back to me instead of the few minutes it would normally take. Navigation buttons still not there, page banners still invisible. I guess I’m going to have to forgo the cute banners and helpful navigation buttons that my program uses and even though I don’t care for the look, for now, until I have a chance to try to find some nice banners and buttons from another source I can use, I’m just going to throw some text at the tops of the pages and use hover buttons for the navigation.

Some fans who use web-tv have told me in the past that they can’t get hover buttons to work and if that’s the case, I guess it doesn’t matter right now since there aren’t any navigation buttons on the site at all. It may take quite a while to get every page fixed up with their corresponding buttons though. The last time I counted there were more than 250 pages and that was quite a while ago.

The program I use automatically sets up the buttons and I’m having to do these manually. What a pain in the butt! So far you can go up to the Map and over to the calendar page from this page and go up to the entrance page from the Map page. This could take quite some time!

June 10, 2007

Moon is no more. But Kevin is supposed to be a presenter at the Tony awards tonight, don’t forget.

June 7, 2007

As you can see, I still haven’t been able to fix whatever is keeping the page banners and navigation buttons from appearing and some of the various forms from working. It LOOKS like the polls are working, however, I’m not getting the responses the way I’m supposed to. I’ll check the form reply addresses later. The confirmation forms may not be working, but the Spacey pictures still look good!

I am at a complete loss as to what to do at this point. I’ve spent so much time battling with the program I use that I’m afraid KevieBear’s journey is a bit behind, but it will be continuing very soon.

There are a few Spacey bits to report. It appears that Looking For Richard is finally coming to DVD in this country. I don’t know when though. Amazon is not taking orders yet and doesn’t show a release date. The Dean Martin duets CD Kevin sings on isn’t showing up anywhere either, even though he said it was supposed to be available on Father’s Day. The release has obviously been held up.

Kevin is going to be the keynote speaker at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts graduation ceremony in NYC on June 26. I challenge Kevin Spacey to make a public speech and not a make a joke about getting drunk, being drunk, or planning to be drunk!

Back to how Kevin looks in pictures for a second. Why was he so severely airbrushed in the Gotham magazine photos? I know *he* can hardly do an interview anymore where he doesn’t mention the words youth or young in some way or other (Fifty is looking closer every day, huh?), but his devoted fans of a similar age like him wrinkled and baggy-eyed. The last time a magazine felt the need to airbrush the character out of his face, I felt compelled to write him a fan letter of sorts, telling him that I certainly hoped he wasn’t having work done since there are already too many pretty boy actors out there and we don’t need another one. I’ve managed to keep away from my stationery and stamps this time.

June 2 – 3, 2007

I’ve changed servers and am now trying to fix the problems that are left, such as all the files not having loaded and the entrance page missing. *Update – still having the same problems as yesterday but an Italian spam feedback managed to get through, don’t ask me how. I’m going to remove the feedback form until the other problems have been resolved.

May 29, 2007

Ok. Attempts to republish yesterday failed altogether. So I will try again today. *Scratch that. For some reason I can publish regular updates but there’s a problem with republishing the entire site. I’m going to be moving the site to a new server hopefully by the end of the week, so if the site disappears for a few days, that’s why.

Get yourself to a Barnes & Noble to get that Gotham magazine. It *is* sold outside of New York. My local store had the magazine with Orlando Bloom on the cover on Friday and by yesterday had switched to Kevin’s issue. They only had two copies and one had a torn cover. It’s the Summer 2007 issue.

May 27, 2007

I’m going to be republishing the site in its entirety either tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday in an effort to fix the problems with the page banners, navigation buttons and various forms such as the polls and feedback forms.

May 23, 2007

Kevin will be a presenter at the Tony Awards show on June 10. Usually shown on PBS followed by 3 hours on CBS

Kevin has the cover and a short interview in Gotham magazine.  I don’t know if it can be found outside of New York City. he has some interesting things to say about fans. I swear I’ve only written about 5 times in the past 9 years, if you don’t count the annual holiday and birthday cards, the Lex Luthor M&Ms, the roses for his BTS concert tour and the callas for the start of Moon and I’ve only spoken to him (sort of) in person one time eight years ago. I can’t speak for the rest of you!

May 18, 2007

Good lord, it has taken me almost 2 weeks to be able to publish anything! Publishing problems again. I am sitting in a hotel near Fort Bragg, N.C. trying to update using my new flash thingie and a borrowed laptop so we’ll see what happens. The page banners and navigation buttons are all missing again, as you no doubt have noticed. I’m trying to figure that out. The forms don’t work either so no polls or feedback work.

Boy are we totally behind now. Kevin was on Charlie Rose last week. I missed it. He is scheduled to be on Letterman again on the 25th. A new appearance. I’m afraid I was unable to post the following press bit before the occasion occurred.

Oscar prize-winner Kevin Spacey will be appearing exclusively on the virtual stage on the 16th of May 2007. On this day his short play “The Interrogation of Leo and Lisa” will be performed for the first time for the internet community, concerning itself with a single question: what is the secret of Mona Lisa’s smile?

I’m afraid that Kevin did not receive a Tony nomination for his role in “Moon” but his co-star Eve Best did. I have it on good authority however, that he is the frontrunner for the 2007 Best Kevin award. His stage door performance of May 12 clenched it. Congratulations Kevin Spacey!

I have managed to add the link to page 4 of KevieBear’s Journey to the bottom of page 3 now. Page 5 will hopefully appear as soon as I get back home and have a chance to add some pictures. I have a feeling Page 7 or 8 is going to be the most fun of all!