December 26, 2007

The elves are gone now so I have removed the links. Maybe they will return next year.

KevieBear returns in a short holiday journey vignette! A KevieBear Christmas.

December 15, 2007

MOVIE CHAT!! Tonight and next Saturday, we will be having The Ref movie chats in honor of the holidays. Chat room, 9pm EST.

There is a large, color picture of Kevin and Uma Thurman rehearsing that Nobel concert thing in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. Page twelve, I think.

Plus, I’m reading that Kevin has an interview and pictures in the new issue of Interview magazine. I couldn’t find it on the stands today so it may not be out yet. Thanks to Joanne for that info.

** Just added – Spacey fan Linda tells me that Kevin is one of the questions on the Q&A page of tomorrow’s Parade newspaper supplement, along with a small picture. I don’t have my Sunday inserts yet so I don’t know which picture they use.

And now, on to the annoying fan of the week. Whoever has been spamming the write-in polls with the very long, strange, rambling Spacey related whatever-you-call-them posts, please stop. My only guesses as to the reason for them are:

#1 – You need to adjust your meds.
#2 – You need to spend more time on your homework and less time on the Internet.
#3 – Honestly Kevin, you’re too old for this kind of behavior.

December 7, 2007

Sure is cold out there! I don’t think we’ve ever had snow and ice this early in the season before. I could have done without it until February.

I hadn’t realized that the link for the Feedback form was still on the Map page until someone emailed me a few weeks ago. I had removed the page quite a while ago due to spamming and never put it back. I wonder how many people were going to use the feedback form to anonymously tell me and/or Kevin Spacey that he deserves to die for treason for meeting with the president of Venezuela but got an error message instead? I have removed the link.

Kevin and Uma Thurman are going to co-host the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway on December 11. The concert is scheduled to be on TV on December 13. Thanks to Joni.

Kevin’s movie 21 has finished filming.

Triggerstreet is now allowing people to download plays onto their site. That could be interesting. I used to get emails from people who wanted me to produce their plays on the stage and would get testy when I told them I’m not Kevin Spacey and when they’d ask me to do it anyway, would get even more miffed when I’d tell them that I’m not “in the business”. Good luck,!

November 27, 2007

Wow. I hadn’t realized that it had been so long since I updated the news page. As you can see, very little is happening right now!

November 6, 2007

Good news to report to the fans who attend the Saturday night chats. Spacey fan Laura’s cat Mickey has turned up safely after being missing for the past month! He went back to their old house where he was spotted by one of the neighbors. He was gone for a month and a day. We know she was very worried and she’ll tell everyone all the details at the next chat.

There are several interviews floating around out there that Kevin did for the Fred Claus PR.

November 5, 2007 Pardon my shouting but, HEY PEOPLE AT THE OLD VIC! DID YOU KNOW YOU’RE OFF THE AIR?

I apologize for that. Their site has been offline for several days and fans who were looking for tickets to Kevin’s next play were becoming concerned. I’m sure they’ll be back online very soon.

It would appear that Kevin will *not* be on Leno for my birthday after all due to the strike by the Hollywood writers. Leno will be showing reruns until further notice.

I know, I know. It’s all well and good that these people are concerned about sending their kids to college, paying their mortgages and putting food on the table, as well as rightly feeling they should be getting a piece of the action considering how much money networks and producers and studios make off their work so why shouldn’t they be pocketing a larger share of the profits. But I have to say it. It’s not just about them. Some of it is about me.

What makes you cry at the movies? Kevin’s picture was in the Washington Post yesterday and it wasn’t the old b/w picture of him with the little poodle that the newspaper likes to drag out every so often. No, this was a very large color picture from American Beauty and was in the Style & Arts section accompanying an article called Watch ‘Em and Weep. It was about what makes people cry at the movies and why different people cry at different things and they ponder whether being either male or female makes a difference. They also included some examples submitted by readers who attended an online chat and one of them, a Renee Roberts of Fort Collins, Colorado had this to say:

American Beauty –  “I saw this three times and every single time, had to stay in my seat several minutes because I was not just crying, I was bawling. Even now, just imagining Kevin Spacey saying, ‘I can’t help but feel grateful for every minute of my stupid little life,’ and ‘You don’t understand now, but you will’ chokes me up. How much have I not noticed, how much am I not appreciating because I’m blind and angry and upset about the other things? Why do I only get it in brief glimpses here and there?”

Ok, me here again. I just don’t get what everyone else saw in this movie. I saw it three times in the theater too, and I remember the second time trying to read the time on my watch and wondering if this movie was ever going to be over. Another guy in this article was deeply moved by a scene from The Incredibles and yet another was moved by Star Trek: The Search For Spock and another woman found a scene from Terminator 2: Judgment Day to be worthy of some tears. Interesting.

No one mentioned Ordinary People. That one makes me cry from the first note of music at the start of the film. Some guy mentioned the last scene from It’s a Wonderful Life when George Bailey’s brother says George is the richest man in town. I tend to tear up at the very beginning when all the people who love George are asking God to save George and when George wants to live because if he was never born his family doesn’t exist and the scene in Gone With The Wind when Rhett and Scarlett’s little daughter has died of a broken neck and Mammy and Melanie are on the stairs and Mammy is crying and… and the scene in that cheesy Lana Turner movie about the woman and her maid raising their daughters and at the end when the one woman’s daughter is crying and throwing herself at the hearse carrying her dead mother and… I can’t type anymore. I can’t type with two fingers and cry at the same time. I’ll have to finish my Spacey related updates later.

November 2, 2007

Check your HBO listings for a show called Fred Claus: HBO First Look. It’s a short “making of” type of thing and while he’s not interviewed, Kevin is seen in clips from the movie and the making of the movie. It was on last night but was too late for me to post it. I would imagine it will be on again.

Spacey fan Linda reminds me that the possibly looming writers strike in Hollywood, could effect Leno which could mean no Kevin next Friday night.

October 30, 2007

holiday_candy_cane_swinging_lg_clr“I despise reindeer.” – New Kevin Spacey film quote.

Official Fred Claus web site has a few shots of Kevin. Click on Photos, Video and Cast.

Audio Warning! If you spend more than a few minutes at the site, I promise you that you will be hearing those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-a-tingling too. ALL DAY LONG!! I tried to use the Music Off button at the top of the page but instead of silence, I had what sounded like 2 or 3 songs playing over each other.

October 29, 2007

Spacey fan Judith informs me that Kevin is scheduled to be on The Tonight Show (Leno) on November 9th. TV-NOW confirms this. He is just so sweet! Doing a new TV interview just so I can see him on my birthday.

Well… unless he’s doing it because his newest movie hits the theaters that day. And that 24 Hour Plays gala thing is two days later. Which I suppose is also possible.

Big thanks to Judith.

October 27, 2007

Any day now I’m going to be getting back to work on the Old Vic News page, but until I do: Tickets may still be available for the 24 Hour Plays thing. Cute picture of Kevin on their official e-flyer (to the right). And tickets are on sale for his own next play ‘Speed The Plow’ and I’m still not sure what it’s about and the title doesn’t give any hints.


October 26, 2007

Now we are Se7en. Get it? Se7en? Well, never mind. It seemed ironically funny at 5am after a can of Coke and a package of frosted cherry pop tarts for breakfast. In any event, in honor of today being the site’s anniversary, tomorrow night’s movie chat will be a special party chat. I thought about scheduling Seven, but that’s just too gruesome for me right now and we’d have to forward through the entire movie to get to John Doe because quite frankly, the only thing worse than the gore is having to watch and listen to Brad Pitt for almost 2 hours. I’d almost rather sit through Ameri… what am I saying? Back to the subject at hand. No movie scheduled, just Spacey chat if anyone can think of anything Spacey to chat about.

I finally saw a Fred Claus commercial that has Kevin in it. I also heard one of Kevin’s Honda ads during the same commercial break. Those were both on TV last night.

October 24, 2007

On Friday, October 26th, Driving Mr. Spacey! will be 7 years old! Are you as amazed as I am?

Kevin is currently in Florida filming ‘Recount’ for HBO and Fred Claus comes out on November 9.

October 12, 2007

The movie for tomorrow night’s movie chat will be Swimming With Sharks.

October 8, 2007

There is a clip of the interview Kevin did, on the BBC site. The bald spot is definitely still there, but isn’t nearly as noticeable as it normally would be. Was it causing a blinding flash of light under the studio lights and they had to add a layer of makeup? Or did he undergo some kind of bald spot shrinking procedure while he was in Cuba? I thought it a bit odd that while there was a lot of press attention given to his trip to “the other place” his trip to Cuba had only a very few short mentions.

Go to the BBC site and do a Spacey search or go directly to the Spacey search page and click on the video link on the right side of the page titled “Spacey ‘one day’ plays start.

Thanks to Joanne and Michelle.

October 6, 2007

UK Spacey fan Vivienne tells me that Kevin was seen on the news in a taped piece (pre-filmed interview that is, not a toupee taped to his head) talking about the 24 Hours plays and his next play (for which the general public can now buy tickets, btw) and he said he chose London as his home because it is the cultural center of Europe. But more importantly, she gave me a rundown on his appearance which is what many of you were probably wanting to know about. He was relaxed, smiling and looked well but Vivienne says the back of his head “wasn’t shining”. Hmmmm. Interesting.

I was going to put a new entrance page picture up for Autumn, but have decided to use last year’s Halloween themed picture instead. Many fans liked the devilish charm of Mr. Spacey. A few thought I had made him look satanic.

October 4, 2007

The South Bank Show is the name of the UK TV show that was to be following Kevin around while he goes through the day being Kevin Spacey, Artistic Director and filming him for one of their upcoming episodes. Thank you to Richard.

September 30, 2007

Let’s see if we can get back on track here. First up we’ll address the picture above. I *have* received a few emails about things other than “you know” this past week and this picture is one of them. Fans do seem to be enjoying it. Old-timers will no doubt remember when it first hit the web and someone on one of the old fan lists said it wasn’t him because he doesn’t have arm muscles, I immediately jumped to his defense and said that was too him, you could see that he was pushing the flat muscle in his arm up with the back of his hand, thereby making it appear he was more muscular.

Kevin will be filming an HBO movie about the Florida vote recount in the 2000 election. He’ll be Ronald Klain, Al Gore’s former chief of staff. The movie is called Recount.

I was noticing last night that when you click on the link farther down the page that was supposed to take you to an older interview with Kevin in Gotham magazine, it takes you to their latest issue’s interview with Jodie Foster. I’m not sure you can access the article online anymore.

September 26, 2007

Ok. Now he’s in Cuba. Please see post below for further instructions.

September 26, 2007


I guess everyone knows by now that Kevin met and had a private meeting with Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela a few days ago. A very controversial move on his part, it would seem. I’m sure that whatever his reasons were, he never dreamed that it would result in the kind and gentle owner of his biggest fan site who is just barely recovered from being very sick (cough, cough) receiving some very mean-spirited and obnoxious emails.

Now granted, most have been addressed to him. But since he doesn’t read them, it means that *I* am the one who is having to open emails that say he should be executed, that he’s a traitor to his country… you get the idea.

I have no problem with someone emailing the site with their opinions on anything he says or does. Good or bad. Anyone who has been around for a long time knows that I tend to be his toughest critic. I enjoy reading what people have to say. Even the people who think he’s gone crazy and don’t like his politics and swear to never pay to see another one of his movies now.  And I am more than happy to give anyone information on how they might be able to contact him if they want to write something directly to him. But please, don’t send anymore emails to the site’s email addy telling me he should be killed or anything else along those lines.


Saturday night’s movie chat will once again be The Usual Suspects as we never watched it a few weeks ago.

September 22, 2007

I haven’t updated the site lately because I’ve been sick, but hope to have the polls updated soon.

Tickets are on sale for Kevin’s next play at the Old Vic, Speed-The-Plow, if you are a Friend of the Old Vic. Tickets go on sale to the general public on September 30.

September 11, 2007

The movie for Saturday’s movie chat will be The Usual Suspects.

September 8, 2007

Tonight’s movie for the chat is The Big Kahuna.

Kevin’s supposed to be followed around by a TV crew for some TV show or something in London.