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Where did I get the picture to the left? It must have come off the Internet in the past few weeks but I don’t remember where it came from.

Kevin’s new film “21” was the number one film at the box office for it’s opening weekend. The new issue of Entertainment Weekly has a 2 page review of the film that includes a small color photo of Kevin.~

Here’s something for the European fans to watch for at the end of the week:

Press Release

Fans of the career and acting craft of Kevin Spacey may be excited to know that KEVIN SPACEY will be on the cover of the next STYLE JOURNAL Magazine, which hits newsstands across Europe this Friday, 4th April.

The magazine will be inserted in every copy of The Wall Street Journal Europe issue on-sale throughout Europe, and select outlets in the Middle East.

But fans anywhere in the world can order a copy of STYLE JOURNAL Magazine for $10 (€5 in Europe) by contacting the Subscriber Relations team at subs.wsje@dowjones.com or by phoning +32-2-741-1414.

STYLE JOURNAL is a quarterly leisure magazine available free with The Wall Street Journal Europe. Printed on high quality glossy paper, the 4th April issue will be a great collector’s item for Kevin Spacey fans.

Thanks to Kay and trill!

  Larger version of cover! And the original press release ad! Kevin always looks great surrounded by blue, doesn’t he?

Due to family health issues taking up a lot of time, I haven’t been able to work on my annual April Fools joke for the site tomorrow. BTW, I do apologize to the fan who told me he fell for the joke I put on the Moon news page last year. You remember it, don’t you? Something about having to go to the box office to get a ticket to stand at the stage door because of the expected crowds and to make it easier for you, I had a copy of the ticket you could print out. You just had to get it stamped and then you’d click on the link and the page told you it was an April Fool joke? And I was having problems with my site and the link didn’t load properly and some people weren’t able to see that part of it? This fan told me when he went to the box office they had no idea what he was talking about. I truly am sorry for that. Fortunately, Spacey fans have a wonderful sense of humor. Uh, right?

While we wait for next year, how about a recycled joke? Let’s see.. how about this one from 2005? Newer fans may not have seen it.

April 1, 2005 – Kevin can’t catch a break in the UK

How did this get past me? One of the UK fans sent me a news item from one of the London gossip rags in which Kevin is accused of standing up a group of fans who “won” him in an Old Vic fundraiser drawing. Apparently he was supposed to play tennis with them one morning but never showed up. One of the women was quoted as saying they went out and bought new tennis outfits and now they all felt like old maids waiting for a date who never arrived. Ouch! 

Here’s the link to the full story – Daily Miror

March 25, 2008 – **NOTICE** My web host is giving advance notice that they are changing servers at the end of the week. This means the site will be offline for 48 hours or more. Hopefully the site will be back online and working with few problems fairly quickly after that.

Kevin’s new movie 21 opens on Friday as well.

For anyone who has the chat room itself bookmarked and doesn’t have to go through the link on the site, Saturday’s Beyond the Sea chat has been rescheduled for March 29.

March 22, 2008 – Special holiday weekend movie chat for tonight. Beyond The Sea. Bring your own DVD and popcorn to the DMS chat room, 9pm EST.

March 11, 2008 – Big sigh. I’ve been informed by the charity that was auctioning off Kevin’s jacket on ebay last week, that the jacket and several other celebrity items were the victim of an ebay scam involving a stolen ebay identity and this is why the auction was cancelled at the last minute. The jacket is being auctioned again starting this evening at 7pm (UK time?) and can be found at the same link as below. Bidders will be asked to provide some sort of identification to be pre-approved for bidding. I know that a few of the fans that enjoy this site were bidding on the jacket and I’ve been assured that this will be a simple process for anyone who wants to try again. www.stores.ebay.co.uk/sense-clothing 21 premier You can watch the live webcast world premier for Kevin’s film 21 tomorrow night (March 12 at 7pm PST) by clicking on the link on the 21 web site. http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/21/index.html

Did you know that one of the posters for the movie had a picture of Kevin on the jack card? Why that’s not on their web site, I don’t know. The movie opens March 28.

Hmm I’m scratching my head over this next one. I was reading last week that the next play Kevin is going to direct himself is a play about the Rolling Stones. Why?

I guess that would be at the Old Vic, but I couldn’t swear to that.

March 1, 2008 – I guess it’s too late to make my annual Oscar predictions. It’s also too late for the American Beauty Academy Awards chat I was going to have last Saturday night. Darn! And everyone knows that’s my favorite Spacey film. Maybe next year.

Got money?


Kevin Spacey Donates Signed Versace Jacket to deafblind charity. Do you fancy wearing clobber from your favourite stars, but think that stealing clothes from their washing lines takes fan-dom too far? Or do you have a lust for the celebrity look but don’t quite have the wallet-power to match?

Step forward national deafblind charity Sense with a surprise pop-up celebrity charity boutique from March 4th –7th. Kevin Spacey is leading the way by donating a much sought after, signed Versace white leather jacket.

Plus Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Judi Dench, Ewan McGregor, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Graham Norton, Corinne Bailey Rae and Roisin Murphy have also donated their favourite clothes to raise money for people who are both deaf and blind.

Jane Arnell from Sense says: “When we asked show-business’ finest to give us the clothes off their backs – they literally did. Their clothes will become a charity auction with a difference. All the celeb items will be displayed instore, so you can check out the gear for yourself at 70 Marchmont Street London WC1 N1AB (two mins from Russell Square tube).

Or even easier visit www.stores.ebay.co.uk/sense-clothing and bid online.” And if all that isn’t enough there are many other bargains in store to buy. Fab gear donated by Alexander McQueen, Helmut Lang, Harrods, Selfridges, Frost French, Coast, BHS will ensure that you too can dress like an A-lister. All non-celebrity items can be bought instore – there’s no need to bid.

Do a search for Kevin Spacey and his jacket pops up.

February 13, 2008 – Due to time constraints, I’m afraid I’ve been forced to recycle used.. er, I mean previously viewed.. valentine greetings. Plus I am forced to recycle them a day early.

February 10, 2008 – A quick note until I have a chance to update the news later today. Kevin is a scheduled presenter at the BAFTA awards this evening. It will be shown in the US tonight on BBC America followed by 2 repeats. Thanks to Joanne for the reminder. Don’t forget to check your local listings in case the times are different in your time zone.

8pm – 10:30pm,  10:30pm – 1am,  1am -3:30am

And something to read while you wait. A review of Speed-The-Plow sent to me by Spacey fan Andrew who kindly answered my question about the title the other day.

West End Whingers

You can also check out the new web site for Kevin’s next film “21”.

21 at sony pictures

Sigh. Can a hit counter be spammed? Miraculously, there were over 235,000 hits overnight. I have reset the counter to what it was the last time I had logged on to the site yesterday.

*Well, whoever did whatever they did to the hit counter, I’ve had to remove the counter from the entrance page because the counter went up over a thousand hits just as I was trying to re-publish the change to the entrance page and suddenly I couldn’t publish the site with the hit counter on it due to a change made to the page file by “unknown”. I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the half million hits. Thanks a bunch whoever you are.

February 6, 2008 – The hit counter on the entrance page passed the half million mark this morning. Years ago when I was so excited to see 500 hits, I never imagined the day would come when there would be 500,000.

February 4, 2008 – I have finally started a section for Speed-The-Plow however, so far it is only one page. I have also started updating the Old Vic Theatre News page.

Thanks to Spacey fans Donna and Andrew, I now have an answer to the question I asked a few days ago –

From David Mamet in an interview with the Chicago Tribune on February 19, 1989:

“I remembered the saying that you see on a lot of old plates and mugs: ‘Industry produces wealth, God speed the plow.’ This, I knew, was a play about work and about the end of the world, so ‘Speed-the-Plow’ was perfect because not only did it mean work, it meant having to plow under and start over again.”

February 2, 2008 – It’s been longer than I thought since I updated the site! Something for the UK fans – Kevin and the cast of Speed-The-Plow will be on the Richard & Judy show on either Monday the 4th or Friday the 8th. Not sure which. Thanks to Sue and Vivienne.

The play started yesterday and runs through April 26. There are a couple of pictures to be found on the Old Vic web site. www.oldvictheatre.com Does anyone know what the title means?

Did anyone else read the article the other day in which the writer discouraged people from buying tickets before the play had even started because he says the play itself isn’t any good no matter who is doing it? Used to be that they’d wait until Kevin’s plays started before they told people how bad they were.

I shall try to update some of the polls today or tomorrow. I’m only about… oh, I’d say 4 months… behind. I guess it’s too late to start the Christmas 2007 poll.