August 30, 2008


OK, so maybe no one but me has ever given it a thought but…. An incredible HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY! to my parents today. Wow. If I can ever get to my scanner again, I’ll post one of their wedding photos.

August 29, 2008 – Kevin has been traveling the world going to movie festivals. He’s recently been in Bosnia and next will attend the Deauville festival.

August 9, 2008 – A quick TV update for the next few weeks (Thanks to Spacey fan Laura for the info!)-

Sunday, August 10 AMC’s Sunday Morning Shootout

Friday, August 15th – 8:30 p.m. The Peter Strafinowicz Show on Video Game TV (G4) Kevin Spacey teaches a group of acting students.

Wednesday, August 20th – 09:00 a.m. (or whatever time it’s on in your area) Regis & Kelly(this is a repeat).

July 26, 2008 – As often happens, I’m wishing a very happy co-birthday to Kevin Spacey and his mirror image, KevieBear.

birthday 49

Only 11 more years and Kevin will be 60!!!

July 20, 2008 – Congratulations to Kevin and TriggerStreet productions. Kevin was nominated for an EMMY for his work on the HBO movie “Recount. The movie had 11 nominations. Now I guess we will be hoping this is a televised award and if it is, that Kevin will appear. Kevin has never been nominated for an EMMY. Did anyone else have a flashback to the old commercial with Rita Moreno?

Big week Spacey fans.

Tuesday 7/22 – 21 DVD release
Friday 7/25 – Kevin scheduled to be on The Tonight Show. Sounds like a night for star power. Their listing also shows Triumph The Insult Comic Dog and The Gong Show
Saturday 7/26 – Kevin’s 49th birthday!

This calls for a movie chat. Assuming I can stay awake until 9pm, I think we will have a Special Spacey Birthday Chat. Let’s see… how about … The Big Kahuna! Saturday at 9pm in the DMS chat room.

Spacey fan Carla reminds me that in the fall of 2010, Kevin is to narrate an 8 hour documentary series on PBS called On Record: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

shuttle13KEVIEBEAR IN SPACE! Here they are KevieBear fans! The latest installments of KevieBear’s Journey. **I will add those very soon –

In KevieBear Hearts Hillary, KevieBear tires of waiting for Kevin Spacey to offer him a job at the Old Vic and decides to go it alone with unfortunate results. And in KevieBear Goes Space-y, KevieBear takes a temporary job while he waits for his big break and is “discovered” by a film producer. *Coming very soon.

(Pssst. Don’t tell anyone but an indie space film thing was shot at the place where I work and KevieBear sold his soul to get onto the set. So you might want to, you know, click on the links in the Space-y story. This was actually an episode of something called Starship Farragut which is based on the original Star Trek TV show. Components of the control panel used in the episode are from the original set on the bridge of the Enterprise. A lot of fun to see up close as KevieBear would tell you.)~

Oh. There’s some Kevin Spacey news too. There’s an ad for the DVD release of 21 in the new Entertainment Weekly. The movie will be on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 22. The ad says the 2 disc DVD includes a bonus digital copy of the film which can be played on your PC or PSP. Plus the special features includes 3 behind the scenes featurettes and exclusive to the Blu-Ray disc is a virtual blackjack game.

Now on to the cover of this DVD release. Guess whose face is being used to sell the disc? The face that was rarely seen in ads for the film when it was in the theaters, that’s who. Kevin Spacey. He is the Ace of hearts with the other cast members behind him and Lawrence Fishburne is the Jack of clubs. Sadly, Kevin appears to be slightly airbrushed in the ad itself but not so much in the photo of the cover at Amazon.

KEVIN’S 49TH BIRTHDAY IS ON JULY 26TH! I guess we know what’s coming next year, don’t we?

June 29, 2008 – There will be a Usual Suspects movie chat on Saturday night in the chat room. Bring your own movie and popcorn. Movie starts promptly at 9:15pm EST.

Kevin has been in California filming a new movie called Shrink, about a troubled pot-smoking (what else?) psychiatrist. I can’t tell from descriptions of the movie whether it is a comedy or drama. Who can tell from a film synopsis anymore?

June 17, 2008 – A new 2-disc special edition DVD of L.A. Confidential is coming out in September. No word on extras.

Kevin is filming a new movie for Triggerstreet productions. It’s currently called “Shrink”. No word on when it will be released.

June 14, 2008 – Good news KevieBear fans! KevieBear is about to make a triumphant return. Two new adventures are coming within the week. KevieBear Hearts Hillary and KevieBear Goes Space-y.

Kevin Spacey will be joining the judging panel for Virgin Media Shorts, the first ever short film competition to run across four screens – TV, cinema, mobile and computer. The competition aims to find the best up and coming British film makers.

Leading film and stage actor and Artistic Director at the Old Vic Theatre, Kevin Spacey will also be joined by:

Oscar-nominated short film director, Daniel Barber

Founder and chairman of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson

Lenny Crooks, Head of the New Cinema Fund of the UK Film Council

Kevin_Spacey2Kevin Spacey commented: “I am delighted to be joining the judging panel for Virgin Media Shorts. This competition will provide a terrific opportunity for emerging talent to find a shop window for their work and it’s great that Virgin Media are supporting British film in this way. The film business is only as strong as the talent it attracts and It’s really important that we find new ways of engaging young filmmakers and showcasing their ideas and creativity. I’m sure that we’re going to see some great short films and I’m excited for the judging process to begin.”

The deadline for entries is 30th June 2008.

For more information about Virgin Media Shorts and how to enter, visit

The picture to the left goes with this press release. Thanks to Sophie.~

Kevin is going to be a visiting professor at Oxford University. Starting in October he will be the Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor of Contemporary Theatre at St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

May 21, 2008 – THIS JUST IN! 8:58 pm EST – Kevin is a guest on MSNBC’s Countdown w/ Keith Olberman as I type. Recount is #1 on the countdown and Kevin is being interviewed about it. He came on about 52-53 minutes into the show. It repeats at 10pm and 2am (EST), I think. Thanks to Mom for the tip off.

And swiped from Legacy, thanks to Joanne, it appears that Kevin’s pre-taped Charlie Rose may be on tomorrow night. Check your local PBS listings for times.

May 20, 2008 – Kevin will be on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday morning. That show is on between 6 and 9am.

May 19, 2008 –  Kevin is going to be doing TV guest appearances this week to advertise his HBO movie “Recount” According to the web sites for the following shows, you can find him on these days:

Monday (May 19) – Today show, Letterman
Wednesday (May 21) Live with Regis & Kelly
Thursday (May 22) Late Night with Conan O’Brien Charlie Rose has been pre-taped but no date has been advertised yet.

There is a review of the movie in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly that includes a picture of Kevin from the movie.

Reminder: Kevin will be 50 years old in 434 days. Really!

May 1, 2008 – There’s going to be a Big Kahuna movie chat on Saturday. Chat room at 9pm. Bring your movie and popcorn.

Kevin is scheduled to be on the Conan O’Brien show on the 22nd. Thanks to Laura for that info.