August 30, 2013 – A very Happy 55th Anniversary to my parents Gail (yes, my grandmother thought she was having a girl and refused to change the name) and Barbara!

If you missed the TimesTalks streaming interview a few nights ago, you can still catch it here: TimesTalks.

August 26, 2013 – Spacey fan Jen found this on the The Wrap website today:

Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ to do NYT’s First On-set TimesTalks (Exclusive)

The live interview will take place Wednesday with stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright and showrunner Beau Willimon. Much more about it here: The Wrap

August 21, 2013 – You might also have missed Kevin on the Charlie Rose show on PBS this week. I’d find a link to it somewhere for watching online, but since you’re already online, I guess you could Google it just as easily, right? Speaking of PBS, the other day I was looking around at the PBS thing on my Roku, and the War Letters episode of American Experience was on there. Kevin is one of the speakers. Or is that readers? You get your Spacey fix right from the top no matter what they call them. You can also watch that episode online at PBS. It’s letters from soldiers to loved ones at home.

Got unused money laying around? The following auction item might interest you.

USTA Serves Opening Night Gala – August 26, 2013 at 5:15pm – The President’s Suite – Arthur Ashe Stadium

Meet Two-Time Oscar Award Winner Kevin Spacey on the Set of “House of Cards” Value set at $10,000.

Thanks to Kelly.

August 15, 2013 – I am so far behind on current stuff that I completely forgot to tell everyone that Kevin was going to be on the Colbert Report last night. Fortunately, you can watch it online already.

I am just not getting Kevin’s new hair.

July 26, 2013 – Happy Birthday Kevin Spacey! And Happy Birthday KevieBear!


Kevin and House of Cards are basking in the glow of Emmy nominations these days. I believe the show pulled in 9 nominations. Kevin for Best Actor in a Drama Series. The awards are telecast on CBS on September 22. I haven’t read whether Kevin will appear but it seems likely. Maybe. They made history, BTW, for nominations for a TV show not on TV.

I haven’t posted since FEBRUARY?? Gosh. Ok, let’s see what have we missed… Washington Correspondents Dinner. Filming another season of House of Cards. Webby Award. His hair. He has a new puppy named Boston. Jameson Whiskey Telstar and Looking For Richard are on Netflix. And some other stuff.

I changed the contact webmaster info back to the AOL account. The email button hasn’t been working so the direct address is

There will be a portrait of Kevin as Richard III at London’s National Portrait Gallery coming in September. His portrait is part of the Jonathan Yeo Portraits exhibit running from September 11, 2013 – January 5, 2014.

I hope to have more info later today. A link for the gallery:

I wanted to take a second to mention the passing of one of Kevin’s British fans. Spacey fan Vivienne who people may remember being mentioned in older news items used to send me (and the site) little Spacey tidbits that she found in her local papers and saw on TV. She once sent a letter to Kevin complaining about the seats she had at the Old Vic and got a signed picture in the mail in return. We had a big laugh at that! We also shared a love of gardening, mostly her garden and my complaints about mine. She supported me in my yearly fight with my sickly Abraham Darby climbing rose. She passed away this past weekend and I’ll miss being an email friend. I wish I’d had a chance to meet her in person. Good-bye Vivienne.

New! More about the Jonathan Yeo Portraits exhibit:

News Release

Wednesday 29 May 2013


Display supported by the David Ross Foundation and The Tony Banks Memorial Trust Ltd

Richard III - J Yeo
Kevin Spacey by Jonathan Yeo © Jonathan Yeo

A striking new portrait of Kevin Spacey as Richard III will be one of several new works by Jonathan Yeo to be included in a major display of the artist’s work at the National Portrait Gallery this September, it was announced today (Wednesday 29 May.)

The large painting shows Spacey in role as Shakespeare’s notorious king, amongst his most acclaimed roles, during his tenure as artistic director of The Old Vic Theatre. Painted during the run of Sam Mendes’s 2011 Old Vic production, the oil-on-canvas work draws on the great tradition of the theatre portrait. Believed to be the actor’s first ever portrait Spacey is shown in full costume having been painted by Yeo both in his studio and on stage. Yeo saw him play the role both with and without an audience, and sketched and took photos of him working backstage. Dominating the canvas, Spacey wears a rakishly tilted crown and peers directly at the viewer.

Jonathan Yeo says: ‘When Kevin came to London to take over the Old Vic, critics were lining-up to predict that he’d only last a few months before jumping straight on a plane back to Hollywood. The fact he has stuck at it for 10 years, revitalising the international reputation of British theatre, made him an obvious choice for inclusion in my first display at the National Portrait Gallery.

‘We decided to put him in character as Shakespeare’s notorious villain, partly as a nod to the tradition of theatrical portraits of the past, and partly as a celebration of what may go down as his most memorable stage role. The main dilemma with painting a great actor in a role is knowing how much you are portraying the man and how much the character he is playing. In the end I tried to leave it to the viewer to decide for themselves. It’s been Richard III’s year, from being unearthed in a Leicester Council car park to being on display at the National Portrait Gallery. Not a bad showing for someone who’s been dead for six centuries.’  

Jonathan Yeo Portraits (11 September 2013-5 January 2014), the National Portrait Gallery’s first display dedicated to the artist’s work, will include innovative portraits – all produced from life – of some of today’s leading cultural, media and political figures, many of whom sat for portraits for the first time with Yeo.

The display will present an overview of the artist’s work to date, beginning with the drawings he made of the party leaders on the 2001 campaign trail, and including private studies of his family and portraits of well known figures such as media mogul Rupert Murdoch, model Erin O’Connor, artist Grayson Perry and actress Sienna Miller.

Sir Michael Parkinson by Jonathan Yeo © National Portrait Gallery, London; Erin by Jonathan Yeo © Jonathan Yeo, Grayson Perry by Jonathan Yeo

Jonathan Yeo is one of the most highly regarded portrait painters working in Britain today. A regular exhibitor in its BP Portrait Award, the National Portrait Gallery commissioned Yeo to paint a portrait of broadcaster Sir Michael Parkinson in 2010.

Jonathan Yeo Portraits is curated by the Gallery’s Contemporary Curator, Sarah Howgate, whose exhibitions include the highly successful Lucian Freud Portraits (2012) and David Hockney Portraits (2006).

She says: ‘We are excited to be showing Jonathan Yeo’s portraits as part of our ongoing series of projects with contemporary artists from Alex Katz to Humphrey Ocean. Yeo is remarkable in the range of sitters he portrays from life and this display will include some surprising contemporary figures who have never sat for a portrait artist before.’
Jonathan Yeo Portraits, supported by the David Ross Foundation and The Tony Banks Memorial Trust Ltd, is in the Contemporary Collection displays on the Ground Floor Lerner Galleries, National Portrait Gallery, London, 11 September 2013-5 January 2014. Admission free.


A new fully-illustrated book The Many Faces Of Jonathan Yeo with texts by Martin Gayford and Sarah Howgate, will be published by Art/Books in Oct 2013. With contributions from Alastair Sooke, Tim Marlow, Philip Mould, Giles Coren, Shebah Ronay and Michael Parkinson it is available at £24.95 hardback.

For further Press information and image requests please contact: Neil Evans, Press Office, National Portrait Gallery Email:

National Portrait Gallery, St Martin’s Place WC2H 0HE, opening hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 10am – 6pm (Gallery closure commences at 5.50pm) Late Opening: Thursday, Friday: 10am – 9pm  (Gallery closure commences at 8.50pm) Nearest Underground: Leicester Square/Charing Cross General information: 0207 306 0055 Recorded information: 020 7312 2463  Website/Tickets:

~ Thanks to Neil and Simone at the National Portrait Gallery.

February 9, 2013 – What a treat! Kevin was in my Sunday newspaper supplements that are delivered on Saturday. He is on the cover of the Sun Magazine along with an article about House of Cards. Several color pictures inside. The picture editing program on my new laptop isn’t great and the wand scanner I have wasn’t quite big enough for full size magazine pages but it will have to do for now.

February 8, 2013 – Anyone seen House of Cards yet? Personally, I would have put them out there a few episodes at a time to get people to come back again and again, but that’s just me. There is going to be a second season.

For some reason I can’t see the site entrance page banner when I log on to the site using my new laptop. I don’t know if it’s a computer setting or what. The only thing I know for sure is that I am hating Windows 8 with a passion. Maybe once I’ve had the laptop for more than 16 hours it will get easier to use. My biggest hope is that I will be able to update the site more regularly now and that it won’t vaporize the first time I try to update. If it does, you won’t have been reading this!

February 1, 2013 – Wow. February already. Kevin will be returning to Letterman tonight so don’t miss that. His quick on and off last night was funny but tonight he’ll be a “real” guest so will be on longer. His bald spot was also back. Someone must have found it and returned it to him. I wonder if he had to pay a ransom?

House of Cards was reviewed in the Washington Post this morning. All 13 episodes are available from Netflix starting now.

January 31, 2013 – Spacey fan Liz tells us that Kevin is to be on the Today show tomorrow (Friday) morning. No idea which hour.

Kevin was in the Washington Post Style section again this morning. This time at a screening of House of Cards at the Newseum.

January 30, 2013 – Kevin was on Hardball w/ Chris Mathews last night. I couldn’t get the channel to come in. I think I need a new cable box. He is scheduled to be on Letterman tomorrow (Thursday) night.

Which brings me to this… Kevin Spacey what in the world have you done to your hair?? Or should I say where did you leave your bald spot and thinning hair? Have you checked the lost and found at the last airport you were at? Is Grecian Formula a show sponsor? Hair Club For Men? The pictures from the last few appearances have been alarming to say the least.

Kevin and House of Cards were on the cover of last Sunday’s Washington Post Sunday Style issue. The Washington Post called it an on-demand thriller. I’d have mentioned it on Saturday when I got the Sunday newspaper supplements with the Saturday paper but I don’t have a computer at home these days and I can’t update the site on my Nook.

KevieBear was quite surprised and excited last week to receive an autographed picture of Kevin in the mail. As to be expected this made him totally unbearable to be around and I promised to post the picture on his website but since I haven’t updated his site in a few years I couldn’t remember the password and well… here it is now. Obviously this is a picture from House of Cards since as we all know Kevin Spacey doesn’t have that much hair. Or he didn’t. But we definitely know it’s not that color!


January 2, 2013 – The cataract surgery went very well with no complications. Now I’m just waiting to get my glasses back which should be within the next few days. I only needed to switch out the left lens but they couldn’t get the same kind of lens to match the right lens so I had to get new lenses for both sides and since my “old” frames were just over a year old, I had them use those instead of buying new frames and have been wearing an older pair of glasses which have been giving me some eye strain which has been causing some headaches. What a pain!

The hit counter doesn’t work on the entrance page anymore. Curses.

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