Due to family emergencies and web host issues…

… and Microsoft no longer supporting the program I used for many years, there were very, very few news updates in 2015 and part of 2014. In September 2015 I was experimenting with using this WordPress version since I was having trouble updating with the old program but no one was finding it because it had a WordPress address and I couldn’t add a message to the old site letting people know. Then in February 2016, I was no longer able to do anything with the old site and Driving Mr. Spacey! was reborn here with the old site address.

September 10, 2015

I have moved some of the links over from the old DMS site.

If I can ever upload changes to the old site again I will have to get rid of most of the old links because they are so old many of them no longer work.

I somehow missed Kevin with a Russian accent. I found this on Kevin Spacey’s official site:


And also from Kevin’s own site, I missed this short film with Kevin as a dentist:

Spirit Of A Denture

Make sure to watch the trailers.

September 9, 2015

Day Two

I still have no idea what I am doing.

Spacey_Valentine_3Today I am trying to decide what to move to this new version of Driving Mr. Spacey! and while I make those decisions, please enjoy this old photo which was the very first photo I used as an entrance page photo on Driving Mr. Spacey! back in the year 2000.

If there is anything that you particularly want moved from the old site, please let me know.

Rumor has it that Kevin makes $500,000 per week for House of Cards. I wonder what he’d make on network television?

September 8, 2015

Wow! I had no idea I hadn’t updated since April.

Kevin is going to be on Week 2 of the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, September 16th.  On CBS.

Here is your chance to win an evening with Kevin Spacey and Cal Ripkin, Jr. Click the link below.


Thank you Candace.

How about a picture for your viewing enjoyment?

Gotham magazine

April 25, 2015

Kevin is going to be on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Monday night, April 27th, and on Ellen on Tuesday, April 28th. Check your local listing for exact times in your area. And then check YouTube the next day!

I came across something I hadn’t been aware of before now. Kevin is one of many narrators in a documentary called Unity that will be in “select” theaters in August. I have included a link to their website if you want to take a look and see what it’s about.


Also there is an interesting article with some great pictures (I had no idea Chris Matthews was so tall) in Washingtonian. Thanks to Kristen.

Spacey article in Washingtonian

He’s also going to be a voice in an animated movie by Dreamworks called Boss Baby. Not released until 2017 though.

Kevin in Richard IIII read on Kevin’s own web site that he might record an album now that he’s finished his time at the Old Vic. Can’t wait for that if it happens!

For years fans have been writing to Kevin in care of the Old Vic and now that he’s leaving (already left?) I’ve been asked where to write to him now. I don’t have a clue. Maybe someone who knows will pass that info along. I’ll be sure to post that if I ever hear anything.

April 14, 2015

Sorry I haven’t updated in quite a while. My father had 2 serious falls over the winter and spent the majority of the past two and a half months in the hospital. The first fall left him with broken ribs and a blood clot and the second fall left him with a broken hip, a stint at a rehab clinic to learn to walk again after the surgery followed by about a week and a half at home before he became extremely ill with an infection that ended with him hospitalized for 3 weeks. He’s been home since Saturday and now is trying to get well, regain his strength and is learning to walk and take care of himself again.

So I missed every one of Kevin’s television appearances, all the news about Darrow at the Old Vic and everything in between.

However, if you have the time and the money there are a few things of interest.

April 19 at the Old Vic Theatre in London, they are sending Kevin off in style. You can buy tickets! But they are pricey.

A Gala Celebration In Honor Of Kevin Spacey


Then on July 18 Kevin will be doing a live concert of smooth jazz standards at Weill Hall and Lawn at Sonoma State University. You can buy tickets which are much less than the Old Vic tickets.

And on July 19 Kevin will be the headliner at the Napa Valley Festival del Sole.

“I’m not one of the in Kevins.” – Kevin Spacey, Film Review, December 1998